Public Restroom, No Toilet Paper, What Do You Do?

From Tiexue and XiCi:

What do you do if you use the restroom but don’t have toilet paper? (Picture Explanation)

What to do when you don't have toilet paper.

Translation of captions:

  1. Really, I saw this with my own eyes…
  2. One day I went to the restroom to take a piss.
  3. I saw this guy. He was wondering what to do because he didn’t have toilet paper.
  4. He took out a piece of cigarette foil paper [wrapper].
  5. Folded it in half and then folded it in half again.
  6. Folded it until it was 1/4 of its original size.
  7. Tore off a corner.
  8. Opened it up–
  9. And then like this–
  10. He reached behind… (picture left out)
  11. Then…
  12. He pulled the foil paper up, wiping off the majority…
  13. And used the small circle of paper he just tore off to do some final cleaning…
  14. Watching him walking off in the distance, I…
  15. These pictures used sesame sauce/paste was. Don’t be disgusted!

Comments from Tiexue:


Disgusting just looking at it.


If everyone was like this, who knows how many forests can avoid being cut down, very suitable for energy-saving environmentally-friendly low-carbon lifestyle requirements!


Brave man! Using your underwear is better though!


A pair of CK [underwear] isn’t cheap~~! Hehe


[responding to ccww1812]

Raise a toothless dog behind the toilet, wouldn’t that save even more paper? Hehe, it can just lick you.




[responding to 铁血刀魂]

That method is indeed good, but one doggy cannot be shared by both men and women.”


Pretty environmentally friendly.


[responding to zbklzl]

Stupid, just raise two dogs, one tied to each restroom, and then no one needs to bring toilet paper anymore.


This guy has ulterior motives. If everyone were like this, wouldn’t paper mills all go bankrupt? We should actively promote contributing to the country’s economy.  If you can use one roll, use 2. If you can go to the restroom once, split it into two times. Only this way can our motherland boom!


Use your shoe bottom.


Use your socks! If you don’t have socks, then use your shoe pad/insoles!


Once while my classmates were eating I demonstrated this method.

In the end, the entire class didn’t eat very well.


What do you do if you don’t smoke?

What would you do?

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  • Jay K.

    yay!!!! im first son! skeet skeet!

  • that is disgusting

  • Jesus Christ. I nearly heaved at the sight of that choudoufu on his finger.

    • Johny-5

      that’s nothing.. i remember one time i went to take a piss in a restroom in shanghai. the smell was absolutely rancid. some dude was taking a shit on a squatter without even fully closing the door. not only did the guy not flush the toilet afterwards, but he also didn’t even wipe his ass at all!! how do i know that he didn’t wipe his ass? cause there was no waste basket and he didn’t flush the toilet, leaving a monstrous pile of steaming crap in his wake.

      • barry

        what a wonderful picture it would have made

      • Rick in China

        I find it amusing that you took the time to effectively inspect what you described as a rancid shit after the guy left to make your assessments.

        • Johny-5

          slow down, chief.. don’t let your fantasies get the better of you :-D i simply walked past the open stall on my way out

  • 你的体温怎样?


    五毛党 forever

  • The problem of no toilet paper, or the problem of no good way to wash your hands afterwards? sanitation is where it is at, and the police state which is conceder with stopping the spread of epidemics still does have well enforced policy on sanitation issues such as cleaning hands after using a washroom.

    Is it class or is it a consumerism guiding ideology that in Canada there are hand sanitizer stations everywhere, ESPECIALLY at the universities.

    Policing as governance works everywhere and especially through propaganda and public relations. Anyone in Vancouver should check out some of the provincial gov propaganda with the ads in skytrain stations

    @Ke Da Fu its
    whats your body temperature?
    you hands must be clean!
    get the dirt off
    b4 dinner
    after the wc

    wash your hands!
    wash your hands with me

    50 cents forever!!!!

  • arriman

    It was a sad day when they withdrew the one Fen note.

  • Name (required)

    This is a really old post. Saw this a few years ago.

  • Hongjian

    I wonder what Han Han would say to this…


    • I wonder what Hongjian would say to this…

      Oh, wait no I don’t.

