Woman’s Finger Cut Off by Sanitation Worker For Littering

Zhou Ting’s hand with her middle finger been cut off.

From NetEase:

Woman’s Finger Chopped off by Sanitation Worker for “Littering” in Hunan Zhuzhou

November 3rd morning, at an intersection between Tiexi Road and Shifu Road in Hunan Zhuzhou, some people in a van tossed a bit of garbage on the ground after eating breakfast. A sanitation worker approached them and asked them to pick it up and they got into a quarrel. Afterward, the sanitation worker pulled open the car door and chopped off the woman in the car Zhou Ting’s middle finger.

November 3rd morning, the incident happened at an intersection between Tiexi Road and Shifu Road in Hunan Zhuzhou when Zhou Ting, her husband, and friends were sitting in the van for delivering goods. Suddenly, someone pulled open the front-passenger seat door attacking Zhou Ting’s husband with a knife. She threw herself to protect her husband’s chest without thinking and as a result, her fingers were cut with a section of her left middle finger cut off and her right arm wouldn’t stop bleeding while her husband’s arm and hip were also cut. This picture [above] is of the 22-year-old Zhuzhou woman Zhou Ting’s hand with her middle finger cut off.

A citizen who saw the whole incident is receiving an interview.

According to eyewitness Ms. Wu, the people in the van tossed a bit of garbage on the street after finishing their breakfast and the sanitation worker approached them and asked them to pick it up. According to another man who was purchasing goods nearby, it seemed both sides were arguing. Before anyone could react, the sanitation worker began attacking with a knife. The picture is of the scene of the incident where a city resident who witnessed the incident is getting an interviewed by the media.

The street is covered by blood.

After the attack, the sanitation worker put the now-deformed kitchen knife behind his back, then picked up his broom and went on sweeping the streets. When 110 arrived, he even climbed onto the rooftop of a 14-storey building nearby, but was persuaded to come down afterwards. This picture is of the scene of the incident, the street splattered with blood.

The police is taking away the sanitation man.

November 3rd, Hunan Zhuzhou, a city resident who witnessed the incident used a mobile phone to record the moment when the sanitation worker was taken away by the police.

Zhou Ting’s middle finger has been cut off.

22-year-old Zhuzhou woman Zhou Ting’s middle finger has been cut off.

Zhou Ting is receiving medical treatment at the hospital.

The 22-year-old Zhuzhou woman at the hospital receiving medical treatment.

Guo Nengfang is cuffed to the couch.

The attacker is named Guo Nengfang, 33 years old, from Yuanjiang who has only been doing this job for 20-some days, and previously made his living “wandering around”. Guo Nengfang’s state of mind is still unsettled. This picture is of over two hours later, at the Zhuzhou Lusong District Jianning Police Station, where the attacking sanitation worker is cuffed to an armchair.

Comments from NetEase:

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黑十字Ke [网易江苏省苏州市网友]:

A lesson learned in blood! If you don’t show understanding for other people’s hard work, they’ll let you have a taste of barbaric violence!

pujing1260 [网易广东省揭阳市网友]: (responding to above)

Littering is admittedly a problem of morality and character.
But “first floor” [the above commenter], you supporting the sanitation worker’s actions like this, isn’t that a little too extreme?
According to [your] logic, those people who cross the street during a red light in the future should also be given a lesson in blood?
According to [your] logic, for the customer who enter a store and is slightly rude and unreasonable in the future, the salesperson should also give him a lesson in blood?
According to [your] logic, if your kid has a conflict with classmate in the future, and your kid is in the right, you’ll also go give your kid’s classmate a lesson in blood?
This matter has nothing to do with the sanitation worker’s hard work. Them littering is admittedly wrong, but it’s not deserving of having their fingers cut off. Moreover, they only broke the rules/regulations, not even the law!

网易福建省厦门市手机网友 ip:211.143.*.*:

The sanitation worker acted in reasonable self-defense.

人民日报人民日 [网易北京市网友]:

The one cut off was the most useful.

我要移民到新闻联播里 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

The sanitation worker cutting off her finger was so wrong, how can you cut off someone’s finger?
With people like this who litter and still refuse to pick their trash up after being reminded, you should cut off her hand.

yinjing08 [网易四川省成都市网友]:

The tossed “a bit” of garbage is the highlight.

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯网友 闪光的开水:

[She] indeed should improve her character and respect other people.

腾讯宁波市网友 小叶:

Sanitation workers have always been the group of people I respect the most in my heart… because they serve the people through hard labor, the wages they receive being very low, their job being the dirtiest and the toughest and are not respected by other people. If one street in a city were to be short one of its sanitation workers, then this street would become overwhelmingly foul, so we can’t live a day without them. They start working in the middle of the night. Especially in the coldest winter when we’re in our warm beds, they’ve already begun to work in the chilling wind. In summer under the scorching sun, they still work. They get minimum wage, why? Because our government didn’t give them the respect and treatment they deserve. They serve us for real, unlike many governmental departments that only hang slogans on their doors/buildings for people to see… This time, this is a rookie sanitation worker, he shouldn’t have attacked people with a knife, he indeed was wrong, but he’s just a individual case, so the image of sanitation workers will never change in my heart, and I forever respect you, the loveliest people of all… A netizen of Zhejiang Ningbo Ninghai–小叶.

腾讯北海市网友 什麼←:

In the future, we should promote sanitation workers bringing knives to work, and our countrymen’s characters will definitely be higher after a year.

腾讯南充市网友 278009148:

I don’t feel sympathy for the littering woman, but instead sympathize with the sanitation worker. In China’s current national conditions, I must say using this kind of extreme method to solve problems is a tragedy.

腾讯网友 天马行空:

Many people do have low characters. For this kind of people who don’t know how to appreciate other people’s work, relying only on lecturing/education is of little use! This cut might be the best lesson for this kind of people!

腾讯网友 东方羊:

Support! Well-cut/chopped! Many people in China are without character like this, thinking they can do anything they want just because they have money! Not thinking about other people, not respecting other people.

腾讯网友 zoe:

The sanitation worker overreacted, but some people don’t respect other people’s work at all, and some individuals even ruin/wreck [other people’s work] deliberately, just for fun. People like this should be taught a lesson, too loathsome!

腾讯网友 李伟:

It’s always been the sanitation workers who get beat/attacked, today one of them strikes back. Sigh, that’s why people say, one should be conscientious of their behavior!

腾讯网友 光与影de旋律:

Why chop the hand? Because this pair of hands had done something wrong! The chopping was justified!! Punish one to warn the rest!!

腾讯网友 眼睛:

Good, people who litter are as annoying as garbage itself!

What do you think?

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  • Getrealson

    Maybe that is one way these pigs will learn! China is not dirty, the people made it dirty!

  • Kukuku

    All hail the sanitation worker! I wish we had more of them here in China. Hoping that bitch learned her lesson.

    • Getrealson

      Brother, She won’t learn! If you beat a pig for eating it’s own shit, it won’t stop! Same as the average Chinese. They say they love China but everything they do suggests otherwise. You don’t spit, shit and polute something you love!

      • Kukuku

        Maybe. At any rate, this story made me feel good inside. How many times have I wished to do the same when people litter here…

        • Kukuku

          Also the same should happen to bitches using their phones/texting in the movie theater.

