Brazilian Beaten Up For Stopping Thieves As Chinese Stand By

Brazilian national beaten up by gang of thieves, disappointed bystanders did not help.

Brazilian national beaten up by gang of thieves, disappointed bystanders did not help.

From NetEase:

Foreign male beaten up for stopping thief, people fail to help

“Only when everyone helps each other will thieves know that they must pay a price to commit a crime here, but the current situation is completely the opposite. With this experience, if I were to run into a similar situation next time, I won’t nor dare to help.”

—-Brazilian Mozen

“These thieves all carry knives on them, and what more there were around 10 people in the entire gang. Yesterday allowing a laowai to face these thieves alone is indeed quite embarrassing for Chinese people. If there is a similar situation next time, I will definitely call my coworkers and together act to stop it.”

—-Neighbor Li Liang

An incident where our countrymen have stood by watching while a laowai rendered aid has once again happened in China, this time in Dongguan.

Two evenings ago, on the crosswalk in front of the Dongcheng Haiya department store entrance in Dongguang, a woman had her bag thieved. A Brazilian man acted to stop it, unexpectedly being beaten up by the thief’s gang in revenge. During that time, dozens of passersby were on the scene but no one attempted to help. Witnesses say that less than 30 meters away were two on-duty public security personnel, the two of them refusing to intervene because the incident was outside of their jurisdiction.

This kind of experience has left the Brazilian man rendered assistance disillusioned and while receiving medical attention afterward said he would not help nor dare to help the next time he encounters a similar situation.

Violently beaten for stopping pickpocketing

The area near Dongcheng Haiya Department Store is known as Dongguan’s “golden shopping corridor”, with lots of foot traffic and bustling with activity.

Two evenings ago at around 7:30pm, Miss Zhu who lived behind the Haiya Department Store put on her gym clothes planning to go to the Heping Gym across the street to exercise. As she reached the middle of the crosswalk, the light turned red, so she stopped [at the center island of the road]. Suddenly, Miss Zhu heard a disturbance behind her, and when she turned around to look, three men had already come to blows behind her, with one of them being a slightly plump foreigner with slightly curly hair also wearing gym clothes.

Miss Zhu says her first reaction at the time was that this laowai is really something, even daring to come to China and pick a fight with Chinese people. However, just as she was still thinking of watching the fuss, several of the people beside her told her, “that laowai is being beaten because of you.” These pedestrians said a thief had pulled open the gym bag Miss Zhu was carrying to steal something, that a lot of people had seen but didn’t dare make a sound, and only this laowai acted to stop it, only to be attacked.

Very quickly, the outnumbered laowai being beaten ran to the first floor lobby of the Junhao Center opposite the Haiya Department Store. Heping Gym membership department employee Li Liang (pseudonym) who was at the time in front of the lobby doors marketing membership cards saw that as the laowai rushed into the lobby, three thieves chased him down, with one of the thieves carrying a stick/rod, raising it and whacking the laowai on the head, while another thief pulled off his leather belt and whipped the laowai on his back and both arms with the metal belt buckle. Yet another thief had randomly picked up a broom and pointed the head of the broom at onlooking passersby ordering the onlooking passersby to all “get lost.”

Li Liang says the entire beating probably lasted 2-3 minutes, the laowai unable to fight back at all, only able to stand there and take the blows, and after only 3-5 blows his head started bleeding, covering his eyes, with blood on his clothes and shoes. Li Liang also says there were at least over 30 people on the scene, no one daring to act to help, and only when those thieves had left did people go forward to ask if [the foreigner] needed help.

Onlookers have made the laowai disillusioned

The first person to go forward to ask if the laowai if he needed help was Xiao Tang (pseudonym), a teacher from Dongguan Songshanhu Middle School. He at the time was on his way to go eat at a nearby KFC, and just happened to run into this beating. Teacher Tang had has been robbed before, so he particularly hates thieves, wanted to go forward and help, but at this moment, he saw that no more than 30 meters in front of them happened to be two on-duty public security personnel. Teacher Tang rushed over to ask them to help, but unexpectedly the public security personnel said: “That isn’t our jurisdiction, we can’t do anything about it.” Failing to persuade them, Teacher Tang could only helplessly go back.

Teacher Tang said, “I really regret stopping to get the public security personnel rather than rushing forward immediately to help.” Afterward, Teacher Tang and Miss Zhu took the laowai whose faced was covered with blood to the nearby Donghua Hospital for medical attention.

Yesterday morning, after getting over 10 stitches on his head, this laowai who had been beaten expressed to this reporter his disappointment. He calls himself Mozen, is 27 years old this year, is from Brazil, and has been in Dongguang engaged in the shoe trade for 3 years now. Mozen says he was preparing to go work out at the time, and as he reached the crosswalk, he noticed someone beside him pointing from which he saw in front of him a thief in the act of thieving from a bag and instinctively went forward to stop this behavior.

Mozen at the time was carrying an umbrella in one hand and some assorted items in the other hand, so he used his umbrella and tapped the thief’s arm. After tapping twice, the thief finally stopped his thieving, turned around and began chasing and attacking Mozen. Mozen says he thinks the thief attacking him is very normal, but he thinks no one helping him is very abnormal. “Because this society needs people mutually helping each other. I’m always around Junhao Business Center, so essentially most people at the center all know me, yet not a single person helped me, so this makes me feel very disappointed, very disillusioned.” Mozen believes that only when everyone helps each other will thieves know that they must pay a price to commit a crime here, but the current situation is completely the opposite.

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Spring Festival he had tackled a thief before, but with this experience, if he were to encounter a similar situation next time, he won’t help nor dare to help again.

Old neighbor reflects with shame

Mozen’s disillusionment has made many nearby Haiya Department Store residents feel ashamed. Yesterday, this reporter retraced the path where the incident occurred, finding multiple neighborhood residents who were bystanders at the time. After hearing what Mozen had said and while explaining why they wouldn’t dare act to help, these neighbors also expressed remorse.

Li Liang says the gang of thieves that beat up the laowai has been entrenched in the Haiya Department Store area for many years, are becoming bolder and bolder, previously slipping away when caught by the victim of their crimes, but now often beating up the victim. In the hour before Mozen had been beaten up for stopping the thievery, there had already been a woman bicyclist who had her mobile phone pick-pocketed. When the victim chased the thief demanding her mobile phone back, the thief even retaliated by slapping the woman in the face. The woman began crying on the stop but no one dared to go forward to help, with only three primary school students denouncing the thief a little, and these thieves then even started chasing and attacking these primary schoolers.

Li Liang believes these thieves all carry knives on them, and what more there were around 10 people in the entire gang. If one was to fight back alone, anyone would be afraid, but if everyone worked together, it should be possible to scare them. He says, thinking back, letting a laowai face these thieves alone yesterday is indeed quite embarrassing for Chinese people. If there is a similar situation next time, I will definitely call my coworkers and together act to stop it.”

Mr. Wang, who also works in Junhao, expressed another point of view. Mr. Wang said, “When the laowai was being beaten, two public security personnel clearly saw but would not come out to stop it, so how can you expect us ordinary commoners to do anything?” Mr. Wang believes the police are responsible for dealing with this, not the ordinary people, that only when police personnel take action will this area be safe.

At present, Dongcheng police have already gotten involved in investigating this case. The police say they have already launched a large-scale manhunt and are working hard to quickly apprehend the suspects involved. As for the victim Miss Zhu’s suggestion that Mozen’s actions were a display of heroically doing what is right that ought to received official commendation, police say that according to the victim and witnesses’ statements, Mozen’s actions are indeed chivalrous, but whether or not it can be defined as heroism must wait for additional investigation to verify.

Comments from NetEase:

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This young Brazilian guy doesn’t understand the circumstances/conditions of China!


“Li Liang believes these thieves all carry knives on them, and what more there were around 10 people in the entire gang. If one was to fight back alone, anyone would be afraid, but if everyone worked together, it should be possible to scare them.”
Hehe, if everyone could work as one, then the situation in this country would’ve changed long ago. It is precisely because our countrymen don’t work together that the sky remains dark [things remain bad].

凡人逍遥子 [网易福建省泉州市网友]:

Resolutely oppose meddling in internal affairs!

君躏天下 [网易河南省三门峡市网友]:

According to reason, doing what is right is inadvisable, because if you can’t beat them, you’re just letting yourself be beaten, even risking your life, and if you can beat them you’d risk beating them and getting into legal trouble. This kind of thing is best left to the police, but the police are too lazy to care, as very few theft cases are taken. Who told you to be unlucky and be born in China!?

朗个事 [网易贵州省贵阳市网友]:

You thought we were an evil capitalist country?

鱼儿不知身在水 [网易湖南省网友]:

Our law here doesn’t protect those who do the right thing.

广东大头哥 [网易广东省江门市网友]:

Only proves yet again that the slogan you shout is what is lacking.
If you shout everyday to serve the people, it is because there is a lack of serving the people.
If you shout everyday to do what is right, it is because everyone doesn’t do what is right.
If you shout everyday to be patriotic, I just love my own family, protecting my own family is important, patriotism can go to shit/hell.
Those countries that don’t shout slogans, the people live with dignity, have democracy, have freedom, have people doing what is right, have people getting pleasure from helping others, the thieves and criminals there like a rat running across the street [public enemies].

朗个事 [网易贵州省贵阳市网友]:

When you guys [foreigners] come here, did your relevant government departments not remind you guys to take note of the different circumstances of different countries? We all get prompt reminders, your relevant departments are irresponsible.

遥想年少轻狂时 [网易亚太地区网友]:

Strongly condemn this Brazilian guy. The Brazilian guy’s behavior does not conform to his role and responsibilities, with continuous “little tricks”. This forces people to ask, is it the role and responsibility of this Brazilian guy to to develop the relationship between the two countries of China and Brazil, to eliminate the mutual misunderstandings and divide, or is it to deliberately to come to Chinese society to pick fault and cause trouble in order to create new and even larger divide in the relationship between China and Brazil? To stop a thief from stealing on Chinese territory, to do what is right, what we see is not a prudent and cautious foreign young man but a typical Brazilian politician intentionally stirring up contradictions and trouble! … (elipsis) 1.3 billion Chinese people are not so easily deceived, nor so easily exploited, and those who hope to provoke incidents to meddle, threaten, and defame China are truly too naive.

[Note: The above is a parody of the Beijing Daily newspaper’s recent editorial criticizing United States ambassador Gary Locke.]


Hehe. A country and nationality like this everyday shouting about attacking Tokyo and wiping out little Japan…truly laughable!

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • jiayi

    ‘This young Brazilian guy doesn’t understand the circumstances/conditions of China!’

    lol yeah that’s why you’re still in China. Sucks to be you.

    • pete

      Sarcasm detection fail. These Chinese comments are mimicking the logic of Chinese government PR releases when foreigners try to stop officials from stealing / oppressing / silencing discent / etc.

  • jiayi

    Don’t get your Brazilian blood on my sofa.

    • Interested

      Plenty of sofa to claim on Russiasmack here. Do not leave Russia in cold.

      • firebert5

        You don’t happen to know any similar sites for Japanese articles, do you?

      • Nyancat

        Hey nice link man, lots more stuff to read now haha, russian businessman kills 3 robbers, ooooo talk about ownage.

  • Chad

    “…if I were to run into a similar situation next time, I won’t nor dare to help.”

    Lesson learned for the laowai. Thieves rarely act alone. People might help you if it’s one guy attacking you but not a fricking group of 10. That’s asking for a beating.

    • Brett Hunan

      I agree. Short story:

      I was with 2 buddies walking home from the bar and all of a sudden we see this Chinese kid from our school beating the shit out of his girlfriend. My friends approached him and out of nowhere, 5 of the kid’s friends arrived ready to fight…one had a brick in his hand. Well, we got the girl to leave and my friends decided that 6-3 were good enough odds to take them on. Im happy he was right because I hate getting my ass kicked.

      • ChineseFighter

        i thought only chinese YY, yet i was wrong

      • Little Wolf

        Well…I’ve got several of my own anecdotes but the most notable was the time I managed to hold off at least 12 guys on a street where day workers park their e-bikes and tool boxes that came after me with a whole array of tools/weapons. Pipe wrenches, extra-long screwdrivers,claw hammers in a scene right out of Anchorman, Legend of Ron Burgundy. I had a bicycle cable lock that I swung like a lariat. If they would have charged I would have been dead meat but at least 1 or 2 would have had to take the bike lock in the head and nobody wanted to volunteer. I just kept on swinging while backing up until I had enough distance to jump on my bike and get the fuck out of there. What can I say? For a moment there I was friggin Jacky Chan.

    • Misaki

      The reputation of World of Warcraft has declined somewhat over the years, but this comment reminded me of what non-PvP servers were like. There was a mechanism where in friendly areas, you could not be attacked unless you displayed aggressive intent. This lead to very similar to the above situation where a large number of people are afraid to act individually if their allies have not committed to the fight.

      This could lead to two groups standing around in ‘safe mode’ with everyone too afraid to expose themselves to danger.

      But in this case it only mentions three people in the gang who were present, and for some reason people did not take the names of the public security personnel who did nothing…

      As mentioned in the comments for this news item, it is difficult to say what motivated the theft and subsequent beating. If, for example, jobs are scarce in the area then you might be able to say that the conflict ultimately stemmed from the inflexible requirement of a house in determining eligibility for marriage. (Does “house” include apartments; population density might cause the requirement to be impracticle.)

  • DiabloKill

    Though every chinese comment thinks the brazilian dude is crazy and stupid, I still feel proud of my countrymen, he did the right thing, and if I were there I would have got his back!!

    • Why do you think every Chinese comment thinks he is crazy and stupid?

      • DiabloKill

        Because it’s written up there, scroll up and look…

        • There is 1 comment that says helping is inadvisable. In the article, there is 1 person that says the main responsibility should be the police. How is that every Chinese comment?

          • DiabloKill

            No, I guess they were foreigners writing in chinese just to make your country look like is full of coward people. =)
            Or maybe I am crazy, because every comment I read up there is saying something not good about the brazilian dude action..

          • Capt. WED

            every one of those comments were being sarcastic, joking about the way Chinese government/people act sometimes. You need to brush up on memes.

          • Capt. WED

            it’s logical not to be involved and let police handled it. That’s what police in the US will tell you. Dial 911, call the police, do not take them on let the police handle it.

          • @DiabloKill For example?

          • anon

            Maybe you’re new to the site or your English isn’t very good but don’t you think it was a little presumptive to tell the NATIVE CHINESE translator to read the CHINESE LANGUAGE comments SHE HERSELF translated? Don’t you think she understands those comments much better than you?

