Young American Shares Fries & Chats With Old Chinese Beggar

An American young man sits and chats with an old Chinese beggar in Nanjing.

An American young man sits and chats with an old Chinese beggar in Nanjing, sharing some McDonald's fries with her.

On Sina Weibo…

@当时我就震惊了: Love has no borders: In front of the Guangzhou Road McDonald’s by Nanjing University in Nanjing city of China, a handsome American young man purchased two orders of french fries and gave one to an old granny beggar. The two of them sat on the ground, happily eating and chatting, and he even poured water for the granny. This heartwarming scene, where humanity has already crossed the barriers of language, when we Chinese people can relax the indifference we have developed towards that which is external to us, then society will have truly become harmonious! [爱心传递]

@电影工厂: A handsome American young man, sitting in front of a McDonald’s, shared a bag of french fries with an old granny beggar, the two of them sitting on the ground, happily chatting, this is the most touching story I have seen today. [心]

@南方都市报Compassionate French Fry Brother, Nanjing University Foreign Student: In front of a McDonald’s, a foreigner purchased two orders of french fries and gave one to an old granny beggar. The two of them sat on the ground, happily eating and chatting. This foreigner is a foreign student at Nanjing University, named Jason. He says: “Everyone in our lives need our respect. Sitting down and chatting with an elderly can let her know that there are people in this world who care about her.”

A young American man pours water for an old beggar in Nanjing, chatting and sharing fries from McDonald's with her.

The McDonald's and old Chinese woman beggar.

Comments on Sina Weibo (1 & 2):


I feel very ashamed…


This kind of thing, several years ago, I’ve done before… It’s just that present-day me will probably hesitate for a long time before doing this. Yes, I’ve changed, changed to where I don’t have the boldness to go completely trust a person.


A very common scene, but seeing it is still very touching. Scatterbrained Chinese society does have a shortage of this kind of human spirit of equality and decency.


For foreigners this may be a very ordinary thing yet it is something that has brought us so much warmth.


I can’t bear seeing this kind of scene. Although it is heartwarming, it is too cruel.


Very compassionate, truly wish this was a fellow countryman. Sigh.


These days, our first reaction upon seeing a beggar on the street is to wonder if they’re frauds. This society has taught us too many bad things, where we’ve forgotten the good…


May I ask how it was determined that this is an American????


Actually, I’ve always been indifferent towards beggars on the street, but seeing these two photographs truly have left a special impression upon me!


Compassion, is this simple. It just depends on whether or not you will exercise it.


~The people who see these images and are resharing/forwarding it are all people who have been moved but have never done this kind of thing before.


This is called equal respect, and our countrymen only know how to say it but not do it.


That “Have a lawsuit, talk to Lawyer Li” advertisement in the background is so inharmonious…


PS‘d, impossible.


I’m not shocked at all, foreigners’ characters are all like this!


Americans are simply humane. When I go abroad, I too want to be a credit to/win honor for my country.


So heartwarming, Chinese people, let’s all learn from this…


So heartwarming. So selfless. I too want to go give a foreign beggar a dumpling. What do you guys say? Haha, just joking. This is very compassionate.


Foreigners actually are just more compassionate than Chinese.


Nothing shocking, it is society that taught us to be indifferent.


American Imperialism won’t even spare our old ladies.


A Gary Locke to put the government officials in place, and now a French Fry Brother to put the people in their places, those American imperialists are too sinister! [嘻嘻]


I finally understand why Chinese people all want to emigrate.


What are they chatting about? [思考]

What do you think? Have you ever sat down and talked to a beggar?

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • sm

    Sitting on the sofa with the kind-hearted American.

    • He’s not American.

      • La Mano Gaucha

        Whether he’s American or not is irrelevant. What is relevant (and telling) is that he’s not Chinese.

        • ed

          ya all that’s relevant is you’re a bigot with a keyboard

  • New_Kid

    Can i share the sofa?

    • sm

      haha,of course.

      • I’ll share my fries for a cushion, deal?

        Jeez, the trolls are really in session below.

        Who cares if he looks like an almost hipster or if chinese automatically assume he’s American cause he’s white, it’s a nice humanistic scene that seems to have touched a number ofpeople and made them reflect on their own humqnity.

        Although I’m dying for more bavkground info and conversation topics…

        • ed

          ya this guy is like the dream for me.

          1) go over to china
          2) teach the chinese what western charity is
          3) be thought of handsome by chinese
          4) buttsex?

          lol 2/10 nerds make me lol

      • Interested

        No. It is sitting on the steps exchanging panhandling tips.

        • southernortherner

          now thats funny, you guys have read about the white panhandler in gz right? ive told him to blow me on several occasions…im waiting for him to give me a price..

          • Bruce Tutty

            probably doesn’t like the look of you

          • pc

            white panhandler in gz? seriously? if so, post a link!!!!

  • Regina.

    Sweet ♥

    • Extremely powerful with such a simple gesture.

      ‘Come share my food because we’re equal andtell me about yourself because your life has value’

      wonder if he’s Christian cause this is definitely something Jesus WOULD do (refernce to WWJD slogan).

      Not interested in flames from trolls, go back to the shadow Flame of Udun! You! Shall not! PASS!!!

      • Alan

        As I have seen many whitey’s homeless in HK, including presumably Canadians, maybe one day that might be you down there.

        Let us hope some mainlanders may be compassionate enough to buy you a bun and some coffee from 7/11?

        • Can the retarded stalker troll get any sadder?

          Just did… Somehow…

          Ugh… Lame.

        • whiskersthecat

          haha look at him fear
          fear, boy, fear
          you fear white men with the best

      • Xiongmao

        And we atheists would never do something like this because we’re Hell spawned, baby eating monsters? I often hand over 5 kuai notes to beggars, especially the old ones where you can be fairly certain they have no family and no one who cares for them.

