Beggars Caged & Penned Up Behind Bars at Nanchang Temple Fair

From The Beijing News:

Metal Bars Pen Up Beggars at Nanchang Temple Fair

Beggars were all sitting within a “metal cage”, with various kinds of basins and bowls placed just outside the bars, waiting for passing tourists to give them money. Yesterday [September 18th], several photographs taken at the Temple Fair of Xishan Town, Xinjian County, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, incited controversy.

The Temple Fair of Xishan Town, where the famous Taoist Temple “Wanshou Gong” is located, attracts a few hundred thousands visitors and worshipers during the 8th month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

As shown in the photos, one side of the Temple Fair street is sheltered by an awning about 50 meters long, with the shaded area surrounded by metal fences. Inside, more than 100 beggars, male, female, old and young, all sit on the ground, and outside the bars in front of them were all kinds of basins and bowls, many with some small change placed in them. Suspended on the metal fencing above was a sign that read: “Temporary Rescue Shelter”.

As reported by the media, an employee of the Temple Fair said that the people in the fences are all beggars, and enclosing them was to prevent visiting worshipers from being cheated by these “beggars”. As well, there is dedicated staff who will provide them with water and meals.

Yesterday [September 18th], some netizens said that this was “treating the beggars as guilty until proven innocent”, “disrespecting their human dignity, a direct restriction of personal freedom and even suspicion of illegal detainment”.

Response: Penning Them Up Is To Prevent Them from Being Trampled; Entering And Exiting Are Allowed

Yesterday afternoon [September 18th], Mr. Chen who works at the Xishan Town Government Office said that the people who have been penned up are mostly “professional beggars” from other towns, who come to the fair every year. He explained that many of them were old, weak, ill or disabled, making it hard for them to move. Some of them would even lie on the ground, so enclosing them in metal fencing is out of fear that they’ll be stepped on and trampled accidentally.

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He also said that they had tried to tell them to leave and tried to drive them away in the past, but they would not leave, so the using metal fencing is also something they had to resort to. Additionally, the Temple Fair organizers have arranged for people to provide water and meals to the beggars. This Temple Fair worker emphasized that the beggars have not actually had their freedom restricted, “For example, if they want to use the bathroom, they are allowed to go outside, but if they want to beg, they have to do so inside the metal fencing”.

On the same day, an employee of Xinjian County Government also said that this was a temporary rescue shelter, and they encouraged beggars to go inside voluntarily. And the open-style shelter was to prevent trampling accidents. However, the local Bureau of Civil Affairs has already given the beggars transportation fare and sent them home.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


With working arms and legs, you still sit there and beg. Shame on you! Good job putting them behind the bars.


Was this the only way? Couldn’t they have used waist-high railings? Is objecting to this automatically not being objective?


Actually it’s just separating them by metal fencing, not enclosing them in a cage. Plus there are workers helping them by providing the beggars with food and water, and after fencing it off, there’s also an awning that shelters them from the sun and rain, avoiding sun exposure, and at the same time stopping them from pestering visitors or clutching to visitors’ legs.


Have an independent thought, okay> What if we changed the headline to: Beggars Not Allowed in Temple Fair. Beggars Say: Still Doing Business As Usual Through the Metal Bars.


Are they being treated as human beings? When we’re treating our own countrymen like this, how can we even talk about taking back the Diaoyu Islands?


I was planning to visit Nanchang soon but after seeing this, forget about it, I better not go after all, my heart isn’t strong enough to bear this.


Could a rescue shelter for disabled people be a little bit less like a prison?


Seriously? This is what you call a “civilized city”?


When someone doesn’t even care about face, then there isn’t any shame to talk about. Rights are something that must be fought for.


Humans are not animals.


Shame! However, I am thinking, does this mean that there is a connection between the temple fair and begging, when a single temple fair attracts so many beggars? What more, look, none of them are lacking arms and legs.


Begging is also a business. You’d have to pay a vendor’s booth before entering.


I hope this is fake…

What do you think? Are the official reasons given for this arrangement believable? How do you manage the possibility or problem of professional beggars in the here and now?

  • glenn


    • glenn

      on the issue~

      I think this time the government meant well, though it does look inhuman.

      • MrT

        yea would of been better to bang some sofas in the cage.

  • moop

    you know, this happens in places all over the world in places that arent china. but this is fucking terrible and the chinese need to start treating their poor better instead of treating them like untouchables. speaking of untouchables, india has a caste system and there are many places in the world that treat their poor like filthy stinking animals.

    • linette

      This is not acceptable for one of the richest nation in the world. For a nation that docked space station and hosted olympic. I am always so disgusted by the China gov’t.

      • China is a third world country with the 2nd richest economy. China is comparable to India regarding beggars. Please even a nationalist Chinese like me knows this

        • linette

          That’s what I say. Being one of the richest nation in the world and wasting money on olympic, space program, spending billion annually on north korea people/affair that get them nowhere. Please use those money for internal affair to help their own chinese people.

          • asdf

            Hosting the Olympics creates job opportunities, promotes tourism and helps local businesses. The money they put into the Olympics isn’t a donation, it’s an investment. It is an opportunity to MAKE money. Why do you think the seat prices are so high?
            And we can’t fix unemployment either by withdrawing from international diplomacy or firing rocket scientists. Please stop coming up with these weird ideas.

          • moop

            eh, the olympics created temporary jobs and those stadiums sit relatively empty year round and generate no real revenue for the city. what the ccp spends its money on isnt really going to change anytime soon, especially as long as the populous can be stirred up into a nationalistic frenzy at will to distract from their problems

          • asdf

            So? an abandoned gold mine isn’t making any revenue all year round. Why bother digging one in the first place. It can’t even be promoted as a tourist site or converted into a water-park afterwards.

          • moop

            So? well, these arent gold mines are they? this was a choice to destroy property to build these works and now they sit empty. so they can continue to sit empty or they can be destroyed again and something else can be built. it takes tens of millions of dollars to maintain these empty places every year. that’s a waste.

            regardless, my main point earlier is that the jobs the olympics created were mostly temporary

          • asdf

            Hmm I guess you’re right. It seems that hosting the Olympics is indeed a bad choice. It baffles me why countries are so eager to sacrifice their resources for these pointless non-profit events.

          • moop

            i never argued against the olympics you over-sensitive boob. all i was pointing out is that you lauding the job creation aspect is not really true. the buildings in themselves are a waste, a lot of the debt taken to construct the buildings still hasnt been paid off and the revenues from tourists are declining every year. what the olympics does is improve a country’s “brand”, its that that is the net benefit. the buildings are worthless and wasteful as structures

          • moop
          • asdf

            So promoting a country’s brand isn’t beneficial to their economy in any way? I wonder why they try so hard then. The government officials who approve these decisions all seem to be morons in contrast to your infallible wisdom. You should go run their countries.

          • linette

            asdf..How much revenues are those stadiums like bird nest generating annually? Are china people into baseball and football. Are there any games playing in those stadiums year round? I don’t know. Maybe it was a good temporary money making opportunity but they are now just empty seats most of the time.

            Space program is a good idea only after china took care of the immediate problems like poverty in the rural areas and environment pollutions.
            It’s good that they invest in space technology…but not now. They need to fix poverty and pollution first. When your house is on fire, save the house first and worry about docking space station later.
            And why spend so much money on space program anyway? Are they looking for cleaner energy in space? If not, then why not invest all the money on researches and projects on cleaning environments and producing clean energy? Spend it on regulating and enforce cleaning environment in China.

