Large Hong Kong Triad Gathering in Shenzhen Raided by Police

The police are surrounding the Triad members.

The police are surrounding the Triad members.

From QQ:

Hong Kong Triad Members Gather in Shenzhen, 160 Taken Away by SWAT Team

March 28th, 9pm, Shenzhen police struck swiftly and heavily at a Hong Kong Triad event, with police taking 160 people during the operation back to the public security bureau for investigation. Police say they are closely following the activities of the Hong Kong Triads and their members in Shenzhen.

The police are surrounding the Triad members.

On the night of March 28, a restaurant in Shenzhen’s Futian Port was surrounded by a large police force. Shenzhen police had confirmed that Hong Kong Triad members had assembled in the restaurant, with police dispatching a 350 man police force in this sweep, and 160 people taken away for investigation. The people who were taken away were all members of “Wo Shing Wo”, the largest Triad in Hong Kong. They were holding a triad ceremony that night at the restaurant. At present, the related investigation is still ongoing.

The police are entering the restaurant.

Road sealed, sirens flickering, guns loaded, and ready for battle. The incident took place at Futian Dexingcheng Restaurant, just one block away from Futian Port. Because it’s close to the port, this restaurant has become a gathering place for Hong Kongers. Besides the restaurant, there are also other facilities such as a spa and health club. On March 28, starting from 9:00pm, a large number of police surrounded the Dexingcheng Restaurant in Futian Port, drawing the attention of city residents.

The police at the scene.

SWAT police with shields in their hands sealed off the restaurant, strictly forbidding the entry or exit of any unrelated persons, while policemen carrying SMGs and wearing bulletproof vests entered the restaurant to investigate. Futian Port Yuheng Road was sealed off, and facing city residents who came to look on, police warned that they were in the midst of a major operation, without giving any further explanation of the situation.

The lion dance prop.

The restaurant revealed that a large group of people had gathered at the second floor of the restaurant that night, with flags displayed, a lion dance to liven things up, making for quite the lively scene. Then the police suddenly arrived. The Triad members at the scene did not do anything drastic, and cooperated with the police investigation. Up to the morning hours of March 29, the police investigation was still going, with some city residents claiming that the police later bringing in several buses, taking away every person involved in the case.

Some of the Triad members at the scene.

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After Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau released this news through their official microblog, it immediately triggered heated netizen discussion, especially with the photos published making quite a few netizens successively exclaiming that it’s like “watching a police and gangster blockbuster film”. Because of close geographical proximity, Hong Kong Triads have been infiltrating into Shenzhen and other mainland cities for years, with Shenzhen and Hong Kong police linked and working together to crack down on organized crime activities.

At the outside of the restaurant.

The people taken away ere all members of the “Wo Shing Wo” Hong Kong Triad. Hong Kong Triads are mainly represented by 8 forces, with “Wo Shing Wo” of the “Wo” branch being the largest of the Hong Kong Triads, claiming to have 200,000 members.

The police are guarding at the perimeter of the scene.

Police guarding the perimeter of the scene.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 □ □夜朦胧:

Hehe, didn’t arrange things with the mainland leaders beforehand, right? You can go ahead and strut around in Hong Kong, but in the mainland, it won’t do the moment you reach the shore, so you can forget about bringing that swagger to the mainland. Don’t you know the mainland is whose territory? Not to mention, coming with so few in number, and not even informing me, such disrespect to me. If you had told me that you were coming, I’d buy you this dinner. And how would I let something like this happen to you? It’s obvious you don’t know the rules/way things are done, and yet you still dare to be a gangster?

腾讯网友 Aaron:

8 years ago, the Hong Kong Triads opened a super luxurious disco called the Zhizunbao in Zhuhai [city in Guangdong]. On the day of the opening, many Triad leaders came to Zhuhai Jiuzhou Port from Hong Kong on their yachts. Once on shore, over 10 Ferraris raced all the way to Zhizunbao. That night, the entire club of about 2,000 people were arrested, with every jail in all the local Zhuhai police stations packed. It was said that the armed police who arrested them were all dispatched from the province, that even the Zhuhai municipal Public Security Bureau didn’t know anything about it.

