“Eagle Dad” Forces 4-Year-Old Son to Run Naked in the Snow

"Eagle Father": A Chinese dad training his son by forcing the child to run naked and do push ups in the snow.

On Sina Weibo:

@新浪视频: New Year’s Eve morning, a 4-year-old boy from Nanjing city who had accompanied his parents to America on vacation welcomed the 2012 Lunar New Year in his own unique fashion by running naked in a snow storm. In the video, the little boy was only wearing yellow underwear and sports shoes, while the outdoor temperature that morning reached as low as -13 degrees Celsius. After the video was uploaded onto the internet, it attracted many netizens’ attention and debate.

From iFeng, Sohu, Xinhua:

“Eagle Dad” trains son in snow storm, 4-year-old boy running naked video goes viral

A four year old Chinese boy in only his yellow underwear in the snow.

When it comes to extreme parenting of children, there has been “Wolf Dad”, “Tiger Mom”, and today there is now also “Eagle Dad”: When young eagles have grown large enough, eagle mothers will ruthlessly push a young eagle off the cliff, and when the young eagle is falling into the valley below, it learns its basic ability — how to fly.

New Year’s Eve morning, a 4-year-old boy from Nanjing city who had accompanied his parents to America on vacation welcomed the 2012 Lunar New Year in his own unique fashion by running naked in a snow storm. Recently, this video was posted on the internet by the child’s family, and 4-year-old “Naked Running Boy” quickly attracted the attention of netizens becoming famous on the internet, with the number of views reaching over 260k within just a few days. In response to this kind of extreme education/raising methods, netizens have commented one after another, differing in praise and criticism. Yesterday through the person who exposed this on the internet, this reporter got in touch with this little boy named He Yide and his family, inadvertently learning that this baby, at just 4-years-old, will be entering first grade at Nanjing Yushuiwan Primary School tomorrow, in an informal “listening in” status.

A Chinese father has been nicknamed "Eagle Dad" for forcing his 4-year-old son to run in the snow wearing only underwear.

The longer video clip on Youku:

In the above video, the child can be heard whimpering and asking for his father to hold him while the father encourages him to keep running forward. The child He Yide also asks for his mother, whose voice can later be heard encouraging him as he does some push-ups on the snowy ground.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


If they are doing this every day over the long term where he adapts to it day by day, then that’s one thing, and I can even understand. But the child is saying its so cold, and his body is red from the cold, so why force the child to run. Truly sick.


A lot of media aren’t reporting the rest of the story~ This child was a 7-month premature baby~ His father is already over 40-years-old~ At the time, the doctor determined that this child would become mentally handicapped… The mother resigned from work to stay at home to take care of him. His father started training his physical body from when he was small, and even though his methods are a little difficult to accept by us ordinary people, his parents have put a lot of thought into this… Ever since the child has come out of the hospital, he hasn’t gotten sick~ What more, all of this training was done step by step gradually~ It isn’t as if he was suddenly thrust out into the cold…


To be a little mean, if he were to freeze to death, his world in the afterlife would be icy and cold. Just looking at this makes me tremble/shiver. I wonder if his parent’s brains are filled with polar bear shit!!


You’re able to bear letting your child be in such cold circumstances without wearing clothes? How come we don’t see your parents coming out to freeze with you! Inhuman. [弱][弱]


What are you going to do if his JJ is frozen and damaged?


Yet another parent who forces his own unrealized dreams upon their own child. Evaluation complete.


Do you not see how happy the child is?! So only you guys are smart and know how to raise children, are you guys the father and mother…? Save your breath and reflect upon yourselves instead!


That’s the correct way to teach/raise a child! Had my old man trained me like this when back then, I wouldn’t be so afraid of the cold now.


Exactly~ There’s a reason for this, so those yelling at the father can shut their mouths now~ The child isn’t that delicate, and the father is also very great [selfless], having given a lot of thought, so everyone have a little more respect, and a little less “pity”.


This is emulating Japan’s education methods. I don’t think it is necessary. Just find a training camp to train for a bit is enough.


