Women Are To Be Played, Not To Be Loved

Pretty girl takes self-picture.

From China’s largest forum, Tianya:

“When writing this essay, I considered several titles. For example, “Women are suited for playing, not suited for loving”, and others. However, none of them matched my meaning and, including the current title, none are ideal. Writing this essay, I know I will be reviled but I still want to write it anyway. The reason is because what I am saying represents a phenomenon in current society and notions of love.

A modern man needs three weapons: Money, charming appearance, and a way with words. Women these days looking at men, look to see if he has a successful career…which basically means how much money he has. The more money you have, in women’s eyes, the more successful your career. Even if you idle at home all day, so long as you have unlimited money, your career is still considered successful. If you do not have money, then you need to be super handsome in the eyes of women.  Why super handsome in the eyes of women and not in the eyes of men is because how women see things is different from how men see things. If you do not have money but you are super handsome, that is your capital, and lots of women will come love you, only, those that love you, most will not be with you for long and when the novelty has worn off, they will leave you and go look for a husband, or return to their wealthy husband. These kind of women are usually beautiful women. Why do they leave? Because you do not have money. If you do not have these two things, then you must practice your way with words. What women like to hear, are sweet words and honeyed phrases. Even if they themselves know they are lies and ridiculously false, they still like it. If, of these three, you have none, sorry, in general, you have been given the death penalty by women. Finding a wife will be hard. If you find one, it will be others’ leftovers. Of course, there are also miracles, so it depends on if you are a lucky guy. Do not say what you have is talent, because without money, you are just straw [a friend, something there in a time of need]. So what if you can make airplanes? No money, nor handsome, even prostitutes will not look at you.

Cute girl takes self-picture.

I want to emphasize: It is not the fault of women, it is the fault of the times we live in! (So that people scold me less, I can only say it this way.)

Let us now say why women are used for play. First, an old story: On a television show, an invited guest said to the audience: Money is all-powerful, there is nothing money cannot do, and it can even buy “love.” Soon after, he performed a test, saying to the audience: “All of the men in the audience, I will now offer you 50,000 RMB as long as you agree to give up your girlfriend or wife. If you agree, do not raise your hand. If you disagree, then raise your hand. Take note, I want you to be honest. Now, I offer 50,000.” The result was that all of the men in the audience raised their hands in refusal. At this time, the guest again offered: “500,000!” This time, there were some people who did not raise their hands, 500,000 after all was not a small number. The guest again counted off: “5 million!” It was over, in the whole audience only one person raised his hand, refusing to give up his girlfriend. However, this man’s girlfriend stood up and said she is willing. When asked why, her explanation was: “A man who can give 5 million for a woman truly loves her.” Hehe…it turns out that love can be measured by money. This woman believes that if someone will pay 5 million for her love must really love her, not knowing that her poor boyfriend gave up a 5 million enticement for her. Is the love purchased by those with money sincere? Haha…by now, everyone should know about a certain celebrity, whose family has money, produced so many love pictures [Sexy Photos Gate], affecting dozens of people, in the name of “love.” Is this celebrity’s love sincere? Surely, this “sincerity” is too promiscuous, yes? 5 million, this amount, is an astronomical figure in the eyes of the poor, but in the eyes of the rich, it is just the price of a dog. It is just for fun.

Girl wearing sexy clothes takes self-picture.

Everyone loves beauty. Men love beautiful women, and women are the same, they love handsome guys. If a guy has money, is handsome, wherever he goes, he is what women talk about. Ancient emperors, having listened to the malicious talk of others, have killed those loyal to them and have lost entire countries. These kind of people are many. Sweet words and honeyed phrases are what everyone loves to hear, especially women. Men, when listening to sweet words and honeyed phrases, can differentiate what is true and what is not true. Most women, simply cannot, sinking and throwing away a lifetime of happiness. How many women have ran to you crying, always saying they were deceived by the same men they originally claimed were so good and great. Why did it suddenly change? Haha…when they were so good and great it was because they had not yet succeeded in playing you. Once they had played you, there is no more novelty, no more taste, so of course you must be discarded. Actually, women think this kind of man is good not because of what the man actually does but because of his mouth and petty favors. The men that would really love you would not so casually make you promises, because he wants to become in your heart a true man, only wanting to give you the most dependable and secure happiness. The man who truly loves you will not simply hang his love on his lips, he places it in his heart. Those men that hangs their love on their lips all day, they do not even remember how many women they have gone to bed with. From their experiences with so many women, they have become proficient. They know what to say to what kind of woman and when to say it. Let us say, they understand very well what every woman wants in her hearts. This kind of man appears to be very gentlemanly because of all the many women he has practiced with. Women do not know that the men who really love you will not coax you to be happy temporarily because he wants to give you a lifetime of happiness. When he gives you a lifetime of love, what sweet words and honeyed phrases are necessary? A man who really loves you will use actions to show you his love. Men who only want to play you, other than sweet words and honeyed phrases and petty favors, what else is there?