腾讯福州市网友 234846853:

They weren’t committing any crimes, so why were they arrested? And carrying guns, it was obviously a violation of citizen rights! These police officers should instead go do something about coal miners. They should use loaded guns to stop coal miners from going into mines!

腾讯网友 *速度与激情*: (responding to above)

How do you know they didn’t commit any crimes? Do you really think the police would arrest gangsters for no reason!? Kid, you’re so naive, go take a bath and go to bed!

腾讯网友 恭默思道:

It must’ve been the Hong Kong government who tipped [the mainland police] off. They don’t dare to touch them in Hong Kong, so they let the mainland take care of it!

腾讯重庆市网友 □ MAX □:

The Triads are people of power, and with very strong backgrounds/connections. They were caught here [mainland], but they’ll be released over there [Hong Kong]. And in the end, a press conference will be held saying it was just some bosses hanging out and having dinner, that there weren’t any criminal acts, so they can’t be punished.

腾讯金华市网友 康仕诚:

How come I don’t see Chicken [a character from the movie Young and Dangerous].

腾讯网友 田旭东 液压:

Recruiting new members. This line of work is actually very good, at least they don’t have to live with their heads down in any dark dynasties. Both the underground society and the government would show them some respect.

腾讯网友 善解人衣:

Were they filming a Young and Dangerous sequel???

Comments from IFeng:

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凤凰网山东省潍坊市网友 凤凰网友:

The level of the wine and food is so average, even worse than what village and county governments in the mainland feast upon with public money.

凤凰网云南省昆明市网友 凤凰网友:

1. From the perspective of the law, the mainland prohibits the existence of organized crime. From the perspective of organized crime, the Hong Kong Triad was outside their territory.
2. Never cover your own sins and faults with other people’s sins and faults, always stick to the facts.

凤凰网北京市网友 ahchewwww:

Let the Hong Kongers know just who is the most niubi organization.

凤凰网广西南宁市网友 凤凰网友:

A group of morons, coming to the mainland for a party, they were asking for it.

凤凰网广东省网友 linboandy:

200k members?? What’s that in the face of 8000k members? [Referring to the number of Chinese Communist Party members.]

凤凰网广东省深圳市网友 凤凰网友:

The Triad hasn’t made any money, their dinner was so simple!

凤凰网北京市网友 手机用户:

Triads openly and boldly gathering in the mainland. Isn’t that just asking for trouble?

凤凰网北京市网友 手机用户:

The bosses were so frugal, only four dishes…

凤凰网北京市网友 手机用户: (responding to above)

Yeah, making money isn’t easy these days.

凤凰网未知IP网友 meishaoqing:

In Hong Kong, they observe the law, and they can’t do anything to you guys without evidence…

Yet you dare to come to the mainland…

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

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            People from Hong Kong they are the best. People from China have literally no manners. Majority of the people in China which includes Hong Kong has no morales. They would kill someone for 2 yuan. I’m a Chinaman who lived in China and Hong Kong.

            The only reason why these triad has so much power over the citizens is because average Chinese people are chicken shit as wells as divided as hell. We Chinese people as a country will forever be weak because we are always selling out one another and never united. Try to learn from other countries around the world that are strong and united.


            People from Hong Kong think they are the best. But in reality they are just a bunch of lucky dumb fucks. People from China have literally no manners. Majorpity of the people in China which includes Hong Kong has no morales. They would kill someone for 2 yuan and sell their mother for money. I’m a Chinaman who lived in China and Hong Kong and seen this happened quite a number of times in both places.

            The only reason why these triad has so much power over the citizens is because average Chinese people are chicken shit as wells as divided as hell. We Chinese people as a country will forever be weak because we are always selling out one another and are never united. Try to learn from
            other countries around the world that are strong and united.

