12-Year-Old Girl Applies Makeup, Before & After Photos

12-year-old Chinese girl goes online to show how she applies her makeup.

Physical beauty is a tremendously important attribute to have as a woman in China.  It is important when being evaluated for your potential worth before having accomplished anything, and also for being evaluated as more important than accomplishments or actions that have been already performed or done. Cosmetics play a key role in the beautification of women in China, and Chinese women are proud of their skill in using cosmetics to change their appearances.  Coupled with specific behaviors and mannerisms, Chinese women use cosmetics to look younger: eyes are enhanced to appear larger (both outside the eye and within), skin is made smoother, lips are made to pucker and pout.  The ideal of youth is attractive to everyone and is widely used as a commercial incentive.

Using youth as a standard of beauty has then raised the qualifications of being beautiful to involve younger and younger people, as recently seen with Hoang Bao Tran Le.  As the standard of beauty becomes younger, the importance of one’s skill in applying cosmetics to achieve the semblance of youth has ultimately led to this point: a young-looking “twelve year-old” child applies make-up that mature women put on in order to look younger.

From Mop:

Have you ever seen a twelve year-old girl wearing make-up that has been professionally applied? Truly very shocking!

Only until you’ve sen these photographs will you dare to believe that a 12-year-old girl could possess such divine power~~!
An Elva Hsiao-like diamond candied visage~~!
Indeed, a display of professional skill~~! It is undeniable~~!
No matter what, she is still just a primary school student, right? So everyone don’t get too excited~~!
After all, she is still just a little child~~~!
Only thing is, I am a bit concerned for her skin in the future~~~!

I’m going to try asking you guys a question: let’s say all day your child went out with make-up like this, what would you do? Leaving aside for the moment the issue of whether or not the cosmetics are genuine, and even if they were, one can imagine that skin that has been messing around with makeup since the age of 12 would probably end up looking like 40 by the age of 25~~! I hope God will bless her!

12-year-old Chinese girl shows how she applies her make-up.

A good little girl.

12-year-old girl compared with Elva Hsiao.

First, here is a large comparison, a "feast for your eyes". (Elva Hsiao pictured on the right)

A 12-year-old Chinese girl shows how she applies makeup.

She begins by applying something to her face~~!

12-year-old girl applies makeup.

Almost done~~

How a 12-year-old girl applies her makeup.

The final result~~!

Comments from Mop:


These days, there are no more ugly girls in the world [because of their makeup skills]~~~~~~~~~~~




Such a cute little girl, I still don’t know how to apply make-up~


Uh… with cosmetics there are no ugly women.


Oh my, from now on, it is impossible to find natural beauties anymore. It’s such a pity I just broke up with one yesterday…


Such a young age and already so flirty/precocious… there are too many flirty cunts these days.


Beauties are made this way.

Her family is probably involved in cosmetology or cosmetics, [so] it’s hereditary [meaning she is using makeup at a young age because of family environment/influence].

Envy envy hate!




Poor child.


Monsters are getting younger and younger.


Is she going to [look] old by the time she is middle-aged?


Is this what passes for a beauty/beautiful girl?


In the eighth picture, her armpit still has a hair in it; messy….


Yeah, and it’s exceedingly long! Which means down there is also…


Kids with professional make-up??? Fuck


OMG, I’m 23-years-old this year and I still can’t put on make-up as well as her!!!


12-years-old… I better just pass by, and not comment.




It’s a good thing, she can be a cosmetician in the future, [she’s] really talented.


What a tragedy…






Sigh, I was wondering how there are so many beauties on the internet [meaning they are all created from makeup, and also Photoshop]


I feel that this post isn’t real because we never get to see the little girl apply the make-up with her own hand, and there are no wider shots [photos taken from further away]. They are all close-ups! These pictures don’t show the truth!


Too cute, the type I like.


Fei zhu liu influence is tremendous..


I don’t know how to put on make-up.


So fashionable~~~


This child looks really ugly.


So tender.


Monster flower doll. [a reference to “Toire no Hanako-san“, a Japanese manga and horror movie series that was retitled “School Mystery” in English in which a mysterious doll with supernatural powers is featured]


No matter how much make-up you use, the childlike-ness of your face cannot be hidden. Children’s skin is normally very tender/delicate. If you start using makeup products too early, you won’t be able to leave the house in the future [because you will look too ugly due to long-term effects on skin]. Certain things are reserved for certain ages in one’s life. Child, are you not afraid of your skin prematurely aging?


Once she reaches 20 years of age, will she still be able to show her face without wearing makeup?


