“Eagle Dad” Forces 4-Year-Old Son to Run Naked in the Snow

"Eagle Father": A Chinese dad training his son by forcing the child to run naked and do push ups in the snow.

"Eagle Father": A Chinese dad training his son by forcing the child to run naked and do push ups in the snow.

On Sina Weibo:

@新浪视频: New Year’s Eve morning, a 4-year-old boy from Nanjing city who had accompanied his parents to America on vacation welcomed the 2012 Lunar New Year in his own unique fashion by running naked in a snow storm. In the video, the little boy was only wearing yellow underwear and sports shoes, while the outdoor temperature that morning reached as low as -13 degrees Celsius. After the video was uploaded onto the internet, it attracted many netizens’ attention and debate.

From iFeng, Sohu, Xinhua:

“Eagle Dad” trains son in snow storm, 4-year-old boy running naked video goes viral

A four year old Chinese boy in only his yellow underwear in the snow.

When it comes to extreme parenting of children, there has been “Wolf Dad”, “Tiger Mom”, and today there is now also “Eagle Dad”: When young eagles have grown large enough, eagle mothers will ruthlessly push a young eagle off the cliff, and when the young eagle is falling into the valley below, it learns its basic ability — how to fly.

New Year’s Eve morning, a 4-year-old boy from Nanjing city who had accompanied his parents to America on vacation welcomed the 2012 Lunar New Year in his own unique fashion by running naked in a snow storm. Recently, this video was posted on the internet by the child’s family, and 4-year-old “Naked Running Boy” quickly attracted the attention of netizens becoming famous on the internet, with the number of views reaching over 260k within just a few days. In response to this kind of extreme education/raising methods, netizens have commented one after another, differing in praise and criticism. Yesterday through the person who exposed this on the internet, this reporter got in touch with this little boy named He Yide and his family, inadvertently learning that this baby, at just 4-years-old, will be entering first grade at Nanjing Yushuiwan Primary School tomorrow, in an informal “listening in” status.

A Chinese father has been nicknamed "Eagle Dad" for forcing his 4-year-old son to run in the snow wearing only underwear.

The longer video clip on Youku:

In the above video, the child can be heard whimpering and asking for his father to hold him while the father encourages him to keep running forward. The child He Yide also asks for his mother, whose voice can later be heard encouraging him as he does some push-ups on the snowy ground.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


If they are doing this every day over the long term where he adapts to it day by day, then that’s one thing, and I can even understand. But the child is saying its so cold, and his body is red from the cold, so why force the child to run. Truly sick.


A lot of media aren’t reporting the rest of the story~ This child was a 7-month premature baby~ His father is already over 40-years-old~ At the time, the doctor determined that this child would become mentally handicapped… The mother resigned from work to stay at home to take care of him. His father started training his physical body from when he was small, and even though his methods are a little difficult to accept by us ordinary people, his parents have put a lot of thought into this… Ever since the child has come out of the hospital, he hasn’t gotten sick~ What more, all of this training was done step by step gradually~ It isn’t as if he was suddenly thrust out into the cold…


To be a little mean, if he were to freeze to death, his world in the afterlife would be icy and cold. Just looking at this makes me tremble/shiver. I wonder if his parent’s brains are filled with polar bear shit!!


You’re able to bear letting your child be in such cold circumstances without wearing clothes? How come we don’t see your parents coming out to freeze with you! Inhuman. [弱][弱]


What are you going to do if his JJ is frozen and damaged?


Yet another parent who forces his own unrealized dreams upon their own child. Evaluation complete.


Do you not see how happy the child is?! So only you guys are smart and know how to raise children, are you guys the father and mother…? Save your breath and reflect upon yourselves instead!


That’s the correct way to teach/raise a child! Had my old man trained me like this when back then, I wouldn’t be so afraid of the cold now.


Exactly~ There’s a reason for this, so those yelling at the father can shut their mouths now~ The child isn’t that delicate, and the father is also very great [selfless], having given a lot of thought, so everyone have a little more respect, and a little less “pity”.


This is emulating Japan’s education methods. I don’t think it is necessary. Just find a training camp to train for a bit is enough.


According to the child’s father, this child was prematurely born, and the doctor said there was a risk of mental disability, so they’ve been training his bodily health ever since he was small. From the looks of it, it doesn’t look like there weren’t benefits.


Poor little kid! With the child being so small, is being exposed to the cold like this good for him? Can the parent not be so heartless?


I really want to know, did this father run naked with him?! If he didn’t go running naked with him, this would be too unfair towards the little child! [生病]

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