According to the child’s father, this child was prematurely born, and the doctor said there was a risk of mental disability, so they’ve been training his bodily health ever since he was small. From the looks of it, it doesn’t look like there weren’t benefits.


Poor little kid! With the child being so small, is being exposed to the cold like this good for him? Can the parent not be so heartless?


I really want to know, did this father run naked with him?! If he didn’t go running naked with him, this would be too unfair towards the little child! [生病]

On Youku:

On Tudou:

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  • Hongjian

    Harsh, but he looks like he has fun with it.

    If more chinese parents did this, China may become SPARTAAAAA!!! and finally unfuck itself, become strong warriors to kill all americunts and liberal faggots.

    Also, Sofa Occupied by Gestapo.

    • fx

      i believe his dad would give up his own life for the child if the boy needs it to survive ,and that include people’s judgment on the dad as well.and why call american americunt,I’m sure there are plenty good american ,and how dare u to say china might unfuck itself,i just noticed that!! it maybe quite messy at moment but u don’t have to be so rude !!!!!no one will listen to u if u r a rude person

    • mr. weiner

      Now why did I know you’d just love this one Hongjian? One of the chinese netezins did post this and it does put things in perspective a bit , if it is fact:
      ” A lot of media aren’t reporting the rest of the story~ This child was a 7-month premature baby~ His father is already over 40-years-old~ At the time, the doctor determined that this child would become mentally handicapped… The mother resigned from work to stay at home to take care of him. His father started training his physical body from when he was small, and even though his methods are a little difficult to accept by us ordinary people, his parents have put a lot of thought into this… Ever since the child has come out of the hospital, he hasn’t gotten sick~ What more, all of this training was done step by step gradually~ It isn’t as if he was suddenly thrust out into the cold… ”
      I hope it is true, I think we are all sitting back and being too judgemental here.

      • staylost

        That is such a wonderful internet story. Sounds like how I got rich with this Nigerian Prince’s cash when he escaped the country.

        “I read on the internet that you cure mental handicaps and premature birth with harsh physical training!”

    • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

      Yes. It’s a good thing China has nuclear missles, an aircraft carrier, and 1.3 billion consumers bumping up a robust economy because stories like this as well as dog eating, that HK subway fiasco, Yue Yue and the like just give Chinese an internationally bad name.

      Case in point: China is all hard power, and no soft power. It completely depends upon the unity of 1.3 billion people to get something positive accomplished like the Olympics (which may not count if you consider the two grannies that got sent to jail for protesting).

      It’s no wonder you’d say something like that because next to a full-scale national effort like a war, a single Chinese man who refrains from spitting is next to impossible. While the rest of the world reads state-sanctioned news, they also have world of mouth.

      Sigh. Where are you, Chinese Mr. Miyagi? (sorry Jackie Chan)

      • mr. weiner

        Yes, this is the soft power that China lacks. Somehow I can’t see the western world giving a dead dingo’s donger about which Chinese movie star is going to win the golden dragon awards or listening to mando-pop whilst sucking back another canto-cola.
        The days of the barbarians paying all their money for chinese silks and guzzling tea from china cups is past. China is the engine room of the world economy , but it makes thing for order to walmart. Chinese popular culture and inavation is no longer a wellspring, it is a sponge.

      • Hongjian

        It is easy. No need for cancerously trying to fit into western tastes by amputating oneself to become a child-friendly cultural disneyland full of dragon dances and other faggotry, but making the western world adapt to China, whether they want it or not.

        Nuke all the western world and turn their freedoms, human rights, democracy and ‘soft power’ into ashes, while raping their children and slaughtering their intellectuals and so called ‘stars’, who promoted their overwhelming propaganda image in the world, and who tried to force it down China’s throat.

        Why must Chinese people stop spitting to the ground, when we can work towards the goal of enslaving all white trash into mobile spitting-bowls for the Guangdongnese to keep them like a living furniture to spit in? (I’d suggest to amputate their arms, pick out their eyes, surgically remove their jaws and crush out their teeth, making them run around with an open mouth all the time, ready to receive the spit of its guangdongnese owner)

        The western world and their pathetic delusion of their “ensured and natural cultural superiority” must be throughoutly crushed infront of them. They must exactly end up like China, when it fell from their millenia old superiority, being toppled and humiliated by hairy babarians. The West and their arrogant people must feel the pain of being just mere dirt, lower than insects, and being treated as such by those who they considered inferior and tried to convert to their ways before.

