Floating Chinese Government Officials Inspect Landscaping

Hangzhou Yuhang District Chinese government officials in a obviously photoshopped image where they appear to be "floating".

Hangzhou Yuhang District Chinese government officials in a obviously photoshopped image where they appear to be "floating".

Last year, we reported about three Chinese government officials in Huili seemingly floating above the road they were supposedly inspecting, greatly annoying but also amusing Chinese netizens who soon photoshopped the floating government officials further onto all manner of backgrounds. Filipino government officials soon reassured Chinese netizens that Chinese government officials aren’t the only engage in Photoshop manipulation of photographs of themselves working. Recently, Chinese government officials have again embarrassed themselves, this time in Hangzhou…

From People’s Daily:

“Photo of Floating Leaders Conducting Inspection” Published, Zhejiang Yuhang Government Website Apologizes

Recently on the Zhejiang Hangzhou Yuhang government official website, a piece of news titled “Completion and Transfer of the Green Landscaping Project of Nanhu Beach Park” attracted attention. While there’s nothing strange about this piece of news itself, the highlight was that in the attached image, the five males in the photo are “floating” above the greenbelt [green landscaping” and pedestrian path, with obvious traces of image manipulation [composition of two images]. Netizens say government leaders have all learned how to “airwalk”.

As a result of this incident, the Hangzhou Yuhang government website posted on the 18th an apology letter where the Hangzhou Nanhu Construction Development Limited Company apologized for this matter, stating that serious mistakes appeared in the photograph due to unsuitable work processes.

Content of apology letter below:

Zhejiang province Hangzhou city Yuhang district official government website apologizing for photoshopped image of floating government officials.

May 9th, my company submitted the news manuscript of the “Completion and Transfer of the Green Landscaping Project of Nanhu Beach Park” to the Yuhang District Government Portal Website, along with photographs of technicians on location conducting inspections. Due to unsuitable work processes, there were serious mistakes in the uploaded photograph. With regards to the errors of our work, we deeply express our apologies: We sincerely accept the criticizes of the netizen masses, and wholeheartedly appreciate the concern netizens have given us.

2012年5月18日”>–Hangzhou Nanhu Construction Development Ltd.
2012 May 18

The original images:

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The original photo of the Hangzhou Yuhang government officials inspecting the landscaping of Nanhu Beach Park.

The original photo of the Hangzhou Yuhang government officials inspecting the landscaping of Nanhu Beach Park.

Comments from NetEase (1 & 2):

wy123789zz [网易河北省邢台市网友]:

Such low skill, immediately obvious at first glance, and yet it was submitted. The editor and auditor, these pigheaded idiots, must’ve purchased their positions.

問水 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

This kind of PS skill is too pathetic, even a blind person could tell! LD, you’d be better off hiring me, I provide legitimate fapiao [receipts]!

奢侈的网络生活 [网易福建省莆田市网友]:

A family of 3 were watching television on the sofa. Thirsty, the father told his 3-year-old son to bring him a cup of water. The son noisily climbed down from the sofa and noisily walked out of the room. Not long later, he noisily walked back in with a cup of water, which the father took from him and took a drink from, praising his son. The mother then asks: He’s so short, where did he get the water? The father thought long and hard before bitterly arriving at a conclusion: It could only be the toilet!

果被贼窃 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Committing fraud is their nature [referring to government officials].

卡布里向日葵 [网易北京市朝阳区手机网友]:

…NO traces of PS whatsoever…→_→


These bastards are even too lazy to go participate in something as simple and relaxed as inspecting green landscaping, just what the hell are they doing during working hours?
And still every month they collect so much in salary from taxpayers.
Are they supposed to serve the people, or are the people supposed to serve them?

月君 [网易江苏省连云港市网友]:

Upon evaluation; The skill of the person Photoshopping images obviously is not up to par. The probability of this person having gotten the job through connections is enormous. Suggested handling: The specific administrator should still try to hire some people who actually have real talent and training. Hope the government leadership will consider and adopt [my suggestion]!!!

ta找我精品小栈 [网易四川省南充市网友]:

Actually the photo isn’t bad, but can you fucking be more diligent when Photoshopping???