        “You can judge a society by how they treat their weakest members.”

        • Don’t put words into my mouth. Especially when they’re so far past the point of ridiculous, that ridiculous is a speck on the horizon.

          You give to charity? Good for you. You don’t believe in God or Jesus or whatever? Who cares? Seems to me it’s how you act that’s more important than what you believe.

  • Rick in China

    Chatted with a few beggars…thing is younger street-wanderers seem to run away when you offer them something, like fruit or somethin from a big bag of fruit, maybe they think it’s poison. Not so strange if you’re bored and want to get a different perspective.

    • Boris

      ‘Younger street-wanderers seem to run away when you offer them something.’ -No, Rick. Younger street-wanderers run away when YOU offer them something. They know you don’t have any puppies.

      • Rick in China

        Ho ho ho ho, YOU SO FUNNY Boris!

  • moop

    i remember back when i lived in charleston, sc i gave a homeless dude some fries, only to find out he had hooks for fucking hands! it was a little awkward as i hand fed him some, but his hook had one of those pincers on it so i just left the fries with him. bums can sometimes be pretty cool. i knew this one homeless guy who loved chocolate milk (from a piece in our city paper) and i offered to buy him some. as i open the door to the convenient store to go get it for him he says “get yohoo, not that coburg shit!” fucking champ

    • Ami

      A lot of homeless (the sane ones) aren’t as bad off as they want to seem, especially not in america.
      I was raised to be charitable but to use common sense before I give just anyone my money. A lot of homeless have drinking/smoking/drug problems which is why you have to be careful when giving them money.
      Giving away food instead reveals the riff-raff from the truly in need.

      • Bruce Tutty

        maybe you should be doing more than just passing cash to make you feel better…oops, sorry, you aren’t even doing that are you.

      • Justin

        I smoked a joint with a homeless guy who told me that he had just got out of a mental institution. He then proceeded to tell me how being insane is great because it gets you off the hook for a lot of crimes and he could probably murder someone without going to prison. Needless to say I wrapped up that exchange rather quickly. Ah, the people you meet in college.

    • donscarletti

      I was walking out of McDonald’s in Shanghai and girl on the street said that she and her mother were hungry and needed food. Without thinking I handed her my fries. To be honest, she looked extremely disappointed with the fries, kind of robbing me of that warm, self congratulatory feeling of forgoing a whole ¥10 worth of fries. I think it is because she really wanted money, but on the other hand, I don’t really like McDonald’s fries either, I just wanted the “麻辣猪堡包” they had at the time. This guy evidently got a lot more from his charitable fry experience than I did.

      Pro-tip: use extra-virgin olive oil to fry thick cut chips. It smokes like a motherfucker, blackens your pan and wastes a lot of expensive oil which you can never use again, but it tastes great and proves you’re a high roller.

      • moop

        no way bro, fries should be fried in cold oil. put the oil in your dutch oven, then the fries, then turn on the heat. the fries end up crisp on the outside, soft in the inside, and actually absorbs 1/3 less oil than fries cooked the normal way of just dropping them in hot oil. trust me

    • Xiongmao

      I guess beggars CAN be choosers.

  • Duke

    Glad to see a young American doing something to offset all the old dirty men that come to China looking for young, poor, low self esteem women because they can’t find one in their own country.

    • moop

      yes because dirty old men are all americans. i’m guessing you’ve had a tough time with the ladies

      • Chinggis was here

        It depends if women get off on someone called Duke who likes to troll internet forums and makes sweeping generalisations. I’d suggest ‘The Duke’ or even ‘the Duck of Death’ would be more appealing, especially for poor girls with low self-esteem. I mean, it generates such power. Who could not be impressed?

        • moop

          frank dukes, blood sport. dim mak. “deaf touch”

        • Little Wolf

          Chingis and moop, you guys got it all wrong. According to Duke he is a latin sex god and packin major meat. And apparently on some divine quest to rescue unsuspecting Chinese virgins from predatory Americans.
          I think coala will have a few words for him.

          • moop


          • 印度杰

            very touching as not often seen these days and not to forget thanks to moop , little wolf as well to chinggis for good comments for “RETARD”

    • Little Wolf

      Hey dukey…fuck off back to echina with that dumbass shit.

      Tarnation, sharing vittles with my own unfortunate neighbors and stray dogs is business as usual in my village seeings how I ain’t 1 them fancy city-slicker laowais.

      Sorry Fauna, but this is not your best work.

  • dim mak

    I let this homeless guy come in my apartment to take a shower so he could apply for a job without being run out of the place

    Now he’s back dumpster diving behind my building… feels awkward man

    • Bruce Tutty

      You did what you could, that what matters man

  • Ami

    He looks like one of those hippy hipster types.
    Sharing your food with the poor elderly is a respectable thing but can you not look homeless yourself while doing it?

    • Luobo

      you are a dumb bitch

      • mr. wiener

        No she has a point. Of course there should be a dress code for random acts of kindness, Perhaps no white shoes after May? and it goes without saying matching gloves , hat and handbag. The poor can be very discerning as to who they receive charity off.

    • Foreign Devil

      Ami are you a flight attendant?

  • typingfromwork

    That is nice. A good man.

  • TheBigWhite

    When ever my wife acts up, I’ll go out and give a couple of hundreds to hobos. Once a farmer girl on the streets thought she would have to repay the kindness by taking me to a hotel, which I payed…Perhaps she just wanted me to pay for a hotel stay as well? Anyhow, once in the bed, I wouldn’t have intercourse with her since I’m faithful to mai waifu, so instead I gave her cunnilingus and a massage. Boy, was she happy like a little bunny…Leaving her pleased in the hotel, I headed home and told my virago how kind I’d been helping a poor girl on the streets. This seemed to soften her up and all was well that night. Perhaps something similar happened to her?

    • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

      Now this is funny.

  • Jeff

    I just bought my Chinese girlfriend some mcdonalds. Oh yeah she is like 26 years younger than me but a perfect Chinese whore.

    • donscarletti

      That’s funny, your Chinese girlfriend bought me some McDonalds just a few days ago.

      • DRaY

        SHe must not like you , she only gave me a blowjob.

  • Cleo

    That’s so meaningless. You can see this type of pretentious hipster shit in NYC especially in the summer months as young wannabes rent a hovel in Manhattan with the idea of being in their own oh so quarter life crisis art film. How much would it cost a Westerner to house said beggar?

    • MeiDaxia

      THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one thinking this.

    • mr. wiener

      You are right of course, He should feel ashamed of his pretentiousness. Obviously he is a Japanese person in disguise. Disgusting behaviour!

    • hithere

      Thing is, this guy isn’t a pretentious hipster. I’ve known him for a few years now, and while I wasn’t there when this incident took place, this certainly seems like something he would do. He’s more of a religious-and-prone-to-acts-of-kindness kind of guy. As cynical as I am, I can say with confidence that this guy is genuinely caring and sweet and isn’t doing this out of some pretentious, douchey motivation or cry for attention.

  • Zigg

    He’s probably telling her about how great a place Kolob is to visit

  • Brett Hunan

    Theres a white guy…. hes gotta be American

    • slim shady

      i know hey brett fuckface,,just because hes white doesnt make him american ,, americans are that nice by the way , so i would assume hes european, not one of those american kkk bastards

      • Brett Hunan


        • Christina


          • Brett Hunan

            ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 네 말이 꼭 맞다

          • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

            Whats with all this robot language. Has Cyberdyne Systems finally lost cotnrol of Skynet?

            Man.. I am going to hide under my bed again. Call me when it is all clear.

      • Made In World

        If no one has posted it, he is, actually American. He has a weibo account and has picked up something like 10000 followers in the last few days. I think. I’m doing this by memory, too lazy to look it up.

    • Notorious

      i think he’s american because of the beard, the hair, and the clothes.

      • Brett Hunan

        side bag screams European to me…. maybe just a hippy from America though.

        I had a French friend who didnt speak any English but fluent Chinese and Japanese…. Whenever someone spoke English to him he spoke Japanese back. Then he would explain that not all white people are American, just as not all Asians are Japanese.

        • Dawei

          That sounds like something a Frenchie would do. They are very insecure. Who thinks “Oh he must be French?”

          • Notorious

            not once in my life have I ever thought that lol unless i hear french then i think, ‘oh that dude learned how to speak french’ never do i think it’s a french guy.

          • Brett Hunan

            Dawei… not the point. Chinese should start by speaking Chinese unless they are trying to practice English, in which case they should start by paying 100 RMB

          • anon

            That’s a little unfair. Foreigners whining about Chinese people not speaking English to them isn’t unheard of. That’s why the rest of us then slam them for expecting Chinese to cater to them in their language in their own country. Common asinine retorts usually involve something about the Chinese person being in a Western restaurant or 5-star hotel and how they should be able to speak English.

            Rarely have I heard any foreigners suggest Chinese should start by speaking Chinese. I also wouldn’t be too hard on the Chinese person for speaking English. They may not have thought your French friend was American and simply spoke English because it is an international language.

          • Brett Hunan

            anon, I think he used “not all white people are American” as a generalization to mean “not all white people speak English”.

            I know how many foreigners think, but for me, I would rather people address me first in their native language. If I don’t respond, than they can try English. It is annoying sometimes, waiting while listening to someone struggle to spit out a simple sentence in English, when we can easily converse in Chinese.

            In my mind, when people randomly speak English to me, my feelings are:
            1. They assume I can’t speak their language
            2. If assuming I can’t speak, it means they also assume I never bothered to learn, meaning I don’t care anything about the country, culture, or people there
            3. They want other people around to hear them speak English
            4. They just want to try and talk to a foreigner

            I guess I get offended because I spent countless hours studying Chinese and Korean so that I would be able to adjust well while living in either place. I studied the history and the culture and I observe how locals do things so I can follow suit.

            Have you ever spoken Chinese to someone and they respond in English? It happened to me both in China and Korea… so weird.

          • anon

            I understood the “not all white people speak English” part. I don’t think I said anything about that?

            Right, you prefer that they start with their native language but I think there are more foreigners who don’t understand Chinese than do so a Chinese person trying to speak English off the bat is more out of polite consideration of probability. They, most of the time I imagine, simply don’t know you can understand and speak Chinese. I agree its laborious to hear some of them try but fail and I’ll interject with Chinese in some of those instances too, but I don’t hold it against them.

            I don’t think they mean any ill or insult when they do that. I honestly believe the vast majority of the time it is them being both hospitable and humble (deferring to a guest). What’s offensive to me is when people in our home countries get impatient with immigrants trying to speak the local language, blasting them for not being more fluent.

            So I do think they assume you can’t speak their language but not out of malice. I don’t think assume you’re an ass who doesn’t care about their language, country, culture, or people. It’s more a pragmatic consideration on their part. They figure the odds are that your Chinese isn’t good and since they can speak some English, they’d be nice to a guest and defer to your language if they can. Thinking they think you’re an ass who doesn’t care is probably unjustifiably thinking the worse of them. I’d be offended if they did a Chris Tucker thing and tried to enunciate every Chinese (not English) word in an impatient and exaggerated fashion. #3 is thinking the worse of them. Probably true for some though, but not most. #4. Sure, lots of them want to try to talk to a foreigner, just like lots of foreigners want to try to talk to a Chinese person. Nothing wrong with that. Mutual interest.

