10+ Jiangxi Chengguan Personnel Beat Up Flower Shop Couple


From QQ:

Scene of 10+ Jiangxi Chengguan Beating Up Flower Shop Couple

On the morning of October 9th, at a flower store in front of the Jinyi Hotel on Zhiyang Road of Jiangxi province Poyang county, the flower shop owner moved his fresh flowers outside to clean up inside. Then, when passing chengguan [city management personnel] wanted to confiscate/impound these fresh flowers and both sides came into conflict, over ten chengguan joined in on a group beating. A representative surnamed Li from the Poyang County City Management Department claims they shall discipline the attackers.

City management personnel in Jiangxi, China are caught on film apparently beating up the husband and wife couple that owns a flower shop.

Scene of the chengguan beating the flower shop couple.


As it is understood, the video was recorded at 9:27am on 2014 October 9. The entire incident lasted approximately two minutes. The footage shows that at 9:27am, two uniformed individuals came out of a silver-white van marked as city management enforcement and walked directly to a storefront facing the street. Then, these two uniformed individuals came into conflict with a man wearing white and a scuffle broke out. At 9:27:36, another five to six uniformed men came out of the van, while a woman wearing a black top who went forward to stop the fight was beaten by several people in chengguan uniforms.


“Most of what the video circulating online captured was footage of them hitting my wife, while there is only a tiny bit of them hitting me. Even now, all that has happened is us going to the police station to give our testimony, with no one doing anything about it. One month earlier, they forcibly carried away over 20 pots of asparagus fern and then had me go reclaim them, but when I did, they said they no longer had them,” shared Zhang X, the man [husband] involved.

Comments from QQ:


Chengguan do not have the right to use force. Any use of force is illegal behavior.


Isn’t assault and brawling a crime? When there are light injuries and above or the situation was particularly vicious, don’t they bear criminal and civil liability? Why are they only going to be disciplined? Chengguan don’t have the right/power to beat people, do they?


Stop saying the chengguan this, the chengguan that. Were you present at the scene? Do you know how the whole thing unfolded? Setting up a stall wherever you please [being a street vendor] was wrong in the first place. Never mind that you’re not paying tax, you’re also obstructing the sidewalk, and have extremely bad sanitation [likely referring to street food vendors].


There’s violent law enforcement even now?! Talk about fucking depressing…


There are some shopkeepers these days who are indeed out of line. Talking to them nicely is useless and they’ll even get in your face, and what more, it’s often them who first get physical.


Even if the flower shop couple was at fault~ that many civil servants surrounding and beating ordinary common people~ in broad daylight~ where’s the justice in that?


Rectify the chengguan throughout the entire nation! Too vile!


Once again it is these beasts coming out to bite people [cause trouble]. Only this kind of people are fit to be chengguan, so obviously black society [organized crime] collecting protection money!

恋衣坊 1998

Have the police go search these chengguan‘s homes. Hehe, each home will have a pot of asparagus ferns.


Using power to bully people and using force has already becomes the law enforcement method of these scum. It’s despicable! Irrational/unreasonable law enforcement, harming the people!

From NetEase:

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10+ Chengguan Beat Flower Shop Couple Exposed on Internet, Official Response: Basically True

Recently, a video titled “Poyang Chengguan Beat Up Woman During Violent Law Enforcement” has been circulating online, inciting netizens controversy. On the morning of the 11th, this reporter contacted the Jiangxi Poyang County Chengguan Department, where a representative surnamed Li indicated that the content of the video is factual, and that they will discipline the attackers, but as for how they will be disciplined, that can only be made public after approval by the department’s leadership/management.

Exposed: Jiangxi province Poyang county chengguan beat up flower shop couple in violence law enforcement

After the person who exposed the incident uploaded the video online, they also added such a description “I run a flower shop on Zhiyang Road next to Jinyi Hotel. On the morning of October 9th, because there was too much dust on the flowers inside the shop, my husband and I moved the flowers outside to clean the dust. The chengguan‘s vehicle(s) happened to stop in front at this time, and from it came over ten people. Without a word, they began loading our flowers onto their vehicle(s). I went up to communicate with them, but over ten of them surrounded us as a couple and began punching and kicking us. Among them, some pulled my hair, some restrained my hands, some kicked me, causing multiple injuries to my husband and I.”

As it is understood, the video was recorded at 9:27am on 2014 October 9. The entire incident lasted approximately two minutes. The footage shows that at 9:27am, two uniformed individuals came out of a silver-white van marked as city management enforcement and walked directly to a storefront facing the street. Then, these two uniformed individuals came into conflict with a man wearing white and a scuffle broke out. At 9:27:36, another five to six uniformed men came out of the van, while a woman wearing a black top who went forward to stop the fight was beaten by several people in chengguan uniforms.

