Newborn Baby Dragged Upside Down, Doctor Fired


From Sina News:

Infant Born, Hung Upside Down, and Dragged Update: Doctor on Duty Fired

The Beijing News report (Reporter Yang Feng and Intern Ma Jinfeng) — Today (January 30), a media report titled “Infant Dragged Along Ground Upside Down After Being Born [While Mother Was] in Wheelchair” attracted widespread attention. The report stated that in Luoyang, Henan, a pregnant woman gave birth while seated in a wheelchair, with the infant then being dragged over ten meters hanging upside down.

Around 7pm tonight, a representative from the Luoyang city bureau of hygiene circulated a notice claiming that investigation showed that because there were many people in labor and obstetricians were in short supply on the day of the incident, the doctor on duty had not been in the maternity ward long enough, lacked experience and skill, and had therefore handled the situation inappropriately. Currently, the victim has agreed to settle the incident through a lawsuit. The director of the maternity ward as well as the doctor on duty at the time have both been dismissed and had their contracts terminated.

Incident: En route to the delivery room the female infant was “suspended underneath the front of the wheelchair”

The notice said that this year on January first at 9:51pm Ms. Shang, the woman involved in the incident, was taken to the Luoyang Maternal and Children’s health hospital maternity ward because she had experienced menstrual cessation for more than 31 weeks, and had vaginal discharge for half an hour. The doctor learned that the woman involved had been hospitalized within the last week, and had sought treatment at three other hospitals. After a diagnosis of birth defects due to abnormal fetal development. After receiving this diagnosis, the woman involved experienced fetal distress, a ruptured uterus, lack of amniotic fluid, abnormal fetal development and other situations.

After being checked into the hospital, the doctor on duty told the patient “the child may not survive birth, or if it survives it will have birth defects”, At the time, the patient and her husband indicated that they understood and signed off requiring a natural birth. The next morning, the woman experienced irregular contractions, around 10am they began to intensify. Afterwards nurses and doctors worked to gather to use a wheelchair to transport the patient urgently to the delivery room.

While being transported in the wheelchair, the woman gave birth. The notice claimed “The female infant was hanging underneath the front of the wheelchair” Upon discovering the child, medical personal immediately supported the child and brought the mother to the maternity ward to take the appropriate actions. The child weighed 1.1kg. Because the baby girl was premature, and extremely underweight, she was rushed to the neonatal department.

After a medical check, the hospital informed the parents of the infants development and sickness conditions, While keeping in mind that previous ultrasounds had predicted abnormal developments, the parents signed off and gave up treatment, carrying the child away in their arms. The woman continued her hospital stay.

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Hospital admits improper conduct, patient agrees to settlement.

January 3rd, the patient raised objections about the problems with the hallway birth to the deputy director of the maternity ward. Through investigation the office believe: hospital employees decisions in response to the birthing process were faulted. They apologized to the patient, and approved her request to retrieve video from the related surveillance cameras.

The involved hospital admits to improper conduct during the incident “because there were many people in labor, the obstetrician on duty at the time was very stressed. He had not been in the maternity ward long enough and therefor was under experienced and unskilled. Throughout the whole process he took many improper actions.”The 3 areas of misconduct included recommending a c-section delivery when there wern’t clear signs of it being necessary, not promptly conducting an exam during urgent contractions, and using a wheelchair to transport a pregnant patient.

The notice said on the morning of January 5th, the patient asked for 150,000 RMB in compensation, and afterwards raised the sum to 200,000 RMB. The hospital recognized that it should bear the appropriate responsibility, but considering the unique conditions of the pregnancy and the rather large amount of compensation asked for by the patient, they would settle this dispute through a lawsuit.

Actions: Director fired, contract of doctor on duty terminated.

The notice stated, after the incident, the hospital’s president and vice president in charge of service along withe the city bureau of hygiene conducted a thorough investigation, and at the same time requesting the bureau of hygiene’s party leadership group to take the appropriate disciplinary actions against the involved hospital. Actions are currently underway.

At the same time, the head of the maternity ward is currently under thorough investigation, and has been criticized in a hospital wide statement. The department director, vice director, head nurse and administrative personal on duty at the time have been excused. The doctor on duty at the time, Qin Hongjuan, had his/her? contract terminated. The hospital also recommended that the city health administration department ban him/her from practice for 6 months to a year. The two nurses involved have been put on a one year probation. ?