  • I should also say, that I was once in the 2nd best (apparently) hospital in the city when I had to poop water again (haven’t we all!). I got to the WC which stunk to high heaven, and what do I see? A long trough, and everybody squatting over it. I saw the biggest human turds in there that I’d ever seen. And obviously, no toilet paper. Luckily I had a receipt from a KEDI in my pocket. This was 2 years ago in a city in Jiangsu province that is now building a subway system. A city with a subway system mind you, but a hospital with no fucking toilet paper. Priorities!

    • Wurlymonster

      I’ve had similar experiences in that Jiangsu city beginning with an “S” and let’s just say their modern hospitals are facades…. no toilet paper, no soap, blood syringes on the floor…. yummo.

  • Hongjian

    Foreign Friends (Laowei Faggots) should know already that Paper and Tissues are generally very very damn precious in China. Ever noticed that in restaurants they demand seperate payment for their tissues?

    You dont have to carry your 250$ Jack Wolfskin high durability long-range scout trekking back-pack with integrated camel-pack drinking system with you, for just sitting in a stupid-ass laowei bar in the typical laowei-street, but you definitely have to take at least one small package of tissues with you at any time.

    *Just a protip for the most of you frustrated english teachers out here, shitting water and forced to clean your butt with your index fingers.

    • fozzy

      it’s laowai, dipshit.

      at least get the pinyin of your racial slur of choice right

    • Xav

      Right on man, especially for the English teachers part!

    • filliamhmuffin

      How can you people live in China and NOT know to bring your own TP? Maybe it’s different when you’re a girl.

    • Johny-5

      personally, i don’t see the point to going half way. if you’re not gonna have proper toilets/tissue/soap, why waste the time/money on walls/doors? just dig a few holes in the ground and keep a few bushes or trees with leaves around.

      • fireworks

        That’s right, why all the trouble, must be these guys haven’t been camping before.

    • Johny-5

      actually that reminds me of a documentary i was watching a few nights ago. “where did the neanderthals go?” i was thinking, they didn’t go anywhere.. they’re all in china right now :-D

      • May

        LOL :-) I agree

    • dirtywhiteboy

      why are you talking to foreigners about this? this story was posted on a chinese forum about a chinese person wiping his ass with his hands. i’m sorry you are jaded over having your ex girlfriend sleep with a foreigner and then never finding you sexually appealing ever again. it must hurt pretty badly. but clearly you need to reflect inward, so when you are an old chinese man that society has forgotten about, you wont be the next hot topic on the chinese internet forums about wiping your ass with your hand.

      • shanghai girl

        lol! well said.

    • Giving a protip? Then that means you’re a pro. A pro at shitting. But nobody needs that pointed out, it’s obvious from the rest of what you wrote.

    • LOL, I never understood the whole backpack thing either. That’s some white people shit there.

      • Cleaner and more convenient than dragging luggage behind you–over curbs, beggars, and puddles of sewage-water seeping up on the sidewalk after it’s been torn up and put back together for the umpteenth time. :-)

  • Lin

    And that is why i carry a pack of Tempo with me always

  • 练练英语

    Haha,another set of fake “candid” photos.

  • anne

    What the poster saw tells me there was no running water or separate cubicals in these “toliets” I suppose he was doing his business in those holes in the ground. Why he had to watch the guy wipe his butt is beyond me.
    I think they don’t put toilet paper in a lot of the toilets coz people tend to steal them. This is why it’s common for Chinese (women at least)people to equip themselves with tissues before going to a public toilet.

  • chioubaccalovin

    recently a japanese man found himself in a similar situation, twittered about it… and somebody came to his rescue.

    I guess we’re stuck with using cigarette foil in china

  • I hope he wasn’t a chef going back to work!

    • Sunwell

      Years ago I was tought this is what is going on in India culture and never go for curry restaurant when I studied in UK……

  • Samort7

    Back when I was in Beijing, when I knew I was going out for a while I would always throw a roll of TP in my bag. Saved me (and my less thoughful friends) on many occasions!

  • hehehe

    this is ooooold.. a friend told me this like 10 years ago dude

    • Yeah, I’ve heard it’s an old special forces trick if you’re low on TP. Just use one square instead of a bunch.

      • johnny

        Not just special forces – I was shown this method in boot camp as a recruit. When you only get 2 pieces of toilet paper in your ration pack to last the day, you gotta do someething to make it last (or carry a bogroll in your pack).