          • jeffli

            Shanghai, qiujiang road – Phone Jammers,phone wifi bluetooth jammers, 150-200RMB then off to the 3D max – priceless!

            —-Fingerless operation! lol

            great for theatres, neurosurgery, funerals, baptisms and barmitzvahs

            Also…..an airhorn.
            Fun times to be had.

          • jeffli

            I was in the theatre once and lit up a solitary small fire-cracker behind a lady that was on the phone during the movie! *Bang!* I politely said “Shhhhhhh!” with a nice CCTV9 smile.

          • mr.wiener

            High tech=tazer
            old school=cockroach down the back of the collar.

          • Rick in China

            I’ve had several phone jammers while in China – domestic. Should have invested in an overseas one and brought it over. The domestic ones I’ve had are all half-assed, sometimes work, sometimes don’t work whatsoever even if I know the phone is operating on the same carrier/frequency I’ve set it to block. They’re also f’ing big, in general, which makes them cumbersome to lug around unless you have a girl with you who, in China, generally has a big ass m’f’ing purse…but that’s even more cause for her to try to pawn it off on you to carry on her behalf ;)

          • jeffli

            Awwwww gosh! c’mon Rickee Dickee ….don’t spoil the gadget party. test the thing before you buy it ya idjit (supernatural)

            then make sure it has a good charge, place it in your top pocket, when the opening credits start rolling just discretely switch the thing on!
            BTW I keep two fully charged units gaffa taped under our meeting table.

            [***one under the bed at home too! I’m the only guy in china not getting ‘coitus interruptus’! lol ,,,,,not catholic either ;-)***]

          • Gaius Baltar

            A big 10 4 to the girls and phones my man, a BIG 10 4!

          • Germandude

            Really? How come I haven’t seen them so far? Actually I am buying one of those so that I can finally get business meetings being held professionally. Nothing more annoying than having customers from overseas and my Chinese colleagues are constantly playing with their fucking phones…

          • Gaius Baltar

            GD, just what is it with the chinese and their phones? Don’t they understand that there is nothing more rude to a westerner than playing with their phone, even if it is just browsing the web or something, as it says to me, browsing or chatting on qq is more important to me and my time than YOU are!! I have walked out on two girls who did this to me on dates and left them to FOOT the bill for drinks….no time for their rude bs.

          • Germandude

            Well, who are YOU to tell them? Who am I to tell them? Eventhough mobile phones don’t exist for 5000 years, it seems to always have been ok to do sth else while others are talking with you.
            I agree that the rudness of this is absolutely unbearable. It’s pure disrespect in my eyes.

          • Chom

            are they sold on taobao?

          • jeffli

            you should be able to find them on taobao.

          • El Puma R.

            I bought one off the internet and it cost me 100 USD… but it’s made in the US. I use it in class. I wish I could find the chinese cheap ones.
            Gotta love counter-technology =)

          • linette lee

            There is no law in any country saying no texting in the theater. They tell you to please turn off your phone. I agreed with talking on the phone is rude, but when you text you don’t make sound. You can block the light of your cell phone under your handbag while texting. Why is it so bothersome to you?

          • Rick in China

            Actually, Linette, using a phone/texting “can” be against the law. Not directly that I know of, but it works like this:

            Most theatres (in many countries) prohibit the use of phones in their theatres. Not just out of having respect for other patrons, but because they’re recording devices and they wish to protect against piracy. If you choose to use your phone, you’re in violation of their own business practices, which you’ve implicitly agreed to. If they prohibit phones/other recording devices – they may: display it on a sign somewhere, print the rules on a ticket, and sometimes not need to display them anywhere at all but have them available upon request. If you break the rules, you can be removed from the movie theatre, and if you refuse to go, you can be arrested for trespassing. A movie theatre is a private business, and you agree to their rules as long as their rules are within the context of the law.

            So, you text? Well, if someone complains, you may be removed from the theatre. Sorry, “it’s silent”, but that’s not an argument anyone gives a shit about except the person who was texting/calling.

          • linette lee

            Really? Next time I will look around in the theater to see any post sign for no phone allowed. I do see signs of no smoking everywhere. At the beginning of the preview they will tell you please shut of your phone and smoking is prohibited.
            Unfortunately now a day no one talk on the phone anymore. They just text and text and text away all day long no matter if they are in the bathroom or eating or watching movie. The phone don’t leave their hand.

          • Rick in China

            Like I said – sometimes it’s posted somewhere, sometimes it’s on the ticket, sometimes it’s just their private business rules and they will let you know if you ask. This isn’t for every theatre internationally, but it’s very common practice in many places. If you ask an employee whether phones are allowed to be turned on while in the theatre, they should give you a clear answer – if you don’t like the answer, you can ask to see where it’s specified. You’ll probably end up talking to a manager, and probably end up feeling like an absolute disrespectful and ignorant person for the effort, but go nuts. :D

          • Kukuku

            linette, you remind me of that boy who kept peeing on the toilet seat cover because no one told him he had to lift it up before peeing.

          • linette lee

            oh be quiet, and you are a pussy. You say that to my face I will beat you up.

          • Kukuku

            I will whip my shlong across your face.

          • linette lee

            your shlong is too short. Are you sure it can reach my face. I will have to see.

          • El Puma R.

            Call me if you need a decent-sized one, seems you care about this matter and I certainly hate to see unsatisfied women

          • linette lee

            what is decent-sized? ;}

          • El Puma R.

            Well that depends on your nationality. I am from the west and fortunately for me I don’t have anything to envy from anyone… When I go pee here in China I have to curse them for them to stop peeking above the urinals.

          • El Puma R.

            Lol dunno really, but I’ve been praised in the past. So it gives me a frame of reference. ;)

          • cc

            I have some nice flaps that would cover you’re face for you

          • Germandude

            Expert tip: Flip your ticket, because chances are that the backside includes either the “standard terms” or refers to the webpage on which you can read them.

          • Kukuku

            Aren’t we a stupid idiot much? You think mainlanders would bother masking the light their phone emits? Most “men” here don’t have handbags too.

            It is bothersome to me because I paid about 200 RMB to see a fucking movie, not your fucking phone.

          • B*tches, Leave

            Once my friend, who’s very calm and cool, just exploded while in a movie theater. He enjoyed the movie, but the guy in front of us obviously was bored, so he talked to his friend, while texting. While he texted he explained something to his friend about the movie … gesturing with his phone at the big screen, waving it around … my friend just lost it ^^ he didn’t raise his voice or nothing, he just reached out to the guy’s hand with the phone and pushed it down very hard, as if saying “keep that shit down”. The guy in front was a bitch, because he sank into his seat and didn’t do a noise until the end of the movie :)))

          • Rick in China

            Loudmouths/bullies, surprisingly, are usually the biggest pussies in the end.

          • That’s right, sir! And I am more than sure that it perfectly applies to you :)

          • Rick in China

            I’m on bail for criminal assault in China, Son. I’ve got more stitches in my face than you’ve got sperm in your broken sack. It’s easy to talk on the ‘net, it’s easier to rile up the warriors – and apparently I’ve done so in riling you up…warrior.

          • Your barking is music to my ears. Please, go on, Rikki-Tikki, don’t stop!

