Wenzhou Chinese Man Throws Bicycle To Stop Thieves

This video has been spreading recently. In the video (a news report), a girl surnamed Chen was walking on the street in Wenzhou, China when two thieves on a motor-scooter flew by and snatched her purse. She immediately screamed that she was robbed. What happened next no one expected.

Surveillance video shows a man riding a bicycle. As he was passing by the front of a hotel near where the thievery happened happened, perhaps as a result of hearing Chen’s scream, he stopped, calmly got off his bicycle, picked it up, and then threw it at the thieves riding past him on their motor-scooter. The bicycle hit them, they lost control, and crashed to the ground.

Comments from KDS:


Good guy…so YP. [However] I welcome this kind of YP to come to Shanghai.


Calm. [He did it so nonchalantly.]


I thought when he was approaching them he would flip one over, didn’t think he’d flee…
but him throwing [the bike] was very cool.


To have this kind of friend by your side is something to be proud of in one’s life.

I have one.

Everybody, do you have a friend like this?


The only small imperfection was him strutting up to them only to then flee.


Niu bi.


Definite role-model , just that him fleeing was a little jiong.


His heart is definitely good, very clear-headed.


This kind of guy should definitely make it onto the newspapers to be praised.


Happened in Wenzhou, not Shanghai, sigh, that security guard is a role model too.


Wenzhou people are pretty righteous~ This is not the first time I’ve heard of this kind of thing [happening there]~~


Relax, once the person is caught, he will definitely be beaten up by those passing by.

This kind of guy is what a true man is, with daring and smarts, willing to act, mind calm, a Yang Jia-like brave man.

UPDATE: The man who threw the bicycle is interviewed in this news report. He modestly says it wasn’t that niu and that he is just an ordinary common person. He also says he does not want to reveal his identity in consideration of his safety and his family’ safety.

Men who throw bicycles to stop thieves who steal your purse. chinaSMACK personals.


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