16 Modern China Engineering Feats & Industrial Achievements

From a NetEase blog:

China’s super equipment list

XCME’s massive 220 ton capacity AC drive electric haul truck used for large-scale mining

XCME Group’s SF33900 model 220 ton capacity AC drive electric haul truck, where a each truck cost over 20 million RMB. The truck is 13.6 meters long, 7.8 meters wide and 7.1 meters tall, with a total weight of 166 tons. The cargo hold 137 square meters, with a total capacity of 220 tons. A normal adult is only half the height of the wheels alone.

World’s largest mobile crane – XCMG Group 1,200 ton mobile crane

XCMG Group QAY1200 model, 1200 ton mobile crane is currently the largest class of wheel crane in the world, a single unit costs over 100 million RMB.

China’s largest excavator – Sany Group 200 ton class hydraulic excavator

“China’s number one excavator”, the SY2000C model 200 ton tracked hydraulic excavator. This is currently the country’s largest tracked hydraulic excavator. Because of this, Sany Group became the fifth company in the world able to produce a 200 ton class hydraulic excavator.

World’s largest coal-to-oil refinery – Ordos coal liquefaction demonstration project

12/30/2008 2:46pm, currently the world’s largest coal-to-oil project – Shenhua Group’s Ordos coal liquefaction demonstration project is the first 1 million ton coal production line test vehicle; As of 7am on 12/31, the entire production process was completed and successfully realized the formation of oil, producing quality diesel and naphtha. After running for 303 hours the facility planned to shut down. This marked China as world’s only nation to realize 100 ton coal liquefaction technology.

The world’s largest nitrile rubber facility – Lanzhou Petrochemical Company 50,000 ton rubber facility

7/21/2009, currently the world’s largest 50,000 ton annual capacity nitrile rubber facility was competed at the CNPC Lanzhou Petrochemical Company. This facility with a total investment of 859 million RMB is the auxiliary project of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company’s 70,000 ton ethylene program. Using proprietary intellectual property relating to nitrile rubber technology, from storage to chemical polymerization, to plaster storage and dry packaging; composing of a total of 7 production units, 3 engineering units, 2 auxiliary units, with the entire production process using DCS quality control.

The king of blast furnaces – Shagang Group’s 5,860 cubic meter blast furnace

10/21/1009, Shagang Group’s Huasheng Iron Works successfully forged a 5,860 cubic meter blast furnace, signifying that this world’s largest capacity, most technologically advanced “Number 1 furnace” is in production. This furnace can reach an annual production capacity of 500,000 tons, production value of 12 billion RMB; this furnace is primarily intended for providing iron melt to Shagang Group’s 300,000 ton hot roller and 200,000 ton thick plate production.

Our nation’s largest container ship – COSCO OCEANIA 10200TEU container ship

COSCO OCEANIA is the first self-manufactured 10,000 container capacity container ship. The total length of the ship is 349.5 meters, width 45.6 meters; it can carry 10,020 20 meter standard containers.

The king of rolling mills – Anshan Iron and Steel Group’s 5,500mm heavy plate rolling mill

Anshan Iron and Steel Group’s 5,500mm four-high reversing double rack heavy plate rolling mill is currently the world’s largest heavy plate rolling mill.

World’s largest hydroturbine – Three Gorges 70,000 kilowatt hydroturbine

The Three Gorges hydroelectric plant is currently the world’s largest hydroelectric plant, and its is here where the world’s largest hydroturbine units are installed.

World’s largest horizontal lathe – Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group’s DL250 5-meter heavy-duty horizontal boring lathe

September 2006, Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group and China National Erzong Group signed a contract for the world’s largest 5-meter horizontal CNC boring lathe, with the contract worth close to 100 million RMB. This horizontal lathe is a major national project in the 11th five year plan. It is also currently the world’s largest heavy-duty horizontal lathe, weighing a total of 1450 tons, with a total length of 44.5 meters, width of 8.1 meters, height of 5.8 meters, tactical diameter of 5 meters, tool platform 4.5 meters, with a total cutting power of 350KN, longest processing length 20 meters, largest weight bearing capacity 500 tons, and power consumption of 284 KW. At the same time, this heavy-duty horizontal lathe’s precision is .006 millimeters, one tenth of a human hair.

World’s largest vertical press – Northern Heavy Industries Group Co. 36,000 ton ferrous metal vertical press

7/6/2009, Norinco Group announced in Beijing that after 3 years of tackling the challenge, and in conjunction with Inner Mongolia Northern Heavy Industries Group Co., Tsinghua University, and other research institutions, they have successfully developed a 36,000 ton ferrous metal vertical press. This is currently the largest ferrous metal vertical press in the world.

World’s largest bridge crane – DHI.DCW Group Co. 20,000 ton capacity bridge crane

This 20,000 ton bridge crane has a total height of 118 meters, equal to lifting 250 fully loaded train cars up onto a 23-story building, with a 129 meters length crossbeam, a double container beam design. If one were to lay this bridge crane on its side, it would need a football field to contain it.

World’s longest public bus – BRT high capacity, high speed public transport system

This is currently the world’s longest public bus model JNP6250G, also known as “Youth, City Route A-380”, the length of the vehicle is 25 meters, it can carry over 300 people, and its length essentially equals that of a single train carriage. This vehicle’s turn radius equals to that of a normal 12 meter long bus, and has a total of 5 entry doors. Because it uses unitary body construction, the carriage and the floor is only two hand lengths from the ground where passengers at bus stops can step in easily into the bus, which greatly helps the elderly and the physically disabled. Inside the bus, the walkway and space between the seats are all very wide, the center of the bus also has space allocated for wheelchairs.

Vehicle with the most tires in the world

2008, Suzhou Dafang Special Vehicle Co., Ltd joined together four platform trailer at Yantai DSME SHANDONG CO. to successfully transport a 40 meter wide, 2000 ton segment of a ship, setting at the time the Asian record for transporting the largest tonnage using platform trailers.

World’s largest Ferris wheel – the Beijing Great Wheel, height 208 meters, weighing 8000 tons

The Beijing Great Wheel’s height equals that of a 70-story building, while its diameter equals that of two football [soccer] fields, and each capsule is the equivalent of a large bus.

World’s largest LED screen

At Beijing’s “The Place”, with a length of 220 meters, a width of 27 meters, an LED display with a screen area greater than the size of a football [soccer] field hangs over the heads of people [below].

Comments on the NetEase blog:

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Heavy machinery, computerized numerical control, oceanic equipment, these are all one of the important strategic industries of the nation. Alongside these are often famous state-owned enterprises.


The first car was produced under license from USA’s Caterpillar Inc. the Three Gorges 70,000 kilowatt hydroturbine was produced under license from Siemens Company. These things are built with the foreigners mind and Chinese worker’s hands. It is being manufactured in China because one, China is the buyer; two, the cost of labor is low, and; three, taxes. The bottom line is that they’re face projects for certain major figures.




Chinese people always love being “the world’s most…”. but what’s the point, hypocritical Chinese people!


The cost is very high, is it practical?


That Ferris wheel is ridiculous.

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  • Bunny99

    At 100 million RMB, girls will now say – “Before I will marry you, I want a house and a XCMG Group QAY1200 model, 1200 ton mobile crane!”

