British Man Beat Up For Sexually Assaulting Chinese Girl

A British national lies on the street with his shirt ripped after being beaten by several Chinese men for sexually assaulting a Chinese girl in public.

A British national lies on the street with his shirt ripped after being beaten by several Chinese men for sexually assaulting a Chinese girl in public.

With already nearly 3 million views and 50k comments since it was uploaded a day ago…

On Youku:

Laowai, we’re going to kick your ass out of China!

Where: Beijing city 100 meters south of the Xuanwumen subway entrance opposite the Sogo Department Store. When: 2012 May 8th around 23:20 [11:20pm]. At the time, Big Brother [referring to self] was getting off work and closing the shop and a Little Brother [referring to a younger man] ran over in a panic, “Big Brother, hurry, there’s someone crying for help over there”. At the time, Big Brother didn’t think much about it, because when the road is not level, Big Brother will go level it [when one sees a problem, one does something], and quickly rushed to the scene, but what bitterly disappointed Big Brother was that there were so many people there on the side of the road watching but not doing anything. The scene did not allow for much thought, it had to be stopped, otherwise the consequences would truly be unimaginable, so Big Borhter and another “see injustice and do what is right” friend, and a Little Brother bravely went forth. Cao, Big Brother is Chinese, and every citizen of China is Big Brother’s brother and sister, so how can Big Brother tolerate them being bullied/taken advantaged of by others? Big Brother was put on this earth to fight bad guys! I want to tell all the sisters of our motherland: “The night is dark, your family is waiting for you to return home; The day is late, don’t go out alone, and especially when it is summer, don’t dress so revealingly! You may not know that there is a pair of eyes is behind you staring at you, so listen to Big Brother and go home!”

—-They all call me Big Brother

Last night, a video of a drunk man near Xuanwumen who had sexually assaulted a girl being stopped by passersby captured everyone’s attention, who asked what had happened. From police investigations, on 2012 May 8th around 11pm, a foreign national male began molesting a woman in public after drinking. When passersby saw, they stopped him and called the police. The police immediately rushed to the scene and arrested the man. Afterward, the police put him in a detainment room for him to sober up and is currently being detained for investigation in accordance to law. This man is a British national and holds a tourist visa. At present, this case is currently in legal proceedings.

The last paragraph above is a copy of the statement issued by Beijing Police through their official Sina Weibo account (@平安北京).

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A copy on YouTube:

This video of course spread on Sina Weibo, China’s most popular microblogging platform, and the following post has been reshared and forwarded over 80k times with over 17k comments since it was posted last night…

@北京人不知道的北京事儿: Beijing brothers, remember this laowai‘s face! In the future, beat him each time you see him!!! 2012 May 8th around 23:20 [11:20pm], in front of the Xuanwumen SOGO, a laowai raping a Chinese girl was beat up by people.

A screen capture from a video taken of a British man apparently sexually harassing a resisting Chinese girl on a street in Beijing.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


Beat him to death!


Fucking bastard!


All of Beijing, human flesh search this beast.


Him lying there is just pretending, give his face a few kicks. CNM.


Isn’t this what these Chaoyang girls wish for?


Motherfucking stupid cunt laowai… get the fuck out of China, get the fuck out of Beijing. [怒][怒]


Just during noon today we were talking about the character problems of laowai in China… a group beating is letting him off easy! It is no longer the era of girls preferring to find laowai, so get lost back to wherever you came from, Beijing doesn’t welcome you! [鄙视][怒][哼]

王小闹-随时闹 :

Is this real?


How can this kind of thing happen on an open street of China’s Beijing! Intolerable! Inexcusable! Beating you up it definitely fucking letting you off easy! If it were up to the city residents to decide, you’d definitely not be leaving Beijing with your JJ!!


@平安北京 [@pinganbeijing, the official Beijing public security bureau microblog account], this laowai will have to do prison time, right?


How come this girl isn’t resisting? At the beginning of the video, why is she just waiting for him to rape her? What are your two hands for?


When encountering trouble in China, definitely don’t expect passersby to help.


This has to be reported to the police, deporting him is the minimum that must be done, and must remember to keep a record so he will never be allowed back in!


This is all over Xiaonei [a Chinese social network].


Some laowai are chivalrous, some laowai are immoral~ Girls, don’t blindly worship the foreign!! There are plenty of shameless foreigners!! Like this bastard, if I was present, I’d turn him into an eunuch!


Sentence him to 3 years for attempted rape, no commuted sentence, no parole, and let those in the prison who engage in homosexuality torment him to death every day…

zhegebucuo: (responding to above)

They don’t dare… in the end, they’ll do a public disturbance and 7 days later he’ll walk free, or pretend to deport him… trust me, it’ll be one of these two.


This will make things difficult for the Party and government.


MD, where did all of Beijing’s men go? After all that time there was only one real man? And why was there even a fucking blond-haired guy stopping the real man? Was he a Chinese traitor!?


Look at that image, does that look like rape? If she really wants to resist, she’d close her two legs, and if he thrusts, she could use her hand and just twist his cock, could he succeed then? Looks more like they’re making an AV [adult video], and that girl is really enjoying it.


This morning @平安北京 [Beijing Police] made an announcement confirming this incident, and that the drunk laowai has already been arrested… If this the sexual assault was done by a Chinese person, or if you happened to pass by, would you have acted?


[They] already know China’s officials don’t dare to do anything against laowai, so they’ve already started bullying/taking advantage of us in our own homes, but fortunately there were passersby who seek to do the right thing.


Fuck, just kill him! Look at how wretched and despicable he looks, fucking disgusting! Where the fuck are China’s men? Letting a laowai terrorize the streets in Beijing, and there’s even someone who stops [the other man from beating up the foreigner]! Are all of China’s men dead???!!!


Punish him in accordance with Chinese law.

A British national lies on the street with his shirt ripped after being beaten by several Chinese men for sexually assaulting a Chinese girl in public.

Comments on Youku:


This kind deserves to be beaten, but that Brazilian man in Guangdong deserves to be given support!


I would first watch him finish raping her then beat him up. This way, there are four advantages: 1. Live AV [adult video, porn]. 2. He’ll have lost his strength and it’ll be easier to beat him up. 3. More convenient for collecting evidence. 4. That’s it.


It’s said that a lot of people were just looking on from the side of the street, no one going forward to help. It wasn’t until the boss of a hair salon who had just finished drinking was called to come see what was happening that someone went forward to stop it. What is wrong with this society, to allow a laowai to bully and humiliate our girls on our territory. I don’t dare to imagine how if this didn’t happen in Beijing, this girl might have actually been humiliated and dishonored right on the open street.


Beijingers are too merciful, here we would’ve dragged him to where there’s no people, beat him to death, and then throw him into the river.


Saw this video on Renren [a Chinese social network], totally shameless to the limit. This person should just be executed on the spot.


Was that girl originally with the laowai? If so, then her dream of going abroad has been ruined.


I bet that woman isn’t anything good either, otherwise this kind of thing wouldn’t happen out on an open street.


I’m very curious, how come that girl wasn’t resisting before?


If this British pervert were in America, American passersby would’ve long ago shot him dead. Guns are legal in America, reporting to the police is just to have them clean up and burn the body… Our China is considered very courteous/tolerant!!!


white trash!


This kind of thing happens and still Chinese passersby are so calm, even asking, and filming. If it were me, I would’ve gone up and kicked him already.


[Responding to a few people who think the video is fake] Fake?? Yes, there are indeed fake videos, but not all videos are fake. Please don’t think you’re so clever.


The girl is wearing way too little so late at night. Girls these days all like exposing themselves.


There are odd things about this, a lot of questions, can’t rush to conclusions, must wait for results.


How come the middle is cut out!? Is it because you’re embarrassed to let everyone see how a single laowai defended against over ten of you!? And then you cockily upload this to take credit? Winning the support of innumerable insecure Chinese people, satisfying your petty and low self-esteem, right…?

wuqingcaonima: (responding to above)

Please use your brain, if he went up to fight the guy, would he still have time to film?

乡村鬼畜: (responding to above)

You Chinese people are the best at the many bullying the few…


At the end, they should’ve pissed on this animal’s face.


I’m very curious…that one guy wearing white at the end, if he wasn’t already lying on the ground, would you still have the courage to go up [and attack him]…?


These kind of people truly embarrass their country.

What do you think?

A British national lies on the street with his shirt ripped after being beaten by several Chinese men for sexually assaulting a Chinese girl in public.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Brett Hunan

    There is no beginning to the video, so we dont know if that is the entire story or full truth…. if it was true he deserved every second of that beating and for his face to be put on the internet. Good for the guys that helped her.

    • anon

      There are a lot of questions and unknowns. For example, we do know that the girl was crying, pleading, and saying she doesn’t know him. This alone presents two conundrums: 1) Can we trust the girl? 2) Does it matter as long as the girl says “no?”

      There’s all sorts of hypothetical possibilities but I’m afraid this conversation is going to revolve around stupid knee-jerk racial bashing anyway.

      • Brett Hunan

        I thought I heard her crying “I dont want [to do it]” or something close… im on my phone viewing this video in the subway so I could be wrong.

        Either way, does anyone know if she knew him previously? One website I read said he followed her from the subway to the street.

        I think regardless, pulling up a girls skirt and rubbing her crotch with his was deserving enough of a beatdown. Ever heard of public indecency?

        • anon

          I think there would be some mitigation of the circumstances if they did know each other and she merely pretended not to know him to get him in trouble with the guys who arrived. Such things have happened (as have men forcing themselves on girls of course).

          Yeah, he’s at least guilty of public indecency.

          • anon

            I’m going to put this update in a reply to my own comment at the top of this monstrosity of a comments section in hopes people will see it before wading into the cesspool of wishful thinking and conspiracy theorizing below that I can no longer be bothered with:


            The 8 comments on that post are also dominated by conspiracy theorists who still insist this was staged. It’s undeniable that there are a lot of questions to be asked based on the video alone, but what we seem to have here is this guy having been locked up and now being formally deported for his actions. Unlike a lot of the racists who spilled in clamoring that he’s not really British but “Pakistani”, he also appears to be of Egyptian descent.

            Of course, conspiracy theorists tend to feel validated by information that challenges the theory they’ve vested themselves into, so unfortunately, they may now insist this is all just a cover-up. Yet still, absent even a shred of evidence.

            Some people are claiming the absence of a name is suspicious and evidence of it being staged or covered up. That’s not actually true as the Chinese media and government DOES withhold names of criminals in many instances (while publicly shaming others, its not mutually exclusive) as we’ve seen in countless articles. In this sort of potentially racially sensitive situation, withholding the name of the British national would’ve been prudent.

        • SuperHappyCow

          What kind of fucking phone are you using in the subway?

          • Brett Hunan

            Galaxy Note LTE… I’m not riding the Chinese subway, if you meant that there is no service there. Korea keeps me connected.

      • Brett Hunan

        Heard it clearly… “buyao buyao wo burenshi ta…”

        • moop

          apparently they were on the subway together as well.

          some people are saying that the girl was a prositute and this was a set up, but then i saw people saying that was unconfirmed. i jumped the gun earlier. still seems strange. the guy clearly fought at least 3 people and is supposedly unconscious but there is no blood not even really marks on his face. the whole middle is missing.

          raping is bad enough, but who rapes under a traffic light on a busy road? it wasn’t even after midnight if the subway was still open. there’s just not enough of the video for us to see. this guy either way is a doucher in my book

          • moop

            the subway photo is not from the cameras inside the car, the angle is wrong, more likely a phone. kinda strange

          • pada

            Cops have already found the continued video evidences from subway moniters and cctv involving at least 4 victims. The offence could land the democratic British Patient behind the bars for 3 long years. Dont worry no laogai to screw whiteman there. :)

            Sad the “foreign immigrant worker” has ended up this way. He could’ve still been a workhorse for London Olympic Skyline, or at least contributing his patriot bit to re-constructing the swimming pool of 0.6m shorter, in order for spirited Philps not to brave the waves in canal. Shit!

          • Brett Hunan

            pada, maybe.

            I doubt he will get time. If he does I will be surprised. I’d imagine China will deport him on the cause of being “in danger”.

          • Gianna

            Whether they were together in the subway, or not, whether they knew each other or not, it is clear that he was doing something she didn’t want him to do. Who wants to get shagged out in the public in the middle of the street? It is clear that this guy was at least trying to rape her, and that she clearly was in a state of shock.

        • Interested

          If this is in Canton, no body would help just like shenzhen incidence. Northen Chinese is almost different ethnic group with different personality from southeners (2000 miles apart). 2000 miles apart in other part of world mean totally different nationalities (except new world colonies).

          AS foreigners, you better not mess with northeners. You can abuse southen Chinese as much as you want; and no body has guts there.

          • KDog

            Northern people are rough and rude. Very generous in my experience, but still rough and rude.. and patriarchal.. and aggressive.. myeah.. my beloved Shenyang…

          • The Dude

            I think you mean you don’t have guts here.

            As long as you can speak loudly in Chinese and fight you’ll be OK.

            … Unless they stab you of course. Or ten of them jump you. But they do that to each other anyway, so it’s equality.

            Passing taxis come in very useful.

          • pada

            When Beijinger Yang Jia stabbed 5 cops in Shnaghai, all esteemed expats shouted applause for Northerners. But when coming to westerner rapist caught with pants down, suddenly they fall silent or groaned “people got a hard-on sometimes right?”

          • anon

            China is a big place so different ethnic group is likely true, but while there are generalizations of differences between southerners and northerners, I don’t think they would really be that much different when it comes to foreigners behaving badly. It isn’t as if there haven’t been incidents of southern Chinese beating down foreigners or northern Chinese being onlookers and not taking action.

    • Brett Hunan

      Shit, the version I watched was missing the beginning. I take back the “full story” and “entire truth” part of what I just wrote… he deserved it.