          • Andrey Solstice

            Hi, maybe you help me understand something as an insider.

            I am russian guy from Moscow who likes to visit HK.
            Last time i visited i was stopped by conmen dressed as “monks” at the entrance of Ten Thousand Buddhas monastery,
            around the corner of ICAC office in Sha Tin, and as i understand, they
            act there on regular basis and police makes nothing about that.

            But this fact brought me to more general thoughts about balance between law and crime in modern HK.
            It feels that after English left HK, there is a season of uncertainty there.
            It is not completely under mainland rule, but neither under UK any more.

            And the local authorities are too shy, corrupt, indecisive and unpresentable
            and prefer more to mate with crime leaders rather than fight them.

            Is my feeling correct, is that really so? Is there any reliability in modern HK police, can they really protect the citizen,

            is the crime held in more or less civilized limits? Or it’s just flourishing injustice and nothing can’t be done about it
            until mainland authorities will take care about that?

            I do understand that CPC is also just another gang, so to speak, but as a supreme gang it also ironically brings more stability

            than small “wild” triads. I even do not speak about authorities of Singapore, who are also maybe not angels, but at least
            they stopped barbarity about the matter and commoners like you and me can sleep safe and not to care about major troubles.

            Any your comments will be highly appreciated.
            In future i will visit HK again and i just want to understand how to adjust myself with true reality
            which is normally hidden from a casual white tourist.

  • BiggJ

    Are these chinese police doing police work?? Get the fuck out of here. LOL

    • La Mano Gaucha

      Don’t be so cynical. There’s a lot of money to be made! Add to that a few executions and show trials, report on them of CCTV for a while, and voila: CCP buys a bit more time. Achievement Unlocked!

    • Amen!

    • slob

      And then as soon as they arrive at the police station,the triad members calmly remove a box of expensive cigarettes from their leather jackets, hand them out to the officers and congratulate them on a job well done, walk out the front door, and have their friends in brand new ferrari’s pick them up to go to a KTV for some heavy drinking with a few escorts.

    • filabusta

      I bet they all had hard-ons they had to hide with their riot shields. As if there was actually going to be a shootout.

    • This is how we know Chinese police is doing police work: because chinese journalism is doing police work.

      In that first picture it seems that the photographer was going to take the picture, but first said, “Hey everybody, squeeze in together…”

  • BiggJ

    What are they charging them with? Having dinner? I bet all these guy just got sent back to HK,….that’s it. They should catch them doing some illegal….that’s a shitty time to pull out all the stops. I know you have them all in one place….but it’s pretty much a waste of time.

    • jcyin

      God you must be so naive. You don’t think every triad leader has some sort of bounty or warrant against them for things like murder, arson, extorsion, kidnapping, money laundering or similar crimes? Never watched any gangster movies?

      It’s not easy to catch them. So what would any police force do when you have the biggest gathering of everyone on your warrant list? You bust them. So no they were not charged for the gathering but charged for every other crime they’ve committed and pursued for.

      • Rick in China

        You’re a fool. They cross back and forth via the same borders as you and I. If there were seriously warrants out for their arrest for given crime, they’re IDs would be flagged and they could be taken into custody at border crossings without such a big show.

        They’re looking for media coverage/press event – hence all the staged photos, to sell their greatness to the public, and potentially payoffs on the back end. That’s all.

      • BiggJ

        What do you mean it’s not easy to catch them?? 160 people in a highly public place having a lavish dinner doing a triad ceremony…..And what kind of murders, kidnappers and so on have a huge dinner with 160 people in pubic and not hide anything? People who know the police have no hard evidence on them. Some of them may get charged with some shit. It will most likely be some small shit like boot legged cd’s or some. It won’t be none of the big guys. You could be right. I’ll keep looking the next few days and see if anyones been charged.Unless they have some real hard evidence on these guys…it’s hard to charge them.

