Chinese Sleeping on Showroom Furniture in Beijing IKEA

A Chinese woman sleeping on a display bed at an IKEA in Beijing.


From NetEase:

Foreign Media Photograph Chinese People Loitering to Sleep at IKEA

2014 July 6, Beijing, foreign media reporters photographed Chinese people sleeping on the display sofas or beds at IKEA. According to reports, most of IKEA’s consumers in China come from the middle class, and among them, there is no shortage of customers who sleep in the showroom. To cater to Chinese consumer habits, the retailer doesn’t stop such behavior, and even indicates on some furniture an invitation for customers to lie down to experience [the furniture]. Kevin Frayer/Getty Images/CFP
















Comments from NetEase:

根本停不下來 [阿根廷球迷]:

From this we can see that our countrymen truly are very tired.

niubo1124 [加纳球迷]:

It seems Chinese people are all very tired, myself included. Even if I don’t do much during a day, I still feel tired.

顽皮猴0 [网易四川省成都市网友]:

Actually, they are not loitering to sleep, but instead loitering for the air conditioning. There are especially a lot of them during the summer!

斯坦福桥吟游诗人 [比利时球迷]:

Whose fault? If social welfare were just a little bit better, the ordinary common people wouldn’t care to exploit such petty advantage.

说好忘了曾经爱过的人 [德国球迷]:

The people of the capital live in an abyss of suffering, so what can they do?

ff8zgs [网易四川省成都市网友]:

I only saw one word: “tired”.


Still that saying, that Chinese people are pigs, and this cannot be refuted.

怪蜀黍 [西班牙球迷]:

I’m disgusted/annoyed when I see this too.

统一100 [阿根廷球迷]:

The sleeping position in the second photo is nice; it’s just her body/physique is a bit poor.

妈蛋炒饭 [法国球迷]:

Chinese characteristics?

hj660925 [网易新疆乌鲁木齐市网友]:

After collecting one’s wages, income takes takes a chunk, mortgage loan takes a chunk, car loan takes a chunk, education expenses [for a child] take a chunk, utilities takes a chunk, and there is little left! All dreams are shattered, and then slowly you being accumulating dreams, only for them to be shattered yet again, an endless cycle! So of course we are tired/weary at heart!

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