    • Irvin

      Yeah, chinese girls do like big cranes.

      • j.lo

        White girls love them more.

        • Gay Azn Boi

          I like them as well :p

          • No love for big wrecking balls?

          • j.lo

            Then you should visit San Francisco. It’s going to be huge man buffet.

  • mr. weiner

    Bigger, better, whatever, the Chinese netezins sounded less than impressed

    • hooots

      it sounds like these engineers are compensating for something…………………………………………..

      • RZ

        It certainly CAN’T be quality in the design or construction. Nope. That would be absolutely unthinkable.

    • Perhaps they are thinking of the environmental toll these machines will have on the motherland and willing countries, like the devastation that dump truck and crane will have by strip mining a pristine habitat.

      As a for example, perhaps these citizens are reminded by the national mascot of China, the lovable panda who has been driven to extinction by the people who live here and their policies and machines (nope, you can’t blame the Japanese for killing pandas).

      Yes, the panda is a both a national symbol of pride and disgrace, same as the Great Wall is both in that it is a symbol of Chinese pride and tyranny/slavery. So in that case, big cranes can also be a sign of progress and destruction.

  • Ding Dong Jung

    Chinese love “largest, biggest, fastest, longest, the most” for thousands of years. They just have the manpower to do it.

    Talking about smallest, safest, most high tech, they are no where near.

    • lxpatterson

      What about that great wall of China? That was the biggest wall ever and it didn’t keep the Manchurians out.

      Zhang He apparently had the biggest armada in history, and did China become a trade power?

      What a bunch of meaningless shit. Just goes to show ass-backwards Chinese mentality never changes.

      • DRaY

        I’ve noticed the common trend in China that “big and/or expensive means good” ….. They will never get it. I would love to see China advance in R&D. As for Engineering Feats and Industrial Achievements, I am sure much of this tech and know how came from the West. …. China so funny

        • Cleo

          It’s not as if you’ve tapped into the minds of the man on the street. Think about it. Chinese parents preach prudency, right? Don’t throw away a piece of paper that still has a blank space that can be written on. How is that the same Chinese majority being happy with something that is gigantic and costly?

      • RuN

        the wall was constructed during Qin dynasty, and for your information, and Manchuria invasion was much later in Ming, the gates were opened by traitors. the wall did it’s job and probably long enough to beat the history of your civilisation.

        2. yes that time china shared half the wealth of the whole world, someones history teacher died early :P

        • lxpatterson

          I agree with you 100%. Exactly my point. Whatever monumental scale technical achievements that China had were undercut by social/human issues: corruption, poor/uncreative administration, short-sighted governance…etc.

        • Somethin Somethin

          Someones laptop broke. Speaking of the Great Wall as an effective defensive measure rather than as a clever political maneuver is missing the point entirely. That it was mostly constructed during the latter periods of Chinese history and certainly not near the level we see it as today is another important point to be made. The wall not only failed during the Manchurian invasions, but also in most other cases as well. Two of China’s more powerful dynasties can attest to that fact.
          As for the assertion that at one time China represented half of the world’s wealth I find that very hard to believe and would certainly scrutinize the researcher who made such a bold statement. A marvel? No doubt. Amazingly beautiful in so many ways? Absolutely. A guide to practical engineering projects for the Chinese people? You be the judge.

          • RuN

            i totally agree with u with the Greatwall being more of a political maneuver etc, obviously.

            look up a person named Wu Sangui, he was the main reason for the Manchuria (Qing) invasion.

            the period that china represented more than half of the world wealth was during the Song, and to be more precise it was 65% of the world’s total wealth and even 80% at some point in North Song.

  • Pong Lenis

    …and not forget the largest collection of fake Louis Vuitton bags!

    • j.lo

      Fake LV’s sell like hot cakes in New York, San Francisco and EBay.

      • Anon

        So… the two biggest Chinese population centers in America then? Good one.

        • j.lo

          Most sellers and buyers are not Asian. Check it out sometime. Supply and demand. When the economy is bad, race has nothing to do with it. Fake it until you make it is not a Chinese saying.

          • B-real

            Say that to the people who behind the Chinese at every LV store across the globe.

    • jin

      yeh they make the largest amount of fake bags, BUT! its the white people that buys them :) chinese people dont want to wear fake brand. it will make them lose face.

  • JPAX

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    • j.lo

      You don’t need a big penis to build big cranes. You definitely need a decent size brain. The biggest penises are probably found in Africa.

      • staylost

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        • j.lo

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          • Gay Azn Boi

            Jesus fucking christ stop arguing about penis size! Yes, Asians in general DO have smaller penises, but that’s because most Asians have a smaller stature compared to Blacks or Caucasians! It has to be proportional to your body you know?!

            Myself, I have a pretty small penis but I couldn’t care less because since I’m Asian I tend to be the “bottom” in a relationship so I really don’t need a big dick.

          • superhappycow

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            But you’re right, it’s a pretty dumb discussion.

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            But the USA has an enormous penis, the largest of all. It’s called “Florida”.

    • Alan


      It’s an asian over compensating thing for sure.

      But wait where did they copy the ferris wheel from? Perhaps the london eye?

      And all those large vehicles, impressive, but the japanese were doing it LONG before.

      After the disaster on the wenzhou CRH, I am not as impressed or trusting with the so called hi tech in China as I was. Ideas can be stolen, innovations copied…but never made perfect it seems!

      • Ace

        White Trash has been copying the numerous inventions(including sports) from China since the brits. first arrival.
        What’s this about the Chinese copying your White Trash stuff? Go get an education you Fucking low life white trash!

        • Bryan from USA number1

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          • Just John

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      • Cleo

        heavy equipment came from Westerners and then Komatsu copied them and much of Western technology is based on original Chinese technology – Japan has never provided foundation technology

        • Bryan from USA number1

          Yea, Japan also copied Battleships and Aircraft carriers that they used on America. But, they could not copy the two Atom Bombs we dropped on there asses.

          Hey Ace, the only thing Chinese are good for is cheap labor. Now you and your friends get your asses over to America and build me a great wall to keep those Mexicans out. Now!!!!

          • Capt. WED

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  • GodsHammer

    Overlooking whose idea and whose mind and hands did what… those are some cool machines. The little boy in me wants to start sculpting out the countryside! Vroom-vroom

  • EuroTrash

    not to forget the High Speed Trains which are build now in CHina thanks to laws and forced technology transfers…. even the nnewest edition in the south is build on Siemens technology. what a pathetic country.. u just sent a rocket into the sky like basically 50 years after the americans …get creative and inventive

    • jin

      and America owes $1.164 trillion to a pathetic country called China.

    • Chad

      Funny because China is now building more advanced HSR trains than most of the Europeans, and also their network equipment companies are killing european ones as well. Ouch.

      • eurotrash

        True still doenst change anything. the technology is all foreign and thats a FACT. lower production costs… and that weird technology transfer policy ..well still foreign companies will flock to china since the market is too big to miss even that lackluster copying thing. if chinese would just improve things then a mere copy..

        • Ace

          That’s why you called yourself Eurotrash!
          The west has been copying CHINESE inventions since western white Trash first visited CHINA.
          Now that’s a FACT for the ignorant and jealous White TRASH!!!