      • anon

        Is there a full version or is it the same as above?

        • Brett Hunan

          I saw a shorter version than above. This one has the girl speaking in the beginning. I assumed they were the same so I posted eithout watching this one.

    • Alan


      Could have been a fight with pimps for all we know, let’s face it, scammers abound, especially in Beijing….

      Waiting for the whole story to come in yet, and not just the evil laowai should be offed reactionary rhetoric.

      • anon

        I think the dialogue in the video would suggest it wasn’t a fight with pimps…

        • moop

          you could make out something other than “肏你妈“? my laptop speakers aren’t the best in the world

          • anon

            Yeah, there was quite a lot more variations of profanity. But mostly after one of the Chinese guys restrains the other, the one holding the camera says something like “this stinking foreigner dares to defile our Chinese girls”.

            I like how you can hear the Brit groan on the ground a bit.

            Plus, I don’t think pimps would really film this and upload it online.

          • The Dude


            ‘mother fucker, get lost you stupid c*nt’… or variations to that effect. But pretty much that’s what the guy was saying. Also, something similar to ‘you think you can come to China and do that, you stupid c*nt’

            Anyway, it went on a bit, but it was more or less the same words in different forms.

    • Jeff

      So I’m not sure what is most pathetic – the video, the story, or some dumbass chinese kicking a man when he is down.

      And the girl looks like a hooker – but don’t ALL chinese females look like hookers?

      • B

        Fuck you man, i rarely defend chinese people but don’t go saying all chinese women look like hookers.
        Whats pathetic is the little beating he got. They should fuck him up totally, if i found a girl lying in the bushes yelling that “she dont want to and she dont know him” I crack his skull and his nuts, manual castration , that simple. The whole situation is so disgusting anyway, even if it wasnt rape he needs a fucking beating.
        臭老外 。

        • eddie9684

          come on man, you dont even know the full story..

          if your a dude and you have an argument with your gf on the street then she starts yelling the same crap and ppl beat u up and castrate you how would u feel about it lol. not saying thats the case but from the video we cant tell full details

          • anon

            I think he was reacting to Jeff’s retarded comment about ALL Chinese females looking like hookers.

          • Power

            It’s 100% apparent to me that this was no dumb argument but obviously a case of attempted molestation. Stop acting like a social retard, stop attributing manipulative actions towards all women. You sound like a limp-dicked faggot with insecurity issues. Learn how to spell, fucktard.

          • moop

            quit your belly-aching, let me drink the sweet milk of your tears ya pussy

      • choloboy

        So I’m not sure what is most pathetic – a faggot, hide behind the computer talking shit about the chinese women or some white trash motherfucker who go to china begging for some lousy teaching job

        And his white trash mother is a hooker running on the streets of shanghai begging for some chinese cock in her ass

        • anon

          The guy who tries to one-up him.

      • Power

        Chinese women only look like “hookers” to sick and twisted pedophiles such as yourself, Jeff. Any non-Asian who hypersexualizes the East Asian body has high pedophilic tendencies. From my experience, American and European women resemble hookers even in their natural form but this is exacerbated by their tendency to cake on excess make up (to hide premature wrinkles) combined with their affinity for skimpy outfits.

        • Gianna

          Hey! I’m European but I am not like that! Watch your mouth!

      • Gianna

        You are the epitome of ignorance, Jeff. Go hang yourself, please, or at least go put your head down the toilet and flush the water. I beg you.

    • Kou

      they just want to do it fast on the street, but they did not expect that these guys will come, then not to feel embarrassed she pretend not to know the Laowai and accused him of raping.. many chinese girls do it on the street even in the park, pathetic, even in the classroom , why don`t accuse this chinese guy of raping too if she feel ashamed?!!

  • sm

    he deserves it.

    • Phil

      So they even have chav scumbags on the streets of China now, too. They travel far, that lot.

      • KDog

        Uk’s new export! You know what, I’m alright with that.

    • Phil

      Sorry, that was meant to be a comment not a reply! >.<

    • Lydia

      She was asking for it.

    • Power

      Agreed. By the way, how did Chavs – the white trash of the British world – end up in Beijing? China really needs to increase their standards on ex-pats. Otherwise, they can expect crime rates, particularly those sexual in nature, to increase in their cities

  • Damn British rapists ruining it for the rest of us! xP

  • 骂人的是孙子

    I don’t see why he deserves any more attention than Chinese local rapists.

    • anon

      He gets more attention because people inherently expect foreigners to be on better behavior when guests of their country.

      But no, rapists are condemned regardless of where they are from and in whatever country they commit their acts. I don’t think you’ll get any Chinese people disagreeing with that.

      • pada

        This English Patient’ got attention since he travelled to China and intended to be as samaritan as all honoured expats here, but ended up almost like a gum-chewing libido driven marine in South Korea and handed over to a darn Chinese the title of samaritan, shit!
        We should all feel grateful to the movie-maker who obviously and kindly montaged the vet, leaving out the most savage and graphic part of real bad beating and stomping meant to punish his troublemaking little head instead of his skinhead. I only hope the nightmare in dark night wont follow all his miserable life and he’ll be back one day again, as a super man with a proud Z visa, to help poor Chinese realize Jasmine day-dream.

        • moop

          when you masturbate do you put the picture of hongjian on the ceiling or on the bedside table?

          • pada

            I don’t need a pic when jerking off. I only think of your beloved monkey-faced leader you must know who and then I’ve got all this little sweeties. :)))


          • moop

            oh, you’re a pada-phile. i get it now

          • pada

            You get it now? You’ve got absolutely no clue what the pic tell, ;)
            No wonder your type always help count the money for your president who just sold you. lol!

          • donscarletti


            Are you Catholic or something?

          • mr. wiener

            Why? Do Catholics also have Tourette’s syndrome?

          • donscarletti

            Nah, he’s pretending to be some guy who fathered like a dozen English kids and I’m just wondering why the hell someone would want that many kids.

          • pada

            donscarletti, clever you, almost realized that without these kids, Chinasmack will close down, lol!

  • wtf?

    1) why isn’t she resisting
    2) what is she slipping into her hand as the men come up. Is that a concealable tazer?
    3) Why can you see two pins of light on the mans shirt from time to time and especially before they cut to the street? Does the man have a tazer?

    If this is real, he is the worlds worst rapist and deserves all kind of punishment.

    But something about this video doesn’t look right.

    • anon

      1) I’m not sure we can judge if she’s resisting or not. She’s crying at least and he has his legs between hers.

      2) Uh, very unlikely its a tazer. Can’t tell what it is but it may be a mobile phone. She does seem to put it into the flowers though. But then when she gets up as the British guy is walking away, you see a pink casing in her left hand (did she pick her phone back up after putting it down?)

      3) I think those were just reflections from metal, maybe a belt or key chain. Unlikely a tazer again.

      • The Dude

        Isn’t it obvious to anyone that the pair of them are steaming drunk?

        I can’t understand why no one’s pointed that out yet. Not that it makes it right at all, but if you ask me he picked her up in a bar.

        She’s not talking like a coherent person, not as far as my hearing is going anyway.

        He still deserved far worse though.

        • anon

          I thought I had remarked just that, maybe in a comment physically lower in this thread. Some Chinese netizens commented that too. When I first saw this video, I was speculating they were in a bar together and had a falling out or something.

          But then it came to light that they were in a subway earlier and he was apparently behaving like a pervert to multiple people and not just her. I’m hoping to read more about that as I go down this thread.

    • Power

      Many women and girls (and boys and men) stop resisting rape due to fear of being further hurt/physically harmed. During prison rape for example, men will stop resisting anal penetration once they realize they will get beaten up or punched for resisting and fighting back. Some also try to “shut out” what’s happening mentally because they physically cannot remove themselves from the situation.

      • Boris

        You seem to know a lot about it.

      • Gianna

        Exactly, Power. As I said in a previous post, she was in shock. When people are in shock, they hardly display any reactions, or say anything coherent.

  • eattot

    i do not understand!
    1)if this girl and this fucker both got drunk?
    2)if they knew each other for some time already or met a few hrs ago?or he just wanted to rape her directly?
    3)if he wanted to rape her directly in street,why on one kicked his add instantly?i am not lying, i would do it,i am not scared of a drunk man let alone he is alone here.

    • jeffli

      1) He is under the influence of something.
      …..I can’t tell about her as she looks and sounds very distressed.
      2) from this we can not tell, but it doesn’t matter – NO MEANS NO! – even if she were his wifey!
      3)on this I fully agree with you! and if you wanted to kick his ass you would have to stand in line behind me.
      I can not tolerate cowardly men raping and attacking children, women, the weak and outnumbered. It could just as well been a 老外 or老内。I won’t make it a race thing, This is about equality of the sexes and Men imposing on women’s rights.
      This drunken man is wrong!
      So very wrong, the cheap bastard could spend a few British pounds sterling at the local cathouse (plenty of them in China – no offence) and have a great/mediocre time.

      The poor excuse for a man deserves what he got! No F’n on the streets! and No F’n when women don’t want it – common sense. It looked like he hadn’t actually started yet….
      his schlong wasn’t out,…. Why didn’t someone just kick him in the balls? All this talk about Shaolin pandas and stuff? Thank God that guy was a pussycat a real hard skinhead or homeboy or whatever would have slaughtered all of them with out breaking a sweat!

      It looks like the chinese guy at the end is just an opportunist who wouldn’t go near him if still standing.

      That drunken rapist pretends to be unconscious, well I’d pick him up and give him another serving, man to man fists square and fair.

      the first guy In the black shirt coming to the aid of the lady should be thanked! He’s solid man! I hope he would do those actions for anyone not just a F*** the bad laowai syndrome.

      That idiot at the end in the white T-shirt jumping on the drunk ….well he’s a gutless wonder too! Be a man and pick the drunk up of the ground and head butt him, piunch him on the nose! Jumping on someone when their down is just cat fighting.

      Actually I deplore all forms of violence…. even Warcraft… AMITOFO!

      • donscarletti

        “NO MEANS NO! – even if she were his wifey!”
        If you had a wife, you would know that interpreting her no to mean anything but exactly what she meant it to mean at the time is enough to get you a beating. This is why Eattot is asking for more information, while you are making ignorant male assumptions.

        • The Dude

          It’s a shame wives don’t take ‘no’ to mean ‘no’ when they’ve asked us if we’re going to go shopping with them.

          I call that ‘financial rape’.

          • Brett Hunan


          • Power

            Jokes like this don’t even make sense anymore. Are you American? We now live in a society where one-third of families have wives that make more $$$ than the husband. This disparity is even larger among younger adults in their 20’s and 30’s.

      • sum1notgettinggreencard

        if you look closely moron, the guy in the black shirt in the beginning and the guy in the white shirt at the end are the same person. look at his rolled up pants.

    • slim shady

      eattot open your mouth , im gonna shit in it

      • Brett Hunan

        You’ve already been banned from koreaBANG. Shooting for chinaSMACK as well?

        • Wait, koreaBang’s moderators actually stop trolls?

          I demand they stop associating with chinaSmack and casting a bad light on this site!

          They think they can insult the feelings of the entire Smacker nation???

          • Brett Hunan

            its a new site, i think they are trying to set the pace for the time being and hope that posters will pic up on it. I still enjoy both sites but I am enjoying koreaBANG more without slim shady.

          • anon

            I’m pretty sure chinaSMACK moderates trolls too. People like slim shady who leave substanceless one liners of profanity don’t tend to survive long here either. There’s just a lot more comments here.

          • Themigg – pointless and irrelevant videos with every comment coupled with outright base racism

            Hongjian – masturbatory fantasies of genocide with a gore fetish involving bayonets and female genitalia being pierced by them, occasional valid point doesn’t make up for it

            Retarded stalker troll – non sequitor comments, hypocritical racism, harrasment, obvious attempts to incite frustration by either using circular logic, changing the topic or involving personal relationships, creepy

            Thebigwhite – constant source of white supremacy racism, describes mental and physical abuse towards his alleged spouse quit frequently

            Coala Banana – constantly attacks any posters that are or might be female, passive agressively insults the rest with his constant diatribe of how his lifestyle is not only the most awesome, but the only right way, walls of repitious, nonsensical text

            Cleo – manages to twist everything into an angi-Japanese rant which muddles the topics and redirects the conversation

            Pada – fenqing whose comments are barely understandable and logic is doubly ridiculous, like Cleo except manages to twist everything into an anti-US diatribe thereby muddling the topic and ridecting the conversation on purpose

            Capt. WED – makes one point then procedes to spew out a dozen other comments in rapid succession laced with profanity, insults, non sequitors and hypocritical comments

            These are what I’d call established trolls on this site and every comment they make not only invites more trolls like slimshady, but discourages normal people with rational comments from contributing. After all, what’s the point of constructing a good house (argument/comment) when it’s just going to surrounded or overwhelmed by shit?

            As for moderation, what exactly is moderation in this case? Being forced to click a link in your inbow to verify your account as a “first time” commenter? Totally ineffective against someone who wants to shit all over a community for the sake of destroying it. Not to mention most of the really contributors have to that or have had to do that. Quick show of hands, who has to click a link for every comment?

            Anyways, if koreaBang can keep the trolls out than that’s awesome, makes me wish I had experience with Korea, then I’d visit there.

            Don’t get me wrong, I like to read the articles here and see the translated comments, but the comment section herehas more shit than a septic tank that’s over flowing. Noe explain how I’m wrong in a 15 paragraph pedantic explanation of how not everyone agrees or there’s more going on than meets the eye or there’s more good than bad, etc. etc…..

          • anon

            themig – Yeah, he should be banned, especially for the video spamming.

            Hongian – I disagree and I know its mostly because I see through the charade directly to his valid points, which aren’t just occasional in my opinion. I do think his charade counts as trolling though.