      • linette lee

        no, I pretty sure if you have a criminal charge pending in HK, you will not be allowed to cross and leave HK at the check point at the border by the hk officers. They have you on their system for pending criminal charge or something.

        • MrT

          you do know such a lot!

          • Germandude

            linette escaped early during the investigation stage…

          • linette lee

            hahaha…lol you and germandude need to be stripped search at the hk border by the hk officers. I will give them your photos to place on high alert list.

          • Germandude

            Why would I ever want to go to Hong Kong again? Never…

        • Panda Banana

          check point? border officers?

          damn girl, have you ever been to china? i cross through the e channel at shenzhen bay border, the gate opens via fingerprint reader. Border officers are for foreigners without HK ID, and mainlanders.

          I very much doubt that e channel is set up in a way that it doesn’t open when you are a criminal, or send out an alarm…

          • linette lee

            I heard they improved the system for check in for people with HK id and made it quicker. I have never use it myself.

            Are you sure the system won’t alert if anyone with pending criminal charge in HK? I don’t believe that. What is you commit murder and just cross border to hide in China. That will be sayonara.

          • Barney Rubble

            It depends on the scale of the charge as to whether an order is passed to immigration to hold you. For example, if you’re a suspect in a murder your details would most likely be passed to immigration, but if your home was raided while you were out and had a lot of cannabis growing in there chances are your details wouldn’t be passed to immigration unless the police had information saying you were trying to leave the country.

            Bail in HK works similarly, where a lot of criminals don’t have their travel rights removed while on bail if they’re not considered to be at risk of fleeing.

          • linette lee

            fingerprint reader means the hk gov’t is watching you.

          • Beelzebub

            why would it NOT be? much like facial recognition at heathrow airport, it is still tied to your id/passport, is it not?

          • sendtodave

            “Border officers are for foreigners without HK ID, and mainlanders.”


    • MonkeyMouth

      having kraft dinner aint a crime, either. damn i miss that stuff, but dont have the desire to pay 40 kuai for a box

      • BiggJ

        You can get it for about 15-20 on taobao. :)

        • MonkeyMouth

          hehe…. i make a dope cheese sauce now, too…. helps the KD withdrawl

      • Rick in China

        I missed kraft dinner for a long time, too.

        The problem is: when I had it again, I was like…, fuck it, I don’t miss it, I was just cheated by the nostalgia of how I thought it was great back in the day. When you consider the in-store cost of a box of kraft dinner in China, vs. what you can make yourself with real serious home made sauce (epicurious has some simple recipes for newb’s :D) it’s kind of disgusting in the way that instant noodles is disgusting when compared with hand made noodles by some old dude on a side street that has been making the same dish for 30 years.

        • BiggJ

          Kraft dinner is no substitute for real home made dinner. It’s just something in a pinch. I never just eat kraft dinner. I always fry up some loose hamburger and mix that in with a little ketchup on the side. lol. Puts a can of tuna in sometimes is alright…’s not so bad. Another thing I eat a lot of in canada is cambells tomato soup mixed with crackers and a tuna sandwich on the side….that’s a great quick meal. I usually only make this stuff when im by myself, my wife cooks real shit when she’s around better then I can.
          I tried going just from what I can get at chinese grocery store…I just can’t do it. I order all my shit from taobao…Like all the stuff to make pizza….cheeses…things like that. If you have the money, buy the shit you like….don’t settle for chinese food everyday. My fucking girl eats a bowl a white rice and some vegetable/water concoction every fucking day. …she hardly ever eats meat. Just such a bland meal to eat everyday. I don’t know how she does it.
          Another thing too, buy some taco seasoning and soft shell wraps on TB. Nothing like chicken fajitas or beef tacos homemade. :)

          • Beelzebub

            Just what is kraft dinner, pray tell? It’s not one of these god awful microwaveable meals is it?

          • BiggJ

            It’s just macaroni and cheese. lol

          • Beelzebub

            That sounds like yankee kids food, guffaw.

