Taller, Longer iPhone 5 Photoshops Spread on Chinese Internet

iPhone 10: The tallest iPhone yet photoshop.

Apple’s new iPhone 5 was announced this week which attracted plenty of attention from Chinese netizens for whom Apple products are quite popular. On China’s popular microblogging service Sina Weibo, #iPhone5来了# (#iPhone5 is Here#) is currently still the #1 trending hashtag topic, with over 19 million mentions over the past week and millions of microblog mentions each day.

Despite featuring a larger screen and being both thinner and lighter than the previous iPhone 4S, the new iPhone’s features and improvements failed to convince most respondents in a Sina Weibo poll to consider buying it:

Sina Weibo poll: Will you buy the iPhone5?

Poll Question: Will you buy the iPhone5?

Red Side: Definitely Going to Buy = 7586
Blue Side: Not Considering Buying = 38439

While there is little doubt that Apple’s new iPhone 5 will still be coveted by many Chinese consumers and thus sell very well in China when it is released, Chinese netizens (like many other people around the world) could not help but notice that the new iPhone 5 with its taller/wider screen is basically just a longer iPhone. So what will future generations of iPhones be like?

Here are a collection of the better future iPhone photoshops that have circulated on the Chinese-language internet in response to the new iPhone 5…

Apple iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8 with Tim Cook.

Apple iPhone 11, the deformed iPhone.

iPhone N: The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone.

iLee jeans, for iPhone.

iPhone 4, 5, 10 by Durex.

An iPhone 30 being used as a baseball bat.

Apple iPhone 50 nunchucks.

iPhone 30S like nunchucks in Bruce Lee's hands.

Apple iPhone 20 as a light saber in Obi-wan Kenobi's hands: Lighter, longer, more durable.

iPhone 5 photoshop as a sword.

iPhone with the Monkey King.

iPhone 5 photoshop: iPhone 50 The Lost Bladesman.

Even state news agency Xinhua joined in on the fun…

Xinhua Apple iPhone photoshops, featuring iPhone 5, iPhone 6 Thor, iPhone 7 Bruce Lee, iPhone 8 Hawkeye.

Xinhua Apple iPhone photoshops, featuring iPhone 9 War Machine, iPhone 10 Loki

Xinhua Apple iPhone photoshops, featuring iPhone 11 Men in Black, iphone 12 Spiderman, iPhone13 Captain America.

Xinhua Apple iPhone photoshops, featuring iPhone 14 Catwoman on Batcycle, and iPhone 100 Battleship.

Xinhua Apple iPhone photoshops, featuring iPhone 200 aircraft carrier, iPhone 500 skyscraper, iPhone 1000 Saturn.

iPhone 101 photoshop of Taipei 101 skyscraper.

iPhone 101 photoshop of the Taipei 101 skyscraper.

And on the other end of the spectrum…

iPhone ZERO photoshop.

One more, although it is not a Photoshop…

Two white iPhone 4s show the possible future of the iPhone product after the unveiling of the longer iPhone 5.

What do you think? Is the new Apple iPhone 5 worth upgrading to? Worth getting?

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  • BigJ


    • Getrealson

      The Samsung sofa is actually more comfortable but Apple got a court order to stop people sitting on them.

      • BigJ

        :) Yeah samsung is where it’s at. Chinese have to hurry and buy the iphone 5… they are loosing face as we speak. :)

        • vince

          some areas where the iphone did not improve
          1) you still have so ‘slide to unlock’ in the same place on every iphone, while the S3 allows you to unlock by sliding anywhere on the screen.
          2) holding 2 S3’s allows you to transfer files from one phone to another convenient feature, the iphone has no similar feature.
          3) The new Nokia Lumia features wireless charging, what the hell is apple upto? Guess all that so called ‘innovation’ died with Jobs.

          • Irvin

            somethings the iphone got over the rest
            1)infinity blade 2
            2)The world ends with you
            3)Soul Calibur
            4)Real Racing 2
            5)Countless other apps and games that are only available for the iphone.

            While I wouldn’t be buying the iphone5 and be keeping my 4s, I’ll take an iphone for it’s consistent software performance over nokia or samsung any day.