            I don’t know what’s the deal with north korea. Too much money china is spending I say. And the refugees, can sk and china work out something with UN and ship all of them to South korea? Give the bill to south korea. Apparently south korea gov’t is not doing enough to get involved.

          • linette

            So what china has a big fancy bird nest stadium or whatever stadium with the world largest LED screen. Big fxcking deal. You think foreigners will think so highly of China when in fact 50% of the people still live in poverty like caged animals?

            Billion dollars space program and yet china is still a third world country that has no basic human rights and 50% live in slums and uneducated.
            China.. Please have some sense. You are still a third world country.

          • moop

            holy shit, do you have reading comprehension skills or did your teachers in school just draw pictures for you and hit you over the head with a hammer? i said: “what the olympics does is improve a country’s “brand”, its that that is the net benefit.”

            are you really too dumb to glean from this that the “net benefits” i am talking about are economic?

          • asdf

            So why doesn’t the entire world just end the Olympics and space program altogether in order to fix widespread hunger, poverty, and disease? Denying progress and opportunities for the rich and educated does not improve the poor in any way, both within and between nations.

            “are you really too dumb to glean from this that the “net benefits” i am talking about are economic?”

            my original argument was that hosting the Olympics is beneficial rather than detrimental to China’s economy. If you actually agree with this point then what were we debating about?

          • jeffli

            Olympics – Brand advertisement,
            Sydney/Athens and Beijing were big flops in this area.

            Space program – threat
            If you can reliably send people into space during peace time then you are demonstrating your command for development of delivering offensive payloads (ABC Atomic/Chemical/Biological) to anywhere in the world.
            I.C.B.M.’s are rockets and rockets can carry astro/cosmo/taiko- nauts and their scientific instruments
            OR …….
            they can carry weapons of assured destruction to any point on the earth.
            Another way of saying “Don’t screw with me!”
            For China the former while extravagant and possibly unique as it was, was nothing but a farce….they didn’t get the numbers expected. Even the govt. had ripoff scams so less people came to see the Beijing Olympics. apart from opening and closing nights (and rather rude treatment of foreign dignitaries) most events had 25% attendance, they forced school kids and uni students to attend in order to make up the numbers when broadcasting. ( and censorship? hahaha!)

            BUT…… the latter, was not a waste of money.
            The China space exploration told the world that payloads could be dropped anywhere in the world confirming their Global Inter-Continental-Ballistic-Missile capability.

          • linette

            Well developed countries like Usa and Uk can host olympic all they want. Those countries are unlikely to have starving dying people. Their welfare systems take care of that. They can also spend a bit more on space programs. But now I doubt usa will throw in billions into their space program. Their economy is not doing so well.

            I am sure you would want China to spend money on areas where it needs to be spent. I am also saying instead of spending on space program there are tons of other better programs to spend on. They can also invest on building better technology like phone, car, computer…etc…and sell them.

          • asdf

            What if we divide China up into an eastern and western state where one side is developed and the other is shit? Would that automatically justify China’s space program? What if the entire world was one unified country? Would we then have to throw away space programs and Olympics just because we are no longer separated by borders? Whether or not the rich and the poor are in the same country is irrelevant to this problem.

          • jeffli

            *** I am also saying instead of spending on space program there are tons of other better programs to spend on. They can also invest on building better technology like phone, car, computer…etc…and sell them.****

            Chinese firms are already doing that sort of research in co-operation with foreign firms.

            This is not the point. the point is there is
            1. too many poor
            2. too many under-educated within the poor.
            3. just too many people
            4. population controls are favoring the peasants, not the proletariats of the cities
            5. The sexual imbalance.

          • BigJ

            The Olympics makes money if it’s managed right. I just know about a few times Canada hosted the games. In the 70’s Montreal hosted the games and it bankrupted the city. It took them 10 years to get back on their feet. Now Calgary actually made money off the games. It’s hard to gauge if you will make money or not. If I were to host the Olympics, the only way I would is if I had all the facilities already in place in that city. If I had to build extra shit to host them…..fuck it.

            And the space thing….Yeah that’s 90% military driven for that, for China at least.
            And linette…You said america doesn’t spend Billions of dollars on space shit anymore? Well that’s kind of true.They just landed on mars not too long ago, something that cost almost 3 billion dollars to do. They spend around 18 billion a year on space. I was just reading a fact and it said American pubic spends around 80 billion a year on illegal drugs. So for space exploration this works out to about $60 dollars a year which is $5.00 a month, or $1.25 a week, or $0.18 cents a day out of the $4,000 to $8,000 the average American pays in taxes each year. So really they don’t spend a lot on space.

            You know what the killer for America is?
            Social Security will be $655 billion,Funding bills for Defense ($663 billion), Medicare ($453 billion), Medicaid ($290 billion).

            I was just reading what China spends on social security
            $495.3 billion… That is actually higher then I thought it would be.

          • BigJ

            And China does not spend much on space….maybe 3 billion a year. I know that’s a lot of rice and noodles for beggars….but come on…it’s space:)

            I can see it now…The People Republic of Space. :)
            Actually, it’s already The United States of Space. :) America already owns the moon and mars. :)

            If China can lay claim to the diaoyu islands, Then america can lay claim to the moon and mars. At least america has been to these 2 place, And just sailed close to them. :)

          • Chris

            China only spends 3 Billion? You believe any figure given by this goverment.?

          • BigJ

            Yeah, 3 billion don’t seems right to me, I got that off the China daily website, so yeah i’m sure it bullshit. Chris, do you think they spend more then America? I think they do, as of late.

          • Snicker

            But without the space and olympics programs, China could never hold the Street Person Space Noodles Eating Olympics.

      • Joe

        >one of the richest nation
        I’ll have what you’re smoking.

        • MrT

          Stops them hanging off your leg when your walking past, fine idea!
          Got shade , water, food and they can enter and leave when they want.

          • Duke

            America is the world’s biggest economy yet the poverty there is also terrible. 21% of all American children live below the poverty line. 83% of the stocks are in the hands of 1% of the population. I could list similar stats from any country. Most of the people in a country don’t really benefit much from a big or small economy. In fact in most countries less than 5%(usually the top 1%) of the richest people are the big winners. China is a great example of this. Now China is the number two biggest economy, yet have MOST of the lives in China been vastly improved or just a FEW. Most of the poor and middle class in this country are still working their asses off to try and get by, while a few are living the dream or making money and running to another country. Not much has changed regarding the wealth of the common person in China. Same as other countries.

      • MrT

        did you cry?

  • k

    Awwwww look at the baby in the last pic….that is no place for a baby to be but its parents are probably doing the best they can but still child beggers break my heart :( It does look inhumane, but the on the other side, they are under a shaded place, are given water and food and are not prisoners…..they can leave when they want. I think the county meant well, a designated place for beggers to be to protect them and the tourist but the bars do give the sense of “animals in zoo” but I dont think its that bad.

    • linette

      how about a designated homeless shelter for the homeless. Set up programs to put them to work and childcare assistant.

      • BigJ

        A cage is cheaper. :)

        • jeffli

          In the late 1930s the NAZI party had a good idea for homeless and gypsies.

