Chinese Share How Their Parents Beat Them: Part 1

While the degrees of corporal punishment on children vary from culture to culture, as a society centered on the household, China is no stranger to the use of parental discipline. As this recent report indicated, smacking children may even be beneficial! Let’s just hope that is not the case.

Netizens on the board NetEase posted the question: “What weapons did your parents use to discipline you?” Here are some of the translated comments of the tools used, along with the “techniques” experienced by these poor souls.

Here is a video introduced by Russell “Gotta beat your kids” Peters as part of a tribute to the often dreaded feather duster.

Comments from NetEase:


I’m a good girl, I never been disciplined before. smile


Hand, foot, whisk broom, bamboo rod, feather duster, wet hemp rope, rolling pin (large size), door stop bar (not too thick).
Usually my old man single-handedly beat me, while my mother watched.
Rarely when my old man is out, my old mother beats me.
Sometimes it involves mixed-double [both mother and father].
I lived in a large community when I was young, with 60 or so households, I probably got beaten more than all the other kids combined.


When I was young I really was mischievous, the method by which my mother beat me was limitless, anything close by could be used as a weapon. A few times my mom and dad double-team to beat me, after getting tired, they have lunch, after eating they continue to beat me…aye…I am destined to suffer! What a fate! I remember once coming home late after school, my old mother threw her bowl of noodles on my head, and noodles hung all over my head…aye… I can only sign…face


My family appreciates the nature, so it was always with the willow tree branches/sticks/twigs my dad picked from the willow tree by the pond, stripped of leaves, with my mother herself personally disciplining me. Each time, the number of willow branches used depended on how much trouble I got into.


I myself had never been disciplined, but I am studying the tools described above so that I can discipline my son.


My old mother’s weapons are the most powerful, just being talkative. Annoy you until you surrender, or else she will endlessly mumble away.


The lock chain on a motorcycle.


My mom: broom, rolling pin, knitting needles, not to stab me but to spank me. Pinch my inner thigh, any tool at her disposal.
My dad: pool stick, flying kick, slap in the mouth, chopsticks beating my head…any tool at his disposal.
I want to say I am a girl…but under by parents’ toughening I can always beats boys two years my senior. Every time ends in my victory, they all complain [to their family] of getting beaten…


The most common was the feather duster.


My mom is a teacher, but my sister, my brother and I received more beatings than all other kids around us. Among the tools listed by netizens here one was not mentioned: the toilet brush. My old mother always uses this tool to chase my brother thousands of meters, not one part of his legs and torso was spared. As for other tools, basically anything that can be used, drawing blood was common…but birth mother will always be birth mother, even when you grow up you won’t hold a grudge against them. Because I received flesh pains growing up, I would never use violence to treat the next generation.


Bamboo branches, leather belt, broom stick, fly swatter (I bet you didn’t think of this).

Have you been disciplined as a child? When was the last time you received a good ass whoopin’? Share your stories below.

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Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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