British Man Beat Up For Sexually Assaulting Chinese Girl

A British national lies on the street with his shirt ripped after being beaten by several Chinese men for sexually assaulting a Chinese girl in public.

A British national lies on the street with his shirt ripped after being beaten by several Chinese men for sexually assaulting a Chinese girl in public.

With already nearly 3 million views and 50k comments since it was uploaded a day ago…

On Youku:

Laowai, we’re going to kick your ass out of China!

Where: Beijing city 100 meters south of the Xuanwumen subway entrance opposite the Sogo Department Store. When: 2012 May 8th around 23:20 [11:20pm]. At the time, Big Brother [referring to self] was getting off work and closing the shop and a Little Brother [referring to a younger man] ran over in a panic, “Big Brother, hurry, there’s someone crying for help over there”. At the time, Big Brother didn’t think much about it, because when the road is not level, Big Brother will go level it [when one sees a problem, one does something], and quickly rushed to the scene, but what bitterly disappointed Big Brother was that there were so many people there on the side of the road watching but not doing anything. The scene did not allow for much thought, it had to be stopped, otherwise the consequences would truly be unimaginable, so Big Borhter and another “see injustice and do what is right” friend, and a Little Brother bravely went forth. Cao, Big Brother is Chinese, and every citizen of China is Big Brother’s brother and sister, so how can Big Brother tolerate them being bullied/taken advantaged of by others? Big Brother was put on this earth to fight bad guys! I want to tell all the sisters of our motherland: “The night is dark, your family is waiting for you to return home; The day is late, don’t go out alone, and especially when it is summer, don’t dress so revealingly! You may not know that there is a pair of eyes is behind you staring at you, so listen to Big Brother and go home!”

—-They all call me Big Brother

Last night, a video of a drunk man near Xuanwumen who had sexually assaulted a girl being stopped by passersby captured everyone’s attention, who asked what had happened. From police investigations, on 2012 May 8th around 11pm, a foreign national male began molesting a woman in public after drinking. When passersby saw, they stopped him and called the police. The police immediately rushed to the scene and arrested the man. Afterward, the police put him in a detainment room for him to sober up and is currently being detained for investigation in accordance to law. This man is a British national and holds a tourist visa. At present, this case is currently in legal proceedings.

The last paragraph above is a copy of the statement issued by Beijing Police through their official Sina Weibo account (@平安北京).

A copy on YouTube:

This video of course spread on Sina Weibo, China’s most popular microblogging platform, and the following post has been reshared and forwarded over 80k times with over 17k comments since it was posted last night…

@北京人不知道的北京事儿: Beijing brothers, remember this laowai‘s face! In the future, beat him each time you see him!!! 2012 May 8th around 23:20 [11:20pm], in front of the Xuanwumen SOGO, a laowai raping a Chinese girl was beat up by people.

A screen capture from a video taken of a British man apparently sexually harassing a resisting Chinese girl on a street in Beijing.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


Beat him to death!


Fucking bastard!


All of Beijing, human flesh search this beast.


Him lying there is just pretending, give his face a few kicks. CNM.


Isn’t this what these Chaoyang girls wish for?


Motherfucking stupid cunt laowai… get the fuck out of China, get the fuck out of Beijing. [怒][怒]


Just during noon today we were talking about the character problems of laowai in China… a group beating is letting him off easy! It is no longer the era of girls preferring to find laowai, so get lost back to wherever you came from, Beijing doesn’t welcome you! [鄙视][怒][哼]

王小闹-随时闹 :

Is this real?


How can this kind of thing happen on an open street of China’s Beijing! Intolerable! Inexcusable! Beating you up it definitely fucking letting you off easy! If it were up to the city residents to decide, you’d definitely not be leaving Beijing with your JJ!!


@平安北京 [@pinganbeijing, the official Beijing public security bureau microblog account], this laowai will have to do prison time, right?


How come this girl isn’t resisting? At the beginning of the video, why is she just waiting for him to rape her? What are your two hands for?


When encountering trouble in China, definitely don’t expect passersby to help.


This has to be reported to the police, deporting him is the minimum that must be done, and must remember to keep a record so he will never be allowed back in!


This is all over Xiaonei [a Chinese social network].