          @linette -***how about a designated homeless shelter for the homeless. Set up programs to put them to work and childcare assistant.***

          A special factory.
          Above the entrance could be a sign that most communists would be jealous of – “Arbeit macht frei”
          Well?…… by the end of 1938 there were no more beggars and gypsies in Germany. problem solved.

          After that there were too many “undesirables” so started the “final solution”.

          All we need is a further dip in the economy (its coming…!) and a less moderate government (they are there just waiting)

          Marxist-Engels theory is all about social engineering, just mix a little pity for the poor and some eugenics.

          the Nazi Party were democratic nationalist “socialists”.

          I think the cages is a good thing I have been attacked by these people. yes I give money or preferably food but me one person they 200 people?? No I don’t need to go out and put up with this rubbish.
          I believe in natural selection, let the more polite ones get money and food, as for the others that would see me dead with empty pockets… Reagan once said “Let ’em eat jelly beans!”
          Its not up to me, but the “the peoples” govt. to do something.
          If China’s govt. doesn’t value their lives why should anyone else?

          China is a third world country with an autistic govt. and modern culture.

          I pity the poor buggers, best thing to do……….. controlled social cleansing because theres just too many people and they are uneducated like wild animals with not even the basic primary education. its like pre 1911.

          • MrT

            UK sent them to Australia, didn’t cure the problem, just created another one.
            HK under British rule flogged them then deported them to the Chinese Mainland.

          • tai wai

            the Nazi Party were democratic nationalist “socialists”.


            You’re one of those.

            Nazi Führer Adolf Hitler had objected to the party’s previous leader’s decision to use the word “Socialist” in its name as Hitler at the time instead preferred to use “Social Revolutionary”.[15] Upon taking over the leadership, Hitler kept the term but defined socialism as meaning a commitment of an individual to a community.[15] Hitler claimed that true socialism does not repudiate private property unlike the claims of Marxism, and claimed that the “Marxians have stolen the term and confused its meaning” and said that “Communism is not socialism. Marxism is not socialism.”[16] Hitler claimed that unconditional equality of opportunity for all “racially sound” Aryan males was the essence of the “Socialism” of “National Socialism”.

      • MrT

        In a move that is reportedly designed to ‘protect’ tourists and other shoppers from being approached on the street while hitting the stores, begging exclusion zones have been set up in three of Paris’s busiest – and most visitor-friendly – locations.

        A begging ban has been in place on the Champs Elysées since September – which, although it was due to run until January, has now been extended until the summer.

        Restrictions are also in effect around the popular Galeries Lafayette and Printemps department stores, as well as the Louvre art gallery and adjacent Tuileries Gardens.

        The clampdown has been instigated by Claude Guéant, France’s notoriously hard-line Interior Minister. Instructions have been issued to arrest ‘aggressive beggars’.

        The move seems to be particularly targeted at Romanian immigrants. Guéant has reportedly called on the services of 33 Romanian police officers to help enforce the measures, and says that Romanians account for one in six appearances in Paris courts.

        However, the move has been heavily criticised in some quarters.

        Read more:

        but its only a Communist government does this according to the brainwashed HKers.

        • Hong Konger

          Are you kidding? Do you think any European nation — France or anywhere else — would get away with putting beggars in cages like a tourist attraction? It would be considered a human rights disaster — not brushed off the way it is like in China.
          Have you even been to beautiful Paris?
          There’s a huge difference between keeping the streets clean of beggars — and CAGING them.
          Do you know how many social benefits — soup kitchens, welfare payments, free health care — beggars get in France?
          This is not to be insensitive to the homeless in Europe, who certainly have their own problems.
          But you’ve got to be crazy to compare them to the poor in China.

          • MrT

            I’m guessing your a brainwashed HKers type.
            I is crazy btw.

          • linette

            @HONG KONGER…don’t bother with Mr.T. He is annoying. He keeps attacking HKers saying shxt like hkers are arrogant and dogs and pirates. Don’t talk to him. He speaks nonsense.

          • shaniqua

            they weren’t placed in there.
            if the beggers wanted to stay there they had to beg in that shelter. if they didn’t want to they were free to leave.

        • MrT

          I reckon them outside the railings are getting screwed more then them inside..

          • MrT


  • anon999

    its actually kinda good, protection against people, nature, rain.

  • Cooljackal


  • the ace of books

    I just.

    So. I can see how this was meant right. And the basic idea is good: make a certain zone to beg in, provide it with shade, water, meals – it’s kind of like a shelter, but much more 随便. It sounds like it was executed with basic human decency in mind, too, which is good.

    But good lord does it ever look wrong, and so easily can it be misinterpreted! Waist-high railings are one thing (like a Chinese poster mentioned, and probably a good solution in this case). But full-on, metal-bar human pens? That just looks all-out bad.

    The basic idea is good. It’s just that nobody thought of the, ah, photographic value of the situation.

    • Brett Hunan

      Begging in a temple isn’t even fair. “Might as well be a bullseye.”

      • the ace of books

        But see, it’s what people are going to do. It’s human nature at work again, looking for 利益 – “what can I do to benefit me and mine? what gets me the greatest profit?” economics on a micro scale: go to the place you know other beggars go to and you won’t be run off by police and you might even get sympathy monies, and there you have it.

        Not saying it’s right. But there’s a lot wrong with the whole … can it be called a system? of beggars, and location isn’t even half of it. When you’ve got people defacing children just to get them sympathy monies – shit, man, where do you begin?

        • Linette

          defacing children to get sympathy money is also the china gov’t fault. How come they don’t do enough to crack down these kidnapping organizations and abuse? It’s a very severe problem. If they have underground thieves stealing money from gov’t officials, you will see how fast and efficient China work to crack them down. But no….underground organizations kidnapping kids and mutilate kids not much the china officials can do..or do enough. That is just pure madness.

          A kid should never be on the street begging even with their own parents. That is child abuse. Negligence is a form of abuse too. The polices need to initiate arrest immediately as soon as they spot a minor begging on the street. Take the kids away immediately. Seek and arrest those who are responsible. Even their own parents. That is child abuse.

          • k

            You want to see really bad child abuse in china? Type “The Dying Rooms” in Youtube…….when I watched the documentary, I cried the entire.time for those babies…..its about the treatment of chinese orphans (mostly girls) in the state run orphanages……the inhumanity and cruelity rivals the Nazis….systematic population control, babies being strapped into chairs for 10+ hrs a day, zero human touch or affection, they eventually give up the wi to live and waste away, spending their last few moments on earth with no one to care or hold them…..the documentary was made in the 90’s, I dont know if the situation is.still as bad now, I heard it got.better once China started allowing international adoptions and the orphanages realized the kids could be turned for profitt, so they treat them better……so sad.

          • linette

            i will go watch it on youtube. But my stomach is weak. I don’t know if I can take it.

            Some kids are orphaned because their parents died. Some are orphaned because they are girls and the parents only want boy. But still many of the parents of these orphans can’t provide for their own kids to begin with, and those are the people that have tons of kids. You see those crazy stories like young kids work in the car shop or construction site…like isn’t that child abuse? They are so young and have to work to financially support the family.

            Any how, they really need to control population in the rural areas. They are so poor in those rural and towns. One child per family. Do sterilization if necessary. If the poor and bad parents(the ones that kill baby girl) don’t give birth, less children will fall victim to this kind of abuse.

            Those people complain about sterilization have never seen the lives of these poor children on the streets and in orphanages. Tell me what’s more cruel? Birth control or children subject to environments not suitable to raise them.