            Alan/Alain (I’m guessing) – He says some blatantly contradictory things and that’s definitely weird for its inconsistency but I think this is more of a personal vendetta thing. I do however agree he has harassed you repeatedly but really, you could be accused of the same logic problems. I don’t think he needs to be banned but he should be warned off harassing you. And no, not all of his responses to you are harassment.

            TheBigWhite – Haha, agreed, though I don’t know if he’d get moderated because of that racism clause in the comment policy. Maybe if its interpreted as trolling in addition to racism.

            Coala Banana – I don’t think I’ve ever really read his comments. Didn’t he start off by not even inserting paragraph breaks in his comments? Anyway, I have gotten the sense that he harasses people. But I haven’t seen him in a few days. Where is he?

            Cleo – Can’t remember much about this guy off the top of my head.

            Pada – Agree, don’t really know what he’s talking about most of the time. But if you ban this guy for being a fenqing, you’d have to ban a lot of other people on the opposite side of the fence. I don’t think he’s bannable just because he’s not intelligible (see Capt Wed).

            Capt. Wed – I’ve said this before but I think he has a legit mental instability. I don’t like the schizophrenic flooding of comments but he’s harmless. His basic message is that he thinks a lot of foreigners are hypocrites and this site “sucks” because it tolerates them or fosters them or something. That’s a valid point in my book. He should be warned off the schizophrenic flooding of comments though.

            That’s my reaction to your list. Since you decided to take a jab at me at the end, with the old resort to calling others pedantic because they lost an argument (in your case, arguments you willingly insert yourself into), I’ll return the favor. What’s most obnoxious about you, Elijah, is how hypocritical and self-righteous you can be. Oh, and when you pretend to be a victim, whining publicly in the comments over and over again about being moderated as if you’re some sort of martyr. At one point I even emailed the site to ask if you were really the only one being moderated and they said of course not. Then I asked if you’ve emailed them and they said you haven’t either. So you violated the comment policy, get moderated for it, and instead of contesting it with them as clearly written in the comment policy, you start whining all over the comments about for what? A misguided effort to get pity from the rest of us? To shame the moderators? Don’t get me started on your prejudices against mainland Chinese people, where you employed every trick in the book that these other racist commenters use to justify and defend the garbage they’re spouting.

            The thing is, I’ve seen comments from you where you actually do try to hold yourself to certain enlightened and rational ideals, so I think you generally mean well, but you indulge in your own pettiness and biases quite easily and consistently too. And you get so upset when people call you out on it, harboring grudges, making petty snide remarks about them in totally irrelevant discussions. We both find each other obnoxious because of our past arguments but I’m quite certain I’ve never been as petty and small as you’ve allowed yourself to be sometimes.

            I’ve said this before, if you come at me, I’ll push back. Look at my comment here. I didn’t attack you or anything and you respond by demonstrating you’re still seething over the argument from several days ago about anti-mainlander prejudices. Way to go, champ.

          • moop

            oooh oooh ohhh, do me next! :)

          • That’s hilarious anon! You called yourself pedantic by believing that I must have been referring to you.

            Also, gotta love the hypocrisy of you saying I’m obnoxious and self-righteous while saying I devolve into the same low class behaviours that you yourself have openly admitted to doing. The cherry on top is saying this isn’t an attack on me, but that if someone “comes at you, you’ll push back”. Pre-emptive insults? Add that to the obnoxious rhetoric, constant misdirection via red herrings and strawmen arguments, snide ad hominem comments, incessant holier than thou attitude, neverending nitpicking and an OCD-level need to always have the last word.

            It’s always a gag to see you infer a load of crap as being ultimatly true and then build your arguments off that. Then watching as you backpedal and wheedle your way by using walls and walls of text to describe “what you REALLY meant”. Did I mention you at all? No. Did I complain about needing to click a link? No. Do I ever engage in racist nonsense? No. Do Iform an opinion of someone based on what they say or do? Hmmmmm, tricky one, not like it’s the very definition of human interaction.

            Get over yourself dude, you’re not king of the hill or the ultimate answer in all discussions. I just want you to know, that I know you’re going to go on another long winded diatribe about how you’re so much better/civil/intelligent/rational/blah blah blah than me, but I honestly don’t care. You’re too insulated in your shell to ever concede you might be wrong or that no one’s ultimately right. You’ll just keep leaving comment after comment after comment until everyone else just moves on. For example, see below. You attacked me for no reason, this is my reply.

            Moop – funny, usually make a good point, friendly interactions to most, unfortunate and uncalled for incident involving calling a lady a cunt tarnished his reputation a bit, good contributor to the site

          • From moop:

            hahahha, 大陆狗 [mainland dogs]


            any chink communist isn’t a patriot. they are anti-patriot.


            grow the fuck up girly mouth. they are tourist traps. you are either not american or have romanticized this cesspool of a country far too much


            but you’re either a ccp apologist or a chicom turd, so reasoning with you won’t do any good


            think about it: there isnt much difference in size or musculature of the average chinese man and the average chinese woman. they are both frail, thin, small, and weak


            truly disgusting. this is the true face of china


            if money could be personofied the chinese would come from around the globe to lick boot


            i’ve heard many a mainland sub-normal … uncivilized mouth-breathers


            many of these subnormals


            oh look, another han racist on chinasmack, how quaint


            yes, i was saying that by and large most chinese are barbarians.


            foreigners have earned the right to say whatever they want about china.


            Just some examples. Moop has become a little more reasonable recently. However, he talks about Hongjian as much as you talk about Alan, Elijah.

          • Brett Hunan

            Wow, Fauna-

            Please remind me not to get on your bad side. If I ever ask “do me next”, please use self control. I dont want people to remember the ass I have been in the past. The most important part of life is trying to better yourself everyday.

          • anon

            Fauna just demonstrated why we can’t trust Elijah’s judgement.

            Though, moop, my breasty friend, I think you’ve gotten much better than your earlier days here. I disagree with a lot of what you say and argue sometimes but my impression is that you’ve toned down the arguably racist speech. Doesn’t mean you don’t engage in immaturity when commenting (you do, a lot still), but at its not like slim shady where its just substanceless profanity.

          • A lot of people dislike both of you but the type of people who dislike each of you are very different and they dislike each of you for different reasons.

            Elijah, my opinion is you have often provoke anon so I think it is silly that you complain about him arguing with you. You invite anon’s attention and cause trouble for yourself.

          • I stand corrected on moop, seems he has engagee in some less than positive behaviour. However, I don’t keep track of exact quotes for each person from article to article, more like a sense of their personality based on their comments overall.

            However, I disagree that I mention the retarded stalker troll that much. Especially compared to how many of it’s comments I ignore.

            Lastly, anon gets pissed cause he inserts himself into everyone’s conversation and then gets peeved that everyone doesn’t agree with his inherently superior judgement……

            PS. Can you dig up some racist stuff I allegedly have said about Asians or any other race? Who wants to go after me? This is fun.

          • JSakamoto

            Elijah and Anon, you both have way too much time on your hands although I admit I enjoyed both your posts tremendously. Thanks for the laughs.

          • anon

            You’re playing with fire, Elijah. You’re veritably asking her to embarrass you and she has obliged you before IIRC.

            We both insert ourselves into people’s conversations. That’s the nature of a discussion forum. You said something similar above. The difference between us is that you regularly and consistently hold grudges from which you make snide comments about the people you don’t like when you’re not even engaged in a discussion or argument with them, craving validation.

            I remember there was a period of time where you repeatedly responded to other people’s comments with “trolololololol” or some other inanity, cackling like a hyena, and they weren’t even obviously trolling, only saying something you disagreed with. I think Fauna or a moderator even explicitly and publicly told you that you should stop accusing other people of trolling when your own behavior could be accused of such.

            I don’t get pissed when people don’t agree with me. I get pissed when people behave like buffoons when they ought to know better. You get upset with other people’s comments you find stupid, so do I. We just have different things that set us off.

            Racist stuff? Sure, off the top of my head how about you repeatedly defending and trying to justify Alt-Z’s bigotry against mainlanders in that recent post? Or how about for the longest time you kept linking to the Encyclopedia Dramatica entry for China and generally behaving like a typical 4chan troll?

            As I said initially, you actually do try to hold yourself to certain enlightened and rational ideals, Elijah. You have perfectly reasonable an unoffensive posts all the time and you’ve argued and slammed forms of racism before too, all credit where its due. But you’ve also repeatedly revealed your own tightly-clutched prejudices before. Alan harassed you but there was a reason he did, one he kept reminding you about, which was how desperate you behave in Hong Kong vs mainland issues, desperate to emphasize how different they are, how one is so much better than the other, generalizing virtues and vices, eagerly and gleefully agreeing with anyone who reinforced your prejudices with “THIS!” or “Hahahaha” and other childish comments even when they’re making patently racist and bigoted comments.

            I could go on but the rest would be unfair to you because they’re just things I don’t like about your persona or personality here. I’m not perfect, not a saint, I have my faults, and I certainly have my detractors. But I think I hold my own. I don’t get huffy and then randomly go find other people the next day to snicker like a pubescent teenage girl namedropping just loud enough to let someone know what you think of them trying to hurt their feelings. Which is exactly what you do with all of your irrelevant snide comments and random mentioning of “creepy stalker troll” or me or other people you don’t like. And like a pubescent teenage girl, when you get called on it, you feign ignorance.

            Apologies to pubescent teenage girls.

          • anon

            JSakamoto, I don’t just have too much time on my hands (except when I’m getting slammed with work, which comes in bursts), I’m also really fast at typing.

          • Alan

            I knew you would right a lengthy response to moop, you are uber predictable, lol.

            I printed and showed some of your posts to some brit and kiwi mates at the bar, and they were all creasing their sides laughing. You really are a big freak, and it is no wonder you had to leave China, but you give us all a laugh, I’ll grant you that….

          • moop

            good times, brings back some of my trolling memories. i’ve toned things down because i actually decided i liked this site and wanted to contribute positively instead of trolling… but i still have my moments, and i even relish them at times. my tells me my sense of humor and the way i talk is 很刻薄, she’s right.

          • moop

            good times, brings back some of my trolling memories. i’ve toned things down because i actually decided i liked this site and wanted to contribute positively instead of trolling… but i still have my moments, and i even relish them at times. my wife tells me my sense of humor and the way i talk is 很刻薄, she’s right.

          • *Sigh*

            Good job on understanding the differences between racism and cultural preferences. Yup, racist to point out things that mainlanders do and ways in which Hong Kong is better than china (really tricky to prove…..) it must be extra racist cquse they’re the same race!

            All of you have been warned, if you make any comparisons between Taiwan, Japan, china, Korea, Hong Kong or any number of Asian countries you are RACIST. Well, at least according to anon’s newly formed arbitrary judgement.

            Congrats on dragging another conversation into this one and forcing yet another pointless argument in order to bog the core issues down in nitpicking and arbitrary perspectives. Bravo, on being more hypocritical than I said you by holding an obvious grudge and responding with more immature rhetoric.

            I’m starting to see a pattern here, you insult and attempt to point out flaws in my comments/personality and then turn around and exemplify those same traits within the same comment. Case in point: I mever mentioned any ither argument I had with you in previous threads, but you did, multiple times. You bring up my support of Alt-Z and assume I agreed with everything he said when I had clearlt drawn a line. Then you support the retarded stalker troll even though in you previous comment on this very same thread you were discussing the merits of calling it a troll, while a number of other members here already have more than once. So am I to assume like you that you must support everything it wrote? Or was this just a case of taking any support you can get? Or how about you just resorting to third grade name calling when someone doesn’t automatically agree with your obviously superior judgement?

            Oh, by the way, most adults are able to grasp the concept of satire, sarcasm or just basic humour. Sometimes it’s tricky cause of the subtlety, but usually “hahahahahahaha” is pretty direct. Also, the only thing aadder then taking everything on Wikipedia seriously, would be taking Encyclopedia Dramatica seriously….. If you can’t recognize or appreciate humour, best leave it alone.

            Tell you what, I’m going to be as falsely gracious as you and pay you a backhanded compliment in return by letting you have the last word, I know you need it more than me.

          • anon

            Oh for crying out loud, Elijah, you’re not so stupid as to know how racism is colloquially used to refer to both racial, ethnic, and cultural discrimination and bigotry. Stop being disingenuous, this isn’t the first time you’ve used the “they’re not different races so its not RACISM” defense. Even the vaunted United Nations codified this in the freaking 1960s:

            In this Convention, the term “racial discrimination” shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.

            – Article 1.1, International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination

            It is precisely because I remember you using this semantic defense that I’ve previously tried my best to use the word “prejudice” and “discrimination” and “bigotry” so you wouldn’t engage in this sort of intellectual dishonesty.

            Don’t straw man argument this one. There’s nothing wrong with making comparisons. I make them all the time. What crosses over into racism and bigotry is when you make irrational generalizations. You consistently get upset when the target of such are white people but consistently gleefully join in when the target is mainland Chinese. That’s no different from someone who gets upset when the target is Chinese people but not when it is white people.

            I have my gripes with you, Elijah, I never said I don’t. I said the difference between us is that I don’t go around making snide remarks about you in entirely irrelevant conversations with OTHER people. Fauna corroborated this above. You don’t just hold grudges, you go around indirectly provoking people as a result of those grudges. I’m not naive enough to think people don’t develop impressions of each other here, I just think your behavior is small and petty.

            There are reasons why I refer to the content of your past arguments and you refer to the form of my past arguments. I object to things you say. You object to how I say them. That’s another difference between you and I and I have absolutely no qualms with people judging our past discussions and arguments against our representations of them now. Like Fauna said, there are people who dislike us both but they’re different types of people. I’m comfortable with that.

