Chinese Girl’s Vagina Monologues University Presentation

This video of a Vagina Monologues presentation in a Chinese university sex education class is spreading on many BBS forums as well as Kaixin001. You probably should not watch this with sound at work.

UPDATE: The video was removed from Sina last night and the video from Baidu is strangely not working anymore. However, I can still see the video on the Baidu Tieba page although the source is the same.

2009 June 4 UPDATE: Added video from Also, some netizens say the voice of the girl in the presentation is a foreigner and not a Chinese person. Also, this is from Fudan University.

These are the Chinese captions of the PPT presentation in the video. They explain the different types of orgasms or moaning of women:

  1. Satisfied moaning.
  2. Combination moaning.
  3. Pure/innocent moaning.
  4. Marathon moaning.
  5. Puritan moaning.
  6. Little dog moaning.
  7. Little baby moaning.
  8. American moaning.
  9. Japanese A-pian moaning
  10. Suddenly experiencing triple orgasm moaning.

All of the moaning was done by the same girl. The video probably also miss some from the beginning.

Comments on Baidu Tieba:






How could this post not become hot?? Leaving my name~


I’m hard.


Why was I not present at the time?


I want to attend this school.
Fuck, LZ, leave the name of the school!




Isn’t this is too niubi


Ah! Ah! I climaxed.


Bookmarked, will go home to hear sound.


I wonder if it is too late for me to change schools…


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I only like watching her bite her lips or grabbing the pillowcase with all her strength…it is still better without noise, I am always afraid of disturbing other people.


I am just here to get soy sauce.


…I’m shy, got hard…after it finished, got soft…


Fuck, that girl, truly valiant, having learned that much…

What are other styles of moaning? Do you think the American style of moaning is true?

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  • janz

    first, but “The Vagina Monologues” is a show on the stages, this name is confusing.

    • MLSH

      Usually the VM are performed with some self-written monologues or sections on the performers’ own sexualities. I’m assuming they wrote this into their own performance.

  • janz

    I mean the name for this article is confusing, I thought you were talking about “The Vagina Monologues” which is showing in a couple of Chinese cities currently.

  • C&N

    wow… that’s art

  • Zhangsan

    Seems as though it’s been harmonized.

  • JKS

    harmonized…another link?

  • Lao Bai Xing

    Where is the link? I want to get hard too!!!

  • levno

    The link is working fine for me, but I think the voice in the video is overdone, most likely identical to the voices of girls in US/EU porn videos.

  • the tank man

    the girl doesn’t sound like chinese

  • maverick

    chinasmack is desperate to get attention now. the girl that imitates all sorts of moaning is no way chinese and the audience who clap and chuckle frantically are not chinese either

    • Kai

      Right, so all of those non-Chinese people are just sitting there watching a presentation written in Chinese for no goddamn reason. What are you? A moron?

      • maverick

        i’m an idiot because i don’t read chinese !

        • Kai

          You don’t need to read Chinese to read the English in the post that said:

          “These are the Chinese captions of the PPT presentation in the video.”

    • Asis

      No wonder you get comments like Maverick’s.

      Things like this are a complete anachronism in China.

      Sex is still a dirty word here. The idea of women openly enjoying it… well that’s like asking the Pope to take a bubble bath with Elton John.


      • Kai

        Yes, while China is certainly liberalizing, this is still rather unexpected for Chinese universities. Thus the very fact that a female student performed/recorded such a presentation is pretty interesting and insightful itself, showing us how things are changing, whether from what it used to be or even from what WE think it still is.

      • Fat American

        I find that Chinese are much more realistic than Americans about the idea that humans (including women) enjoy sex.

      • too yellow

        actually it depends who and where you ask them. Chinese people get really dirty as far as sex jokes goes. And sometimes the girls do it more than guys. (But if you are a foreigner it’s really get them open up)

        • Kai

          I agree with this, though everyone still needs to exercise a certain degree of tact and judgment with regards to who you use this tact with. Appealing to something that people can all readily identify can often easily bring people together. Jokes about sex is one of them.