          • Rick in China

            After this – no more replies on this thread to your nonsense. You’re literally just trolling now, wait, aren’t you the same guy who thinks it’s perfectly fine for a school principal to bang early teen students? Oh yes, it is. Please drive-thru, you’ve succeeded in diverting my keyboard away from intelligent conversation for your 3 minutes of forum-stardom, now…be gone, worthless locust.

          • Good puppy! Here… catch your candy for good entertainment. See you next time.

          • Now now Augis, I’ve seen you around Hangzhou and know you from the local site as a nice enough guy so I don’t know why you be trolling Rick. Anyway, Rick is coming for a visit soon….maybe I could introduce you guys ;)

          • Hello, Little Wolf.
            Thanks for the invitation.
            If I ever happen to be in Hangzhou, I would be more than happy to meet up. But you probably confuse me with someone else – since I have never been in Hangzhou before (though had pleasure to work with some nice fellows from Hangzhou Motorola department).

            As for Ricky – I am not really trolling him. I just talk to him at the level that he put himself from the very beginning of our “interaction”.
            And it actually STARTED WITH HIM replying to my comment below (you can scroll down to see it).

            Now judge yourself what one can think of a person who:
            1) “Introduces” himself with the words – “Hey, you fucking idiot”
            2) Proceeds to boast about being on bail for criminal assault
            3) Finally feels offended for being diverted from some “intelligent conversation”.

            I find it extremely funny and therefore sincerely thanked Ricky for a good laugh. If my reaction is called trolling – let it be.

          • Hmmm…..You’ve got a doppelganger in Hangzhou. Same profile pic and everything. Anyway….everybody gets in a foul mood once in a while. I was just trying to de-fuse the tension. Welcome to Hangzhou.

          • mr.wiener

            Can I still admire your haircut?

          • I cannot control your warm feelings towards my haircut.

          • I get warm feelings when I pee in my wetsuit. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures.

          • jeffli

            Barkov or Borat?
            Or Ike? as in Ike kickabollockoff?

          • Fire蓝日

            what happen with the assault? if you would like to indulge those who are curious

          • Rick in China

            Summary: walking one afternoon, car hit me at crosswalk (busted mirror off on my hand and hit leg/ass on right side), I chased. About 150m away (felt like less, after the fact found out how far it was) I caught ’em when he was stopped behind a truck, his window was open. I reached in to grab ’em and he claims I punched ’em a few times, then left after he was apologizing profusely/crying. He was a 25yo security guard at a bank driving a piece of shit car. He caught up to me while I was walking a few minutes later, said we wait for police because I hit him – group gathered. That day no charges pressed either way, we shook hands and left. Few days later, called in, he decided to go to hospital himself a couple days later and said I broke his nose in 2 places, without any proof that it was actually me who caused any damages…..fast forward 6 months, had court date. Now, 5 months after court, I finally get to hear the sentencing – on the 15th of this month.

          • Ok…first off…how does somebody break their nose in 2 places? Is it even possible? That must have been a really good whack :D Were X-rays presented at your trial? If the guy was apologizing is that not an admission that he did in fact pull a hit and run. Was he not charged? I’ll wait until after the 15th to ask you if it was worth it or not but I’m sure I already know the answer. I truly wish you the best of luck on this and hope that the judge has a fraction of sense and justice will prevail since in this situation you’re pretty much just a monkey strapped to a rocket.

          • Fire蓝日

            he probably have iron fingers and attack him snake-tongue style. Are you two watching Franklin x Le tonight?

          • Rick in China

            It wasn’t visibly broken, or even bleeding when we got to the station. He presented x-rays taken 2 days later that showed 2 small fractures inside the nose..apparently it broke “inside”, as opposed to visibly or breaking skin on the outside. Maybe he went home and broke it himself, then went to the hospital – either way, it was presented and accepted that I caused the damage, and I’ve already paid 28k to settle the civil portion of the case.

            The “hit and run” thing, he claims he didn’t realize he hit me until afterwards. The police said if I choose to press charges, it’s a separate case from the “criminal assault” charge he pressed..and has no relationship. “Coincidently” the intersection’s video cameras were “apparently” not functioning that day/time, so there was no video evidence of the incident. The police also questioned 9 people, 8 said they saw nothing, 1 said he saw someone “hit” someone inside a car, even though he was more than 10m away and couldn’t have possibly seen anything clearly going on *inside* the driver’s window..ie. difference between grabbing the wheel or throwing a punch. It doesn’t seem to matter though.

            I’ll let ya know what happens on the 15th. :D

          • Fire蓝日

            it doesnt sound very promising, they are collaborating together, a bit suspicious isnt it?

          • DavidisDawei

            Hi Rick,
            Did this guy explain why you hit him; Did he claim he was attacked for no reason?

          • Cynic

            Rick I feel really bad for you. I hope you don’t get extorted further. What transpired in your real life story is one of the reasons Chinese people hate/fear Chinese people and why some foreigners hate Chinese people.

          • Rick in China

            Brutha…if I was a broke foreigner in this situation it’d be a very different situation. The only reason I talk about this openly is..well, wait:
            The Chinese government has lost a shitload of income tax due to this guy, who, the by the way, wasn’t in court or in any sort of discussion from the point of incident to now (almost a year).. I’ve lost maybe 600k in lost income (rmb) and you can figure out the tax yourself… but the fact is, I’m not done, and regardless of the outcome, life is cheap in China :D
            I’ve not been “in prison”, but being on bail for a year I’ve been unable to leave, as well as unable to officially renew a work visa. That means the PSB (who all know this situation) and who some of which are my friends have a special little place for me. I don’t wait in line to renew my visa at the moment, I go back into the offices and chat about how the fucking court (who they’ve contacted) still hasn’t resolved this ridiculous situation.

            We’ll see how it goes. I’m a little drunk. I own some property here and feel bad for any disposable teachers who may have no foundations but end up exploited by the extreme situations such as the above, the bottom line is China is changing. Actually, at every level of progress (criminal investigations PSB > procuratorate > criminal court) until the last day (prosecutor) everyone has said the same, this shit just got pushed up because it involves a foreigner and this faggot wants cash… but the bottom line is even though the situation is about money, and everyone in the line knows it, the way they deal with foreigners changes drastically from “push it under the covers” to “exploit it and push it up the line even tho it’s nonsense and make turn it into leverage”…

            Welcome to my life..a little :D

          • Guest

            He was apologizing for causing the stress in you. He was doing it to show humiliation. He wasn’t apologizing because he felt guilty, or that he was supposedly admitting his guilt. He was apologizing for the accident. If I hit someone with my car by mistake (and it didn’t threaten their life), I would also apologize, because that’s the right thing to do. You need to stop being so racist and arrogant to think that everyone there is out to get you and you are such a brave warrior and need to kick everyone’s ass. You are really hostile and arrogant.

          • Guest

            And I was refering to RIck, not you. LMAO

          • GiannaFox

            Maybe the dude isn’t such a good driver. Nobody ever intentionally hits people with their car. It was obviously an accident. You, on the other hand, acted like a fcking barbaric moron for attacking him. No wonder why foreigners’ reputation gets worse day by day in China. It’s because of people like you. You aren’t cool and brave or strong for attacking him, you’re just a coward and a weak person driven by impulses.