          • mr. wiener

            Lot of folks saying “The Chinese govt oughta do this, They oughta do that….”.
            The scary thing about the Chinese govt is not how much centralized power they have…It is how much centralized power they don’t have. The govt back in BJ town doesn’t give 2 spits about what the local cadres or councilers out in Jiangxi or some other province are doing, unless it causes a huge uproar internally , then they’ll quietly step in an squish someone.
            As someone mentioned earlier, well I s’pose their intentions were right…but Christ on a crutch! The execution [poor choice of words] on this looks hideous.

          • linette

            Watched “the dying room” and it’s so hopeless. You see so many poor china women and men keep insisting on making more babies and breaking the one child policy. They know it’s breaking the law but they don’t care. They want to make more babies that they can’t afford. If it’s a girl they throw her away leave her to die and keep trying to make more sons. One woman she was like 8 9 months pregnant and got a forced abortion. She will definitely try again to make more babies.
            The china gov’t needs to enforce sterilization. Like once the woman pop out her first baby you sterilize her boy or girl. They really should.

  • Kukuku

    I think that’s a good idea, poorly executed.

    • Rob

      It’s not even poorly executed. People who are fully capable of work who are laying around begging. Quite a few of them get rather aggressive about it. This is simply the “hamsterdam” solution. You have your designated area, you can come and go anytime you want, but if you want to beg, you stay there. Instead of the incentive being “go here or we’ll beat the crap out of you”, the incentive is “go here and you get some free food and water and are not exposed to the elements”.

      And of course, keep in mind the vast majority of beggars are absolute pros at it. See the same people over and over again, pulling the same exact scam. Fake blind people in the subways, random assholes at stop lights, fake cripples on the sidewalks, intentional cripples on the sidewalks who are basically owned by a black society and do it in return for room and board.

      My absolute personal favorite being the ones who claim they have no money for food, but definitely have money for elaborate signs and (obviously) fake documents. Most *real* beggars are stupidly ashamed of falling to that level and only do it on a short basis. Most would rather have that empty plastic bottle or cardboard box that they can recycle for their money. Most who would normally be a beggar, would rather dig through the trash to find things of value. I donate my empties to the pickers and I donate the first bill in my unorganized wallet to quality buskers.

      Pickers provide a service to the rest of society by enabling irresponsibility when it comes to trash. Buskers provide a service of adding some life and art to a drab background without hurting anything, defacing anything or getting in anyone’s way. I also make LARGE cash donations to legit vetted charities that work to get these people off the streets and provide food, housing and training so they can support themselves… be it arts and crafts or technical training which makes them employable, or non-recourse microloans so they can become legit.

  • Song of the Article


    nothing else…. .

    • BigJ

      Kadafu, your pic looks like someone from the mad max movies.:) Like some post apocalyptic fucking cannibal. :) I’m just joking with you buddy.:)
      Phil Collins song “another day in paradise” sums this up pretty good.:)

      • Boris

        How about:
        Fairport Convention,
        ‘The Beggars’ Song’?
        On second thoughts:
        ‘Are we not men?’

        • BigJ

          Yeah, you are right lol, Phil Collins is not my first choice for music. Actually, Phil Collins has another song to describe Chinese woman……”Easy Lover”. :) LOL

          • Boris

            A song to describe Chinese women…
            Meat Loaf,
            ‘Bat out of Hell’.

  • Slob


    Pick up every single beggar.
    Run them through a physical / psychological examination.
    The incapable are allowed to beg in designated areas in cities.
    The ‘professional beggars’ or ‘liars’ get shot with a fcking bullet.
    City is free of beggars downtown, people give money to those who actually need it.

    Good riddance to half the beggars who will suddenly have the ability to work again.

    • Getrealson


    • the ace of books


      Just no. My god, you sound like Jan Slota there. The solution is not casual violence, nor is it doling out death sentences to all and sundry who’re in a particular profession.

      • BigJ

        So what’s the solution?? Put them all in cages like monkeys for us to throw peanuts at? I think slobs reasoning is a bit extreme. Things like this leads to evil motherfuckers taking advantage of peoples kindness. Like crippling children and making them beg for money. The situation is complicated. I don’t trust any bums in china unless I see a physical deformation of some sort.

        I’m at the train station a few months ago and saw these 3 girls with babies outside while I was having a smoke. They were laughing and playing with their phones and shit and I never really thought too much of it. So I go in to the waiting area inside the train station and see one of the girls walking around begging for money. I thought “you tricky bitch”. So I walked out of the waiting area to my train and went to another waiting area where another train was departing and saw another one of the girls doing the same shit, just in a different waiting room. I went back to my departing room to wait and the girl came up to me put her hands up for me to give her money. So I reach in my pocket, I must of had 15 yuan in coins and just tossed them all under the benches and made her craw under the seat to get the change. I thought if i’m going to give you money, at least you have work for it. It was entertaining as well. :)

        • Chris

          That’s just stupid. Who looks bad there?

          • Getrealson

            The bitch on her hands and knees picking up coins!

        • linette

          You shouldn’t give them any money. Those girls are liars and thieves.

          • BigJ

            Sure that’s 100% true. Maybe…just maybe..1 or 2 of that yuan went to feed that baby. And I don’t like carrying coins in my pocket.:) Plus I will pay $2 dollars to watch some dumb bitch scramble for coins on the train station floor.

        • RuffledFeathers


        • Snicker


  • Getrealson

    Fuck these beggars! they piss me off! if you’ve got arms/legs/brain you can still do something, unless your one of those serverely disabled.

    I sat with one guy in Shanghai and fed him some macca’s because he had no arms/legs. It was freezing but wouldn’t take my sweater. nice bloke too.

    Then there was one motherfucker in Jinan who wouldn’t leave me alone. He followed us into an up-market shopping centre with two guards at the door He was yelling then he grabbed my wife by the sleeve and wouldn’t let go. As usual a crowd of gawkers gathered and just stared (including the guards, They obviously never worked at foxxcon) no one helped. I didn’t want to slap him because I would be at fault but when he touched my wife – all bets were off! I slapped his tin of mao out of his hand but he just yelled more, he probably figured he’d get more than that from this Laowei. I pulled him by the coat but that pulled my wife….fuck’n begging scum.

    Had a traffic one on a trolley, lay in front of my car too. wouldn’t move. bastard.

    Like Ace said, they probably had good intentions but it looks real bad. Just goes to show the government don’t know how to deal with them so they come up with stupid shit like this.

    • Getrealson


    • Cynic

      Wow.. i like your passion and your stories.

      Reminds me of my own behaviour.

      Begging is an assault which I up until very recently reversed onto the perpetrators; I stopped grabbing and throwing their cups into the traffic cause i always felt bad after.

      I think the system mentioned in the article is pretty smart and remarkably would work well in China. Temples are horrible for begging, i know this from first hand experience. No longer will tourists have to feel like victims at the hands of the beggers. They are now controlled for the betterment of the people.

      Being so negative towards Chinese I find this new example such a refreshing and warm change.

      • jeffli

        India hs the same problem with beggars and a screwed up third world economy with a rich central govt.