Comments from Sina News:

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Why are they’re so many people who touch porcelain in our society? Have you thought about that?[a term for extorting money from people originating from antique dealers who would put fragile porcelain pieces in heavily trafficked areas waiting for someone to “touch” the porcelain, then blaming them for the accident and requiring them to pay for the piece]


One one hand the hospital killed a [their] child, on the other hand, they are extorting the hospital. Hospital puffers[an internet term for people who generally resort to insulting and finding fault with others viewpoints without contributing anything useful to a conversation themselves](link?) if when your wife was giving birth your kid was dragged across the floor, would you laugh it off and say the kids dead, forget about it?


All I can say is that this is stereotypical of medical ethics, Today in the realm of healthcare a number of people have already given up on their mission to be a white collared angel. They started to do everything for money’s sake, Cheaters who only look at money!


1. Doctor Qin is really evil, to persist on delaying the ultrasound B. 2. The Video is very clear, the baby was hanging upside down, theres no question it was dragged along the ground. 3. The explanation was really stupid, they should have said it was done by a temporary worker.


Modern public servants and institutions! One word, Money. Two words, black heart[not satisfied with the outcome of the event].


Modern hospitals! They are just like a department of money printing. All they know how to do is make patients get this checked and examine that. They do a big pile of tests and then in the end tell you everything is normal!!! Medical ethics!!! White angels!!!


Bullshit….. under experienced? They’re all deaf, under experienced!


Three people pushing one pregnant woman, its just not one of them thought about her. Nobody paid attention to her reaction. If they had any pride in their work, any spirit of dedication they couldn’t have dragged a child along the ground. Have the doctors seen so much life and death that they have become numb and heartless?


I totally agree with how you put this! At the same time I want to tell you about the problems with our domestic emergency treatment. The families of patients who dial 120 [paramedics] of course think, if the doctor doesn’t carry the patient, who will? We’re paying you! But from a medical perspective and taking into account whats beneficial to the patient, if the doctor is pushing patients around like an idiot who can take care of them while they are in transit? Right now Chinese emergency services are catering first to the families’ requirements and then to medical treatment!


Can someone whose water has been broken for half an hour ride in a wheelchair? Does the doctor have an explanation for this?

用户5340572644[广东湛江][in response to the comment above]

Only fired, thats giving asylum to the no good doctors and nurses, they should look into criminal blame.

属老鼠的牛牛[山东烟台][in response to the comment above]

Yeah, the courts should judge the dismissal of doctors and nurses, the hospital should judge their prison sentences.

米克一号[辽宁大连][in response to the comment above]

Right, the court should close all hospitals nation wide, then whenever anybody has a kid they can just use scissors to give themselves a c-section!


Say what you want, afterwards well have one more reason not to study medicine. Maybe it will be all the worst people in a class who study medicine, maybe they couldn’t get into a good university so they could only study medicine, haha, if its this way well get to enjoy even better medical care in the future!

雪上一棵蒿[山东枣庄] [in response to the comment above]

I’ll never let my kid study medicine! Or else I’ll break his legs! I’ve had enough of this for a lifetime!

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  • mr.wiener

    Good grief…

  • Luke the Duke

    At least he’ll have an original answer when people ask him ‘did someone drop you on your head as baby?’

    • 宋易

      omg…. haha, too soon!

  • Robert

    When you watch the vid, the baby was hanging by a cord. Good thing it wasn’t wrapped around his or her neck.

  • Mao’s_a_Dong

    I had an ok experience having my child here. The hospital was still filthy, everyone was lazy, they didn’t feed you even if you paid for a private room. Hiring an ayi made it work.

    “the child may not survive birth, or if it survives it will have birth defects”

    Because it is subjected to the Chinese employee. No one gives 2 shits in this country about anything. The doctor actually asked straight up for a hongbao, after we had just finished signing a paper saying that they couldn’t take one. He was small, I was big.My saying “wo da si ni” sealed the deal.

    I wish this was only bravado on my part. I had a throat infection in this country, went to a “Hong Kong Hospital” (I live in Shenzhen) and was suggested to have my tonsils removed. The only thing is, I had had them removed already at 8 years old. The doctors and medical staff in this country are ridiculous. They are not even doctors, having only 3 years of training, plus an apprenticeship (where they pay off the licensed doctor to give them the all clear to practice signature).

    I understand that medical practitioners in this country are “underpaid”, but there is a reason for it. They are not actual medical practitioners.