            Regarding my comments about Alan and you, clearly drawing a line is me saying he has a point about you but explicitly agreeing that he’s harassing you. You drew no such clear line with Alt-Z, instead declaring that he’s “historically and logically” right amongst other things, nevermind that your own past comments have evidenced the same anti-mainlander prejudices, except in more childish forms.

            Your paragraph on humor is just you being disingenuous again. Maybe Fauna will indulge me and prove it. It’s not like I’m afraid of her proving your accusations of me, the only legit one being that I write a lot. As if you and others have had much success of trying to hurt my feelings with that one or my supposed superior judgement and arrogance.

            There’s a difference with understanding the low-brow humor behind Encyclopedia Dramatica and promoting it. You did the latter, not just with your linking to it, but also with your behavior.

            Thanks for the graciousness.

          • Alan

            All of you have been warned, if you make any comparisons between Taiwan, Japan, china, Korea, Hong Kong or any number of Asian countries you are RACIST. Well, at least according to anon’s newly formed arbitrary judgement.

            That is racist actually and if you do not like it, then I am afraid you are just going to have to lump it.

      • moop

        like clockwork

        • Little Wolf

          moop….hahahaha…that is quite a laundry list Fauna put together. But kudos for making lemonade from life’s proverbial lemons.

      • The Dude

        Same as yesterday?

        Yesterday it was vaguely original, having said that I didn’t see the day previous to that.

        Are you just some kind of sick fuck retard or what? You tell a girl you’re going to shit in her mouth?

        Seriously son, I think you’ve got mental issues. Normal people don’t talk like that or even insult like that.

        Really, I think you need help. I’m being serious.

      • simon

        i agree eatott is an idiot, what does any of the questions have to do with the incident at hand except for the last one but even that question is a moot point.

        are we going to start asking questions about the man’s family background, what kind of jobs they have, what they ate for lunch?

        what is there not to understand, the girl was violated.

        • eattot

          why i am an idiot? you say i am an idiot then i must be an idiot?
          i ask that question because not sure if they are friends both got drunk then got horey,so it’s not crime.then maybe this woman could be a street girl,so,then it’s another situation.
          i do not ask these kinda questions in dates, i mainly want to know some funny stories from my date.

          • simon

            so hypothetically when both people get drunk and hook up but the woman starts saying she doesn’t want to have sex and the man continues, it’s not a crime because they are both drunk and horny?


  • Ed

    Disgusting chav – he even speaks using that faux-jamaican ghetto speak to the guy interrupting his ‘business’. Whole story or not, that guy is definitely a twat, if not a twat attempting rape in public.

    • Alan

      Disgusting chav – he even speaks using that faux-jamaican ghetto speak to the guy interrupting his ‘business’.

      It does sound to me some kind of patois or ghetto talk.

      Pretty ashamed he is a brit, although he doesn’t look fully arab/southwest asian, more like half white and half iranian/pakistani.

      Either way, interested to see what happens to him and this case.

      • waihang

        Didn’t the Roman empire stretch all the way up to UK for some 2000 years ago cross breading a lot of females leaving a lot of hook nosed Gonzo strains.. lol

      • Brett Hunan

        I think that guy was just saying “okay le okay le.” its like Americans thinking they are speaking Spanish when they add -o to the end of a word.

        • Stu

          But most Chinese people would understand ‘OK le’. I’m sure I’ve heard Chinese people saying it as well.

          • Brett Hunan

            Right, but even if Chinese do say it (many do around foreigners), it is still not Chinese. I was just comparing, I could be wrong.

          • donscarletti

            OK了 crept in from English into HK Cantonese decades ago, and then from Hong Kong movies into Mainland Cantonese and then into Mandarin from there. It’s not something that is used in formal speech, but many younger people certainly use it. Especially either speaking Chinese to foreigners or trying to sound exotic.

    • Mcnubn

      Just can’t get away from them anymore, they’re everywhere >.< Hopefully this prick won't be traveling much with this on his record.

      Part of me is curious if he has been teaching English -.- are there a bunch of chinese kids walking around saying "U dizzy blud?" etc.?

      • Brett Hunan

        He is on a tourist visa so most likely not teaching

        • Mcnubn

          hasn’t stopped many from tutoring atleast :s

          • mr. wiener

            If this guy is guilty I hope he gets tutored…..I mean neutered.

  • Burn

    Hehe, just read the Chinese comments and the foreigner comments. Chinese are quick to judge. Foreigners want more information.
    If you dig deep down, you’ll see that the root of all problems in China (and in the world, but especially China) is – EDUCATION.

    • anon

      Uh, that’s because of the racial dynamic. We foreigners probably want more information because we’re on the defensive here, feeling associated with the foreigner. We know this can get ugly. There were quite a few Chinese people asking for information and expressing skepticism but of course the vast majority was of condemnation.

      • jeffli

        Its no secret that Brits and Germans traveling abroad getting drunk can get very ugly.
        I’ve had to serve some Wooloomooloo dancing on a few ugly patrons ribchages.

        Men in general are the more violent sex. to me there was a young man “out of order” and needed a thumping.

        • LeBateauPolice

          I agree with the Brits, also the Israeli, but the Germans? Abroad they are much more cultivated than the Brits

        • Brett Hunan

          Ummm Im pretty sure that people from every country become unruly when they get drunk, while abroad or in their home countries.

          Alcohol does the same thing to everyone the same way. We all lose our inhibitions.

          • The Dude

            That’s a fair point you make…

            But when was the last time you went raping when you were drunk?

            It never happened right? (or at least I hope not).

            He was probably on a stop-over after having been in Thailand.

          • Brett Hunan

            Alcohol doesnt make people do the same things, it does the same things to everyone and those things are losing inhibitions and becomeing irrational (some people are already without consuming alcohol).

            The way that alcohol affects people collectively and an individuals actions are unrelated.

          • The Dude

            I don’t deny what you are saying is true, BUT… if a person finds out that when they drink they turn into a rapist, then ‘don’t drink’.

            I have to say though, I know very few people who when they are drunk turn into rapists, in fact I know none. Thankfully.

            People know right from wrong even when drunk/stoned or whatever. They do, if they didn’t then every Friday night the world would go crazy.

        • mr. wiener

          “Wooloomooloo dancing indeed!” Bloody Sydneysiders why generalise about one suburb.
          Where I’m from it’s the foster’s carpark boogie :)

    • ChineseFighter

      wats ur iq?

    • Gianna

      Cultural difference means also mentality difference. In Mainland China, from what I know, people get convicted if only they are suspected of a crime, that’s all it takes. In the ”democratic” world, you cannot convict someone unless you have enough proof. This might be the core difference between West/Chinese mentalities. To them it is clear that the guy was abusing the woman, and that’s all they needed to know to draw their conclusions. And frankly, they are right. The guy WAS forcing himself on her. The rest of the info is irrelevant. What he was doing was a crime and it was very clear.

  • Roger

    I am a Laowai living in Ning Bo, and first I’d like to say that every rapist is a pathetic cunt. This British bastard is not even worth calling a “man”. I hope the Government throws him in jail for a couple of years. The other thing I’d like to point out is that not every Laowai in your country is as pathetic as this dude, not every Laowai is seeking for attention from Chinese woman (I am living here with my wife from my home country).

    Kind regards,


  • Chinese love it when somebody not from China does something bad.

    1. it seems they are shocked that foreigners can be bad too.
    2. they are so humiliated by their own countries practices and their desire to save face that this takes their attention away.
    3. I am british but I dont care to defend this guy or save face for my country. Looks/sounds like a scumbag northerner – there are a few million of them in the UK.

    Morale of the story, every country has drunken twats who deserve to be locked up. Get over it.

    • anon

      So you take the piss out of Chinese people for doing things that are done in every country yet play the “every country has bad people” defense when its one of your own? Surely you know that people from every country love it when someone not from their country does something bad. Being British, that should be exceedingly apparent to you. The moral of your story is correct, but please try holding yourself to it too.

      • I dont think I am being clever anon – its been a while since I replied to one of your responses but I wish you would just get that point. Please stop implying I am trying to be wise. you dont get it.

        • anon

          Wait, why do you think I think you’re being clever or trying to be wise?

          I said nothing of the sort.

        • kw

          anon is saying you are hypocrite..not smart or wise..
          your non defense is actually a defense..
          even the usage of ‘get over it’ is a defense..

    • Alan

      Looks/sounds like a scumbag northerner – there are a few million of them in the UK.

      Oi, easy, I could hurl comments like southern fairy or cheating cockney spiv around but I never have,except for now, lol.

      I will concede there are many scumbags oop north, but most tend to be in the worst areas, not the nicer areas, just so you know.

      Funny how england is much like China with it’s north/south divide.

      • I grew up in Kenya and my father is a northerner… I would’nt hold me to my words like anon always does. Its the interwebz, you will never find a suitable arena for serious debate. I post for my own anonymous humiliation.

    • al

      You’ve claimed to be South African, Kenyan, and now British. Make up your mind.

      • I dont think you get it do you? Kenyan and British I have claimed, but never said I was a South African national. I may have used the term generically to describe ‘white african’ to people who are not too savy. British/Kenyan (Caucasian) same thing bro – just Wikipedia Anglo-Africans please and stop being so ignorant.

        • The Dude

          I’d just like to say it’s a pleasure to have Obama’s brother posting on China smack.

          Now tell us the truth, he was born in Kenya wasn’t he? That’s why he won’t show his birth certificate.

          It’s OK, I promise not to tell anyone.

          • Umm who gives a fuck where he was born? He’s still the same guy. America is the laughing stock of the world with all that talk.

        • The Dude

          You mean it wasn’t before?

      • al

        Not trying to be a dick, I actually agreed with what you originally posted.


    first I wanna say sorry for his disgusting act. deeply sorry

    Im a Laowai in Beijing and when I saw this Video a few days ago on LL i was very angry. I also live in BJ. Im happy he was punished by the Chinese People very happy.

    Wish He never can come back to china

    • Why are you sorry?

      • anon

        The same reason many Koreans apologized for the Virginia Tech shootings and why many Chinese apologize for their uncouth brethren: fear of being generalized with the bad.

        • and therefore generalising themselves.

          • anon

            Exactly, probably wouldn’t happen if people didn’t generalize in general.

  • TheBigWhite

    Doesn’t look white to me, maybe some kind of albanian-arab mixture of some sort.

    • only me

      He has a Manchester accent, so I’m guessing he would be of Pakistani descent

      • Alan

        Manchester is a pretty multicultural city, jews, chinese, indians, afro-carribeans, people from Poland, and of course the ever present caucasians.

        Why would he be of pakistani descent? That’s like saying he has a Harbin accent, so he would be of Russian descent?

        • Boris

          I couldn’t work out his accent so I closed my eyes and listened really carefully. I think he’s Jimmy Saville.

        • only me

          It’s just a numbers game. Pakistani is by far the largest ethnic group in greater Manchester . 84,300 by the last count. (and he defiantly has a Manchester area accent). He is too dark to be white and he ain’t Afro-Caribbean. He could be mixed south-Asian/white i suppose but my guess is still Pakistani.

          • Boris

            ‘Defiantly’ -brutally contravening every possible law of auditory decency.
            But Scouse is worse. Marginally.

      • JAYJAY

        Blame it on the Pakistani… British is British… It’s his nationality that counts…

    • vdek

      Uhh Albanians are white.

  • MassiveBender

    It seems pretty clear what happened, I don’t think there are any mysterious inconsistencies: an English guy tried to rape a Chinese girl because he was totally drunk. Although I don’t see why it’s being paraded as this great feat of heroism, from the video the wannabe rapist took a swing at the Chinese bloke and then fell down from his own drunken momentum without even being touched.

    With the financial crisis in England more and more of these dickheads are coming to China to moonlight as English teachers. I think that lots of ignorant English twats like this think that Chinese girls all fancy foreigners so that probably influenced his drunken decision to try to rape this girl.

    • Johnny Basic

      I also had these thoughts, although I doubt he’s an English teacher.

    • Alan

      I need some advise lads. i have been throu the mill of late. I lost me profession that i has held down for 35 years. my old lady took the dog for a walk around the lake one night and never returned. I was gutted and took to drinking scrumpy. I was in a mess but to cut a long storey short throu a chance meeting in the park I found the power of prayer. i came accross your threads and the feeling has gripped me I CAN DO THAT. I have been to the pubic library and loaned some book about teaching English and another one to brush up on my English.

      I would really appreeciate it if I could get some advise on who to approuch and the type of school I should approuch. I don’t feel that I can ever return to my profession and need a new start teaching in China. Where do I start lads please? I am called Alex Cribbins but I see you all use a handel so i choose Alan. Any advise lads? How do I get a visa?

  • Notorious

    1. Love how this guy is pretending to be unconscious to save himself a harder beating.

    2. Love how his head could get crushed by a car, why lay in the street.

    3. Girl seems upset but does not appear to be doing much to get away. she just lays there. But perhaps dealing with that foreign element and being in shock is why she does so. I would have torn him up and made a big ruckus. I would have been kicking and going crazy. I don’t know why she appears calm but I am not blaming the victim, don’t know the situation before then.

    4. Seems these people are only angry because the attacker is laowai.


    • anon

      1. It’s a risky maneuver. You risk getting pounded harder if you don’t defend yourself or at least adopt a defensive posture (curling up as opposed to just lying exposed). If he’s really intoxicated, he may just be numb and not have the wherewithal to bother. Either that, or he’s pretending and doing a good job pretending, so much so that he’s not flinching sharply at getting whacked further in the head.

      2. If he’s pretending…

      3. Hard to say. The video starts right as help arrive. She may be intoxicated herself? I don’t think it has anything to do with foreign element. Shock (not believing something is happening) is possible though counterintuitive for us observers. She doesn’t seem calm at all to me though. She’s crying and screaming.