            It’s good that you have an active interest in integration and assimilation of their language of culture. Just remember that I’m sure most of these people don’t automatically know that. As proud as many of them are of their language and culture, they generally are humble in the sense that they don’t currently really expect foreigners to learn it. They likely will when their country and culture becomes a lot more internationally powerful and influential. By that time, they’ll be wondering why you haven’t learned a lingua franca.

            To answer your last question, interestingly, the only time I’ve had a Chinese person respond to me in English after me speaking Chinese to them (and I think my Chinese is quite decent) was from Hong Kongers who initially spoke Chinese to me. In other instances, a Chinese person replying in English after me speaking in Chinese is because I encouraged them to go ahead and practice their English speaking while I practice my Chinese speaking. Most of the time, I get the usual compliments on my Chinese that I think other Chinese-speaking foreigners get when they demonstrate some Chinese language skill. I do like to think mine is more deserving of such compliments though. Haha.

        • chris

          wtf?!i thought i was the only doing it…must be my french roots…

        • dr love

          when i meet a frenchman, i always start by not saying anything.

          then i give them some french fries and a french kiss and then reach around to grab their french bread

          more pretentious french people. he is probably embarrassed cause he can’t speak english

        • Dawei

          Hello Brett,

          If I am in China, I would expect a Chinese Person to speak to me in Chinese – mei wenti.

          I would expect Chinese to assume I know English since I am “white”. French is not as widely spoken as English.

          I have had some Chinese friends tell me they think we all look alike. That does not offend me. Maybe people need to be a little Less Sensitive?

          My point is that the French guy who referred to is an insecure whiner (cry baby). Not all French people of course, but this is the reputation they have earned.

          If I was a French person in China and could speak Chinese, I can imagine I would rather speak French or Chinese, but I wouldn’t be a prick and speak to them in a third unrelated language. If someone came up to me and said “Hello”, I would answer “Ni Hao”, not “Kon’nichiwa”.


  • Cardaver

    I sometimes give fancy desserts to beggars, they probably get sick of plain boring-ass noodles and rice everyday… I don’t do it as often as I used to though, there’s so much homeless these days I’d go broke

  • ChineseFighter

    now he’ll get all the pussies and titties in that city

    • donscarletti

      Nope, it says it’s in Nanjing, China. No Chinese woman’s going to want to hang out with a guy with a scruffy beard that sits on the ground with beggars. Not when they’ve got fat officials and businessmen to fuck instead.

      • ChineseFighter


        thats exactly wat i meant

        • tinyzither

          Cool thing is, unlike a lot of (I’m obviously generalizing here) male American students studying in China, this guy’s not focused on banging Chinese girls. What a concept!

      • Alan

        That american boy is still better than those rubbish types of women imho.


    Chinks, whether they are from the mainland or ABCs, are generally out for themselves – that’s how the culture is. Can someone even name a Chinese philanthropist (oxymoron?) on the top of their head ? Yeah, didn’t think so…..

    • Steve

      Myself and my friends do a lot of community work. You must feel real good free-loading off the philanthropy work other white guys do don’t ya. When was the last time YOU did any philanthropy work FREDDY? Yeah, didn’t think so….

    • donscarletti

      Chen Guangbiao is the most famous, even though he makes a total cockbag of himself while he’s doing it.

      Yu Pengnian is a better example, he has donated over US$1B to charity so far (mainly medical treatment for poor people).

    • Capt. WED

      Maybe because you can’t think any off the top of you head is because you are from a culturally fascist place? Ever think about that?

    • Capt. WED

      you got all that from looking at some hippie looking fuck being kind to a begger on a random fucking day in a country of 1.3 billion?

      Please just go back to democracy, kick out all Chinks from your country, just get it over with. Or better yet, nuke these Chinks.

    • Alan

      Can someone even name a Chinese philanthropist (oxymoron?) on the top of their head ? Yeah, didn’t think so…..

      True, money without compassion.

    • Roy

      Jackie Chan

      • Patrick

        Zhang Ziyi – oh wait she stole the money didn’t she. Ok bad example. Oh what was that one girl who was showing off the car and all those nice handbags her sugar-daddy er, um uncle gave her along with that cool high-paying fake title with red cross china. There’s lots of kind hearted men like that in China!

  • Shanghairen

    The beggars I see seem to be doing pretty well. They seem to get about one yuan per minute, which is a rate several times higher than waiters and waitresses. This old beggar can surely buy her own food.

    • DRaY

      I used to feel bad for beggars in China, until i realized about 99% of them are full of shit scam artists. Ok there are some certifiable crazies on some of the streets in China, but there is not shortage of shitty jobs. after 10years travelling to this country, my heart is so fucking hard, homeless people, dirty kids and crying women dont even phase me, it’s all a scam!!!!! …. White boy must be new here.

  • Shanghairen

    The problem in China is that even if you help someone, you don’t get any credit for it. If you tell someone that their phone just got stolen, they might accuse you of stealing it (I know, why would a thief tell the person that their phone just got stolen? Doesn’t make sense, but people don’t really use logic here in case you haven’t noticed).

    I was at the gym and saw a guy bench pressing, and one weight was way close to the end causing that end of the bar to be much lower than the other bar, so the weight was almost falling off, which would have caused him to totally lose control of the bar. I went over and pushed the weight back towards the middle of the bar, and then the guy got up and was pissed off at me.