    “Drink hot water, get IV, you so fashion”

    It is one of the most serious problems with China. An ambulance will take an hour to reach someone. Probably more if it is “nap time” (12-2pm).


    • Free Man

      Im glad your child made it. I didn’t dare taking the risk, because I would exactly react like you on the hongbao request and then be scared about the doctor screwing up intentionally.

      Chinese hospitals are no different from any other place in China, so what does one expect? There is a lot of stuff I like in China, but I let medical stuff taken care of in Europe.

      Unfortunately the average chinese being has no access to facilities outside of China. Thats something they should change, markets will do their game and either chinese hospitals improve or run out of business. I’d expect them to run out of business before stopping to take hongbaos.

      • Poodle Tooth

        I’m an American, so China is a step up for me.

        • firebert5

          I’m an American, and China was a fall down a deep chasm for me.

          • Poodle Tooth

            Did you have health insurance? I’d take uninsured in China vs. uninsured or underinsured in the US.

            Also, I’m ridiculously healthy for the most part, so most of my basis for comparison is dentists.

          • 宋易

            That, everything you just said…. dumb, regurgitated horseshit from the liberal establishment.

            US med care is expensive, but its competitive with the best in the world.

            Er, but, good luck with Chinese doctors.

    • Irvin

      I just found out that my aunt had a similar experience during dinner, her legs was in pain and had trouble walking so she went to the hospital. They told her she needs surgery immediately or she could die and wouldn’t allow her to leave until she have it or sign a paper.

      She told them to fuck off right away and sign nothing, later she call another doctor which is her friend and he told her that as long as she can still walk and talk, surgery isn’t necessary yet and told her to go to hk for check ups.

      The docs in hk did the check ups and it was a micro tore on her string.

      The fucking doctors in china recommend surgery for everything, it’s no wonder they get beat up alot. I would’ve fucking kick their ass too.

      • David

        Glad she is OK.

    • Lazybearlars

      I feel you.

      How about this bad boy tale.

      I went to the gym to lose some weight and after an intensive work session ended up with compartment syndrome in my right leg. The pain was so bad I couldn’t sleep for 4 days. I ended up sitting in a chair in the shower room and putting almost burning water onto the muscle to sooth it, so that I could sleep. Slept sitting upright in a chair with the shower on full.

      Anyways, I knew it was compartment syndrome, my uncle, a doctor, confirmed from pictures and seeing how swollen the muscle was on the side.

      I went to see a doctor around midnight on the 4th day and begged for painkillers. He gave me aspirin. I’m not shitting you. The pain was so horrendous I literally would have done anything to get rid of it. I begged for something stronger, they ood and aared and gave me something to inject, I was told it was morphine and made to sign a form saying that I wasn’t a Chinese national[?!!?]. The injection did nothing, returned the next day and found out it wasn’t morphine.

      Moving on, I went to a doctor who said to smear some Chinese medicine on my leg and prescibed headache pain relief, all of which went into the bin.

      At the ‘specialised western hospital’ they told me that they could cut open the leg so long as I got the muscle pressure reading. Hurrah! Oh bu they couldn’t do the test in that hospital.

      No problem. They gave me a list of 4 hospitals in Xi’an that had it. I went to each one, they all couldn’t do it or hadn’t even heard of it. We called Beijing’s international hospitals, apparently compartment syndrome is a ‘western disease'[it isn’t] and no hospitals in the entire mainland had it.

      Anyways, after I went back and asked the doctor to cut my leg open anyway. He refused and said it was an infection, cue 10 days on a drip, and hilariously, being given 1000 RMB a day of anti HIV drugs[?!?!] plus around 2000 a day for the anti infection drugs.

      I was told for sure it wasn’t compartment syndrome.
      The leg eventually went down a bit, and when I returned ot the UK got it checked up at a hospital here.

      The doctor said I’ve lost 90% of nerve feelings on my shins and the muscle on the side of the shin all the way down to the foot and I have compartment syndrome. The fuckers were extremely lucky that I didn’t lose my entire leg and my leg will be fucked for life.

      All because they didn’t know/hadn’t the knowledge to diagnose properly. Had this happened in a UK or US hospital I would sue the fuckers. I contemplated it but realised the court would just find in the favour of the hospital.

      Corrupt, ignorant, clueless cunts.

      • Poodle Tooth

        Why the fuck weren’t you looking up the drugs before accepting them?