      4. No, Chinese are pretty angry with rapists in general. This is getting more attention though because of the racial dynamic. Not surprising at all.

      • Notorious

        Want to reiterate that I’m not blaming the victim, I do feel like she is experiencing some sort of shock. I guess I’m confused because I don’t understand how quietly whimpering with your legs open is going to stop an attacker who appears to be moving very slowly. It’s like she acquiensced to the abuse rather than fight for herself, even if she might have lost in the end. How does her actions thwart a rapist. He looks so digusting.

        • Gianna

          Well, people react to traumatic situations, differently. We don’t all react the same, if we react at all. Some people get into an adrenaline rush that can set you into rage, or some freeze and become still like stone. The guy also looks huge (tall and broad), and she most likely didn’t move much because of the fear of being accidentally knocked out herself. Imagine yourself at night going home and having a stranger follow you and then assualt you sexually. You’d feel the blood freezing in your veins. I have been in a similar situation, so, I definitely know what it feels like to be in a situation like hers. It’s really fuckin’ scary, especially as you’re a small woman and you feel hopeless and helpless. In my case, I felt like my whole body’s strength just dropped into the ground and couldn’t even breathe. It is horrifying.

      • Brett Hunan

        True there was a story about the family of a girl who was raped killing the rapist on the street here on chinaSMACK.

  • lonetrey

    Humans being humans (c wat i did thar?).

    To be honest, I find the reactions more interesting than the actions they are commenting on.

  • Notorious

    by the way, watching that whole thing between the raper and the victim is disturbing. And seeing him over like that is really revolting.

  • pc

    To all of my Chinese brothers, please don’t generalize all laowai as rapists who need to get their asses kicked out of China. I don’t consider all Chinese to be pick-pockets and swindlers, because a few are. We must understand that this kind of thing happens all over the world, and yes, the beating was well deserved (if what we see in the video is the whole story). I honestly find it funny, that in any other situation, most Chinese just watch. But this time, everyone got involved. Strange. No one jumped in to help that Brazillian guy who was getting his ass kicked (for doing a good deed)… wtf? I think that their is a big peice missing here. It will all be clear in time, exactly what happened. Let’s not jump to any conclusions, let the police figure this out, and comment on it when they do. I’m in no way coming to the defense of this guy, but it seems like a strange place to rape someone. Is that really what is happening? I live not too far, within walking distance of SOGO, and that place is packed with people everynight! Something to think about…

  • jamesloh

    if i am there, i will kick his balls. cracked his head..and make sure…he be semi paralyse for life.

    • StupidAmerican

      Yes, be the police, judge, and jury. Come to the dark side. Feel the wrath.

  • Rick in China

    The whole thing is really weird. There’s no blood or apparent injury to the dude – yet he is ‘unconscious’. He doesn’t move much when they kick/stomp ’em either. There is a lot of video missing. The girl had opportunities if the dude was following her out of the subway trying to douche-her-up, to get ahold of security at numerous places for sure – but didn’t, and managed to get in some random bushes on a lit road side. The girl was wearing shorts, not a skirt, so I don’t known how this guy would have easily raped her in that position – he’d have had to get her shorts down. She wasn’t really fighting back. There’s this mighty story of ‘big brother’, but it seems a little shifty.

    If it is as it appears in the video – the guy needs deportation or prison, but I have a hard time looking at that and the story that follows and believing it’s all that simple.

    • Rick in China

      Read something along the lines of: hooker, pimps, tazer, blackmail? Would explain why he’s KO’d without any visible scratches or marks, and the *bizarre* circumstance of everything.

    • anon

      The big brother story is low-brow chest-pounding. If it was made by a guy who works in a hair salon…well…

      I can imagine him not actually physically accosting her until just prior to this moment and her not thinking she needs get security, just trying to walk away and hope he gives up. I doubt he was trying to rape her but does seem to be making unwanted and untoward physical advances.

      • Rick in China

        That’s pretty simple assumption from the limited info we have. I’m trying to resolve some logical inconsistency in the whole story tho, seems a lot of holes that don’t really make sense as presented. Also, this guy managed to get there and get in position to film it up close and personal, but he says he heard crying for some time – crying for some time, but it seems the guy hasn’t really done much by that point – he’s a little between her legs, pants on, her pants/shorts on, he’s not got his hands on her just kinda ‘in the vicinity’, and isn’t pushing himself actively on her…. that’s all questionable, especially considering this girl shoulda been yelling for help by the time the guys got in place, no?

        • anon

          No, I agree we have very limited info. That’s why I commented above that there are a lot of unknowns. I don’t think its a “simple” assumption but its a likely scenario for why she may not have sought other people’s help earlier. People don’t usually try to involve others and escalate a situation if they think they can just shake a person. Know what I mean?

          The story says he was closing up shop and someone came to get him. That’s when he went over. If we accept that, then its not implausible that he learned of what was happening on his way there and had his phone out to film. Personally, I wouldn’t think of filming it, but I know lots of people who would immediately think of getting evidence (photographing, jotting down license plate numbers, etc.).

          Judging by the story we have, it sounds like they at least quarreling enough for some onlookers to have gathered. The question is how long has he been physical with her? What prompted the guy to go get “Big Brother”? Was it because he had finally gotten too physical and was starting to force himself on her? He’s clearly between her legs, I wouldn’t say “little” as her legs are wide open and he was right up in there. But the fact that he didn’t have his pants down should indicate that he wasn’t really trying to rape her at the moment but could still have been forcing himself upon her or getting overly physical with her.

          She has a hand on his shirt but that could be her clutching on after falling back into the bushes/flowerbed. Maybe he accidentally pushed her over and she panicked thinking he’s about to force himself on her?

          I think she WAS yelling for help before the video. That’s why the “little brother” went to get the “big brother” and people had already gathered.

        • pc

          *sniff sniff* I smell a hoax! They hoaxed it I tell ya! complete and utter hoax!

          But seriously, I understand what you’re saying. We’re missing a chunk of info here, and all we can do is speculate at this point.

          • mr. wiener

            Stay tuned for further developments.

    • Alan

      There’s no blood or apparent injury to the dude – yet he is ‘unconscious’. He doesn’t move much when they kick/stomp ‘em either. There is a lot of video missing.

      Agreed. Well said RIC. Thank god someone else can see sense in this matter.

      • Northerner

        Not defending the guy at all but:

        1. Could she be removing things from his pocket and hiding them in the planter at the beginning?

        2. Why is someone conveniently there with a camera/phone?

        3. Seems he’s happy to walk away and leave the situation – if you’ve done something wrong and are expecting trouble you don’t let stragers get close enough to put their arms around your shoulders.

        4. What happens between then and when he throws the punch and why is that footage missing?

        5. Why does he go down like a sack of potatoes and seem incapable of even assuming the foetal position to protect himself when he is clearly conscious?

        If he is really sexually assaulting her he deserves worse than we saw but something seems very wrong with this footage.

        • anon

          1) Doesn’t look like it. She had her right hand clutching to his shirt and the other one was flailing. I think she was holding her own mobile phone, which you see a few seconds later.

          2) The uploader says he was called over. The presumption is that he wanted to document what was happening, perhaps as evidence. We consistently see people asking that (Chinese people too) and still we consistently see people filming crimes and fights. It’s just something people do. Same in the West.

          3) You might if you’re intoxicated and caught by surprise. I think its clear he wasn’t trying to rape her. He seems to have been making unwanted advances though.

          4) The explanation given for that is that the guy filming stopped to join in on the beat down. You do hear him breathing heavily after the cut.

          5) Hence the details about him being drunk.

          • Northerner

            1. Watch again very carefully. I don’t know the speed of her hand suggests something like stealing. The second movement is the transfer of phone from hand to hand.

            Can’t disagree with the rest of your comments.

            Accent suggests he’s from Manchester or very near.

          • anon

            I don’t see it. It seems like she had her phone in her right hand, fingers also clutching/tugging at his shirt and then she moves her left hand up which rests on HIS right hand. Then the guy in black covers her, and when the camera moves over to the right, we see that left hand of her’s now holding onto the guy in black’s hand, entreating him for help. Then she lets go with her right hand which reaches over to I think put her phone into the bushes.

            I too at first wondered if she had pickpocketed him but watching it over and over again, there’s no clear evidence of her pawing anything.

          • Northerner

            Looks to me like she puts something in the bushes very quickly. Then when the camera returns she passes a phone (we don’t know it’s hers) from right to left hand and before standing appears to put that in the bushes too.

            ‘Fucking in the bushes’ how appropriate for a lad from Manchester. If I could only prove she is from Liverpool I think my arguement would hold a lot more water.

          • Alan

            Accent suggests he’s from Manchester or very near.

            @ Northener: I thought that.

            But as a near enough Manc, well from one of the satellite towns in the Greater Manchester area, all I can say is we are well ‘ard, he is a right nobhead for getting caught trying to give some bird a shaggin’ after closing time, and where is his backwards cap on his head and his bling bling gold chain all propa chav stylee.

            Nah, he is a plastic manc at best fella, yer know what I’m sayin’?!

          • Northerner

            Right-on ar-kid.

            Still can’t stop watching the hands. Now looks like something is being transfered either from Manc Lad to her (do they suspect the the samaritans are pigs?) Or from the man in black to her.

          • Northerner

            Right-on ar-kid – probably from Oldham.

            Still can’t stop watching the hands. Now looks like something is being transfered either from Manc Lad to her (do they suspect the the samaritans are pigs?) Or from the man in black to her.

          • anon

            I just watched it again. She has her phone in her right hand and her right fingers clutching onto the Brit’s shirt at the beginning but she has let go by 0:02 which is simultaneously when her left hand has moved up and is on the Brit’s right hand. Immediately, that left hand of hers then reaches out for the guy in black’s hand, and then the guy in black is in front of the camera.

            We aren’t able to see her hands again until 0:06. At that point, her right hand reaches over across and into the bushes to the left of her head and it does look like she’s putting something there.

            At 0:09, her hand is back in front of her body and near the guy’s crotch. We can see she still has her phone in her right hand, thumb and fingers wrapped around it. At 0:10, she puts the phone into her left hand and her right hand goes down by her thigh a bit and then she gets up crying, voice hoarse.

            All I know is that there is still no clear visible evidence of her having pickpocketed anything and we could very well be reading too much into these movements. For example, the right hand moving down to the thigh after switching the phone to her left hand looks like she was just wiping something off her thigh or maybe it was just a random flailing motion as she’s trying to lift herself up. The earlier reach over into the bushes could mean she had two things in her hand and she dropped one off into the bushes but there doesn’t seem likely that she could hold her mobile phone and anything substantial in that one right hand like a wallet or even keys (which would be pretty obviously visible in her hands). Maybe it was a hair-tie or some other small thing.

            I don’t think she put her phone into the bushes after she passed it from her right to left hand because she gets up and when her left hand goes up to wipe at her nose, you can see the bottom of the phone in her left hand still. I think she put the phone in her left hand and then immediately used her left arm to prop herself up onto her feet. Doesn’t look like she had time or the motions to put something else into the bushes in that time span.

      • anon

        You can get pretty banged up without bleeding or having immediately apparent injuries. There may be bruising later on. He not out cold. You can see him kinda groaning and moaning on the street. Some parts even look like he’s peeping to see what’s happening (which is probably why some people think he’s faking it). If he’s intoxicated, that could dull his reactions too.

        Chinese netizens mentioned much of this too.

      • Northerner

        Oh and yes no blood, sctratches, grazes or bruising.

      • Jin

        Hes drunk, made the wrong move, get one punch punched and falls down then get kicked. So tell me, how will you see apparant damage? When you punch someone, the damage wont show up immediatly, it will show up a while after. Also one punch will drop him on the ground cause hes drunk, and hes concious, but cant do anything cause hes drunk.

        • Rick in China

          As someone who was bottled 2 days ago – with no ‘unconscious’ type reaction whatosever, and is currently on charge with crim. assault for someone who claims 26 hours after the event to have gone to a hospital, on his own and had 2 broken bones in his nose, I would suggest this is a ridiculous statement.

          Yes. You *can* be knocked completely KO without blood. In a street fight? Not likely. With cutout footage? Fuck off.

          I’ve broken a bone or two. Scrap or thirty. The result is almost never a tall dude getting KO’d in a street *brawl* by some random small guys and having zero blood, but literally sprawled out in the street..without being tazed. I think this whole b’ness is shady as fuck.

          • Alan

            As someone who was bottled 2 days ago – with no ‘unconscious’ type reaction whatosever, and is currently on charge with crim. assault for someone who claims 26 hours after the event to have gone to a hospital, on his own and had 2 broken bones in his nose, I would suggest this is a ridiculous statement.

            Jeez, Rick, didn’t you mention you were on bail once before?

            Stay out of those places where the idiots congregate, fuck getting an MRI in a Chinese hospital!!!

          • Stu

            He’s pretty clearly faking unconsciousness, no? You can even see him opening his eyes. I’d say either he took one hit and went down, or managed to just fall over and decided staying down was his best option.

            Whatever happened, I can’t believe this is fake. The acting’s too good for that.

          • Rick in China

            Not “before”, Alan, still, court next wednesday :D

          • anon

            You’ve been saying you were in trouble for much longer than 2 days but here you said you were bottled 2 days ago? Or were you on charges of criminal assault from a previous incident AND got bottled (in another fight) 2 days ago?

            I’m going to echo what Alan said and you need to either find a new place to hang out or you’re doing something wrong to be getting into so many fights.

          • Rick in China

            Bail since December. Bottled few nights ago. Totally separate issues. Bottle didn’t break, just a few stitches… not a big deal.