            As so many people have already pointed out here, they’re the usual sarcastic comments many Chinese netizens make criticizing their own society or country. Since English doesn’t seem to be your first language, its understandable that you may not have noticed the sarcasm. Then again, a few other native English speakers missed it too it seems. I guess some of them are somewhat inside jokes.

      • Deepzen

        Culturally induced cowardice? ALL people have an innate urge to stand up for themselves and their fellow men/women… But the Chinese seem to have had it ground out of them “somehow”. It’s damn sad to see, and definitely there are still a few people here who would step up in that kind of situation. Just not many of them have the stones anymore… So they say he’s crazy and stupid to hide the shame of their own fear to stand.

        • DiabloKill

          You said everything!!

        • Yes, that is what he thinks and what many Chinese think but his statement that every Chinese comment says the Brazilian guy is crazy and stupid is still obviously false.

          • DiabloKill

            How many people called him a Hero???

          • There are multiple repeated statements that his actions were heroic and doing the right thing. There are also multiple repeated statements of Chinese people who feel ashamed they did not help and that Chinese people too often do not help each other. How can you say every Chinese comment says the Brazilian guy is crazy and stupid? You did not read carefully or you are being dishonest.

          • Deepzen

            Upon review I stand corrected Fauna… While I, like DiabloKill, did detect strong undertones of people excusing the bystanders of their basic human duty to resist the thieves in their midst, the term “crazy and stupid” was not used. But is was implied. :(

          • nwbad

            Please learn some Chinese and try to understand sarcasm before arguing with the damn editor. The Chinese comments above all sarcastically referring to the state of China and how it is not advisable to not understand the way things work in China. Also, this is a site that is pretty much circlejerk for those who enjoys or interested in smacks for China, but it does not represent the whole Chinese. Please note that the population density of China can easily induce the bystander effect at any place (; therefore, who is to say the same thing would not happen in your country where it is most populated. Furthermore, due to the overwhelming population (of China) and government corruption, these kind of stories will definitely be heard much more frequently than not. Although I am a Taiwanese who has been taught from birth to resist and be aware of the Chinese, I cannot tolerate foreigners’ ignorance and bias from commenting on a circlejerk smack site with a overly-generic comment on a nation’s people. Perhaps it would reduce your bias if ChinaSmack combines with [your country]Smack into one single website.

          • Ray

            Lol Fauna is getting trolled!

            There are only like 9 Chinese comments and most of them are directed at the failures of the Chinese society other than the heroism of the Brazilian guy. It kinda shows that the Chinese are being pessimistic for themselves more than inspiration by the Brazilian dude (since he didn’t “win” the fight and received a happy ending)

      • Chad

        Fauna: I can’t believe you’re responding to the trolls on this site. You should realize by now this site is a breeding ground for China bashers and trolls.

        • He did not look like a troll to me at first and I eventually understand his confusion or accusation.

  • Capt. WED

    this guy did good but you don’t think this is just another reason for this website to drum up hatred?

    Sure are there issues with China, definitely (again too lazy to crunch the actual numbers). Are they enough reasons and relatively to other places so random posters on this website can call be a immoral Chink? Maybe?

    Get off your high horses. You don’t see me go around talking shit about every other culture I see because of some random crap I read on the internet filled with hyperboles.

    • Capt. WED

      Especially when you people single me out for all this bullshit based on random immoral things other people are doing. WTF I didn’t do any of that.

    • Notorious

      hell, don’t i know this feeling lol

      • SuperHappyCow

        why are your pictures sometimes not visible ;_;

        • Notorious

          i take them down from time to time… gotta rotate ya’know. lol

  • DiabloKill

    What’s more funny is that half of this report is fake, I just read this in a brazilian news website, and it has a video of this brazilian guy being interviewed in portuguese and didnt say even half what is written here, hahahaha.. bytheway he got a reward of 50.000 rmb for helping the girl and it was only 2 robbers and not a gang of 10 people…

    • Capt. WED


      • DiabloKill

        It has the same report in portuguese, and it has a photo of him getting paid as reward, the girl that he helped paid for the hospital..

        • DiabloKill

          A quote from the portuguese website, “Dezenas de pessoas assistiram a cena sem oferecer ajuda, inclusive dois guardas.” it means: Dozens of people watched the scene without offering any help, including two GUARDS.
          Fucking cowards..

          • Nyancat

            Oh man thanks for the link, just goes to show how fake the news reports are here =.=

          • Did you read the report we translated?

            The Globo report is based on an iFeng report published yesterday May 8. We translated the popular NetEase article that was published on May 6 with over 150k people participating in the comments. The NetEase article is originally from People’s Daily.

            The 10 people is only what Li Liang said, not Mozen. The two “guards” are the two public security personnel mentioned in our translations.

            The iFeng reports new developments in the past few days but 0 comments. At the end of our translation, it is mentioned that Miss Zhu suggested that he be officially recognized.

      • Vonskippy

        So the Chinese walking by that didn’t help weren’t scared of 10 gang members, they were pussies and scared of 2?

        Yeah, that sounds more like the China I know.

        • DiabloKill

          Jeezy, Don’t know how to quote, and I can’t answer on your comment Fauna, so you said:
          “Did you read the report we translated?
          The Globo report is based on an iFeng report published yesterday May 8. We translated the popular NetEase article that was published on May 6 with over 150k people participating in the comments. The NetEase article is originally from People’s Daily.

          The 10 people is only what Li Liang said, not Mozen. The two “guards” are the two public security personnel mentioned in our translations.

          The iFeng reports new developments in the past few days but 0 comments. At the end of our translation, it is mentioned that Miss Zhu suggested that he be officially recognized.”

          Yes, read your translation, don’t get me wrong, but like I said, this translation is complete but the REPORT isn’t, the globo website was based not only iFeng and I am pretty sure that they got in contact with the brazilian guy, and they had more things to add that even isn’t on the iFeng website, anyways this report from NetEase still missing the fact that he got reward by his GREAT act, another thing is whatever Li Liang said is pure bullshit because he was the one who knew the brazilian and didn’t step in to help because he is a coward, so in the brazilians website not only globo but also “O Estado de Sao Paulo” which is our most trustable paper, the news are ALMOST the same as iFeng and NOTHING like Li Liang said.. I know who I can trust and whatever that Li Liang said it’s pure bullshit.

          PS: I am not saying that you have done a bad translation work or anything, I am just saying that most of this info right up above is FAKE.

          • I have read both the Globo report and the iFeng article. There is no contradictory information.

            Both the original NetEase (People’s Daily) and iFeng articles have more information than the Globo article. The Globo article reference the iFeng article and another article in O Estado de S. Paulo which is not linked (do you have link?). There is no statement that they contact him on Globo. The quote they mention is also from the Chinese articles.

            The NetEase article of course does not say he was rewarded because it was published BEFORE he was awarded. It mentions on the end of the NetEase article that the victim Miss Zhu suggested that he be rewarded. At that time, it had not happen, only suggested.

            Li Liang is just a witness providing his comment. It does not matter if you think he is a coward. It is normal for news reports to quote witnesses and witnesses are not always correct. This is normal. If the article present the witness testimony as facts, then maybe you can say fake, but the article is clear that it is just his testimony. The NetEase article report 2 people attack him physically and the iFeng article say 2 people were arrested. That is expected, you can only arrest people who commit the provable crime.

          • DiabloKill


            There you go buddy, By the way in Brazil we are calling him Hero.. =)
            Li Liang is just a witness providing his comment. Him and all the other witness that only watched a guy get beat up by robbers are cowards!!

          • Thank you for the link. There is no contradictory information in the O Estado de Sao Paulo article either. There are many Chinese calling him a hero and saying he courageously did the right thing too. You have not proven your earlier accusations of this report being half fake. There are also many Chinese who think these people are cowards. This is normal. I am sure there are many cases in Brazil where people are bystanders.

          • DiabloKill

            Oh, so you can read portuguese too?? awesome translate this: Feladaputa!!

          • No, I cannot. I translate it with Google Translate. Can you tell me where the Portuguese articles contradict the Chinese articles?

          • DiabloKill

            The whole article is different mate, isn’t your translator working?
            Come on mate, just because you translated the OLD article and I am showing this people here that are new info about this report and this OLD one isn’t complete at all, doesn’t matter how many chinese people read and commented, still wrong and most of the statements are false. So chill man, be a good translator and recognize when you are wrong.

          • You are not providing evidence. Please copy and paste the contradictions. I translated the old article because it was popular and our website tries to report through translation what is popular. I am glad you provided new information. Many commenters provide updates to the stories we report. Those are good comments. However, your comment said half of this article we translated is fake. I do not see how that is true. If you cannot distinguish between statements of fact and statements of testimony, that is your problem and it resulted in your statements being false.

          • Fu ZhiGao

            I’ve provided evidence below in my post. Have a look, guys.

          • The Dude


            I think you’ve been f***ed mate.

            ‘You are not providing evidence. Please copy and paste the contradictions.’

            Ah, I love it when Chinese learn the beauty of sole logic and evidence being the be all and end all of western culture.

            There’s no escaping the clasp of logic and evidence.

            I do hope you are going to ‘cut and paste’ Diablokill, because otherwise you’re really going to lose our face.

          • nwbad

            DiabloKill needs to learn how to properly stand up for himself

          • The Dude

            Well, learning the basic precepts of the western education system would be a good start.

            Even Fauna knows it.

            Statement = Proof of statement = discussion of evidence and merits/demerits of the same.

  • Notorious

    the fight has been beaten out of the people. so scared that even when something bad happens they fear stopping it.

    that comment is weird from the one guy who says he condems the brazillian and accuses him of trying to start trouble. Such a very odd perspective.

    • Cleo

      uh huh, Dongguan isn’t the only factory town in China. Why hasn’t the city emptied in response to this appalling atmosphere?

    • That comment (and many others) are sarcastic. Parody.

      • Notorious

        I’m usually the green one who never gets sarcasm even if its in english lol

        • For some I include an explanation, such as the Beijing Daily note. However, I do not explain sarcasm every time because I think the sarcasm has been explained and appeared similarly in many translated netizen comments so I hope readers will figure it out on their own or through discussion.

  • Dat Ankle

    Damn talk about getting the shittey end of the stick.

  • Notorious

    he should have used brazilian jujitsu. has he learned nothing from royce gracie?

    • DiabloKill


    • moop

      i chortled

    • MansuMusa

      Or capoeira. Also isn’t pickpocketing extremely common in Brazil.

      • DiabloKill

        Maybe in North Korea pickpocketing isn’t common.. everywhere else is the same shit.

      • Little Wolf

        Yeah…capoeira. Or Daniel-san’s crane kick at the end of Karate Kid.

        I lived a coupla years in Brazil and had a blast. But in Rio they just come up to your car and shove a gun in your face. This is so common that if you come to a red light you just have to stop for a few seconds, then go without waiting for the green light. I was in in a small city called Catanduva for Carnaval one year and had a front row seat to the murder of a 12 year-old boy by a crazy old hag selling apples(just like Snow White) who put a kitchen knife right through his throat, then watched the police drag her behind a van and “pop-pop” a couple 40 grain aspirins in her skull. It was surreal….like watching a movie.

        • Alan

          I was in in a small city called Catanduva for Carnaval one year and had a front row seat to the murder of a 12 year-old boy by a crazy old hag selling apples(just like Snow White) who put a kitchen knife right through his throat, then watched the police drag her behind a van and “pop-pop” a couple 40 grain aspirins in her skull. It was surreal….like watching a movie.

          Jeez man…you have led an interesting life. Brazil sounds one mean and scary place to be dude!!

          • Little Wolf

            Yeah….I suppose a kind of Forrest Gump Goes to Hell would describe it. Maybe we can do a movie but I’m not that good-looking :-(

  • Nyancat

    funny how that guy Li says he would do something the next time this happens, fat chance, but the all out most ridiculous thing is that the police need to conduct an ‘investigation’ to find out whether the Brazilian fellows actions could be defined as ‘heroic’, what dafaq….

    • this is the future of laowais every where on earth

    • It just mean they need to investigate and confirm what happened if any official reward or commendation is to be given. Not strange.

      • Nyancat

        how hard could it be to investigate it’s not like the people around there were all blind? An investigation is necessary? I’m assuming that the police at least showed up like a half hour later and could ask anybody there what happened, and seeing how they took witness statements already they still need to investigate as to whether it should be called ‘heroic’? Is heroism quantifiable? Is there something he should have done that would deem his actions heroic? He helped a total stranger while everyone else did nothing, it’s pretty clear cut that his actions put his own well being at stake.

        • BeijingRafl

          Actually, yes. Fauna is correct. When dealing with government money one has to investigate before paying it out. It is the same everywhere not just in China.
          There have been too many people who have caused a situation in order to “save the day” or lied about it.

          • Nyancat

            oh very interesting, you learn something new everyday :D

        • Of course an investigation is necessary. You cannot arrest people just because some people say something happen. You must have reasonable evidence and suspicion. Is this not true in your home country?

          Every day there are people who help other people but if you want to recommend someone for an official reward with money, then there are of course certain procedures that must be followed. Miss Zhu wanted him to be rewarded so the police and government organization responsible for it must investigate the incident and determine if they will reward him according to their criteria. Why is this difficult to understand?

          • Nyancat

            Wait a second, what do you think the definition of a witness is ? Of course the perpetrator will be arrested first based on onlooker testimonies and then only after that will they be released depending on the evidence brought against them. It happens in EVERY country fauna, I’m pretty sure the cops in China don’t wait for evidence first before making an arrest especially in cases like this. I think you’re thinking more about drug related or financial crimes where the evidence has to be collected first before an arrest can be made cause usually in those situations all the illegal activities are done in secrecy, hope that clears it up for you.

          • I don’t think you understand my reply. You said it is ridiculous that the police need to conduct an investigation. I told you why they need to conduct an investigation.

          • Nyancat

            from your translations “police say that according to the victim and witnesses’ statements, Mozen’s actions are indeed chivalrous, but whether or not it can be defined as heroism must wait for additional investigation to verify.”
            I was referring to the need for an additional investigation to determine whether his actions are heroic, the victim and witnesses have corroborated that he did indeed do a heroic act, what are they hoping to find with an additional investigation? That is what I find ridiculous. Now let’s both stop wasting time on this article, there’s already a new one. toodles.

          • You can get some friends to go with you to the police station and government organization responsible for these awards and say the same thing. They have procedures. They also have to find and arrest the alleged criminals. I don’t understand why this is difficult to understand.

          • Nyancat

            …. alright beautiful you win, what are you doing next Saturday night?

