Warriors of Goja on Indian Talent Show Goes Viral in China

Warriors of Goja on India's Adhurs: The Ultimate Talent Show.

Warriors of Goja on India's Adhurs: The Ultimate Talent Show.

The following video has gone viral on the Chinese internet over the past day, with hundreds of copies recently uploaded onto China’s popular video sharing websites like Youku and Tudou and many copies having already accumulated hundreds of thousands of views. The video is a recording of a performance by a group called “Warriors of Goja” on an Indian talent show called “Adhurs: The Ultimate Talent Show”.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


They’re so into their performance, haha.


[晕] I’m a little overwhelmed.


Totally playing with one’s life, India truly is a mysterious country.


Too crazy~ my heart is racing [抓狂]


[生病] Too violent, too bloody.


Humankind can no longer stop A-San [nickname for Indians]!


Haha…this is what we used to often do when we were in middle school. Actually, there’s really not much danger/risk. But this much happening at once can indeed be very shocking. Particularly since it is more difficult for women to endure watching. That they received injuries is certain, but they’re mostly superficial injuries. For vigorous young men its really no big deal.


Vomit, I watched half and couldn’t watch any more.


So it seems people raised on curry are indeed extraordinary, they sure are spicy!


Watching this made my head and heart hurt. Even though I know they are only doing this to make a living. So sadenning, so frightening!!


Brother [referring to self] is completely unable to stay composed, what about you guys… [生病]


These Indian crazies, in order to get the prize, they’re even willing to give up their lives! [挖鼻屎]


This is truly truly too inmpressive, Indian people ….. . Other talent shows are nothing next to this one~… The main thing is to take note at the end, that this group of people weren’t faking it at all… [奥特曼][晕][威武][威武][威武]


I don’t know what to say. Was that the prize money in the end? Did they really come for the prize money? This money truly cost too much to earn.


Hahahahaha!!! These Indians truly leave me with nothing to say, they are truly brave, but I don’t recommend [doing this]! One’s body is one’s own [cherish it].


Could it be that they too have learned Qigong? However, these macho men would be great for helping others go demand money from those unscrupulous employers who owe back pay, they’d definitely be able to get the money.


I feel it is so sad for them… Sad for them if they pass this round, but also sad for them if they don’t.


My god, they’ve gone crazy from poverty.

A pretty female judge on India's Adhurs: The Ultimate Talent Show.A beautiful female judge on India's Adhurs: The Ultimate Talent Show.

Comments from Youku:

@COOL社会冠军: (responding to above)

So fake.
It’s all copying Chinese street performers and actually its all just using the basic principles of mechanics. It looks really violent on the surface but basically it is all things the human body can endure. They’re just not afraid of pain. When there are two bricks around the human body then yes a car can drive over it. But if there were’t those two brikes, then the human body wouldn’t be able to bear it. That’s why the car in the end didn’t go over, because the bricks had gotten out of position.

米羊抬蚂蚱: (responding to above)

You sound like you really understand/know what you’re talking about.

内衣散人: (responding to above)

I won’t talk about the rest, but if India’s soldiers are all like this and we were to compare to our current situation, I’d really worry if another Sino-Indian War were to happen.

☆紫鹰☆: (responding to above)

Our soldiers can only be even more fierce than theirs, so you above don’t need to worry.


That female judge is so pretty, I like.


Those flourescent tubes are toxic/poisonous! Just for a performance and to become famous, you’re even willing to give up your lives. The losses outweigh the gains. Look how you’ve scared that beauty [the female Indian judge], sigh…


Fuck, although its basically all fake.

644906456: (responding to above)

You go try and then you’ll know if its real or fake.


– – Probably learned [how to do all of this] in China.


They bled, their hardness Qigong isn’t good enough.


Bleeding is the mark of a man.


This will destroy Indian civilization just as it has Chinese civilization.

帆妞儿: (responding to above)

Friend, don’t compare India today with China. Of the four great ancient civilizations only China still remains today. India as a country has only been independent for how few years, and how many years was it dominated by foreigners? So your comparison is not appropriate.

风饮血: (responding to above)

Can China today still be called an ancient civilization?? You’re so funny.

What do you think?

Warriors of Goja, smashing a flourescent tube against his chest.


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