Eyewitness: Over 10 uniformed men surrounded and beat the flower shop couple

On the morning of October 11th, this reporter finally got in touch with Zhang X, the man [husband] involved in the incident. According to Zhang X, at the time, he was in the process of moving the flowers outside the shop to wipe away their dust. At that moment, two chengguan personnel came over and told me to move the flower pots into the store. Just as I was about to move them inside, they came over and seized my flowers. I’m of course not going to allow that so I seized them back. Then a lot of them came over, the group of them surrounding and hitting me. My wife tried to stop the fight and was also surrounded and beaten by four to five people. They grabbed her hair, and even hear earring was beaten flat [damaged?]. We then called the police but they wouldn’t give up, up until people from the public security bureau [police] came.

“Most of what the video circulating online captured was footage of them hitting my wife, while there is only a tiny bit of them hitting me. Even now, all that has happened is us going to the police station to give our testimony, with no one doing anything about it. One month earlier, they forcibly carried away over 20 pots of asparagus fern and then had me go reclaim them, but when I did, they said they no longer had them,” shared Zhang X, the man [husband] involved.

Afterwards, this reporter also got in touch with an eyewitness. This witness who wishes to remain anonymous said they were opposite this flower store at the time and witnessed the entire incident, that the situation was very frightening, with over ten people surrounding and beating the couple. “The chengguan said they had put their flowers on display outside but actually their flowers weren’t occupying [obstructing] that much of the sidewalk. Plus, they were just putting them just outside their own shop window.”

Chengguan representative: Will discipline the attackers, will make public after report to leadership/management

Poyang county Chengguan Vice-Captain and Office Director Li told this reporter on the morning of the 11th that the content shown in the video online is true. “At the time, we were conducting enforcement. Their flowers were placed outside and our staff went up to have them put them inside. The woman was a bit brash in her speech, and then the conflict erupted,” explained Li to this reporter.

Li also explained that the entire chengguan department was involved in doing enforcement at the time, so the entire chengguan force were all on the streets conducting enforcement, rectifying each shop one by one. “We did indeed exhibit uncivilized behavior in the course of our law enforcement, but we also hope city residents can cooperate with us in together building a favorable city environment.” This representative also expressed that they are already prepared to discipline the chengguan personnel who had committed assault, but as for how they will be disciplined, he is not yet able to disclose until it is approved by his superiors.

Comments from NetEase:

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呀哑吖呸 [网易江西省新余市网友]:

Once again trying to make headlines after just a few days of peace and quiet.

我拆我拆我拆拆拆 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

This was a battle, and to not dispatch such invincible troops to the South China Sea and East China Sea to protect our various islands is truly a waste of talent.

一家独大阻碍人类文明进步 [网易福建省厦门市网友]:

After investigation by the relevant departments, the chengguan who surrounded and beat the flower shop couple were the office’s temporary workers and have now been fired and arrested.

dianaross [网易天津市虹桥区网友]:

The violence/brutality of ordinary chengguan directly embodies the approach of the ruler/government towards the people.

伤情峰哥 [妙笔生花]:

Respect every person’s right to make a living. When there’s a problem, everyone stay calm and don’t be too drastic.

可馨CoShine [网易广东省茂名市网友]:

I for one hate those people who occupy the street to sell things, but I hate civil servants who have no regard for the law. Breaking the law while knowing the law, just how is that different from black society [organized crime]?

天一的天天下第一的一 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

Everyone search for “chengguan” steals/snatches “watermelon”.

Those who should’ve offered tribute/gifts didn’t, those who should’ve paid money [bribes] didn’t, so they’ve targeted you people long ago.

展望新时代 [网易山东省烟台市网友]:

It’s not easy doing business in today’s society!! We don’t ask that you help us, just that you leave us alone!!

慎为 [网易山东省日照市网友]:

Why does it seem like these bastards put on a [uniform] and suddenly have an extra life [can escape the normal consequences of their actions]? The police aren’t necessary for this? They’re fucking at least guilty of starting a fight and engaging in group brawl, intentionally hurting others. For something this big, all that’s necessary is internal discipline?

happy木风 [网易广东省广州市手机网友]:

Brash in her speech… who knows who was brash in their speech… such abusive/corrupt bastards, why don’t you go liberate the Diaoyu Islands?

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  • Don’t Believe the Hype

    poor chengguan, all he wanted to do was steal some flowers for his wife.