          • BiggJ

            Yeah it’s not really a substitute for real food. It’s good when you’re stoned or too lazy to cook something real.:)

          • Beelzebub

            Dude, like, who has got the munchies man:-)

          • 5,000 years of uncivilization

            I like how the conversation went from gangsters getting busted having dinner to Glico snacks and mac & cheese. I may never eat like they do but i’m fine with my yank or kraut snack food. Hans Freitag Wafer Mischung or Dutch Stroopwafles anyone?

          • Beelzebub

            snack food is ok, german pretzels kick ass

          • BiggJ

            I’d like to know how every article on here somehow brings Japanese or Americans into the mix. :)

          • 5,000 years of uncivilization

            I don’t know about the Japanese but i like to know about all the crazy shit that goes on around me here in China. It’s also interesting to see what others think or say about said crazy shit.

          • Beelzebub

            If you have the money, buy the shit you like….don’t settle for chinese food everyday…..depends on if you are near a big city or not. Metro normally carry a lot of imported items, but if your in a smaller chinese place you may be lucky just to find pasta and tomato ketchup and those danish cookies. That will really make you man up, guffaw guffaw

          • BiggJ

            There is a metro in hangzhou it takes an hour to get there from where I live. They have a nice selection of cheese and some other things…TB send the shit right to my door. And it’s cheaper then metro.

          • Beelzebub

            I do know the metro in hangzhou is bleeding miles away. HZ is just a sprawling pit of a place to me, but I digress. TB?

          • BiggJ

            taobao…it’s like chinese ebay.

          • Beelzebub

            Used it, used to order baked beans in their dozens, to the curiosity and amusement of my doorman:-)

        • Beelzebub

          Home cooking is the way to go. Each time you go back home, dont bring clothes or other periphery, bring ingredients that you can use, cook cheaper, now am I right or am I right?

          • Rick in China

            Absolutely right. I always bring back packs of sauce mixes and marinades, as BiggJ mentioned burrito/taco seasonings, gravy mixes etc.. anything that is powdered, small, can mix into a great quick sauce that would otherwise take a long time or I can’t easily get the ingredients for, etc.. bring back tons of that and have a big special drawer for them :D One of my favorites is bernaise sauce, mix in some tinned crab and put it on seared salmon steaks.

          • Beelzebub

            Much like me (apart from you own more property and have a better job in China than I do, and a wife, but I digress) you bring back the right things from home. I did bring a winter coat with me this time, normally because the ones in China are not so good for keeping you warm I find, and getting size is an issue, Im a lot taller and broader shouldered than most chinese guys I find. Seared salmon eh, by god, I bet those english teachers of limited financial means or culinary know how are green with envy. Your certainly living well whereever you are, fair play to you.

          • Rick in China

            A suggestion, go to your local ikea – you can get 3 reasonable quality filets for like 39 rmb..occasionally some deals.

            I do that sometimes when I’m lazy, but the local fish market also has even cheaper and better quality – just not as convenient logistically for me. It doesn’t take much financing for a 13rmb/ea salmon steak, some seasoning/lemon/butter, fried greens garnish and buttery goodness of bernaise sauce :D just the motivation to actually put it together! Cheaper than mcdonalds.

      • Bugs Bunny

        the best cookie company is Glico…
        everytime when i got to super market, always buy a lot…and only cookie from Glico

        • Beelzebub

          Glico, being a brit, maryland is the crumbly cookie of choice for me, only 4rmb per pack in wal mart from the bargain bin right now. Second, anzac biccies….

          • linette lee

            I really really love greek cookies. They are awesome but very fattening. Melomakarona and Kourambiathes are so good.

            The raspberry jam filled shortbread cookie from the italian bakery is good too.

            I also love arabic pastries too like baklava and Borma with pistachios. They love using honey and pistachios. So yummy.

            I also like the Pistachio Barfi from india.

            of course I love butter cookies. The chinese bakery bake them nice. Danish butter cookie in blue tin is not bad. I love short bread. Walkers shortbread is awesome. :)

            yes….I love sweeeeeet…..