    I always ask people why, when i hold the door for someone, they don’t take it from me…they just walk as if some mysterious force is holding it…a force that could give way at any time. Some people said that people are afraid to acknowledge the fact that I have helped them, because then they think I could ask them for a favor, or a phone number or something.

    Beggars in Shanghai are getting out of control. They come up to people and touch them on the arm. If you push them away, they are indignant. When I’m drinking a Margarita on a beautiful spring day, the last thing I need is some lice-infested, dirty-as-fuck dude touching my arm. They come right into the McDonalds, too, taking up nearly all of the seating. I think some of them own a couple apartments in the city, but they want to rent out both or all of them to make more money.

    And there’s a guy at my neighborhood Starbucks that goes there every day at lunchtime, eats his leftovers from home with his mouth as open as possible making disgusting noises the whole time, never buys a coffee, and then takes a half hour nap…on one of the comfy chairs. One day this fucking asshole is going to get a very hot cup of coffee spilled on his 35-yuan Qipu Lu glossy-ass suit.

    And if you didn’t have any money in a city, do you think you’d invest in chalk to write about your sorry situation?

    And would you have the money to invest in a mobile karaoke machine to bring with you on the subway?

    People giving money to these bloodsuckers need to have their heads examined.

    • dawei

      The problem in China is that …

      Sounds more like the problem with Shanghai.

      Newsflash: People living in large cities are all assholes. Yes, even you.

  • American, Patrick Henry

    Mathew Chapter 25

    Jesus said,

    35For I was hungry, and you gave me food: I was thirsty, and you gave me drink: I was a stranger, and you took me in:
    36Naked, and you clothed me: I was sick, and you visited me: I was in prison, and you came unto me.
    37Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we you hungry, and fed you? or thirsty, and gave you drink?
    38When saw we you a stranger, and took you in? or naked, and clothed you?
    39Or when saw we you sick, or in prison, and came unto you?
    40And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Since you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.
    41Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, you cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:
    42For I was hungry, and you gave me no food: I was thirsty, and you gave me no drink:
    43I was a stranger, and you took me not in: naked, and you clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and you visited me not.
    44Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we you hungry, or thirsty or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto you?
    45Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Since you did it not to one of the least of these, you did it not to me.
    46And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

    • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

      Blah blah blah shit fuck piss lordie lordie I lynched me a negro.

      Get a real job you Gideon.

  • barack obama

    stupid white guy is obviously just doing it to get attention. what an idiot. OH LOOK AT ME AND HOW *COMPASSIONATE* I AM!! what a faggot. Fuck, to tell you the truth I give homeless people money sometimes but sitting down and chatting with them? That’s just fucking weird…he’s just a weirdo and everybody complements him and makes a big deal just because he’s white. Either that or he used to be a poor homeless hippie boy himself back in his native country. And all those people complementing him, why don’t you all go out and got have a 15 minute chat with some bum and poor them some tea? Then maybe give them a blowjob because that’s what they really want. Why don’t you help huh??? are you not compassionate enough???

    • pada

      He may think he’s Kelly Thomas, but where are the half a dozen real bad cops? Just a stinking cunt-show, by an Armenian, or American. Is there still difference now between debt-ridden Armenia and the same debt-ridden America? Darn.

  • Capt. WED

    I gave beggers money that not good enuff for you people?

    Am I perma banned for doing what CB was doing?

  • Capt. WED

    In all seriousness fuck this guy. This is American fascism–a bunch of fucktards who exists and thinks and interact with the world at the most superficial level; views everything through the lens of ethnocentrism, without regard for any nuance. Then turns around and accuse of you being ignorant of their culture and being ethnocentric. fucking hypocrites.

    • Notorious

      actually captn, I think this guy would be the opposite of that. He’s probably some liberal tree hugging open minded young gentleman who likes people. I love guys like that. I’m american and I certainly don’t benefit from Fascism.

      Have you lost your innocence? Do you see every action as some surreptitious attempt at cultural hegemony? I think the young man is there to LEARN not to spread our american filth around the world.

    • moop

      you, like most people don’t seem to understand what fascism means, might i suggest the internet? you should at least have that down before you write something stupid

  • Capt. WED


    According to the rules of this website (and also of the Fascist America), a single incident with video evidence gives me an all powerful magical ability which allows me to say things like “Dear Americans, you aren’t like us! You are sub-human! Please stay the fuck out of the East.”

    “White people, are generally racist and violent religious freak of an individual – that’s how the culture is. Is the first person that’s racist and fascist off the top of your head not white???”

    • Anonynonymous

      What’s your problem?

  • Notorious

    Social climbers (ie, people still trying to reach the higher echeleons of society) tend to be the coldest to the people around them. Just remember, the people you step on on your way up will be the same ones you see on your way back down.

    These things are very common indeed, like when I leave my work place all the homeless people selling newspapers always know they can chat with me, smile or say hello. And even get a buck for a paper they know I already read because I bought it from them earlier that week. People who already have what they need in life tend to have fewer reseverations about being kind to people who have less than than others. It’s knowing when you are blessing and doing what you can in this life to make life even just the tiniest bit happier for others.

  • Notorious

    Here’s my only quibble with this picture is how brainwashed people in Asia. If the guy sitting on the curb was a black guy sharing a drink with an old granny would people have applauded him? Or would they have cursed him for disturbing the old granny or perhaps thought he was going to rob her later.

    Make a mental picture in your mind and what would be your first impression in that scenario?

    To Chinese people white people = good
    nonwhites (including other Chinese) = bad

    Reality is that,

    Anyone can be a good person with a big heart
    And anyone can be bad.

    I was driving home from work and saw four Asian women ,who looked chinese (not sure if they were, could either be Korean too), but they stopped this 50-ish year old white guy and asked him to take a picture by the Capital. Now I was thinking, oh they want him to take their picture but instead they took turns taking pictures with him. And I’m like hell, they think all white people are celebrities, then I giggled and kept driving.