          • bomber

            Dude, you are delusional. It is simply not the fact that “westerners” stole everything from “Chinese.” Chinese people have many reasons to feel (measured) pride in their history and culture without adopting false narratives and turning one group (westerners) into the evil foil of your distorted world-view and identity. Grow up.

        • Chad

          How is the technology all foreign if Chinese networking equipment and HSR technology is more advanced than European technology? The European technology must exist for it to be stolen ;) Kind of odd is it not?

          • donscarletti

            Well, them being “more advanced” are claims you have made, but that doesn’t make them true.

            The networking technology, well, I have rolled out enough data centres to know you are wrong there, the locally designed equipment I have tested was poor to say the least, inadequate cooling, no redundancy features and use of home consumer level components used in critical areas, every time they do not benchmark even close to the numbers given in the docs. One time I even saw a rackmount server that when you open it up, there is a Gigabyte motherboard, a single 7200RPM SATA hard disc and a fan that blew air from front to back (i.e. will blow the exhaust air from other servers in the cabinet through the system).

            The High Speed Rail, well, no, you are wrong there too. The TGV is still by far the fastest train technology in the world, not to mention the safest and most reliable high speed train technology. It holds the record for the fastest attainable speed of the train (575 km/h) and once again has the fastest route (average of 279 km/h), as well as never crashing and killing people in 30 years of continual operation. The Wuhan-Guangzhou train held the fastest route record for 18 months, but this was more a matter of trains being run at unsafe speeds to satisfy that goal, rather than anything to do with the technology.

      • Alan

        I’d rather ride the HSR in Spain, which I have done, and is fast and safe, than have to worry about it derailing and no-one giving a crap…thats more or less it!

      • Just John

        Speaking of HSRs and killing…

  • chinesepussylover

    Chinese girls also like largest and longest things :) unfortunately they can’t find them in China…

    • hooots

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    • Ace

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      • mr. weiner

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      • mr. weiner


        • Ace

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  • diverdude

    Nice achievements all. I am just curious about where this place, and the rest of Spaceship Earth, will be in a few decades. I am not much for math, but it seems to me that population continues to increase whilst available resources continue to (porpotionaly) decrease. A formula that on initial consideration seems to spell trouble.
    I do think technology can help mankind survive/prosper, but I think we all need to take a look at this population issue.

  • robin yates

    I am from the UK now retired and living in the Philippines. I watch the huge steps China is making in every aspect of manufacturing. Amazing stuff,, so good luck to all you Chinese,

    • hooots

      They’re all fucked.

      • coala banana

        and that includes you !

  • David L

    What about a list of China’s (or anywhere else’s) smallest, quietest and least-prestige projects? Would make a nice change.

    • mr. weiner

      Also maybe some of the green projects for clean energy creation and land reclaimation\reforestation which I hear the Chinese govt has been funding would be nice to hear about.
      This brag piece of proper-Gandalf is about as interesting as reading about how many women coala banana has been sleeping with and possibly near as fictional.

  • Rod

    The bigger the machines, the bigger the accidents.

    I expected to see a lot of wumao comments from the Chinese translations, but it seems like no one is impressed.

  • hooots

    Glad they now have the tools to fuck the planet up even harder.

    I don’t believe the 2012 bull shit but China is trying hard to make it happen.

  • Jesus

    I was thinking other than copying and boasting, what are they really good at?

    • Gay Azn Boi

      Uhmm……….how about having tons of women for you Laowais to fuck? :p

    • jin

      one of smartest country in the world.
      IQ USA 98 China 105

      2nd wealthiest country in the world.
      United States
      if you count in the money USA owes to other country and the money USA owes to china. then china will have more money.

      i dont know in what time you live at, but in another 5 year china will get even better. oh and did you know what you western people copied alot of stuff from china?
      alot of things right now wont even exist if it wasnt for china.

      • angryman

        “if you count in the money USA owes to other country and the money USA owes to china. then china will have more money.”

        You counting the money embezzled by the Party and shipped offshore with their families?

        I mean really, I don’t like the US much at all, but you’d better lay off the jiayou juice before you sprain something with all that knee-jerking. .50RMB just isn’t worth it.

        p.s. we know about Chinese contributions to world science – it’s in our textbooks. Is the Tiananmen Massacre in yours yet?

      • DRaY

        -The average Chinese is not as smart , as smart as the average American.
        -The average Chinese is not as innovative, as smart as the average American.
        -The average Chinese is not taught to follow follow own path as Americans are taught.
        The average Chinese less willing to do something that will make him/her stand out from their contemporaries. Especially if it hasn’t been done before.

        Now with these traits, how is China gonna beat America again??? Money means nothing. America has lead the world in innovation for 200years and will continue to do so. If it wasn’t for American Tech the people of the world would still be sitting in hot ass rooms sweating like pigs, reading with candles, taking steam boats and sending telegraphs. …. but I digress… The homogenous nature of Chinese and Chinese People is the key reason why many large companies are starting to diversify their overseas manufacturing partnerships, modern Chinese culture is filled with Corruption and Deception. China didn’t become a manufacturing giant by itself, it was Non-Chinese business partners that brought the know how to China. If the right opportunities arise business would leave China, I mean China isn’t becoming a more business friendly place, it is already less profitable to to business in China than it was even 5 years ago. The China Model still has legs to stand on for now, but not indefinitely.

        • robin yates

          America owes China a huge amount of money,, trillions. Is that smart ? America has 40 plus million below the poverty line. Is that smart ?America has more homeless than many third world countries. Is that smart ?

          • DRaY

            King George Bush the 2nd fucked America economy, hey it is what it is, things will get better, America leads in innovation. …. America is the fairest playing field there is. ANYONE can make something of themselves!!!! If you fuck up yeah you may end up on the streets, but I personally have seen people go from rags to riches in America overnight that shit doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world !!!!!! The odds of a poor kid in America being successful one day is completely, Let;s see the odds of the same thing in Europe or China? …Except for maybe some lucky chick who marries a rich guy in China or Europe ….lol…. so go fuck yourself America haters.

          • jin

            seems to me youre a china hater, are you jelly?
            american leading the world? FUCK THAT.
            they just interfere with everything, they start wars and make money from it. america? america is a country of warlovers and murderers. they invade and murdered the native inhabitant of america. and yes you can become rich in 1 night in america, rob a bank and youre rich :) and hey! i can become rich in 1 day in europe as well, win the lottery. now STFU and go fuck yourself americatard.

          • Just John

            jim, it is properly said as “Americunt”.
            Just do not forget about “Eurofags” while you’re at it, because not all “westerners” are Americunts….

        • Glowndark

          usa economy is build on slavery from black african and land stolen from north american native people, plus genocide. white people robbed china not so long ago, toxicated its people with opium, use chinese invented gun powder and sea travel to raid, rob and kill people all over the world. now china has awaken, built its own economy not from stealing and robbing others, as napoleon once said ‘let china sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world.’ i hope china will crush you arrogant white people this time. we shall not forget you you did in the past.

          • bomber

            You are completely ignorant of history, and like too many of your Chinese brethren, you embarrass yourself by thinking with your emotions first and your brain second, if at all.
            If you look at the history of African Chattel Slavery in the Americas, you’ll find that slavery, in the long run, harmed those countries economically through institutional maladaption and under-investment in serious capital improvements.