        Soft power is a joke. It is the natural extension of hard power – or better; it is the arrogant behavior of an overlord who knows that he can kill, but would rather toy with his vassals by turning their culture and values into shit by bastardizing it with his ideologies and religions. When China dominates, she wont toy around with you trying to convert you to being Chinese. No, she will only grand you the mercy of dying the most horrible and painful death ever imaginable in human history, excercising the pinnacle of every sadistic “fantasy” the Chinese civilization brought into hard cold reality during their four millenias of dictatorship, and applying it on your very people.

        When this happens, you would wish the Chinese would just continue to do some cheesy dragon dances and shitty Olympics for you. Or just to force you to speak their language and live their culture…
        But rather, you will beg for a quick and merciful death.

        And we wont grant that for you. I wont grant that for you.

        • mr. weiner

          Frau Honjian.
          Bravo! Bravo! Another sterling effort. Your years in Germany were not wasted, I’m trying to imagine the book shelf you had beside your little bundeswier bunk. Neitzche most definitely , Dante Allegriari without a doubt and probably a good helping of De Sade and Sacher-Masoch? It was certainly a most ecclectic collection as your imagination is extraordinary.

          • Tengu

            Our own little “Venus In Furs”.

            My son-in-law was related to Dante….he was an asshole too…dipshit couldn’t tell a Guelph from a Ghibelline!

        • http://youhaeseriousissues.com Capt. WED

          Dude your posts are retarded.

        • Robert

          Sounds like you need a girlfriend.

          • http://youhaeseriousissues.com Capt. WED

            No no no you have it wrong. Hongjian is a she. What she really needs is to ram a sissy boy like Coala with a

            inch rod so both could shut the fuck up. Some quite time so I can continue on about how Amerikka is a fucked up imperialistic corporate fascists of a society, in peace.

        • mystery_man

          Heil Führer Hongjian!


      • Tengu

        We invade in July, we’ve been in the desert for

        years, we’re used to it.

        They’re aren’t enough umbrellas for the entire PLA.

        You still harping about that used aircraft carrier…actually better idea to buy one from the Russians than make one yourself…we’ve seen you launch boats!

        • mr. weiner

          Tengu! Welcome back mate, long time no type.

  • Anon

    Thanks for posting this, I didn’t know it had gone viral and wanted to cite it in the other child abuse post.

    It’s too bad they are only visiting and can’t have their kid taken away. The United States is deservedly criticized for subjecting terrorist suspects in Guantanamo to much the same treatment (albeit for longer periods, I should say) that this wonderful father treats his kid to.

    -An Anonymous Liberal Faggot Americunt

    • anon

      Why didn’t that American guy intervene? A 4-year-old child freezing his ass off in yellow tighties obviously shivering and crying goes by him and he just walks by?

      • B

        maybe he’s afraid his father will Jackie Chan his butt, thinking – “if he can do this to his son, what will he do to me”

  • typingfromwork

    Another example of fucked up parenting. Not saying others don’t have it, but China does seem to have a higher than usual amount of abusive parenting than most.

    Too many people with too much competition and desire to make it to the top makes parents anxious to do anything to get an edge over others. Some will be the casualties of dumbass parents who think they are doing their kids good. But really, I feel for these kids. Their parents should be taken away and be made to think very hard on their conduct locked inside a cold, stone cell.

  • lonetrey

    Fucked up… a little. But not as much as Wolf Dad and Tiger Mom.

    At least in this instance… well, he was sickly and weak when he was younger. I’m not sure how this helps him, but i guess physically toughening him up will yield some results.

    Just so long as they don’t cross the line and make him truly suffer. I mean, he’s having fun right now, so it would seem it’s ok. I just hope that he’s like that with any of the other methods they use to toughen him up a bit.

    • Big-A Anon

      Is he having fun? You might get that idea from the stills, but he looks unhappy to miserable nearly for nearly every second of the video, giving at most a pained smile at the end, probably because he’s glad to be done.