        Jeez, at least someone in China knows what the fuck it is.

        • Lazybearlars

          Never been in a hospital?

          They just bring in one after another, no explaination as to what they are. Then at the end I get the bill, and oh, what a coincidence, by giving them 25,000, I was left with 24,593.

          They had asked for another 25,000 the day I checked myself out, and the doctor went ballistic. It’s clear that they believe they just charge you ‘up to’ what you’ve deposited.

          • Poodle Tooth

            I have (for stitches, but it was long enough after my injury they could have plausibly been like “oh, it’s getting infected” or something), they didn’t. ‘Course, I knew about the over-medication thing and immediately started inquiring about what drug the doctor was trying to give me, so I might have shut it down before it began.

            Why did you give them 25000?

            I’m not going to deny that there are shitty hospitals in China, and it sounds like you went to some particularly awful ones; and they have some perverse incentives that lead to unnecessary overmedication, of which you were also a victim. There are defenses against some of it, though.

      • David

        Sorry to hear about what you went through. Lucky you did not lose the leg. Makes you wonder how many poor people in China are not so lucky.

      • jaded

        Very sorry to hear of your ordeal. Needless to say, if i ever need any urgent medical care, and not an emergency, then I’m goin to HK or fly home. fuck it:)

      • Jesus H. Christ duh Lawd

        as a surgeon, I assure you that you did not have compartment syndrome. compartment syndrome is a surgical emergency, you have +/- 6 hours to do a fasciotomy or the muscle dies and you lose function of that muscle compartment. I have never seen a compartment syndrome that was not caused by a crush injury. You may have ruptured a muscle and bleed into the compartment and had elevated pressure in the compartment. In those situations an ultrasound can localize the hematoma and a drain can be inserted.

      • Guest

        If you need heat, you could make a microwavable warmer by stuffing a pillowcase or a spandex-free sock with Adzuki beans or rice.

    • Poodle Tooth

      Ambulance response time is probably more a traffic law/drivers being assholes problem than one intrinsic to the health care industry.

    • Teacher in China

      I was having stomach problems and when I went to get it checked, they gave me an ultrasound, despite me telling them I had just eaten lunch less than an hour ago. Surprisingly, (to them) the ultrasound proved inconclusive. I was told it was gas and sent on my way. Despite me telling them the condition had persisted for several months. I don’t know about the rest of China, but small town Dongbei hospitals are a total joke.

      • 宋易

        thats a lot of gas!

    • Alex Dương

      Your posts are being deleted because you’re the same person as JabroniZamboni.

    • firebert5

      I have had pretty much similar experiences and would not trust doctors in Harbin (where I’ve been) as far as I could throw them, but outside the hospital while perhaps your throat issue was unrelated to tonsils, it is still possible for tonsils to regenerate. So, you might keep that in mind. And in the terrible air quality conditions here, it would be entirely understandable if regenerated tonsils got messed up by the air pollution. But, yeah, the “doctors” here most often aren’t actually that.

    • Sky Gidge

      I went to the Hong Kong hospital in Shenzhen for a checkup. I thought they didn’t pretty good, except the bathroom to collect a… sample… was unsanitary.

      • Mao’s_a_Dong

        That is the same hospital that suggested to remove the tonsils that I have not had for 27 years. Hong Kong University Hospital. Amirite? A complete joke.

    • Guest

      Just because there is Hong Kong in the name doesn’t mean it has anything to do with HK. During Moon Festival, there were many big tins of Moon Cake with Hong Kong in their brand name that was made in China. Meanwhile, the tiny tin that is actually made in HK was twice.thrice as expensive.

  • AbC

    The winning comment:

    “The explanation was really stupid, they should have said it was done by a temporary worker.”

    Hospitals should learn more from their comrades in the city management team.

  • Anti Muslim

    You guys are lucky that was not a Russian doctor.

  • Karze

    Mao has degrade Chinese to such a character.

  • Markus P

    If you think human hospitals are bad, try having a sick pet and going to the vets…

  • 宋易

    oh, god, screw up one delivery in 1.4 billion, and everyone loses their shit!

  • Gary

    1.1 Kg? That’s less than 30 weeks. Very preemie, never mind getting dropped on the head.

  • Zen my Ass

    Jesus Christ, what’s wrong with people here? That’s a rhetorical question of course.

  • rareking

    But there is no careless person in China (KAPPA).

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