Wenzhou Chinese Man Throws Bicycle To Stop Thieves

This video has been spreading recently. In the video (a news report), a girl surnamed Chen was walking on the street in Wenzhou, China when two thieves on a motor-scooter flew by and snatched her purse. She immediately screamed that she was robbed. What happened next no one expected.

Surveillance video shows a man riding a bicycle. As he was passing by the front of a hotel near where the thievery happened happened, perhaps as a result of hearing Chen’s scream, he stopped, calmly got off his bicycle, picked it up, and then threw it at the thieves riding past him on their motor-scooter. The bicycle hit them, they lost control, and crashed to the ground.

Comments from KDS:


Good guy…so YP. [However] I welcome this kind of YP to come to Shanghai.


Calm. [He did it so nonchalantly.]


I thought when he was approaching them he would flip one over, didn’t think he’d flee…
but him throwing [the bike] was very cool.


To have this kind of friend by your side is something to be proud of in one’s life.

I have one.

Everybody, do you have a friend like this?


The only small imperfection was him strutting up to them only to then flee.


Niu bi.


Definite role-model , just that him fleeing was a little jiong.


His heart is definitely good, very clear-headed.


This kind of guy should definitely make it onto the newspapers to be praised.


Happened in Wenzhou, not Shanghai, sigh, that security guard is a role model too.


Wenzhou people are pretty righteous~ This is not the first time I’ve heard of this kind of thing [happening there]~~


Relax, once the person is caught, he will definitely be beaten up by those passing by.

This kind of guy is what a true man is, with daring and smarts, willing to act, mind calm, a Yang Jia-like brave man.

UPDATE: The man who threw the bicycle is interviewed in this news report. He modestly says it wasn’t that niu and that he is just an ordinary common person. He also says he does not want to reveal his identity in consideration of his safety and his family’ safety.

Men who throw bicycles to stop thieves who steal your purse. chinaSMACK personals.

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  • tway

    Ouch that looked painful.

    • Ouch indeed. I should learn that technique, in case a thief is fleeing besides me.

  • FYIADragoon

    Damn, THIS close to giving him a 10/10 neighborhood crimefighter rating…Gets an 8 instead, because not only did he run away, his run is kind of silly. Guy was so badass up until that point though…

  • Kai

    This must be the obligatory feel-good story for Christmas.

    LoL, but yeah, he was pretty badass right up until he realized the crash didn’t take at least one of them out. Still, upstanding guy.

  • 西风

    good smack.there are many thieves and robbers in guangdong.i had been robbed of 70 yuan(about 10 us dollars)by two hooligans in guangzhou railway station square.and another rogue snatched my toothpaste,comb and mirror.i reported the robbery to a cop who was patrolling near the station later.to my surprise,the patrolman’s reaction is very quiet and said “do not walk alone in this place.”i had eyewitnessed several pocket picking when i was in shenzhen.shenzhen is a really horrified place.

  • Morgan

    Nice! Chinese man makes up for lack of having a gun with a bicycle. Where I live we are able to protect ourselves from criminals because we have the same weapons the criminals have. When you outlaw defense weapons only the criminals will have weapons.

    • Laowai_from_Norway

      25% of all prisoners in the world..ARE IN da USA ( ;-) )
      USA have 5 % of the worlds population
      In MY country not even the police have guns !!
      We have the smallest criminal rates in Europe !

      • 痴人说梦

        It’s probably because you only get several days of sun per year – it’s too dark to commit crimes there! Just kidding! I love Norway and Europe in general.

      • bruno

        good to know but…. is chinasmack about fucking NORWAY???? GUESS NOT

        • Laowai_from_Norway

          I agree ; Chinasmack is about CHINA , But my response was to the guy who said ” where I live…” . True, they have guns in the Bible-Belt (!) what’s the point? I’m sorry to say this folks,but the American are the most ignorant,stupid and ..and…
          I think I can say so after 40 yrs in the oil-industry.I prefer working with the Chinese…

          • fht

            …, and Norwegians are God’s gift to the Earth.

          • bruno

            i agree with you, americans the the most stupid sons of bitches, except one friend of mine who works with with, hes a nice guy

          • dave

            “There are almost 4.7 million Norwegian Americans according to the 2006 U.S. census”. You must have met some of those people then. Norway polulation is 4.8 million? hmmmm

            Yeah, those Satanic Black Metal Bands from Norway are pretty non-redneckish huh. Use that oil to burn any of your own historic churches lately? Norwegians must respect things like that.

            But the country is beautiful and the movie “The Heroes of Telemark” is cool.

            Thanks for the Christmas tree:)

          • carl

            This guy is totally just Pusan Playa from Norway. Pay him no mind, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  • Jay K

    thats why back home in NY I always roll with my concealed glock 19 and two clips for back up. im straight up gangsta yo!

    • I hope that was humor.

      • too yellow

        In NYC, i doubt it is humor… -a guy from LA

  • Pingu

    I’m personally glad there are no guns here in China, there are a lot of people here with hardly anything to loose who would definitely use it to rob people just like in the states, except, there are more single poverty stricken men here.

  • Faced with two large, angry and aggressive assailants, both likely armed? Running away shows this man has wisdom as well as courage and resourcefulness.