          • Speaking on Rick’s behalf (since I’ve been in the same situation)if it was an accident and if the guy would have stopped and said “oooops! My bad” it would have been done with. Instead the guy drove off not even bothering to stop and see if Rick was injured or not. Who’s the barbaric moron? Do you seriously think the cops would have done anything for Rick?
            It’s because of people like you that foreigners have become such easy targets for getting fleeced for whatever these assbags can get. You’re on your own in China. Nobody is going to help you out of a jam. You’d better hope that if you ever find yourself in some real trouble that some “weak, cowardly barbarian” like Rick is around.

            “Maybe the dude isn’t such a good driver. Nobody ever intentionally hits people with their car.”
            haha….that is absolute gold,right there. You’re living in LaLa Land.

          • Rick in China

            You’re absolutely right, wolf – I wasn’t really angry that he hit me – while he did bust up my hand and hurt my leg/ass, what turned me into the hulk was the fact he sped away down the road. He went about 150m (measured by PSB after the incident based on where we both said incidents happened at each stage). As *SOON* as he started crying/apologizing (he was IN his car, didn’t get out to see what happened) I pulled my hands out, it only lasted maybe 3 seconds, yelled shit like “You can’t fucking hit people and drive off, look at my fucking hands you idiot” etc.. then just calmly walked off when I realized he wasn’t going to do anything but sit there crying and apologizing (ie. no escalation of incident).

            Anyways, the court results are in:

            Free to go.

            Reasoning: they said they believe the damage was caused by me and the case was correct, even tho the evidence was absolutely full of holes and insufficient if it were applied in a modern western country, but that since I had actively compensated and fully cooperated and due to the circumstance that the other dude was partially at fault for the incident, there should be no punishment for the incident.

            All that fucking time, 1 year of my life, for “Yah, you’re both partially responsible, you can go.” At least it’s over :D Thanks for your well wishes guys on this thread.

          • Well, I am certainly glad to hear that although I still think it’s a travesty that you had to pay even 1 kuai to that piece of shit. I suppose it’s easier for me to just say “fuck you, I’m not paying jackshit. Put me in jail or deport me, I’m still not going to reward anybody for a hit and run”. But I’m single and not a homeowner(not in China) or own a company here so it would hardly destroy my life. I’ve bounced back from way worse things. If it was something that I caused by my own negligence or recklessness, I’d own up and make it right.
            I guess the best revenge you can do now is earn your money back in spades and laugh all the way to the bank. So good luck with that.

          • Gaius Baltar

            Always a good reason to have a “grab bag” and cash to hotfoot it, don’t trust the banks.

          • mr.wiener

            What the wolf man said Rick. Feckin’ waste of time and all, but at least it wasn’t a clear outcome against you. Drinks some drinks, plow some wenches and reflect on the fact that at least you aren’t a spineless piece of trash who does a hit and run then squeals like a little girl afterwards :)

          • Paul Schoe

            Happy to hear that Rick

          • Gaius Baltar

            even tho the evidence was absolutely full of holes and insufficient if it were applied in a modern western country

            True, rick, but you have been in China long enough to know that things like rule of law, the rights of the individual and so on, will take a long time to come to China. No way can what can be applied in canada or the UK or other western country be applied to China.

            And really, the West ain’t all that grand. In the UK freedom of speech and human rights are being severely comprimised. +’s and -‘S everywhere

          • Paul Schoe

            Hi Rick,

            Thanks for sharing this. Unfortunately this happens too often, and as a foreigner you really feel quite helpless in these procedures. Claims can indeed even come days after an event happened, and even when everything was originally resolved in your favor. There is no prediction in whose favor the court will decide so I wish you all the best.

          • Rick in China

            The police were never on his side, either.. in fact the police (and later PSB criminal investigations)..all the way through to the prosecutor during court day, were surprised this shit went so far and just figured this guy was a peasant trying to extort money. The police even said his Mom pressured him into pressing this whole issue, and that they were very stubborn/irrational whenever they talked. The end of the first day, him and I shook hands and apologized to each other, as I believe neither of us intended on really causing each other any problems – and the police statement supported that fact..just really curious how tomorrow goes and see whether I get f’d in the ass or just left alone with a year of my life wasted away. He/nobody from his side even had the gall to show up in court, actually, goes to show they just wanted some cash. Peasants, man, what can you do – can’t get any money out of them when they fuck up because they have none, and end up having to pay dearly when they manage to manipulate a system in their favor hoping for some “pay them to go away” cash.

          • Germandude

            Yeah I cross my fingers for you too tomorrow!

          • Gaius Baltar

            Why the need to rile people up?

          • El Puma R.

            Dogs that bite don’t bark. Spanish saying

          • linette lee

            …….Dogs that bite don’t bark….

            I heard that spanish saying from my spanish friend before.

            In Chinese we have something similar.


    • Sepp0

      lets give you a boat and paddle

    • Sepp0

      When I can touch you, maybe you will be less fuckhead

    • Sepp0


  • Rick in China

    I love how the story is told:

    1st: Some guy ran up and randomly opened the door stabbing wildly with a knife..she heroically saved her husband’s life from this crazed person!

    2nd: There was a clear argument about trash that was thrown on the street (littering is illegal, contrary to popular belief :D) where the arrogance of a bread van over overcame him, and he refused to behave in any other way other than the peasanty I don’t give a shit about your enforcement of the law because I’m a “higher level” peasant than your peasant-level. The result was the worker tried to cut him, and cut his gf’s finger off – essentially “giving HER the finger”.

    3rd: It all happened before anyone could react! < Don't they always write this? "Suddenly!!! Dun Dun DUNNNNN" except the fact it couldn't have been so sudden, since they were already engaged in a heated argument.

    The only real bottom line here is: I bet that bitch ain't going to be throwing her fried bread wrappers outside their bread van window any more.

  • Beijinger in Shanghai (Soon)

    bitch definitely deserved it

  • B*tches, Leave

    They can chop the whole arm off, they can put all them litterbugs in line and use one bullet to shoot all of’em, but it will never change people here … just take a short walk and you’ll be stunned how ignorant people are here of littering … they only say “the sanitation worker will clean it” – like little children.

    • Kukuku

      I learned how to say ” you disgust me, pick up your trash”. Sometimes I only get weird looks but now sometimes they will actually pick up their trash and throw it in a trashcan.

      The worst I’ve done was at McD’s once. A father and his kids were leaving and the father threw the tray with the leftovers on the floor, laughing. Told him to clean it and he gave me the usual “who are you?”. I threw his trash in his face and he left out running. I still gt weird looks just throwing my trash away in the trashcan when I eat at Dico’s,McD’s or KFC.

      • linette lee

        Aren’t you afraid of getting into fights with the Chinese crowd? People who litter and argue back usually don’t reason and don’t see anything wrong with littering. Are we gonna see you on china smack news “laowai saying you disgust me, pick up your trash to chinese in mcdonald”?

        I advise you to just say 垃圾蟲 loudly to that person with a disgusted look on your face and just walk away. I am sure the other chinese will back you up. They don’t want to be called 垃圾蟲.

        • Kukuku

          I’m not afraid of fights. Had my share in the past, but I try to avoid them. People here are cowards for the most part and I’m at least twice the size of your average guy here so I use this to my advantage.