            Westerners got gunpowder from the Turks. I do not dispute that it likely originated in China. Turks were using gunpowder weapons against Europeans before Europeans were making guns. Europeans improved gunpowder weapons and developed tactics for using them.

            The boats Europeans were sailing on were based on Nordic designs, not Chinese, so I’m not really sure what you meant by that.

            “White people robbed China.” of what exactly? Some ancient artifacts? White people rob other white people, too. The savagery and thievery of colonial times wasn’t limited to China. You know who else “robbed China?” Japan. The KMT. And oh yes – The Chinese!

            China’s economic rise has been ENTIRELY dependent on western corporations bringing money and technology into China. This was not done out of carelessness. The elite class in the west has a plan for China – for the world, really.

            Yeah, China is not going to “crush” anybody anytime soon. And I don’t think China wants to get crushed either. War and violence may be an inevitable outcome at this point, but I assure you that if push came to shove, nukes would rain down on this country like raindrops. Nobody wins in that situation. Please put aside your deeply-indoctrinated personal identity bas a “Chinese” and remember that you are just another human being on this planet, and your being from one geographic area or culture doesn’t give you a free pass to be an idiotic, racist, arrogant twat.

          • Glowndark

            @bomber: you white trash flooded this site make fun of chinese people and boast about your penis size and now you are telling me to behave like a nice guy? kiss my fucking ass!

            you even have to nerve to say that slavery harmed you fucking economy after you white monkeys mercilessly enslaved those poor black african for their work force? are you shittin me? slavery made the economy of the earlier colonies not only a viable economy but a profitable one. without slavery in the cash crop producing states. The tobacco, sugar, tea, alcohol, and cotton trade would not be nearly as productive or profitable. slavery kept production cost down and helped boost americunt’s trade with other countries.
            also, with blacks doing most of the hard extensive labor in the fields. more white monkeys were able to pursue other interest like get jobs in cities or move westward. slaves enabled a lot of early americans to be able to own larger tracts of land and farm it. you didn’t mention about the land your great grandparents stole from the native people while you white monkeys slaughtered their women and children!

            through turks or not, it IS still chinese invention that you white monkeys used to shoot and kill!

            who said anything about boat? it’s sea travel, monkey! that includes compass! who invented compass, you white monkeys? without it you wouldn’t make it the new world and claimed the land and killed its people.

            learn your history well, mister monkey, british and french looted and burned yiheyuan and yuanmingyuan. what do you think they took from those palaces? artefacts made of clays?

            “The elite class in the west has a plan for China – for the world, really” what???lolololool, mhua hahaha.. pls mister, don’t make me laugh myself to death!

          • mr. weiner

            “I hope china will crush you arrogant white people”,”we shall not forget”, “white trash”, “white monkeys”? I can apologise for any of the racist coments from dumb arse westerners. I trust you will do the same for you and yours.
            Happy new year to all….Mark Goding..new years eve.

          • coala banana

            chinese economy is build on slavery too, from and by other chinese people, and they also steal land too from each other. Chinese people also rob and cheat and poison each others.

            You might not be very bright from your blind nationalism point of view, but even you should realize that china would be fucked without foreign investment and joint ventures.

            I mean we will find out in the future as more and more foreign investors and companies move to india, vietnam and other countries, where workmanship and the sense for quality and responsibility is higher and labour even cheaper. There are hard times coming for china and its citizens, cause it becomes a less attractive production market. Well, if nothing else, you can still blame it on foreigners, since this is the most convenient way a simple minded person can think.

        • ACE

          Stupid americans are really govern by corporations n Greed n Power are their priorities so no matter whom they chose to run the country,it doesn’t change anything.Like you said,you were taught to choose your own path(to doom).the usa existed ’cause the world needs entertainment n you’re here STRICTLY only for our leisure.
          Most new innovations were Never invented by stupid americans but by foreigners there temporary.think the usa is great to have use the atom bomb?
          Check the facts and the facts are that you stupid n ignorant american pricks have NEVER N WILL NEVER win any war(no matter how hard you try) against any country that has CHINA backing and support. CHINA has existed for many thousands of years when you pricks were still living in caves.your SHORT history proves that you white trash invaded n massacred the American Indians to take over their RIGHTFUL land. same thing happened to Australia,New Zealand,Iraq,etc…you american pricks always have been the Warmonger cooking up excuses to go to war.Time to wake up and KOWTOW to your master ’cause this time around you are going to be our slaves for another ten thousand years.
          The bottom line – NEVER EVER believe or Trust white trash!

          • mr. weiner

            Thanks Ace, by far the most understandable and inteligent[?] thing you have written to date. I didn’t agree with a single thing you wrote ,but it is an excellent start to the beginings of dialogue.
            My personal thoughts on the matter are we have all fucked over the aboriginals and earlier inhabitants of the lands we live on to get where we are today ,including the Han Chinese, So in a sense I guess we are all “white trash”. Can you give me a holler back on that soon cousin?

          • Just John

            I have one word to say:

            I win the Chinese internetz.
            What’s my prize?

            O yeah, fake LV handbags, right?

          • mr. weiner

            thanks for the timely reminder JJ.
            I think tankman definitely wins the prize for having the biggest set of balls in the word and probably the largest wanger to go with it. Any guy who can do what he did…Jesus wept, it beggars belief.
            So let it be the answer to any misinformed troll in the future who says chinese are pussies, chinese are this, chinese don’t got that…….What about tankman!

      • Alan

        What about GDP though?

        It must be nice to earn less than Thais, and only slight more than your average Albanian (and that is 1 messed up place, let me tell ya!) on average!

      • Xiongmao

        IQ is a flawed concept but if you wanna compare, don’t do it with Americans :) Jin,, are you aware that the housing bubble has already ruptured? Now it’s only a matter of how severe the consequences will be. Last thing I saw was housing prices in Shanghai down by almost 30 percent. I bet the government is doing everything it can -including censoring the media- to keep it from spiralling into a panic.

        • Chad

          lol only in America do they laugh at Chinese housing unaffordability and then laugh at housing prices dropping. Good grief…

      • Capt. WED

        Don’t embarrass yourself please. Have you studied anything science related? Devil is in the details. Also, who cares about what people say anyway? (Aren’t there many Chinese sayings about humbleness) Try to improve yourself and not worry about what your ancestors may have done in the past.

  • Lily


  • Vonskippy

    Meh. They invented none of those machines or technologies, outsourced or stole the Design IP, and hired foreign engineers to get them built and keep them working. So big freaking whoop, let me know when China actually creates something new (besides excess population and world blanketing pollution).

  • aLuMnI

    So much unwarranted hate for China that it’s clear most of you don’t have native Chinese friends and hence don’t understand modern China. Half of you guys haven’t taken proper economics, statistics or business courses and wouldn’t understand the development of China.

    I see more comments on penis size than proper discussions. You wouldn’t last a minute in a real debate on let’s say, the economist.com

    1. Many people and important figures from different nations are betting on and supporting China. At the very least, it might become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    2. Some people worry about the rise of China as if it were a zero-sum game, which obviously it’s not. A small income drop per person in developed countries would be a relatively large benefit to people in developing countries (cost of living, exchange rate, concept of necessities, etc.).

