16 Modern China Engineering Feats & Industrial Achievements

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China’s super equipment list

XCME’s massive 220 ton capacity AC drive electric haul truck used for large-scale mining

XCME Group’s SF33900 model 220 ton capacity AC drive electric haul truck, where a each truck cost over 20 million RMB. The truck is 13.6 meters long, 7.8 meters wide and 7.1 meters tall, with a total weight of 166 tons. The cargo hold 137 square meters, with a total capacity of 220 tons. A normal adult is only half the height of the wheels alone.

World’s largest mobile crane – XCMG Group 1,200 ton mobile crane

XCMG Group QAY1200 model, 1200 ton mobile crane is currently the largest class of wheel crane in the world, a single unit costs over 100 million RMB.

China’s largest excavator – Sany Group 200 ton class hydraulic excavator

“China’s number one excavator”, the SY2000C model 200 ton tracked hydraulic excavator. This is currently the country’s largest tracked hydraulic excavator. Because of this, Sany Group became the fifth company in the world able to produce a 200 ton class hydraulic excavator.

World’s largest coal-to-oil refinery – Ordos coal liquefaction demonstration project

12/30/2008 2:46pm, currently the world’s largest coal-to-oil project – Shenhua Group’s Ordos coal liquefaction demonstration project is the first 1 million ton coal production line test vehicle; As of 7am on 12/31, the entire production process was completed and successfully realized the formation of oil, producing quality diesel and naphtha. After running for 303 hours the facility planned to shut down. This marked China as world’s only nation to realize 100 ton coal liquefaction technology.

The world’s largest nitrile rubber facility – Lanzhou Petrochemical Company 50,000 ton rubber facility

7/21/2009, currently the world’s largest 50,000 ton annual capacity nitrile rubber facility was competed at the CNPC Lanzhou Petrochemical Company. This facility with a total investment of 859 million RMB is the auxiliary project of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company’s 70,000 ton ethylene program. Using proprietary intellectual property relating to nitrile rubber technology, from storage to chemical polymerization, to plaster storage and dry packaging; composing of a total of 7 production units, 3 engineering units, 2 auxiliary units, with the entire production process using DCS quality control.

The king of blast furnaces – Shagang Group’s 5,860 cubic meter blast furnace

10/21/1009, Shagang Group’s Huasheng Iron Works successfully forged a 5,860 cubic meter blast furnace, signifying that this world’s largest capacity, most technologically advanced “Number 1 furnace” is in production. This furnace can reach an annual production capacity of 500,000 tons, production value of 12 billion RMB; this furnace is primarily intended for providing iron melt to Shagang Group’s 300,000 ton hot roller and 200,000 ton thick plate production.

Our nation’s largest container ship – COSCO OCEANIA 10200TEU container ship

COSCO OCEANIA is the first self-manufactured 10,000 container capacity container ship. The total length of the ship is 349.5 meters, width 45.6 meters; it can carry 10,020 20 meter standard containers.

The king of rolling mills – Anshan Iron and Steel Group’s 5,500mm heavy plate rolling mill

Anshan Iron and Steel Group’s 5,500mm four-high reversing double rack heavy plate rolling mill is currently the world’s largest heavy plate rolling mill.

World’s largest hydroturbine – Three Gorges 70,000 kilowatt hydroturbine

The Three Gorges hydroelectric plant is currently the world’s largest hydroelectric plant, and its is here where the world’s largest hydroturbine units are installed.

World’s largest horizontal lathe – Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group’s DL250 5-meter heavy-duty horizontal boring lathe

September 2006, Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group and China National Erzong Group signed a contract for the world’s largest 5-meter horizontal CNC boring lathe, with the contract worth close to 100 million RMB. This horizontal lathe is a major national project in the 11th five year plan. It is also currently the world’s largest heavy-duty horizontal lathe, weighing a total of 1450 tons, with a total length of 44.5 meters, width of 8.1 meters, height of 5.8 meters, tactical diameter of 5 meters, tool platform 4.5 meters, with a total cutting power of 350KN, longest processing length 20 meters, largest weight bearing capacity 500 tons, and power consumption of 284 KW. At the same time, this heavy-duty horizontal lathe’s precision is .006 millimeters, one tenth of a human hair.

World’s largest vertical press – Northern Heavy Industries Group Co. 36,000 ton ferrous metal vertical press

7/6/2009, Norinco Group announced in Beijing that after 3 years of tackling the challenge, and in conjunction with Inner Mongolia Northern Heavy Industries Group Co., Tsinghua University, and other research institutions, they have successfully developed a 36,000 ton ferrous metal vertical press. This is currently the largest ferrous metal vertical press in the world.

World’s largest bridge crane – DHI.DCW Group Co. 20,000 ton capacity bridge crane

This 20,000 ton bridge crane has a total height of 118 meters, equal to lifting 250 fully loaded train cars up onto a 23-story building, with a 129 meters length crossbeam, a double container beam design. If one were to lay this bridge crane on its side, it would need a football field to contain it.

World’s longest public bus – BRT high capacity, high speed public transport system

This is currently the world’s longest public bus model JNP6250G, also known as “Youth, City Route A-380”, the length of the vehicle is 25 meters, it can carry over 300 people, and its length essentially equals that of a single train carriage. This vehicle’s turn radius equals to that of a normal 12 meter long bus, and has a total of 5 entry doors. Because it uses unitary body construction, the carriage and the floor is only two hand lengths from the ground where passengers at bus stops can step in easily into the bus, which greatly helps the elderly and the physically disabled. Inside the bus, the walkway and space between the seats are all very wide, the center of the bus also has space allocated for wheelchairs.

Vehicle with the most tires in the world

2008, Suzhou Dafang Special Vehicle Co., Ltd joined together four platform trailer at Yantai DSME SHANDONG CO. to successfully transport a 40 meter wide, 2000 ton segment of a ship, setting at the time the Asian record for transporting the largest tonnage using platform trailers.

World’s largest Ferris wheel – the Beijing Great Wheel, height 208 meters, weighing 8000 tons

The Beijing Great Wheel’s height equals that of a 70-story building, while its diameter equals that of two football [soccer] fields, and each capsule is the equivalent of a large bus.

World’s largest LED screen

At Beijing’s “The Place”, with a length of 220 meters, a width of 27 meters, an LED display with a screen area greater than the size of a football [soccer] field hangs over the heads of people [below].

Comments on the NetEase blog:


Heavy machinery, computerized numerical control, oceanic equipment, these are all one of the important strategic industries of the nation. Alongside these are often famous state-owned enterprises.


The first car was produced under license from USA’s Caterpillar Inc. the Three Gorges 70,000 kilowatt hydroturbine was produced under license from Siemens Company. These things are built with the foreigners mind and Chinese worker’s hands. It is being manufactured in China because one, China is the buyer; two, the cost of labor is low, and; three, taxes. The bottom line is that they’re face projects for certain major figures.




Chinese people always love being “the world’s most…”. but what’s the point, hypocritical Chinese people!


The cost is very high, is it practical?


That Ferris wheel is ridiculous.

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