Mainland Student Writes to Taiwan President, Gets Signed Photo

A student from Mainland China studying in Taiwan decided to send a postcard to the president of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Ma Ying-jeou asking for an autographed photo. President Ma, known to send autographed photos upon request was seen by Netizens as an official who is close to the people. The president’s response was seen as the standard that many Mainland government officials fail to live up to where most average citizens have little access to Mainland officials, let alone someone like President Hu.

From Mop:

Mainland student's letter to Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou.

Mainland student's letter to Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou.

President Ma,

Hello, I am a Mainland student studying in Taiwan. I really adore you because you are very close to the people. Back on the Mainland, I made a bet with my classmates that I will think of a way to get your autographed photo to prove that you are closer to the people than Mainland government officials. Therefore I am writing this postcard to you hoping that I can receive an autographed photo in return. I love the land of Taiwan.

My address is: [address in Taiwan]

Thank you, President Ma.

A student from the Mainland
Liu Wenbo

Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou's response to a mainland student's letter, including an autographed photo.

Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou's response to a mainland student's letter, including an autographed photo.

Hello, Student Wenbo!

May 15th, 101 year of the Republic of China, the postcard for President Ma had been received. Much obliged, sincere gratitude on the president’s behalf. Kindly enclosed is the autographed picture to mark the blessing of the year of the dragon, please keep as memory. Sincerely.

Progress in your studies,
Happiness in health

The President’s Office

Comments on Mop:


Louzhu is living in Taiwan right now? President? Be careful about coming back, might be executed!


You put Hu Jintao in an awkward position…


Should be called Provincial Governor Ma.


101st year of the Republic of China…haha


This is going to be harmonized anytime now.


Tomorrow I will try to write to Brother Tao [Hu Jintao].


Brother you won’t be able to come back, you passport will definitely be placed on a blacklist…


I suggest the Mainland return to the embrace of Taiwan as soon as possible…


When the rightful army retakes the Central Plains, do not forget to tell of it to one’s ancestors.

[Note: A passage from a poem by Lu You during the Southern Song dynasty to express the desire to retake the North (Central Plains) conquered by the Jurchens. This passage is often used online in allusion to the KMT’s lofty goal of retaking the Mainland.]


Geili, support, officials should be like this.

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Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

  • D. Tective

    I wonder if he wrote the response while sitting on his sofa?

    • 404namenotfound


    • Interested

      President Ma’s dream is to become president of unified China (which would take back outer mongolia) through model of unification like east and west germany.

      Mongolian watch out. Presiendt Ma gonna match into your country like Han dynasty.

      • mr. wiener

        Where did you divine this tidbit of information pray tell…?

      • Liang

        Here’s hoping India retakes Tibet! ^_^

  • Joe

    First post?

  • MrT

    President Ma does his own mail?
    I’m impressed must have a lot of spare time on is hands…

    • Kaun

      Can you into reading comprehension?

      This subtly shows the difference in politics between Formosa and the mainland. Ma actually implements these tactics to make himself popular.
      Whereas his Chinese counterparts cling onto outdated techniques, because frankly the leaders in China don’t have to be liked by their citizens.

  • I think it’s just a show for MA’political purpose.

  • I think it’s just a political show.

    • Stu

      Of course it is… that’s what the letter was basically asking for. But it does show something significant- that you can write to the President and be acknowledged.

    • bjornt

      Of course its politics, he is a politician. Politics means governing! I’m glad he cares for the citizens from communist-controlled China.

    • the ace of books

      “Everything is politics.”
      – Thomas Mann

      • Chinggis was here

        “War is not an independent phenomenon, but the continuation of politics by different means.”

        Von Clausewitz

        The Philippines wants to watch out and stop these relentless, aggressive attacks with its only military-type ship; the feared, heavily-armed coastguard cutter. Daxiongmao is coming!

    • dumb mak

      for the five mao idiots, president ma have just won his second and last re-election so this is his last term as president of roc who why would he try to use it as his personal political game? oh wait u must have thought he’s like bo xilai, sorry president ma’s daughters don’t drive a porsche to school

  • Bruce

    it is just a political show.

    • Young Man

      I don’t know if you get paid 5 mao if you’re just repeating the same post over and over ;)

    • Shoddy Jason

      whatever, at least MA cares for the ordinary people’s attitude for him.

      • simon

        doubt it, he most likely didn’t even read the letter. it is just a political show. where’s my 5 mao?

    • Anon

      Define “political show.” Presidents like to get re-elected and therefor need to “show” their appeal in different ways, does that make their every public act or piece of policy a “political show” and therefore invalid? Should we just dump the democracy to avoid any appearance of a “show?”