Girl in bra in a hotel?

Women are like a bottle of alcohol! When a man plays with you, he will treat you like a beer that he throws away like an empty bottle after he is finished with you. When a man loves you, he will hide you away like an expensive wine, using his entire life to sample you. But, women do not accept this, women will say, “The love you give me is too suffocating that I cannot breathe” (these are the words that some women often use when breaking up with men). She needs relaxed circumstances, haha…in the end, it is because she cannot resist outside temptation.

This kind of women, upon being discarded, shouts that she was deceived! In reality, these women knew from the beginning that the men playing them were artificial. Only in the end, like a beer bottle that has been drank and thrown away, do they act like they were hurt so others can feel bad for them and think they are “good women!” They did not care about the forever and ever, they only cared about what they once had. Many are the women who shouts like this. Only after being thrown away do they cry and curse.

Who is the pig behind the cute girl?

True, in this world, there are innumerable good women, far more than men. However, good women are not perfect either. Because the men who play women, they all know that good women are precious. But, these men are too powerful. Good women, who cannot possibly be their match, easily fall into their traps.

Then, feel sorry for these good men. Their entire life, they may only love one or two or three women, but, amongst them all, some will never be a woman’s first love and some will never even have their own wife’s heart. Their true love is quietly given, no flowery language, only plain, honest action. Nothing exaggerated, only laborious footsteps. They took the empty bottles and carried them home, filling them with water and filling them with flowers, so that these bottles once again have life. But, bottles with life, how can they be satisfied with quietly enjoying life on a balcony? What she wants is a colorful life. So, now, maybe it is the men who get hurt more than the women!

Why is there a big pig head next to the pretty girl?

Woman always use these words to keep down their husbands or future husbands: “Do you really love me? If you really love me, then you will not care about my past.” These words are words that every modern woman knows how to say. They make it seem as if a man who cares about her past must not really love them. The men who really love women, will not only love a woman’s present and future, they will also love your past. True, men under the pressure of the present times, must say “I do not care about your past.” In reality, when one’s wife is sound asleep, whose heart does hurt to death? Men have a virgin complex, but it is not simply because of virginity itself, but rather because of a woman’s first love. Women only know how to say “men who care about a woman’s past are bastards, trash!” I want to ask women, who is it that will be with you for the rest of your life? It is a man who truly loves you. It is not those men who play you.  You would rather give your most beautiful youth to men who only want to play you, and would rather not save it for the man who really loves you? A person’s youth is a treatsure, otherwise, women’s youth is that expensive!


Pretty girl kissing pig man?

Men are like a cup of water. If someone spat in this water, would you still want to drink it? Then, women are the same. Women, are like a blank piece of paper, for men to paint and write on it! A perfect love is like a fine scenery painting, it may have wind, it may have rain, but, without wind and rain this painting may not have life. Life is the same way! A good man may not have money, may not have a handsome appearance, may not have a witty mouth. But, he is the sunshine in the middle of the wind and rain! But, you are a piece of paper covered with footprints and no matter how excellent a man is, when he cannot paint a perfect painting, he will feel regret in his heart.

In general, I cannot count the number of women playboys get. But, men who love women, their entire lives may be lonely and miserable.

So, women are to be played, not to be loved!”

Pig man and pretty girl kissing.

Some of the replies:

Those who can afford to play should play. Those who cannot afford to play should love.

I feel the same way, though…your mom is also a woman.

Looks like China’s notion of equality still has a long way to go…

Actually, women have already developed the idea of gender equality. Only when it comes to marriage, they suddenly forget equality and want the men to provide the house and the car. Strange, huh?