    • firebert5

      …for his mistress.

  • What is the role of the Chengguan?
    Do they have Police powers or are there limitations on what their role is supposed to be?

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely….”(John Acton)

    A photo of their shop from the street would have been useful

    • AbC

      Chengguan are civil servants employed by the local government office. They do not have police powers and certainly cannot beat up anybody. As far as I know, they do have the authority to confiscate items displayed illegally and can use reasonable force to defend themselves. What’s occurred in the video is definitely not within their powers and should have resulted in criminal charges. But the law is only applied when it suits the government of course…

      • Don’t Believe the Hype

        How to make a law in china: 1)insert the words “according to law” at the end of all reference to an official act, 2)ensure that no specific mention of the law in question is ever revealed and then, most importantly, 3)forget the whole thing happened altogether.

        • lacompacida

          Some officials didn’t even bother. They just said: “Whatever I say is law.”, end of argument.

    • JayJay

      Thugs in uniform

      • lacompacida

        Uniformed thugs, rather. Thugs in uniform may mean the uniforms may be fake. But these uniforms are real, identifying them as officially sanctioned thugs.

  • Free Man

    Having seen both chengguan and street vendors in action I can’t really decide which side I’d take …

    • mr.wiener

      Me too, but I do know who will be first up against the wall if the revolution ever happens.

      • Free Man


        • mr.wiener

          Of course. People hate flower sellers…

    • ClausRasmussen

      It was not a street vendor but a shop keeper that was involved. The shop keeper told he had taken his flowers on to the street to clean up the shop

  • AbC

    1) Distant relatives of minor government officials without much education or skills to make it in the real world.
    2) Glorified street thugs hired by the local government to intimidate street vendors.
    3) Uniformed bullies acting way beyond their capacity.

  • JayJay

    Wow, did the couple kidnap children? and those Chengguan will get 8 years each?

  • Irvin

    Everyone hates the chengguan, and some of their methods are despicable. But just imagine a china without chengguan, street vendors everywhere, fights for territory, garbage everywhere, unregulated and unsanitary food…………….

    Like it or not, chengguans are a necessary evil.

    • Don’t Believe the Hype

      agreed, but their standards are way too low.

    • lacompacida

      Yes, agree. I wish there are hundred times more beloved chengguan in China. And they should be even more despicable, just to make Chinese people happy.

    • Insomnicide

      If there were regulations regarding the chengguan, maybe they would be necessary.

      • ClausRasmussen

        There are regulations, as one of the Chinese commenters said, they’re not allowed to use force. The problem is the enforcement of the regulations

    • don mario

      how about using a civilised policeman to uphold laws -that are always in a massive grey area to begin with- and…i dunno… do their job? using a gang of thugs is nothing but mafia.

  • SongYii

    Are chengguan trained at all? It really looks like they don’t know how to handle these situations.

    • ClausRasmussen

      It depends a lot of the city that employ and command them. In some cities the authorities care about how they conduct themselves and try to avoid scenes like this. In other cities Chengguan is nothing but thugs in blue shirts

  • lacompacida

    So what if what these Chengguan do is all illegal and criminal ? What are you Chinese people going to do about it other then crying foul ? You turn around and go home for supper.

  • Amused

    Blah blah blah, pay your bribes.

  • ClausRasmussen

    Note that at 1:25 one of the Chengguan walks off with one of the shopkeepers flowers…

  • Zen my Ass

    Both parts are at fault? What I see being really missing is communication and common sense in general: is the shop owner breaking somehow the law? FIne, you tell him and ask him to stop. Why are the guards stealing de facto the flowers without saying any word to the owner? Again, communication and common sense are nowhere to be seen.

    • xiaode

      100% agree!

  • ClausRasmussen

    >> From NetEase

    Do NetEase have their own journalists or is the report from a common citizen?

    Anyhow, it is good and throughout reporting. I especially like how different sources are consulted, the shop keeper, the Chengguan representative, and some eyewitnesses, and I get the impression that each are allowed to present their case

    • David

      Yes, nothing like your typical Chinese news article.

      • Kai

        There are “news articles” and then there are “articles”. cS doesn’t traffic in only “news articles”, but generally speaking, Chinese “news articles” aren’t vastly different from “news articles” elsewhere. The “typical” Chinese news artical contains and sticks to whatever details are known (the five Ws and H).