When I used to want to become a civil servant, other people always said one had to depend on connections. Now I completely believe it. If it were actually based on qualifications, would this kind of mentally retarded masterpiece have happened??

拆迁队陆政委 [网易福建省泉州市网友]:

I bet they themselves couldn’t see past it, yet they were still able to turn in this level of work?? Do they overestimate their own intelligence, or do they underestimate the rabble?

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • mr. wiener

    LSD strikes again. Floating off my sofa.

  • Jay K.

    These government officials are hood rich son!

  • donscarletti

    I express interest towards girl in miniskirt in original photo and ask someone to digitally sharpen.

  • Jeff

    Jesus has arrived in China!

    • mr. wiener

      If he has he is under house arrest.

      • pada

        But he won’t arrive in China, being a revolutionary who always chooses to arrive in a country with highest prison population.

        • moop

          because only americans are christians? south america, europe, north america, oceania all have populations that are majority christian. huuurrrrrr amerikkka bad!

  • goodjob

    NO traces of PS whatsoever(#‵′)凸

  • XiaoHei

    If I were a Chinese citizen, as long as someone got the job done, I wouldn’t care who they Photoshopped in it. I originally come from a 3rd world country where nothing gets done and everything gets delayed. A 1 year project can take 10 years to complete (if it ever gets completed!), what with endless bureaucracy and corruption among the government departments. Looking at their infrastructure, trust me, the Chinese citizens have much to be thankful for, although they won’t agree with me.

    • Shaiming Lin

      Good post, but you won’t get wu mao unless you include some reference to American imperialist running dogs.

      • You people are unable to accept anyone who doesn’t just post about how China is rubbish and China is dreadful.

        Perhaps you could learn something from the post above, for instance that someone who comes from a real third world country might actually find the quality of the infrastructure and the speed and efficiency of a lot of things in China quite impressive.

        • kaka

          you’re right jixiang, but imagine how much better it could be if the level of corruption of provincial decision makers was reduced and the “he who does nothing, makes no mistakes” attitude of the average civil servant was eradicated and a true “serve the people” ethos was introduced. why content yourself with being happy with impressing people from 3rd world shit-holes…

          China spends huge sums on infrastructure development (it currently accounts for about 40% of China’s GDP growth), and just imagine how much better “the quality of the infrastructure and the speed and efficiency” would be if this investment was subject to thorough and transparent planning procedures, or even if the people involved felt that had to at least pretend such procedures existed? If it had, the provincial governments might not be in 30 trillion of “black debt” to the central government – most of which was wasted on grandiose and unessential schemes that only served to enrich certain individuals, rather than the peoples of those provinces.

          Most (but yes, not all) foreigners don’t simply “post about how China is rubbish and China is dreadful” – it’s just taken that way by many whom prefer to become defensive – rather than face up to the notion that their money is often wasted on “what looks good”, rather than “what does good”.

          • There is clearly a lot of wastefulness and corruption in the way infrastructure is built in China. There is also unfairness, if you look at the incredible gap between the infrastructure in all cities, big and small, in comparison to the proper countryside.

            However, that is only one side of the story. Behind it all there is a central govenrment which knows what it’s doing, not just to stay in power, but also to make the economy improve and the country prosper.

  • Brett Hunan

    You’d think the government officials would have learned from last time netizens took liberties with the photos. Cant wait to see what kind of funny pics they come up with this time.

  • diverdude

    I wonder how that girl who got burned with gasoline is doing ?

  • glenn

    so history does repeat itself…^^

  • Notorious

    that activist is here in the U.S. is getting quite a hero’s welcome. Inneresting.

    • mankouzanghua

      #1, does that surprise you? He’s gotten incredible play in the media because it suits US values and ideals and also happens to fit the agendas and self-interest of a variety of groups. Some are actually calling him “pro life,” which to me is hilarious and shows a selfish desire to co-opt his status and anything he’s done for their own purposes. Republicans were looking to vilify the administration for being too weak on China, and hence the situation needed to be portrayed in a one-dimensional way. With that in mind, the administration was pressured to show they were not sympathizing with the commie bastard abusers.

