Chinese Girl Shows Off, Becomes Internet Joke

From Mop,, & XiCi:

A netizen from Nanning Sky Web, claiming to be female, claimed to be young and rich with over 200,000 monthly income, and wears a Vacheron Constantin watch.
The image below is the portrait she uses on Nanjing Sky Web, claiming to be a self-photo:


Continuing on…a frightening scene occurred, as netizens one after another stormed in…
A netizen came in with a PK portrait: [The netizen] claimed the watch in the picture is a Patek Philippe, and the diamond ring is a Tiffany’s.


Not to be outdone, other netizens one after another came into PK.
The second netizen’s photo:


Another netizen’s photograph, this time even with Vietnamese Dong [currency] making an appearance:


A netizen’s “Rolex”:


No watch, then how about a pager/beeper:


What can you do, a netizen’s Little White [cat’s name] insisted on participating…so he could only…


An alarm clock works too:


This one is even more outrageous:


A commercial interruption: Fake document providers are everywhere:


If the hand won’t do, then use the foot. This one is a little gross:


Haha…even a kid has joined in:


This kid has a lot of money…


No money, but plenty of Durex…


Food stamps???


A money-collector’s hand. Note: These two sets of money, from 1 mao to 100 yuan, both sets has the same numbers, not only the denominations are the same, and what more, even the preceding letters are the same, the two sets in sequential order:




Amassing this many [credit] cards isn’t easy, right?


Comments from


A bunch of stupid cunts!!!


Each more niu than the one before. Little brother [referring to self] admires.


Everyone has gone crazy!


A very valiant/awesome post.


hao [good]


[People are] bored to this degree…

Comments from XiCi:


There is one hand/arm that is pretty good looking, ~~~~


There is nothing that cannot be done, only what cannot be imagined!


Haha, China’s shanzhai culture…


So wealthy, [I] cannot compete…

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  • krdr

    What she showing-off is not a wealth, but loneliness.
    Very witty. I fell-off from the chair laughing. Also, pic with “hao” comment is hillarious!

    • mlgb

      Using a meme past its useby date makes you a douche.

      • Mike Fish

        Calling him out makes you an even bigger douche… and this makes me a moron for commenting on the big douche who called out the other moron.

        • 250

          So what does that make me….actually don’t answer that.

      • krdr

        Actually, this meme is still widely used, and, if you look better, maybe you’ll understand what I wanted to say. But, calling unknown person a douche, is showing off “doucheness”.

        • 水溶C100

          What you are calling him is not a douche, but loneliness!!

      • Turniptime

        Using the word “meme” marks you as either an ignoramus or a twelve-year-old.

        • 水溶C100

          Loneliness again!!!

  • KimYushin

    I love how Chinese people always make a big fuzz about these things. We all know half of the people are envious of these douche bags. And honestly flashing cash is nothing cool, at least not in my place.

    • whichone

      I love how Koreans are so civilized and tolerant with dry sense of humor.

    • Mike Fish

      Yeah, Kim, maybe you should get a sense of humor transplant or maybe remove your head from your ass. All of those “Chinese” people were mocking the first one. And the rest of us will be mocking you.

    • Master C

      Then you’re either mixing with the wrong crowd or don’t have access to the right crowd.

  • whichone

    whoa Déjà vu! Feel like I’ve seen them before…

  • Xav

    @Whichone- I like your Eminem reference…

    • whichone

      it’s a coincidence I swear.


    I used to have big piles of cash lying around before they brought in the 50,000 won note, a 10,000 won note was only worth about $8US. When I sold my old car it took an hour to count the money.

  • Alan

    Yawn…more style over substance. Sick of all this wannabe celebrity crap, where’s the real interesting stories at?!~

    • Eric

      there’s one where your mum is having a orgy party & you are the star..let me find it

  • J

    200,000 rmb a month . . . she must be a high ended whore.

    • VeerLeft

      DINGDINGDING!!! You arrrre corrrrrrrrect sirrrrr!