  • DRaY

    China is supposed to be oppressive and communist, but they have very laid back and virtually non existant police, mean while America is supposed to be free and shit, but American police are everywhere ready to lock anyone up like a bunch of cunts. China should have some cunty style American cops in cases like this!!

    • Notorious

      i agree, and i also think china is more capitalist than america. hell, you can’t even get treated at the hospital unless you pay first. that’s crazy. so you can basically die outside the hospital doorstep if youdon’t have money? that’s what they’re trying to do in america and you know what, i will boycott every product out there if they ever tried. health care should be free. Human life and health is not a commodity! If people want to live in America then they have to pay their dues (taxes) even if it pays for the poor.

      • Fu ZhiGao

        What if people abuse the system and don’t pay taxes? How does a hospital stay in business then?

        That’s one big reason why health care is so expensive in the U.S.

        • Notorious

          no, that’s not why health care is expensive. it’s because insurance companies are f-cking fleecing us left and right. their goal is not to keep people healthy, it’s to make money. Even if you get sick sometimes they reject your claim especially if it was disease you had but didn’t know you had it before you signed up to insurance, they can deny your claim and refuse your service. it’s also because of pharmaceutical companies and lobbyists and all of these people making money from health care. i’ts bullshit you know.

          that nonsense about “fleecing the system” is bullshit too. Americans, especially certain types of americans really hate poor people. It’s a form of classism. Poor people get blamed for everything when really, it’s the corporations fleecing american tax dollars. they just pay the media and advertising to make their side known whereas the poor cannot defend themselves. im not articulating this well enough but may do so later when my brain is functioning.

        • Notorious

          Oh I’m sorry, I totally misunderstood your reply. What if people “fleece” the system by not paying into it? Well, that’s not fleecing the system. The poor should NOT have to pay in the first place. Middle class and the rich should pay. And in America, they outnumber the poor. If we said, okay everyone pays a flat tax rate, meaning the tax code is the same for a poor person as it is for a rich one.

          A person with 50,000,000 million dollars, 10% would be 5,000,000
          for a poor person making 5,000 a year, that’s 500 bucks a year. Who suffers more?

          A poor person should not pay into the tax system. They contribute in other ways, through sales tax and other taxes that everyone else pays but should not pay income tax since they dont’ have much of an income.

          • Fu ZhiGao

            Health care here and in China has quite a few problems, but China’s has the advantage of being cheaper.

            I never believed a flat tax system could work before I lived in HK for a little while. I think a flat tax might actually encourage more Americans to stop tax evading because they would have one less excuse to do it.

    • Regina.

      That makes sense though. Americans are individuals, therefore when something goes down they feel it’s their PERSONAL responsibility to step up and do something, even if they’re the only one. Chinese people on the other hand are collectivists. They feel no public responsibility or personal burdens and don’t dare take actions unless other people have already gotten involved. In other words, collectivist countries breed cowardly people who as humans and citizens feel little responsibility towards their fellow man and suffer from group mentality. In this case no Chinese stepped up to help the Brazilian, but I bet if one did, more would have followed. On their own, Chinese people never take actions — when they have people behind them, then they feel stronger and confirmed.

      Group mentality = sheep

      • Capt. WED

        what do you think about these other incidents?

        Sheeple huh? From what I’ve seen you ain’t far from that description either.

        Americans feel little for Asian foreigners and will in fact gang up on them. They also exhibit your called collectivist behavior.

        • Notorious

          Capt wed that’s not true. There is no american conspiracy of ganging up on asians. America’s criminals are equal opportunity, they look for anyone of any race as long as they are vulnerable. i know i have an intimidating look and hell, even i have to be guarded and ready for a fight, or ready to get robbed. america is like that.

          two years ago i was walking to my door when this young boy, probably 16 or 17 years old wearing a black face mask approach me, and was pointing a gun at me. I pretended not to see his gun , looked him in his face and said “Hi, how are you” and kept walking to my door. He was so startled because i said it in a normal voice, he said “uh — fine”

          then he stood behind me. I ring my door bell so my sons could answer and he would know an ass whooping awaited him if he followed me up stairs. bear in mind, one of my sons is 5’9 and 300lbs, very stocky like a bull. The other is very fit slim and muscular. And the youngest is 6 feet tall and they like to fight.

          But i would not want them to let me in if someone has a weapon, i just want the robber to assume that hearing a male’s voice on the intercom would mean that there are men there and of course, they have guns too. So he followed me to the door. i scanned my key, which unlocked it. Fortunately, we have video cameras everywhere.

          His face was right behind my hair, i could feel his breath he was so close. So finally, he followed me into the foyer, which is a public area but you do need a key to get in, and I went upstairs. He watched me walk up, then looked around, very confused because he saw all of the cameras and then he left. Never saw him again.

          I could tell he was aboy because of how his voice sounded. Maybe it was his first robbery and he couldn’t go through with it, which is why he reacted that way, stunned when he said hello. Young boys are the most ruthless and i think if this boy was a professional he would have attacked me. but if he did not have a weapon, I would have fought him or possibly cut him first.

          so do not think asian peopole are prey in the U.S. EVERYONE is prey in the U.S.

      • Alan

        Sheeple indeed.

    • Chad

      Well, Americans tend to be more violent and have a far higher crime rate than most developed countries. Transport the citizens of say Detroit to China. Let’s see how the laissez-faire style of the police would work then. ;)

    • Byrnzie

      Ha ha ha! Brilliant.

      I was in a nightclub here in China one night and watched one young lad take on about 10 Chinese police. The police just stood around him like a bunch of pussies, and couldn’t manage to get him down. He then just stormed out of the club, turning a table of drinks over on his way out. Seriously, there were at least ten cops and they did fuck all. Makes you wonder what they get paid for?

      • Cleo

        Dude, are you sure you aren’t just rehashing what happened with Lindsay Hawker’s killer in Japan when he ran past TWO sets of Tokyo policemen including the first group INSIDE his apartment.

      • Michael

        They were waiting for someone to bribe them into action

      • asdf

        Those guys aren’t really police. they get paid to give people directions, direct traffic, and help kids tie their shoes. they don’t even carry guns. Really nice people with no authority or attitude. The real police will beat you up on the spot, and then beat you up some more in prison before you go to court. Then find you and beat you up after court if they feel like. If you die in the process, there is no autopsy. The police will say you died from masturbation or something like that.

    • FYIADragoon

      I dare you to try walking around in a group of less than 3 late at night in America. I only wish that American cops were given more freedom to enforce the law. The leeway that America gives to its criminals is the reason the streets aren’t safe. I hate driving, because its an incredibly unproductive, antisocial activity, but I always drive in America, because the streets of the major metropolitan areas are not safe.

      • SuperHappyCow

        yah okay budy

        i’ve done it all the time in many major cities, staying up until 5,6, or all night on completely desolate streets

        try carrying some mace in your purse granny

  • Li Peng

    I am always ready for a fight, and in China I carry a Cold Steel Tanto to even the odds with those shit gang members. Of course it is illegal, but since when did anyone in China obey the law?

    • whichone

      *slow hand clap*

      wow, you are so brave and badass.

  • Cleo

    If you must, just think of these unified thugs as Japanese operatives. Then protect this Brazilian and hack away at these traitors. The Japanese are using yakuza to organize overseas Chinese criminal organizations anyway to harm the Chinese from within. Do you really think Japanese individually decided to descend upon Chinese cities en masse to learn Chinese? There are so many students who are actually yakuza. We must clean up our own work areas of roaches so that their larger vermin bosses can’t build a stronghold amidst the Chinese. If you want to protect your children’s future, you have to see that these acts of BLATANT violence are meant to intimidate the locals especially when using ugly Chinese to do the dirty work. This kind of behavior is so unacceptable that it must be corrected. It demands a violent response. If the dongguan police are lazy and corrupt, this is a perfect international incident excuse to screw with the local constables at well – you have to punish harshly to maintain discipline. There are plenty of hardy Northern soldiers who can be sent down. Don’t waken your parent if you don’t want your ears boxed. Do your job or else.

    Just think of these thugs as Japanese and JUMP IN.

    • GodsHammer

      Chinese mainland Yakuza? Now I’ve heard everything…this is the weakest spin ever. STFU before you further disgrace the 50 cent party.

      • anon

        Did your really just take Cleo’s obvious joke seriously?

  • Cleo

    There is no excuse to not even take pictures to make these culprits arrestable even if you don’t jump in. That gang sounds outnumbered by noncriminals so why didn’t each three people jump each gang member. This is ridiculous. You better organize otherwise your lack of concern for others is going to come back to haunt you when you are in the receiving end especially overseas. Fight your own battles. Dongguan’s notorious crime makes no sense.

    • anon

      It’s the same rationale as going all out on one opponent when outnumbered. If you go crazy on one person, it might scare the rest off. Since most people aren’t criminals who go around whacking people with metal poles or whipping people with metal belts, witnessing some people who are willing to be so violent can be intimidating. The 9/11 hijackers had box-cutters and the main reason some of the passengers (not all) eventually tried fighting back was because by then they had learned about what was happening and that they were going to die anyway. Most people just don’t get involved, in China and elsewhere. As for pictures, maybe they did take pictures. The perps were arrested, weren’t they?

  • [email protected]

    So what else is new? Thieves have free run of the city. Locals are cowards. Foreigners are helpful. Police are a joke. Again, what else is new?

  • Johnny Basic

    You have to laugh at the Chinamen claiming that ‘they’ve all got knives’.

    How the fuck would they know this? From all the times they’ve been slashed when they’ve tried to tackle thieves before?

    The truth is, they have no idea if they carry knives or not. Maybe they do, but that’s not the point. The point is, it’s an all-too convenient excuse that finds common currency among Chinamen, because it allows them to justify their craven behaviour.

    • Cleo

      They probably DO all have knives because they are nasty Chinese petty criminals and they feel emboldened by being in a group, being armed with weapons that can leave disfigurement and because they engage in hit and run crimes. Dongguan and Shenzhen are notorious for mutilating grabs usually with razors. So yeah, they do have knives but the TOTAL inaction of the bystanders is not a good sign. If it was something embarassing, the cell phones would have been out taking videos for youtube but THIS – totally immobilized? Really? Was the Brazilian a Nazi or something? If not, I’d want to see identification of the people who watched and did nothing. They’re going on Santa’s blacklist.

    • Brett Hunan

      You seem like the type that reads original Archie comics

    • A common Chinese stereotype is that many of these thieves are from Xinjiang and they are legally allowed to carry knives as a minority. It is like the American stereotype that black gang members carry guns except there is no law that allows them to carry guns.

      • FYIADragoon

        In large cities, and any smaller cities with heavy crime rates like Saint Louis or Baltimore, that stereotype is typically true often enough that if you think you’re going to take on a would be thief, you’d better have kevlar. If you’re lucky, you’ll deal with knives.

      • Alain

        And here it comes.

        If the uighurs could have government jobs, and not just have to eke a living selling lamb sticks or raisins… golly, there may be your answer?

      • DiabloKill

        Ok, So now they are from XinJiang?? hahahahahahaha
        COME ON!!

        • I did not say they are from Xinjiang. I was explaining a possible reason why many Chinese people assume thieves are carrying knives. I said it was a stereotype.

          The names of the suspects are 皮卡尔(16岁)、艾尔肯(18岁). If you want to try guessing their ethnicity, you can. However, it does not change the fact of my explanation.

          • DiabloKill

            Oh look they are teenagers and still the chinese people didnt help the LAO WAI, PUSSYS!!!
            Saying that many of the thieves of China come from XinJiang and carry knives all the Black gangs carry gun’s is the same as saying that most of the chinese people work in rice fields. Racist pigs.

          • Unfortunately, it is a common stereotype. There are a lot of common stereotypes about Chinese too. You can see it in so many of the comments here. Will you call these people racist pigs too?

          • Alan

            Could you translate their names into pinyin/english, then we could ascertain if they are han or uighur? Not that it should matter, both are legally Chinese and should be treated under the same laws and with the same system of justice?

          • DiabloKill

            Yes, they don’t know they are, but they are.. am I wrong?? isn’t racist say shit about xinjiang people? isn’t racist be scared of black people? isn’t racist think all the foreigners are bad? Hate so much the japonese people just because of political and war affairs? Come on mate… And by the way you were racist just now saying that most of the chinese think like that, do you have numbers to prove or are you translating from a website??…

          • No, you are right that they do not know they are but they are. My question is if you will call them racists. I do not see you doing so.

            I did not say most Chinese people think like that. I said it is a common stereotype and it is true that it is a common stereotype. Common does not mean most.

          • Alan

            No, you are right that they do not know they are but they are.’

            Nothing against you Fauna, but the OP who replied to you is making read this thread headache inducing.

            I don’t mean you are racist, nor are stereotyping.

            I just don’t agree with your points about the knives, or that all xinjiang ren are thieves. Most thefts I have been victim to have no t been by uighurs….

          • TheBigWhite

            Sorry, but what’s wrong being racist and why do you guys keep insinuating they are pigs and it’s shit?

            How do you even define who’s a racist. Should we call everyone a racist or just the ones that differ from your point of view?

          • anon


            皮卡尔 pi ka er
            艾尔肯 ai er ken

            It shouldn’t matter if they are Uighurs or not but if we want to be factual, they actually AREN’T treated under the exact same laws.

            She didn’t say all Xinjiang people are thieves.

        • Alan

          Yeah, I roll-eyed at that one too….seems xinjiang ren are damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

          • Why roll-eye? I did not say it was true. I only say it is a common stereotype and a likely explanation for why the Chinese interviewee assume they have knives.

      • [email protected]

        It isn’t a stereotype that Xinjiang men carry those knives. It is part of their heritage and it is customary to own and carry one. Many I have seen had gold handled knives and kept them in their pants pocket. That is no stereotype at all.
        What IS a stereotype, is that ALL pickpockets in cities like Shanghai etc are Xinjiangnese.
        That goes beyond stereotyping and is more like vilification and racism. Yeah many of these kids and guys are obvsiouly from Xinjiang province, but I have seen an equal number of plain old Han Chinese dudes thieving and robbing.
        The guy whose face is all over the place on those posters for robbing and murdering some people, he isn’t Xinjiangnese, but that doesn’t stop the blanketing and pidgeon-holing.
        I even heard about a taxi driver refusing to pick up a Xinjianganese man in the pouring rain when he saw the man’s face. The man even shouted “I am not a thief, what have I done wrong? What did I do to you? I am not a thief!” when the driver quickly drove away instead of accepting this man as a passenger.
        I agree with Alain, these Xingjiang guys are damned either way

        • I wrote: “A common Chinese stereotype is that many of these thieves are from Xinjiang and they are legally allowed to carry knives as a minority.” Did I write anything untrue?

