High School Couples Flaunt Their Love After “Gaokao” Exam

Chinese high school students celebrate the end of the gaokao college entrance examination.

From QQ:

Photos: Third-year high school student couples no longer keep their love a secret, showing their love openly upon leaving the “Gaokao” examination hall

2014 June 9, following the conclusion of this year’s “gaokao” [college entrance examination], a series of pictures showing high school couples holding hands as they leave the examination hall went viral online, and were forwarded on Weibo by many netizens and media outlets. The hand-holding couples caused considerable controversy, and received both praise and criticism from netizens.

Comments from QQ:


Having their wedding night before the “roll of honor” has been published. [“roll of honor” (金榜题名) refers to a good exam score. In ancient China, the enrollment list was published after the imperial examinations. Students who were enrolled could enter into government or political offices and acquire fame and/or power. This netizen is making a comparison between today’s college entrance examination and the imperial examination system (科举) of ancient China.]

梁子留死灵 (responding to the above)

A month later there will be an abortion boom.


I wonder, would their parents see this and give their blessings? If it were my daughter, I wouldn’t be able to accept this. People should do what’s the appropriate thing for their age. And [children] at this young age, they should still make their studies their focus [as opposed to dating and relationships].


Positive education will also create a fine generation. I’m a member of the post-’80s generation and back then [when we were their age], we were also given various negative labels, but now we have become the rising generation. Who has not been young and frivolous? Let’s not always judge the hope of our future [the young generation] with an old-fashioned way of looking at things. When they’ve passed 30 and look back on their youth, they will have some wonderful memories!


They’re all at an age of dreams. Young Chinese of the past could only think [of doing such things], but today’s youth can not only think but also do. Having some experiences [of love] earlier can also help them grow up [mature] faster, and there is nothing bad with that.


Firstly, this is being a little too flashy [flaunting]… your test scores haven’t even come out yet [so don’t celebrate too soon]. ╮(╯▽╰)╭ Also, I’m personally not against the freedom to love; it’s quite good.
[Bute] safety precautions [referring to birth control] are essential, hehe.


My husband and I also became a couple in high school, and our child is now two years old. Our feelings for each other are unchanged. Regarding falling in love at a young age, I just want to say that those who follow through to the end are worthy of our blessings! Don’t care what other people think – if you think that it’s right then go for it! Those of you who are so certain that it’s wrong, did you never have a relationship when you were young? Never had a crush on someone? Never held back your true feelings for someone? It’s just that people from different times have different ways of expressing themselves. Now society is more and more open. This is society’s progress, allowing children to express their feelings!


Liang and Zhu were probably even younger than these high school students, but their story is still told and praised today! This has been a Chinese characteristic since ancient times… [Liang and Zhu refers to The Butterfly Lovers – a Chinese legend of a tragic love story between Liang Shanbo (梁山伯) and Zhu Yingtai (祝英台). The story is often regarded as the Chinese equivalent of Romeo and Juliet.]


The aunties at the pharmacies are laughing, the hotel owners are laughing, and half a month later, the hospital directors will be laughing! In the end, when they [realize they’ve] failed the exam, their whole family will be crying! [Explanation: “the aunties at the pharmacy”, the “hotel owners” and the “hospital directors” all stand to make profit from young lovers by selling birth control, providing rooms, and performing abortions.]


Good, what’s so strange about this? Student romances are the purest, as they have not been polluted by materialistic desires. I give you my sincere best wishes!


Can you [students in the photos] be more low-key [about this, as opposed to flaunting it]? Just how many [early student romances] will actually follow through to the end [lifetime marriage]?


Written by Patrik Andersson


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