  • bruno

    well, really cool. i bet the dude only did that cause the one having things stolen was his grandmother.

    • Tins of sardines

      You change your name but your retardation shines through like a beacon of stupidity from your words.

      Maybe you meant to say your grandmother was a bike?

  • ralphrepo

    I’m sure that since this video, many Chinese are now going to be emboldened to respond in the same way; when they see a purse snatching, they will pick up anything and throw it at fleeing motorcycle bandits. China is also a land full of bicycles, LOL…

  • Wesley in SH

    GREAT! Finally someone who (re)acts in stead of watching a do nothing. Hero~!

  • bitter expat

    Oh wow, that was hilarious.

  • Laowai_from_Norway

    Don’t be bitter expat, China is a really great country:
    Last 30 yrs ; lifted 400 m from poverty to a middle class.
    NO party-rules… It REALLY is a great counry. And to all u English teachers; STAY AWAY FROM THE GIRLS


    I think that the guy wanted a new bike. He exchange his old bike for the new bike with the criminal. I think he got a new bike.

  • texasstatistics

    Hate to break it to you, and I’m for gun control, but states with concealed weapons licenses have about 1/4th the gun crime as states without them in the US. The reason we don’t have strict laws is because it would be impossible to get all of the guns out of the US (there’s enough for every man woman and child to have a couple). We’re learning something from the Chinese – practicality and statistical control comes before your high-minded European ideals!

    • whichone

      The United States leads the world in number of violent crimes committed with a firearm. Though statistics aren’t clear on whether or not banning firearms now will reduce crimes in general but I doubt the reason strict gun laws aren’t in place is because of impossibility of getting guns. (practical start: ban bullets and gun shows) NRA and its powerful lobby are far more likely culprits.

  • C

    Good man. I really can’t imagine what any negative comments on this would be.

    Happy holidays chinaSMACKers :)

  • Heros

    I am very happy to see some heros in this country. MEdia people of the world take note, we need more heros, not more loser and corrput leaders.

  • robin

    haha,this guy is very cool,i think a lot of beautiful girl will love him

    • guocxi520

      But he has not re-appeared, he is unsung heroes, nobody knows his name.

  • dim mak

    TBH it would make more sense to chase down the thief on the bike instead of throwing it at him.. I mean, what if he missed?

  • Wow, great hero!

  • blue water

    This video should be shown in all schools.

    Not all students will be brave and cool as our hero but this video will provide a good lesson for Chinese not to be passive and afraid.

    This is a nice story. Only hope two thieves can be caught and executed.

  • what if?

    the thing is he didn’t miss. So, still well done chinese fella. i take it you would miss from such a close range, being a little dim.

  • 水溶C100


    (my comment was too short to post so I wrote this sentence)

  • Grisbee

    nice man,congratulation !

  • Jason

    We need more people like this in our society and not criminals.

  • zammo hung

    Bike throwning should be an olympic sport.

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  • OH MY!

    I cant stop laughing, those guys got Schooled!!

    anyways, forget this, Norway, American, Satan, Nationalism talk, F yall

    I say, “That is where the 1989 Tank Boy is!”

  • shw

    Good Job…Let’s learn from him. We all should start to help each other by following his example.

  • jcut

    Absolutely awsome!~ respect! buy this good Samaritan a new bike & a beer too.

  • Typhoon

    i think its smart to run away. better safe than getting hurt. he did man up for this LOL !!!

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  • Anon

    You know, in the UK this man would get a two and a half year jail sentence for defending the victim of a crime.

    • amelia

      Are you serious?

      • G0ld

        Not too sure about the laws there. But I wouldn’t be surprised. Since non-law job related people are not suppose to bring justice with their own hands.

  • Matt

    I cant stop watching that. Pure awesomeness, and I dont care that he ran away from those guys, who knows if they had knives or something. Dude is awesome pure and simple.

  • haolx

    very good! lol!

  • bs called

    lol, that was better than all the lazy, fat, cops in my city in the USA. The only thing they toss are dunuts in their mouths.

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  • bleah

    No YouTube link this time? :(

  • squish

    oouuchh…,that’s good reaction i think..

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  • well all threads here degenerate into “my country tis of thee” BS but the real deal is … what a throw. I mean that throw was straight gangsta style. i love it. made my whole day. If only he would have kept his balls and went over and stomped those punks out … then every woman in Wenzhou would be singin “Big Daddy Chen come holla at me, got some lovin for you, o my baby” (in Wenzhou dialect ya’ll)

  • That was classic

  • Kenny

    That’s f**king good, I like that.

  • WonderWHY

    In my country, you are supposed to let it happen and call the police. The police will take 3 to 6 months to feedback to you. And if the thieves had sold your belongings away, it is legal becasue this is a business.

    Don’t believe? That’s what happened to me.

  • Slanty

    I need to practice this before heading to China.

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  • ChinaNuker

    No hero there. He wanted the stolen beg for himself. What really happened is that he thought they would crash and fall unconscious, and he could that bag for himself, they money and the motorcycle and get away with everything. He walked casually towards them but when he saw they got up, he ran away. No hero there. His intention was to steal, and worse than them.

    • youre an idiot

      Seems legit.

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