          I agree it is vilification and racism. As we can see from these comments, vilification and racism is very common amongst many people.

          • [email protected]

            Hi Fauna, I wasn’t interjecting or contradicting you, I was simply adding my two cents worth. Yet, one might say that your forum encourages racist and inflammatory remarks, given that your blog’s commenting terms and conditions allow such things. When you come to your forums and tell your posters that their views and ideas are racist, isn’t that hypocritical?

          • Why is it hypocritical? I allow people to embarrass themselves does not contradict telling them they are embarrassing themselves. Did you fully read our comment policy explanation?

          • [email protected]

            If I need to explain it to you then you will never understand.

          • anon

            You’re being a douche, Appalled. She’s right, it isn’t hypocritical. That’s like accusing our governments for being hypocritical for allowing free speech yet also condemning racism and hate speech. She allows people like you to be racist pricks as a juxtaposition to Chinese netizens being racist pricks. Remember what the About page says? That we’re not so different after all?

        • Alan

          I agree with Alain, these Xingjiang guys are damned either way

          The local cops here went on a “clean up” as directed by the main city government, guess who were the first to get booted off the town square?

          Now my friendly xinjiang kebab and bread seller is gone, and all that is left is the guys selling fried stuff and crappy ropy 1rmb beef sticks….funny how the Han sellers can stay, but the uighurs get booted out?

          What these idiots in charge don’t realise is they will just now pickpocket or sell hashish somewhere else, because they sure as s***fire can’t own a small business or work for themselves.

          Your post was interesting [email protected], and I can highly recommend picking up a copy of under the heel of the dragon, if you are interested in the issue of xinjiang people.

          • anon

            Wait, a lot of Uighurs own businesses and work for themselves, what are you talking about?

            Agree with you that the racial profiling is bullshit.

          • The Dude

            ‘What these idiots in charge don’t realise is…..’

            Let me finish that sentence for you…

            ‘What these idiots in charge don’t realise is…..Xinjiang ren make the best damn meat on a stick I’ve ever tasted, and it’s a travesty of justice that they not be allowed to sell it where they want… further more, they’ve never tried ripping me off even once.’

          • Alan

            @ The Dude:

            Xinjiang ren make the best damn meat on a stick I’ve ever tasted, and it’s a travesty of justice that they not be allowed to sell it where they want… further more, they’ve never tried ripping me off even once.’

            Agreed. But you can’t convince the Han of that, they will always be public enemy number 1. It is vilification, no doubt.

          • [email protected]

            Cheers, Alain, will have a look for that book.

          • I think many Han also think Xinjiang make the best chuanr. And the number one public enemy is not Xinjiang people. There are many other types of people hated by the people who are usually higher in ranking.

          • anon

            I actually think corrupt government officials and the corrupt rich are more widely and consistently hated than Uighurs. Of course, these things ebb and flow depending on recent major incidents. Japanese people get hated on reliably, right now its the Filipinos, but I think corrupt officials and arrogant rich are usually the ones who get the most consistent resentment.

        • Shanghairen

          They’re 1% of the population but 40% of the thieves, so I guess you can’t say “most”.

          • Sponge Monkey

            “I think many Han also think Xinjiang make the best chuanr. And the number one public enemy is not Xinjiang people. There are many other types of people hated by the people who are usually higher in ranking.”

            Like the Chengguan… I read a story about some middle school kids… oh… nevermind

      • Tommy

        I had been living in Shenzhen for three days when a group of Xinjiang tried to rob me. I had been warned also, avoid them, don’t buy anything from them, they are thieves.

        The first Xijiang people I meet give me a sample of bread, then tell me I need to buy a slice for 150RMB. I have no idea why they thought I would be that stupid considering I was talking to them in Chinese.

        When I refused to pay a bunch of them surrounded me and started grabbing at my clothes, tons of Chinese people in the street just watching me. Finally I break out of the group and dash into the crowd of watching Chinese. One Xinjiang guy screams “Fuck you!” in English.

        Now–I’m sorry to say–I just look at all Xinjiang with hatred and suspicion. No Han Chinese ever did something like that to me–yet the first Xinjiang people I meet try to rob me.

        What are the chances?

        • The Dude

          The chances are quite low actually.

          The chances are higher that it would have been Han Chinese, bearing in mind they are the majority population.

          Next time carry a rasher of bacon on you and wave it at them threateningly.

        • Alan

          If you are referring to the matang sellers then yes some of them can try and overcharge and get mad at you. But there is possibly good reason, they have perhaps cut slices before and people have refused to pay what was asked or walked away disinterested, thus wasting their time.

          Also generally people in the SEZ’s like Shenzhen or Zhuhai, tend to be really desperate to earn some cash and head home after some time with wadded wallets or purses, it is NOT just a Xinjiang ren issue, not at all…..people are like water, flowing in and out all the time, in those places.

  • Cleo

    Now I really wish I was Lai Ming’s character in Infernal Affairs 3 or at least Simon Yam’s character in PTU. I’m not interested in whatever fears and weaknesses allowed this evil wimpiness of the bystanders but you’d better shape up and fast otherwise you don’t deserve to be Chinese and you will be sent into the jungle.

  • eattot

    so shameful……
    wish i were a guy,chinese need some rough.nowadays,more and more guys look like sissy,wear tight jeans,long hair cover eyes,hold a big bag…this kinda guys in subway only make me vomit…
    no wonder more and more single women in china,guys are just like unmanned…

    • Cleo

      Bad people need to be rendered infertile so they don’t pass on their bad characters. I’m GLAD that 1/4 of the men in China are sterile. Some men don’t deserve to have dates. But the women in the crowd should have at least used their cell phones and taken video.

    • slim shady

      eattot open your mouth , im gonna shit in it

      • moop

        i’m not sure why this made me laugh

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          ^ This!

      • eattot

        slim shady:
        your typical a wuss and sissy, i remember you wanna lick my feet,right?
        go home, lick your mother’s cxxt instead.
        i am sure your guys like i described,never can get a real fuck, without your tounge,you even can not have sex…
        god!wish you can give sissy guys some hope, at least let them have a hard tounge…

        • Alain

          Why so hostile? and where has your avatar gone? i liked your other photo better, eattot

        • mr. wiener

          Shady has been owned.

          • slim shady

            wow really i got owned, guess doesnt take much to get owned here.

          • mr. wiener

            Could some one phone that small village and tell them we have located their missing idiot.

        • Nyancat

          well plsyed eattot, well played

        • DiabloKill

          Damn, this sissy boy won’t sleep tonight!! hahahaha. You just owned him!!

    • dim mak

      I wear tight jeans and have long hair and I can show you pleasures the likes of which you’ve never imagined. Ring me up sometime.

    • jeffli

      “wish i were a guy,chinese need some rough.nowadays,more and more guys look like sissy,wear tight jeans,”
      Ahhhhh… Eattot didn’t know you loked the “rough diamond holding the cultured pearl” type of guy! a bit of hair on the chest and arms, a tattoo “mother” above the heart. yeah! all righty then! let the testosterone flow!
      I better leave now Hear Gay AZN boi’s footsteps……. cloaca ban-anna is following…
      haha Eattot if you were a guy for a day (as in holding your own functional equipment) I think a lot of boys would be crying lol.

      As for this incident,
      I went through a scary experience in Dongguan, I once had a gun pointed at me, I grabbed it, it went off, the idiot was so surprised,I wrested the gun off him and using it as a weight punched him in the nuts …. hard…….very hard……one time…..
      while he was down I gave the little Bstrd a kick in the nuts again, grabbed one arm and dragged him outside to the footpath gutter. pulled off his shorts and under wear and stuck a feather duster in his crack. I told him in slow perfect Chinese If see him with or without friends again, he can try shoot me again but my hand will go up his rectum and I would pull out his intestines like a dead chicken and eat his liver while wiggling the feather duster.
      Hey!…….. he pointed a loaded gun at me!
      He didn’t miss me either! he grazed my throat! After when I saw the hole in the wooden door I felt dizzy ( and thought thank F’n Christ!)

      Fighting against NAZI Skinheads twenty years ago finally paid off!
      haha been shot two times already, it is no fun!

      • slim shady

        lol whoever believes this shit must be retarded

  • Cleo

    Those guards need to be fired and their Cantonese wheedling fall on deaf ears.

  • Johnny Basic

    Love the fact that this story and the French Fry Brother story happened at the same time.

    The internet is great. The frequency of these kind of stories (like the Uruguayan woman in Hangzhou, the guy who helped the knife victim in Pudong airport, locusts eating and shitting on the HK subway, carving their names into trees in Taiwan, and all the others) might one day gain enough critical mass to help the Chinamen finally realize that they don’t just embarrass themselves in front of laowai occasionally – they do it every fucking day with their wretched, craven and abrasive behaviour.

    I think they already know it deep down, but for now they’re still happy to avoid fully facing up (‘that’s just how it is in the Heavenly Kingdom’, ‘they don’t understand conditions in China’, etc) to the fact that THEIR everyday behaviour, the way they carry on like a retarded, honking flock of fucking geese, has created a common front of disgust among laowai of every colour and creed. Get an African, Indian, American and a European together in China, and the first thing that unites them is their amusement and repulsion at the moronic behaviour and amoral conniving that Chinamen indulge in every damned day.

    • The internet is great. The frequency of these kind of comments might one day gain enough critical mass to help people like you to finally realize that they don’t just embarrass themselves in front of others occasionally – they do it every fucking day with their wretched, craven, and abrasive behaviour.

      • Brett Hunan

        I love it when you get passionate like that, and I cant support you enough right now.

    • FYIADragoon

      I thought it was the fact that they’re all still making 20k USD in their late 20s? Misery loves company, and so does failure. And nothing says failure like being a full-time ESL teacher.

      • Anus Presley

        That’s a bit harsh. I’m an ESL teacher and I’m financially better off here than I was earning twice as much in an office job in London.

        My days work today consists of one 40 minute lesson. How’s that for being a failure? In my scheme of things, this makes me a fucking success :)

        The art of living is to get away with doing as little as possible, my friend. Don’t ever let anyone tell you any different.

        • [email protected]

          What exactly is the benefit for the student/s of one forty minute lesson though?

          • Anus Presley

            They’re children. They have short attention spans. The foreign teacher teaches one 40 minute class, followed by a 40 minute class from a Chinese teacher.

    • The Dude

      ‘Get an African, Indian, American and a European together in China, and the first thing that unites them is their amusement and repulsion at the moronic behaviour and amoral conniving that Chinamen indulge in every damned day.’

      It’s sad to say what you said is true… but it is.

      To this day historians wonder how around just 20,000 Japanese could kill about 300,000 Chinese in Nanjing, they don’t understand why they didn’t get together and fight back.

      But I know why.

      Too sad.

      But it’s not their fault… but at some point it does become so.

      • Don’t be ridiculous. How do ordinary people including women and children with no weapons fight against 20,000 soldiers with full weapons? Ordinary people are not soldiers. If ordinary people were so brave, there would not be soldiers and heroes.

      • anon

        What are you talking about? No historian wonders how 20,000 Japanese could have killed 300,000 Chinese. If they’re wondering about anything, they’re just arguing over what the correct body count is based on how to define “Nanjing” and what days count as part of the massacre.

        In addition to what Fauna said, there were Chinese insurgencies, but like all insurgencies, they involved a very small minority of people. Why do you think we have the term “civilian refugees”? Given the equipment the Japanese had, they could easily mow down a bunch of civilians waving sticks and cleavers.

      • Misaki

        Nanjing happened because of the amount of casualties the Japanese army had while getting there, and the refusal of the Chinese government to admit fault for previous events (ultimately stemming from the Japanese framing the Chinese for sabotage at the start of the war).

        As well as the fact that the Chinese military fled, instead of defending the city, and China’s government basically allowed it to happen.

        Nanjing captured Dec 13, 1937.
        Battle of Shanghai—70,000 Japanese troops killed out of 300,000. (August 13, 1937 – November 26, 1937)
        Battle of Wuhan—100,000 Japanese casualties out of 350,000 troops. (11 June – 27 October 1938)

        From English wikipedia the Battle of Shanghai, “The resistance of Chinese forces, however, came as a massive shock to the Japanese invaders, who had been indoctrinated with notions of cultural and martial superiority, and dramatically demoralized the Japanese army.

        See for example, Defense of Sihang Warehouse. 10 killed, 37 wounded on the Chinese side, 200+ killed on the Japanese side.

        The Japanese attitude toward Nanjing is summed up by this quote: “I personally feel sorry for the tragedies to the people, but the Army must continue unless China repents. Now, in the winter, the season gives time to reflect. I offer my sympathy, with deep emotion, to a million innocent people.”

        As well as this entire section:

        Demand for surrender

        At noon on December 9, the military dropped leaflets into the city, urging the surrender of Nanking within 24 hours, promising annihilation if refused.[35][N 1]

        Meanwhile, members of the Committee contacted Tang and suggested a plan for three-day cease-fire, during which the Chinese troops could withdraw without fighting while the Japanese troops would stay in their present position.

        General Tang agreed with this proposal if the International Committee could acquire permission of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, who had already fled to Hankow to which he had temporarily shifted the military headquarters two days earlier.

        John Rabe boarded the U.S. gunboat Panay on December 9 and sent two telegrams, one to Chiang Kai-shek by way of the American ambassador in Hankow, and one to the Japanese military authority in Shanghai. The next day he was informed that Chiang Kai-shek, who had ordered that Nanking be defended “to the last man,” had refused to accept the proposal.

  • cody

    Typical coward Chinese. Chinese are the most coward little racist bastards I have ever seen. All you fucking assholes saying he shouldn’t help, deserve being Chinese! He did what any HUMAN would do..helping someone in need without worrying about himself. I really hope the people making those comments get mugged or stabbed on the way home.

    Interesting how only a foreigner had the balls to do something! Chinese deserved to be prayed on by their own.

    • ChineseFighter

      next time i see a white dude saying how brave(retarded) he is im gonna punch him in the teeth

      • TheBigWhite

        Happened a few years back, I was walking the streets and infront of me there was a fellow white man walking along. Well, a thug sneaks up behind the man and takes his time fishing out his wallet using some kind of extendible gripping contraption. This was in broad daylight and there must have been a dozen chinks observering the entire act, doing nothing about it. Obviously, when I realized what was going on I rushed forward and grabbed the neck of the thief and forced him to return the wallet, and that was that. The next time though, I will not settle with grabbing the chink, no no…all these years building up a deep hatred to the shitty chinks will be released in one hell of a vicious beating.

        • ChineseFighter

          good on u smart man, keep that up and keep sending thieves to the police(who usually are the thieves mates) but sooner u’ll learn a brand new word called machete.