      • http://www.proxyforchina.com/ Rod

        Yeah, that’s what I was going to say. I usually don’t watch the videos because YouTube is too slow through the VPN and Youku won’t play, but good thing you posted that. From the stills, he looks like he’s having a good time – I thought maybe it was his idea.

        • Kong

          Yea, no; from the video it’s pretty clear this is his parents idea–and one he is totally not into at all.

          • http://www.wtchina.freeforums.org Elijah

            Speaking of the videos, is there a way to disable the autoplay?

            Having a bunch of tabs open and then one of them starts blaring awful music followed by the same retarded “announcement” voice can get pretty annoying…

          • Big-A Anon

            God I HATE THAT CHINESE ANNOUNCEMENT GUY. It literally sounds like there are 2-3 of them and they sound like pompous asses.

  • Kong

    It’s really too early to call this out as abusive parenting. Unless there is evidence to show that the parents did this to the physical and emotional detriment of their child, it’s really a premature accusation.

    • Big-A Anon

      Maybe this is kind of a silly argument to get into, but aren’t you setting the bar kind of high? I mean, I don’t know what you call “physical detriment” (Hurts enough to cry? Leaves a mark? Breaks the skin? Breaks a bone? Does permanent damage?) are you going to give a pass to anything that doesn’t do real damage?

      And how do you measure “emotional detriment?” Is calling your kid “useless” every day no problem until it at some undetermined point becomes apparent that, hey, kid’s screwed up?

      Whether you want to use the “abuse” label or not, the parents are making their kid do something that I seriously doubt they would happily go through themselves, making him cry in discomfort out of some utterly harebrained idea about toughening him up. I don’t even know what he needs it for, he doesn’t look especially puny or frail for a Chinese 4-year-old to me.

      • Kong

        Forcing your daughter to eat feces is abusive; having children kneel for hours at a time purely for the purpose of shaming them is abusive. Encouraging your son to run in the snow for a few minutes at a time is not. They weren’t beating him or calling him useless, but instead were encouraging him and congratulating him when they took him inside at the end.

        4-year-olds cry all the time. Everything they don’t like is “uncomfortable”, because they’re 4. Whatever the kid “needs” it for is up to the parents, considering that it isn’t “abusive”. Otherwise, you could apply the same rational to anything parents try and make their kids do. I consider this far less detrimental than coddling the kids to the point that they think they can get anything they want just by threatening their guardian. Up to a point, children are very physically and emotionally resilient. They are more resilient when given positive reinforcement. The parents were not abusing their kid in punishment.

        On an anecdotal note, my friends and I did this kind of thing all the time as little kids.

        • Hongjian

          You deserve the golden parenting medal of glory.

          10/10 agreed.

        • Christina


          I have to admit….

          My friends and I did too, and my parents HATED it haha.

          • Kong

            Yea, my dad encouraged it, but my mom intensely disapproved. :P

        • Big-A Anon

          I didn’t think I really needed to outline the difference between necessary and normal things that children have to cry through and something that is (as far as I know) totally unnecessary and that just about any adult who doesn’t live in Siberia would think of as suffering. Did you notice the temperatures that day?

          • Kong

            Apparently you do, since what is or is not “necessary” is entirely dependent on the circumstances. As far as I know, there are no laws or conventions that parents stick to “necessary” functions. Parenting is not a mathematical formula that can be mass-applied to all children (wouldn’t that be convenient, though?). Just look at the routine mass exercise programs forced on children by the PRC education system. It’s totally useless to the point of ludicrousness. Does that make it abusive?

            Anyway, that’s just it. We don’t know what the situation was, but to cry “child abuse” right off the bat is premature, especially considering the relatively tame nature of the event. US law (at least) is pretty specific about what constitutes “abuse” and what does not.

            The parents are not beating the kid (physical abuse), or driving away to force the kid to desperately chase after them so that he won’t be left behind (emotional abuse). From the information presented, the parents aren’t even verbally abusing the kid.

            When compared with the other shit that parents get away with, singling this event out is just a distraction.

        • staylost

          I concur.

