Civil Servant Shot and Killed Tea-Picking Woman While Hunting


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From Sina Weibo:

@新浪湖南: “A public servant from Hengyang in Hunan killed a village woman while hunting, he turned himself in afterwards”. A female villager was shot and killed while picking tea seeds on a mountain. The person suspected of killing the village woman was a public servant surnamed Xiao from the Zhengxiang branch of the Hengyang Food and Drug Administration, he was hunting during the incident and it is currently detained. There were two gunshot wounds on the deceased, one entering the left of her body and exiting her lungs, the other entered her left ear through her head.


Scattered tea seeds at the scene


Items left behind by the village woman


Blood-soaked towel


The scene of the incident

Comments on Sina Weibo:


Aren’t guns strictly illegal and forbidden?


Is he blind? Can’t tell the difference between people and animals? One shot you can call it accidental injury but how do you explain two shots. This make me think of running over someone with a car then backing up again, killing the person. One shot after another is clearly intended to kill her. I suggest during execution don’t just shoot once, shoot once and if not dead then shoot again.


Hunting is illegal, let alone using real guns, not to mention firing 2 shots! This is more like murder, a scum wearing a uniform!


Living on the imperial payroll is great, nothing to do but play with guns and hunting, no wonder the young people in our country are fighting to become civil servants, it really is a golden rice bowl. In foreign countries, no one wants to be a civil servant, because they have to serve the people and be real servants. Our civil servants have a great job, work is relaxing and vacations are plenty. They don’t even have to pay taxes, one bowl can feed them for life, so great.


Hunting, that’s the pastime of imperial royalty.


China has a legitimate hunting association, so during approved circumstances you can go hunting. The comments full of fenqing who knows nothing and already started to curse civil servants. Have you ever met a low-level civil servant or worked in a government department? China indeed have a lot of corrupt officials, but they don’t represent all civil servants. If there are less fenqing the world would be a much better place.


First, civil servants carrying hunting rifles, isn’t it illegal to bear arms? Second, if he drove a government car to go hunting, does it count as illegal use of government cars? Third, they discovered two gun shot wounds, did no one hear after the first shot? He even fired a second time? Fourth, could it be a high level official who did this and found a scapegoat to turn himself in. I hope the deceased can rest in peace.


That woman probably knew one of his unspeakable secrets!!!


A public servant surnamed Xiao from the Zhengxiang branch of the Hengyang Food and Drug Administration, how can this kind of person have guns??


Can’t tell the difference between people and animals? There are prey in a tea field? Do you think everyone are in kindergarten?


Fuck, do you think you are an ancient emperor, still going hunting.


No wonder we eat gutter oil, poison milk powder, chemical buns, lean meat powder every day. It turns out the Food and Drug Administration people are all busy hunting in the mountains.


Fucking going hunting, China’s natural environment is so poor, our animal protection measures so inadequate, yet civil servants are the first to go hunting! If you fucking go protect wild animals and the environment would this happen? The bottom line is that the Heavenly Kingdom’s lack environmental protection awareness, the country needs to strengthen education.


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Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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