Wa State: Shanzhai Version Of China Discovered in Myanmar

Below is a television news broadcast from the Wa State – a de facto independent state in the country of Myanmar – that in every respect resembles a low-budget version of Xinwen Lianbo, CCTV’s well-known evening news broadcast. From the announcer’s use of Mandarin Chinese to reports of party leaders at meetings, every aspect of the Wa State has a certain Chinese ring to it.

Despite this, the United Wa State Army was also implicated in last year’s killing of Chinese sailors in the Golden Triangle, though the Wa State has denied the claim.

From Tiexue:

Shanzhai Version of China Exposed on the Sino-Burmese Border”

The Wa Special Region 2 of Myanmar (the Wa State) is an important part of The Union of Myanmar. The Wa State is made up of southern and northern regions. The total area equals 17,000 square kilometers. The total population is 400,000 people. The southern region borders Thailand with a total area of 13,000 square kilometers, a total population of 200,000. The Wa State leaders mostly belong to the Wa minority.

The Wa State has a distinguishing feature, which some media outlets have already reported, its political, economic and cultural elements are nearly a part of China’s. The Wa State have a Central Committee, so in reality they see themselves as a country, their relationship with the Myanmar central government or the Myanmar military is that of a peaceful coexistence and they recognize the central government’s rule over all of Myanmar. But the Wa State is highly autonomous, they have their own military and party. Their party, the United Wa State Party has the slogan of “Unity under the leadership of the Central Party under secretary comrade Bao Youxiang”. You are probably laughing at this kind of slogan. Everything from the currency they use to their cell phones, whether it is China Mobile’s network or China’s postal codes there isn’t a place without Chinese commodities. As for the television stations they watch, it includes Phoenix TV, so as you can see, all this is almost a direct extension of China.

Comments on Tiexue:


The best option would be directly mark it as part of China; even if we have to give them yearly economic support.


The 20 years of peace in the Wa State is due to the game they have been playing with the Myanmar government. The Myanmar government deep down wants to get rid of them but cannot due to the Wa State’s military strength and not to mention China’s backing. The Wa State is a card in China’s hand; I believe the 3 sides are clear about that.


The country Myanmar can be basically considered a modern tribute state to China, any domestic powers are basically controlled by China, and I predict annexing them would not be hard. If all the small countries around China are like them the Americans can only play in their own backyard!


This news center’s scale is equal to a county level TV station in China…


We are all the same people, all are Chinese. We should support overseas Chinese to continue developing abroad, so that all around us will be satellite states.

Chairman Bao Youxiang, leader of the Wa State.
Chairman Bao Youxiang, leader of the Wa State.

Comments on Youku:


This is about the same level as our county level [broadcasts]…


Come back, China welcomes you. When you are in China, the Myanmar government troops wouldn’t dare to make a noise. If you come to China, then you will be a special administrative region.


Isn’t this Sister Feng? When did she run over there to become a TV host?


Fuck, even Lenovo is a sponsor?


The Wa State is a special region in Myanmar, in the past it was the base for the Burmese Communists. They once wore Chairman Mao’s buttons/badge, so it is not strange, but as for what the Burmese Communists did, I don’t need to mention.

[The Communist Party of Burma was notorious for carrying out a reign of terror modeled on Mao’s Cultural Revolution during the late-1960’s]

Below is a music video dedicated to the United Wa State Party, Chairman Bao, and his apparently successful anti-drug policies:


Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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