    • You’re right. I saw this post on an English-language China blog a few years ago (but I can’t remember which site it was).

  • FYIADragoon

    You don’t use the restroom if there isn’t any.


  • Shanghairocks

    Chinese are really HiTech.. All because of Expo!!

  • SinoCan

    I would not be surprised if it is a public bathroom to see that there isn’t any TP in there…

    But in Beijing, at least, most shopping malls have TP and soap in the bathrooms now. So imagine my surprise when going to the can at the Zhongguancun Carrefour with the runs (from some unsanitary food, I reckon), and there’s no TP to be seen! Ran around the mall, and there’s no place to buy it, neither! Except, of course, carrefour with long lines…..

    Anyway, thank goodness for Starbucks, the only place civilized enough to have some napkins out in the open……..

  • fireworks

    Some countries where people do not use paper to wipe their backside use a tap and hose. Be careful if you see the wall turning brown.

  • Murad

    Old joke is old. I first heard this in Thailand in ’96

  • jubb

    this is what is taught when u are in army… nothing new…

  • One word: innovative.

  • martin

    socks.. use your socks!!

    • RSX

      So true, use ur socks or …. money bills to wipe ur ass off D:

      • Wurlymonster

        How does the plan unfold from there?

        • take of 1 sock, wipe your ass.. if it still have popo, use the other one. if you cant live without socks then go and get some cheap 10 kuai socks.

          nice and clean.. no popo under your nails.

  • Shanhairen

    I think there’s always the risk that some migrant worker will go into the stalls and steal the entire roll of toilet paper to bring home to his family. That’s why places are reluctant to provide it.

    And a lot of men in western China don’t use any toilet paper. They are probably puzzled at this post, too. They’re thinking ‘why would he do anything other than zip up and crush out his cigarette after shitting?’

  • Mr. Wang

    praise to the great and glorius china government. only the chinese man can think to use a the condom wipe ass. you the disgusting white man can go to hell, you are the a more disgusting!

  • Someone asked me who is the ‘them’
    I answered the propagandists, and the ‘peace time propagandists’ public relations agents.
    Clautair Rappai, a marketing adviser, is one of the them. He conducts group studies to determine code words of products. Key’s to advertising their success.
    The American ‘code’ for toilet paper? Freedom. Finally the long time coming answer to why americans think that China has no freedom? the lack of toilet paper!!!!
    I had to pay a 无毛 fee on google books to learn about this ;)

    • Mr. Wang

      What you said makes no sense, you probably meant 五毛 not 无毛。

      • bai ren

        you got me, typo. will endevor to imporve

      • It happens to the best of us,

        more than a few times I have done that,

        yo ’ 百 ‘人

        how was the train ride home?

        五毛 “当”然 我爱你 个么R!

        五毛 damn!!!

  • mistyken

    this is downright disgusting……
    i was expecting some ingenious way to get out of that sticky situation, didn’t expect he resolve to use the finger……

  • shanghai girl

    “Use your socks! If you don’t have socks, then use your shoe pad/insoles!”

    WTF! Even if this wasn’t just crazy enough already, I want to know who the hell- while squatting, with pants around ankles, and nothing to grab onto- can get to their shoe insoles or socks for a better ass wiping!
    ROTFL. The mental image is lovely…

  • owsleybeck

    Dear hongjian,
    it’s not that paper is precious in China it’s because your country is too fucking cheap to install plumbing that can handle a wad of paper. it can handle only soft watery stool caused by your shitty food made with recycled oil that you poor douche bags use to cook with. I make so much money here when I run out of TP I use a 100RMB note and give your glorious leader chocolate milk stash! garrr!

  • bucks boy

    a 1 yuan coin works a treat..

    you can even use it afterwards to buy a bottle of water.

    kids can opt for the smaller 0.5 yuan coin.. maybe they can buy a candy with it when they’re done

  • marvin nubwaxer

    old old joke as far as i know

  • cc

    I still can’t understand why China doesn’t have the bum sprinklers installed in the toilets the same as most other Asian & Middle East countries, far cleaner and much more hygenic

  • Gaz

    This is actually how they teach you to do it in the army when you are in the field. No joke.

  • JackElliot


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