          I also was similar as a child. Running naked in the snow, having no holds barred neighborhood child-wars with sticks, destroying yellow jacket nests with rocks and sticks (while getting stung over and over).

          My Mom’s rule: Go ahead, but if you’re going to do stupid stuff, just don’t cry about it if you get hurt.

          Being tough is a good thing. Parents encouraging toughness is good. That doesn’t mean destroying your emotions or not caring if you really get hurt. It means standing strong in the face of adversity, and being better able to survive.

          • mr. weiner

            ..Does this mean you’ll be replying to Mr. Faruke from Nigeria’s kind offer to be a bank intermediary?

          • Mr.Freeze

            This is not abuse! Unless the kid looks to be in extreme distress from being forced, which he is not as far as I can tell. I agree with Kong.

            I have been to Kazakhstan during the winter season which can reach sub-zero temperatures. While I was there it was around -36 degrees Celsius, as you can imagine that’s pretty effing cold. Whilst visiting my friend in Uralsk, his sister came to visit us for lunch and looked rather invigorated. She explained that she had woken up early to go cold water swimming in the local river. Basically a bath shaped hole cut out of the ice. As you can imagine that would feel much colder than naked snow running, ha ha. Especially after leaving the water, but they are quickly attended to.

            The people who participated believed it was conditioning the body and relaxing. Done in a short burst because any longer would be dangerous, by all ages of people. There were also others semi-naked jogging and bathing in the snow. It’s a tradition there and in many other northern parts of Europe.

            I even think they use this method in military training too. The parents idea behind their intentions has been greatly exaggerated. I understand the reasons behind their methods, it just looks bad such as his pink skin. Ha Ha.

  • ODB

    What the phuc is wrong with these parents?

    • Greg Miles

      Despite the extreme cold, the child most likely feels warm or at least safe knowing that his father is there supporting/supervising him.

  • Christina

    aww poor kid!!!

    the amazing thing about children is their ability to make light of situations like that. he’s actually smiling in some parts and seems to be having a bit of fun! warms my heart and chills me at the same time.

  • Tie Ridge

    Thats New Jersey theres only

    inches of snow on the ground its not blowing so no wind factor and its funny . I don’t see the breath of any one so where did some one get it was


    bellow. Hello the people making all the fuss here would rather have the kid you see at the mall=kicking ans screaming I want that give me that spoiled little brat.

    • shane

      It’s New York;

      different plates on cars. One blue at top and bottom with white in middle and the other yellow with dark blue at top.

      • Tony

        The only day it snowed in NYC in January, the low temperature was

        F which is about

        C. Still way too cold for the boy to be out in his underwear but not the dangerously cold -13 C I’ve seen thrown around. NYC hasn’t experienced -13 C this year.

  • fx

    i believe his dad would give up his own life for the child if the boy needs it to survive ,and that include people’s judgment on the dad as well.

  • eattot

    too harsh!!!!
    chinese parents work too hard on kids.
    when i was a kid, once raining heavily then i pretended belly aching, then my father went to school told teacher i was sick.always could not finish homework then got punished in school,but my father never beat me for that.i was not a good student, but always got almost full mark.
    and all three went to the best middle school…
    this is a bit as japanese style, train kids in coldness,wear a little in winter, but the truth is the arthritis rate is almost the highest of the world.

    • Pete of Perth

      Did you pass english?

  • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

    That top picture may be photoshopped. Snow is not naturally that bright.

    • eattot


      • staylost

        It’s true! Snow’s brightness is usually only a 7-8 on the photospectra scale. The snow there is at least 9.5!

        Also, the kids undies are also might be PSed. The story says he’s naked, but at least a fifth of his body is clothed in the pictures!

    • E Puff

      I didn’t believe it for a moment, I totally believe that it is photoshopped so I didn’t read the rest of the article. For one, Americans will call the police if you don’t put your child in a seatbelt. if Anyone HAD EVER saw a child running around like that in the snow, the police would have been at that family’s door. I once had someone call the cops (who pulled me over) ten years ago because I didn’t have my

      year old on a booster seat in the car. Luckily my son was over 95lbs and didn’t require one. But that’s how crazy Americans are when it comes to child safety. if you leave your child in the car on a hot day, prepare to have social services take your child. So I believe this story about the kid is a hoax.