    I guess this is chinasmack.
    I guess this IS the internet.

    • mankouzanghua

      ok, enlighten us?

      the people and important figures from different nations are betting on and supporting China…. to do what?

      for point 2, people’s worrying has some basis in reality, some in xenophobia, and some in the media which obviously will struggle to make sense of a country that is a walking contradiction. its rise is hyped in one story and in the next it’s assailed for the very policies that make it grow, and the very poverty that was swept under the rug in the previous story. aside from the trolls i think many people on chinasmack rather take these types of things for granted.

      • aLuMnI

        I’ll try.

        Betting on and supporting business, trade, and foremost: economic development. People such as Shaun Rein and Jack Perkowski.

        History shows that economic development go hand-in-hand with some negatives such as pollution, inflation, income gap and perhaps even others such as crime rates. Look at how polluted the UK was during the industrial revolution. But there came a point when technology increased productivity, efficiency and indirectly the living standard so much that the positives (increased life expectancy, education, standard of living, cost of living,etc.) outweigh the negatives (stated above). So there are people out that that wish for the continued economic development of China for the benefit of their many poverty-stricken citizens.

        Why for the China’s own citizens? Because there are people out there willing to work hard but have little opportunities. The same work ethic is currently replicated in other countries such as in US, where 17 year old Angela Zhang won (only) $100k for creating a particle adept at fighting cancer. So would it really be that bad if China developed (economically, politically and sometimes, at the micro-individual level – psychologically), to a point where it could 1. take care of its citizens and 2. contribute positively to the world.

        Now China is obviously in an era where the marginal benefit of technological advance has peaked. But on the same note, China is developing in an era where good technology can be replicated at a low cost. If you have a quick search for “China” in TED talks, then you’ll find some great statistics and arguments in support of the rise of China.

        For point 2, it is true that China is a contradictory country. But so are many countries but I get your point, China on an extreme level. The media obviously can’t always be trusted so you have to look yourself for the economic data from a variety of sources (Yes, of course with a grain of salt since they can be manipulated). But as I said, in terms of economic development the good normally comes with the bad and that is what you’re seeing. It’s much better than the other scenario of insufficient development going with the insufficient social justice; bad with the bad.

        In the end, what I propose is that “the rise of China” is not something bad. I didn’t think it was a radical idea but people seem less open-minded than I would have hoped for people in this day and age.

        Fun facts:
        1. Japanese goods were once considered inferior (not simply for anti-Japanese propaganda purposes).

        2. The development of countries in Asia tend to follow the Theory of the Flying Geese proposed by late economist Akamatsu Kaname.

        • mr. weiner

          Great post! much food for thought and future research, thank you and please post more often :]

        • dim mak

          Shaun Rein is retarded and should never be considered a China expert, and this coming from a Chinese guy. He’s only known because he has connections with the CCP. It IS zero-sum, power is not power if everyone is as powerful, wealth is not wealth if everyone is as rich. Agreed with the rest of though.

          • aLuMnI

            Thanks for reading.

            I always did find Shaun Rein’s articles less insightful than others.

            Regarding zero-sum, what you’re referring to is relative rank. Of course if you’re talking about “power” and being “rich” then yes, for one person to be considered powerful another must be considered relatively not powerful. But what I was talking about was more from an aggregate viewpoint. Given a similar example, if one person was considered “rich” and another relatively “not rich” or “poor”, there is no saying that the “poor” person (due to reduced cost of living) is much worse off (in terms of necessities) than the rich person.

            So if an American, let’s say due to a shift in demand to Africa, has their income reduced by $10,00 a year. That $10,000 year would obviously mean a lot more to someone in a developing country (different between basic provisions/poverty, education/lack of opportunities) than someone in a developed country (car, holiday, etc.).

            I hope that was clear enough.

          • dim mak

            I see what you mean, but I still believe many (in China and the US and the whole world) will see power in relative terms. However, I agree we can certainly be prosperous and live high standards of life simultaneously with other countries.

        • mankouzanghua

          actually i tend to agree with you, as the number of times i’ve been called wumao or “fucking idiot” on CS would attest. but i’ll take the opposing viewpoint for shits and giggles:

          the business, trade, and economic development you speak of are not “for the benefit of China’s many poverty-stricken citizens.” they are the exploitation of china’s population by the Greedy Few.

          with inflation, any minute gains made in the incomes of the vast rural population over the past thirty years have entirely disappeared. do you think the standard of living is improving? are you aware that many people in the countryside still live in what are basically caves? people live in buildings where the “skylight” is just a portion of the ceiling that collapsed years ago.

          if you’re a farmer with productive land, you’ll be lucky to keep it, because corrupt Party cadres and disconnected central leadership may require your land and livelihood for “national growth and development.” in the city, university graduates now earn little more than the migrant workers. graduates in fields like computer science are forced to live like ants in cramped, crummy slums. if you haven’t seen migrant workers, they’d be the ones welding without masks, hanging over the sides of buildings without any safety equipment, and, if you go by the shacks where they live, you’ll see them “washing up” at night with buckets of filthy black water.

          have you attempted to receive treatment in a chinese hospital lately? make sure to line up by 4 or 5am at the latest, and even then you might as well purchase a ticket from the scalpers outside who are in cahoots with the doctor. if you become seriously ill, you better personally know a doctor, because this is the only way you’ll be able to trust the treatment advice he or she gives you. as i know from a family member’s experience, cancer treatment centers will gladly take your money and give you expensive, painful, and dangerous treatments for cancer in a part of your body where you do not even HAVE cancer.

          as for working hard, it’s true that the work ethic and desire to earn and save are desirable characteristics. without the right economic policies and cultural values, however, these traits add up to a hamster running on its wheel. the pay sucks and is getting suckier in real terms; if people demanded more, the factories would close and look for cheaper human capital elsewhere. substandard materials, cheap, shanzhai goods, and shoddy, potentially harmful products are still the name of the game in china; any incidents of import and signal value are met with a few severe, high-profile punishments, rather than changes in enforcement that may actually improve product quality in the long term. for such reasons, china seems to be following the Theory of the Dying Duck rather than the Theory of the Flying Geese.

          as for education, china builds jets, sends men into space, and blows billions on its public image while most of the country’s school kids lack books and pencils. from elementary to high school money matters more than ability and hard work, as most schools offer pay-for-point schemes in their admissions processes. the kids of the poverty stricken migrant workers in the city are prevented from getting an education; authorities search out their DIY schools and try to close them before they can collapse on their students. college is a gateway to immigration for the children of the privileged. advanced degrees can be purchased by dialing numbers scribbled on walls in public places. do you see much potential for anyone educated in this kind of environment to engineer a “cancer fighting particle”?

          you say that these aspects of china are par for the course as a country grows and develops. well, other countries may have had deplorable, hazardous living and working conditions, food-borne disease pandemics, corrupt and immoral business practices, but did the government openly persecute those who spoke out about them? did they limit the freedoms and opportunities of over half of their populations, making it impossible for one born with the wrong hukou benr to climb out of the pit of poverty and despair?

          you mention that “the good normally comes with the bad” and that this is better than “insufficient development going with the insufficient social justice.” does that mean you’d be happy if you remained dirt poor, lacked even the means to purchase antibiotics for your sick child, but a few dozen people from your province were now cruising around in Lamborghinis in Canada?

          lastly, and most importantly, any statistics you provide on these matters are doctored proper-gandalf. the way they were collected, selected, and sometimes outright fabricated was a planned attempt to make the Party appear as though it has helped the poverty stricken masses.