      My point is not that this guy is not a hero and didn’t do something courageous. I agree he has Balls and compassion and has suffered greatly because of it. However, for a variety of reasons, such situations in my opinion are not as simple as they are portrayed. For one, many people reading this stuff don’t appreciate the difference between local and central leadership, and this is used by the US government and various groups to foster a certain view toward China and ourselves. Second, in a similar way, nothing good is EVER said about the positive results of the family planning policies, even as politicians and pundits hammer away on China for having policies that are in fact made necessary by its enormous and breathtakingly poor population. If outsiders really cared about China’s people, as opposed to simply using such sentiments as a tool, we would be having a debate about such issues instead of just using the occasional flap for our own purposes. In reality, I think most people don’t care that much, but some would like to hear a sensational story about a hero.

      #2, even with all this, many US people are not giving him a hero’s welcome. Go on Yahoo and find these stories (featured over the past few days) and look at the comments. When I looked, almost all of the comments were to the effect of: Who is paying for this guy’s flight? Will he be eligible for welfare because he’s blind? How can he study in the US if he doesn’t speak English? Obviously this will vary from site to site, but you will find some of the same even over at the nytimes.

      • Shaiming Lin

        I agree absolutely. China did not say anything when USA was cleaning up the “Occupy” mobsters. USA should return the courtesy. Wu mao for both of us.

        • D. Tective

          China did not say anything because they do not want the Occupy movement to come to China.

        • grovesman

          ACtually there were a lot of negative comments about it in the Chinese sites and newspapers (relating to the eventul police enforcement and how the American gov’t is hypocrital because of said enforcement).

      • pada

        I love to read “almost all of the comments” lately on many American sites about this blind flip-flopping whining baby, especially the ones calling him spy or faked blind or free loader. I understand the feeling of the debt-ridden if not poverty stricken, but Americans sure showd their well-hidden true-colour too easily.

        All of them nagging yanks failed to realize, even the clown is not luckily adopted by mama Hillary, he can still finance his family, if not his whole village, with money given in last few years by NED as award to his career of freedom fighting.

        Chinese government has long realized what he is, but American realize it only yesterday when his plane touched down on “land of freedom” and when he took a deep breath after finger printing and utterred something about “restrain and calm” shown by Chinese government. Only then Americans found out a blind played the Super Power, or Super Borrower, and won. Only then I started to love him and expected him to lecture us in NYU very soon that free world is as dark as China, as always. :)

      • Notorious

        I agree with your statements, the only thing about yahoo is that it’s a tool that many american racist people use to make comments about everyone they dislike, or basically anyone who isn’t white and/or anyone who isn’t white and don’t share their values. Yahoo, simply put is not a reflection of american views, but those of all the racist people who can’t voice their views in public and hide behind the anonymity of the internet.

        • pada

          Well, I not only agree but also believe as well Chinasmack is truly “a reflection of American views”, not of “all the racist people who can’t voice their views in public and hide behind the anonymity of the internet”. That why I come here not for enjoying one and a half dozen silly Chinese comments the site meant to show, but for fun of discoverying the true colour of Americans from hundreds of smart comments instead. :)

      • linette


        If you do not understand what is going on with the China segregation system between the poor rural areas and the cities, please do not open your mouth to make any ignorant comments. Chen Guangcheng is fighting for the welfare of the rural poor. He risk his life facing enemies getting a bullet in his head fighting and speaking up against powerful authority. He is a bigger hero or man than you can ever be. And he is blind. Physically disabled.


        • Notorious

          linette, there is a lot of complexity behind what people think today. the world is no longer black or white, good or evil, right or wrong. the water is muddy. If martin luther king were alive today, imagine how much more politicized the civil rights movement would be. progress would not have been made if people thought the way they do today, back then. the more we “evolve” the more barbaric we become.

        • mankouzanghua


          If you can’t read, please feel free to still open your mouth. I won’t try and stop you even though you’re adding nothing to the discussion that’s not already in the articles I was talking about (and that’s not already clear to anyone with even a passing familiarity with current events).