Women eh………fuck first then talk!

This may not sound good, but you have indeed pierced a sore spot for many women, hehe.

Pig man has a big belly.

At first, when I looked at your topic, I thought you were a playboy, but after reading the content I realized you are just a sad man who cannot get a woman.

As a man, I have no power, no influence, and no money but I have never lacked women nor can their quality be considered poor. Although I too envy the beautiful girls that ride in sports cars and envy those men who can enjoy such beautiful girls, I have never thought the choices women make were somehow wrong.

According to your view, what women like is not the man but money, enchanting appearance, and sweet tongue.  Since you do not have these, you say women have eyes but cannot see, so they do not choose your kind of men, the men who are like gold hidden in the sand, right?

I believe those three things you mentioned are exactly the distinctive features of excellent men.  Who would not choose the good? Who does not like the good? Even when you are buying fruit, you will choose the freshest, most pretty ones. Moreover, when you pick a girl, do you not pick the pretty ones also? If I gave you a girl that looks like a pig, would you like her? Similarly, when women pick men they also have standards and I think their first standard would naturally be to choose men who have money and if their own capital is not enough then they will settle for someone who will be good and honest to them, or maybe some simply prefer those that look handsome. What is wrong with this? Furthermore, I strongly support women choosing those who have money, because most men are are unfaithful, those whose feelings can last decades and not change are too few. Getting money is the most practical thing to do. Do not entrust your happiness to a man, money is far more reliable than men!

One more thing I want to say to the original poster, this world can not be a fair world. Those good things, good resources are usually concentrated in the hands of a few. If you are a mediocre man, then you have no qualification to demand to have a good woman. In my opinion, here is a guy without any ability using a bit of so-called sincerity thinking he can sit there and do nothing waiting for beautiful women to throw themselves into his arms. Consequently, has developed a vengence against women because if he cannot eat the grapes the grapes must be sour.

Lastly, let me ask you a question: Can you love one woman for the rest of your life? What if around you there are constantly outstanding girls appearing?

Pig man covers himself with towel.

Hehe, cannot afford to love, can only fuck.

You just got dumped, am I right? Either you you are mentally disabled or you have no money, are ugly, and you do not know how to coax women, doomed to be a 40+ year old man no one wants.

Not being able to conquer other people, in my opinion, is a difficult problem. There are in fact many women who will love you for your money. But, if both sides are willing there is nothing wrong. You clearly know they only want you for your money and you are willing to use money to exchange for other’s body, neither side owes the other. Who is playing who?

Written very well!
What a genius!

Men are still animals,
but long have women not even been animals.

Cute girl just took a shower?

The original poster says it very well. Women, these things! They made me renounce the being a good man!

Actually, men are the same. The women you love wants to play you and the women who loves you, you want to play. People are all used for play, no matter if they are men or women.

The original poster frankly thinks his mother is his father’s plaything.
His mother can get his father’s respect, but cannot get her son’s respect.
Original poster, do not play your daughter, just a friendly reminder, do not develop the habit of playing, or else you cannot control yourself.

Pig man using toilet.

When you love her, she plays you.
When you play her, she loves you.
Previously loved,
Was played before.
Now only plays,
No longer cares about loving or being loved.

I have always believed that men and women are not the same species.

It is better to own a dog than to keep a girlfirend.

Only saw the title…
I appeal to everyone to all go play with LZ’s wife…

Women without prospects are those who get played by men. Men without prospects are those who get played by women. LZ, let me ask, how many women have played you?

Today’s society, playing you is not the goal, the goal is to play you to death!

I admire a saying: Women are like dogs, he who has the ability can go take them for a walk!

Who here was not birthed by a dog and raised by a dog?

Woman = mom = older sister = younger sister = daughter.

Happy pig man driving Audi and eating snack. Why is he so happy?

Men who play women with money can only exchange for her body, but women who play men: they play with your money, they play with your body, and at the same time, they play a man’s heart to death. Shit, who knows who is playing who…

What do you think? Do you think women can only be used for play and not used to love?

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Note: The pictures in this post are not related to the post from Tianya. They are a series of pictures called “Authentic pig man and anti-mainstream pretty girl’s sexy photos” that I saw in early July. Many Chinese were disgusted or angry that such a man could be with such a girl.


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