“China’s Sexiest Female Teacher” 30-Year Old Zhu Songhua

China's sexiest primary school teacher.


Sexiest primary school teacher stuns internet

Elementary school teacher Zhu Songhua, called "China's sexiest female teacher".
No. 1 Primary School Attached to Jiangsu Nantong language teacher -- Zhu Songhua

According to a Yangtse Evening News report, almost overnight, this lithe and graceful bodied, delicate faced, sweet smiled, fashionably and sexily dressed natural beauty became famous online, with netizens wildly spreading her photographs and videos but most surprised by her identity — an elementary/primary school language teacher. As a result, she has also gained the title of “China’s Sexiest Female Teacher”. Her name is Zhu Songhua, a language teacher for No. 1 Primary School Attached to Jiangsu Nantong, and over the last several days, she has experienced great popularity on the internet but at the same time has also suffered criticism and skepticism. “I’m just an ordinary person, just want to live a normal life, not trying to gain publicity,” this award-winning outstanding teacher said.

Elementary school teacher Zhu Songhua, called "China's sexiest female teacher".
Zhu Songhua, dubbed "China's sexiest female teacher"
Primary school teacher Zhu Songhua, called "China's sexiest female teacher"
Zhu Songhua shows off her long legs.

In early September, Zhu Songhua appeared on Jiangsu Satellite Television’s “Happy Night” program’s “My Teacher Is Special” segment, and upon going on stage, she caused a stir, with the audience immediately praising her as being pretty/good-looking. When she was asked on the show about the teaching profession, she replied that she believes there are no bad students, only bad teachers, that teaching students love and responsibility is the most important, and when she encounters a naughty child, she doesn’t severely criticize but rather patiently guides/teaches.

Primary school teacher Zhu Songhua, called "China's sexiest female teacher"
Zhu Songhua's sexy self photo

At No. 1 Primary School Attached to Jiangsu Nantong, it was learned that ever since graduating from Nantong Normal University Zhu, Songhua has been working continuously as a language teacher and tutor at this school to this day. The Zhu Songhua on the internet [photos] appears to be an open-minded, fashionable and trendy beauty, but in she is actually an outstanding teacher while at work. After becoming famous online, many of her students’ parents have not looked at her differently, believing that females wanting to be beautiful is nature, that a beautiful woman attending class may make the classroom atmosphere more invigorating and relaxed, and what parents care about more is the teacher’s teaching ability.

Primary school teacher Zhu Songhua, called "China's sexiest female teacher"
Zhu Songhua already has a happy family

Her colleague expressed, Zhu Songhua loves teaching and has always been exceptionally talented amongst the teaching staff, that she normally does not dress and make-up herself like what is seen in her [online] photographs but rather simply, relying on her outstanding teaching ability and affable teaching attitude to gain the students’ favor [be popular with the students]. In recent years, she has won first place in the school’s young teachers teaching competition, has previously represented the school in teaching competitions, winning the Nantong City Chongchuan District second prize. In addition, she’s won first prize for the Nantong City Chongchuan District chalk writing competition, and has also written many articles published on the province’s periodical magazine.

Elementary school teacher Zhu Songhua, called "China's sexiest female teacher"
Zhu Songhua has been invited many times to be a model for magazines and professional photographers.
Primary school teacher Zhu Songhua, called "China's sexiest female teacher"
After being recorded as the most beautiful female teacher on "Happy Night", she has been called China's sexiest female teacher!

From Mop:

Elementary school teacher called China’s sexiest female teacher

Flipping the traditional image on its head, fashionably and sexily dressed with a lithe and graceful body and sweet face, Jiangsu elementary school teacher Zhu Songhua has been named “China’s sexiest female teacher” by netizens. In early September, while appearing on Jiangsu Satellite Television’s “Happy Night” program’s “My teacher is special” segment, she caused a stir, with the male special guest immediately shouting “pretty/good-looking”, and even the male host Peng Yu unable to hide a shy expression.

Zhu Songhua is No. 1 Primary School Attached to Jiangsu Nantong’s 3rd grade language teacher and tutor. With regards to the her teaching profession, Zhu Songhua said on the show, “there are no bad students, only bad teachers, when I encounter a naughty child, I will patiently guide/teach.” With such remarks full of caring and patience, no wonder netizens have said “Encountering this kind of teacher, I hope I never graduate!”

Zhu Songhua is 30-years-old this year, unmarried, 168cm tall, weighs 50kg, and her measurements are 34, 26, 34.

Indeed very gorgeous/glamorous, and I bet the children all like attending her class. However, are the children in the class listening to the lesson or just staring at her?

Comments from Mop:


I just want to ask, what exactly does she teach?


Indeed not bad…haha.


Fuck! How can one study [with her as their teacher]?


I really want to go to the elementary school she teaches at and go through elementary school one more time…


This principal likes this type, appraisal/evaluation complete.


Brother [referring to self] laughs but says nothing. “Teacher” is just her official profession, you guys know what I mean.


PS plus makeup, appraisal complete.


Seeing this girl, brother [referring to self] couldn’t refrain from opening his D drive, his hand unconsciously reaching into his pants…


This girl is already married, her child is 6-years-old, she drives an Audi TT, her husband is rich but really ugly, [so she is like] a bouquet of fresh flowers stuck on cow dung. [She] hates being alone/neglected [not given attention], [so she] plays around recklessly. [I’ve] met her personally, and that’s all there is to know about her, PS + plastic surgery, her character isn’t good, relies on money for her looks, and isn’t fit to be a teacher. Appraisal complete!


Does she teach sex education?

Elementary school teachers. chinaSMACK personals.


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