          BTW: Yes, I’d be glad if I was on CM one day and they quoted me calling litterers disgusting and telling them to pick up their trash. We already know what the Chinese netizens would write:

          “Brothers and sisters, why must we expect laowais to show us proper manners and can’t be clean by ourselves? Aya! Many of our brothers and sisters have poor character!”

          or this one:

          “If you don’t like to step on trash everywhere, why don’t you leave China?”

          • linette lee

            I love it when they use”brother and sister, why must we blablablah…”. hahaha…cracking me up. And yes chinese love to use aya this and aya that…hahaha…lol. Sound so terrible. Aya has no meaning. It”s just ayaa~~aa~~aaah! so loud.

            “兄弟姐妹們, 為什麼我們要老外教我們如何做人?”

            hahaha..lol.. ;}

            Why? how big are you? Are you arnold schwarzenegger?

          • maja

            recently I’m wondering a lot about this “being afraid of arguments”. if on the subway someone tries to skip the line I just put my arm in front of me or shove him/her away. if someone tries to shove me away while walking in a crowded street I just push him/her back. if I ask a couple times “please are you going down at the next stop” on the bus without receiving any reply I just open my way rugby style. if the taxi driver tries to take a long turn I just notify him/her that I’ll pay for the short road and no arguments about it.
            I wonder if me not getting any reaction is just for some kind of illogical respect towards foreigners (yes, I’m serious) or just well… maybe there really is no problem in doing what I do. I know that sometimes you better shut your mouth but most times it takes just a little but firm response and there really is no way that anyone will attempt to argue being at fault in the first place… but maybe I’m wrong and between chinese it’s really a lot different.
            btw, I’m foreigner but pretty much chinese-sized and the only aggressive attitude I ever had living in beijing was from other foreigners (and still nothing that wasn’t more then manageable by a shrimp like me).

          • maja

            about the argument of the article I imagine it as a quarrel that escalated rapidly in name calling and reaction, it happened to me too (in my homecountry). still, reminding others of behaving is a total different thing, just stay on topic and you’re done…

          • Germandude

            Kukuku, better be careful with the group mentality here. I have experienced a pretty similar story here in Shanghai 5 years ago. Sitting in a KFC, a Chinese dude with his 3 friends is eating and they threw all kinds of rubbish on the floor. An American dude passes by and some rubbish fell on his shoe. He said sth to them which I didn’t understand and suddenly it’s 3 Chinese fighting with 1 American (not really that serious fighting at that time). A few moments later the Americans 3 friends joined the party and it’s 3 vs 4. The 3 guys joining later actually tried to seperate the parties. Again, few moments later more and more Chinese come up and it must’ve been a fight of maybe 10-12 vs 4. The group mentality came up and there was no stopping of these poor bastards getting beaten up.

            Another time, again in Shanghai in a club. Sitting at the bar with my friend when this really pretty girl comes to order some drinks. An American dude thinks she is cute and he slaps her butt. Unfortunately for them, it was her birthday and she was in a big group and she told her friends about what happened. Soon afterwards, it’s like a countless number of guys beating up the American and his 2 friends. Lights going on, everybody is supposed to leave the club. My friend and me were actually so stunned that we left the club with the drinks in our hands, waiting in front of the club to see what happens. Outside, the fight continues and the 3 laowais get beaten up with bottles and chairs flying, security punching into the group (including hitting the Chinese guys) and the 3 foreigners of course don’t stand a chance. Police arrives, they lightened their cigarettes, waited until everybody involved in the fight left. Then they put handcuffs on the 3 foreigners that couldn’t stand up by themselves anymore, put them into a police van and left the scene. No questions, no trying to stop of the fight, no nothing…

            Since then I decided that I will only get involved into quarrels if one is pulled into one innocently. Because honestly, often foreigners in certain areas behave like shit and deserve to be beaten up.

          • mr.wiener

            Agreed. If there is one thing I’ve learnt anywhere is that you are unfortunate or silly enough to get in a fight [or are with people that are] Get the hell out of there as soon as possible before a text messaged mob of arseholes decend upon you.

          • Chom

            In the second case that American guy was just stupid. If he did that in the U.S the girl would probably twist his balls off!

          • Chom

            “An American dude thinks she is cute and he slaps her butt. ”

            Yeah, like that is normal acceptable behavior anywhere………..a guy thinks a stranger is cute so he just slaps her butt..

            In the second case, apart from the incompetence of the police, that American guy deserved it.

          • Kukuku

            Ya I’d prob join the Chinese mob and kick his ass too.


          • linette lee

            kukuku, you are one wild boy. Going around want to kick some butt. You need a dominatrix to keep an eye on you.

          • Kukuku

            Only if she farts on my forehead.

          • jeffli

            well Chom most Chinese guys couldn’t give a crap about a girl bleating that a Chinese guy slapped her on the butt, they just look for an excuse to get violent in order to let off steam from living in an ‘autistic society’ knowing they wont get punished if they beat up
            1. a peasant
            2. a foreigner
            3. a woman
            4. a child

          • I’ve been in dozens of fights over the years here. (had a zinger last week at the Western Union office with a security guard) The only times other Chinese jumped in any of the fights was to dog-pile on me to stop the fight. Except for one time I held off around 12 guys with a bike lock on my belt swinging it like a mace. There’s no way I could have taken on all of them if they rushed me, but 1 or 2 would have had to take the lock in the head and nobody wanted to volunteer to “Take one for the team” . They were armed to the teeth, too, with hammers and other tools reminiscent of “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”. Also, only twice have police ever been involved(other than as spectators) and I’ve never paid out 1 kuai or spent a minute at a police station. I’m pretty careful of the circumstances where I escalate to throwing blows so it’s usually a reason where the guy fucked up so bad calling the cops will just make it worse FOR HIM. Or it’s something where I’ll just take my chances with the cops, there’s no way I’m gonna let the fucker get away with it.(for example…when my dog got hit by a car and I had to smash her head with a rock to end her suffering and a Bao an at my building thought it was funnier than hell.

            The main thing is….I don’t drink and generally avoid bars and clubs so I never have to deal with that element.
            And I can certainly agree that there are plenty of foreigners that could use a good beatdown.

          • Fire蓝日

            that is an intense situation. how did it occur? 12 x 1. Did you fight the guy that was laughing? he deserve a beating

          • The first one was a hit and run and I caught the guy at the red light. My bike was kind of banged up but I would have let it slide if he just showed a shred of remorse but instead told me “FUCK YOUR MOTHER!” and I pulled him out of the car and started wailing. This was on a corner where alot of day laborers sit on their e-bikes with their bags of tools and all they saw was a foreigner whipping a Chinese…it didn’t matter that he brought it on himself. So, they grab all kinds of tools and started towards me and I looped my belt through my bike lock just in time and started swinging und walked backward, picked up my bike and went to my office and told my boss the cops should be coming through that door any minute. But they never showed up. Probably because hit and run is one thing the police are fairly diligent about(in Hangzhou, at least) and would have been more trouble for the driver than for me.
            I had cracked the laughing security guard pretty good and within minutes my living room was full of cops. When the head cop entered my apartment, the girl I was living with explained the situation and the head cop just whistled and waved the cops out and they were gone as if nothing ever happened. I never even had to show my passport or answer any questions. I can only guess that the head cop might have had a dog and completely agreed that the guy deserved a beating and understood my grief.
            It goes without saying that I may have benefitted from dumb luck and someday that luck may run out. But I’ll take the risk of a beating, a few days in jail and deportation(yeah, send me back to Hawaii….The horror!) than let some insolent snot just get away with it and embolden them to shit on other foreigners. Even with the legal troubles that Rick in China is dealing with, I would bet if you asked him if he would do it again he would reply “in a heartbeat”.