          • Beelzebub

            Baklava is nice, but a bit too much honey for my liking, but your right those are good. Walkers is very nice, but then as a brit I am biased. 1 good thing about HK, marks and spencer, imported brit foods, real cheese….I’m yearning!!!!

          • linette lee

            cheese……yum. :) You are making me very hungry.

            I love smoked mozzarella and swiss cheese with goya crackers. I like salsalito turkey slices too. Okay….I am really hungry now.

        • linette lee

          Glico is a Japanese confectionery company. You eat japanese when you are living inside China? What if the china gov’t call you traitor? :)

          I like Glico too. I love pocky sticks.

          Do you like Danish butter cookie in the blue tin can. They are really good too. I also find the chinese bakery they bake their own butter cookies and they are also very good.

          I don’t know why I can’t post link and video on china smack. So strange.

          • Bugs Bunny

            hmm, danish cookie is too expensive for a daosi like me…haha!kidding, i like many different taste that’s why i do not buy one big can. pocky is so wonderful, i like mattya most,that’s why jap cookie is the best for me.Glico is very famous in china, same as Kraft,but Glico makes cookie more stylish.
            little boys always ask for chips ahoy!after the ad…

          • linette lee

            chips ahoy??? hahaha……. They are too too sweet for adult.

          • Beelzebub

            The danish butter cookies are good, esp the ones with choc chips and currants.

    • Quentin

      Well, this is China, the police don’t always play by the rules. However, these guys are from HK, so they probably can’t do much to them without people asking questions.

    • Eurotrash

      It’s a port city, so they can cross over on private boats/yahts.

    • Panda Banana

      “I bet all these guy just got sent back to HK,….that’s it. They should catch them doing some illegal…”

      the chinese gov. did the right thing. They send them a message, that either they co-operate and let the red envelopes flow, or next time face serious consequences. What better occasion to do that, then disturb them during their dinner.

      Years ago i enjoyed going out in TST, but now prefer HK island where i actually live. This triad fucks are all over kowloon side, occupying the good chinese restaurants there, sitting with dozens of people, eating the best food, and never pay for it. Countless numbers of chinese restaurants had to close during the years.

  • MonkeyMouth

    at least the police let them finish their dinner
    song of the article:
    “Wasnt that a Party?”
    by the Irish Rovers

    • Cleo

      so they couldn’t strong arm the restaurant owner into not billing them for the evening?

  • Cleo

    start silently and blocking their extended family members from participating in the benefits of society in a way where they cannot litigate – turn every legal screw agains them and dishearten them because their key strength and motivation is that the rest of us abhor violence and therefore they wield it against us – they feel they can get away with it – start bullying them and sabotaging them – thwart them and make them meek and submissive and pleading to be allowed to be an ordinary person – can you really see a solution by doing less than this?


      This is one of your posts that actually makes some sense.

      • Rick in China

        It makes no sense. Why?

        Because the methods described is almost identical to the methods that enabled mafia/triad/gangs to come into power over societies in the first place. Almost point by point, in fact:

        — start silently and blocking their extended family members from participating in the benefits of society in a way where they cannot litigate

        — turn every legal screw against them and dishearten them

        — start bullying them and sabotaging them

        — thwart them and make them meek and submissive

        What the fuck is the suggestion, “become the gangsters against gangsters”? Ridiculous. Without thought. Foresight….nil. I’d call it a satirical post if it weren’t by that fucktard.

        • hun

          So.. Cleo is still the same dumb bitch that we all know and love?

        • Cleo

          why don’t you elaborate each point by explaining how this was used or misused in the past instead of just rewriting my post – that is NOT responsive.

          • ShuangXi

            Cleo, he meant by doing these things to the mafia such as ‘bullying’ and preventing them from ‘participating in the benefits of society’ we are becoming just as bad as the gangsters, and risk only replacing one monster with another.