      • cody

        funny no Chinese is going to fight one on one. Yes you will over come me with sticks and knives you aint going to try this one one. Come and punch me in the teeth and see what happens. I am not Chinese, you be fuckin destroyed before your coward sheeple overwhelm me.

        • Capt. WED

          funny in my experience no westerners fight you one on one either. They talk a big game but in the end almost all of them will gang up on you. Doesn’t have to be fighting, they gang up on you in other matters too. They love to talk behind you back. One or two person that’s fine, because you may be directly involved, but then they get everyone to talk about you, all from behind you backs. LOL. So cowardly. It’s no wonder they’re bullies on so many level and through history. LOL.

          Nothing has changed.

          • Capt. WED

            LOL some of these rednecks when I was younger they would always go “man we should go jump those ***ers” because ____. True Story!

        • Anus Presley

          I don’t know about the Chinese not being able to fight one-on-one, as I’ve seen one or two such fights here involving just two people, but what annoys the shit out of me is the fact that the Chinese will ALWAYS grab a fucking bottle in a bar fight. I’ve even been in a bar where two Chinese lads tried to bottle a girl. I stepped in on that one and it nearly caused a riot.
          Seriously, what’s the bottle thing all about? Why can’t you Chinese just fight with your fists?

          • slim shady

            theres no such thing as a fair street fight thats why its a street fight, grab anything you can a brick a bottle a knife , you just gotta make sure your not the one lying on the ground when its all over

          • Alan

            One reason I avoid bars in China.

            Drinking at home is the way to go, cheaper and hassle free.

      • moop

        be careful you don’t break your pinky nail, its going to be hard to pick your nose or ear wax without it

      • Dr Hung Low

        yes, Im sure you will.

      • GodsHammer

        How about a big black dude? I’d say it just to see you go for it. One condition…no getting 10 of your friends. ;)

    • Notorious

      he was trying to be a hero and got his ass whooped lol

      • gyrsriddle

        No, he was trying to help fellow human being, something that sets MOST of us apart from animals.

        • ChineseFighter

          since you have such a kind heart, just go help out some africans and indians

          no need to teach us about courtesy and manner here, u don’t know MORE THAN US on that subject.

          仓廪实则知礼节 衣食足则知荣耻


          • Notorious

            africans actually have great manners – little known truth. never met a rude one un my life

          • moop

            仓廪实则知礼节 衣食足则知荣耻, 懂?

            only in china would you find a turd like you who wants china to be treated like a first world power but then cower behind that drivel and excuses. first world power=higher stantards, get them and then you’ll earn some respect, you’re not going to get it simply because you’ve been breeding for 5,000 years

          • moop

            africans actually have great manners – little known truth. never met a rude one un my life

            i second this, at least the native africans immigrants i have met in america, never been to africa so i can’t give a better opinion. for whatever reason many of the africans i have met here in china haven’t been as cool. not sure why that is though

          • Notorious

            yeah i only realized how well africans behave and how mannerable they are in speaking mannerisms and approach. i have never seen an african get loud or unruly or doing something stupid in public, or any such thing. even in their own country they greet you with politeness even if they don’t like you. NOW, if you want to talk black people in america, rudest people on the planet and i am black myself. way too outspoken sometimes. Now, it’s mostly the urban kids who really just ‘ don’t give a damn about manners because the world don’t give a damn about them’ type of attitude, it’s just their way of sticking it to society but no less, rude. they hagve nothing to lose with rude behavior because they know society views them negatively anyway.

          • moop

            the most consitant thing i have noticed is talking loud on the cell phone, god i hate that. a lot of chinese people here do it too except its even worse standing in the subway listening to some lady yell into her phone in detail about her diarrhea

          • ChineseFighter

            lmao never been to africa and talk about every african have good manners

            look at wat ur country made africa become, warlords everywhere starting wars and killign civilians, good job.

          • ChineseFighter

            oh please i’ve never started shit with africans at the first place,
            i just dont see what gave u the right to criticise chinese ppl’s manners.

            also by forcing others to believe the current chinese ppl under the rule of the communist party, their behaviors is a good reflect on the 5000 years of history of china is EXTREMELY RIDICULOUS AND BRAINLESS.

          • moop

            i can’t understand you. perhaps a refund from 新东方 is in order?

          • ChineseFighter

            i was kinda expecting that.
            typical american logic when they cant answer back they just go
            “you fob speak ENGLISH”
            do u got a chinese boss/manager who constantly gives u shit?sucks to be you.

          • moop

            i said that because i literally don’t understand what you are trying to say. “also by forcing others to believe the current chinese ppl under the rule of the communist party, their behaviors is a good reflect on the 5000 years of history of china is EXTREMELY RIDICULOUS AND BRAINLESS.” you seemed to not get it. many chinese want to be treated as a world power and think they deserve to be treated as such because of their 5000 year history, status as the 2nd largest world economy, and olympic medal counts. but wanting to be treated as a world power results in being held to a higher standard. when china fails to meet those standards (and it does quite frequently) many people like you resort to the excuse of chinese people are poor but they are changing fast. the problem is its just an excuse because most people either a) dont do anything to make the society better because they dont care, or b) dont do anything to make society better because they don’t think they can make a difference. so fools like you continue to make excuses and in essence accept bad behavior by netizens instead of getting pissed off and trying to do something about it. when the finger is pointed at mainlanders they usually have several responses: point the finger back at you, change the subject, or get really angry and make a fuss for so long that both parties forget what the initial problem was. which kind are you?

          • Nyancat

            hey chinese fighter would u mind not spitting on the lawn and writing on my plants, fucking tourist.

          • ChineseFighter

            If you are arrogant theres no way for u to survive in china, “装孙子” has became a trend…
            I dont know wat sort of ppl you have been dealing with but we chinese never brag about being world 2nd strongest economy 5000 history etc etc.
            those ppl clearly knows nothing about history or how the world works, and if u side with those ignorant ppl… wat can i say about u.
            i was referring to ur first comment where u put up a insult “5000 years of breeding” coz i know theres many westerners think the current chinese ppl’s attainment and discipline is a product from the 5000 years of history.

          • ChineseFighter

            hows that an excuse?
            would u like someone to call your modern science is a total bullshit?

          • moop

            every people are a product of their history, the chinese are no exception. let’s not pretend that most chinese aren’t proud of being the “longest surviving culture” or a country “with a rich 5000 year old history”. to refute that is asinine. and please don’t pretend as if the fenqing don’t exist and that they don’t form a relevant portion of chinese society. how many times have they asserted that now china is a powerful country and should take back the nan sha islands or other nonsense?

          • moop

            “would u like someone to call your modern science is a total bullshit?”

            if they had evidence that proved it wrong, then yes…. you’re lost in translation, very very lost.

          • ChineseFighter

            i was actually a bit surprised that u can tell apart a normal chinese from a fenqing.

            now ur job is to distinguish 粪青 from 愤青 and of course, stop getting serious with ppl from the lowest level of the society. That only makes u no difference from them.

          • moop

            “and of course, stop getting serious with ppl from the lowest level of the society. ” good advice, we can end this conversation now

          • ChineseFighter

            i think u are the one losing the point here?
            wat gave u the qualification to judge the entire chinese pop?
            all the stuff uve said sounds like stuff from news articles or from documentaries… have u actually been to china at all?

          • ChineseFighter

            this is wat i call “ignorant and proud”

          • moop

            i’ve lived here for years, right in beijing. my initial post was about you saying “仓廪实则知礼节 衣食足则知荣耻”. its born from the same line of thinking as those who make excuses for china’s societal and moral problems as simply china being poor for so long. you also said “no need to teach us about courtesy and manner here, u don’t know MORE THAN US on that subject. “, if you do then why don’t you teach it to eachother? you’re not. i see a fight or loud argument at least once a week, and i live and work in a nice area of the city. half of the fights i see are because people at the building i work in can’t even stand in line for the elevator. my wife is chinese and we talk about a lot of this stuff as well. all my coworkers are chinese. i hear all kinds of discussions and i have a good handle on what people think and say. in fact, i’m sure when you aren’t trying to protect china’s face online, that in your home or with your fellow chinese netizens you say many of the same things we do about your society and its ills, most of the clear thinking chinese do. but the problem is, that most chinese only make and acceopt excuses rather than be proactive and trying to make a change in their society. i assume you are in that group as well based on your comments. anyone who’s been in china as long as some of us here have hear’s this kind of shit everyday

          • moop

            “this is wat i call “ignorant and proud””
            yeah bro, your peasant forefathers would be proud, you’re saving some serious face on here.

          • ChineseFighter

            i’m not denying the fact that chinese ppl have bad manners but the reason for that is the current sickened society.

            u gotta be the most ignorant person on this planet to believe
            “the chinese adopted their bad attainment and discipline through the 5000 years of their history”

            enough with ur “peasants” insults seriously, if u think china is some “after so many years but still uncivilised” coutnry do us a favour: GTFO.

          • moop

            “i’m not denying the fact that chinese ppl have bad manners but the reason for that is the current sickened society. ” that’s a step in the right direction, but you trivialize this when you say “仓廪实则知礼节 衣食足则知荣耻”. you trivialize the need for change when you make this comment. this kind of thinking is what rationalizes people in chinese society not trying to make the society better. the same with deng xiao pings comments about a black cat and the white cat. how is that working for your society? the chinese excuse is that they’re flexible. well your flexibility has been responsible for poisoning your people with poisonous food, dangerous products and safety standards. who cares if the cat is good or bad, as long as it catches the mouse though, right?

          • ChineseFighter

            i did not trivialize it in fact that’s wat i tried to say when i mentioned “仓廪实则知礼节 衣食足则知荣辱”, like u said these quoted are flexible and u need to read between the lines

            this classical quote was written in early Han dynasty to discuss one the philosophy that was raised during the spring and autumn period. People‘’s pov on value were simple back then but u can’t measure the modern society with that old perspective since now ppl have all sorts of demands.

            Also u need to stop telling ppl to do something, by simply stopping one crime does not improve the society itself not to mention the risk of getting jumped/stabbed by other members from the gang. (for example this brazilian guy in the article, do not be a fool like him) It is the governments responsibility to reduce crime rates and not for you to decide,in the end china is still a communist state and if u frequently question about the system they gonna “invite you for a tea” or “check your water meter”.

          • Alex

            Sup, I’m Chinese, and I can say that Chinese people in general have bad manners

    • Capt. WED

      It’s called the bystander effect:–why-did-nobody-help-asks-mugged-man-79

      Typical racist Chinasmackers. LOL.

      • Notorious

        you should look up that story about the 15 year old high school girl in the U.S. who was raped by 300 people. No one helped her. People either stood by and watched in horror or joined in. police found her under a bench unconscious. can you imagine what this poor child’s life is like now?

        That’s the worst thing you can stand by and watch, ever. I think helping a woman retrieve her purse is one thing — a very stupid thing because it’s only money. but if someone is being harmed physically, thats when a person should wear the hero hat.

        • moop

          300??!!! please tell me that is a typo, even 30 would be terrible, or 3, or 1.

          is this the story?

          • Notorious

            definitely has all th details of the same story but the version i read claimed she was raped repeatedly for hours on end by 300 boys. Kid you not. Don’t know if that was a typo in the article or if this one has an opinion. I don’t wish rape on anyone buti hope the version i read was completely wrong. sickened me for days just thinking about it.

          • moop

            i hope it was wrong too. i guess the author has a flare for dramatics

          • Notorious

            just looked the story up, googled it and it looks like it was between 5 or six guys perhaps. I think the original story may have had some false reporting as it was just after the news broke. probably thought with all the kids standing around heard it was that meaning. even that number exaggerated higher than the 12 witnesses who laughed and jeered the rape while filming it on their cell phones. i never went back to read any other articles on it, was too horrified. unless this is a different story.

      • Regina

        What happens in China can’t be dulled down to the bystander effect. I think it’s more societal/psychological and has to do with a mix of things. Chinese people themselves will tell you the reason for this runs deep into how Chinese kids are raised and the type of government China has.

        • Capt. WED

          You are right but this is Chinasmack where people likes to troll AND anonymous (COWARDLY) background people troll even harder.

          • Capt. WED

            also can you really prove this is true tho? Is there more information beside some news report and personal accounts to arrive at “What happens in China can’t be dulled down to the bystander effect”. Do we take into account other factors such as the ratio of muggins vs population? Do we have any hard figures at all?

            Basically this site is just internet gawking. It’s “oh shit I saw some body ran over on the internet” this means _______, all the horror story are true! My biases are confirmed!

    • no

      had the same kind of reaction after reading one of the above posts :” condemning the Brazilian guy???? what the hell is wrong with you, why te fuck are you talking about politic motives?? WE ARE ALL HUMAN, before being chinese or Brazilian,…what he did was just an impulse, a need to help and to correct a wrong situation. and this impulse is called HUMANITY! Why do you chinese always have to make it about political stuffs or transform the reality. This is just a nice man trying to help a girl whose bag was being stolen. You guys just watched it happen and wouldn’t even help when the guy was beaten up. what kind of human does than make you????!!!!!! Cant we just say thank you to a guy like that and hope that in the future we would all join our effort to help each other? what a twisted world….”

      • slim shady

        welcome to the real world dickface

      • Sponge Monkey

        I read this thread cuz on another thread it said Fauna was owning people, and haven’t really seen her comment, so thought it would be interesting. I never actually read this thread until now.

        The comment about condemning the Brazilian was a parody.

        Parody means …
        1. : a literary or musical work in which the style of an author or work is closely imitated for comic effect or in ridicule
        2. : a feeble or ridiculous imitation

        The comments condemning him were a parody of comments made by the government regarding Gary Locke, Chen GuangChen and the PRC. I’m too lazy to look it up, but the Chinese version is linked RIGHT BELOW the comment condemning his heroics.

    • Regina

      That’s what I don’t understand about some Chinese netizens. They’re completely unable to put themselves in the shoes of other people. Like with the Yueyue case, some were actually agreeing with the scumbags that walked past her. Saying things like “It’s too dangerous.” or “It’s best to not get involved.” But what if it was THEIR daughter/son? If it was their child, of course they’d look at the surveillance tape and think “Why didn’t anyone help my child?” And they would WISH that someone had intervened.

      Some people might think the Brazilian was in the wrong or just wanted to be a ‘hero’, but let a group of thugs come at you with belts and rods and you’ll see how much you want a helping hand. And personally that’s what compels me to do good and help others. I know I too like the Brazilian man would have stopped those thieves because if it was MY bag they were trying to steal from, I’d want someone to help me. Just as if I was in the Brazilian man’s shoes, I’d want someone to help me from getting beat by a gang of smelly thugs.

