Xinjiang Factory Owner Enslaved Mentally Disabled Workers

Lime powder remain on a Chinese factory worker's face.
December 11th, a worker's blank eyes, lime powder still remaining on his face.
A mentally disabled factory worker in Xinjiang, China covered in lime.
December 11th, a mentally disabled worker rests in front of the finished product pile.

From NetEase:

Ten mentally disabled workers suffer inhuman slavery in Xinjiang’s Tuokexun County

The 4 years, 247 kilometers outside Kumishi Town National Road of Tuokexun County [Western Xinjiang province] in Jiaersi Green Construction Material Chemical Factory (abbreviated as Jiaersi Factory below), the miserable experiences of ten mentally disabled workers, described as “being lower than pigs and dogs” by the locals, with many people building a surrounding wall specifically to avoid seeing the boss whipping the workers.

December 11th, one person who came here as a tourist was, as a result of asking for some water to drink, was trapped for over 2 years, without pay and suffering great abuse yet unable to escape. Forced to work every day with only boiled noodles, he twice tried to escape only to be captured and beaten.
Mentally disabled Chinese enslaved as workers at a factory in Western Xinjiang.
December 11th, without protection, the mentally disabled workers engage in this kind of strenuous manual labor. There are no friends in this environment, even no one to talk with, because in this small factory, even though there are 10 workers, and not because they do not like to talk, but because of their mental disability, they are unable to communicate.
A mentally handicapped Chinese worker at a lime factory in Western China.
December 11th, a mentally disabled worker's entire body is covered with lime. Someone who had objected to this injustice was beaten, and others have revealed that the boss/owner had found these mentally disabled workers through a beggar/homeless shelter/agency in Sichuan province, and it is said that all the paperwork is even in order. So, later one, when it was discovered that there were beatings, everyone pretended not to see/turned a blind eye.
Mentally handicapped laborers slaving away shoveling lime rocks in Western China.
December 11th, mentally handicapped workers engaging in high intensity manual labor.
A worker for the Jiaershi factory in Western Xinjiang province shows his injured finger.
December 11th, a worker's hand has is injured, but after a simple bandage, he must go out to work again, otherwise misfortune awaits them.
Lime powder remain on a Chinese factory worker's face.
December 11th, a worker's blank eyes, lime powder still remaining on his face.
A mentally disabled man in a crude dormitory for an illegal lime factory in Western Xinjiang, China.
December 11th, the dorms are crude, the bedding old and worn. This is where these mentally disabled workers rest.
Mentally handicapped workers at the Jiaershi factory in China are fed with the dogs.
December 11th, the workers eat with the dogs.
Dirt and filth cover the bowl of noodles a mentally handicapped worker at this factory in China is eating from.
December 11th, the mentally handicapped worker's bowl is covered with dirt.

Comments from NetEase:


Motherfucker, are you still human…? How come those black-hearted people aren’t all dragged out and shot…? Fuck.


Workers eating with the dogs, too heartbreaking! Black-hearted boss/owner, you deserve a terrible death! Maybe you normally have nice clothes, act piously, as if you were a philanthropist, and you may even have a bunch of halos on your head, but your heart is mostly bad and your entire family will go to hell, to the 19th level, lost forever!


Heartbreaking, hope they can soon return to their loved ones.


I’m shedding tears…


5 mao hurry and come give everyone an explanation.


I want to express my respect to the journalist who reported this. Seeing these photographs, I am greatly shaken/shocked. I hope society’s relevant departments will thoroughly investigate and severely punish the owner of this business.


NetEase! I beg you not to publish these kind of posts anymore, my entire body is shaking!!! My heart is bleeding!!!


Would these things not happen if these posts weren’t published? NetEase should expose all of these kind of things under the sky, so that those criminals will all get the punishments they deserve.


Who knows how many factories like this are still left in the entire country, still operating due to various reasons. This is the central government’s so-called harmonious society, a society that puts people first?


The locals built a wall just to avoid seeing this, which shows that those who knew about this were many, but to be able to suppress this like this shows that there is something stronger behind the scenes.


Truly unbearable. Never have I [commented on] a post, but I must say something here. Is this something a human could do? Looking at these images, my heart is so pained. These owners/bosses will get their just deserts.


The local government people must’ve known, must’ve taken bribes, and thus didn’t say anything! Strongly propose investigation! Inhuman!

UPDATE: Here is an AFP news report about this story.


Written by Fauna

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