          • Chad

            Irvin: New flagship Android phones have already matched the iPhone’s performance and far exceeded it in features. You’re right in that the iPhone still has some games/apps that Android doesn’t but the gap is closing very, very fast. I’ve yet to find an iOS app that I’ve missed on my Android. WP8 is a different story, lacking many key apps.

          • Robert

            but really, who wants Android? It’s a good OS for sure but the app store is really unreliable and full of bad apps. If google started to vet their apps for safety/security then I think I would consider but look at recent news about apps that have been installed and sent messages or hiked up charges. Google promptly removed them from the app store, but they shouldn’t have been there in the first place, am I wrong?

          • vince

            @Irvin Why are we talking about apps anyway? It’s only software and can be developed for the android platform anyway, I’ve mentioned hardware improvements that the current generation of android phones have over the iphone.
            @Robert very valid points, I do hope that they institute some sort of screening process like they do with the apple app store that would definitely improve the quality of the apps available in the android store.

          • donscarletti

            Innovation is not about implementing all of Google’s features. It is about coming up with something better.

            1) Recent versions of iOS have separate mail icons for each SMS in the lock screen that can be individually slid to view/reply. Anyway, iPhone’s single bar slide to unlock is a design feature to prevent accidental unlocking.

            2) That is cool, Apple should copy/steal that feature pronto.

            3) iPhone can be charged through a data cable (as can many other phones), the idea of a charging cradle, wireless or not is pretty last decade.

          • vince

            1) accidental unlocking? Don’t all smartphones go into a sort of sleep mode when u press the power button once, I would think that was enough to prevent the accidental unlocking. Keeping the screen turned on would be the only way that accidental unlocking would happen and that would be a drain on the battery.
            2) yep you got that right.
            3) Eh well lets see whether they can get that tech to work upto a few feet away then it would be really viable but it is kinda cool though, and it isn’t actually a cradle, it’s a pillow or something http://mashable.com/2012/09/05/nokia-wireless-charging/

          • Irvin

            No matter how advance the hardware of a phone is, it’s just a brick without softwares. Apps matters, I bought the iphone based solely on the apps that’re available for it.

            “Can be developed” doesn’t mean “will be developed”, if you ever bought game consoles this will be familiar to you. Just because they make an andriod phone capable of running infinity blade doesn’t mean the developers will ever develop for it.

          • vince

            you bought an iphone to play games? whaaa? why don’t you just buy a damn console then, they’re cheaper and have better hardware, its called an i-phone for a reason, do you even use it to make calls? The only reason they didn’t develop infinity blade for android is due to piracy concerns, you’re acting like that is something set in stone, in case you aren’t aware a lot of game developers are noticing that the newer android phones are definitely more powerful than the iphone, enjoy the limited customizability of the iphone.

          • anon

            Is this going to be an Apple fanboy vs. Android fanboy thread? Better skip to the next post…

          • vince

            naw man if the iphone was worth it especially the current iphone I would have bought it in a heartbeat, I don’t care for all that fanboy bullshit but the phone has to stand out especially after all the frigging hype.

          • Irvin

            Enjoy all the virus, the hassle and the wait. And filling your pockets with bulky consoles while I got everything in one pocket.

          • vince

            @Irvin hmmm…I don’t get ur allusion to why it would be a hassle to have a console and I do remember a time when apple said that the Mac was invulnerable to viruses and malware, or perhaps you don’t read much? http://www.google.com.hk/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CCIQFjAA&url=http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/apple/9355995/Apple-drops-virus-immunity-claim-for-Macs.html&ei=BctVUNPpHqqXiQf0zICoDQ&usg=AFQjCNF_8pqJDDPQYDAgFZHDtGGcmiYL-w

  • Brett Hunan

    When you have to resort to marketing your new charging cord, you know your product is dog shit.

    • Cooljackal

      Yeah, but to a lot of people that dog shit is sweeet.

      • Dat Ankle

        So sweet itll give ya diabetes.

      • Cooljackal

        And cavities

    • vince

      A US$29 piece of dog shit to be exact :|

      • vince

        whoops I meant the cord, for apple proprietary = profits

      • Efe the foreigner

        come on now, its a global effort piece of dog shit. its just the americans profiting from it…..

        • B-real

          cable made in China, allot of people will be profiting from it.

    • Ryo

      You gotta admit it is a nice feature that you don’t have to worry about which side is “up.”