    • Capt. WED

      I don’t want to get into it it’s like some tourist going to China and wanting to take a picture with the locals. I said some because no none on this website would claim they want to take pictures with the locals.

      Maybe it’s similar to that don’t you think Notorious?

      Maybe Asian act differently in this regard, different customs and ides you know. Don’t you think that’s a tad ethnocentrist to think some other place will have the exact same beliefs and customs or aka “logical” sense in accordance with your own set of rules? Not every place has the same experiences which means they can’t all be the same.

      • Notorious

        yeah I would take pictures with everybody in china lol especially if I visit some tourist place. But… I viewed the women differently because I feel like chinese people, even the ones who hate white people also worship and want to be like whites. Now, I know many years ago black people were same way until they became more “conscious” during the “black is beautiful” movement back in the 80s. Back when a light skin black person was considered prettier than a darker one, etc. So I tend to think of such behaviors as self-negating especially since at least on this web site, I never see any of the chinese people speak highly of other chinese people and seem to view “white” characteristics favorably, even when you have white people who come here to speak of asians with some disdain. That’s why I regarded the women’s behavor as silly. maybe I’m wrong for that and they were just having fun.

        • Capt. WED

          I never see any of the chinese people speak highly of other chinese people and seem to view “white” characteristics favorably, even when you have white people who come here to speak of asians with some disdain.

          I’m having a hard time comprehending this. Do you mean Chinese people living in America? Or do you mean actual Chinese people and do you think they think in terms of “this person look better because he ‘white’ looking.” There are many different groups in China: there is the middle class in the big cities, middle class in rest of the country, young people, old people, rural people, city people, etc. There is not one singular group in China with with the same economic and education level where you can make the sort of assessments that you are making. That there is there is a unified effort behind government and media to basically exposure the entire Chinese population to white worship. (LOL did I just write that???) Basically a rural migrant worker and a shanghai ren will have very different outlooks. AND most importantly there is no “media conspiracy” in China like in America. Dude seriously you have the exact same views as white nationalists except with a few key words interchanged.

          Again I think you’re off the mark with your assessments.

          • Capt. WED

            BTW, Chinese libtards are super retarded. THEY ARE SERIOUSLY RETARDED. They are ignorant about everything. They don’t have any clue whatsoever.

            It’s like they may enjoy some rock songs, but have no idea that the rock songs have lyrics that make fun of their retarded country, and them.

            Chinese libtards.

          • Notorious

            im referring specially to the people I encounter on this web site. I try not to assume the views of a few represent all.

        • Foreign Devil

          “Back when a light skin black person was considered prettier than a darker one”

          I don’t have the impression this has changed any. It’s just vocalized as much but it’s acted upon. All the most famous black female vocalists are “light skinned blacks”.

          • Notorious

            Nah… we have many many dark skinned beauties that are super famous. the only “light skinned” famous people for example that are out there is beyonce (even her bandmand for destiny’s child is Kelly Rowland was dark skinned, as well as the other, Michelle). Beyonce has been criticized by the black media twice for appearing too light skinned in the Loreal makeup ad and also in another ad just a few weeks ago.

            Then you have singer Ciara, and she is a lighter skinned black woman. Halle Berry is biracial but she’s more of a caramel color. No two black people are the same color in the United States. Mariah Carey is to me, light skinned and nobody really considers her “beautiful” just high maintenance. Zoe Saldana is a bit on the light side, but depends on whose the judge. Foreigners and non-blacks only see the main few stars who are light skinned but all the real famous actors are at least coffee colored and thus, not technically light skinned.

            back in the day, black people showed this preference for light skinned blacks among each other whereas a bit later (after the black is beautiful movements) people embraced dark skin and afros (or natural afro puffy looking hair). Suddenly Wesley Snipes was HOT and Taye Diggs was HOT (all the super dark black men) whereas, an actor like Cuba Gooding Jr who was a bit fairer skinned was never a sex symbol.

            In fact, blacks sort of punished lighter skinned blacks to prove they were not pretty just because of their complexion. Look at the names I was called growing up and I’m not even light skinned compared to some people. I was called “High Yellow” or “red bone” when I would consider myself to be darker than that, coffee or mocha complexioned.

            So peoples perception of beauty changed over time in the black community. now no one cares if the girl is light or dark, just as long as she’s “hot” same goes for the guys.

    • TheBigWhite

      The chinese just realize that everything they have, all that built their infrastructure and all that helps in their daily life comes directly from the white master race. Also they’re happy they didn’t get obliterated by the awesome white fury during WW2 like their brother japs did.

      • Capt. WED

        a little bit truth on a superficial level. Most of that was done through the exploitation of the world. You ride on the coat tail of a few brilliant individual. Your problem is your own greed.

        You cannot have it all, you can’t try to hold the high moralist ground (ie being Jesus) and also act like the devil. Oh wait, that’s your history. I forgot.

  • Notorious

    When I was younger I used to be scared of homeless people. Or people who “looked homeless”. When I was around 18 I went to visit a cousin who lived in the “hood”. There were all these bums around just standing on the corner drinking 40 oz beers or smoking. So my cousin and I was walking to the store and hanging out and I had this nervous feeling in my stomach. But all of they would call her by her nickname, ‘Tey and she would know each and every bum by name. Then she would mess with them, throw stuff and then they would chase her around, dust flying off of their clothes. After about a year and a half of hanging out with this cousin I knew all of those same bums by name lol and every time we would walk to the store we would pick up plastic bottles, throw them and make them chase us. Then they would say “I better not see your scrawny ass around here tomorrow!” then they next day they would forget all about it and we’d do it again.