          :) do you see now why one might simply make a penis joke and move on with their day?

          • Rod

            “have you attempted to receive treatment in a chinese hospital lately?”

            Oo-Oo, I have.

            It was ridiculous. Being Western and finicky about these things, when I broke my leg a few years ago I found myself in one of the ‘better’ hospitals in Huizhou, Guangdong.

            Perhaps the worst part of my experience was when a group of construction workers sauntered into my room and started installing equipment on the walls. When I complained about the smoking, the dust, and the noise, they said they’d put a sheet over me so none of the dust fell on my freshly cut-open leg.

          • mankouzanghua

            no more debate?

            come on, alumnus, you were supposed to be showing us How They Roll over at the economist.com.

          • aLuMnI

            No more debate indeed. I’d say just some small notes.

            You, mankouzanghua, would obviously be in the other percentile and last more than a minute on the economist.com.

            Being a follower of CS for a while, all the issues you raised does indeed make a compelling argument. They also seem valid from (though relatively little for now) real, personal experiences with China.

            In regards to economic numbers; yes, the numbers produced by China may be overstated to look good but on the same note can be understated because of their underground or “black” market. Similarly, the number of million/billionaires are thought to be understated. But you’re right, the number of billionaires don’t (directly) matter for the rest of the population when they’re living in poverty. But they can matter (and provide a ‘spillover effect’) if they keep at least some of their business in China. The creation of jobs alone doesn’t solve the wealth of social problems, but is a start. For those who believe China still has Confucianism values, richer Chinese would share some of their benefits to their (even if only immediate) family.

            Some numbers such as “exports to America” can obviously be matched with Americas numbers “imports from China” which gives an element of reliability to figures. I’m sure the economists focused on China know of the possibility that the Chinese numbers are manipulated. Real GDP growth averaged at 10.5% whilst inflation averaged at 4.4% for the last 10 years. China would have little to no incentive to bolster inflation figures, but of course would have incentives to increase GDP growth. Unless China secretly exports, let’s say, 5% of their average GDP growth per year (in the form of cash, etc.) to rich relatives in other countries the country is indeed getting richer.

            China does have more than its fair share of problems. But history also has never had a country which has experienced such rapid growth in such a short period of time. Let alone a country as large and diverse as China, with a significantly different social-economic system and (Yes, contradictory and backward at times) culture.

            Personally, I’d rather stay optimistic and contribute to something beneficial.

          • PeterScriabin

            Alas, posts of the quality of mankouzanghua December 31, 2011 7:16 am are all too rarely seen on the Economist’s discussion boards. Especially commendable since, evidently based on his actual experiences and observations of life here, it’s a work of Devil’s Advocacy that flatly opposes his well-known emotional preference to support the development effort and culture, against the xenophobic China-bashers and penis-comparers. [All this, and the sinfully delicious pleasure of contemplating Chad, in some Canadian garret, thinking et tu, Filthy Mouth?]

            I think that of all mankouzanghua’s pithy remarks and examples, the crux of the matter was bitingly expressed in :

            other countries may have had deplorable, hazardous living and working conditions, food-borne disease pandemics, corrupt and immoral business practices, but did the government openly persecute those who spoke out about them?

            The same or similar conditions in the UK and USA were ultimately overcome by the demagogy and hard work of writers and social reformers, whose supporters and sympathizers eventually worked their way into the political decision-making process, as suffrage and democratic processes spread. Arguably all this took too long, but the truly numbing thing about China is that these processes can hardly get started, because they require courage on the part of people like Chen GuangCheng, Gao ZhiSheng and Ni YuLan that utterly dwarfs anything that Owen, Dickens, Bentham or even Gandhi ever had to muster.

  • All those big things don’t do anything to make people’s lives better. And this is called “pathetic”.

    I remember one of the most famous slogans in Soviet Union was “We will reach and overtake America in production of steel.”

    And what was all that steel for? To produce big machinery that would produce even more steel. At the same time people had nothing to eat…

  • Ben

    Largest vertical press used for ferrous metal…. Yes.
    Largest vertical press…. No….

    Ferrous presses are not usually that capacity because the metal is worked hot. It is just not needed.

    The high capacity presses are used in aluminum and titanium production.

    The US has a few 50,000 ton presses. And Russia has a 75,000 ton press in operation.

    Here is the historical documentation of a 50,000 ton press that the US built in the 50’s that is still in operation.


    • I’ve seen a 13000 tonne press in operation in Korea on hot metal at Doosan Heavy Industries:


      And the one in the picture in this post doesn’t look anywhere near that big.

  • Hongjian

    Slighty impressed.

    Industrial capabilities and the means to manufacture and operate these things are useful, but in the end they will still only produce things and wont do what is more important: Nuke the fuck out of america.

    I would be more impressed if China had the worlds largest nuclear arsenal of Czar-Bomba-class thermonuclear multi-megaton-range warheads and over 20.000 Topol-M class ICBMs with dozens of MIRV and decoys to penetrate the US defenses and wipe out all americunts from the face of this world.
    But instead we got these fucking big machines used to produce or ship things to these americunts on cost of Chinese natural resources, blood and sweat, helping to make americunt’s life even more comfortable, instead of making it hell to let them suffer as much as possible, as it should.

    Fuck the CCP with their “harmonious world” faggotry. The world isnt harmonious and the US already declared war on China. Time to wake up and stab them in their fat bellies, rip out their guts and hang them by it from their flagpoles, leaving them to rot and fester.

    If China spent the money for the Olympics and Asia Games for nukes and aircraft-carriers instead of polishing their harmonious world delusion noone is taking seriously anyway, a lot of Chinese people would be much more happier today.

    • lxpatterson

      Yeah cold war mentality. That went out of style about the same time that Go-bots and Rick Astley did. Nukes are useless because every real superpower has too much to lose in a nuclear war.

      Only third-rate disaster zones like NKorea would ever use them because they have nothing to lose. Even Iran would never use a nuke because they have a reasonable educated populace and tons of oil money.

      A first-world country threatening nukes is like a straight guy loking to get laid at a hardcore gay bar.

      • Rick in China

        In China, there are no hardcore gays. They’re all straight, they just secretly like anal sex with other men. Plus, is China a “first-world country”? Wow, maybe you should tell the 750 million people living in poverty :D

        • lxpatterson

          I’ll ask the millionsof Ferrari owners to do it.

    • mr. weiner

      Could someone get comrade Honk a sedative.
      What’s with the hostility man? Was it all those unkind references to Chinese fella’s private missiles? Or because you used to worship Americans from affar and then when you got to live with them they wouldn’t accept you as an equal?
      I won’t tell you to grow up , but I think all this anger you are carrying around is going to make you ill. Have a good new year and try to think happy thoughts O.K?