      With the micro USB or mini USB, I’ve actually manage to jam the connector in backwards only to find I’ve ruin the socket on the device. This can happen on worn sockets that has been “stretched” a little.

  • Dr Dust Cell

    Yup, but for my dad.

    I’ll be replacing my Samsung Galaxy Y with a Windows Phone 8.

    • Getrealson

      Is that a good “phone”? iPhone was fun when it came out but as a phone, whenever I called my friends that had them the signal was crap from their end. In Australia I go for the cheap Nokia for a phone and have ipod/ipad for playing around.

      • Dr Dust Cell

        Well it works as one. I never had a problem with my friends’ iphones having poor reception, at least in HZ.

  • x1sfg

    agreed with Brett, but that’s not going to convince the thousands of sheeple that drink the Apple Kool-aid in the US

    • Middle Kingdum

      Ahhh, but it is the Chinese consumer that drinks the iPhone baijiu.

      • Dr Dust Cell

        Both do, but the american sheeples moreso.

        • the ace of books

          Wait, hang on …

          “sheep” is the plural of “sheep”

          “people” is the plural of “person”

          so “sheeples” is like a double grammar foul there

          (I hate the word “sheeple” anyway, because people aren’t, and because it’s a damned arrogant view to take of humanity. Reminds me of this XKCD: http://xkcd.com/610/ )

          • Jahar

            You is one of them “don’t call me a sheeples” sheeples, didn’t they?

          • Dr Dust Cell

            in this case, sheep + apple = sheeple

          • the ace of books

            Jahar – now ya just trollin, son :D

            Dr Dust Cell – oho, I see. So “apple”‘s plural takes precedence since it’s second in the portmanteau?

  • The Enlightened One

    Actually, I design apps for the iOS and other smartphones… this is just a pain in the ass for design.

    Apple seems to have lost their creativity when they lost Steve Jobs.

    • bigJ

      When you have over 1/2 a trillon dollars you don’t need to be creative. It’s like a chick with big tits….a brain is just optional.

  • Here is my list of things to do to be lame and pretentious next weekend- First stop to the apple store to get the new iphone5 that really does nothing special for me in improving my life. Second I gotta get some lame poor sound quality headphones called beats by dre so I can really accessorize and look cool. After all that I will then head into starbucks and get poor quality coffee so I can seat there with nothing to do and no plans but I will be stylish with my new phone and headphone. Maybe I should add some ugg boots to that list and yoga pants oh but wait, nevermind i’m not a woman so skip the last two parts but I probably should get a tan and slick back mohawk so i can really look the douchebag role or should i go for the hipster look. Well i guess i have alot to plan on from here till next weekend. These are the decisions. 16 Replies

    • iphone5.. *meh*

      That was absolutely genius and totally hillarious… *Thumbs Up*

    • Jeff

      don’t you forget your New York Yankees baseball cap – every wannabe Chinese has one.

    • Mongojian

      Oh man, spot on. I happen to see those losers EVERY day. Unfortunately, I am having lunch in a restaurant next to a Starbucks pretty often.
      So I think I can even determine the small differences of those consumer lemmings.

      1. You have this wannabe Gangster
      He usually wears beggy pants, some fancy sneakers from Nike/Adidas/Puma, often in colours like neon pink/yellow/green. His american football shirt states the name of a team I have neverheard off and is probably 25 sizes too big. Then comes an ugly face where you wish that Dr.Dre would have made helmets rather than headsets. The dude gets into Starbucks, without ordering a dink, chain-smokes and usually leaves after 20-30 minutes because no chicks coming or he realized that nobody is paying him respect.

      2. The alternative guy
      iPhone and Beats by Dr. Dre stay the same. Depending on temperature he wears a short trousers or a Jeans with holes everywhere. Fitting are his Jesus sandals that show his black feet because he didn’t realize that the Shanghai environment is dusty, the streets dirty. I often think this kind of guy is working at the street cleaning battalion. The alternative guy usually orders a small Cafe Latte, arrives at lunch time and still sits there when I leave office between 5-7pm. Eventhough his poor looking, he is the king of Starbucks, because he got the iPhone 4s PLUS the iPad. If he just had 3 hands to hold coffee and the 2 devices at the same time. Well, better not, multitasking is not a Chinese strength.