      • Germandude

        Yeah, I also noticed. Jesus must be close-by. Expect wonders to happen.

  • Cleo

    the yakuza are IN China – why not bust them as well?

    I would LOVE it.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Because the Yakuza have the sort of thing in China the mafia has in the U.S: money and style.

      • Rick in China

        Said someone from 80 years ago.

      • Cleo

        It’s never anyone else who gets caught in China and the Philippines – it’s ALWAYS Japanese “businessmen” with drugs and kiddie porn operations. You ostriches should reform and get with the program.

        • BiggJ

          What a load of bullshit.


      Maybe Akihito is protecting the Yakuza with his connections in the Chinese government. After all, he does have toclafane satellites spying on China, as well as spying on Queen Elizabeth, as you so pointed out in your previous posts.

      • Beelzebub

        Queen Liz may even own japan to wit.

    • ShuangXi

      I can say, for sure, the Yakuza are not here in the South. Not in Hong Kong really either, but not at all in Shenzhen

      • Cleo

        They are DEFINITELY in Hong Kong so your “for sure” is inappropriate. It’s not accident that there are so many Japanese restaurants with no business all over Hong Kong and no arguing about the rent Do you really think Japan exited when all those department stores closed down? There are more Japanese living as locals than ever in Hong Kong – living as your neighbors in the towers in the lower old buildings, totally fluent in Cantonese, getting into fights in Lan Kwai Fong with rich Canto dudes who have picked up their dating discards, etc. They are THERE.

      • Cleo

        not in Shenzhen?? Why not just say not in Dongguan either then? They were one of the first factory staffers in China – all those Managers and STUDENTS in the foreign dorms who never move out – have NO problem covering the expense of huge packages being shipped to them – their APPEARANCE, their self confidence and intent to stay longtime despite not making the money back on paper, what do you think? Do you think farmers figure out how to make chemical compounds for fake foods? Do you think farmers know how to get the equipment together for fake dvd? Do you think those yakuza who get caught with stolen artifacts as well as drugs leaving China for Japan are operating individually because Japan is SO famous for operating as loners rather than in groups? My feeling in Beijing was that none of the foreign students were innocent and some of them were lookouts whilst others were more active. This is the new generation – just like the telling appearance of Uchimura at the London OIympics – this is who they raised in their postwar world.

        • ShuangXi

          I meant South China as in Guangdong.

          Still, in HK the Yakuza is not that strong. Most of the work is done by their Chinese or HK partners… the Yakuza guys hate coming to China and HK, and anything they can get a local to do they use locals. Anyway, this is just my understanding. Obviously I’m not a leading authority on the subject.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Broken Tooth gave the SWAT team the tip.

  • Sean Cauffiel

    Oh, Jesus, what horrific atrocity is the CCP diverting attention from this time? It can’t be North Korea, can it?

    • MrT

      No need to worry the yanks are giving it plenty of Air time.

  • Sean Cauffiel

    Oh, and anyone notice that Chinese SWAT look like regular American cops, and Chinese cops look like regular American security guards?

    • MrT

      yea they don’t like to big it up like yanks. who does!

      • Sean Cauffiel

        Apparently Australians, since you decimated millions of Aborgines even into the 1970’s.

    • slob

      I love this guy

    • yea mate, go back to where ya came from mate

    • theelemur

      Police in the US trying to look like a fighting force is not something to be proud of -_-

      • Sean Cauffiel

        However, police who are well trained, well equipped, and who are accountable to the public by the rule of law are.

  • commander

    It is unusual to see the police’s raide operation at the restaurant without any evidence or cluses pointint to cimes by one of the world’s biggesr crimninal syndicates as the law enforcers’ such a move put the gang on higher alert for any crackdown pushing them to make more secretive activities.

    In what I think will end up with no arrests, the standoff between the two powerful organizations might be part of the bigger political fight as the police well know the impossibility of complete removal of the gang and the crime group also is well aware of the importance of not falling out with the law enforcing authorities.

