Crazy Old Grannies: China vs. America

Crazy Old Chinese Granny

From Sina:

“Crazy grandma” becomes famous online

Recently, after a set of photographs called “My crazy grandma” were posted by a netizen named “linchonglc” onto the Tianya discussion forum, they were reposted on well-known domestic discussion forums one after another. Netizens warmly hailed it as “China’s most fashionable granny”, with netizens also having this set of photos PK with an American crazy old lady that became famous on the internet two years ago. One after another, netizens expressed that age is not important, only being happy.

The photographs were taken by 21-year-old Lucas Lin (林冲).

Crazy Chinese granny wearing a basket on her head.

Crazy Chinese granny wearing stuffed bear on her head.

Crazy Chinese granny wearing a red beanie on her head.

Crazy Chinese granny wearing a brown cap on her head.

Crazy Chinese granny wearing a large red flower.

Crazy Chinese granny using a hair blowdryer.

Crazy Chinese granny wearing a polka-dot hankerchief/bandanna.

Crazy Chinese granny smoking a cigarette.

Crazy Chinese granny smoking a cigarette.

Crazy Chinese granny drinking from a large bottle of wine.

Crazy Chinese granny holding two red flowers.

Crazy Chinese granny wearing a polka-dot shroud.

Comments from Tianya:


Hahahaha, too ridiculous.



Old people, as long as they’re happy.


Extremely cute old lady~~~ Wish her good health!!


A grandma with vitality/life, she’s blessed…

Some of the “Crazy American Old Lady” photographs:

Crazy old lady wearing reindeer antlers.

Crazy old lady wearing bat face mask.

Crazy old lady wearing pirate hat.

Crazy old lady wearing Scottish hat?

Crazy old lady wearing large polka-dotted bowtie.

Crazy old lady wearing Native American headdress.

Crazy old lady wearing George W. Bush mask.

Crazy old lady wearing sunglasses and smoking a cigar.

Crazy old lady wearing Shrek ears.

Crazy old lady singing into microphone.

Crazy old lady wearing light blue cap.

Crazy old lady waering bunny ears.

Crazy old lady wearing king's crown.

Crazy old lady wearing Santa's hat.

Note: The “Crazy American Old Lady” photographs actually appear to be of an English old lady by genosfear. They were widely reported as “American” on the Chinese internet for this story.

Fashionable Chinese grannies and crazy American old ladies. chinaSMACK personals.

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  • whatever

    human flesh search these two cuties…i want to have a gangbang with them!!!

    • SLX

      ……………so it was you who screwed those goats that gave birth to baby goats with human faces

    • LOLZ

      Haha we need more comments like this.

    • H.Q

      wow, me too, fuck, i wanna lick her juice….mmmmhhh

  • Lao Papa

    Oooh! I thought that was Chinese grandpa!

  • dongshizhang

    this is cutting edge stuff

  • DWR

    Is anyone else getting a little frustrated and bored with some of the readership of this forum?

    Fauna translates and posts a nice story about someone taking pictures of their grandmother, and the first response is some idiot that wants to have sex with her.

    It’s not funny and it’s not interesting. Try to keep your comments relevant and worthwhile.


    [Note from Fauna: Thank you.]

    • dongshizhang

      im frustrated and bored about articles involving wacky grannys, mcdonalds advertising mei nv, and a girl who goes on 5 (supposed!) dates a week.

      • DWR

        Well nobody asked you to come here, and nobody will mind if you leave.

        If you don’t like the content or if you have no interest in discussing China and its online culture, there are plenty of other websites in the world. You could always put in the work and set up your own site.

        I just feel that over the last couple of months, this board has nose-dived because of the mindless threads following stories.

        Full credit to Fauna for posting day after day, when all one gets by way of thanks is a bunch of idiots talking about masturbation and how they hate Asians.

        I think the least we could do in return is keep discussion civilised.


        • Patrick

          To be fair the like bashing Americans, Canadians and just about anyone else.

        • Brother River Crab


          You chose a post with pictures of old ladies making funny faces to complain about mindless comments.

      • Jean

        hey, you can help Fauna by suggesting some topics she can post!

    • Captmidnight


      I agree, but this is how the internet has since it was made available to the public. It cannot be stopped and can only be contained with a login system that most people wouldn’t bother with. At least this site shows that the amount of twats in both Anglo-saxon world and the Chinese is approximately the same measure.

    • whatever

      what kind of intelligent comment could you possibly write about such a stupid and uninteresting post?

    • Dave in Macau

      Are you saying people shouldn’t find the older generation sexually attractive?

    • LOLZ

      Hey, I found the first comment to be very funny. I LOLed, seriously.

      • whatever

        ding! in this fucked up world, what we need is sense of humor…and good sex, of course

    • B. Prichard

      I would agree that the quality of comments around here has gone down in the last few months. Western and Chinese trolls abound.

      Might want to consider reinstituting a moderation system. Of course, it may just reveal that everyone here is just an asshole. I know I am.

      The people complaining about the quality of posts are not completely off base, either, though. I don’t really want to complain about the excellent free service China Smack provides, but there may be something there.

      • Reader

        >>> quality of comments around here has gone down in the last few months

        There were quality comments at one point? I find that surprising.

    • bombasticfantastic

      Ditto… these photos make me miss my mom. She’s 81 and I haven’t seen her in three years. I’m living in another country.

  • Bitter expat

    Does anyone else notice that the second to last picture of the American granny slightly resembles Queen Elizabeth II?

  • John the Baptist

    Another fine example of non-innovative Chinese fucktard art.

    When will they get an original idea that doesn’t involve paper, gunpowder and a fucking compass?

    @DWR – I agree with you man. Why would anyone want to fuck that ugly old bat?

    Especially when we have the ‘horned lady’ to jack off to.

    • Heshen

      Exactly what I was thinking. Chinese contemporary art doesn’t ofter anything new, it’s all a pale copy of American or European concepts.

      There is perhaps one exception, that of the “invisible guy”. He painted himself as to appear invisible in portraits of him in front of some sceneries. That’s one example of creative art in China, but the only one I can think of.

      • I am not a big expert in contemporary arts, but I know at least few Hollywood movies which are remakes of Chinese films.

  • zammo hung

    so this is what non-google countries entertain themselves with..

  • Chen

    Piracy issue from china again LOL

  • 250

    First of all i don’t think it’s a great advertisement for CS personals…maybe for whatever.

    I’m glad the new poster gave it an Asian twist by making the granny more androgynous. But apart from the lack of originality it’s harmless fun i suppose.

    I think people forget Fauna translates and doesn’t create. She is at the mercy of other Chinese netizens. Not every post can be a slice of fried gold.

  • Evalin’sApple

    So she get some offers. She obviously have a secret stash and deserve much attention.

  • Jfemmefatale

    So you need her for cash?? Smirk.

  • Jfemmefatale

    Look!! She blow you innocent kiss..

  • That Chinese Kid

    wow, I thought it was gonna be old ladies fighting each other or something.

  • Ryz

    much too young

    10much too youngs

  • fireworks

    These kinds of stories always attract comments about humping and whatever some people love to do to it. This is to be expected…

    What does one expect from guys? to sound all gay, fuzzy inside and metrosexual when they read stories about old farts or girls with 5 dates.

  • Laoshi

    Unpleasant old twats.

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  • bombasticfantastic

    I will refrain from making tasteless and perverted comments but I will say this. “I like old people as long as they aren’t mean and grouchy” which by the way, most of the ones I’ve met are.

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