Only 12-years-old and she already has small wrinkles under her eyes….


Ai!!! Just two days ago I was talking with my friend wondering how come there are more and more beautiful girls these days, whereas there haven’t been an increase in handsome guys. Apparently this is the reason why there are more beautiful girls!!!

Is 12-years-old too young to begin using makeup and cosmetic products?

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  • fobulous

    she looks like a cabbage patch doll that fell into some mac eyeshadow.

    • brent

      Mac Cabbage

      At least its not a little boy in makeup.

  • BlothaLonely

    SOFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    • SLX

      All I can see is BlothaLonely sitting on the floor by himself in the corner……

      • BlothaLonely

        5555555….. you a light… i am lonly on the flool .. 5555555

  • Ouzhouren

    I find it very unhealthy to place such photos of little children in sexy poses or make-up. The ChinaSmack editors should delete this item on ethical grounds!

    • Type Two

      ding………………. you people are sick.

      Enough with the child porn. Lets here about the woman who didnt give her nurse a hong bao before going into labor then after, when she woke up, her asshole was sewn shut buy the spiteful nurse.

      • FD

        ugh, this is such a western mindset. The pictures are completely non-sexual. Likening it to child porn illustrates the extent of western puritanism.

        • I lolled

          You are a chinese. You lack the ability to judge what is sexual and what is not.

          • Tadd

            Sorry dude, being a westerner myself, I kinda have to agree FD’s point. The western mindset flags red to anything that mildly relates a child doing anything remotely adult-like.

            The western media has us grabbing for our guns believing our very neighbours are pedophiles and sex offenders

          • lol

            And you’re a racist.

      • Queen Victoria

        Child porn? Where is the nudity? Sorry, I can’t see any nudity here. Please explain your comments.

      • moody

        ding for those hong bao stories
        a lot is written all over chinese websites about the shame of having “hong bao” teachers or doctors before surgeries
        what kind of sick practice is that

        Would they fuck you up on purpose if you don’t pay up ?

        enough with the objectifying of women
        it’s not interesting anymore

        • Type Two

          “Would they fuck you up on purpose if you don’t pay up ?”

          They would. They do. It happens all the time.

          • moody

            I can’t begin to imagine what’s going on in those guys heads.
            Heard it’s a must now.
            Totally shameless, I mean, it’s not as they are working pro bono in the first place.

            Also heard that maternity dept of private clinics (those VIP places where you pay 4 to 6 wan to cover the whole birth process, which is already extremely high), if you don’t offer such hong bao to nurses they’ll totally ignore the mother’s demands and respond as if they are always disturbed

            I mean what the ………..

          • jin

            proof please, dont talk shit without proof.

  • brent

    A guy is in the sex offenders section of a prison.

    His cellmate says, “So what are you in for?”

    He says, “I screwed a twentyfour year old.”

    “You can’t go do time for screwing a twentyfour year old.” His cellmate responds.

    He says, “You can when it’s two twelve year olds!”

    Not funny really, but it makes the point.

    • adamHK

      not at all funny. and totally legal in mexico. cool place.

    • Schwa

      I’ve heard it as “I’ve screwed twenty-one year olds”

      • Brent

        Yeah, yours makes more sense…

        I screwed twenty-four year olds.

    • “It makes the point” ????

      What point?

      • BlothaLonely

        …that, you screw 12 year olds and go to prison and if you ‘have to’, go to Mexico …

  • moom

    she looks like a Japanese cartoon character.

  • uDL..

    fucked up. wheres her parents?

    • Chris


      So young and already taking pouty faced idiot photos!

      Where are the parents indeed…

  • Alex

    Comments with jokes about Pedobear in 3…2….1….

    • moody

      me me me me me
      Q: What’s black and blue and hates sex?
      A: The ten year old in my trunk.

    • moody

      no no hey hey here here, me again
      I like my women how I like my whiskey.
      12 years old and mixed up with coke.

    • moody

      Ho Ho Hey Here
      “I didn’t know she was 3, I swear!”

      “So I heard you were turning 9…”

      • Laoqai

        …9 is the IQ level of Moody

        • moody

          it’s 9 inch to you

          • kate

            thanks moody i had a kick out of these jokes

          • kate

            thanks moody i had a kick out of these jokes

  • fabi

    whats special about 12 y.o. girls playing around with makeup ^^

  • Alikese

    There’s a surprising lack of creepy comments in this thread.

  • Leda

    She’s so adorable! Way cuter than the Vietnamese model!

  • Lavvy

    Has anyone seen “Toddlers and Tiaras?” Now those are some freaky made up kids.