          • Fire蓝日

            yeah some people need to be taught a lesson, they think they can do as they please when they are supported by the authority figure or the entire community.

          • The funny thing was…..I still had to go by those same day laborers every day to get to my job but I never had any problem with them. Not even any snide remarks(none to my face, at least) It was like everybody just forgot about the whole incident. But yeah, that guy that did the hit and run was no way qualified to be telling me to “fuck my mother” but somehow he thought he could get away with it. The look of disbelief when I cracked his jaw was priceless. Even if the cops had come and I got in trouble it was totally worth it just to see the smirk wiped off his face and replaced by panic.

          • Gaius Baltar

            As a dog lover, I applaud you for that, some chickenshit baoan finds it amusing that you had to put down your own dog quickly, how sick is that. It disgusts me how they can find certain things amusing, it is almost sociopathic. The one town I was teaching in a few hours south of Hangzhou some locals thought it was funny to tease some monkeys that were chained up and with rings through their nose that belonged to some street performer, so I gave them a piece of my mind, a scuffle ensued, cops turned up, it wasn’t sensible but I never had to pay anything or show my passport. There are things that some people will tolerate and others won’t. For me shitty treatment of animals is not one of those things, and I would guess you feel the same.

          • rollin wit 9’s

            Dude, you must have gotten a chinese person to write that 1st one. It’s so dead on lmao. Any Chinese blood in you??
            I mean seriously, I would have bet my house on the fact a chinese person wrote that and it was translated by Fauna of course hehe.

        • linette lee

          This is a 垃圾蟲. We all know him. I wonder if the mainlanders know him.


      • rollin wit 9’s

        yea same here. A few days ago due to a crowd at McD’s I had to sit next to a lady and her daughter and as soon as I sat down they got real quite; (I was waiting for laowai, waiguoren, or some other presumptuous remark but thankfully they just STFU and let me eat) And after my meal, I too was stared at with the why does he throw his own trash out looks.

      • Gaius Baltar

        Ignorance, just peasant mentality at work there. Will they ever learn?

  • Just leave your finger on the street lady, somebody will pick it up later.

    • mr.wiener

      If you leave your finger in the street in the street after it has been cut off, is that technically littering?

      • Probably…..but who’s to blame? The lady(?) or the worker?
        That’s gotta fucking hurt. There’s alot of nerve endings and things in a finger. I once got my thumb smashed between 2 boulders and it exploded like a tomato. I was blacked out all the way to the hospital. Hurt like hell.

        • jeff

          Oh did I tell ya I lost a finger once…. I got it back! :-D

          What part of the external surface of the human body doesn’t have nerve endings? My advice we shouldn’t cut things off teh human body unless its important to do so.

          at least she didn’t lose a tescitle!….what? no tescitles…. poor girl… my XGF ting ting has!

          • mr.wiener

            “at least she didn’t lose a tescitle!….what? no tescitles…. poor girl… my XGF ting ting has!”

            Not one of yours I hope.

          • jeffli

            She said she found them when she was “experimenting” in the shower 3 years after she was born, and had them ever since, she it could be the reason why she has facial hair.

            ok ok ok….. put some nuts on a wall…what d’ya got?
            dat’s right!….. wall nuts!

            put some nuts onya chest what d’ya got?
            dat’s right…………. chest nuts!

            nuts on your chin then?
            ……………….Chin nuts? Fnarf fnarf fnarf!

          • Anonymous

            Punchline should be “Nuts on your chin?”

            You have a dick in your mouth!

          • Why sew the finger back on when an IV drip is the obvious cure for a sliced-off finger? (5th photo from the top)

          • Gay Orc

            The IV contains medical nano-machines which will build her finger back from the hand outward.

          • That would be cool if it were actually true, Gary. Will be someday, I’ll bet. But not in my lifetime :(
            Seriously….is there a doctor here that can explain why they gave her an IV and just exactly what fluids needs to be replenished from a cut.(besides blood, I mean) When my thumb exploded between 2 boulders they wrapped it, put one of those plastic thumb covers over it, gave me a jar of Vicodins and I went back to work where I was like…..the most laid back guy on the jobsite the rest of the afternoon. Been bitten by dogs and wolves and monkeys. Nasty bites. No IV drip.

          • mr.wiener

            Why an IV? Sympathetic medicine, if it looks like you are doing something medically the patient will be less testy and more…..well patient I would guess.
            Remember all those kids studying for their guo kou hooked up to IV’s? ridiculous, but it looked impressive.
            She lost a finger, may as well give her some face and make a production number out of it,

          • Yeah….that’s the popular answer and is easy money for the hospital.(People are too trusting of doctors) But I am just curious if there is actually a valid reason.
            IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? (no offense, wiener)

          • mr.wiener

            None taken, if you have a finger cut off you go to a doctor, not a sausage maker

        • mr.wiener

          Blame? Whilst I don’t think she deserved to have a finger cut off , I have observed many Chinese [and a lot of westerners come to that] are too dumarsed to observe the warning signs when it comes to matters of face.
          Confronted by a less than sane sanitation worker rather than backing down she got into a “quarrel” with him [“Quarrel”: means she got hissy and bitchy with him] and he snapped.
          He had a knife on him and whilst I don’t know what he looked like , I’m willing to bet it was somewhat akin to a junkyard dog with a reflective vest and a broom.
          Craziness happens, but you should be prepared to back down or show a clean pair of heels to a nutcase with an attitude or you’ll pay the price.

          • linette lee

            The story said that the sanitation guy was fighting with her group, and then came back later with a knife to attack her husband. She threw herself in front of her husband to protect him. Her husband got cut up a bit too.
            Who knows what happened. But they were wrong for littering and arguing. The sanitation guy was too violence, but I can imagine he was abused by the system and the people. So many sanitation workers are being abused and mistreated. I am actually glad this news came out and to see so many Chinese netizens criticize the husband and wife while sympathize with the sanitation guy. I am kind of glad that the husband and wife were attacked. Maybe front now on people will think twice before they litter.

          • jahar

            i’m guessing the “protecting her husband” story was her’s. I’ve heard/seen about a million incidents here and neither party are ever responsible(in their eyes).

      • jeffli

        there goes another finger!
        on the street
        __________this could start as a recursive function 10 fingers deep!
        _________________and so-on

    • SeppO

      Can I meet you in person? I will buy you a pint

      • Sepo

        However, I’m guessing you are a pussy.

      • Uh…..thanks for the offer SeppO but I don’t drink pints(unless it’s a good sasparilla) and not that fun to hang around with. I suppose we could go sit on a bench at the West Lake and make fun of people that are still wearing white in the Fall.

  • BlackOut

    Where did the knife come from? Do people nowadays bring knife to their workplace?
    But yeah can’t feel any sympathy for her, she simply reap what she sow.

    • Rick in China

      Lots of minorities/peasanty types carry knives, usually for peeling fruit which they buy off the street and eat daily because it’s absolutely cheap..but consider it – when you’re feeling absolutely oppressed by a society in *general*, and shat on daily (even by people who drive f’ing bread vans), maybe carrying a ragged knife is your last little bit of a sense of security.

