Male Cross-Dresser At A McDonald’s In Shanghai

Crossdressing young man in a McDonalds in Shanghai.

From Mop

Nanjing East Road McDonald’s…I really didn’t have the courage to take a photo from the front!!

A tall young man at a East Nanjing Road McDonald's in Shanghai wearing a small black dress.

At a McDonald's in Shanghai, China, a tall young man with a shaved head wearing a small black dress is ordering food.

A male cross-dresser in Shanghai, China.

A cross-dressing young man in China.

A foreigner dining at McDonald's is surprised by the crossdresser.

Comments from Mop


My finger was naughty – – ! [clicked in out of curiosity] Scared me to death…


The last picture is the truth, this brother is frightened silly, the foreign guy.

[This netizen is saying the foreigner’s reaction in the last photo is an honest natural reaction.]


With Sister Zhu’s behind them, these cunts are really becoming audacious/arrogant, now rising up.

[Sister Zhu is a male contestant on this season of China’s Super Boy singing competition show (similar to American Idol). He became famous for dressing and looking like a girl, sounding like a girl, and because one of the judges refused to believe it accusing him of being a girl trying to cheat them and the audience. Since Sister Zhu has become famous, this netizen is saying that people like Sister Zhu are now more daring to cross-dress in public.]


A large tree has all kinds of birds.


I’m really curious what this guy’s face is like.


How much courage did you muster to take these photos?


To tell the truth, I like and even approve of these bizarre and fantastic things appearing. Yes, it can be to become famous, to get people’s attention, any mess for any reason is all fine, I just hope that as long as it is not against nature or reason, people can freely express themselves, onlookers can naturally accept them, and then a kind of creative, vibrant, cheerful, self-confident new atmosphere can develop [in society].


Brother, I’m old now, society progresses too fast for me.


Too niubi, what a harmonious society.


So disgusting! A perfectly good man, why must he make himself into this???

Have you ever cross-dressed?

A tree with all kinds of birds. chinaSMACK personals.


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