  • Jay

    well thats pretty bad. in england he would have had a proper kicking. no one would have stood by. in fact i guess he got the same in china as he would get in well done.

    but, having said that, what i find really bad though is the number of rascist chinese people that comment. you know you people are the last people to start calling foreigners names. in china you are expected to have a mistres if rich. if you think foreginers come to china for easy women tell me whose fault is that? what do they find when they get there?

    you are disgraceful. the shame for your comments is on all your heads. the shame of this man is that he is an isolated case. do not use the term foreigner to promote that you are above him or that we are all bad. remember you are still a nation of 1 billion poor people. sort yourselves out before you attempt to stand high above others.

    • anon

      Let me guess, the reason for this defensive post is because you believe “laowai” is necessarily an offensive term with only negative connotations?

      Most of the comments didn’t even make it racial. Most people are just calling him outrageous and an animal who deserves an ass-kicking…the same outraged comments that get thrown at Chinese rapists. There are, of course, some comment making it racial, no doubt about that, kinda like Westerners who do the exact same thing about Muslims, Mexicans, Blacks, Chinese, etc.

      • Zhuangzi

        Haha, as if no “Westerners” are Muslim, Mexican, Black, or Chinese! Perhaps you meant to say, “kinda like WHITE RACISTS who say the exact same thing about Muslims, Mexicans, Blacks, Chinese, etc.”?

  • Just Laowai

    As bad as this is, what’s worse is that if it had been a Chinese man doing the deed nobody would have done anything to stop it. Would have just stood around and enjoyed the show. You know it’s true.

    • jeffli

      Hang about Mr. (Ms.?) Just LaoWai…..
      Well we can’t say that for sure if this but that, it is what it is and how we see it. But As a foreigner in any country, or at my place of birth, I would expect:-

      “not three, not four!”
      “many colours to see see”

      If I behaved like that idiot and…… If any Chinese guy wants to try the same in my neck of the woods he’ll get the same treatment thats it.
      I kid you not!

      ’bout time people with penises started “manning up”, Then the women can relax a little and feel safe and protected!

  • Jeff

    I’m not sure what is most pathetic – the video, the story, or some dumbass chinese kicking a man when he is down.

    And the girl looks like a hooker – but don’t ALL chinese females look like hookers?

    • jeffli

      Even if she is the Devils Daughter In Law —

      No Means No D0ode!

      If some one from Antarctica starts raping women on the street in your country you are gonna be like ->”NOT THREE NOT FOUR!” “GIVE THOSE ‘SNOW MONKEYS’ SOME COLOUR TO SEE SEE!” in your own lingo =goolii gugu? whatever!

      C’mon guy man up! stop blaming every woman in the world for your mother taking you off the breast too early in life!

    • Hawkeye4077

      You’re pathetic. This poor excuse of a man was forching himself on this yougn woman. He should of been killed! Anyone that would dare rape someone should be executed on the spot! I bet you’re a filthy pervert yourself! Saying all Chinese women look like whores. You’re a disgusting little scum bucket!

      • Jay

        because death is justified when your drunk, still got your pants on, and make a woman cry. sure, lets execute his family too. you know you should try to exercise some control over your thoughts. the severity of punishment should meet the crime. he shook up the lady. he got shook up. no one got raped. he;s got his punishment on the street and now with the authorities. why does he need killing too?

  • ChineseFighter

    kung fu wins!

    • jeffli

      thats not kung fu!
      Its ethnic minority biatch dancing!

      YOu wouldn’t know what kung fu was if it baked you a cake and called you a wet whistle! Twat!

      Ohhhh sarcasm………….. sorry Mr. Chinese Fighter don’y hurt me.

    • The Dude

      Yes, please don’t sully the name of real gong fu by calling ‘that’ kung fu.

      Thank you.

  • fredf

    Photo showing them on the subway together before the incident.

    Why was there someone taking a photo of them on the subway ?
    My guess is that the guy was framed.
    Nothing about the video looks right.
    The guy got set up and used and abused.

    • fredf

      mistakenly linked to this website.
      this link has the subway photo, scroll down:

      • Stu

        Wow, the Chinadaily forums… I made the mistake of going there something like five years ago. Looks like exactly the same people are still spending their time insulting each other over being ‘pro-China’ and ‘anti-China’. Those guys must have the strangest lives…

    • An anonymous boy…

      I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions.. Someone said he was sexually harassing girls on the subway… So they took his photo.. His story may or may not be true…

      “I am at the subway station, fuck, this society is totally messed up. These foreign bitches sexually harass women on the subway; pushing his erection against them, totally disregard others. He just harassed 5 women, finally, he just directly stood in front of that little girl.” -Netizen @烧完美好青春

      Supposedly photo is from that dude… Here is his Weibo:

      I don’t have an account so I can’t verify the accuracy of the above…

      • anon

        The direct link is this:

        Timestamp is 11:40 (May 8) on that one. There’s one at 10:40 but without the photo so he probably reposted it because the image didn’t attach the first time.

        • moop

          so this guy among others on the train already watched him sexually assault 5 women and did nothing? is rubbing your boner on someone unwilling in public not sexual assault as well? this retard should have been reprimanded/beat up/arrested before he even left the station if what this guy posted is true.

          • anon

            “Ding” doesn’t necessarily mean rubbing, could just be pointing or thrusting, not necessarily contact. It also actually says “nearly erect”. If he didn’t make contact, and was just gyrating in the general direction, people may not have thought it was worth doing anything, except obviously taking a photo and posting it online and talking about how disgusting this guy is. It’s usually when contact is made that all shit breaks loose.

            I do think someone should’ve said something earlier if he was behaving in such a churlish manner but most people tend to not get involved. The translation above by An anonymous boy… leaves out some details. Here’s the full text:

            我在这里: #雍和宫地铁站#我次傲,这个社会真是乱了套了,出这些外国贱货,地铁上公开对女性性骚扰,车厢里来回窜,直接用将近勃起的下体顶别人,完全不顾别人眼光,在我这个门这就骚扰了5个女的。最后直接站在那小姑娘的面前!!![抓狂]滚出中国

            It says he walked back and forth through the train car, thrusting his nearly erect lower body at other people, completely not caring how he looks in other people’s eyes, that he had harassed 5 women near his door (the photogapher seems to be sitting near one of the subway doors) alone, and that finally he ended up standing right in front of this one girl (the one photographed and in the above video).

      • fredf

        In the picture on the subway everyone around them is ignoring them.
        If he were sexually harassing women on the subway then the other people should be staring at him.

        • anon

          Not if you’re trying to avoid a possibly drunk crazy person who is going around the train car thrusting at people. In that situation, a lot of people try avoiding eye contact and hope he goes away.

          • fredf

            Possibly, but people sitting at a distance would probably be staring at him, and I do not see that in this picture.

            Anyway, more info is definitely needed.

          • anon

            But you can’t even see anyone in the distance in that photo. At best you have one guy looking straight forward who is seated about 2-3 seats away.

            Agree we need more info.

        • jeffli

          Could be a setup….

          —-hapened to once in a pub….the biatch snatched my wallet and shoved it down her punani……. I shoved my hand after it! her boyfriend is punching me in the back, I succeed to retrieve my wallet and her punani and good wholesome yank! “ouch she cries” ,
          I turn around and head butt the guy (her BF or Pimp) and his stoopid mate (shabi?), paid for my beer, returned to finish my game of pool with my mates and all had a laugh. Even our ladies had a chuckle! – happened in one of Beijings PREMIER DISTRICTS – SANLITUN, next time I drive by the CHinese embassy at home I’ll throw my empty beer bottles over the wall and piss on their gates!
          SANLITUN! auspicious location for the internation glorioius friendship blah blah Ptooie! Yep The place in Beijing for the foreign missions and the Chinese Govt. lets that shite happen? – NO FACE NO CULTURE whore houses next to schools! I tell ya! ——but I digress

          in the subway photo to the left is a guy standing near the camera with a suspiciously white Tshirt. ….???
          Am I paranoid /……..maybe……. but I want to join in the fun and fight that guy at the end of video who likes jumping on people when they’re down. I need to get a lil’ rough WWF style!

          I want to punch the snivelling White T-shirt coward in the face so hard he’ll (the son of a bitch) think he’s decedent of a Tang dynasty poet!
          Grrrr ….too much testosterone! I better take it easy on the vitamin E and Zinc supplements…… Nurse! Nurse!

          where the hell is the spirit of Gingis Khan when we need him?

          • Call it a hunch as to why nobody has to replied to you yet but I am pretty sure its because your IQ is down there with DonVito.

          • The Dude

            ‘I want to punch the snivelling White T-shirt coward in the face so hard he’ll (the son of a bitch) think he’s decedent of a Tang dynasty poet!’

            Is that a really bad thing? To be a decendent of a Tang dynasty poet. I’m sure that sounds much better in Chinese. Can you explain your meaning, I’m kind of interested now.

            ‘where the hell is the spirit of Gingis Khan when we need him?’

            With the Mongolians I expect, he was after all Mongolian and not Chinese. As was the Yuan dynasty.

            But what’s the whole tang dynasty poet thing? That could be interesting. Do tell…

          • ChineseFighter

            he prob learnt his history from some source thats written by undergraduates…

  • kuku

    yea… so get that shit out of your mind my dear chinese friends….those dirty bad thoughts about black people,we aren’t the only people misbehaving here…. you teach your young ones the difference between “waiguoren” and “heiren”… i never heard a kid calling any of my white friends bai ren…yet all i hear is heiren heiren… we treat you like kings in our motherland but here in china, its such a pity to be black.

    • 404 name not found

      Man, am i glad that that fag isn’t black *whew* O.o

    • The Dude

      In Cantonese they do distinguish between black and white people.

      ‘gwei lo’, usually for white foreigners, and ‘hak gwei’, for black ones.

      gwei being ‘ghost’.

      The Cantonese speakers are much more progressive as you can see.

  • citizen India

    I want to see his brain out of his head crushed by moving vehicles.

  • Anonymoose

    This fucker looks like a paki mudslime

  • Ken

    Get a grip people. You make it sound as if ALL foreigners are doing this every day in China.

    How about all the other articles about foreigners who have been murdered whilst trying to help Chinese citizens who were being robbed. Or being beaten when Chinese citizens were being robbed.

    I am British and have been living in China since 2001; and I have never committed any such criminal act. I haven’t even dropped litter or rubbish. Although I’ve picked it up off the streets many times.

    Moreover, I have stopped Chinese men from beating Chinese women publicly and in groups several men on 3 occasions in different parts of China; whilst tens of Chinese citizens watched it and did nothing to help the victims.

    I have beaten 2 American men who claimed all Chinese women were prostitutes and who were foolish enough to attack Chinese women in my presence.

    How about all the crimes of murder and fraud committed by Chinese in England and around the world every day. You don’t hear us baying like wolves screaming to throw out every Chinese citizen.

    Get a little perspective. This was a disgusting act, perpetrated by a disgusting man, after huge amounts of alcohol, with a girl who was obviously drunk too.

    It was very, very wrong! And the police should have been called, and he should have been arrested.

    But the acts of one sick bastard should not paint the faces of every person from the UK. He’s an individual. Not a country.

    • jeff

      Actually I’m surprised so many manage to refer to him as being from UK. Normally every white person in China is American, unless he’s handsome and skinny, then he could be Russian.

      • Rick in China

        What kinda backwater town would this possibly be true in? Seriously, either fresh up in CN or straight up ignorant of reality.

    • Capt. WED

      actually from the comments I’ve seen when a Chinese national does something extremely bad you do get a lot of kick out all those Chinese out, also I would NEVER TRUST a person of Chinese descent type of comments (also the usual racial name calling). They get hundreds of +1 too.

    • JSakamoto

      Ken, would you also intervene if the same situation you came across in China also happened while you were in say, the US, Brazil, South Africa, Russia. Or do you only intervene in China, where you know people will worship a foreigner who seems “brave” enough to intervene while others do nothing. If your answer is yes then I respect you, if no then you’re just a racist, cowardly bitch who needs to be knocked off your high horse and run over by a truck.

      • anon

        Wait, why do you read all that into him?

        • JSakamoto

          Because many foreigners (ex. whites) in china have a hero complex. They somehow think they are saviors to the local populace. The locals actually encourage this behavior by their inferiority comlex. Just generalizing of course but I don’t think you can deny it.

          • anon

            Oh, I recognize that phenomenon, I just don’t quite see how it was provoked by his comment.

          • JSakamoto

            Anon, it seems like Ken is borderline bragging about his interventions during his time in China. To me it seems like he wants to make sure he’s recognized for his so-called heroism. In other words it seems like his motives are not purely selfless but more ego driven. Just the way I saw it, others could see it differently I admit. I could have read him wrong though, it’s kind of hard to tell sometimes on the internet.

    • Alan

      He’s an individual. Not a country.

      Well said, here is hoping that there is no backlash against all of us, and we are not all tarred with the same brush.

    • anon

      1) I don’t get the impression that people are making it sound as if ALL foreigners are doing this every day in China. I think its all in your head.

      2) There are plenty of comments on those other articles. Did you not read them?

      3) Good for you. No one is picking on all Brits.

      4) Again, good for you. A common story we hear around these parts.

      5) Excellent, you did the right thing.

      6) Actually, we do. Ever read the Daily Mail?

      7) There isn’t that much lack of perspective. Most people are just condemning the guy, not all foreigners. There’s even one comment up there that says some foreigners are chivalrous while others can be douches or something.

      8) The police was called and he was arrested. Did you read the article?

      9) I don’t think there were that many translated comments or comments by the commentariat here painting him as the face of everyone in the UK. I’m trying to get an idea of why you think people are bashing all Brits over this when it doesn’t seem like many people are.

  • dilladonuts

    The comments here are soo typical… Switch roles, Asian guy, white girl, and all you lambs would be screaming rape. Get of your high horses you dirty bums.

    • Jay

      hey we dont need to switch roles. thats the precise order that it rolls normally anyway.

