Elementary Schoolboy Woos Schoolgirl on His Knees, Succeeds

A Chinese schoolboy in Suzhou woos a fellow classmate at a bus stop with a love letter and getting donw on his knees.

A Chinese schoolboy in Suzhou woos a fellow classmate at a bus stop with a love letter and getting donw on his knees.

On Sina Weibo:

#Elementary Student Kneels Down to Woo Girl#

On November 5th, at a Suzhou bus shelter, a boy just about 1.4 meters tall holding a love letter in his hands knelt on the ground for as long as 5 minutes to court a fellow female schoolmate he likes. Ultimately, the girl was moved and the two of them embraced as the crowd of fellow students around them applauded to congratulate them.

Weibo poll asking netizens's views on elementary student knelt down for courtship and succeed.

Poll Question:

What’s your opinion on [this story of an] elementary student kneeling down to court a girl and succeeding?

Red Side: So I had already lost at the starting line.

Over 15k votes at time of translation.

Blue Side: It’s fake news meant to be a blow to older single youths.

Over 2k votes at time of translation.

From Sina Weibo:

@新闻晨报: Post-00s Elementary Student Kneels Down to Woo Girl at Bus Stop, Post-80s Laugh and Ask “What About Us?” — At a bus stop in Suzhou, a little boy went down on both knees and, with a piece of paper that looked like a love letter in his hands, he confessed his love to a girl with a ponytail across from him. 5 minutes later, the little boy suddenly stood up and hugged the girl with a ponytail. The two of them held each other, embraced, and intimately whispered to each other as fellow students applauded and congratulated them. Witness Mr. Wu was stupefied: “That boy was about 1.4 meters tall, and at most in the fifth grade.”

elementary student falls to kneeselementary student falls to knees

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Things are changing as time goes by faster than I had expected.


Many people are worried about things like the kids not being sensible, not having a sense of responsibility, that their studies will suffer from the puppy love, etc. but the reason for these things is not puppy love but because the children were not brought up to be sensible and responsible people.


I’m so moved… Cry.


People don’t understand love at a young age; only “truly/really like”! Go ahead and do whatever you like. Laugh secretly.




Those adults who see this in an abnormal way, have you forgotten what you yourselves were like back then?! Laugh secretly. Also, going down on two knees seems to mean… sly


Can’t take it anymore, I’m on my knees [meaning one is overwhelmed], is there still love when it is expressed this way?


TMD post-00s.


My little buddies and I are all stupefied. surprised


Why are those adults who see this in an abnormal way so meddlesome? Have you all forgotten what you were like back then?


I agree with @小玲玲仙儿’s perspective. We can use another angle to look at this issue: The love between the elementary students might be true love for each other, that kind of consensual/mutual love. Though I’m quite against little kids having romantic relationships, I have to say this kind of love is definitely a pure/innocent kind of love. The love of adults may involve too much filthiness and viciousness, whether it be money or lust. Anyhow, for some reason, they don’t look like elementary school students to me at all.


1.4 meters tall and at most in the fifth grade? Xiao Si [Nickname of Guo Jingming, who is often joked about for her short height] shows dissatisfaction.


What are we going to do with this society?!


Fuck~~~ Little kids these days. confused


The “love” of Little kids is so simple: A bouquet of flowers, a love letter (maybe with some misspelled words), a deeply emotional love confession, and then it’s consensually/mutual. After growing up, it becomes about appearance, education, salary, background, house, car, parents~~~ balabala Pick the nose.


May they have a child soon!

What do you think? Have you ever experienced puppy love?


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