      • anon

        The photo may have been retouched for contrast (that’s what I noticed myself as well), but there are also multiple photos and a video. It isn’t a hoax.

        If you watch the video, there’s at least one American who just walks by. Not sure if he was the same person are another person who was shown at the beginning of the video shoveling snow. Clearly the police weren’t called.

    • Foreign Devil

      Haha Terroir you just revealed that you rarely if ever get out of China. Correction: snow IN CHINA is not naturally that white. My wife is always amazed at how white the snow is in Canada too. We don’t have the same levels of air pollution as China. Some Chinese are even amazed at seeing blue skies and clear lakes in the photos I take in Canada. Like that is some sort of novelty for them.

      • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir


        Bump up to staylost, all the same.

    • mr. weiner

      If it is snow anywhere near an industrial city in china it’s going to be pretty grey. Also should head the wise words of Frank Zappa: “don’t eat the yellow snow”.

      • mr. weiner

        My apologises. Reread the article, didn’t realize that it was filmed in America.

  • Chris N.

    What is he training his kid for? Running around in the snow for

    minutes isn’t gong to do anything.

    • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

      The video of this kid running around in the snow is just a montage for the training session of this kids’ movie revenge against the school bully. Apollo Creed.

  • http://youhaeseriousissues.com Capt. WED

    I don’t think it’s photoshopped. It’s probably due to incorrect exposure settings due to the very bright background. I mean the photo is overexposed. The other photo looks underexposed.

  • Foreign Devil

    The story is weird. . what were they doing in America? What part? They would risk someone calling the cops if their kid is running naked in the snow. Only minnesota gets to -13 C in the daytime. . very rare in other northern states.

  • dim mak

    When I was

    my mom would whack me with a glass rod when I couldn’t remember all the Chinese characters she was teaching me. I hated it but when I entered primary school I had a massive reading lead over the other kids. That’s productive parenting.

    What’s the point of this though? Running around naked in the snow is training for….? It doesn’t even say what he did to deserve it. Maybe the family’s just having some fun for new years?

    • E Puff

      hit with a glass rod is nothing. my mother would snatch a tree branch and hit us with it if we were bad, use her slipper and swat us on the butt or if we did something really bad, she would use a leather belt.

      the funny part is that we became immune to the belt and she eventually had no power. we would take it out of her hand and throw it.

      • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

        Yes. You were beaten as a kid, and now look at you: no capitalization!

        How will we know if you are talking about China the country or the dinnerware?

      • http://www.wtchina.freeforums.org Elijah

        Wow! Those are such heart-warming stories. I know I look back fondly at child abuse, getting leather belts broken over my body (really got to swing to break leather), getting used to regular old switches and switching it up with a meter-stick, being thrown outside in a Canadian blizzard with nothing but boots and some long-johns…

        So many fond memories and all they do is provide daily love and understanding towards my parents…. We have a GREAT relationship and I never had to deal with ANY issues.

        PS. My dreams are as soft and sweet as cotton candy….

        • http://www.wtchina.freeforums.org Elijah

          As an added bonus, I don’t even feel it when I hurt myself. It’s awesome having my wife point out bloodstains or bruises on me and ask me where they come from… Especially when I have no recollection of being hurt to begin with.

          The greatest lesson of all is learning that emotions are actually weapons. I cannot tell you how easy that made socializing and forming relationships.

          I guess that what I’m trying to say is that without the benefits of child abuse, I wouldn’t have such a care-free and happy life…

          PS. I would NEVER smile or lie or doing something just to avoid more abuse… I’d tell them I didn’t like it, that way I could get some more!!! Yay!!!

    • mr. weiner

      DM. I think he’s being reared to grow up and lead the Chinese invasion of Siberia. Although to be perfectly fair I’d prefer to see his dad out jogging side by side with him in his tighty whities.
      As to the coporal punishment thing , my mum used to hit us with a wooden spoon…until she broke one over my brother’s head. That wasn’t scary, My dad was scary. he had hands the size of shovels, which were radar guided. He didn’t even need to look backwards when he was driving the car in order to bitch slap anyone misbehaving in the back seat.