    • jeffli

      dildonuts? WTF? one of these guys from around here try to rape my Xwife? LOL!
      Pity the fool! It wouldn’t happen!
      cars will run on free energy first and then “Chopsticks are loose in buckets!”
      She’s got martial arts belts in colors never seen before! She’d biatch slap any man thats born around here! ,…except Bruce Lee (she could scare him if she had a chance). She would Biatch slap them from A-hole to breakfast-time, I only seen her start losing one fight (so I thought), I stepped in and broke the fella’s Jaw….just can’t stand watching guys belt women even if the guy is losing! lol

      To all ladies out there – do some self-defence classes, It’s surprising how little you need to take control overt the average scumbag.

    • donscarletti

      East Asian guys are not known for raping girls on the street. If I saw something resembling that, I would at least want to know what was going on. I don’t think it would lead to more consternation than a fellow white doing it, Asian/white pairing (when consensual of course) doesn’t lead to that much ire amongst whites does it?

    • The Dude

      Honestly, if any Asian guy tried to rape an English girl, especially from up north, he’d get his ass kicked by the girl.

      The size of some of those girls is truly frightening.

      • anon

        Haha, you’re right, and he’d have to be a really big Asian guy (some exist, usually up North too).

    • Rick in China

      Please find me a story of a Chinese man raping a Western girl. Unless it was some seriously serial or drunken circumstance it would blow my mind – in fact, most western women don’t know when a Chinese guy is done. Literally. CNM “You cum yet?” WW “Shit, I didn’t know we started!”

      • staylost

        You do realize it is illegal to identify the victim in most places where “western” girls are.

      • Boris

        Come on, Rick. You’re a smart enough guy. Cut the racism.
        What happened with the arrest? I found myself on the wrong side of the law myself a couple of months ago. Fortunately it didn’t lead to anything. Anyway, I’m a nosey bastard. Satisfy my curiosity.

      • The Dude

        There was one Chinese student in America who recently raped a landlady who was renting a room out. I’m sure you can find that easily enough on a Google search, it was quite recent.

        There are also a few Chinese in the UK who were sent down for rape that I’ve known of. Rape is a ‘male’ thing, not a culture/country thing.

        • anon

          The landlady was Chinese too. It was on chinaSMACK too at the time.

          The Chinese small dick jokes are pretty immature, Rick. Nothing makes us look more pathetic than resorting to that sort of nonsense.

    • dilladonuts

      You guys are f’ing retarded. What I’m saying here is that a bunch of white boys and westerners are somehow trying to defend this guy, creating positive scenarios for him where it wasn’t his fault. Had it been a video of an Asian guy raping a white girl, all the same idiots would be absolutely sure it was his fault.

  • Chris


    • Brett Hunan

      Are you not a westerner as well? Is this your true form?

      • anon

        He’s contributing to the cross-pollination between koreaBANG and chinaSMACK.

        • Brett Hunan

          Well he wrote:

          I am just wondering if what this westerner in the video did encapsulates Chris as well.

  • MrT

    Clearly a low life drug dealing abusing Manc scum and I see more and more of these types crawling into China and yea I have heard plenty of stories about the low lives here abuse women (and raping) and whats more some have day jobs as teachers but every fucker seems to turn a blind eye to that fact, the Chinese are to dumb to tell what a low life is and the other foreigners who know say and do fuck all.
    I cant believe one person would even question what he is and give him the benefit of the doubt, look at him!
    Exact type you see outside the night clubs in the UK doing the same sht in the same way. and yea he really looks like a fucking tourist on the subway don’t he?
    The fact is a lot of people are coming over here to abuse the women, molest and are perverts, time to put a stop to it other wise China will end up like the UK, which is one of the reason I left in the first place.
    He wants throwing in the river and it being put down to accidental drowning- case closed and that also goes on…

    • Alan

      Clearly a low life drug dealing abusing Manc scum and I see more and more of these types crawling into China and yea I have heard plenty of stories about the low lives here abuse women (and raping) and whats more some have day jobs as teachers but every fucker seems to turn a blind eye to that fact, the Chinese are to dumb to tell what a low life is and the other foreigners who know say and do fuck all.

      Until it is certain he is from Manchester, bandying comments around like Manc scum is not very helpful. He may be from a place near manchester, but not actually in it, or another northern town, or perhaps even an immigrant to the UK.

      I’m going to wait until more info comes in, and not listen to all the reactionary rhetoric.

    • anon

      It isn’t very logical to be judging someone by simply what he looks like. I don’t think you’d appreciate being the victim of racial profiling.

  • Johnny Basic

    It’s disgraceful, in the minds of Chinamen, to molest a woman in public like this.

    Because that’s not the way to molest a woman at all. What you do is, you get her QQ and phone numbers, continually harass with slimy messages until she’s worn down and agrees to go out with you, get her drunk, and then take advantage of her in a Motel 168.

    But not in public!

    • Johnny Basic

      (If you’re a relatively poor Chinaman, that is. If you’re powerful you can just go right ahead and molest your pretty female employees/subordinates without having to bother with all that)

      • Alan

        If you’re a relatively poor Chinaman, that is. If you’re powerful you can just go right ahead and molest your pretty female employees/subordinates without having to bother with all that)

        Agreed. As long as you can hold your mou tai and don’t end up chundering all over her at dinner or in some ktv room first, lol.

  • bomber

    something feels strange about this video. It has the air of a setup to me. If the dude was in fact beaten unconscious, he would have swelling and noticeable damage about the head. No blood… Something about it feels wrong.

    Especially as this piece of news is coming on the heels of the report about the foreigner getting trounced while battling pick-pocketers. My hunch is that this is some bizarre bit of propaganda meant to reinforce the dialectical relationship (to foreigners) that the government hopes to impose on their people. Weird…

    • Jay

      the old good foreginer and bad foreigner routine. probably this guy was being fleeced by a hooker and her pimps in which case i’d have had a pop at them too. now if thats not the case then he’s a hooligan who deserved everything except for the lame ass bitches that kicked him when he was down. notice that how he went down is not in the picture. as i reckon this guy popped quite a few of them before the video shows him on the floor.

    • 404 name not found

      its an MI5 operation!

      • The Dude

        MI5 is domestic, not international.

        It’s MI6 you are looking for.

    • jeff

      He’s clearly not unconscious, at least not the whole time. As soon as the police car arrives he pulls up his left leg and starts moving his arms.

      • Rick in China

        Therefor it is CLEARLY not a setup, or a farce. Thanks for your analysis, since tazed people are unable of slight motion.

        • anon

          You’re running with the tazer thing when there’s zero evidence for such. Occam’s Razor, my man.

          bomber, swelling doesn’t happen that fast and there’s no need for blood or even noticeable visible damage for someone to be knocked unconscious. There are unanswered questions with the video, but the rest of your comment is just desperate conspiracy theorizing. It isn’t as if foreigner men aren’t known or haven’t been caught harassing local women before.

          • bomber

            Anon, I will have to respectfully disagree. Damage becomes apparent relatively quickly. Redness is generally apparent within a minute or two, followed closely by swelling. If it didn’t, there’d be no need for cut-men to hang out in boxers’ corners.

            Seeing as this was (allegedly) a street brawl, I’d expect to see quite a bit more damage than what was apparent in the video.

            I’m not necessarily saying that this was a staged and planned propaganda piece. I am just stating that the timing is highly suspicious – especially given the inconclusiveness of the video. The suspect is clearly a drunk douche. This much is certain. But the whole “Big Brother runs to the aid of a helpless meimei being assaulted by the foreign devil” narrative is incredulous. Were this video to be submitted to a court of law as evidence to the claim that the suspect was attempting to rape the victim, the judge would likely toss the case. A shitty lawyer could get him off if the case ever went to trial.

            I will reserve judgement until (if) the details of this case are revealed once a proper police investigation has been concluded. Confirmation bias (on the Chinese side) and condemnation (on the ‘foreigner’ side) is a natural phenomenon, however I think that in this case prudence and patience are the best paths to follow. Let’s wait until more details emerge.

          • anon

            I don’t know about that. The video is only 3 minutes long in total and its low lighting. I do spy some redness on his back through his ripped shirt. Remember though, I’m not entirely convinced he’s really unconscious too and I think its still uncertain if he was intoxicated. He may have just fallen on the ground and stayed there because he was too tired or out of it to resist. Or he could’ve been knocked a bit dazed but not unconscious. He could be both intoxicated and knocked a bit dazed.

            That said, I still think its possible for there to not be apparent swelling or damage from a knock-out. I think how apparent could also be affected by the short amount of time transpired and the lightning in this video. Boxers tend to split and bleed from repeated blunt force trauma (excepting nose bleeds here), not so much single impacts and I think we’d both agree its unlikely this guy suffered a punch a boxer could dish out. These guys aren’t professional boxers or fighters. They just had a scrap.

            And not much of a scrap I imagine. He doesn’t look like he was in much of a condition to fight back much.

            I agree with you on the narrative being stupid chest-thumping. Said that earlier in this thread. But if the uploader is indeed some lowly educated hair salon boss as mentioned here, I’m not that surprised by the chest-thumping “we must protect our own and girls, you ought to be good and listen to our paternalistic advice” rhetoric.

            Absolutely agree with you on the knee-jerk reactions and that there’s a lot of questions unanswered. There’s definitely some confirmation bias going on, but I think people rushing to agree or say how “logical” it is when someone suggests this has something to do with reversing the Brazilian guy story, absent any evidence whatsoever and only with their suspicion that Chinese people would do such a thing because they must have something against foreigners, is also an example of confirmation bias.

          • Rick in China

            It’s entirely too convenient that *all* of the ‘fight’, except the initial engagement, is missing..and it instantly cuts to an apparently KO’d foreigner, faking or not.

  • [email protected]

    Sigh. The ‘Big Brother’ who wrote this expose is a dimwitted moron. And to him I say: “Your camaraderie and bravado means nothing to us. Your words about ‘Big Brother helping Little Brother helping Little Sisters and supporting your Fellow Chinese etc etc etc’ mean nothing because we know what Chinese are actually like come the crunch. Actions speak louder than any of your words do. This tiny, tiny, tiny snipped of, albeit shocking and horrible news, from a nation of millions and millions of stories means nothing when measured on the scale of Chinese people and how well they help their fellow man. Big Brother you are a fraud and your words hold no water.

    • pc

      Agreed. Big brother, you help people – and say nothing. Remember Lei Feng. I hope you do. He helped plenty of people, just for the sake of helping people. Get down of your high horse. Helping others is something we all should do, but going and boasting about how nuibi you are for doing it…please show some humility…

  • pc

    He looks like Sasha Cohen, maybe he’s doing it for another Ali G movie. “Straight up Staines gangsta”

  • Matt

    Don’t act like this isn’t something Chinese men haven’t done to girls before. Don’t make this a thing where you see laowai as bad people. We are all people and because of evil we do bad things. Change this, don’t mock it.

  • Mark

    I don’t know how this chav found a Ryanair flight to China. He deserves what he got.

    • The Dude


  • wacking wacko

    so he is drunk while assaulting those girls? brits bring their drunk problem wherever they go

  • Leon

    If it is true, he deserves what he got. If not, it is just another video to make non-chinese look bad in China. Inconclusive. Not enough evidence. Many girls in China, that I have seen, go to Ktv with non-chinese. And then later, say they don’t want them around. Not because I experience it personally. But by watching others go through it. That is why I don’t dare touch a girl in China. There is that anti-laowai thinking there anyways.

    • Boris

      ‘If it is true, he deserves what he got.’
      Why condone someone stomping on a semi-conscious man?
      We don’t need some random hooligan administering ‘justice’ to another random hooligan.
      That’s why we have police, lawyers, courts, probation, etc.
      So no, I wouldn’t give this guy a kicking.
      -Probably wouldn’t be able to resist giving him a brutal wedgie, though!

  • eattot


    • jeffli

      La da ti ta da!
      la la di da da!
      Woah woah woa.oah ah!

      Bejing Opera:- drunken concubine:- ..Tang!…… Tang!Tang!Tang!Tang!Tang!Tang!Tang!Tang!……Tang!Tang! .Boing! click! tang! screeee [erhu]

      singing begins:-
      Hua aaaaa aaa aa a a a aaaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaa AAAAAaa
      Kai aiiaiaiaiaiaiiaiaiaiaiaiaiaieeeeeeeeeeeaiAIAI…AI AI EEEEE Yaaaaaah
      Quoooooooooooooooooooon Tian nnnnnnnnnn Lai aiaiaiaiaiaiiai aaa aaaa aaa a aiiii ii iii……aii iiiiiiiiiiii

      Hummmmmm I’ll stick to la ta ti tada tati tada tadummm da da dummm da da dummmm Laaaaa ta di ta da tadi da dummmmm – chinese version of the god father!

      Wanna hear me butcher Qing Cao Gao Yuan or Sao zi by LiNa

      xie xie nide ai. -The greates Mr. Liu –

      • eattot

        hahahaha! thanks for your so many words.
        i just did this to teast my new photo on avatar….

  • nameless

    This stupid fuck deserves a harder beating! Beat him more in jail and then sentence him to public work in the same neighbourhood so they can beat him everyday.

    Also ALAN were you raped by a Jamaican ? I dont see how or where you going with that comment but Wha gwan mon, quit the batty mon talk de mon!

  • GodsHammer

    Slap the shit outta him. I hate these retards that behave like this. Laowais or chinese…I would smakc this tard back to his hovel so that he can dwell on his pathetic existence till he emerges from his post pubescent haze of mediocrity

  • nemo99

    i am in china already 8 years, i m laowai and this is one of the motivation why i have only chinese friends!!! 90% of laowai here are shit people! 操你妈的屄!!!! in this 8 years i have had 4 fighting, and only against laowai, 2 from uk 1 from use and one from france, because they upset my chinese best friends!!!! i really feel shame and i apologize for this shit people!!! This 傻屄 need stay 5 yrs in jail and hope he s raped every day!!!!!!