      • slim shady

        i would also liked people to help me too , but dont fucking expect it you slut

        • mr. wiener

          You need help for certain, but maybe this isn’t the best place to find it. At best all you will get is pity mixed with contempt.
          If it’s sympathy you are looking for you’ll find it in the dictionary somewheres between “shit” and “sypilis”.

          • mr. wiener

            My bad,Typo: “syphilis”

  • kaka

    “Miss Zhu says her first reaction at the time was that this laowai is really something, even daring to come to China and pick a fight with Chinese people.”

    Lesson learned by the wai guo ren then… ru xiang sui su!

    • Jamspasm

      This really jumped out at me, yet you’re the only one to mention it. This story bleeds racism galore. That woman is as bad as the thieves.

      I won’t be helping any of you cunts again when your ‘brothers’ try to fuck you over, mark my words. Ignorant, racist fucks.

  • slim shady

    so many internet badasses here and 90 percent of them are dumb white boys for sure, talking all big but when shit goes down they aint gonna do shit

    • TheBigWhite

      It sounds like you’re describing a morally void nigger or chink to me. Nevertheless, trust me on this one, we white folks will – as always – make sure the moral standard is set for you to follow. And you will see it in every day life, even if it will not register in your little (smaller, as in per volume), less developed (as in fewer foldings) nigger brain. As portrayed before your empty eye balls in every day, we will be there risking our lifes when shit gets though, be it robbings, be it epidemic injustice in your own god damn home continent, WE the WHITE people will be there ensuring shit gets set straight. And that my friend must be admired unless superseded, but we’re not seeing any of that are we? Oh no, here we have WHITE people protesting against TIBET, WHITE people protesting against KOBE, so where are the chinks and niggers if no where? That’s right, they’re right here writing inane and meager comments about their own god damn saviours.

      • mr. wiener

        I love it when bigots from different races meet.


    One should be fully triainned in any sort of martial arts.
    I am sure if that guy was well trainned then he would be able to face those bandits. Sometimes it is necessary to get beaten on the ring several times before trying to be a hero on the streets. It is all about confidence. 3 guys are not too many. The rest depends on luck and destiny.
    I attract many girls in China….something the chinese boys just cant face …I have been beaten once in Shenzen by 4 chinese and once in gaungzhou by 4 Nigerians. but I only grew stronger…..

    • slim shady

      the 4 stinky chinamans prolly didnt do shit to you,, but those nigerians most likely fucked u up and ass raped you

  • rope engel

    In every city in China you see posters like: 文明城市 etc. Even the Chinese government can not teach the Chinese people what the meaning is of civility and manners and having a heart. Chinese are pigs. They will never learn. Now they have money, a rich pig isn’t any different from a poor pig.

    • slim shady

      wrong fucking answer you dumb fuck, a rich man will buy your ass and make you his bitch

  • kaka

    … however one must remember that China is still developing, and it is very easy to pick on isolated incidents that do not properly reflect the developments taking place within Chinese society as a whole.

    For example, my German friend has just finished a 2 weeks consulting assignment on the set of the new TV medical drama 心术.

    After initial failure to overcome cultural differences in regards to the concept of queuing for scene 12 in the 2nd episode, where several people where to be seen queueing in a happy and orderly fashion for their prescriptions – it was decided outside help was required so that the final version of the scene would better reflect the desired outcome rather than reality.

    My friend spent 2 weeks with the 32 Extras from the scene, introducing then to the concept of queueing – using role-plays, discussion groups, and visual references, etc.

    At the end of the 2 weeks a remarkable 18 of the 32 were able to stand in a queue for the required 26 seconds that would make up the scene – although this was later reduced to 16, when it was found that 2 had merely been confused and distracted during the testing session.

    So, next time you are criticizing Chinese people’s behaviour, remember that things are getting better, it just takes time….

    • Capt. WED

      hyperboles–I’ve seen plenty of queueing up waiting on buses. Yes there are times when it gets chaotic but to say people never queue up…

      • moop

        i’ve almost never seen straight lines except for outside of restaurants when their employees line up before the place opens for business that day.

        • There is more queuing now compared to the past. There is improvement. Of course many of us wish the improvement can be faster.

          • The Dude

            That’s true.

            It was much worse before.

            Occasionally people hold a door open after themselves because I’m behind them, or sometimes says thank you when I do the same for them. It never used to happen.

            The other day I was in shock when an older Chinese guy let me go in the lift ahead of him.

            I get the odd car stopping to let me cross the street to, without having to run across it like a headless chicken.

            It really never used to happen.

          • no, there isn`t any improvement at all. each and every day same scenario: chinese people spitting, jumping queues, shitting on the floor, mobile phone yelling, smoking in non-smoking area. i think it has become even worse compared to 6 years ago. and i am talking about your proud and civilized shanghai and not a rural village/town.

          • The Dude


            I’ve been here a lot longer than six years.

            And by my experience, there is an improvement, although I don’t deny that the things you mention are true and do happen.

            Perhaps those Shanghai people are not actually from Shanghai, but from another region, but in truth that doesn’t really matter.

            All I can say is I’ve witnessed a particular improvement since I was first here, with the most progress in this regard being in the last two years.

            Others experience may differ.

          • Sponge Monkey

            In Shanghai it’s a lot better. I’d say 70% of the time you’re able to walk up the left side of the escalator, these days. Before… no. I’ve seen improvement.

            Some people, possibly myself included, have a bad habit of thinking that after we’ve explained “the right way to do it”, the whole country is going to get it by tomorrow. Like some magical headline is going to appear in the newspaper “Sponge Monkey tells off couple for not letting him get off the subway. China reflects.”


            I’ve been discouraged by the behavior here before, but it’s just what it is, and it’s definitely changing.

  • Jeff

    This just proves that Chinese are such cowards and only show their perceived might when they attempt to take lands and islands that don’t belong to them.

    BUNCH OF PUSSIES IN CHINA. stand back and watch a foreigner who is protecting one of their own countrymen and don’t dare to help.

  • Fu ZhiGao

    Wow, another story with one picture and no real supporting evidence. What’s more, it’s shown as false in more reputable blogospheres overseas. I hope no one mistakes this for a serious website with real news.

    No wonder the Chinese government wants people to register so they can cut down on false information.

    • moop

      “No wonder the Chinese government wants people to register so they can cut down on false information.”

      • moop

        damnit, apparently you can’t do html strikethrough on this site.
        i think you meant to say “No wonder the Chinese government wants people to register so they can cut down on information.”

        • strike del

          • moop

            which method are you using? i used the s and the /s …

          • Brett Hunan


          • Brett Hunan

            Check out my strikethrough

          • moop

            I love hate you :(

          • Brett Hunan

            You are so kind jealous :P

          • Sponge Monkey

            This is pathetic fun. I am sure Fauna will be pissed happy with my recent trolling contribution. I am sure I will be moderated rewarded.

            :( :)

            If this code doesn’t work, I’m going to look normal stupid.

        • Brett Hunan

          I wanna try HTML too! Is my text bold?

          • moop

            no, yes

      • moop

        No wonder the Chinese government wants people to register so they can cut down on false information

    • We try to report what is popular on the Chinese internet through translation. What was shown to be false in this news article?

      • Nyancat

        umm well the article posted by devil points out that the brazilian did not make any comment about not doing anything should a similar situation happen again, and that there were actually only 2 aggressors as compared to the 10 in the translated article.

        • Nyancat

          whoops 3 aggressors.

        • The Globo article doesn’t say he didn’t make such a comment. The translated article also said there were 2 aggressors, one with stick and one with belt. Li Liang just says there are around 10 people in the thief gang that is entrenched in that area. There is no information in the Globo article that contradicts the original Chinese articles.

          • Nyancat

            hmm my bad then :D u seem to be quite free today replying to all the comments, bored?

          • I am disappointed and disillusioned by the comments here.

          • White Thrash

            Like information is reliable in China.

            Most of the information is either way based on rumors (especially the so called “internet information”, or has to be “approved”… if you see what i mean.

            It’s not like abroad where journalists have some deontology, here it’s about sensationalism!

          • There is reliable and unreliable information. If you want to pretend that all information or news in China is unreliable and sensationalism, then that is your prejudice.

          • Nyancat

            look fauna its different for everyone, in my case I have a son, and i read a lot of news articles that first say something is good for you and then proceed to tell me the opposite the next year, China’s a great place and all that but you have be on your toes and take every article with a grain of salt.
            I remember that one article where the ‘official’ police investigation into someone CLEAR murder ruled it as a suicide cause he was stabbed multiple times, the Wenzhou train collision was another story where in the translated articles you provide it clearly shows that the government was trying to keep any bad press from getting out.
            Noone is saying that all news in China is prejudiced because that’s just idiotic to question each and everything that happens in this country, but you should be prepared to face a bit of skepticism.

          • anon

            Why are you getting on Fauna’s case about it? It’s White Thrash that dropped in on the conversation to make an irrelevant China-bashing comment. Her response was both honest and fair. She acknowledged that information can be unreliable here, which it is (which it is everywhere to be honest, remember the brand new $60,000 BMW the murdered USC students were supposedly driving according to the Associated Press?), and then she said if anyone thinks all information is unreliable or sensationalism, then that is their prejudice, which it is. How is she not prepared to face skepticism when she went out of her way to respond individually to certain commenters making hare-brained comments not knowing the fuck they’re talking about? When people can’t even tell that articles published 2 days apart from each other could include information about new developments and thus be different?

          • Nyancat

            what the hell are you on about, I’m not on fauna’s case about anything, all of us exercise our individual rights to comment on the issue, she’s a person well so am I and so is everyone else. We all have reasons for writing what we post some comments may be racist and xenophobic but that speaks volumes about the person commenting.
            If people are going to write China bashing comments so what? Almost every country that is involved in an article posted here gets bashed, what makes China so special? Did you not see the US,India bashing comments in previous articles ? But I suppose that’s alright since she isn’t any other nationality? Look as a translator/journalist whatever it is that she does, she has to exercise neutrality and refrain from engaging in the conversation even if she doesn’t like what is being posted, she is not a child that has to be coddled, learn to deal with criticism.

          • Why do I have to exercise neutrality and refrain from engaging in conversation on my own blog about my own work? I am dealing with criticism. I am disagreeing with the criticism and responding with why the criticism is mistaken.

          • Nyancat

            if that’s the case why don’t you do that for every article you post? What’s so special about this one?

          • I have commented on past posts too. I do not always have the time and interest to comment especially because there are some good commenters who can provide a reasonable voice. In this case, I read someone accuse this article is half-fake so I want to understand why. Then I read more and more comments and respond to them too. There is nothing special about this article except some people who attack me without evidence.

          • Nyancat

            Fauna if anything nobody wants to attack you, don’t take it personally, maybe some of us get caught up in the heat of the moment? One things for sure the majority of us here ♥ you, so chillax.

      • Fu ZhiGao

        I considered putting something around it to indicate some sarcasm, but though I would draw more attention if I didn’t. Of course I don’t support widespread censorship on the internet. But that does not mean that rumors do not abound on internetland in China.

        This story is just all hearsay and conjecture. There is mention of a Brazilian guy, but does not give his name, or any real names for that matter beyond generic surnames and a pseudonym. There is also no link to a reputable news site or news desk. There’s also just one photo, but it could be a photo from anything, and the guy looks like he could just be some random Chinese guy standing in to make the story look legit.

        On the surface it looks very dubious to me because it’s another version of the “Foreigners are heroic and care about society no matter where they are, while Chinese people are passive and do not” story. It also takes place in a part of the country, in grubby factory land GuangDong province, where there is already a lot of violence and something like this would be believable.

        Of course I can’t “prove” that this story is false, but you can’t really “prove” that is happened either. It looks like it morphed out of the story that was posted above, except it cuts out the fact that the Chinese person compensated the Brazilian guy in the end–probably so this story would fit the script I outline above.

        I’m skeptical that in such a crowded area, there was not one CCTV camera or person with camera or cellphone who would have captured some of this.

        Thanks for replying.

        • I didn’t say there are not a lot of rumors in China. In fact, I have report many of them here before.

          NetEase is a famous news portal in China. People’s Daily is a famous newspaper.

          The Globo article was published AFTER this NetEase/People’s Daily article and is based on a report on iFeng that is originally from Xinhua, the official state news organization of China. When the NetEase article was published, he had not yet been awarded and the attackers had not yet been arrested.

          We do not know if there was no CCTV video or photos. Maybe there were and that help the police arrest the suspects. It is not reported but that does not mean it does not exist.

          • Fu ZhiGao

            If a news story gets basic facts wrong, is it still a real news story? At what point does inflating numbers, omitting facts, or not providing independently verifiable information cause something to cross a proverbial line?

            This story may be available on NetEase, a so-called news portal, but this story, in its current form, would not be acceptable on Reuters or AP news services.

            The story as it appears on Ifeng: would make it because it gives the names of the reporter, and credits the photo.

            I still call news distortion here because the photo on this site is not the same as the one in the story and leaves out the fact that he was given an award.

            Also, you’re saying this story came from NetEase, which in Chinese is, unless I’m mistaken. I can’t find the story that you posted, Fauna. The first result is this one:


            Which again highlights the man’s heroism and the fact that he was given an award. The photo in that story doesn’t match the one you’ve posted here.

            According to this site:

            The incident occurred on May 4th. By May 5th the two suspects were already apprehended. You posted the story four days after this happened, and one day after the last update. So, again, the question, why leave out the fact that he was given an award?

          • anon

            All you’ve proven is that you’re ignorant of the Chinese media and news industry. Not knowing the significance of NetEase as a major news portal on the Chinese internet market is like not knowing Yahoo. A newcomer to China wouldn’t be faulted for that, but you’ve been reading this site for how long now?

            1. How did this story get the facts wrong? How did it inflate numbers or omit facts or not provide independently verifiable information? chinaSMACK translated the original Chinese article on NetEase which got it from People’s Daily (, who themselves got it from Southern Metropolis (the reporters are 南都记者 饶德宏 何永华), which is also a well-known reputable newspaper and agency in China.

            2. Both NetEase and iFeng provided the same sort of credits. NetEase clearly cites the People’s Daily who cited Southern Metropolis. Xinhua’s version also cites Southern Metropolis. iFeng says theirs is from Xinhua.

            3. The photo on this site is the same one as the one on NetEase which is a cropped version of the one from Southern Metropolis. Each news portal regularly crops out watermarks when they can.

            4. Do you not understand how time works? Why would this story say he got an award when he hadn’t gotten an award at the time the journalist wrote and the newspaper published the story? Have you never heard of new developments to old stories?