  • Jeffli

    For the last 30 40 years in the west there has existed the medical technology to re-attach fingers when cut off by sharp implements.
    Why isn’t the hospital getting it done?

    Stabbing someone or slicing them as punishment for littering is a bit harsh what?

    there has to be more to this story? Like maybe the lady and her friends parks her car in the same spot every day calling out rude names to the same sanitation worker?
    give it 6 months of something like that would make me flip too.

    Hell I’ve chewed off my own arm in the morning after a drunken night! :-)

  • Jeffli

    the sound of NINE fingers clapping grasshopper? ” fftpfttp fttp ft tfp!” Ow!

  • Zappa Frank

    wow, now she can be called “four fingers” like an old fashioned gangster nickname..xxx”four fingers”..like franky four fingers in “snatch”

    • jeffli

      Yeah but she’ll always be one finger short of a full hand! hehe dadum tshhhh!

      Like my friend who lost an eye and wore a glass eye, he had this curious habit of popping his glass eye out and leave it floating in his beer while he went to the WC, normally no-one would dream of touching his beer! one particular hot and drunken day he comes back from the WC, forgets about the eye in his drink and swallows the lot.
      a few days later he’s quite constipated so he goes to Zhong Shan hospital to get looked at. The doctor requests to examine his backside. Nervously he drops his trousers and allows the doctor to to look at his anus.
      The doctor is quite astonished to see an eye looking at him from the anus he is inspecting and retorts jokingly “whats the matter don’t you trust me?” the patient as quick as silver replies “I don’t trust Chinese doctors…. I’m watching you!”

  • andao

    for once, i find myself agreeing with the netizens

  • linette lee

    So this is the reason why they throw garbage everywhere and not in the trash cans. Because of the general belief and common practice that sanitation guy will pick up after you. I always can’t understand why they do it or act so nasty and start fighting with you when being told to pick up their own garbage in HK. The mainlander tourists throw garbage everywhere and call you HK dogs and british wannabe when told not to litter or drop foods all over the floor. So much fights it’s tiring. Thank god there are still so many mainlander residents that don’t litter with great manner.

    The china gov’t needs to preach that. The sanitation crew are there to take away trash and clean the street once or twice a day. They are not there with a broom following behind you all day long picking up your trash you throw on the ground instead of trash cans. It’s your responsibility and your job to make sure your own trash end up in the trash can. They need to have sanitation crew inspectors on streets giving out tickets and fine.

    • Germandude

      I actually agree with: “They need to have sanitation crew inspectors on streets giving out tickets and fine.”

      But then again, how high are the odds that the inspectors are willing to look into the other direction for either a cigarette or nothing at all because they can’t be bothered doing their job?
      We have 6 guards per entrance in the compound I am living. They are supposed to do….well I don’t actually know what their job is but they are sitting there the whole day and can’t be arsed at opening the gates when somebody comes (it takes ages until they decided whose turn it is to get up) and when it comes to littering, I guess a snake doesn’t cut off its own tale.

      • Jennster

        their job is to not allow non resident cars to park inside.

  • Kukuku

    Knowing Chinese men, he probably tried to use her as a human shield when he saw the other coming back with a knife.

    • jeffli

      Hey! i would too! I don’t want to get sliced and diced just for chivalric purposes either. Anyway she can still “get in tha kitchen an cook me sum iggs butch!” -quote from ‘once were warriors’

      Seriously My chinese brothers and sistas ya can’t go around cutting peoples body parts parts off unless you are a doctor or heaven forbid a …Chinese Rabbi ….shalom! and happy Yom Kipper

  • bluesummers

    If she didn’t wanna lose her middle finger, she shouldn’t have been waving it around.

    Just sayin’

    • linette lee

      A lot of people wave their middle finger around in USA. It’s almost like part of morning greeting. Nobody loses their middle finger.

  • Even before scrolling down to comments of Chinese netizens, I knew that many of them would attack the girl.
    It seems that the image of “young Chinese girl driving in a car” immediately evokes negative associations.

    • linette lee

      ……………..It seems that the image of “young Chinese girl driving in a car” immediately evokes negative associations…………

      WHY?. What about an old chinese girl driving a car.

      • Less… there is a chance she earned money for that car by herself.

    • Rick in China

      You’re a fucking idiot, again – not speaking with facts. It’s very clear in the very short article. She was the passenger of a fucking ghetto bread van delivering “goods”. The negative association immediately evoked here isn’t against any “young Chinese girl driving in a car”, but your lack of comprehension and fact, while still spouting useless drivel.

      • LOL… You are funny, Ricky. Please, please, say something else, spill it out, boy!

  • Chinateacher

    Yes, because cutting off a finger is a reasonable response to throwing trash on the ground. Grow up Chinese people……

  • Zhuangzi

    I can’t believe that anyone, regardless of the magnitude of his or her disdain for littering, would side with this obviously deranged assailant.

    • Rick in China

      I don’t think anyone agrees what he did was “right”. I think people are saying, “It’s not right, but……….. I understand, and applaud you for doing something absolutely wrong and extreme to someone else who has no respect for anyone or anything beyond their little bird’s nest of a life.”

  • linette lee

    I feel bad that she lost her middle finger. I hope they can reattach it. In usa middle fingers are very useful and used quite often.

    • Rick in China

      It’s better if you use your middle finger in conjunction with your forefinger – that way you get both sides of your clit and avoid too much direct pressure on top.

      • linette lee

        lol..you crazy.
        So that’s why you do with your middle fingers?

        • Rick in China

          Well, my advice was for you – so no. Unless it’s reverse cowboy, I can’t really bend my hand in that sort of direction. I’m usually left with nothing more than a thumb for clitoral stimulation type situations.

          • Kate

            Rick, I assure you women do not need to be told how to masturbate….we know our parts quiet well tyvm.

  • flipper

    So many people defending the cleaner. I wonder if it were a foreign worker how the reaction would be then?

  • She looks like a bitch anyways so meh….

  • 5000 years of history

    There is hope in China. Now what about linnette

    • MrT


  • Serpico

    Yep, and now nobody’s happy.

  • royaljester

    Was this sanitation worker’s name cleo?

  • Johnny Woo

    I have to take the side of the sanitation worker – I hate anyone who litters. Look at how clean Japan is compared to China.

  • Peye

    If no one litters sanitation workers hours and pay will be cut. Not good .

  • Kate

    I once was jogging down a local dam and saw two german men, one had finished his banana and carried the peel all the way around the dam (3 mile radius) until he found a trash can. I wish more people respected their home and others homes that much.

    I would like To say this woman might think twice next time she is about to litter and be considerate of sanitation workers and her own home…..but probably not.

    • MrT

      Banana skin is biodegradable.

  • MrT

    Sends a clear message.
    Chop Chop.

  • mattman_183

    Can’t there be a compromise? Something between punishment-free littering and getting your finger chopped off?

    • mr.wiener

      If there is it wouldn’t make its way onto Chinasmack.