    • fredf

      You are obviously not a native speaker of English.
      Most likely you are an English speaking Chinese person trying to earn his wu mao.

      • Nyancat

        whatever nemo wrote doesn’t even qualify as english, if you read the comments you can find a couple more wumao hard at work.

      • ChineseFighter

        philipino/indonesian/malays/singapore/viets etc we dont call them laowai
        not being offensive thats just how things are.

        laowai = white foreigners in general, (perhaps a more polite term compare to guilao ?)

        • mr. wiener

          I can live with being called Laowai. In Taiwan it’s “Ado ah” [pointy nose], but there is no malice in it.
          Honestly though, Nemo’s English is worse than my Chinese and that takes some doing. Twat wumao.

          • anon

            Could be wumao or could be someone who just isn’t a native English speaker. There are plenty of places in the world who don’t speak English. His Chinese could even be copied straight from the Glossary here, and likely so, as most Chinese netizens don’t write bi that way (harder to find in Chinese input systems and thus very rarely used).

    • moop

      its 肏,not 操

      • mankouzanghua

        actually it’s usually written in the latter form, so that’s how it would be expected if nemo99 is chinese

        though the former variant has quite an interesting character construction, huh?

  • Nyancat

    I don’t know whether I am hearing this right, but listen to what the foreigner says in the beginning of the video, it sounds like, ” whats wrong with her man?”
    This is getting fishier by the moment, was this a setup? I am not condoning rape, but I wanna whether you guys hear what I hear.

    • anon

      Don’t hear anything like that at all. Aside from “okay man” the rest is pretty unintelligible.

      • Brett Hunan

        Ahhhh he was saying “okay man”, not “okay le”. I need to start using a computer… or headphones

      • Nyancat

        its around the 3-5 second mark, just give it a real good listen, he’s got a heavy ass accent but living in so many places I’ve learnt to sift through the ‘noise’ if you will. Try listening to it a couple of times, I’m so fucking sure that is what he says.

        • anon

          Sorry, don’t hear it.

          • Nyancat

            Ah it’s alright it doesn’t really matter though, it doesn’t vindicate him anyway. Dumb bastard got what he deserved.

        • Boris

          Yep, he says something like, ‘What’s wrong with her?’. Then as he walks away he says ‘bumboclot’ -a Jamaican cuss.

          • Nyancat

            Yeah exactly!

            A cloth or rag used to wipe ones anal region. However, most Jamaicans use it as a substitute for the word f*ck to express anger or surprise.

            I learnt a new word, thanks Boris!

          • Boris

            Happy to oblige.
            May it serve you well.

  • Peter

    He was literally China SMACKED!

  • Laowai

    He’s drunk the girl is a hooker she stole his wallet he wanted it back.

    • fredf

      The most logical explanation yet.

      • anon

        Actually, that’s more like speculation than explanation, and its speculation without any hard supporting evidence whatsoever, which makes it dangerously close to wishful thinking. Unless there’s been an update and I haven’t seen it. Be smart and don’t jump to conclusions like many Chinese have.

  • JSakamoto

    They show some punches being thrown and the next moment the guy’s on the ground. Was he so drunk he just fell unconscious from a slip and fall? Although I’d bet the girl was trash too, at least someone finally got involved instead of just standing around like a bump on a log. If it was me I would have urinated on him after he was unconscious. Then hopefully he’ll have learned his lesson.

    The best part of this is that this video is being viewed by millions of chinese. Most whites in china are self-righteous assholes but many chinese never see it that way. They think they are such good, compassionate people. When chinese people meet someone like me, they’re in for a shock as I tell them what whites really think of them. Also let them know that Japan has helped China more than America ever has. China wouldn’t be where it is today without Japan’s assistance over the last 30 years.

    • you should view the CCP’s english website where they vehemently try to defend white people as much as possible

      • fredf

        Your link appears to be blocked in my part of China

    • Anon

      I’ll bet you have a lot of fun conversations with that last bit.

      • JSakamoto

        Yep lot of interesting conversations. As expected I’ve never had a chinese agree with me on that. I don’t say it to agitate or instigate anything, just to educate. It’s good if people can get information from sources other than mainstream media.

        • ChineseFighter

          sources for example thats written by high school kids

          good one.

        • anon

          It’s true China has benefited a lot from Japan over the past 30 years. It’s also true that China has suffered a lot because of Japan’s past actions. It sounds like you’re proud of going around telling Chinese what foreigners really think of them, which sounds like you’re going around intentionally trying to put them down and start arguments. That doesn’t reflect well on you. It makes you sound like an ass actually, regardless of whatever facts you bring to the table.

          Many Chinese are indeed ignorant of or loathe to acknowledge that Japan has helped China economically with international trade. Given the national trauma that imperial Japan inflicted upon the Chinese national psyche, I think it’ll be a long time before they feel Japan has paid back their blood debt. It’s unfortunate and even unfair to modern Japanese but not unprecedented in this world. The Japanese are correct to point out that they have apologized. The Chinese are correct to point out that the Japanese haven’t gone as far as the Germans have with respect to the trauma they inflicted on the Jews (and so many others). It isn’t hard to have a rational view of this issue and acknowledge the valid points on both sides.

          • JSakamoto

            Anon don’t make me out to be the bad guy here. I already said I don’t do it to anger people but to educate. I”m not proud of what Japan did to CHina during the war years, totally unjustified and wrong. I just like to bring the reality of what I see to other people’s consciousness. It”s just a different point of view. I present my view logically without being confrontational. My social circle has consisted of mostly chinese people (both US born and overseas) since my college days. Since they know the real me, they actually listen to what I have to say and learn a lot from me, as I do from them.

            Agree 100% with your 2nd paragraph. Can’t we all just get along for once.

    • Alan

      Also let them know that Japan has helped China more than America ever has.

      And Japan would not be where it is today, if it wasn’t for post war aid and investment from the US of A.

      We had to tolerate japanese back slapping because you actually innovated some good electronics products….but not any more, not nowadays, not as China rises.

      • JSakamoto

        Very true, rebuilding what you have just destroyed is a mark of a true humanitarian. Asia might still be under the shackles of western colonialism were it not for the japanese military. That may have been one of the good things to come out of their rampage throughout asia. I’m not condoning their actions at all but just stating facts.

        China will never be a world leader, sorry to say. I’m actually rooting for them, as hard as it may be for you to believe but there’s just no way they will ever be like the US in terms of power and prestige.

        • Rin5

          I agree with you, China can never become a world leader… UNLESS they work EXTREMELY hard on their morals. They need to realize that the world, living, is not just about money, but bond between people. Seriously, unlike Japan where everyone works together, Chinese are always fighting among each other.
          Again, China can never become a world leader unless basic humanitarian/moral issues (i.e. corruption, picking on the weak while fearing the strong) are solved.

          • JSakamoto

            It’s not just morals, it’s cultural influence abroad, attitude, military power, wealth everything. Until the day comes when nobody looks down upon the chinese, and the chinese people drop their inferiority complex toward the West, they can never truly be considered world leaders.

            Sometimes this respect must be earned by force (ex. America in the 20th century and Europe before that). I’m not sure China is up to the task.

      • Power

        The fact is, extravagant western lifestyles would have been unsustainable were it not for the rise of Asia. In the past and in the present, Asian countries need the USA just as much as the USA needs Asian countries.

    • Deepzen

      “I tell them what whites really think of them”…. Racist much? :) I guess someone’s still pissed that WW2 didn’t end with his family owning a fine plantation in China with lots of Chinese(that the Japanese all LOVE) to work it for them, huh? Hey but don’t worry, I sure all the Chinese you meet REALLY like you :)

  • Jess

    Who was that 2nd guy that kicked the laowai 3 times, her pimp?

    • Dr SUN

      Yes, most likely, or just part of the gangster gang she is in.

  • Capt. WED

    I’m once again on this stupid website commenting…

    You people are making the exact same dumb ass comments. I almost want to say it’s like in reverse roles you guys are sooo quick to say hey guys don’t generalize!!! But I’m not going to. First off I just don’t like this video and the situation (I said that this morning) because I don’t want to rush to judgement without all the information. I’m not a one person criminal court…I don’t pretend I’m more moral and more ethical than others …I don’t pretend I’m a super tough guy because I’m not.


    I don’t like the tone of the Chinese comments. BUT LET”S NOT forget if a Chinese person in the West did some crime definitely expect the same reaction. Don’t pretend like that wouldn’t happen because we’ve seen it happen.

    basically it’s the same crap. This website is DUMB. Not saying you are DUMB.

    My IQ is around 90 something so please be patient with me.

    • JSakamoto

      The reason chinese are so sensitive to foreigners acting like they own the place is because at one time they did own the place. If you were victimized in the past, you will be very sensitive to any future victimization. Of course in the west there would be a similar reaction, hell even if an asian does something good in the west there will still be racist comments.

      No shit this website is dumb as fuck. I’m about done commenting on this site, I’ll just check back occasionally for interesting stories. But the quality of posters on this site make this place a real shithole.

      • Little Wolf

        Actually it’s you that’s dumb as fuck and your absence will certainly increase the intelligence average here quite significantly. But promises promises. See if you can keep your word this time and fuck off for good.

        Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

        • JSakamoto

          Speaking of dumbasses, here’s the guy that actually give dumbasses a bad name. I didn’t know it was possible for people to actually have a negative IQ but you proved me wrong. Actually before I leave I’d love to shit on you face and then kick the door back in your face.

          Just because of your last 2 statements I think I’ll stick around here and spread my knowledge. YOu should have shut your hole if you really wanted me to go away.

          • Little Wolf

            Wow….good retort. You really kicked my ass with that one.

            OK…not really, but it’s nice to be nice.

            You keep promised to ignore me and that lasted what? 2 hours?
            You threatened to leave this site (yeah….like you’re really going to be missed) If you weren’t so wishy-washy and kept your word I might have even baked you a cake. Make up your fucking mind.

      • francois

        the reason Chinese are so sensitive is because they adore the Laowai…imagine the shock when they realize they are trash…

        • tai wai

          Oh, go boil your balls, you brainless bag of bean curd.

    • pada

      Dont worry I had same IQ 90 as yours and had experience to be even patient with IQ 85 people, at least for 8 years. Be proud of it, :).
      But I disagree that “this website is DUMB”, since it has been serving as a window showing not only Chinese opinions for foreign eyes, but also the true colour of Westerners, especially Americans, for Chinese to see. I’m lovin it!

    • monosodium glutemate

      Ok people 1st things 1st …Was/is this Guy British if so was he taken to jail or court ..has he been tried ? If so what has he been tried with .. as far as I could see the couple were both fully dressed.
      Im not saying hes guilty or otherwise but Is it usual for men of this town to kick a defensless person when they are comatose?? Such brave hard men hey!!! has It been proven he did anything other than maybe molest her and who is she?? no name for either citizen .Xenophobic reactions rule here I feel..
      Who was the person filming and why didnt they stop tyhe guy or shout art him .. hmm teview the footage suddenly hes comatose on the floor why edit the assholes out who knocked him down thats a clever piece of edditing as usual the truth will out chinese people beware when you travel to other country when you wish to be safe grow up people grow up!!!

    • Dr SUN

      not true, sorry a Chinese guy RAPED, and I mean really RAPED while sober a western women in the USA, just a while ago, didn’t see thousands of racist and xenophobic micro bogs from the west saying this Chinese guy should be beaten to death and that all Chinese living in the USA are scum, spies, low lifes that cannot live in their own country and should be kicked out now.

      Think about it

      • Uncle Jeebers

        Chinese could be revoked of citizenship in White countries as long as China doesn’t give citizenship to Whites. Granted not many Whites are interested in immigrating here, but some certainly are. And why can’t we make enclaves like German Village or Little Italy in China? We’re definitely being treated with a double standard.

        The reason the Chinese get all embroiled in hatred for foreigners is because their ineffectual and corrupt government wants them to blame others instead of themselves. It’s silly too, that if there are bad foreigners in China, it was China who chose them and let them in. Apparently the blame for China’s current state is China itself – but people with their brains fried on chromium-lead fags, acetone baijiu, betel nuts and opium-laced foods are not going to figure that out.

    • Power

      Yep. This website is highly biased against the Chinese. This site is a gathering place for insecure white racists who have an inferiority complex within their own society, so they look towards the East and laugh at people in _developing countries_ in attempt to feel superior. Very pathetic indeed.

      • Uncle Jeebers

        It’s not particularly us Whites that feel we’re superior, but the Chinese. They readily admit our societies are developed and theirs are not. They flock in droves into White countries. Whites have been far kinder to Chinese in that we’ve allowed their mass immigration, whereas no single White can ever get Chinese citizenship – ever. So perhaps the pathetic is to blame superior people and cultures for recognizing some of their superiority.

  • FSC

    Disgraceful. Us foreigners are NOT like this!

    • myxsix

      The reality is that China is not the west. Whatever the problems are in China, and there are many, nobody is requiring foreigners to come here. The fact is that most foreigners in China are great and the fact is most Chinese are decent, honest people. It is ridiculous to paint broad strokes on the basis of the bad acts of one person. It’s like an airplane crash – there are many flights every day and occasionally there is a crash. The way media portray such incidents makes one feel a plane crash is common when it is statistically rate. One jerk who is a foreigner does not mean all foreigners are jerks. Just like one Chinese businessman who cheats a foreign investor does not make Chinese cheaters.

      Of course people vent and say things they do not mean when they are frustrated and angry. Get over it. Rape was not invented by that drunk idiot.

      • francois

        Times of flux…and a huge influx ino China from the unwashed masses of the UK, USA, OZ etc…what more to say…