        I don’t hate Chinese. I feel sorry for the pitiful Chinese peasants.
        nationalism, socialism, monarchy rule has all been tried.
        There is only one way and no one wants to say it.

        these peasants have grown up generation after generation like wild uncultured animals. I feel sorry for them but thats the way it is, and neither you nor I can help them.
        Why let them suffer?
        Why let them keep dragging the country down?
        Most of the city people (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen) would be quite happy if they suddenly “disappeared” one night, just don’t tell the city proletariats what we do with them and nobody will feel guilty. The Intellectuals will breath a sigh of relief.
        the lesser performing intellectuals and proletariats can then be sent to agricultural communes to take up the slack in agricultural production.

        • Snicker

          Chances are good that lesser performing intellectuals and proletariats will perform poorly at agricultural production, making them poor, which will require them to by pushed off to the ovens…Which will eventually mean that city folk will grow hungry and weak from lack of proper nutrition, and unable to check their e-mail with optimal efficiency, will fail to meet their quotas, seeing lower incomes and an inexorable fall to poverty, and again, to the ovens.

          Therefore, it is best, in fact, to do away with all the city people and all those earning more than RMB100k/year, which by law of averages will bring rural peasants up to a relatively wealthy level, negating their need to be done away with. Their farms will supply superior nutrition which will keep them doing just fine. Of course, this will result in some doing better than others…

          So, the best solution, is to voluntarily nuke all major population centers and spread agent orange over the rest of the country to truly level the playing field at zero. Utopia!

  • Slant Eyes

    This is a scene that mirrors China in general. The poor are trapped and will always remain poor. With the people with money looking down at them hoping they stay away.

    They are people as well, with just the luck of being born into poverty. Someone on this post said it right, China should care less about islands that they want to occupy and focus internally on what they already have. What would have they done if these people were at the beijing olympics? Shot them outside of town?

    • jeffli

      The poor should be culled! whats left educated.
      Some of the educated from the cities should be sent to replace the culled.

      Needs a little bit of “final solution” here.
      maybe 300 million and we’re good.
      of course try to preserve the ethnic minorities after all they are such small numbers and unique in culture.
      A forced sterilisation program after medical and family history inspection would be beneficial.
      Voluntary euthanasia should be rewarded …say 10000 RMB – peanuts for the govt.
      we could knock off 300 million,
      Ahhh thats better a little more shufu (comfy)
      after that the lack of peasants in farms can be replaced by
      1. more advanced and and mechanically assisted farming techniques.
      2. the abundant supply of lower mid classes from the city.

      1 less population stress
      2 higher average education level ( the current peasants are dragging it down)
      3 higher performance per person on GDP.

      Look at Germany, after their 1930s 1940s cleansing of mentally weak, retarded, inbred, Gypsies and other of societies undesirables.
      This small country 80 million??? is no. 1 exporter, better than China and with social benefits!
      need to cull!

      • Kukuku

        You’re a special kind of asshole.

      • Germandude


        If you are joking, even I can’t love. I am German and sarcasm is in our blood. But what you are writing there is just so wrong that it makes my eyes bleeding.

        If you are a wanna-be Nazi though, better get your facts right, for that even your soulmates would laugh about yor lack of knowledge. In an earlier post, you wrote about “in the late 1930s…Arbeit macht frei…factories”…

        “Arbeit macht frei” Was written on the entrance of Auschwitz, which was not a factory as which you sarcastically called it, but a death camp. Auschwitz was build in the 1940s and not in Germany, but Poland.

        The Nazis didn’t “clean out” the “weak, retarded, inbred, Gypsies and…undesirables”. They cleaned out anything not fitting their picture of “normal” including huge portions of the country’s elite and intelligence.

        Germany’s success after 2nd world war was achieved through the idea of working hard, investing into modern infrastructure and products and by the benefits and support of its neighbors, allowing Germany another chance.

        When will assholes like you ever learn?

      • Germandude

        I meant laugh in the first sentence of course…

  • C.

    leave it to the 粪青 to bring up the diaoyu islands in a totally unrelated article.

    • BigJ

      You mean the senkaku islands. :)

  • Dr Dust Cell

    I hate beggars with metal-eating acidic impunity.

    Check out this indoBOOM article for more on beggars:

    • jeffli

      Indonesia – Another country that could do with social engineering and cleansing.

      • mr. wiener

        My goodness, someone got up on the wrong side of the swastika this morning.

  • BigJ

    This whole bums in cages thing…I don’t know what to think about that…First time I have ever seen anything like that.

    In most cases I have no problem with beggars. I admit I have a soft spot for old people who ask for money. Most of the time I always give them something. I just feel people shouldn’t have to spend their last years of life begging for money just to eat. And disabled people too.

    People like the ones you see on the sidewalk with a chinese sign that says “I lost my passport or I need money to get home or some shit like that can fuck right off. That’s just being fucking lazy. Same as these bitches who use a baby to make you feel bad into them money. Fuck them too.

    The worst thing I ever saw was in Shanghai. I was walking down the street and seen this woman sitting on a blanket with Child maybe 2 or 3 years old. I could not tell if it was boy of girl. It hard to explain this….It’s like the kid had chemical burns on all of its body.Or like maybe was in a really bad fire or something. It was horrible.The skin looked like it was just hanging off him/her.The child had no hair. Fuck….anyways…

    • jeffli

      Gas, or lethal injection (overdose on morphine could be painless).

      I have heard of child kidnapping, then they burn their skin or amputate limbs on the children.

      These are not people. their parents and grandparents were not people.
      put them out of their misery.
      If you were to check the genealogy of these beggars you would find there has never been any ancestors with even the most basic literacy.
      Without a culture of oral story telling traditions or painting to pass on to following generations.
      They are pitiful animals. They should be put down.

      • a nuclear war with india would be the fastest way to cull beggars in china. While china nuclear bombs india’s army tanks. india would drop nuclear bombs on china’s country side cause their missiles are soi inaccurate. chinese leaders soldiers and business men and workers would all hide in bunkers and protective suits while the beggars just dropped

        • Jennster

          The best way to eliminate China’s rural population is t0 dispatch a couple million of young Chinese men to invade the YANK mainland, and kill/rape some 200 million yanks. At the same time, dispatch these men onto diaoyu island. The end result is better male/female ratio and less rural Chinese (they can also fight better because they have nothing to lose, just like how these peasants raped those Indian/Tibetan/KMT/Uighur/Inner Mongolian midgets @ the time). Yanks on the other hand, get to lose more.

          There is no need to fight the Indians. Like China, they are asian and one of the oldest civilisations in the world. A lot of Chinese people respect their history. :)

          • moop

            another stupid comment

          • mr. wiener

            “respect their history” …maybe. Look down on them ….definitely.

  • I’m for caging up those kids that like to surround you, clamp onto your leg and not let go while the others look for a chance to swipe your wallet from your back pocket. Perhaps a cage full of pissed off shaved weasels for repeat offenders.

    • jeffli

      Rather than cages, A lot less metal would be used if a single bullet put them out of their misery.

      • jeffli

        Think about it…. these kids if they weren’t kidnapped
        stuck there all day shitting and pissing their pants. the elders looking after them are psychotic and treat the children like sacred monkeys.

        the elders themselves are brain damaged through upbringing /alcohol culture or developmental malnutrition when they were young.

        Gas / bullets / Zyklon B / but for gods and mercy’s sake stop this cruel farce. I would shoot zoo animals acting like this!

        • jeffli

          I know this sounds cruel, but can we really keep watching these people revelling in their own shit and piss existence?
          Generating more offspring at an increasing rate like this?
          I wouldn’t let my dog live like that.

