Passersby Ignore Chinese Old Man Beaten to Death in New York

Old Chinese Man Ruan Wenhui beaten to death by Jamie Pugh in East Village Manhattan New York City.

Old Chinese Man Ruan Wenhui beaten to death by Jamie Pugh in East Village Manhattan New York City.

From NetEase:

Elderly Chinese Man Randomly Beaten to Death on New York Street, Multiple Passersby Turn a Blind Eye

According to May 14 reports by media including The Daily Mail and The New York Times, as 68-year-old elderly ethnic Chinese man Ruan Wenhui was walking home alone on the night of May 9th local time, a thug suddenly began beating him without cause, and in the end swaggered away from the scene. What was infuriating was that there were multiple passersby at the time but not a single one reached out to help or call the police, resulting in Ruan Wenhui dying from his injuries on the 10th. After this shocking incident of violence was made public, it incited a storm among the people of New York and especially its ethnic Chinese community.

Attacked on his way home

According to reports, 68-year-old Chinese man Ruan Wenhui lived in New York City’s Manhattan East Village and was an immigrant from China’s Guangdong province, who worked 15 years at a New York garment factory and had just retired four years ago. It is reported that Ruan Wenhui doesn’t know how to speak English and has three daughters. At around 8:43pm on May 9th local time, Ruan Wenhui had as usual taken his grandson back to his daughter’s home, then began walking home alone. What was unexpected was that just as Ruan Wenhui was near his home on Sixth Street near Avenue D in the East Village, he was suddenly and without reason attacked by an African-American thug.

Surveillance footage show that this thug first approached Ruan Wenhui from behind, then began shouting at him. Despite Ruan Wenhui trying to get away from the thug, the latter punched Ruan Huiwen in the stomach, then grabbed the elderly man, and threw him against the wall and pushing him onto the ground. Shockingly, the thug then inhumanly punched and kicked Ruan Wenhui, punching his head, then stomping three times with his foot, without a shred of mercy. In the end, Ruan Wenhui, without an ability to fight back, fell into a pool of his own blood, while the thug did not rob anything from Ruan Wenhui’s body and simply strutted and swaggered away from the scene.

Indifferent passersby turned a blind eye

What was disappointing is that when Ruan Wenhui was being attacked, it wasn’t just them two at the scene — There were multiple pedestrians whopassed by at the time of the incident, yet none of them stepped forward to stop this violent crime, nor did anyone lend a hand to help the elderly man or call the police.

Surveillance footage shows that several people one after another hurriedly walked past Ruan Wenhui’s body but none of them gave assistance. It wasn’t until 6 minutes later that one person finally bent over to check on him. While being interviewed by The New York Times, Ruan Wenhui’s second daughter, 39-year-old Ruan Zhenni (Jenny Ruan) angrily expressed in Chinese: “At the time, so many people passed by, but none of them helped despite seeing someone in need, nor did anyone call the police. Why didn’t they help when it was convenient for them to do so?”

When nearby patrolling police arrived on the scene, they quickly called an ambulance to take Ruan Wenhui, whose face was covered in blood and his breathing feeble, to the hospital for emergency medical attention. However, regrettably, because of excessive injury to Ruan Wenhui’s head, he ultimately died on the 10th despite medical efforts.

During an interview on the 12th, the youngest daughter of the elderly Ruan Wenhui’s three daughters expressed that the family has been in shock and grief since the tragedy occurred, saying: “I can’t believe this is real. Much less that this kind of thing would happen to my father. My dad was a good person. He was always helping others, a smile always on his face. Everyone thought he was the world’s kindest person.”


Comments from NetEase:

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[Note: The above is commenting on the Diaoyu Islands dispute and criticizing typical Chinese government responses to using characters from Water Margin and Jin Ping Mei.]

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There is scum everywhere, but public safety in America honestly is worse than in mainland China. In mainland China, you can go for a stroll at night in big cities without problems but here, especially in places like New York City or Chicago, it’s best not to go for a walk alone at night.

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Beijing Times 05-15 03:08

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Sigh! ~This is a country’s tragedy! ~Never do we see a laowai being beaten to death by Chinese people, right?! ~But why are Chinese people always being beaten to death by people abroad?! ~From this we can see a country’s weakness, its citizens being bullied and discriminated against wherever they go!~

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