  • Jordan

    Now that’s music to my ears.

  • Which university is it? Can I go back to that university?!

  • I find this hilarious!! LOL @ japanese moaning

    • Coppice

      Personally the Japanese moan was a big let-down. You know when a woman knows she is about to touch something really gross, and makes that long drawn-out whimper of reluctance/fear/simply being grossed out? Yeah, I didn’t cath any of that in the moan, and my, shall we say, ‘market research’, has informed me that I should have…

      Lol about the Puritan moaning though. I didn’t think Puritan jokes were all that popular outside of what, New England and Oliver Cromwell’s house? In China? Of all places!

      • little Alex

        Well, I think it qualifies, as long as it’s got the requisite “yamate”s… :)

        • Kai

          yamates and kimochis…

  • Ed

    I’m surprised these university students are chuckling and clapping throughout, acting like kids that just hit puberty. haha, if you did this in europe or north america they might have sat through the whole thing before clapping. I think china needs to be more exposed to this, the society is a bit prudish at the moment and might take years before they even get used to the thought that you don’t have to drool and stare longingly with any hot girl passing by.

    • Kai

      Actually, I don’t see why it’s surprising for the audience to be clapping and laughing throughout the presentation since the presentation was meant to be funny in the first place. Sure, I can imagine some of it being nervous uncomfortable laughter, but I reckon much of it is because the audience is able to identify with the subject matter and the humor applied to it. Now, without advocating irresponsible sexual promiscuity, I wouldn’t expect Westerners in Western colleges reacting much differently to a similar presentation. It’s funny. Be amused. Laugh.

      • Ed

        Hmmm I see, guess yer right about that. I was thinking that girl was actually trying to do a serious presentation here and everyone is just too busy busting a gut and having to change their pants afterwards.

        • too yellow

          the wording for different moaning give it away. There is noway a serious presentation would use “American Native Style” and “Japanese Porn style” as if it some sort of anthropology study.

          • little Alex

            But that’s totally keeping with the VM play (with a few things adapted to local knowledge).

    • Asis

      Chinese “society is a bit prudish”

      Ye, and the sun is a bit hot.

    • a

      excuse you.
      i watch the vagina monologues at my Canadian university and the moaning part was hilarious.

    • Chris

      Chinese audiences and European audiences and North American audiences are all different.

      You shouldn’t expect the act of clapping to be the same in every society. Different cultures treat clapping in different ways.

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  • lol, funny stuff

  • too yellow

    do that’s what doing down at those VM meeting… I should have gone to one when I was in college simply for entertainment reasons.

  • Phil7

    What does the “15L” or “15楼” in the original comments mean?

    • Gone missing

      If you notice on the first page of comments, comment number 15 is missing (jumps from 14 to 16 for whatever reason) and they’re commenting/joking on that.

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  • Lao Bai Xing

    Finally I got to hear the MONOLOGUES, but damn she sounds like the one I hooked up last weekend from the Beijing Craiglist… Oops :p

  • i m a foreigner men : the girl are like us .they have often desire for men as much as we have desire for women . chinese boy hunt more your girls . at 25 years old all of you should have 3 girls friends . just don’t say it hide it that you go with others . the girls need diffrents boys . so you can discover diffrent sociecty the doctor daughter the construction worker daughter … .it’s a very good leisure . too much sex damage the body . make it when it worth it .

  • C

    and just by reading and trying to understand that bit of text of yours Karl – i can tell you are no “foreigner men” but definately Chinese.

  • seaman


  • videos not working..

  • x.x

    Not working link..another site ?

    • Yes, the source is deleted now. I will try to find another source but I do not know if it will be possible.

  • bendan

    This link worked fine for me when I c&p’d it into my browser:

  • Edward

    None of the above links are now working.

  • Jansen

    The links are not working.

  • Sha

    If u search for the title in google you get a lot of sites showing this video.


  • Nice one. I saw the same in romanian

  • WTF
    • Rafael Torres

      What’s it’s called

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