          • bobby dazzler

            The scene: A mid-priced apartment in one of China’s major cities – early morning light filters in through blinds onto a man seated at a desk, computer on, cigarette burning and coffee steaming. A phone rings

            A: Hello?
            B: Hey man – Uuuhh…some of us are going out to brunch – you in?
            A: Uh, yeah sure – what time?
            B: About 11 or so? Same place as last time.
            A: Cool yeah – I’m down.
            B: Nice. What are you up to?
            A: Oh nothing, man. Just browsing the web. Just woke up.
            B: Anything interesting?
            A: Ummm… yeah, kinda. There’s a guy on Chinasmack straight advocating genocide on China’s peasants.

            B: What?
            A: Yeah, I know right? China? Smack!
            B: Holy shit – is he trolling?
            A: Uuuuh I have no idea. I actually can’t tell with this one. It’s like… he posted at like 4am, then again an hour or so later and again at like 6 or 7am. He really seems to be.. uuhh… reaching out to people here – really adamant that he gets his point across. Dude, check it out – it’s in the “beggars in cages” story.
            B: Ha ha oh wow. Beggars in cages?
            A: Yep
            B: …Jesus Christ. Well what’s his argument here? Overpopulation and such?
            A: Yeah, pretty much. There are lots of peasants, apparently, and most are uneducated, so…uuuhhh… let’s kill them. That’s the main thrust right there.
            B: That sounds like a really fucking depressing thing to wake up to.
            A: Yeah. Yeah it is.

            A: Fuck it, I’m going to watch the Office or something. 11 for brunch right?
            B: Yeah man – see you there – take it easy.
            A: Alright – cool. Peace.

            the man puts the phone down and, stretching, takes one more look at the monitor. A harsh, whistling sigh comes from his lips as he slowly shakes his head.

            A: Fucking. Depressing.

            The man closes his browser and opens his music player of choice. The sounds of Roger Whittaker’s “Mexican whistler” fills the apartment. Spirits buoyed and content in the knowledge that he is not jeffli, the man continues with his happily innocuous life, eventually forgetting the bizarre rantings he happened to read one breezy October morning


          • Dat Ankle

            I know youre trying to sound sympathetic to Chinese beggars, but comparing them to zoo animals for being poor and offering to shoot them to save money and put them out their misery isnt a good way to go.

          • Brett Hunan

            jeffli I dont know what to make of you today. I hope you were really drunk or on some new designer drug, and in your state of irrationality you actually mistook your calls for genocide as “compassion”.

          • jeffli

            Oh Bobby Dazzler, you strikingly dressed person you.

            Bprn with a silver spoon in your mouth?
            Mummy and daddy get you the desk job? The proceeds from yourpurchase of your three piece Armani copy suit saving the poor then?

            you’re best shot was “Mexican Whistler”? Why not Rammsteins Waltzing Matilda?

            your use of the word genocide was incorrect, but maybe in the colonial antipode English dialect the meaning changes?
            maybe you’re speaking “Bush English”? like “war ahn terrrists”?

          • jeffli

            I don’t want to kill all the Chinese, or Indians , or Africans.

            Can you people really stand by and watch this pathetic pitiful situation go on? Then you’re worse than me.
            the kid in the photo, he is currently being programmed to be at best a psychotic zombie.
            He is probably slightly malnourished which inhibits years 1 to 5 brain development,
            Parenting? yeah enough said…. we all were dragged out to begging sideshows when we were young, social services or child protection services in developed countries would have a “pink fit”!
            Education? When he does eventually start schooling most probably the teacher is not a real qualified teacher anyway, but just some teen who made it to grade 5.

            Social skills? as learnt from elders.

            Employment? subsistance farming, lucky if theres two coins to rub together.

            Wealth? Sweet Fanny Adams!

            Living in an almost anarchic society made up of peers.

            Even the govt. does spend lots of money and each peasant family gets high quality food, water, housing, financial help for clothes and telecommunications, an accelerated and tailored education system to University. It would take years (generations) to take effect. The majority will still be a mess of human beings.
            It is sad,
            the poor class are not just poor in terms of wealth but also every other aspect of heir life too.

            And here on Chinasmack and other sites we criticise them, we laugh at them, we try to help them.
            but there are some that are just too far gone. how to fix this? How break the generation after generation of screwed up humans?

          • Teacher in China

            Testing the recently discussed comment moderation, are we, Jeffli? You’re certainly making a strong argument in favour of censorship on these message boards. The fact that you posted those hateful things so many times on this thread suggests that you aren’t just trolling, that you actually believe what you are writing is true. I feel like I have to call you out as a sick fuck. I think lots of people here would appreciate it if you would keep those twisted ideas to yourself. Better yet, seek some professional medical care.

          • jeffli

            Dear Learned Teacher in China,
            I would be interested in your opinion of beggars, poor etc.
            I’m not racist
            but I feel it is such a pity how poor people live in China, Indonesia, Philippines, Somalia, Liberia, and many other countries.

          • simon

            i’d let them feed on assholes like you, problem solved.

          • jeffli

            oh and mr. Teacher in China,
            foreign teachers are famous for dating students 1/2 their age ….be careful when calling names ….Glass houses ya know!
            Foreign English Teachers – borderline pedophiles.

            It may well be that you are the one who needs professional medical help or incarceration.

          • Kukuku

            @jeffli: And I thought my jokes were bad…

            No seriously wtf is wrong with you? People were all over my balls for saying Japan and China should just go to war and get it over with but you take the fucking cake.

            Exterminating the poor (selectively)!

            And you even have the balls to call teachers pedophiles to defend yourself. Even if for some reason you were right, killing the hobos would still be far worse.

            I give you my official seal of disapproval.

          • mr. wiener

            One finds pedos in all professions as the latest sweeps from interpol have shown.

          • Teacher in China

            Ah, my mistake, you are nothing more than a troll after all. I’ll just set my phasers to “ignore” then.

          • jeffli

            Ok then!
            Maybe I’m wrong then…
            but do you have an alternative?

            1. These poor are suffering beyond belief.
            2. No culture no literacy no transfer of oral history nothing.
            3. not a good sense of right or wrong They get the concept through physical beatings.

            4. the middle and upper-classes complain about them – Thats YOU complaining about them and make fun of them.

            When ask you for a small donation…(you make 10k ->100k yuan per month) you wont even give them 1 yuan nor even 5 mao! – mean bloody foreigners and middle upper classes.

            Or is it that you like criticising the poor saps,
            laughing at them,
            then feeling guilt followed by pity,
            then criticising them again,
            does this make you feel more human, i.e. watching them suffer?
            I see a lot of that here.

            I don’t want to kill these buggers at all, but when I presented a solution , a very disgusting solution I agree, some of you could only think….”If that happens then I and my descendants will become like these poor buggers” locked in the bottom of the classes.
            Ho Ho Ho very selfish towards ones own DNA indeed!

            YOU need these poor buggers there with no future other than to grow underdeveloped, under-educated, filled full of tumours, worms, sick all the time and dying at an early age.
            Because if they are not there you will be there! Then it will be you and your family and descendants begging and suffering!

            Stop to think for a second how you would really fare in their shoes. Actually like them you wouldn’t have the chance to develop the intellectual capability to improve your self if born in their environment.

            SO…wining about the poor buggers then, If they want to beg, maybe tug on your nice clean business suit to get your attention so what?
            You don’t have to beat them then throw their begging cup under the traffic, then they starve another day
            OR get beaten by their ‘controller’ and starve another day.