    • Master C

      People supporting or creating high ended whores are delusional and upping the ante for patrons of adult industries. We are here to use their services and allow them to make a living, not enrich them and their pimps. No whore should ever be high ended and all a whore deserves at most is a middle class environment and no more than the regular hourly wage for a blue or grey collar worker. Time for the smart John to boycott high ended gold diggers who should never be placed higher than the hard working everyman.

      • Master C

        GAH typo . . . I meant ” middle class RETIREMENT ” . . .

      • drewwang

        Your logic is interesting. If hookers really did make as much as the average blue collar worker, they might earn about eight yuan per hour. Since the average trick might take twenty minutes, you could get a hooker for around three yuan! China would truly be the most egalitarian country in the world then! Perhaps the government should step in. Since they closed down all the “hair salons” in Beijing for National Day, maybe they can go in again and implement price fixing. 加油!

        • Master C

          Well if China wants to maintain social order (i.e. make being a hooker less desirable than being a blue collar worker for our young ladies), and keep China productive, but still allow an Adult industry for foreigners and bachelors to use, or married husbands with unwilling or lazy wives to use, legalisation and price control has to be implemented. No two ways going about it.

          1) Legalisation ensures no underworld elements maintain monopoly and thus enable monopoly holders to raise prices for what becomes ‘blackmarket services’.
          2) Price control prevents impoverishment of the everyman seeking adult services.
          3) Price control enables the everyman to retain wealth and maintain social structure in that a hooker is nenevr wealthier than an everyman.
          4) Legal adult industry also allows men with less integrity and means to not lie to get married just for sex.
          5) Legal adult industry also ensures a likely substantial potential sex offenders have somewhere to release their tension.
          6) Legal adult industry also ensures sex workers and their patrons will not have to deal with bribery and blackmail from and within authorities and prevent corruption of police in a tax paying industry.

          All of this again contributes to greater stability in a nation. Could there be any better way to emancipate the Male Libido and maintain social structure at the same time?

          • Master C

            TYPO – 3) . . . nenevr = never . . .

          • Master C

            TYPO – 5) Legal adult industry also ensures a substantial number if likely potential sex offenders have somewhere to release their tension.

          • Ana Belen Ruiz

            Sex offenders don’t do it for the sex, they like violence and submission.

            And the hookers have the right to earn whatever the customer is willing to pay.

            Life is not fair, actors and football players are an example of undeserved wealth.

  • Master C

    The Chinese should support their own homemade brands and stop sending their cash off to foreign countries. What is so special about foreign watches? I’d support a CCP watch company any day if they could come up with a concept no worse than European watch brands.

    • Goodness

      “What is so special about foreign watches?”

      Dude your missing the point. She is showing off her “status symbol”. Domestic brands are usually more about being practical and frugal. In other words, they are common and point out that budget is a concern. Foreign products have an air of “luxury” because they are rare, usually expensive and come from countries that most Chinese only see on television.

      • Master C

        Then that ‘Air of Luxury’ should be something Chinese manufacturers must strive to recreate. Don’t have an inferiority complex about Chinese brands, who knows how much of the components of foreign watches are made by Chinese manufacturers to begin with.

        • dave

          The problem is that 99% of the locals wouldn’t want a Chinese made product as a status symbol anyway.

          How many Red Flag cars do you really see driving around town? The government here doesn’t even buy Red Flag cars. Not that they are luxury cars or anything but I am just saying.

          • Master C

            “The problem is that 99% of the locals wouldn’t want a Chinese made product as a status symbol anyway.”

            That shows a lack of investment, lack of promotion method or lack of self confidence in this area then. It’s about time they started research on promoting Chinese products as status symbols or simply as symbols of patriotism.

            Maybe a side by side comparison, crash testing etc.. alongside other brands such as Lincoln or Mercedes in TV commercials for example. Even if quality was beefed up to match, it’s very likely the product would still be cheaper in any case and thus more saleable! There would be no reason by not to buy then.

          • ss42

            For some reason can’t replay to Master C’s post, below, but…

            “That shows a lack of investment, lack of promotion method or lack of self confidence in this area then. It’s about time they started research on promoting Chinese products as status symbols or simply as symbols of patriotism.”