      • Ace

        Weiner = Whiner

        White Trash = Hypocrite

        West = Beggars

        • mr. weiner

          Ace, you learnt some new words! Aww…I feel like a proud father.
          No hang on, I can’t be your father, the fella in the que in front of me had exact change.

          • Ace

            keep on whinning,that’s the white trash way of life!

          • mr. weiner

            *sigh* back to your old standard retort.
            Honestly you are like a chimp beating off to it’s own reflection. Unfortunately that reflection is the plexiglass window of your cage and we are all on the other side looking at you in bemused disgust no matter how much poo you sling.
            I really would enjoy having an inteligent conversation with you one day, but you’ll have to get out of that cage you have made and leave the chimp persona behind.
            Have a good new year and don’t eat too many bananas ;]

    • Xiongmao

      “Fuck the CCP with their “harmonious world” faggotry. The world isnt harmonious and the US already declared war on China. Time to wake up and stab them in their fat bellies, rip out their guts and hang them by it from their flagpoles, leaving them to rot and fester.”

      Hongjian clearly forgot about that woman who got a year in prison for encouraging action against Japan. I believe HJ could end up in a Chinese prison if notice was given to the authorities on those comments.

    • dim mak

      Don’t worry, I’m 100% sure the CCP doesn’t give a shit about “harmony”. That’s just some moral standard they keep repeating as a convenient excuse for whatever needs to be done. In reality I think the CCP has a self-centered isolationist approach – enrich the nation, stay out of others’ problems etc. It’s a good policy if you ask me.

    • Capt. WED

      shhhhhhhiiiiiiiittttttttt FAGGOTRY IS FAGGORY CAN’T DENY THAT.

      Let’s drink to a world cleansing event in the next 50 years. Don’t give a fuck who does it. Faggotry will be faggotry.

    • donscarletti

      Believe me, if China started a nuclear buildup against America, then stupid, lazy Americans would suddenly have something to get off their fat arses for the first time since 1991 and quite possibly would become a great nation again. The worst thing China could do to America right now is just keep them supplied with TVs for another 40 years until they’re royally screwed.

      • Capt. WED

        China has enough nuclear bombs to “kill the US” already. There is no need for a buildup.

  • andywattbulb

    Lol, who cares how big it is. Can it get the job done?

  • andywattbulb

    Made in China. Says enough.

    • lxpatterson

      At my university, one of those huge cranes fell over and crushed a (relatively) smaller ditch digger. The operator had his leg crushed and bled to death; several other guys were seriously injured. The accident may or may not be related to the crane itself, but given China’s history of shoddy goods would you really risk your life (and the company risk a huge lawsuit) by using a crane that is likely second-rate?

    • jin

      and what ISNT made in china? the underwear you wear, the condom you use, most of them are MADE IN CHINA.

      • lxpatterson

        That’s an assumed risk that we in NA accept in order to have cheap and plentiful goods: a condom breaking or a kitchen blender breaking won’t kill you. A thousand ton crane or ferris wheel falling over is a completely different story.

  • Rick in China

    Biggest fastest and most amazing is great. Now if only I could reliably go to a bathroom and find paper, or not have to squat and shit in a hole, the heavenly kingdom would amaze me.

    • Rod

      Haha. Every been to one of those toilets with at least 5 different colors of shit it?

  • [email protected]

    If ‘China’ is doing such a dandy job at things, why does Shanghai look like a fucking trash-heap just one year after the 2010 World Expo?

    ‘They’ wrecked the environment (more than usual) for everyone living here, for a good 3 years before the Expo opened, falsely promising a “better city, better life”, but now a year on, the supposedly modern and futuristic city has fallen back down into extreme and utter disrepair with unfinished projects and poorly installed structures now becoming run-down, everywhere.

    For those who think I’m wrong, tear yourself away from your glam bars and bund lifestyle and see more of the actual city before replying.

    I travel to my wife’s parents home each week for dinner and we pass a gigantic construction project that is utterly abandoned due to insufficient funding, and has been so for as long as I can remember.
    It is a series of hollow shells of dozens of monstrously large buildings sitting empty and barren.
    So tell me how do any of these ridiculous ‘achievements’ mean jack-shit in a country where too many ambitious construction projects are never finished, where those that are finished almost always look gaudy, ugly and old within a year or two, and where ALL will suffer problems due to substandard construction methods and low quality materials, where the blue collar workers are largely unskilled migrant folk, where the prioritizing of infrastructure-expansion and city development seems to be all about government heads and contractors glossing this and polishing that and cock-stroking one another with visions of the tallest and most erect tower, and the shiniest and smoothest balls.

    On another note, how long did the photographers have to wait to take these photos? I haven’t seen a blue fucking sky in Shanghai in months.

    • Foreign Devil

      The Chinese have mastered the art of sky replacement in photos.

    • Why must you “laowai” always be complaining and asking these uncomfortable probing questions? Is it no wonder why you are called “low why”?

      Time to change your username, like say “Applied [email protected]” – then you’ll be Chinese.

      • [email protected]

        Why do you assume I am a laowai, Terroir?

        • Because if you’re Chinese you’d shut up, except for the mandatory “pump up” now and again whenever you’re feeling a little blue.

          And since you’re “[email protected]” and have been telling us so, you’re more “laowai” and crave Western ideals and morals than even how much Gay Azn boy craves white dick.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Haha I love white dicks. Seriously.

          • [email protected]

            Well, I crave certain things, yes, but certainly no more than you crave always having the last word, or feeling right, or telling others how they are stupid, or just being an annoying little terrier anklebiter with nothing to do except troll, troll, troll and chase after people and leave asinine comments. :)
            Funny also, how you think Chinese should/would just shut up. I guess all the top posts are written by laowai in your view. Better track them down and troll them too, terrier. ruff ruff ruff.

        • Because if you were Chinese you’d always look unkempt and have a straggly beard because you’d attack every mirror in your house.

        • The Dude

          Because no Chinese would be caught dead saying ‘Dandy’, few foreigners either for that matter! :D

          ‘If ‘China’ is doing such a dandy job at things……..’

    • great post. and it is really disturbing to know that shanghai
      is actually the role-model for all other chinese cities.
      nothing really good to expect from china in the long run.
      at least when judging by current facts.

  • diverdude

    Ok, so everyone name one technological achievement that they are well & truly impressed with.

    My vote: Saturn V heavy lift vehicle.


    34+ million Newtons thrust !
    26,000 km/h !

    pretty cool I would say !

    • moop

      some scientists in the US developed an algae that secretes deisel fuel. thats pretty cool

  • Foreign Devil

    I’m pretty sure that giant ferris wheel has never been built yet right? I mean they only show a concept sketch. I remember when I was in Chaoyang park in Beijing. . they have an area fenced off where they planned to built it (back in 2008). . I climbed a tree to look over the fence and all they had at the time was a big hole in the ground and a bunch of workers walking around aimlessly with rakes. The fence was plastered in the concept image you see here. Anyone have an update on that??

    • Giant ferris wheel: I call shenanigans.

      Again, it’s not whether it hasn’t been built or not (it hasn’t, it’s a prototype drawing), but it’s effect upon the masses as a bolster to national pride. Because “good intentions” are the end all and be all of all activity in China, you don’t actually have to complete something to add it to a list of Chinese pride.

      Wow. I may be hitting my stride in the fight against wu lmao’s.