    There was one lady who looked homeless but she wasn’t (face looked like it caught shrapnel from a landmind or something), she lived in this cheap basement apartment in my aunt’s building. She used to come upstairs and asked to borrow stuff. So she’d say (scratching her fleas or whatever) “Hey ya’ll can I borrow some bread, I’m gonna make a peanut butter sandwhich”.
    We’d give her bread.
    Then five minutes later she’d come back and say
    “Can I borrow some peanut butter?”


    Truth be told, all of those people were really sweet. Except, when my aunt died we went to her house and saw her clothes all over the neighborhood. They went into the house and took stuff, and so we’d see something and say “there’s my aunty’s shirt”, “Oh look, there are her shoes…”

    • moop

      “Truth be told, all of those people were really sweet. Except, when my aunt died we went to her house and saw her clothes all over the neighborhood. They went into the house and took stuff, and so we’d see something and say “there’s my aunty’s shirt”, “Oh look, there are her shoes…””

      seems like they were just pretending to be sweet because you and your family were giving them things. once the opportunity arouse they broke into your dead aunt’s house and looted her things. doesn’t sound very sweet to me

      • Notorious

        we didn’t want the stuff. we were too hurt by her death and could not bear to use any of her things anyway. but yeah they looted the hell out of us, i even saw a few of my belongings on people. but you know what, that’s to be expected in a poor neighborhood.

  • Jim The Canadian

    OMG! How can people praise this guy for trying to poison an old Chinese beggar in the streets of Nanjing. You people don’t get the message? Young American imperialist trying to corrupt/poison old Chinese beggar with junk food. There is no compassion here, only trying to help the old lady to die quicker from food poisoning…

    • Notorious

      …notice how she is unconscious after drinking the water!

      Dun Dun Duuuuuun!

  • Kim Jung iLL

    These are very common in the west, even in Europe. When a Chinese treat you well, they expect return. Either that, they ignore you if they don’t know you. This is call hypocrite and is in most Chinese blood. Can’t be help.

  • DiabloKill

    Theres a white guy…. hes gotta be American and handsome!!! HAHAHAHA… that’s funny, where are the news about the Brazilian who stoped a robbery and got a reward for that??

  • Chad

    “For foreigners this may be a very ordinary thing yet it is something that has brought us so much warmth.”

    LOL. Yeah we all sit around beggars and sing kumbaya all the time. How incredibly brainwashed some of these folks are.

    • Notorious

      only the liberals do this stuff. the others… well they just tell the homeless to get a job lol or hold their breath when they walk by. who knows, what if that guy stole that poor woman’s water hehe

      • moop

        lies. research has shown conservatives give more to charity than liberals. liberals want to give away other people’s money. liberals are SO charitable with other people’s money.

        • Notorious

          a conservative must have ran that study and they only give to charity so they can GET a tax break and write it off. lol if you want to benefit from america, that military which protects us, the police, and all of those roads we drive on then pay taxes. otherwise, end up like a 3rd world country where nobody gives a shit about the well being of their fellow man then sit around wondering why they are in such a shit hole. every man for himself! Social darwinism lol

          • moop

            the research was written by a professor at syracuse, with empirical evidence, versus stereotypes as your comment above. who cares about the tax break issue? it has a cap anyways. i’d rather the money go to a charity than to go into fighting illegal wars.

          • Notorious

            i agree with fighting wars, but again that was a conservative idea of preemptively fighting with iraq. i dont’ mind republicans but i do mind social conservatives and tea baggers who have hijacked the party and made fascism the order of the day. they have really stunk up the whole party.

          • moop

            obama’s administration has been more akin to fascism even more than bush. neo-cons are not conservative. ron paul is a conservative. rush limbaugh, cheney, etc are neo-cons. barry goldwater was a conservative. i’m not quite sure how tea party fits in to fascism, seems like a visceral reaction to me. neo-cons you can make a case for fascism and won’t get an argument from me. social conservatives like santorum who want to outlaw gay marriage are just as bad as liberals who want to force their morality on others. morality should not be legislated. more or less nationalizing GM sounds like facism to me, the government choosing which businesses win and lose sounds more like facism to me. but now people like to use the more pc-friendly corporatist label. i guess the chosen one should get a pass though since america was in troubled times.

          • Notorious

            Obama? a fascist? more like a puppet who doesn’t have an original thought in his head because he’s too busy trying to appease the republicans who will NEVER be pleased even if he takes on one of their ideas, they then turn around and say they hate it. Obama is more conservative than any democrat we have had and that’s saying a lot, after Clinton.

            Ron Paul is a libertarian, not a conservative. He simply believes in the government staying out of everything and if I had to pick a view, it would be his even though it goes against all of my socialist ideals. Jesus was a socialist who believed in paying taxes and helping the poor :) And yet, these conservatives run around with bibles talking about the exact opposite.

            What people fail to understand is balance. We need a little conservatism and a little socialism. Too much of one or the other is a bad thing.