            I don’t think this is really true. Successful people in the USA don’t buy Caddies, they buy Mercedes, BMW, etc. Having something ‘foreign’ is a status symbol everywhere, although admittedly with globalization it’s becoming less and less of a thing to hang your hat on.

            You can’t blame the Chinese, I think. In addition to these good being ‘foreign’, they are relatively new to market. It’s a novelty, that will wear off slowly, and over time.

            China’s in the early stages of attaining “first world” status. As a (Korean) gf put it to me once, China now is where Korea was in the 80s. Back then Korea just made crap products, and Koreans all wanted foreign crap. Give them 10-20 years, and they’ll start valuing design more, creating unique and innovative products, etc., and creating brands that hold sway both inside and outside China, like Samsung et al.

          • Master C

            ” Give them 10-20 years, and they’ll start valuing design more, creating unique and innovative products, etc., and creating brands that hold sway both inside and outside China, like Samsung et al. ”

            No. But ss42 has a point there about the economy being in it’s early stages but it is this early stage that the capital outflow is the most serious. 10-20 years of imports based on brand name or ‘foreignness’ alone can put a severe dent on a country’s development in innovation and maybe even economy as well.

            Old Money which has better understanding of true value of brands (which is ZERO) may not care for that, the New Rich will not be affected (why allow outflow of funds at all), but honestly in an immatured economy the presence and propagation of foreign brands is a form of colonialism, a way of stealing wealth.

            The consumers are not very educated and even the poor try to obtain these so called ‘brands’ to satisfy human urge to acquire material goods. In this, although IP theft is wrong, I applaud the pirated IP product, which generates jobs and keeps funds from flowing out.

            But foreign brand names are indeed creating the mindless consumerism which typifies the capitalist culture of the West that has nearly bankrupted America and put it in sever debt. Where did all that money go? Overseas by “Successful (but unpatriotic) people in the US” to European coffers while local car makers go bankrupt from lack of sales.

            Is the quality inferior? Not likely. Are the products cheaper? No. So what is the excuse for buying that product? (I am glad China has among the cheapest products worldwide). And yet they send their money overseas without thinking about the economy. USA itself is a victim of brand consumption where the consumer should be taught that value for money is more important that what logo is displayed on the hood ornament.

            In this I am rather disappointed that Hongqi and Jili (Red Flag and Geely) have upped their prices to Western levels (much the same way Malaysia’s Proton has risen 300% at retail level since inception) while Tata Nano has a car with a lower price.

            Hongqi and Jili are less competitive than India’s Tata Nano now and had better watch their pricing unless they don’t mind heading the way GM has, Proton is headed towards and losing market share the way some European brands doing.

            This blatant profiteering by brand names has to be acknowledged, addressed and countered by education policies. Consumerism and brand name worship will only impoverish a nation to enrich a single corporation, often to astronomical levels.

            The summarize, the consumer could just learn this which is a truly educated Consumer view –

            * * * I want a cheap product with high quality. I do not care about brand name. * * *

            The entrepreneur could also learn this which is REAL innovation –

            * * * He who has the cheapest product at the highest quality will dominate the global market, whichever item it is. * * *

          • Master C

            * TO * summarize . . .

  • Mark

    That’s freakin funny man. I think this merits a “fail.”

  • Charles Frith

    This has delighted me. Humour is not something I associate with China but I’m very happy to see this emerging fun :)

  • Jade

    I like the cat one with the hell money XD

  • capt. LING DAN WANG BA

    Haha fail guys. If I had the money I would do this all day everyday.

  • FYIADragoon

    Cat is ballin’

  • Hayley

    Lols – yes the World has officially lost it’s mind now.

  • C.Bratton

    A good picture would be someone’s hand next to a replica of Emperor Qianlong’s Jade seal.

  • Wu

    Good job, Mr. Manly Feet. Way to think outside the box!

  • Icedew

    All that cash in that photo looks a lot but probably isn’t. If I covert it to the Hong kong currency into 1000 dollar notes I might be actually able to fit it all into my wallet.