            AND…. ‘Eugenics’ give this topic a good read, it is partially implemented in China, look up Sir Francis Galton and his peers if you dare.

            meanwhile show a little respect for these pitiful souls!

          • Holy shit, Jeffli. I was exaggerating when I said I would put the leg-clinging pick-pocketing beggar children in a cage full of angry shaved weasels. Geez, dude.

          • Dat Ankle

            Again, offering to kill them will not make you a hero. It really would be best for you to keep your pipe dream of killing people for being poor to yourself because youre coming off as psychotic.

          • elizabeth

            “meanwhile show a little respect for these pitiful souls!”

            I am not sure if you really meant to cull the poor or just using that as an argument to respect them without whom the middle class would be the ones at the bottom.

            If it’s the latter, dramatically brilliant, dude :)

          • jeffli

            “just using that as an argument to respect them without whom the middle class would be the ones at the bottom.”

            Yep thats right, but no-one but you thought of that why? because they were busy accusing me of being
            why? because deep down inside, if it were their govt. policy to do such genocide they all gladly would and then use rat cunning to ruin other peoples in their peer groups lives so their standard of living could be maintained.
            This showed the dark side, genocide with merciful intentions I do not agree they also but for different reasons

            3 poor people -rice farmers, 3 middle class people rice eaters.
            the poor are begging for just 1 dollar
            Mr. middle class no.1 gives a dollar because he thinks “charity is a ticket to heaven”

            Mr. Middle class no.2 gives a dollar so the poor bugger doesn’t die, as there is a risk he may have to replace him!

            Mr. Middle class no.3 gives the dollar because he thinks its the right thing to do. not seeking any reward here or in the afterlife.

            I think most of the very vocal guys would fit in Mr. middle class no.2. – good deed done for a selfish reason, yet still complaining about the poor – leaves a darkness in the heart.
            no.2 is the sort that follow extermination orders to the letter!

  • Joe

    I can’t believe there were no comments about the fake monks! I don’t like being around beggars, but I have no hate in my heart for them. The fake monks on the other hand…

    • MrT

      yea they do Kung Fu on you if you don’t cough up ya shekels sharp.

  • Dat Ankle

    Hm, it looks bad since theyre in cages but they can leave whenever they want, are given free food and water, and got shade. I guess they could have made it look better like a small fence that they put surrounding trees in sidewalks with a tarp instead of a cage. They look like a side attraction though.

    • jeffli

      quote :- Hm, it looks bad since theyre in cages but they can leave whenever they want, are given free food and water, and got shade.

      My dogs got a better life,
      a big back yard, trips to the beach, nice big bones and good quality meat, fresh clean fluoridated water, many shady spots to sit – overall a good life.

      • jeffli

        but I do agree “they look like a side attraction”

      • BigJ

        Yeah lol, My dog live better then most Chinese people. :) My dog and Chinese have 2 things in common…..they both like eating cats and it pisses and shits on the sidewalk.:) Shit, that was cold blooded:) I’m sorry for that last comment, i just could not resist. :)

      • Dat Ankle

        Im not surprise your dog has a better life, Ive seen people that treat and care about animals more better then humans so Im not surprised at all. Besides, I dont expect much from a developing country.

  • Jay

    I think this is a case where the government meant well, but habitually not having to think about end results and how they will be perceived as long as general incompetence lead to this outcome.

  • Jennster

    stupid waidi cunts on motor bikes (3 ppl sitting on one) trying to hit our taxi purposely to get insurance money. injured gets more than dead chinese.

    • mr. wiener

      Hmm.. you were right, Chinese people are smart.

      • Jennster

        shanghai has highest iq in the world with 109

        • MrT

          IQ doesn’t rub off you know.

          • mr. wiener

            Tis true. “My neighbor is Albert Einstein, therefore I is smart too”.

        • linette

          Really? I thought Hong kong has the highest IQ in the world. They have the highest IQ as the number one in the world for many years. Then it’s followed by south korea, Japan, then Taiwan. It’s been like that for some years. Show me the link that shanghai has higher IQ.

          Hong Kong 107
          1 South Korea 106
          2 Japan 105
          3 Taiwan 104
          4 Singapore 103
          5 Austria 102
          5 Germany 102
          5 Italy 102
          5 Netherlands 102
          9 Sweden 101
          9 Switzerland 101
          11 Belgium 100
          11 China 100

          Which country has the lowest IQ?

          • linette

            UK you are smarter than USA and Canada.

            15 United Kingdom 100
            16 Hungary 99
            17 Poland 99
            18 Spain 99
            19 Australia 98
            20 Denmark 98
            21 France 98
            22 Norway 98
            23 United States 98
            24 Canada 97

          • BigJ

            Well Shanghai is city, not a country. I found a list of the smartest cities in the world.
            The world’s top 10 smart cities:

            1. Vienna

            2. Toronto

            3. Paris

            4. New York

            5. London

            6. Tokyo

            7. Berlin

            8. Copenhagen

            9. Hong Kong

            10. Barcelona

            I feel a person’s common sense level should be entered into the mix, for it does play an important part in a person’s life.
            There are many people who never went to high school nor college that have wonderful intelligence levels.
            The testing for I.Q. levels seems out dated, due in part to having people learn throughout their lives. Does it make a person better then the next person just because they have a high I.Q.? No, It’s what you do with your knowledge & common sense that stands you out from the crowd.

            I guess the actor James Woods has an IQ of 180…who would have thought that. lol

          • donscarletti

            Shanghai is a city in China, not a country, so won’t be on that list.

            Anyway, where’s Isreal? A country made up of like 30% Ashkenazi Jews is probably going to list right up there.

          • linette

            Toronto and new york…..scream Chinese. ;)

          • BigJ

            I guess the lowest IQ countries are
            1 Equatorial Guinea 59
            2 Ethiopia 63
            3 Sierra Leone 64
            4 Democratic Republic of the Congo 65
            5 Zimbabwe 66
            5 Guinea 66
            7 Nigeria 67
            8 Ghana 71
            9 Tanzania 72
            9 Sudan 72
            Pretty much black people. :) Just joking.;)

            You can’t judge people by their IQ. I have a story. The smartest kid in my class growing up was super book smart. He could do anything math,science question you tossed at him, but had the personality of a wet dish cloth. What does he do now? Sits in his mothers basement playing world of warcraft, while jacking off to math questions.
            Now the dumbest fucking kid in my class who smoked dope all day and failed more test then anyone. He is now a manager of a Ford dealership and has a beautiful wife and rich as fuck. But this man is has a great way with people and used that to his advantage in life.Which makes him more intelligent then the other guy who never used his abilities wisely.

          • linette

            Jews are definitely very intelligent. Those honor class students are mostly Jews and Chinese back in my days. Like American jew. Weissman, Goldman, Silverberg, Chen, Wong, Lam, Cheung…etc.. lol..

          • Jennster


            From the wiki link:

            For People’s Republic of China, the authors used a figure of 109.4 for Shanghai and adjusted it down by an arbitrary 6 points because they believed the average across China’s rural areas was probably less than that in Shanghai.

          • Jennster

            3 countries of the top 5 are chinese based. :)

          • Germandude

            IQ tests mean nothing. Results vary from test to test as they are not standardized. Often IQ tests are combined with EQ tests, changing test results even further.