      3. The cuty girl
      Ok, cuty girl doesn’t mean pretty or anything. Just what they pretend to be. These girls usually get into Starbucks, order a drink and sit either at the corners or with their backs towards the walls. They are super shy it seems and totally fascinated that they can buy “Hello Kitty” covers for their iPhones that fit their “Hello Kitty” handbags. During the time they spent at Starbucks playing with their devices, I think I noticed these girls are actually working there, writig spam sms which all of us receive daily. Their hands must be bleeding from typing…

      4. The denier
      He is actually the best of all. And there seem to be many of his sort. He is the only one that will put his iPhone into his pocket rather than on the table. He looks like the average Wang and there is nothing special about him. However, when you are lucky and you can get into a conversation with him about Shanghai, he will tell you that it is a too busy city and that people often only care about consumption. He will tell you about how expensive the girls are and how crazy they are about shopping. If you can somehow bring him to the topic iPhone, he will usually tell you that he thinks “it’s just so so” but is not too shy to explain that he got the 64 gb version…

      Weird people

      • BigJ

        :) You got spot on buddy.
        I don’t drink coffee, but a buddy of mine goes there and get a coffee to go sometimes. I went with him once and while he’s ordering his coffee, I was just standing looking around…Oh and I was the only white guy in the place. Everyone was looking at me almost like trying to show me that they had a iphones.”look at me, i’m chinese and I can buy an iphone.” And while I was there I never heard a sound…..it was silence….It was kind of creepy, even people that were there together was just sitting in silence playing on that iphone. It was like the fucking matrix when they are hooked up to the machine. I looked at my buddy and said” man, we got to get the fuck out here” :)

      • Gontraf

        Hahaha ! Your “denier” category is pretty epic :)

        I’ll probably hold on to my 2008 sony ericsson, wouldn’t want to become one of those. I’ll just have to put up with my Chinese colleagues who urge me to buy a new phone every chance they get.

  • Efe the foreigner


  • Capt. WED

    Allah Ickphone Muhammad Jihad.


    • Capt. WED

      Capt. WED is converting to ISLAM you fucks!



      • Getrealson

        Just before you do, consider this…….


        • Capt. WED

          Why are you a fag? What is this stupidgibberishDOTDOTDOT link you gave me? What the fuck???

          Jihad on your assssssssssssssss

          • Getrealson

            No, but you may be! converting to islam.

            The great firewall has blocked my attempt to show you a bi-sexual mohammed! but good luck with that captain!

          • Efe the foreigner

            bisexual mohammed? middle east revolt and kill all the white people! quickly, before the whites get fed up and nuke your land into humanless sand piles

    • Sale
  • The real power up in the iPhone 5 is not the new phone, it is the new operating system iOS 6. It can recognize Chinese! My wife has been using it throughout the beta phase and it works incredibly well. Especially the Chinese market is going to grow like crazy once people figure out how much time they can save with the Chinese speaking Siri. Instead of typing a message for 45 seconds, you can just say it in 10! :)

    • Irvin

      ios6 will be available for iphone4s as well, you don’t need an iphone5 for chinese siri hence the reluctance on buying one as reflected by the polls.

    • Childintime

      Online or Offline? Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has been supporting English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Thai, Korean (and many more), OFFLINE language input for a couple of months now. Get yourself a galaxy nexus at a third of the price of an iPhone 5 and you will be able to use Chinese language voice input without the need for a data connection. You’ll also have the most up-to-date android phone in the world.

  • bigwin80

    China fails at being funny when they try and succeed when they don’t. Fail country.

    • markx

      C’mon Biggie … they are pretty funny and well done… gotta raise a smile in even the most rabid china critic … (maybe starting to worry you some? …. this evidence that Chinese are just like everyone else…?)

  • Duke

    This article is not true. In China the only thing that matters about the new Iphone is how much “face” the people that buy it will get. The more expensive it is the more “face” it provides. Don’t believe me? Just go to Hong Kong and watch the “mainlanders” line up around the block to buy ridiculously over priced “luxury” crap in a never ending quest for more “face”. Last time I was there, I saw a lady buy a purse for well over 200,000HKD. That’s right, for a purse! lmfao!