          Here’s my point if you need a reading aid. This “segregation system” that you speak of — what’s your argument about what needs to be done to fix it? Just eliminate it? Damnit, if only those retards in the central leadership could figure out it’s only that easy. Would you magically make the rich-poor gap that defines and necessitates this system disappear? Family planning has got to be the number 1 best idea for trying to do so, and even in practice, where it doesn’t work perfectly and some damn fucked up things happen, it’s at least controlling the population size, which is at the root of virtually every problem in China.

          I’m all ears. If the activists are going to be the ones saving China, please say how. If it’s an important struggle but ultimately a struggle against flaws in the system rather than the system itself, then this nuance is worth pointing out in the “free” media, is it not?

          • dim mak

            The guy’s not against one-child policy, he’s against forced sterilizations. I’ve heard lots of people agree when international face isn’t on the line. I believe it’s also technically illegal..? So not sure what the big deal is here

            Agree or disagree I don’t see why they made him out to be a dissident, shit’s not even that political

            Shoulda just left him alone, no one would know about him, none of this fiasco would’ve happened

          • kaka

            Yes, the large population size is at the root of many problems in China. I wonder who had the great idea to encourage rapid population growth? One of those “30 % bad” perhaps…

            To be fair to linette, I think her issue is with the methods and motivations behind and implementation of the “family planning” policy in certain areas of China, not with the concept of “family planning” in general – and that the harsher “family planning” solutions are implemented on the ethnic group that doesn’t make up 80% of the population.

            The whole argument is mute however, as the population issue in China is a classic case swallowing a bird to catch a spider. The initial mistake was to promote rapid and unchecked population growth, with any subsequent remedy only serving to create new problems: rapid growth equals unsustainable equals population growth control measure equals “inverted pyramid” population equals too many old people not enough young to pay for them equals economic slow down and government spending pressures… and so on.

            To be fair, the Chinese government shows great restraint in this area – as there is only really one solution to the population size / inverted population pyramid and the problems it causes and continues to cause… and imagine the self-righteous indignation of the “activists” if the Chinese government did that…

          • linette


            I am totally into population control. I even believe in sterilization and abortion when necessary. The blind activitist was fighting against VIOLENCE and FORCED abortion on these poor people. He was protecting them. Under no circumstance should any authority use violence against the people. I can only imagine how violently they treated these pregnant dragged them to a poorly equipped facility and the lack of sanitation and proper anaesthetic agents…horrible.

            How hard it is to get rid of that segregation system? It has to start somewhere. How about start by giving these poor rural people the same access to the same education, health care, and housing as the urban people?


            I adore these activities. They create enough noise to let the world know about the inequality treatment these poor people are facing. If you have more people like that inside China, eventually there will be a movement because the poor are tired of being kept in the bottom and no chance to advance. It’s like a third world country. WTfreak??

            The poor people in USA get equal opportunity such as education, same access with health care, and housing. I can only wish China is doing the same.

          • mankouzanghua

            “How about start by giving these poor rural people the same access…”
            I agree with your sentiments. The ultimate problem is the lack of resources for all these people. Right now, even “highly educated” people aren’t getting an education sufficient to fill the types of jobs that are needed to enhance productivity enough to solve the looming problems kaka was describing with the inverted pyramid age distribution.

            “They create enough noise to let the world know about the inequality treatment these poor people are facing.”
            My point is that people outside China seem to be using this stuff to support their own agendas, and I’m not sure they actually care (or whether they will in 1 or 2 weeks from now). For example, this activist is now in the US, and therefore… mission accomplished? It seems a bit strange that so much diplomacy took place over one man and his family while little, if anything, was actually said about the sterilizations and abortions that led to this controversy.

      • Anus Presley

        Well said mankouzanghua .

        • Made In World

          Double kudos. Very well said. The forced abortion situation that “forced” this whole situation is the real issue…

          But you say the world doesn’t really care, they have their own agendas. Of course they do. This is China’s agenda. The question is, why is it only a few people in a country of billions that care?

  • late night, China time

    Song of the Article

    I fly so high


    alive and kicking

  • Hello

    they take you to be stupid thats all… even i not a proffesional can make better photoshop tricks…i dont know who they r hiring

    • Shaiming Lin

      I think they are right.

  • Shaiming Lin

    Carefully compare and contrast the two groups of cadres and tell me you still think they have not learned anything. Don’t you think the second group is wearing corsets?