          • moop

            ron paul calls himself a conservative, i think he uses the word “true conservative”, his ideals more or less line up with libertarian ones as do mine. my point in my first post is that your comment on liberals are the only people to do charitable things is nonsense. as far as jesus is concerned we can speculate all we want, but i’m not sure that looking to the state to fulfill one’s needs goes hand in hand with looking to god. socialism more or less makes an idol of government. “render unto to ceasar what is ceasar’s and unto god what is god’s” is what i assume you base this on? i doubt he encouraged his jewish brethren to give taxes to the same government that was slaving them and oppressing them in their own lands. the ceasar and his taxes were of the world, god’s kingdom and authority are not of this world. his answer is reflected in this. to put christ into a political party or ideology is pretty lame, and makes jesus into something he was not which is of the earth, and as a former christian, i would say that i would have been offended at the notion of basically sucking the divinity out of jesus by labeling relegating him to a political ideology. his concerns were not of the world because he was not of the world john 18:36. but now i’m an agnostic christian moralist i suppose. i like the jeffersonian bible, you should check ti out
            here’s one take from a war-tax protester: “We are against war and do not wish to aid the war effort by conscription or by paying war taxes to the government. Doing so only helps to strengthen and perpetuate the war machine. Matthew 22:21 Jesus said “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” Romans 13:1 “Let every person be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God and those which exist are established by God.” If the law of the land is that everyone must pay war taxes then that is what we must do. It is the law! We should however, work and pray extremely hard to change the law. The ideal situation would be to have the law abolished. The alternative would be to have a choice of designating our portion of the war tax towards efforts of peacemaking. This route would be a more lawful, constructive, and positive effort”

  • @JoyceTayRicky: I know him, his name is Jason (陆杰森) he is an American studying at Nanjing University with the Chinese Flagship Program, and I am not at all surprised that he would do this :)

    • lonetrey

      wait, really? D’awww what a nice guy! :D

      He really is an inspiration ^^;

  • Dat Ankle

    Who ever made that post must have nationality xray version because for all I know he can a white Canadian dude or a white Hispanic guy.

  • Dawei

    Nimen Zao,
    On a recent trip to China, I was stopped twice in Hangzhou by people telling me they moved here for work and had no money for food.
    If they are asking for money, I say hello and keep walking, but I have trouble ignoring and walking past someone who says they are in trouble and haven’t eaten.
    Perhaps they saw a white (American?) face and simply wanted free food?

  • Cool Matt

    Problem is the fake beggars. I would be more caring if i knew these people really needed it. But can’t tell the difference so I just don’t anymore.

  • Lee

    This is American imperialists plot to shame the Chinese people.

  • Gay Azn Boi

    He’s cute :p

  • Castro

    sweet ol’ granny says…..

    ‘Where’s the fkn ketchup, Beeyotch !!’

  • i just saw this picture several days before on sina weibo, cool to see it here, by the way, i totally agree with the foreign, i think we Chinese people should see this and learn from it.

  • Li Peng

    Beggars are almost always part of a criminal gang scamming people. Fuck them. Throw the beggar off a bridge into a river.

  • Burn

    Happened in Beijing to me:
    I was approached by two girls, who said they were not local and needed money for food and train ticket – you know, the usual bs. I was in pretty good mood, so I didn’t ignore them like usual, but gave them 100rmb. They took it, put them in their purses and said “thank you, but can you give us more?”. I said “no”, but the next thing happened that almost all the people that were standing by the bus station surrounded me and also asked for money. These people weren’t poor, I guess they thought they met a “stupid rich foreigner” stereotype. I went away, but those people followed me a very very long way (happened at WangFuJing – the NanjingDongLu of Beijing).

  • Johnny Basic

    Comment by ‘AngeJasel微博达人’: “When I go abroad, I too want to be a credit to/win honor for my country.”

    Don’t walk before you can crawl matey…you and all your Chinaman compatriots would be much better off, if you want to improve your standing with laowai, by not acting like such a moronic herd of abrasive sheeple in your OWN country first!

    Forget about trying to 争光 abroad, putting a stop to the retarded carnival of the grotesque that Chinamen act out in front of laowai and your Chinese ‘compatriots’ from HK/TW/MC every single day is much more of a pressing issue!

  • lonetrey

    Awww. This is a sweet article. Seriously like the pictures presented here; Keep up the great work Fauna! :D

  • Anonynonymous

    Just a hipster wannabe, nothing to see here.

  • nameless

    lol this media blast of liang xing is almost as enterntaining as watching somone try to make a pig fly. TV last night had a show of people witnessing some pick pocket and the reaction of the people that witnesses it. there were 2 out of 8 people that really stood up the rest did nothing until pressed to act. They should have photoshoped a big mac into the picture.

    Also note to chinese, dont expect me to give you free french fries when you come to NYC.

    • anon

      Why? Those PSAs work just as they have in the US. Not immediately but over time they do help improve civic-mindedness. I wouldn’t say its like making pigs fly.

  • Alanood Burhaima

    That is so nice of him! if it was me, I’d probably prefer eating my fries while watching a sort of tv series rather than chatting with a beggar.

    But srsly think about it, what if that “American” or laowai was a chinese person instead? would he be posted on Weibo? become the center of attention?
    No, people would probably pass by and assume that he’s the beggar’s “scheming partner” or smth idk… Hey! there are still good people in China :)

  • Vakeesan

    @电影工厂: A handsome American young man, sitting in front of a McDonald’s, shared a bag of french fries with an old granny beggar, the two of them sitting on the ground, happily chatting, this is the most touching story I have seen today.

    ….lol…A handsome American, Skinny…White…Un shaved beggar.

  • elenore

    Articles on chinasmack make China look like a really depressing place. Seriously? Giving a homeless person a meal can’t be news?

    • Capt. WED

      it’s not fucking news. It’s some internet bullshit about some foreigner. Reason why it’s even commented becasue it’s foreigner are still a thing.

      Man I hate this fucking website and all you fucks who reads it. ALL OF YOU!!!

      • moop

        let me drink the sweet milk of your tears

      • chris

        he just wanted a blowjob from the useless chinese whore

    • Capt. WED

      Your stupid post make you look like a depressed & wrinkly old hag… Get you sagging titties out of my face…

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  • xiao qian youngmoney

    he is an American, currently a student at 南大 university, under the highly renowned U.S. National Chinese Flagship Program