        • ClausRasmussen

          It is difficult to compare journalism between countries and I’ve mostly been presented to relatively few Chinese pieces, most of them selected by Westerners (or fauna) for their quality, but the examples I’ve seen are not the same as I’ve come to expect in Western media

          The difference is the lack of sensationalism, lack of framing or underlying agenda, and the throughout (if not lengthy) reporting. The journalist is not confrontational and the subjects are allowed to present their case in full. It is much more down to earth and I feel myself very well served

          I am always on the lookout for manipulation or omissions, it’s China after all, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far. It seems to me that as long as the case is not touching sensitive issues, the quality is really high

        • David

          Well, I didn’t think it was necessary to say, because I was writing on CS but I guess I should have written “typical Chinese news article that are translated and appear on CS”. Which are nothing like news articles elsewhere. Since I can’t read Chinese I will take your word for the fact that other news articles in China are different.

    • Kai

      NetEase is a web portal like Yahoo so it typically syndicates news articles from other sources. In this case, Xinhua.

  • Markus P

    10 temporary workers acting alone. =]

  • David

    After all “our country is a country of laws”. Isn’t that why they jailed the old man who stopped the kidnapper?

  • must touch brain

    Who got the idea that it’s ok for a gang of thugs to beat up two florists? They should have used their shears. Do those thugs hate flowers so much? When most Chinese cities could use a hell of a lot more greenery and a great deal fewer thugs.

  • Kai

    Am I the only person who thinks there’s quite a bit of exaggeration in the headline/assertions that over 10 chengguan were beating up the couple?

    I’ve watched the video a few times now. Unless there was a chengguan off-screen advising the husband to move his flowers into his store because they can’t be left outside like that, it looks like two chengguan went from the van on-screen (there were apparently other chengguan vehicles off-screen) towards the shop, immediately grabbed a flower/plant, and began walking away. I can’t imagine that one chengguan guy having the time to communicate to the husband that he’d have to confiscate the flowers if he persists on placing them outside against city regulations. It looks more like he immediately went to confiscate.

    Next, as this chengguan guy is walking away, the husband comes into view. He looks like he’s either trying to stop the chengguan or pushing him, maybe both. If someone came up and simply took your shit, I imagine that’d be a pretty reasonable reaction. Alternatively, maybe he was reaching for the flower/plant thingie and sorta bounced off the chengguan, getting tangled up.

    Anyway, the chengguan guy interprets this as a physical confrontation, drops the flower/plant thingie, and for a moment, both of them have their arms up blocking but also entangled with each other. The husband falls back into a defensive posture soon enough though and that’s when the chengguan guy throws what is probably a slap (fine, a big whack) at the husband. More importantly, he keeps going at the husband.

    You can see the wife trying to get between them but the chengguan guy pushes or pulls her out of the way to his left. He may have pulled her hair. Watch how her head is by his left elbow and then maybe his hand releasing her hair. It’s entirely possible that he had no intention of hurting her but in the heat of the moment was just trying to get at the husband.

    Either way, now the other chengguan try to restrain her but she looks pissed off now and seems to want to get back at that chengguan guy. There’s one guy in particular who tries to hold her who she struggles to throw off to get back at the chengguan possible going at her husband off-screen. At one point, right after she seems to be elbowing his neck out of her way, he seems to throw a right hook at her but it isn’t clear if that was a right hook or if his right arm went forward because she was pulling him forward off-balance. I might lean towards a right hook, as he seems to go after her a bit afterward, maybe pulling her hair (or otherwise doing something to her head), and at one point he seems to kick her. Throughout this, the other chengguan do not look like they’re assaulting her beyond trying to restrain her, especially since she’s struggling against them and flailing about.

    Things quickly mellow out and the thing is, I see 13-15 blue-shirted chengguan mostly just standing around. It wasn’t as if they all jumped in to pound on the couple. There was one chengguan guy who obviously threw down against the husband and there was another chengguan guy who started off trying to restrain the wife and may have ended up assaulting her, possibly because she elbowed him first as she was flailing and trying to get back at the first chengguan guy going after her husband. The rest tried to break it up and separate those flailing at each other.

    I say all this not to defend the chengguan but to process what I see in the video versus how the incident was described.

  • Irvin

    You are naive.

    Chengguan wouldn’t exist if nothing warrens their existence.

  • don mario

    if you are a street vendor in china then you need to start arming yourself with baseball bats and crowbars. otherwise you are just a human punching bag in the making.

  • Hiz Oku

    What the Chinese need is one good long civil war, not for liberty or reformation but mostly just to cull the population…I know that’s messed up but there really is no other way to restore order at this point other than the complete removal of their human rights by the government… there are far too many of them crowded together, it’s starting to bring out the wild, territorial instincts located in the most primitive parts of the human brain.

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