    Yeah, you’re right. They have been busy doing situps and not drinking white wine to avoid the shameful appearance of the first group.

  • dim mak

    E for effort

  • whyguoren

    PLEASE REMOVE THE LAME SOUND ADS! IT IS RUINING THIS SITE IMO. Revenue is nice, but annoying ass ads that you can’t mute because they cycle is not cool.

    • kaka

      change your browser settings for this website and block them. More expedient than hoping Chinasmack will voluntarily take the decision to lose advertising revenue. Plus the webpage will load faster too… win-win…

      • anon

        May chinaSMACK should copy Wikipedia and beg for donations every year to keep it running?

        Or maybe commenters should pay a monthly subscription fee to comment. Kill two birds with one stone there. No ads, no retarded comments…

        • Brett Hunan


          • anon

            So we’re starting a petition? For begging donations or subscriptions? I doubt they’d take the donation route but the subscription route might be compelling.

            Maybe people should comment below with +1s or something to indicate a pledge of support for the idea. I’m not confident we’ll get enough support though.

          • Brett Hunan

            Id probably subscribe even if they kept the adds.

  • Cardaver

    Jesus, this is weak, you’d think they’d have learned from the other photo shoppers last time… What exactly is the guy on the left supposed to be pointing at?

  • Dan Danger

    whats amazing abut this is that even after getting busted doing this stuff the people here just keep it up. Totally shameless, like the singing girl at the 2008 Olympics, using one “perfect face” and one “perfect voice”. Utterly weaselly but people here are unrepentant. Like stealing brand names and logos here, it is seen as a “good idea”. I guess when you lack any ideas at all then theft or cheating or Photoshopping would be considered good enough. Hard to imagine this is the same culture that built the Great Wall. I guess if they wanted to that today they would just Photoshop Google Maps.

  • greg

    some pretty cool meme have also appeared..

    • Made In World

      Not as good meme as the last one. How come they’re cutting off the legs? The British guy would have been funny if it was done proper. These guys are truly sons of shrews!

  • Anus Presley

    The dude on the far right; is he standing in a hole in the ground behind that bush, or is he an Umpah-Lumpah?

  • bscalled

    this really kills me – it’s so funny

  • The Enlightened One

    I just want to say that I am a designer and a teacher of design. This Photoshopping is dreadful and ridiculous… probably even the worst of the three stories.

    I don’t know why everyone in China thinks they can sing or design. I have seen some of the worst attempts at design during my stay in China. Have you seen their websites? OMG their websites~!

    Do all Chinese people have attention disorders? Why do they have 50 colors in one website with 30 moving objects and no white space? It looks like it was made by an 8 year old for a 4 year old! Why are there always those stupid “boing” and “ding” sounds on ALL Chinese shows like we have in our Roadrunner cartoons?

    Oh the horror! That’s my rant.

  • Little Wolf

    Nanhu Beach Park? Kind of fast and loose with the term “beach”. My country house is in Yuhang and this place reminds me of Armadillo Reef, an old gravel pit filled with water in the center of Houston where every weekend is full of scuba students from every dive shop in the area. The “reef” is a couple of old cars sunk to the bottom and there’s allegedly a resident gator to add to the excitement. Maybe “beach” is one of those ironic names….like a bald guy nicknamed “Curly”. Or a huge,hulking guy named Tiny. Or a …. (ok, I think you get the picture)

  • Alex L

    I really like these floating pics, esp the netizen modified ones. Very amusing. So, since those guys are obviously really at the location what was the rationale for them to PS anyway? Keep those pics coming China!

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  • Yeontura

    The Philippines and China may have tense territorial and diplomatic issues, but they agree that photoshopped government officials CAN make a meme.

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  • Made In World

    I want to see a PhotoShop of Yang Rui’s head floating off into space…

    How do you not learn?

  • ADF

    No trace of Photoshop? They must be using painter.
    Photoshop could never produce such low quality edited photos.

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  • Parabellum

    We apologize for low photoshop skills from our secretary Ms. Yu (but next time we will make sure to do it right) …

  • jumpjack

    What was it supposed to be hidden/secret in the photoshopped picture? The antennas on the background?

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