  • Joe

    Actually, this is at least slighty funny…. which is surprising for a bunch of Chinese. Who generally are not known for there bollock-busting abilities of humour.

    And by the way… happy birthday Yunjin Kim over in Korea.

  • chungking mansions

    Funny stuff, but I thought for sure there would be one with the ‘paper money’ used to burn for one’s ancestors. Too taboo?

    • Joe

      Its in the one with the cat

  • Sunseed

    that was so funny.

  • Frank Furter


    Is that a glamour shot? Which mall did you take it at?

    People who put their pic in their sig… are brave! Haha, fooled you.

  • too yellow

    The same serial number collection is amazing if it is real, but most likely it is a fake cash with the same serial number for all denominations.

  • Chinamatt

    Some of those joke ones are pretty funny. The giant clock as a watch makes me wonder how long it’ll take for someone in China to imitate Flava Flav. That’d be awesome.

    • xuedi

      hehehe … that would really be aweome ;-)

  • Joe #2

    I’ll never remember that serial number, so I guess I’ll have to remember that, if the serial number on my Chinese money starts with BJ and ends with 88, it’s gotta be fake.

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  • SLX

    Chinese know how to make quick cash, many times faster than the average western guy….

    If you live overseas, its common sense.

  • Master C

    That may be the situation now, but as Chinese are increasingly aware of these complaints, all you mention will be corrected, in a few years, if the CCP sets their mind to increase quality control policies, Chinese product quality could be far better than what is available on most markets now, WITHOUT the horrendous prices.

    This is what the whole world will eventually look at to China as an example for. Quality, innovation AND uncomparable prices.

    Want organic and GM free pesticide free food? China will have it. Want a USD$1000 Solar Car that lasts 100 years without repair? China will have it. Want a USD$100 Laptop that lasts 30 years without repair? China will have it. Want a USD$1000 a year degree education? China will have it. Those are the wonders of Socialism with Chinese characteristics.

    The rest of the world will end up paying more for big brand name goods, taxing their already jobless citizens heavier, eating costly Monsanto Mutant crops, using heavily Deuterized (sterilizing effects) Pharmaceuticals, buying polluting fossil fuel guzzlers costing tens of thousands, getting in dept and paying high interest rates for basic degree education, owning and using depleted Uranium ammunition being sold everywhere (more sterilisation) while parasitic Capitalist Billionaires sequester all the wealth they can get their hands on and send it off to tax havens like Singapore and Liechtenstein. This is the Capitalism of the West. And as poverty from lack of exports set in, mass production of poor quality goods with unsustainably polluting production tools will become typical of Western goods instead.

    So who would the world markets rally behind and invest in? Decadence or Innovation? Easy choice to make.

  • Kai

    Master C,

    The rest of the world will end up paying more for big brand name goods, taxing their already jobless citizens heavier, eating costly Monsanto Mutant crops, using heavily Deuterized (sterilizing effects) Pharmaceuticals, buying polluting fossil fuel guzzlers costing tens of thousands, getting in dept and paying high interest rates for basic degree education, owning and using depleted Uranium ammunition being sold everywhere (more sterilisation) while parasitic Capitalist Billionaires sequester all the wealth they can get their hands on and send it off to tax havens like Singapore and Liechtenstein. This is the Capitalism of the West.


    That said, I have to disagree with your unrealistic notions of China’s future in consumer products. Mind you, I’m not disagreeing with China getting better at innovation and quality as I’m personally confident that’s going to happen, but I am disagreeing with the extremes you’re taking it. Moreover, all of the “wonders” you describe will have nothing to do with “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”, much less result from it “in a few years” (is a Star Trek pseudo-utopian future arriving in a few years?). In fact, you’re abusing the latter buzz phrase pointlessly and with detrimental effect.

    Frankly, people don’t build cars and laptops that don’t break or wear because 1) it’s not really THAT easy and 2) it’s not economicaly profitable. Product cycles exist even absent deterioration and obsoletion.