    Thus, the public showdown at thw restaurent around which access is cordoned off may be a struggle for power between those in higher power echelons on both sides.

  • carmouflagger

    Mehh they busted “Wo Shing Wo” members. I knew they wouldn’t mess with “Son on yee” cos Wei Shen would f**k them

    • how did that white washed wei shen join the sun on yee. Nothing is more annoying than a white washed asian in an asian organised crime . Reminds me of that one guy during my younger destructive days, he wont be visiting dentist anytime soon…. hah hah hah! you should see his expression when he watch what we did to his dog! priceless. That is how I got my nickname, Fire. =)

      • B*tches, Leave

        Oh, how cute, she shares with us one of her stories during her “younger destructive days” :)))
        I wonder when I’ll get this pathetic and share my “younger destructive days” stories with the beloved people of chinaSmack :/
        I crave for some attention too, you know :D

        btw we called you “hoe” – as in “bitch” … looks like you confused it for Chinese “huo” for “fire” -.-

        • its a joke, a reference to the game sleeping dog.

        • sendtodave

          Well, you are an idiot.

      • carmouflagger

        Yay im not the only gamer here :)

        • Yes! i play games occasionally. Did you play SD on console or pc?

          • carmouflagger

            First on PC, i stole it from torrentz :) but i enjoyed it so i bought the Xbox version as a little reward to the developers. You?

          • yeah me too, I played on PC but had problem with the aiming, its the only thing that makes it difficult, other than that it was great game, like from some Hong Kong action movies.

          • carmouflagger

            Yeah, iSwear the aiming is s**t that’s why i never use guns, i prefer the Bruce Lee moves lol. Have you played Far Cry 3 and the new Tomb Raider?

          • haha yeah the combat… I also didnt use gun its really bad especially in certain mission you gotta use gun like the duel at the cemetery I died so many time there, melee is the way to go. The new Tomb Raider is excellent, have you finish it? I am impress by the story and the acting… not to mention the samurai-ish setting. If only they gave her a sword to duel. I havent played FC3 right now I am playing Resident Evil 6

          • BiggJ

            Just use a 360 controller on your pc. PC is much better for games. Sleeping dogs was a good game. The driving was super easy. Something about it I hardly ever hit anything. The story was bad ass though.

          • i didnt know 360 controller can be used with PC. I read the blog that says the driving was inspired by need for speed which is why it was great to drive in the game. I wasnt really that good at it, never really good at racing game, always hit other car, barely win in all the racing mission in the game

          • BiggJ

            yeah just get a cheap one with a cord….just plug and play.

  • Zebadee

    The police only arrived because of the huge amount of bribe money to be made from such an easy ‘swoop’. They’ll all be buying new cars next week! They need to inform their buddies in the Party next time they arrive then maybe they’ll save some cash.

  • Misiooo

    Seems like someone disagreed over turf.

    • HK Gweilo

      Yeah – the police disagreed with the HK Triads taking their turf.

      • Misiooo

        Oh c’mon! They’re just proxies with small commision, armed hand of real stakeholder here.

  • 5,000 years of uncivilization

    Difficult to believe but if it’s true, the news is welcome.

  • Jack

    Staged crack downs. Nothing is really done to prevent crime. Just another example of commie style posturing and propaganda. The cops are probably on the payroll of more than one crook organization anyway. There is no justice in China….

  • jeffli

    Woohoohooohoo! some govt. officials and police commisioners should start hiding now. normally when organised gangs go through this some loud mouth isgoing to get it!
    but yeah shoot ’em all! They are the ones that also control those B’s that steal children to use as street beggars!

  • Paneraman

    Looks like someone snitched out

    but the triads are very smart and tactic.

  • Red Scarf

    I wonder that they are going to be charged with, having a better and more expensive banquet than government officials.

  • wrwer

    Arrest them for having a meal? China’s police are jokes.

  • DC

    the dude in the yellow robe must be the big man on campus