Taiwan Female Soldiers Indecent Photos Reach Mainland


From Tiexue:

December 15, the indecent self-photos of the Taiwan military is once again circulating on the internet, but this time the main characters are the female soldiers.  While receiving training at the logistics school in 2008 March, female Sergent Chen, attached to the Joint Logistics Section 5 Regional Support Command Transport Battalion, under the encouragement of her fellow soldiers, lifted up her uniform to reveal her pink bra “to take photos for posterity”.

Summarizing Taiwan media reports, this photo of a female soldier lifting up her camouflage shirt to reveal her pink bra appeared on the personal blog of a female officer recording her military life. Her outrageous behavior attracted a strong netizen response, with this also being the first example of outrageous photos coming out of the barracks since women have entered the military.









Comments from NetEase:


One look and you can tell they are post-90s generation.


Even with such a face, you still put this on the internet? Makes me want to throw up. With this sister, one look and I can tell she is post-90s generation. Sigh, one word to describe her would be: cheap/lowly! You tell me, if you don’t have the [beauty], don’t take self-photos, don’t be like Furong Jie Jie and tarnish the eyes of us netizen masses! You don’t think you scare people?


If nothing else, this is better than our [mainland] female students beating people!!!


This kind of stuff happening in Taiwan gets exposed and criticized. This kind of stuff happening in mainland China is completely normal.


It is one thing if you’re ugly~~~but still doing that when you have breasts that small~~~

From Tiexue:


Keep going! It would be best if we had a full nude photo, and then post all of Taiwan’s secrets, haha!


So bad, not even a bit of discipline.


Is this female soldier really lonely?


Could it be that a binglang girl has also entered the barracks/military?


This is called a military? This is different from what their politicians say, about some fine tradition, iron discipline, etc., all lies. Our military wouldn’t have this kind of soldier~~Their kind of military, even without a war they could defeat themselves.

During war, they will definitely say, “Big brother, I’ll show you my biggest secrets, just don’t kill me, okay?”~~~~ Answer is: “M 骚锐 [M sao rei, (guess what this means)], I already saw them on Tiexue.”


Unorganized and undisciplined.

Misbehaving female soldiers wearing small pink bras. chinaSMACK personals.


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