    I also don’t agree with your false choice of decadence and innovation, given that both the West and China have plenty of both. I don’t see “socialism with Chinese characteristics” changing this fact of life for China any time soon. I really wish you wouldn’t spout this kind of nonsense because it gives people an unfair impression of Chinese people and their grasp on reality. Your false promises will only make the Chinese look ridiculous in juxtaposition, and it wasn’t even their fault, but your’s.

  • Master C

    In response to Kai’s post :

    1) The latter buzz phrase is being used with a point but you do not see that point.

    2) If you mean a JEWISH Star Trek pseudo-utopian future in a few years, no. Never.

    3) People intentionally build cars and laptops that break and wear because it is profitable to do so. Please do not pretend this is not the case. It insults everyone’s intelligence.

    4) Product cycles exist even absent deterioration and obsoletion. It is lack of quality and more of no.2.

    5) As we stand in very different places, it is understandable that from your viewpoint you may never see it. Otherwise your intentions are simply to speak for Capitalism and Consumerism.

    6) One vision of a future is another people’s unfair impression and grasp on reality.

    7) No false promises here. Everyone knows a capitalist sells goods to people at highly inflated prices. A socialist does the opposite and functions out of idealism. Chinese goods are being shared with the world but in time only ideological allies of the Chinese should be extended these benefits.

    8) It is your capitalist desire to profit off others to justify such profiteering and lack of quality that confirms what is ridiculous in juxtaposition. Also it isn’t even your fault, but theirs – Capitalists with wasteful and pollutive Consumerism via poorly construucted products that need constant replacing as their profit paradigm.

    9) I am pointing out the unrealistic understanding of the TRUE NATURE of ECONOMY and the TRUE quality of goods being produced this day for the benefit of the readers here. What are you doing but justifying the mediocrity of products being produced and Capitalism itself while obfuscating the reality that goods being sold are indeed 10 or more times more costlier at Capitalist retail that could be under Socialist distribution be 10 or more times cheaper?

    10) Capitalist paradigms will impoverish the world and sequester all wealth to the benefit of a few, Socialist paradigms while bad for private enterprise and creating * THE WEALTHY * will ensure equal distribution IF implemented with as little intention of profiteering as possible.

    Capitalist nations should be pitied and advised on the error of their ways i they are not to become liabilities to the world economy.

    Let the readers compare and decide what future they wish.

  • Master C

    TYPOS –

    Capitalist nations should be pitied and advised on the error of their ways * if * they are not to become liabilities to the world economy.


    7) . . . Chinese goods are being shared with the world * for now * but in . . .

    10) . . . will ensure equal distribution * of wealth * IF implem . . .

  • Goodness

    To Master c

    1) Yeah whatever.

    2) What is a JEWISH Star Trek pseudo-utopian future? Gene Roddenberry was Babtist and star trek always proud of its diversity. How did you miss all of the Asians? Just another one of you little buzz phrases no doubt.

    3) Baloney. Japanese car companies are currently the most profitable in the world due to reputation for reliability. By your rationale its the big three should be the most profitable since they were the ones looking to cut corners during the 80’s and 90’s.

    4) Excellence isn’t cheap or easy. Any complex device of such high quality that it never broke would also be too expensive for all but a very few. Thats not caplitaism sentiment its just a fact.

    5) Modern China is an export oriented economy. It owes its enviable position in the world to the rabid consumption of western customers who were hell bent on spending above their means. Not to mention the running dog capitalist companies that moved to China because they couldn’t get enough cheap labor.

    6) Capitalist countries also offer alot more variety. If you got screwed over by Ford then feel to take your buisness to GM or Toyota.

    7) Nobody accuses Walmart of inflating prices and they are as Caplitaist as you can get. Chinese goods aren’t being shared they are being bought. If China ever decides to “share” its goods with only its ideological allies then the rest of the world would be more then happy to take there dirty money to Vietnam or somewhere else. I can think of alot of other countries that would love to be built up like China, Korea and Japan before them.

    8) You don’t have to be capitalist to profit off of others and I can’t think of a single socialist philanthropist.

    9) What your doing called over reaching.

    10) Russia was the first socialist paradigm and they collapsed. And even in that socialist paradise some where more equal then others.

