Young American Shares Fries & Chats With Old Chinese Beggar

An American young man sits and chats with an old Chinese beggar in Nanjing.

An American young man sits and chats with an old Chinese beggar in Nanjing, sharing some McDonald's fries with her.

On Sina Weibo…

@当时我就震惊了: Love has no borders: In front of the Guangzhou Road McDonald’s by Nanjing University in Nanjing city of China, a handsome American young man purchased two orders of french fries and gave one to an old granny beggar. The two of them sat on the ground, happily eating and chatting, and he even poured water for the granny. This heartwarming scene, where humanity has already crossed the barriers of language, when we Chinese people can relax the indifference we have developed towards that which is external to us, then society will have truly become harmonious! [爱心传递]

@电影工厂: A handsome American young man, sitting in front of a McDonald’s, shared a bag of french fries with an old granny beggar, the two of them sitting on the ground, happily chatting, this is the most touching story I have seen today. [心]

@南方都市报Compassionate French Fry Brother, Nanjing University Foreign Student: In front of a McDonald’s, a foreigner purchased two orders of french fries and gave one to an old granny beggar. The two of them sat on the ground, happily eating and chatting. This foreigner is a foreign student at Nanjing University, named Jason. He says: “Everyone in our lives need our respect. Sitting down and chatting with an elderly can let her know that there are people in this world who care about her.”

A young American man pours water for an old beggar in Nanjing, chatting and sharing fries from McDonald's with her.

The McDonald's and old Chinese woman beggar.

Comments on Sina Weibo (1 & 2):


I feel very ashamed…


This kind of thing, several years ago, I’ve done before… It’s just that present-day me will probably hesitate for a long time before doing this. Yes, I’ve changed, changed to where I don’t have the boldness to go completely trust a person.


A very common scene, but seeing it is still very touching. Scatterbrained Chinese society does have a shortage of this kind of human spirit of equality and decency.


For foreigners this may be a very ordinary thing yet it is something that has brought us so much warmth.


I can’t bear seeing this kind of scene. Although it is heartwarming, it is too cruel.


Very compassionate, truly wish this was a fellow countryman. Sigh.


These days, our first reaction upon seeing a beggar on the street is to wonder if they’re frauds. This society has taught us too many bad things, where we’ve forgotten the good…


May I ask how it was determined that this is an American????


Actually, I’ve always been indifferent towards beggars on the street, but seeing these two photographs truly have left a special impression upon me!


Compassion, is this simple. It just depends on whether or not you will exercise it.


~The people who see these images and are resharing/forwarding it are all people who have been moved but have never done this kind of thing before.


This is called equal respect, and our countrymen only know how to say it but not do it.


That “Have a lawsuit, talk to Lawyer Li” advertisement in the background is so inharmonious…


PS‘d, impossible.


I’m not shocked at all, foreigners’ characters are all like this!


Americans are simply humane. When I go abroad, I too want to be a credit to/win honor for my country.


So heartwarming, Chinese people, let’s all learn from this…


So heartwarming. So selfless. I too want to go give a foreign beggar a dumpling. What do you guys say? Haha, just joking. This is very compassionate.


Foreigners actually are just more compassionate than Chinese.


Nothing shocking, it is society that taught us to be indifferent.


American Imperialism won’t even spare our old ladies.


A Gary Locke to put the government officials in place, and now a French Fry Brother to put the people in their places, those American imperialists are too sinister! [嘻嘻]


I finally understand why Chinese people all want to emigrate.


What are they chatting about? [思考]

What do you think? Have you ever sat down and talked to a beggar?


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