Some laowai are chivalrous, some laowai are immoral~ Girls, don’t blindly worship the foreign!! There are plenty of shameless foreigners!! Like this bastard, if I was present, I’d turn him into an eunuch!


Sentence him to 3 years for attempted rape, no commuted sentence, no parole, and let those in the prison who engage in homosexuality torment him to death every day…

zhegebucuo: (responding to above)

They don’t dare… in the end, they’ll do a public disturbance and 7 days later he’ll walk free, or pretend to deport him… trust me, it’ll be one of these two.


This will make things difficult for the Party and government.


MD, where did all of Beijing’s men go? After all that time there was only one real man? And why was there even a fucking blond-haired guy stopping the real man? Was he a Chinese traitor!?


Look at that image, does that look like rape? If she really wants to resist, she’d close her two legs, and if he thrusts, she could use her hand and just twist his cock, could he succeed then? Looks more like they’re making an AV [adult video], and that girl is really enjoying it.


This morning @平安北京 [Beijing Police] made an announcement confirming this incident, and that the drunk laowai has already been arrested… If this the sexual assault was done by a Chinese person, or if you happened to pass by, would you have acted?


[They] already know China’s officials don’t dare to do anything against laowai, so they’ve already started bullying/taking advantage of us in our own homes, but fortunately there were passersby who seek to do the right thing.


Fuck, just kill him! Look at how wretched and despicable he looks, fucking disgusting! Where the fuck are China’s men? Letting a laowai terrorize the streets in Beijing, and there’s even someone who stops [the other man from beating up the foreigner]! Are all of China’s men dead???!!!


Punish him in accordance with Chinese law.

A British national lies on the street with his shirt ripped after being beaten by several Chinese men for sexually assaulting a Chinese girl in public.

Comments on Youku:


This kind deserves to be beaten, but that Brazilian man in Guangdong deserves to be given support!


I would first watch him finish raping her then beat him up. This way, there are four advantages: 1. Live AV [adult video, porn]. 2. He’ll have lost his strength and it’ll be easier to beat him up. 3. More convenient for collecting evidence. 4. That’s it.


It’s said that a lot of people were just looking on from the side of the street, no one going forward to help. It wasn’t until the boss of a hair salon who had just finished drinking was called to come see what was happening that someone went forward to stop it. What is wrong with this society, to allow a laowai to bully and humiliate our girls on our territory. I don’t dare to imagine how if this didn’t happen in Beijing, this girl might have actually been humiliated and dishonored right on the open street.


Beijingers are too merciful, here we would’ve dragged him to where there’s no people, beat him to death, and then throw him into the river.


Saw this video on Renren [a Chinese social network], totally shameless to the limit. This person should just be executed on the spot.


Was that girl originally with the laowai? If so, then her dream of going abroad has been ruined.


I bet that woman isn’t anything good either, otherwise this kind of thing wouldn’t happen out on an open street.


I’m very curious, how come that girl wasn’t resisting before?


If this British pervert were in America, American passersby would’ve long ago shot him dead. Guns are legal in America, reporting to the police is just to have them clean up and burn the body… Our China is considered very courteous/tolerant!!!


white trash!


This kind of thing happens and still Chinese passersby are so calm, even asking, and filming. If it were me, I would’ve gone up and kicked him already.


[Responding to a few people who think the video is fake] Fake?? Yes, there are indeed fake videos, but not all videos are fake. Please don’t think you’re so clever.


The girl is wearing way too little so late at night. Girls these days all like exposing themselves.


There are odd things about this, a lot of questions, can’t rush to conclusions, must wait for results.


How come the middle is cut out!? Is it because you’re embarrassed to let everyone see how a single laowai defended against over ten of you!? And then you cockily upload this to take credit? Winning the support of innumerable insecure Chinese people, satisfying your petty and low self-esteem, right…?

wuqingcaonima: (responding to above)

Please use your brain, if he went up to fight the guy, would he still have time to film?

乡村鬼畜: (responding to above)

You Chinese people are the best at the many bullying the few…


At the end, they should’ve pissed on this animal’s face.


I’m very curious…that one guy wearing white at the end, if he wasn’t already lying on the ground, would you still have the courage to go up [and attack him]…?


These kind of people truly embarrass their country.

What do you think?

A British national lies on the street with his shirt ripped after being beaten by several Chinese men for sexually assaulting a Chinese girl in public.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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