  • jenny

    damn, i would pay her to be my makeup artist.

    • adamHK

      i would also pay her. for sure.

  • adamHK

    she’s so fkin hot even without makeup. i can see from here how kinky she is.

  • Curren$y

    This is disgusting
    The Vietnamese one is better looking though (if she is really 12)

  • Cosmetic products are harmful in many ways. There is a saying that you wouldn’t want to apply anything on your skin that you would think twice before putting into your mouth and consume it.

    Most of the common cosmetic products contains harmful compounds and ingredients that cross the thin blood brain barrier.

    After all, beauty of such nature through the use of makeoverall is only skin deep

  • Zebadee

    If she was off to a fancy dress party as a manga character, then a little bit of make-up would enhance her look. But if she’s walking around the streets looking like this, then it gets a little creepy.
    There are too many creeps walking around who would take advantage of her and she is too young to understand their true intentions.

  • 我 寻 欢

    Pretty soon she will get a boops job done!

    • Devin

      you are pure evil.dude

  • eattot

    when i was at her age, i despairingly wanted to be pretty, i truly understand.
    now i know i am not ugly, i only want to keep young.
    makeup speeds skin age, i hardly use it, no matter expensive or cheap, let alone you have to use cleaning oil to clean it up after. but BB scream is a good thing.

    • mankouzanghua

      good, you don’t really need it.

    • larvin

      must be why u have a mask covering your face…. hahahah

    • sean


      we haven’t seen you, so we don’t know what is behind the mask.

      • Chris

        Probably a nice bushy beard.

        Eattot is a lumberjack and she’s OK. Works by night and sleeps by day.

  • DRaY

    Whore in training. 2 more years and she’ll be legal … she’s just practicing, don’t hate the player hate the game…. LOL

  • mankouzanghua

    “I’m going to try asking you guys a question: let’s say all day your child went out with make-up like this, what would you do?”

    throw out the make-up?

  • Hm… for those in the peanut gallery whose memory is not as hazy as mine, didn’t the Mao era CCP frown on the over use of makeup? Talk about watching the pendulum swing in a couple of generations…

    Then again, when there are plenty of self help websites like this available, not too surprising to see this occuring:


    • raab

      I mean.. the Mao era CCP frowned on most everything in the reality of China today, not really limited to application of makeup.

      • Yes… amazing how the pendulum can swing in the course of a few short generations of human history.

  • Bypasser

    This is just pathetic and sad at the same time… What’s more surprising and tragic is that young parents [like this girl’s parents] are even allowing such stupidity of destroying her skin at an early age. I’m scared of seeing a woman’s bare face =____=;

  • Hung Fa Lo

    Looks like she has already had rather obvious double-eyelid surgery.

    Either her parents are seriously bent to allow their daughter to have cosmetic surgery at such a young age, or she may be older than she claims.

    • eattot

      no, double eyelid sticker only!
      many young use it, even boys, even some people already is double-eyelid, i also use it sometimes, just to have deep eyes. a guy comes often always uses it. and already planned to do surgery latter soon. in asian, it’s very popular surgery. most actresses and actors do it.

      • Chris

        “a guy comes often always uses it.” – Confucious 503 BC

        • eattot

          i know who you are now, do not bother, thanks, i am trying to be polite already.

  • I’m worried about the increasing 4-chan tendency of this website.

    • Frank

      That’s ironic considering how your own blog posts similar content and copies so much of this website already.

  • John

    Some of you guys are over-reacting. Seriously, this is something almost every little girl does. Get a life.

    • FewMenChew

      I’m with John, little girls play with make-up, little boys play with shaving kits, kids will be kids.

      You guys tearing this id apart or having child lust need to find women…adult women or play with “little brother” more often.

      In point of fact it is not “…totally legal in Mexico…”, Federal law states “12”, but State Law overrides Federal Law in Mexico so technically age of consent is “12-18” depending on what state you are in.

      Mexico is a place you’ve obviously never been to and never will; you wouldn’t last a day in Juarez, they’d pass you around like a used blow-up doll and toss you in a dumpster.

      The legal age of consent in China is “14” almost as “cool” as Mexico…good work!

  • it’s ok as long as this little girl know what’s she is doing,as long as she is a lady,who doesn’t like to be pretty. from a simple face to a pretty face is not easy to makeup

  • redgirl

    A little girl plays with make-up and still looks like a little girl but she is wearing make up, like little girls do, because some day, it may apparently matter. Who knew?