    • markus

      I know someone who doesnt even know how to use the iphone yet upgraded to the iphone 4s so that when they are with buissness people they can see the iphone rather than the old nokia..

      Mainlanders follow each other like sheep in a face searching quest.

      i know a about a mainlander (this wasnt for face but i wana tell the story) he went to HK and rather than buying one appartment in the building he paid for half the whole building to rent out to people!

      I find it annoying that if im not from China most houses in China im not even allowed to buy yet when i find one i am allowed to buy i can only buy one. YET a Chiense person with money can buy 100s of houses in California, USA or pretty much anywhere…

      Even being married to a Chiense girl doesnt help if i buy a house with my money i have to put it in her name. if we break up its her house. Also houses in China go back to the governemnt after about 60 years and you have to buy it again WTF…

      • Zhuangzi

        No, only the land, which is leased for 70 years, belongs to the government. The house and other personal property belong to the homeowner.

        • Jahar

          I wonder what happens if you buy a house that is a few years old. do you lose the first few years?

          • Hongkonger

            The 70 years is counted from when it was sold to the real estate developer by the government. You are definitely no getting 70 year lease discounting the construction time and probably a few years when it was reserved by the developer in its land bank.

        • markx


          Greta, thanks for re-assurance … at least people know they can take their house and belongings with them when they are kicked off the land.

      • Daniel


        You don’t have a clue and obviously don’t live in China – foreigners can certainly buy their own property and have it in their own name.

        • Alkirk


        • Alkirk

          Markus is right.
          China never be a immigratin country.
          No future for foreigners in china.
          Come, earn money, play well and go back.
          Marry to chinese is not good choice.
          Learn from other experience.
          Don’t listen, reality is different even young chinese also don’t know

          • Efe the foreigner

            “Marry to chinese is not good choice.”

            its an ok choice in every country but china, someone is jealous of all the local girls wetting their panties for some laowai love….

        • markus

          Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 12:09 pm


          You don’t have a clue and obviously don’t live in China – foreigners can certainly buy their own property and have it in their own name.”

          Daniel I have no idea about you’re situation but have you even tried to buy a house in China? If you have how can you say i obviously don’t live in China?…

          Maybe you have only tried to buy a house in Shanghai where it may be easier however i have tried to buy a house in China more than once which is why i know a few things about it (not all) but enough to know that I cannot buy any house I want that a Chinese person can.

          I saw a place a few weeks ago and after looking at the house they said i cannot buy the house in my name i need to buy it and put it in a Chinese persons name… a lot of communities in a lot of cities aren’t allowed to sell to a foreigner however a foreigner can get living permission to stay their but they cannot own it.

          (i admit i got the 60 years thing wrong my bad its not 60 years its in fact 70… but i was talking more about the fact that its not mine forever rather than the time limit or items in the house…)

          I understand why a foreigner cannot buy more that one house as China’s population needs to go somewhere. However that ‘one’ house isn’t even any house… in smaller cities a foreigner cannot buy any of the houses…

          • wacky

            well i have a russian friend and some overseas chinese (foreign national) friend who really buy apartment in china (i am not so sure if they had relatives there but they are not married to a chinese for sure), i dont know about your case but from my experience some people do buy house, one of my friend used to rent a nice apartment in guangzhou and the first thing the landlord said was “no buying”.

          • Rob

            I personally own 2 apartments and a villa in China. So it sounds like you have no idea what the hell you’re talking about.

          • Dr SUN

            @ Rob

            Wow your in for a serious financial spanking soon.

            My condolences to you.

            You wont get a Fen back on the yuan soon.

          • linette

            Wow..hahaha… I love these Iphone. :) I love iphone 20, it’s a iphone and a light saber… lol It glows.

          • Rob

            @ Dr SUN

            How so? I don’t owe mortgages on any of it. Owned outright, in my own name. Bought before the newer restrictions went into place… so they were fairly cheap. Hell, they could drop by 60% and I’d still be in the black here.

      • Stu

        “i know a about a mainlander (this wasnt for face but i wana tell the story) he went to HK and rather than buying one appartment in the building he paid for half the whole building to rent out to people!”

        Um… this isn’t a story about wacky Chinese antics. This is a guy having a lot of money, investing it, and probably making a lot more money.