  • Kai

    Master C,

    1. Yes, it is obvious I don’t see the point. Instead of asserting there is a point, it would really move this conversation forward if you obliged us with explaining and elaborating on that supposed point.

    2. My allusion to a Star Trek utopian future has nothing to do with being Jewish and everything to do with your grandiose promises of cheap durable consumer goods such as solar cars and laptops. The point, which I’m sure wasn’t lost on you, is that you’re making, again, grandiose promises on behalf of China (and for China) that I clearly do not consider convincing or realistic.

    3. No shit. What made you think I believe otherwise? Nor does that in any way refute what I said. It does not take a degree in mechanical engineering to know that it is difficult to mass produce complex electrical products that see regular wear and tear such as solar cars and laptops both cheaply and repair-free for 30-100 years. It doesn’t take a degree in economics or business to know that such products would still be at the mercy of product cycles, and thus, even in a socialist with Chinese characteristic world, be at the mercy of economic viability.

    4. Sorry, it is not about lack of quality, though quality surely matters. It has far more to do with human psychology, with fickleness, with fashion, with the substitution of the material for expression.

    5. Yes, we may stand in very different places. I imagine your intent in posting a comment was to express and propagate your position. My inability to agree with you because, quite frankly, I think you’re insane, should be a data point for how well you’re doing. Let me ask you: Do you expect to be taken seriously? Even Rorschach has a more coherent platform.

    6. Yes, but are you feeling bitter about it? It is up to you to communicate your vision of the future effectively to others if you want them to buy into it. Again, the act of you posting suggests that “want”. However, I’m reacting, telling you that your vision of the future doesn’t compute. Are you going to feel sorry for yourself, hiding behind the excuse “they don’t understand my genius” or stand behind your vision?

    7. No, a capitalist by definition sells goods at a profit, not “highly inflated prices”, though obviously a good capitalist will sell for as much as the market will bear. Do you even understand the basic theory of capitalism? The boldness of your statements simultaneously hint at a severe lack of basic literacy in the very subjects you’re framing with value judgements. Both theories of capitalism and socialism are achored upon on some very unrealistic ideals. You know that, right? If you did, you would see the folly in making categorically ridiculous statements such as “a socialist does the complete opposite and functions out of idealism.” Both theories are idealistic, Master C. Before you respond to that, I implore you to think very carefully before responding.

    I have no comment on you thinking only ideological allies “should” have enjoy China sharing the benefits of Chinese goods. I do, however, think whatever “Chinese ideology” you have in mind is largely an artificial construct of an overimaginative black and white mind. China already shares its goods with ideological allies, with the ideology shared being that of capitalistic mutual benefit. It is laughable that you’re trying to portray China as somehow being forced to share its goods with its enemies. China isn’t being forced, it has made the conscious decision to do so, because it benefits from doing such. Your silly threats of China only sharing its toys with those that share its heretofore amorphous and undefined “ideology” is a serious embarrassment to China and its people. You have the freedom to be egotistical and insane but, please, I’m begging you to stop.

    8. LoL, okay.

    9. I’m not justifying the mediocrity of products. I’m explaining why your grandiose promises of China delivering cheap solar cars and laptops that don’t need repair is unrealistic. I’m not obfuscating the reality of capitalist distribution systems and their effect on retail prices, I’m pointing out that you have not offered any convincing arguments for 1) what a socialist distribution system is, 2) how it would function, and most importantly, 3) how it would be guaranteed to be cheaper (and less likely to need repair) over the aforementioned capitalist distribution system. You’re throwing out buzzwords and buzz phrases with little substance. I’m offering you a chance to actually prove something to us. You have to SHOW us that it works and delivers as promised. What we KNOW from history is that socialist and communist distribution systems are plagued with their own set of problems and, most ironically, high prices (or extreme scarcity, virtually the same thing to the end-user) and shoddy quality being the most endemic.

    10. Yes, sounds great in theory. But, as I already criticized, NOT REALISTIC. Please, tell me how you’re going to achieve that big “IF” of your’s. If you can’t, you’re wasting everyone’s time. Tell us how you’re going to engineer society to repress the intent to profit. Tell us how China is the likely beacon for this idealistic vision of your’s. Chinese people, like everyone else, have a keen eye for profit. It’s human nature, I argue. What’s your argument?

