Crazy Old Grannies: China vs. America

Crazy Old Chinese Granny

Crazy Old Chinese Granny

From Sina:

“Crazy grandma” becomes famous online

Recently, after a set of photographs called “My crazy grandma” were posted by a netizen named “linchonglc” onto the Tianya discussion forum, they were reposted on well-known domestic discussion forums one after another. Netizens warmly hailed it as “China’s most fashionable granny”, with netizens also having this set of photos PK with an American crazy old lady that became famous on the internet two years ago. One after another, netizens expressed that age is not important, only being happy.

The photographs were taken by 21-year-old Lucas Lin (林冲).

Crazy Chinese granny wearing a basket on her head.

Crazy Chinese granny wearing stuffed bear on her head.

Crazy Chinese granny wearing a red beanie on her head.

Crazy Chinese granny wearing a brown cap on her head.

Crazy Chinese granny wearing a large red flower.

Crazy Chinese granny using a hair blowdryer.

Crazy Chinese granny wearing a polka-dot hankerchief/bandanna.

Crazy Chinese granny smoking a cigarette.

Crazy Chinese granny smoking a cigarette.

Crazy Chinese granny drinking from a large bottle of wine.

Crazy Chinese granny holding two red flowers.

Crazy Chinese granny wearing a polka-dot shroud.

Comments from Tianya:


Hahahaha, too ridiculous.



Old people, as long as they’re happy.


Extremely cute old lady~~~ Wish her good health!!


A grandma with vitality/life, she’s blessed…

Some of the “Crazy American Old Lady” photographs:

Crazy old lady wearing reindeer antlers.

Crazy old lady wearing bat face mask.

Crazy old lady wearing pirate hat.

Crazy old lady wearing Scottish hat?

Crazy old lady wearing large polka-dotted bowtie.

Crazy old lady wearing Native American headdress.

Crazy old lady wearing George W. Bush mask.

Crazy old lady wearing sunglasses and smoking a cigar.

Crazy old lady wearing Shrek ears.

Crazy old lady singing into microphone.

Crazy old lady wearing light blue cap.

Crazy old lady waering bunny ears.

Crazy old lady wearing king's crown.

Crazy old lady wearing Santa's hat.

Note: The “Crazy American Old Lady” photographs actually appear to be of an English old lady by genosfear. They were widely reported as “American” on the Chinese internet for this story.

Fashionable Chinese grannies and crazy American old ladies. chinaSMACK personals.


Written by Fauna

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