            And no matter what test result one is gonna pull, what do they really tell?

            Right, nothing. Plus, people that believe in high IQ = high success, don’t understand a thing of it…

            So please stop this virtual cock comparison. Thought people here are older than 14 on average… Pathetic

          • donscarletti

            Jennster: on that link, I don’t see any mention of that 6 point deduction, no reference to Shanghai either. It seems that the book has a lot of other assumptions and possible flaws, though most economic studies do.

            But honestly, the average means quite little. 107 is not conspicuously clever by any means. A country with 95% IQ ~80 peasants with 5% at IQ 140+ is going to have a lower average and create more great breakthroughs in science and culture than having 107s across the board. You will notice Russia managed to put the first satellite and human into space, dominate chess, produce Lev Tolstoy, Petr Tchaikovsky, Dmitri Mendeleev and others with an average of 96, which is 10 lower than Korea, that has produced naught but kimchi in its multi-millenial history.

          • Getrealson

            @Jennster, I’m not trying to be a smart ass or attack you but IQ seems to mean nothing by percentage when you take into consideration Innovation, societal values and education system.

            Don’t you think that what your saying begs the question: What are chinese doing? If their IQ’s are higher by average and you (and most people worldwide) think this gives you an intellectual edge, shouldn’t that result in a better society? Maybe Chinese people are being taught the wrong things.

            What do you think? A wise person once said “If humans were half as smart as we thought we were, and still made these mmistakes, we would be in a lot of trouble!”

          • MrT

            11. HKers
            10.Portia Labiata Jumping Spider
            9. Rats
            8. Ravens & Crows
            7. The Border Collie
            6. North Pacific Giant Octopus
            5. African Grey Parrot
            4. Elephants
            3. Rhesus Macaque Monkey
            2. Bottlenose Dolphins
            1. Common Chimpanzee

          • linette

            Petr Tchaikovsky = jewish

            sky, man, berg, vitz, stein


          • linette

            largest penis in the world = blue whale

            smallest penis in the world = Mr. T from chinasmack.

          • MrT

            We met?

          • Jennster

            Highest IQ in the world, Jewish with 113 average. Btw, Jewish are smartest, then east asians, then European whites :)

    • Jennster

      those countries in the top 10 all have great societies, whether they are chinese, asian or other?

    • Vault Dweller

      A high Intelligence statistic is pointless for Chinese people. They are better off putting a point in Constitution so they can make more iphones before tiring. Also, they should abandon picking the ‘Senkaku is ours’ feat and instead pick up Great Fortitude, to increase their saving throws against noxious iphone screen cleaner fumes/attacks by evil Foxconn guards.

  • MrT

    you only get beggars in China where the tourists are, go to any backwater city with no attractions and you wont see a beggar.
    They also travel great distances,(by airplane no doubt) winter they all go to the South coast to beg because it warmer there, its like a winter vacation for them.
    The real hard done to people, homeless, mentally ill never beg, they the ones you see sleeping outside. They live out the bins and fend for them self’s, these are the people who need help.
    Chinese government should do the right thing and deport all the beggars to Hong Kong, HK needs taking down a peg or 10, stuck up cnts.

  • tai wai

    I’m assuming that there are laws against panhandling, like most countries.

    So, I guess this beats sending them to an actual jail.

  • Cameron

    If you talk to most Chinese people about the subject of beggars, they will assure you with utter conviction that 99% of the toothless one-armed peasants that spend two minutes harrassing rich foreigners for a couple of kuai are not actually poor at all. IN FACT they are richer than you are. They live in four bedroom apartments, drive BMWs, and have a wardrobe full of Gucci and Prada which they change into at the end of the day spent lying in someones piss on some filthy underground floor. IN FACT the top five beggars in any given Chinese city have a net worth greater than Shell, Exxon, and BP combined.

    One of those little idiosyncratic beliefs that many Chinese people have that makes outsiders wonder if theyve stepped into the Matrix.

    • Jennster

      these people are just smart in a sneaky/tricky way. the main problem is laziness and a lack of jobs available compared to supply. they’d rather use their brains on tactics. there is also entire organisations with goal of fraud and calling random people to get credit card info

    • tai wai

      No one is really poor in China. The government made everyone rich, remember? I mean, look around any city. You’re telling me that everyone has money except these beggars?

      Next you’ll tell me that farmers aren’t better off than white collar workers, with all that land they have.

    • Jennster

      notice how the best posture people are those that don’t wear brands because they don’t need to. those who do wear them just have these peasant looks and hunch backed.

      • tai wai

        Outside of quality: Brands are just something that poor people use to feel rich.

        • Jennster

          human psych is too awesome.
          when you already have awesome luck (fate/destiny) you don’t have a chip on your shoulder and don’t care about these things. you already have them. whereas the nouveau rich act like animals and wuddenly become arrogant and look down on others (reminiscent of their past) because it’s in their genes.

    • tai wai

      Also, the idea that “poor people aren’t really poor, they’re cheats” isn’t a Chinese one.

      How many people in the US believe in the caricature of a welfare queen, popping out kids, living large, buying Cadillacs and luxury refrigerators on the taxpayer’s dime?

      Answer: Too many people. Too many people believe that.

      • simon

        exactly, i’m sure they could take up physically demanding jobs like fruit picking or whatever it is illegal immigrants from mexico do, but they’re just too lazy.

        more like “poor people aren’t poor, they’re just lazy”

        • linette

          Some of them are poor not faking. The poor rural in China. They are poor and trying to survive. They weren’t given the opportunity of education like you. The only way for them to get money is thru hard labor. Look at these beggars in the photos. A lot of them are grandmas and grandpas. Do you want your grandma to do hard labor? Here I go again like a broken record…China needs to take care of their rural citizens. Improve their lives.

          Don’t be mean to old grandmas and grandpas beggars. Don’t be mean to minor kids beggars. Don’t be mean to single moms with babies beggars. A lot of them are victims under the sick China gov’t.
          I strongly suggest do not give them money. They may be fake and will only encourage underground organizations to kidnap kids to beg for money. I say always just give foods and drinks. If you are so kind and have the time take them to doctor and pay the medical bill for them.

  • Mop

    It only looks bad. The staff aren’t mistreating them at all (or at least that’s what I’m getting from the article). Remove the cage and replace it with something else. Maybe a tent?

    • MrT

      you know what, they have got tents, plenty of shade, floor coverings, food and water given them, its fecking paradise for beggars, i can see they might be pissed because they cant grab your leg now when you walk past, or force you to run the gaunlet.
      Its not a cage either but railings, any dumb twt can see that , but the political tools jump on anything they can see to say some bad sht about Chinese government or local authorities.
      Just a classic example of a story twisted for certain people (organizations) own agenda.

  • sam

    Chinese people are so cruel…the Mongolians should have destroyed all Hans in the past…

  • Captain Obvious

    Rescue shelter my foot. This is shameful to China, putting humans in a cage!

  • sa

    At first, I thought this was ridiculous. However, I do understand their good (?) intentions. I assume the Temple Fair occurs every so now and then and becomes a busy aspect of the year, so this may attract foreigners, locals and other people. With such an event, there are many different people that come and go. Some people may even go so far as to upset or try to bother the ‘beggars.’ What I don’t think is necessary, is the cage however. If all they needed was a borderline, with the amount of time and effort needed to make the cage, I think a small fence would have sufficed.

  • Edward Kay

    why did this came out again after 3 years?