Rich vs Poor: How Parents Wealth Helps Or Hurts Children

From QQ:

Poor Second Generation And Rich Second Generation [or Poor Kids And Rich Kids]


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相凝. .:

Deeply resonates with me.


This society is very fair. The rich first generation [parents] did not come out of the mountains and become people with money. Every rich person thinks of their next generation, this is normal. I too am a poor person, but I am willing to go create opportunities, because to become a rich person requires thinking of a plan… Don’t have this attitude towards society. As long as the first generation’s money came cleanly, it should be fine.


True satire…100% accurate representation of China’s situation.


I extremely like your comic strip…hehehe…creative…


Truly there are some bored people hyping up the poor second generation. The so called “poor second generation” are only those who must bear their own family’s historical responsibility, so why whine everyday about some “poor second generation” and “rich second generation”? If you do not even have the courage to carry this little bit of responsibility, I think there will soon be a “poor third generation” appearing.


What do other people’s parents working hard to earn money to give their descendants a good life have anything to do with you guys? When you guys have money/become rich, will you be willing to give all your money to others to spend?


Pig head [idiot], what everyone is cursing is that the opportunity to become rich is not fair, not just hating rich people themselves!!!


Those who cannot be descendants of aristocrats should strive to be the ancestors of aristocrats. If unlucky, then there really is nothing to complain about. Rich people have complex/complicated worries while poor people also have simple pleasures/happiness.

Ai /xin L:

No what what kind of outcome, everything must depend on your own efforts.
If you feel the world is too unfair, then pick up a gun.


When will Chinese people’s grudge against rich people change?


The most primitive law of reality. Actually, life cannot be understood by poor or rich. Seeking the value of life cannot always be spoken in poor-rich terms.  If you use other people’s wealth to explain your own poverty, and have a grudge against rich people, then you are not only materially poor, your mentality and your thinking is even more poor. Yes, this society does have too much corruption, unfairness, but what is considered fair? Letting you be the rich second generation and others be the poor second generation would be fair? Stop blaming and criticizing. That kind of talk is that kind of immature and bland, and time wasted on complaining would be better spent diligently changing yourself. Ask yourself “Have I been diligent? Have I been aggressive/ambitious?”


Don’t think about other people…he may not have worked hard but his parents worked hard, and you too can let your children live even better.

What do you think about the above drawing? Do you think this is true in China? In other countries? Is it unfair? Can it be fair?


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