        • markus

          First off ROB im guessing you paid for those houses before the law changed.

          wacky your friends either brought them before the law changed or they just rent and don’t own the place

          Stu yeh thanks for pointing out the bleeding obvious. The story was just to show that rich mainlanders can buy buy buy yet it doesn’t work the other way around. A foreigner cannot buy buy buy. I know that this story pissed off a few in HK who were unhappy about him buying so many…

          Anyway my point is I agree due to the population in China foreigners’ should only be allowed to buy one home that makes sense to me, but a rich Chinese guy can by 100s even in HK where houses are very limited. I know people who own houses they don’t even use, its a waste… (They are not buying them to resell)

          in the UK and USA it doesn’t matter where you are from if you have the money you can buy buy buy, however if China with its huge population puts rules on foreigners why not also have a limit of lets say 3 houses for one Chinese person..?

  • Jeff

    it’s about time Chinasmack came out with a useful article

  • Gay Azn Boi

    iPod, iMac, iPad, iPhone……..


  • XiaoHei

    Apple is coming out with a cutting-edge product soon that will blow everyone’s mind, well literally! It’s called ‘iFail’!

    How we continue to miss Steve J.

  • ChineseFighter

    i just want to say you don’t grow a new kidney every year

  • I remember when I was a kid and Lee jeans were actually cool.

  • moop

    really unfunny. why are lee jeans popular here? you can buy them at walmart in the US cant you? or maybe JC penny (are they even a company anymore?)

  • MrT

    I is waiting for the new Oppo Find5 X909 to land.
    Ipoop can kiss my bottom.

  • diverdude

    well, I want one !! I want it mainly just for Siri !! I am gonna pretend I am Dating her ! Well, even more than Dating,, I’m gonna pretend she is my gf,,, gf Lover too ! and yeah, I do mean Sexual Lover !! I am gonna like call her and start all chat stuff then notch it up and tell her how I ‘d like to get in her panties and stuff,,,, smartest thing Apple ever did is give guys like me a cyber-gf to get off on !!
    Siri I Luv U ! I know u r Real and I know u r there secretly just for Me !!
    ‘siri, where is the nearest orgasm?,, dd, just turn right and come closer five steps to my hot cyber naughtiness…

    • Lyric


  • Dr SUN

    Is this a mobile phone from 30 years years ago, it’s massive !!!

  • tai wai
  • Duke

    You want funny, try this:

    Chinese guy with a boner walks into a wall and breaks his nose.


  • Joe

    It’s not just a taller iPhone, you stupid fools. The specs are far different than iPhone 4s and even has a new OS. A6 proc anyone?

    • tai wai

      Fanboy is immune to humor.

    • vince

      OH JOY!!! Shut up and take my money !

  • Cynic

    If your going from a 3S to a 5 it makes sense. If your going from a 4 to a 5 your either to wealthy or an idiot. Not sure why people are making fun of the increased size. The design is probably a reaction to proper market testing and surveys.

  • MrT

    its not market research, its a attempt to take over the computer market by having once device do all. Their dictating what we should use.
    if they made the iphone zero(see above picy) i would in fact buy that.
    Tablets suck, whats the point of them? I really have no idea, i missed the boat on that story.
    I good decent simple small phone and decent good laptop with windows on it is me.

  • kodi

    The release of the iphone 5 sparks memories of borderline rioting at the Sanlitun Apple store where on the release day of iphone 4s last year. They jumped the security guards and even busted a storefront window because it was announced that the iphone 4s was not being released on the scheduled release date. The thing is that they announced it as the morning wore on and as thousands of anxious people stood waiting outside in the cold for hours just so they could be the first to own a new iphone 4s. I guess they may want to try and put out the memo earlier this time, but I doubt it. They don’t learn from mistakes here, they have 5000 years of history and still make the same mistakes.

    It also reminds me of all the scams in China. Im sure they already faked the iphone 5 before it is released because they actually assemble the phones in China.

    If you want to check out some information on scams in china and how to deal with scammers check out this blog: http://cleverchinacheaters.blogspot.com

  • Jose

    I’m just waiting for Apple to release this iPad ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsjU0K8QPhs

  • ali_gee

    hahah…. i cant wait to get one …. iPhone run out of idea,,

  • agis

    wow .. amazing ..

  • hamayon

    too funny

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