  • Guy who came by

    Infantility is a major issue in China. A child cannot correctly take care of another child. The one-child policy is already back firing at the people. Spoiled kids are grown ups now and have their own children. Most of them miserably fail to parent them (hence this topic and the other one before), others just give their child to their grandparents. Most kids are too spoiled or too abused.
    BUT – an immature population is easier to control :)

  • Orthodox

    People are such pussies these days. Many of them literally pussies—probably a lot of critical comments are from women—but there are also a lot of manginas.

  • mr. weiner

    Since or resident DJ has fallen silent I would respectfully suggest Frank Zappa’s “Don’t eat the yellow snow” as song of the article.
    Of course I would bow to any better suggestion.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kedafu Kedafu

      I agree,

      thus is song of the article

      I will loosen up allowing others to do song of the article, I am very busy this year…..


  • USA

    Someone should have the dad run in the snow storm in his underwear. Bastard.

  • andywattbulb

    China should change from one child policy to no child policy.
    Just because the parents see this as a good thing and think this is there way of showing “love” doesn’t mean it is helping the child. Even worse, they are traumatizing this kid mentally.
    Rewarding physical pain with parental love. Sick.

    They will be sorry when the kid dies of hypothermia or catches some disease.

  • Rick in China

    This really isn’t a big deal. Just some fool parents looking to do something ‘funny’ with their kid – it’s obviously not *serious* on their part… maybe trying to get some internet fame.

    The kid is hardly in serious protest, they’re not ‘abusing’ him, lots of kids do funny/stupid/etc things at their parents behest around this age. At some points this kid looks like he’s having a little bit of fun even though he’s uncomfortable in the cold.

    Stupid video and stupid ‘sensationalism’ overall.


    Let’s look on the bright side. The kid still got shoes on.

  • Regina.

    Animals. Jesus Christ there is something wrong with Chinese people. Inherently.

  • http://youhaeseriousissues.com Capt. WED

    Also the picture has off white-balance maybe?

  • Xiongmao

    Seen this stuff before on Chinese sites and there’ll always be lots of comments encouraging it. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s plain wrong, terrible parenting and shows a general lack of understanding basic psychology.

  • Januacaeli

    This is Spartaaaaa!!!

  • kevinnolongerinpudong

    Interestingly, the effects of that snow would explain penis size in China… which, by extension, explains Hongjian’s desperately posturing first post and later contributions.
    All questions resolved. Next topic!

    • mr. weiner

      Hongjian is in fact a chick. More questions left unaswered.

      • Pete of Perth

        Hongjian is a lesbot from the planet quim

        • mr. weiner

          Beware the dreaded queef-o-ray.

  • KaKa

    so, a bit like playing team sport come wind, rain, or shine throughout one’s youth on a weekly or even daily basis during the winter months…

    when you’ve had a “stinger” on the thigh or worse on the ear-region from a football or rugby ball as the hail pings against your exposed limbs.. then words like “eagle-dad” can be banded around…

    besides, what the little chappy is doing isn’t anything a

    year japanese girl does on a daily basis to toughen her up for wearing her tartan mini-skirt when she hits puberty…

  • Peye

    If these people just have returned from a vacation in the US, they have perhaps seen some stupidity there and want to copy it in order to gain some fame ( and money) by gettting their name and pictures into the media Seems they suceeded as we can see.

  • http://www.n-kidz.com Rachel Zuckerman

    While snow training has been around for a long time, it is generally an enthusiastic group challenge and display. I would only be satisfied if the father turned the camera on himself and showed that he too was only wearing skimpy underpants, socks and shoes. And the child’s mother also. I bet that the father is fully bundled up for this photo shoot, and isn’t “man enough” to do the same as he inflicts on his child. It’s sad because children’s skin is so soft, and their bodies not fleshed strongly like adults. This is the type of thing which children remember, especially because it is now immortalized for the world on Youtube. When the son finally rebels, at least he has the documentation to know that his breaking away from his parents is 100% justified.

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