            5. How can you not find the story when Fauna provided the link ( at the very top of her translation in the bright pink “From NetEase:”???

            6. The cwest article was published on May 8th, two days after the Southern Metropolis article on NetEase.

            7. Sohu is another major Chinese news portal just like NetEase is (except smaller). Their report is also from another news source. Do you know that journalists typically need time to write their stories and that new developments can happen during that time? Do you know that translators typically need time to translate their work and that new developments can happen during that time?

            8. She already told you why she translated this specific article, because it was popular and the point of this site is to report what they see as popular. You’re reading an intent to deceive when there isn’t any. chinaSMACK doesn’t break the news, it just translates what they identify as popular. If you come here expecting the latest developments for any news story, you’re a retard who doesn’t understand the point of this site.

            You have no evidence here. All you have done is demonstrate how poorly you understand this site and the Chinese online news industry. Please, stop.

          • Thank you.

            If you comment that the latest news is Mozen was rewarded, there is no problem. But if you say this article is half fake and cannot prove why, then there is a problem.

          • Fu ZhiGao

            I don’t know if this post will end up in the right spot, let’s try it again.

            Originally I thought this was suspicious news story because there was no key information in the story (see above) and you didn’t translate the newspaper it had come from or credit the photo and I couldn’t find it on any website, including (until anon rather bluntly told how I could find it).

            I called a so-called news story because it reports breaking stories some times without full details (like the English guy getting beaten up) and then sets of the blogosphere in a sometimes predictable pattern of racism and/or misunderstanding.

            Later, the only stories I could get showed him getting a reward, which led me to criticize the fact that it had not been included.

            Sorry for giving you so much trouble :-/

        • Dr Hung Low

          I live in Dongguan and that area of Dongguan is hardly “grubby” but there have been reports of local gangs targeting foreign women while shopping at the nearby Carrefour (across the road from where this incident took place). As a result of that, there has been a high police presence around the area for quite some time

        • Misaki

          Reminds me of these blog posts:

          just a little.

          On the topic of surveillance cameras,

          “Britain has one and a half times as many surveillance cameras as communist China, despite having a fraction of its population, shocking figures revealed yesterday. There are 4.2million closed circuit TV cameras here, one per every 14 people. But in police state China, which has a population of 1.3billion, there are just 2.75million cameras, the equivalent of one for every 472,000 of its citizens.”

          In this case, it seems like it was not important to mention whether the incident was captured on film. Maybe it was and it helped them detain the suspects, but if only 1 in 100 people questions the validity of the reporting then looking for that footage would not be important when writing the news article. There are still people who say they believe the world is flat or that the moon doesn’t exist, and while perhaps society could expend effort trying to correct the perceptions of these people there is no real reason to do so unless their delusions cause harm to other people.

          • Misaki

            Oh, the dailymail can’t do math. It’s one for every 472, not 472,000.

            The AP is just a different type of information source, and has its own problems. Sometimes the paragraphs are incorrectly spliced together (lack of logical continuity) or duplicated, etc… or introduces its own bias such as in this recent news article about North Korea written by a South Korean correspondent for Reuters which attempts to depict North Korea as unilaterally cancelling agreements with the US.

      • Nyancat

        I don’t think the news article is fake, go to the link that was posted by devil above and you can see the fellow getting a reward.

        • Fu ZhiGao

          My latest comment got pushed to the bottom. Oh well. Time to move on though. :-). There is life outside of this site, after all.

  • Castro

    do people really think 90% percent of sino’s look/act animalistic ?

  • Sean

    China is overflowing with cowards. This country will never come close to being what they are told they are already. It’s sad because there are so many wonderful people here that deserve better.

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  • FYIADragoon

    Enjoyed that last post. The jab about China and Japan puts the cherry on top of this cake.

  • sup

    Wow, second article in a row about foreigners in China being better than Chinese people?

    Hey Fauna, obsessed with foreigners much? Self hate much?

    • Just recently popular. Why do you think I hate myself? I translate popular stories about Chinese doing good things too. Do you not remember?

      • sup

        It’s just annoying that there are so many news stories in China about foreigners, even if it’s relatively minor things like getting attacked by a criminal or sharing food with a homeless person, when there are basically no new stories in the US covering the foreigners here unless it’s like the two USC students getting murdered.

      • White Thrash

        sup, face it, foreigners are still something unusual in China, therefore people have more interest about it than they would for a random chinese guy.

        I think many chinese people are still curious about it.

        I find it pretty annoying if you really wanna know.
        From a foreigner point of view, you don’t always want to be watched to see what is different or not about you. people staring at you etc…

  • W

    中国人本來就是貪生怕死, not surprised

    • Christina

      um… sorry, but who is NOT afraid of death?
      put anybody in a life-or-death situation that has nothing to do with religion/protecting family and most people will certainly choose to save their own hides. The local people in this story have been so beaten down and frightened that the thought of fighting back is no longer an option. In their minds, fighting back=death, so of course they’re not going to do it. Fighting may not actually=death but if they perceive it that way, it’s their reality and they will act based on that warped reality.

      If I honestly believed that even one of the gang members had a knife or gun I would not have gotten involved because unfortunately, I am only human. We are all biologically programmed to practice self-preservation. That Brazilian guy was certainly brave, but he obviously did not know about the gang’s reputation and if he had known that the pick-pocketer carried a weapon and was most likely part of aforementioned gang, I guarantee he would not have stepped up.

      • waihang

        I agree, reading some comments people are jumping on the Brazilian as if being dumb, but I also think he wasn’t aware there were some 10 thugs all together. These criminals don’t move in a tight group, they are spreading them among people in the crowd and jump out of the blue only if the guy who is doing the thing gets in trouble.
        I praise the Brazilian for his action, but I would rather notify the girl by shouting loudly than picking on the thug.

        I have to say I am quite astounded by the sample comments here above from the Chinese forums, are these really representing the general view among the people on the Chinese forums? I didn’t check it but some of the above comments are showing some low level civilized attitude.

        • Capt. WED

          All the translated comments were being sarcastic referring to common memes. I swear I don’t know why this website exists because it’s so dumb.

  • Nyancat

    Fauna I’m not alluding to Chinasmack, I mean reporting in China in general, you have no control over the reporters of the story so I understand that, I wrote that comment keeping in mind that if a small story like this can have it’s facts skewed by a so called reporter, then I wonder how credible the news that was reported during the Wenzhou train crash was.

    • I did not think you were alluding to chinaSMACK. My question is, what are the facts skewed in this story? DiabloKill say half of the report is fake. What is fake in this story?

      • Nyancat

        sigh i didn’t see this comment so i posted the answer above
        +2 aggressors
        +brazilian did not make comment about not doing anything should similar situation arise
        +he received a reward of 50 k i believe.
        and all this was reported by a brazilian media outlet.

        • See my other response. The Brazilian media outlet was using the Chinese reports and there is no contradictions.

          • White Thrash

            it seems everybody is re-using other media articles.

            So, if I where you Fauna, either way

            a) I consider myself as a TRANSLATOR and I translate the news as seen by chinese public. As long as it’s accurate to what was shown to chinese readers of the original article.
            Therefore I wouldn’t get into debating about wether the original information is true and accurate to reality of the facts.


            b) I do a journalist job and I check if my sources of information is reliable before posting anything here….

            I bet you see where I’m going :]

          • I consider myself a translator but I do not understand why I cannot also prove that his statements are untrue if I have the evidence to show that there are no contradictions between the Chinese reports and the Portuguese reports he link to. It is simple. Compare the two and see if there is contradictions. Maybe the information is not true or not accurate in either, but I can still compare the information in the two articles to see if they are consistent or inconsistent.

          • An anonymous boy…

            @White Trash: As a reader, I think it is important to know if the article is consistent to others if someone accuses the article as being contradictory or fake as with any news. So I welcome it even though it makes the comment section blow up…

          • White Thrash

            @An anonymous boy…
            I think Fauna usually give her source (the original article), therefore the translation should be accurate to it.
            Wether it’s accurate to the actual events or not, is not really the point, as I stated earlier.
            The aim is to get the information in English as it was seen by the chinese public.
            If the information is contestable is another topic and, to my understanding (as a reader), was not the purpose of chinasmack unless that information was contested within the chinese internet community, as it would then become part of the “source” material.
            chinasmack reports what happens on the chinese internet and translate it for English readers.

            Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t mean I’m against contesting the validity of information. I just don’t think it’s part of the translation job, more a part of the journalistic job or to a larger extend bloggers, readers etc.

            I think Fauna is wearing 2 caps in this situation.
            One cap as a reporter (translation part, reporting news) and another cap as part of the controversy.

            While I think people have rights to express their feeling of disagreement or agreement, with all due respect, I think a reporter should stay professional and neutral.
            Therefore he/she should not take part in the controversy, or at least not with the same profile.

            Just my 2 cents.

          • anon

            What? You want Fauna to troll with a false identity?

            How is she wearing two caps? Some people made stupid comments and she corrected them.

          • An anonymous boy…

            @White Trash: Sorry, but my understanding of objective journalism means you just keep the facts separate from your feelings about the subject… Here someone is claiming the article is in fact not neutral, but rather misinformation. Fauna has clearly and correctly pointed out that in fact the article is not contradictory to the other source (and thus neutral). In doing so you claim she is not neutral? Do you see the problem?

            Furthermore, she translated it…She didn’t say her feelings on the subject in the article. The article is neutral. She could do whatever she wanted anyway I wouldn’t care.. I mean I’m smart enough to separate her translation from her opinions…

            She can say whatever she wants too in the comments (they are separate from the article)… She is a person just like you and me… Not just a translator… Seriously I don’t know why you care or what you are driving at… Plus it is her place to do whatever she wants…

          • White Thrash

            @An anonymous boy…
            while I agree with your concept of objective journalism, I your speech a bit contradictive with objective journalism.

        • Misaki

          >+2 aggressors

          “O ladrão reagiu e logo dois comparsas apareceram e o atingiram no braço com a fivela de um cinto de segurança.”/”The thief responded and soon appeared and reached two cohorts in the arm with the buckle of a seat belt.”

          Three people mentioned in this Portuguese article, not two.

          The other says two people were stealing the purse, and does not mention how many people attacked the Brazilian person.

          >+brazilian did not make comment about not doing anything should similar situation arise

          Well of course, since that earlier comment would make less sense after having received a reward from the government and he might even have changed his opinion as a result.

          I think this story deserves the number of comments it has gotten on chinaSMACK, since many people find the story outrageous.

  • Mao’s Dong

    50 years of automaton-like communism has turned China’s once rich culture into a cesspool of uncaring, apathetic vermin.

    Google search “2-year-old toddler run over twice in Chinese marketplace” or “father force feed adolescent daughter faeces from public toilet” to get a ‘taste’ of what the “Asian Century” has in stall for us.

  • cody

    5000 of culture and Chinese cant figure out that thugs and theives are bad? Notice the Chinese are more focused on the Foreigner than the actual crime!! good thing about this story is most crime happens to Chinese…they are so blind and stupid they deserve it.

    • White Thrash

      bread and games !

  • 404 name not found

    “Hehe. A country and nationality like this everyday shouting about attacking Tokyo and wiping out little Japan…truly laughable!” Very.. laughable!!!

  • lonetrey

    tsk. The generalization and all-around misunderstanding in this comment section does little to contrast against the contents of this article.

  • Jahar

    How is it a stereotype that black gang members in the US carry guns? I’m pretty sure ALL gang members carry guns. The stereotype is that black PEOPLE are all in gangs and carry guns.

    • Brett Hunan

      Semantics.. you knew exactly what Fauna meant when she posted that.

    • anon

      Actually, not all gang members carry guns. Some carry knives, chains, baseball bats, etc. In addition to what Brett said, that you knew exactly what she was saying, I actually think the stereotype that black gang members in the US carry guns is more accurate a stereotype than that black people are all in gangs. Chinese people have more exposure to African blacks so the American media stereotype of the African-American gangbanger is not as strong.

  • MassiveBender

    I don’t want to provoke too much outrage by daring to suggest that it is not entirely that Chinese are sniveling little cowards and that we are so very great and they are so very bad, but: this does happen everywhere. It is, sadly, human nature not to intervene and, if anything, to intervene on the side of the bully/attacker; especially in Brazil, the country infamous for it’s favelas. It is sad and I’d like to think that I’d intervene, I have done a few times in the past for small time things like someone getting robbed or my friend being attacked and luckily I haven’t been swarmed by a gang; but most people wouldn’t, despite much hand wringing and tough talking ‘I was this[-] close’ in the aftermath. I also have done nothing at least as many times (way more) as I have done something, which is very shameful but I think the vast majority of people share this experience.

    I also think being in China gives some foreign people, particularly white men, a bit of a hero complex. Often over here white men are treated as being significantly more attractive than they are in their homeland and that boosts a lot of people’s confidence, and generally foreigners are bigger than Chinese anyway so, I think, for many foreigners intervention is less mentally daunting in China than back home. If I saw a bunch of little Chinese thieves stealing from someone I’d be much more ready to ride in like a knight in shining armour and rescue the victim than I would be if I someone being robbed by a gang of black kids in London, look what happened with Ben Kinsella. I remember a friend of mine, who is much more of an intervening hero than I ever would be, saw a black school kid in the Serpentine in Hyde Park getting chased by about 5 other, older black kids; they were throwing stuff at him and hitting him. My friend was at Imperial University, so about 4 or 5 years older than the gang and 6 years older than the kid, and he and his friend successfully intervened and drove off the gang but while the victim was being chased all the cowardly, bourgeois English people in the park were either doing nothing or egging the gang on saying “Go on, get him!” or something, like it was some kind of sport. The Brazilian guy is a legend for trying to stop those thieves and I don’t want to appear to criticise him but I wonder if he would be so bold if he saw someone robbed in Rio.

    • mr. wiener

      Good post and very fair.

    • The Dude

      Bad post…

      The ‘English people’ were probably all foreigners. They do make up the majority in Hyde park you know.

      It’s a major tourist destination.

    • Little Wolf

      I don’t really agree with this much. I just think that more opportunities present themselves in China for a foreign man to be compelled to step up because nobody else will. It has nothing to do with any hero complex, and more to do with reacting in the way we are taught a man should. I’d be thrilled if Chinese guys would step in and deal with their own shit. If they don’t, then fuck anybody that thinks I’m trying to be white knight simply because I made it a priority to be prepared to deal with such things and they are not. And pretty much everybody I know and grew up with has these same kind of principals. Maybe it’s just the way we were raised. When I was 6 and me and my neighborhood friends climbed up on a roof to jump onto a bed of iceplant, I would have rather break my leg than be a “scaredy-cat”. And we had to overcome these rites-of-passage all the way to adulthood. So, you’ll have to forgive us foreigners that had strong fathers, teachers and other role models that that made us strive to be better men.