    There are problems and inefficiencies with capitalism. No one is denying that. Your error is in postulating an unrealistic alternative and, probably, not even understanding how unrealistic it is. You don’t know your subject nearly well enough but you’re talking big. More importantly, you’re trying to condemn people under the guise of trying to save them. In doing so, you’re doing no one a favor, least of all the capitalists and readers you pity and fashion yourself as advising. You want to advise and save people? Learn something about them, about what they believe, and then offer realistic paths for them to follow.

  • Master C

    Looks like you 2 (‘Goodness’ and ‘Kai’) have made up your minds on what economy is without understanding of the logic behind it’s premise.

    1) Whatever indeed. Yes there is a point. But you have to see it for yourself to understand.

    2) Likely only God knows what a JSTPUF is. Why don’t you ask the industrial-military complex? No promises, but only by how far Socialist principles will be implemented. Know the implications this will have on Capitalist paradigms. No Capitalist society will survive when what is being described here is implemented.

    3) Not here to refute. Stating facts. Degree in economics or business? Joker and Jarhead respectively.

    4) It is a fact from where you stand, from your dated Capitalist paradigm. Fact? More presumptious words from he who cannot unlearn what he has learned. Capitalism is a sickness.

    5) Neglect the health of the internal economy and the contentious embargoes at your peril. Insane is remaining where you are not where we are going.

    6) Keep your variety to yourself if it’s so attractively priced. No want here, an informative and warning rather.

    7) Chinese goods ARE being shared, because they have not raised prices to match other goods being sold. How long will the quality of local goods remain unsurpassed when quality is already sliding?

    8) I am not challenging that. And there already are. They have not made their presence known globally yet.

    9) Your presumption of intent, only confirms the ideological edge further. Share? Simple : Develop Socialism with American Characteristics IF you can.

    10) Russia collapsed because it was busy competing instead of minding it’s own business. The IF depends on the degree of altruism in CCP’s implementation of policies. Greed versus Socialist Ideals. The facts are there, so lets see if the CCP leadership is able to keep their heads clear. Realistic paths? All listed already, learn to read between the lines and extrapolate abit.

    Feel free to reject whatever you consider ‘buzzwords’ and continue on doing things whatever the same way. Too lazy? Too difficult to understand from sheer narrow mindedness? Too bad.

    Despite the poor attitudes, lack of acknowledgment and trade protectionism, the BRIC nations are not run by unkind leaders and will extend whatever aid deserving should the situation arise.

    As earlier mentioned, Capitalist nations should be pitied on their choice of economic paradigm and be advised on the error of their ways if they are not to become liabilities to the world economy.

    These posts I’m sure will be very enlightening to our readers. Hope you understood this time.

  • Goodness (Joker)

    Oh Master C.

    1) Whoa. Fortune cookie logic at its shallowest.

    2) “industrial-military complex”? guess that one is for Kai

    3) “Joker and Jarhead respectively”? Okay I’ll call you Swiss Cheese in honor of the many socialist egalitarian holes in your arguements. Hey its better then calling you Master Baker C. See!

    4) “he who cannot unlearn what he has learned.” Sweet! I also love Empire Strikes Back. I knew you weren’t totally crazy.

    5) But your missing the over arching truth. But you must unlearn what you have learned in order to see it. You must also see it for yourself for you to understand. It is like a finger pointing away to the moon. But don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly gloryyyy!

    6) Variety is the spice of life. There, there is your fact.

    7) Again Chinese products aren’t being shared. They are being exchanged for currency. Chinese goods are sold cheaply in order to under cut their more experienced and expensive competitors. While it is a legitimate and time honored tactic I’m afraid that there is zero altruistic motivation behind it.

    8) Sure. ok.

    9) Thanks but no thanks.

    10) This gentleman might disagree.

    Thanks for playing. Stay crazy.

  • Kai

    Master C,

    Given our inability to communicate our points to each other, I think our discussion has reached its natural end.

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