    • redgirl

      ermm :{ ok apart from L’Oreal

  • @@

    rape (comment too short)

  • Eddie

    Pedo bear is around, take care kid…

  • bert

    “Cosmetics play a key role in the beautification of women in China, and Chinese women are proud of their skill in using cosmetics to change their appearances. ”

    Another brainwashed writer.

  • jin

    WTH is wrong with the comments here?
    in western country (i live in one) 12 year old girls starts using make up. 13-14 year old girls lose their virginity.
    soooo whats wrong with ONE girl putting on make up for a photoshoot (maybe a commercial?) wake up people!!!
    and for the pedobears here, ITS NOT SEXUAL AT ALL!!! stop whacking ur toothpick to a 12 year old. havent u seem america funniest home video’s o.O they got alot worse things in that.

  • loupenswhiteson

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!……now i feel like a perv………..shit..

  • Cheryl

    This is encouraging child paedophillia and perversion

  • blaugrau

    I understand, the 12 year olds today are not the same as the 12 year olds when I was growing up. However, I still find the photographs to be a little disturbing. I wish our societies would let children enjoy their childhood.

  • g Tang

    make up deception at its finest
    if shes got the brains she will start her own cosmetic line…. NOW

  • Nelson Shin

    she doesnt even look 12. she looks 5……

  • Val

    It’s crazy how makeup can change someone. She’s only 12 years old yet she looks like a 18 year old. Or maybe the 18 year olds look like kids. Crazy.

  • charkie

    you preaty i would fuck you

  • mmmmmm

    *fap fap fap fap fap*

  • GodsHammer

    Still a child… just now a very precious looking one. Any man that thinks that this is sexy likely has a ‘cellular future’.

  • anne

    the long fake lashes are really ugly to me. why do people insist on putting those things on their faces?

  • me

    I wonder what her favorite subject in school is? I read one comment that she should go into business selling cosmetics. I think one has to do well in math to handle all the financial side of a company. Marketing is another strength that would be good for a successful entrepeneur. I do hope that she is enjoying the age she is now and I wish her much success and happiness in her future. I know that I am VERY lucky to have a loving and supportive network of friends and family to guide me as I live daily to share my blessings with others as I have received so much already. God bless this child, keep her in his divine protection and guide her through such a big and wonderous world. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. And to each of you who have been so truthful to share on this site, I wish for you what I think is simply a desire of human nature, in general–to make a positive difference in the world and to be able to feel good about it. God help us all as we journey in this world, together. Happy 2011, everyone!

    • Flesh and Blood (justlikeyou)

      You sound like a complete moron.

  • stendec

    hopefully she doesnt get fucked when she turns 13….pervert shit!

  • k

    Great makeup, but why does a 12 year old girl feel like she needs makeup to be pretty? Who is she trying to impress? Plus, she still looks like a little girl. At some point, the makeup has to come off and the natural face revealed…..the ones that can’t live with that reality go get plastic surgery, which are the most gross lies to nature and future mates. Can you imagine seeing a beautiful girl, thinking you’re going to have beautiful children, just to find out your kids look nothing like the mother because of all the plastic surgery she had and before the PS, she was pretty homely looking? Devastating. Asian men, ask for childhood photos.

  • Oyumaa

    I should learn to put some make up. Well, without make up I feel more confident at the age of 22 and with make up, i feel like I am unnatural.
    But this kid looks cute though, if I see her in the street I would say like she is around 17 or something… Maybe, in the future she wants to be an make up artist? :)

  • Althie

    This is child porn? Are you fucking kidding me? Have you seen Todddlers and Tiaras on American TV?! THAT is disgusting.

    • No where on earth are there more little kids wearing sexy clothes and make up than China. No where. Not even close.

      • Honey Boo Boo

        I disagree sir! AMERICA NUMBER ONE!

        • I have lived in China for many years, and lived in the US for many years, so I am speaking from experience, not political or national bias.

      • nintendo-nerd

        You are an idiot, plain and simple.

        Look at Japan – No.1 Child porn capital of the world.
        If you ever been to Japan (which I’m guessing you haven’t), you would see dvds, videos, photobooks of children as young as 3 years old in bikinis, etc. Japan produces child porn than any other country in the world. Fact.

  • Lily

    cute, but at the same time scary. Looks like online makeup gurus has made little girls want to pack on makeup instead of imitating hilary duff

  • comet

    The girl looks beautiful. Both she and her mother should be congratulated for exploring something new and for not following the expected social norms about what a child should and should not be allowed to do.

  • xiaohouzi

    Such a lovely girl with or without make-up. I just hope she never becomes a slut.

  • Flesh and Blood (justlikeyou)


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