Young Post-90s Pretty Girl Sells Bus Tickets In Shanghai


From Sohu:

Post-90s beauty stuns the internet, passengers cannot help looking

Commuting to and from work every day on the public bus, people have long ago become accustomed to the “ticket seller ayi [auntie]” on the public bus, apparently never changing over ten years. Recently, a photo of a “Post-90s ticket seller young girl” suddenly appeared on the internet, immediately attracting the crazy attention of netizens, reposted one after another on various major websites, with hits/views slowly climbing up, as people are filled with curiosity and interest in the image of Shanghai’s new generation of public bus ticket sellers.



Investigations have found that this girl works on the 934 public bus line.

Comments from Tianya (1 and 2):


Not bad, beautifies Shanghai City’s apperaance!


Most (I am saying most) of Shanghai’s ticket sellers are frightening ayis with horrifying makeup and withered and yellow hair.


Young ones are good too. Sunday, I rode the 43 line, and the young ticket seller lad was polite and took good care of the elderly.


Not bad!
I like!
That girls these days can be humble enough to do this job is not a bad thing.


The expression on her face is not good, like I owe her money.


I too have encountered a few, very young, and their attitudes were not bad, heehee. Not only pretty girls, there are also handsome guys, heehee…


It’s true, this young girl began work in July. I ride this bus daily.


The result of not studying hard and being unable to find a job.

Comments from Sohu:


Completely a show. Gone after the World Expo.


Even pretty girls can endure hardships, and those who live honestly are still the majority.


Yes, a very good girl.
Too bad girls like this in Shanghai are extremely rare. Most Shanghai girls are the type that have high expectations/demands but lousy personalities (the big ugly ones excepted).


Child, do your job well, you are a good example. I think everyone will care for and support you.


Stupid, now pretty girls are worth more than anything else?


Ding! Even post-90s can endure hardships, so don’t look down on us post-90s generation!

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