      • marsvin

        It has a very pretty multi-lingual website devoted to it though. One of the first things you’ll read about it is that it will better than the London Eye, which the concepts seem to resemble very closely.

        • Alan

          There is nothing new or any better about it than the london eye.

          Beijing is still a polluted city to live.

        • China also has planned a new high-speed rail train that’s supposed to go over 500km/h, as if Wenzhou is just a city and not this past year’s tragedy that will see the lighting of IKEA tea candles to mark the anniversary of something that some people already seem to have forgotten.

          Will this new ferris wheel reach the moon? That would be a huge boon to the Zhina space program.

  • eurotrash

    after that and the worlds biggest economy based on counterfeiting and blindly copying things… why not make the worlds biggest and best food safety (and car, toy …safety ) organization which is neutral and not corruptible? i consumed mengniu s “calcium enhanced” milk for ads, seems after all it wasn’t really calcium they put in at all.. if they able to control calcium content, why not also checking your milk of freaking cancerous ingredients since your very own milk producing gobeshite band of people has quite some reputation… melanin anyone?

  • wvavin

    Always big, always most but how safe are they?

  • dim mak

    Kick ass. China will have the biggest everything in no time.

    • The Dude


      Are they gonna copy my penis too?

    • Cleo

      Really? America and Russia saved everyone else’s asses in both World Wars. That is a debt of kindness we can never repay. America figured out electricity – do they get a kickback everytime a new outlet is installed anywhere in the world?

  • Xiongmao

    Well done although the ferris wheel and the LED screen seem to have been thrown in for lack of better. Now we can go for Safest Food, Least Corruption, Best value-for-money housing, Best Educational System, Most Helpful to Fellow Man and Best Control of Galloping Inflation. I think the Average Zhang cares more for those than some big excavator.

  • typingfromwork

    Hey these are pretty cool- I used to remember a time when the US would boast having the biggest this and that- skyscrapers, jumbo jets, mainframes, etc, and Europe used to do that a long time before.

    But whatever. Times change.

  • Coyote88

    Outrageously presumptuous and insulting to think that the Chinese are not capable of producing world class products such as what are shown here. I work in the automotive industry in North America, have done projects in China and can tell you that while they have some catching up to do, they are doing it quickly and the notion that they somehow lack the ability to be the equal of the Western world is not an opinion that would be expressed by any intelligent, rational thinking human being qualified to comment as such. Congratulations on their achievements so far and I wish them every bit of success in the future in the hopes of improving the lives of the average Chinese citizen.

    • typingfromwork

      Well put, but this is the internet, so comments usually descend to the lowest common denominator of mud slinging. To be fair, most comments on threads about America end up simply being different varients of “U SUCK MERICA! HERP DERP DERP HERP”, so it cuts both ways. Europe doesn’t fair much either, and the rest of the world isn’t even worth mentioning, they are beneath contempt.

  • Cleo

    Do you think it makes Chinese nicer and less arrogant internationally if we never again are publicly in the forefront in any field or do you think it discourages us from trying our best or choosing challenging careers. I think it makes our children sadder to be second string socially. We are not respected and welcomed by others even if we work hard, contribute more. We are not respected because we don’t have to be respected. Everyone may like Yo Yo Ma but he is considered to be a guest at the party not the belle of the ball, you know? And while it’s not necessarily to WANT to be the Big Man on Campus, there IS something wrong with our social value. We could churn out a benevolent science team in every country we choose to live in and we will still not be WANTED. We will be courteously tolerated. That’s very interesting. Ultimately, China must be both perfected and protected in such a way that we can flourish and live in privacy. It’s awful to have that feeling of not belonging anywhere else only to feather your own nest only to be poached by the very foreigners who want not much or not enough to do with you when you are in their territory.

    I just want to be myself and I don’t want to be approached with dishonesty out of kindness or predation. I don’t want to be carried on anyone’s back because I am a social lame duck because someone feels sorry for lonely old me. But I don’t want to be granted an HONORARY decent treatment in an evil racist society because I can decontaminate your radiation problem either.

    • mr. weiner

      China is rising. Welcome to the bigs, just don’t expect to be loved for it. Everyone loved hating on the Americans when they were number one even though they have arguably been the …best intentioned[?] super power to date.
      If you want respect, or fear ,fine you have it. Just don’t expect love or sincere applause from the cheap seats. And don’t play the victim at the same time as you are playing the bully.

      • ACE

        Make no mistake about it. U white trash are really putting on some good entertainment for us here.Keep it up.

        • mr. weiner

          Good book for you to read Ace: “The ugly Chinaman” by Bo Yang. A great read, particularly if you’ve read “The ugly American”.

    • typingfromwork

      This is what happens when you get bigger. Everyone takes notice of you. Then they slag you off.

      You don’t think there are massive, massive social problems in Brazil and India? But these two countries are “below the radar”- they haven’t risen enough for anyone to consider them a threat, so people don’t comment about them. Mark my words, when places like India “rises” in the same way China has and actually becomes an economic threat to the Western world there will be dozens of “indiasmacks” on the internet with people slagging her off in any way possible.

      tl;dr Be happy with people putting in an opinion about you- it means that you’re doing something that makes them uncomfortable.

  • harry

    Morons!! The Democartic Peoples Republic of Korea has greater machines and better women still.

    Check it out you Yankees!!!

    • mr. weiner

      the silence is deafening.

  • Capt. WED



  • Capt. WED

    Motherrfucks on TV think they “the man” when in reality they’re nothing but faggots. Being ont he internet on tv is not being a man. STOP FAGGOTS. JUST STOP.

  • Key point to that list – geared towards mining, shipping, and heavy infrastructure projects. Not a bad thing to have in one’s “hip pocket” in the coming years in Africa and elsewhere when it comes to shipping finished goods back to places where raw materials were extracted from.

  • E Puff

    This is very amusing to me. Chinese technology and manufacturing capabilities are becoming more innovative, and Americans are afraid of China. America lacks this type of industry, except in rural areas.

    Just FYI… I am reading articles here, as I am doing some research for my book (fiction) which uses a Chinese male as the American female heroine’s love interest. This web site is excellent, even though crime seems to be the primary topic, I am at least get a good look at China and how Chinese people feel. Yes, I’m right in the midwest of America, and I am an American woman. So if you don’t mind, I will observe and ocassionally comment with my pathetic western point of view. Thank you for making the news available. I don’t think I’ll learn much about men though, here but I will learn some things about the feelings and expressions of Chinese people.

    • queenkat

      Thank you for writing a book like that. Long overdue.

  • donscarletti

    Triple bendy bus from Youngman, it’s like an engineering project started explicitly to piss of Jeremy Clarkson, which is good, we need more of those. Also, “Youngman” (zh: 青年)is the worst sounding brand on earth.

  • Jack

    And yet, no great novels, movies, plays or pieces of music.

  • fireworks

    Having the biggest of everything is an achievement. bravo, give yourself a pat.

    But maintaining and keeping it reliable and in good working condition is another matter. Thats quality and workmanship.

    I like to see the greedy miners stop excavating near the other less famous sections of the great wall of China. Grave robbers stop stealing and selling cultural relics abroad.

  • ttsky

    why so obsessed with the size ??

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