  • cheongjungkang

    in china if you want to stop people from beaking the law you
    chop them shoot them cane them slap them punch them hang them
    you dont talk to them

  • Thomas Wehner

    I was visiting Huashan once, and saw a girl who had just finished a drink and proceeded to toss the container off into the woods. Being that Huashan was one of the most beautiful places in China I’ve been, I wanted to let her have it. How could someone be so disrespectful? Alas, I wasn’t confident in my Chinese at that point, so I kept the rage quietly inside me. Thus, I can identify with the frustration of this worker who first saw someone litter and then got told to shove it when he asked the litterer to pick it up.

    What surprises me, though, is that all the comments seem to sympathize with the cutter, rather than the cuttee. The way people behave in China toward littering, their seeming indifference to it (maybe even getting a good feeling from the job opportunity it creates) made me expect that more people would say this girl has a right to litter and/or be a bitch without losing any extremeties.

    • [email protected]

      I know how you feel. I went to Zhejiang, Lishui Ruoliao mountain range. It took a day of travelling from Shanghai to get there, up winding mountain roads, scenic wonders all around. Stunning. But not moreso than finding that even up here in a place that people come to ONLY because of its beauty was litter, tossed down the sides of the moutain.

      Vowed in that moment to bring a garbage bag with me if I ever returned. Pick up their rubbish and hopefully make them all lose face, to see the laowai picking up their trash, their litter when it is not my country, nor my responsibility to do so.

      They are how they behave and live. Crude, selfish, derelict shells walking around gutting the world and raping the environment. The end is nigh for these people.

  • Brett

    I spent many of my Hunan days in Zhuzhou, as it was the only city within a 2 hour train ride with a supermarket or western restaurants.

    I remember one day I was about to cross the street illegally behing a cohort of other people, when a worker asked me kindly to use the below-ground crossing. I complied, and she fervently thanked me for about 2 minutes for actually listening to her. She literally said “thank you for listening to me” and shook my hand.

    Just goes to show that these people really do appreciate when you try to make their lives easier.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    Serves her right? people litter all day everyday in China and most of them within several meters/feet of a trash can. No sympathy at all for her.

    Now if they’d only set ‘Mr. Sanitation’ free so he can go after those little kids that like to piss in public. Think about the repercussions of that one!

  • [email protected]

    This report is so convoluted. Jesus, are you reporting objectively or subjectively? Make up your damned mind.

    Is this told from the perspective of the fed-up sanitation worker who was disgusted at the usual horrible, selfish and poor behavior of Chinese regarding throwing their trash and acted out in violence, OR from the perspective of the possibly mentally unstable newly employed man snapping and attacking a poor woman, OR the woman who was in the wrong place a the wrong time and lost a finger because of a simple littering action in front of a psycho sanitation worker, OR a woman who provoked an attack and defending her loser man from a violent man lost a finger because of a series of selfish comments and illegal actions against the city.

    My god, convoluted doesn’t even come close to the nonsensical scriblings that are this “report”

    Ultimately I feel for the girl, losing a finger would suck, and I feel too for the sanitation worker, because Chinese people are at their basic core disgusting, disgusting people who litter constantly and do not see anything wrong with trashing everything and everywhere. Sucks to be both of these people.

  • PixelPulse

    It would be interesting as hell if people actually started to stop littering in fear of being attacked by a sanitation worker and losing a finger.

  • Here’s the key statement: “A sanitation worker approached them and asked them to pick it up and they got into a quarrel.”

    The morons refused to pick up their own litter, so fuck them, they got what they deserved.

  • Ryo

    Does the sanitation worker not realize if it wasn’t for people littering, he wouldn’t have a job?

    With that being said, I hate people littering. Ok, fine, if you are dirty poor and don’t give a shit about anything because you have nothing to lose… not even face… But when you drive a 1000k rmb SUV then just emptying the contents of what looks like a whole trash bin out the window at a red light, that’s just wrong.

    • Yeah, I already told awhile back how my boss fucked a multi-million dollar deal when he dumped trash on the highway out the window of his very expensive Humvee right in front of a big time producer. Especially when his movie concerns saving the planet in a post-apocalyptic world. As a share-holder for that movie deal, I was beyond being pissed off and disgusted. Way to go boss!

  • El Puma R.

    Not really, according to a kung fu teacher friend of mine, when cutting with a blade what matters the most is speed over strength. Probably the worker took a swing with his knife in a diagonal angle and the girl put her hand in the way…yes it’s that easy.

  • El Puma R.

    In China….
    -Teachers see the students not giving a fuck about anything and they get blamed for it.
    -Waiters and waitresses have to see how rich useless kids have an average but very expensive meal every day and get no more than 2000 yuan per month.
    -Taxi drivers have to see each other
    -Sanitation workers might get the worst of all because they get to see people littering all day every day even when they have a trash bin right next to them.

    All in all nobody gives a fuck about anything except for those who have to clean the mess afterwards… things like these will NOT come to a stop in China until there’s a serious educational reform for both children an adults.

    • Jennster

      I wouldn’t mind if all waidi chinese areas are ruled by british or something to change manners, but leave our major cities alone.

      • linette lee

        I would like to see China gov’t work with HK gov’t and try to reform China gov’t system.

  • El Puma R.

    After reading many comments here, I still feel the same…

    the reason why I am leaving in January it is because I am fucking tired of seeing people do the wrong thing and then avoid confrontation.. Fuck Chinese people’s necessity for that stupid and useless “harmony” they claim to enjoy so much. Worst of all, I live in Changchun, where EVERYTHING is wrong in china seems to be far worse around here. Can’t they see it’s a shithole? really? happy life? WTF? they are breathing smoke and dirt 24/7… So yes I am hoping to see many many more fingers cut off.

    Just look how weak they are, the other day I took a taxi and I had to tell the driver to stop racing.. he laughed at me. When we reached destination he said he didn’t have any change, so I just got off the car and left without paying the 25 yuan I owed him… you know, Chinese people are beating out of me the little catholic I had left.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I felt bad for laughing at this: “腾讯网友 光与影de旋律: Why chop the hand? Because this pair of hands had done something wrong! The chopping was justified!! Punish one to warn the rest!!”

    I had a cartoon mental image of the other fingers screaming in horror as their pal was cut down in broad daylight….

  • linette lee

    ……..Almost any website with “blog” in the address is blocked in China…….


  • Hell of a rough day at work, eh?

  • Nick in Beijing

    This morning at about 7 o’clock as I was unlocking my motor scooter to go to work a farmer guy walked by and tossed the wrapper of his cream filled bread on the ground. I shouted at him to pick up his garbage, because there was a garbage can literally 3 meters away from where he was standing after he walked a few steps. He immediately scrambled to pick up the trash. Maybe he saw this article.

  • Joe

    What an expensive lesson!

  • There’s an undercurrent emerging of a serious lack of civility, and even humanity, in modern Chinese culture. This is a direct offshoot of half-a-century worth of communist automaton indoctrination and it should concern the rest of the world, should a conflict with the region arise.

    Japan circa WWII: lest we forget.

  • peef

    Fully support sanitation worker cutting off finger. Most Chinese are lower than shit. This is justice.

  • rin

    Both Chinese and foreign comments feature supports for the attacker. You are all as crazy as him. Just go burn in hell.

  • Wisdom

    If everyone behaves like the sanitarian worker, China will be in chaos. In Singapore littering comes with a heavy fine and that simple rules definitely solve the problems. Should follow Singapore.

  • paneraman

    what goes around, comes around

  • Finally!

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