  • Chris

    중국 현재 시대 = 미구 서부시대

    • Chris


      • asdf


        • Brett Hunan

          He said the present Chinese generation is the same as the American “Wild West” times… although I am not sure exactly what that means.

          Neither Chris nor myself are Korean. And I am literate in Chinese, he very well could be too.

    • Brett Hunan

      You are saying that Chinese are all cowboys?
      영어를 모르시면 한국어로. . . 중국인들이 카우보이라고 생각하시는 거예요??

  • jeffli

    Every country has its street gangs! I grew up facing Nazi Skinheads, copped a bullet once.
    got slashed another time.
    The Brazillian guy should have just latched onto one of the guys, start biting his ear and really squeezing the offenders nuts so hard that a special sound will come out of that offender. the more you are hit the more you squeeze and deeper up where the nuts hide when its cold. Letting his colleagues know that as they continue to beat you, you are getting closer to complete the “on the street” gender reassignment!

    Junk yard dog mentality needs to meet the same
    fire with fire ….

  • An anonymous boy…

    Sorry I didn’t read all the billion comments…this just may be a repeat of someone else’s opinion…

    This happens where I live too (US)…and everywhere in the world…bystander effect… I always see articles like these where a foreigner steps in to help… and they contrast it with the reluctance of Chinese people to help…and point to some incident in the past…saying Chinese people refuse to help because they don’t want to get blamed… Same thing happens here in the US…people get sued for trying to help sometimes… I guess he will get disillusioned again when he goes back home…and tries to help someone…

    It’s hard to know if it is really worse there… Surely the media under reports on Chinese people helping others… and over reports on this kind stuff… maybe my media sources are bias though…and I’m just confused…

  • Jahar

    In my first month or 2 here, I did a similar thing, but i grabbed the guy’s hand and pulled it out of her purse, and pushed him away. the guy was about 40kg soaking wet, so i didn’t feel threatened. He was pretty shocked though. Then my friend grabbed me and pulled me away just in case he had friends, or knives, or friends with knives.

    All of you that can stand aside and watch this crap don’t deserve to call yourselves men. You deserve to get treated like a criminal’s atm.

  • coala banana

    read some of the posts here and must disagree with most of them….

    passiveness in such a situation is NOT just a chinese virtue. I have personally seen this things happening all over the world. Most people are NOT prepared for such a situation and just don’t like to get involved. Often things happen very fast and many don’t even know what its all about. Usually, in case you are weak and afraid, the best you can do is to call others out directly. The chances that another coward like you, who don’t know how to fight, will take action are better when they see that they are to alone ! Approach bystanders directly and call them out !

  • typingfromwork

    This is sad. if more citizens banded together then they can stop these kinds of roving thief gangs.

    Vigilante justice for the win.

    • mr. wiener

      Might create more problems than it solves. Have to be VERY carefully regulated.

  • ChineseFighter

    chinese vs laowai


    • Nyancat

      That asshole got what was coming to him, rape is no joke man.

    • Capt. WED

      I don’t like this video either; more the same bullshit like this website.

  • Stevo of the 852

    Children chiding a criminal.Adults staying silent. China you ought to hang your heads in collective shame. One fool tried pickpocketing me inside the Guangzhou Pedestrian Mall in 2007 after buying sundaes in McDonalds. I Caught the Son of a Bitch in the act and grabbed him , calling for the police. He dragged me towards the door, me holding on for dear life. All management did was open the door to let him escape. What kind of fucked up country lets a criminal go free after trying to mug one of your clients in full view of 100 people. Hang on, wait this is the country that has criminals running it as the CPCC. Irony is I Probably broke his arm in half a heartbeat. Idiot tried taking on an ex security officer. Much Love for the chinese people.

  • Fu ZhiGao

    Hey, anon, I was wondering when you would chime in.

    You missed the fact that I was asking a series of rhetorical questions in the beginning. For someone who does that quite often in his posts, I’m surprised.

    At the time I wrote that, I had not seen the photo on NetEase ( with the caption explaining who it was and the photo credit. I also had not seen the “how many guys beat him up” dispute resolved, as I cannot read Brazilian Portugese.

    I searched through baidu as well as a few news sites for this story in this form to no avail. Yes I displayed my ignorance by not knowing I could click on the NetEase in pink to get to it, maybe I’m the only person who did, but in any case, that still leaves one or two things unanswered.

    Did you look for the story yourself? Or even click on any of my links? Are you about to say you can trace the story between different sites in the Chinese internet as it unfolded a few days ago? If I linked a story about an unresolved election four days after the election was resolved, what would you think?

    I can understand someone taking three days to translate a story this long, I used to translate financial articles into English; what I don’t get is why someone wouldn’t check that they had the most recent version of it. The criminals were apprehended on the 5th, this story was posted on the 6th. What’s more, he was given an award on the 8th. The updates to the story are quite short–only a few sentences long, check my links if you’d like to check.

    I’m sorry to be cynical, but maybe a story about someone getting an award for doing something in China isn’t as exciting as one about a guy getting beaten up for doing the right thing.

    I’m really not going to apologize for complaining about the lack of sourcing here on this site. It would take two or three minutes, maximum, to translate a caption under the photo, and write the name of the reporter who wrote this story and the newspaper that reported it. Given the amount of time it probably took to translate the story I’m surprised. If this site is supposed to be a news site, it should show it; if this site is supposed to show the blogosphere the way Chinese people see it and Chinese people had that information, then why don’t we?

    • anon

      1) I didn’t miss that. The question is why you’re asking such rhetorical questions in the first place when no news story here got the basic facts wrong, inflated numbers, omitted facts, or failed to provide independently verifiable information. What proverbial line was crossed? Your rhetorical questions suggested you think the news story was wrong or crossed some line when no evidence was provided to demonstrate that.

      2a) Why would you argue that a NetEase article is fake without actually checking the NetEase article when you have an accurate translation and link provided by Fauna?

      2b) What do you mean you didn’t know how it was resolved? What was resolved? The article itself clearly mentioned there were two guys attacking him, one with a metal rod and another with a belt. The article itself clearly indicates that the the 10 people was Li Liang saying there are about 10 people in the gang.

      3) You’ve been reading and commenting on this site for a long time. How could you not know that pink text is a link? Even then, you can put your mouse over the translated English, copy the title or text, and then paste that into Baidu and easily find plenty of search results to copies of this news article on a variety of Chinese websites. You can do the same thing in Google.

      4a) I looked through all of your links. That’s why I can say what I said. Actually, yes, you CAN trace where a story comes from through the technique I mentioned above in #3. You can also look for the part of the page that tells you who the author or source is. You can compare timestamps to see which articles were published earlier or later. This is the same thing we do with English websites and English news.

      4b) It depends on why you’re linking it. The context for this site is that they translate articles and internet posts that have become popular and have a lot of Chinese netizens commenting on them. Just knowing this, I know there is necessarily a delay between when something is fresh news and when something has become popular because you have to give it time for enough people to read and comment until it can be considered popular. I also know that translation takes time. All of this means it is obvious that what we’re reading here is probably a bit old. Furthermore, what was “unresolved” in this news article? The later reports repeat much of the same information in this one but add that he was rewarded with money for his good deed. Like Fauna said, there were no contradictions or anything fake.

      5) Because chinaSMACK doesn’t try to post the most recent version of something, they try to translate and report something that was popular and had a lot of reactions. The only new development was that he was officially rewarded and like Fauna said, that iFeng article didn’t have a lot of comments. This article did. You can ask Fauna for updates or you can tell Fauna there was a new development but accusing the article of being fake doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. As we have seen from previous posts, chinaSMACK does provide updates sometimes. They have no problem with that. Why didn’t you guys just tell her he was awarded? Why did you guys make accuse the article of being half-fake when it wasn’t?

      6) Have you considered that maybe when Fauna translated this post that she didn’t yet know that he had officially gotten an award? Have you considered that maybe they chose to translate what had a lot of comments on it because that is their stated purpose for this website? The only reason he got the award is precisely because he got beaten up for doing the right thing. Both articles devote most of their text to describing what had happened, how he did what was right, and how Chinese people are embarrassed by their failure to help.

      7a) The caption on NetEase said he had over 10 stitches on his head and bloodstains on his shoe. This information was in the body text of the article already. Maybe that’s why she didn’t feel like she had to translate it? Have you considered that? How can there be a lack of sourcing when every single post here cites their sources? She’s reporting about a popular article on NetEase so she provides a link to NetEase where you can find the original article and the comments. You can demand that she cite the source of the article on NetEase but I don’t think that’s really necessary for the purpose of this site.

      7b) This isn’t a news site. What news site do you know of that only posts once or twice a day? Go read the About page. This site tries to report whats popular with translation and it DOES show the what the Chinese people see. That’s why they linked to the NetEase article that the NetEase comments are responding to.

      • Fu ZhiGao

        Oh, anon, whom would I have to argue with late at night were it not for you?

        Have you appointed yourself “defender of chinasmack”? You seem to enjoy defending Fauna and making up reasons for why she did what she did, while pouncing in people for making what may be honest mistakes. I don’t really know why Fauna didn’t update the story or why she didn’t translate certain things. I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t also translate a photo credit or the news source into English if the rest of the story were.

        Would it really be so hard for you to say that, yes, without the end part of the story of the dude getting the award the impression it gives the audience would be quite different. Apparently they thought so at

        Let me re-explain what I just tried to say in my last entry. My first posts were because I didn’t know how to find the article, and that Fauna didn’t translate the name of the reporter or the photo credit so I didn’t know that it had come from a news site. There was also a dispute with another poster (who could read the same story in Portuguese over factual information). In that light it was perfectly reasonable to say that.

        Later when Fauna challenged me to find something that was inaccurate, I went looking. I posted again when I couldn’t find it, as I was using the title from the background of the Portuguese website’s.

        I never bothered to click on the Netease hyperlink before because I thought it would direct to the main page. If it had said “this story” in a hyperlink I might have known. I really do not think I am the first person to make that mistake.

        This is a site that reposts news stories and blog articles. The argument that this was a legitimate story came from the fact that you both could say which newspaper this came from. So this may not be a newspaper with reporters, it still serves in some ways as a news site.

        I still disagree with you about sourcing. Not everyone here can read Chinese–I believe that’s whole point of the site by the way. I think that for the amount of time that it takes, putting “first reported in such-and-such newspaper by so-and-so”.

        Honestly, I’m tired of discussing this now and think I have made my point. If you post here again, I’ll probably read it, but I probably won’t respond.

        Cheers, and seriously, the cats–get some cats. There’s a lot of strays around here. I could probably mail one to you if you’d like.

      • anon

        I aim to please. I actually do enjoy defending Fauna and whoever is right. I’ve defended Fauna, this site, and its bloggers plenty of times now and don’t apologize one bit. I love what they’re doing, appreciate what they’re doing, and have no qualms about defending it against those who would unfairly criticize it. However, I’m sure you can ask Fauna for examples of me also criticizing this site.

        What’s funny is that some of you guys are upset that she dared respond to comments defending herself and arguing she should remain neutral or something. Yet you also complain about other people like Brett, me, and some other people defending the site and her work too? Doesn’t sound very fair.

        They’re not honest mistakes when the truth is pointed out and people continue to not only deny what is in front of them but also slag off on the editor who is patiently explaining the truth to them.

        No, I actually don’t think the impression would be different. The overwhelming reaction of the Chinese in this story is still one of admiration for the Brazilian guy and one of shame at themselves. NetEase didn’t include the last part because that part didn’t happen yet when they reprinted People’s Daily’s article. I don’t understand why you have such a hard time understanding this point.

        You don’t have to re-explain what you were trying to say. I understood it the first time and my response to you is the same. You’ve been reading and commenting on this site for quite some time. It’s possible that all this time you have failed to notice all of the “From X” and “Comments from X” in bold and hot pink text, but that says more about your failures of observation than this site’s failure to cite their sources, doesn’t it? It’s also questionable why you’ve been reading this site for so long yet this is the first time you’ve ever complained about citing sources. Just about every other post is cited the exact same way, always a clear link to exactly the original Chinese source being translated from. How come you never complained about photo credits in the past? How come you never complained about whether or not NetEase is a news site in the past when it is the single most popular source this site translates from?

        The other poster, DiabloKill did not read the exact same story. He read an updated story that was based upon information from Chinese news sources. His mistake was not noticing that this translation is of an earlier story and jumping to the conclusion that Fauna or NetEase or People’s Daily is trying to mislead people. Despite his delusional claims to the contrary, the Portuguese report said the same things as the Chinese reports BECAUSE they were based off the Chinese reports. The only difference was the new development of him getting rewarded, and we knew that was a possibility because it was clearly mentioned at the end of this earlier report. Miss Zhu wanted him to get rewarded for his good deed but it had not yet been decided if he would. If DiabloKill was smart, he would’ve said “hey, there’s an update, Mozen got rewarded for this, that’s cool.” No, instead he was stupid and decided he somehow had evidence that half of this report was fake.

        It is not perfectly reasonable for you to begin agreeing that this article is fake or misleading without actually comparing the information between this article and the one DiabloKill linked to. It is not perfectly reasonable to assume he’s right and assume Fauna’s wrong without actually comparing the evidence. Maybe you missed the big bold hot pick source links but did you also miss the big pop up Original Chinese Text boxes? Do you not know how to copy the original Chinese text and use that to search for the original Chinese article?

        Are you telling me you’ve never put your mouse over a link to see where it would take you? Do you fall for email phishing scams? You know, the ones that tell you your PayPal or some other account has been compromised and you need to go change your password? Again, its fine if you’re not that savvy with the internet, a lot of people aren’t, but your excuses here still don’t justify your willingness to agree with DiabloKill so quickly and criticize Fauna before actually doing any investigation.

        I think you wanting them to cite where something is first reported isn’t unreasonable but I don’t think it is much of a defense for your earlier behavior. The fact remains that they’ve been citing this way for a long time and you haven’t said anything before. I personally think its not that easy to be sure of where something is first reported and that’s a standard that not even Western media like Reuters or AP hold themselves to. In fact, they often plagiarize stories without citation at all, whereas chinaSMACK has always been consistent with citing exactly where they are translating from.

        I have a lot of patience for discussion. If someone is genuinely trying to convince me of something, I’m happy to listen and explain why I’m not convinced or admit when I am. Overall, I still think DiabloKill behaved poorly and I think it was a mistake for you to take his mistaken comments at face value and echoing them without first doing some research, especially when Fauna was so diligent in responding to you guys patiently explaining.