      • Dr. Jones Jr.

        Agreed. If we’re to have a political show, it should at least be a political show responsive to common citizens.

    • whiskersthecat

      First Bruce wasn’t quite sure if it was a political show or not. But then, after 12 minutes of deliberation, he became convinced that yes, it is a political show.

      • the ace of books

        Hey! These things take time to decide, okay?

        (Give it 12 more minutes and he might even capslock.)

  • Jeff

    Last time I wrote to Obama saying I needed a job he did reply me saying GO TO CHINA – the US has created millions of jobs there.

    I guess getting to bang all these young pretty girls was a bonus he forgot to mention

    • D. Tective

      Syntax and grammar indicate you are a Chinese writer. (he did reply me) as an example…

      • Jeff

        I no Chinese. I is forigner american. I go to China have sexy girls. Yankee doodle!

  • Stu

    I love how the Taiwan guys still write in that formal style. It’s also nice to see that leaders on both sides of the straits are equally committed to hair dye.

  • Dat Ankle

    Might be a show, but the fact that he willing sign letters is a good way to get close to peoples hearts.

    • rightran

      I doubt the presidential secretary unit has thousands of this identical photos (with the Ma’s signature on it), u know, the photos are not like basketball, they are just easily to be duplicated even with signatures on.

  • Notorious

    I’m sure the student used an alias. He is not stupid.

  • bjornt

    The leader of Taiwan province truly cares for the Chinese people!

  • Young Man

    That photo is airbrush-mungus.

    • curl of the burl

      Fully. It’s like a Chinese Neil Diamond cover in a bad suit. Sweet Calorine! Ze time newer felt so goad!

  • GodsHammer

    So, he has people who answer his fan mail. While unusual in China, it is a normal PR practice in democracies.

    • Andao

      I’m not sure PRC officials have fan mail

      • the ace of books

        Have you heard of Rule 34?

        • Andao

          CCP porn? Or Ma porn? I’m confused

          • the ace of books

            All of the above, and more. The internet will provide.

  • lonetrey

    lolololol, definitely amused me. Well, lets see if this turns into anything in the future…

  • dim mak

    Psh, he only did it to prove what the student suggested

    Clearly an KMT ploy to undermine the party and retake the mainland

    • dumb mak

      dumb mak

      • Chunghwa

        Quality post, 9.5/10, would fap to again.

        The -0.5 is because you didn’t use proper capitalisation and a full stop at the end, I’m quite picky about these things.

    • mr. wiener

      Cool, first we had “Democrazy”, now we have “Poli-tricks”.
      Reminds me of a story I heard when they were doing a pole in China to find out what people thought of democracy and freedom.[min2 zhu3, zhi4 you2]
      They asked some old lady if she thought of democracy and freedom and she asked:”Why would I think about pigs and oil?[ zhu1, you2].”
      Not sure if she was taking the piss or actually lacked the langue\age to describe these terms.

      • dim mak

        Yeah doing poles is always fun

        • mr. wiener

          my bad: Poll.
          Poling the people is what you do the rest of the time when you are in power.

          • dim mak


    • Dr. Jones Jr.

      Hopefully it works. As stated by Bjornt, above, at least “the leader of Taiwan ‘province’ truly cares for the Chinese people”. Hard to say, based on the evidence, that very many of the other provincial/partisan leaders do.

  • Black Sugar Daddy

    Taiwan is part of China, but not necessarily the communist China. Communist China needs a revolution to purge all communist scumbags, and sons and daughters of these scumbags should be emasculated and buried alive to commemorate the 30million people died in cultural revolution

  • Slob

    That’s an autograph? Bullshit. Everyone, especially politicians, have their own unique signatures that are difficult to copy. It looks like one of his office workers just wrote it themselves. That, or it’s just a print out – I seriously doubt the president of Taiwan would send an autographed photo of himself personally signed just so some guy can “win a bet”. Even a political stunt wouldn’t be this poorly organised – he would at least sign it himself. It’s just a regular copied autograph taken from the hordes of photos sitting in the closet that’s probably given to certain people (kids at special events for example) and now suddenly it’s an internet sensation.

    This shit isn’t worthy of being on CS.

    • dim mak

      You can see Ma’s signature on Wikipedia

      Similar enough, nothing too flashy to begin with

    • XiaoHei

      Captain Obvious has spoken!


    • grovesman

      Anyone in that high level of a position has their signature digitalized. Worked for the California state governement for 25 years and my department Director’s Office used his digital signature almost exclusively.

  • goodjob

    Tomorrow I will try to write to Brother Tao [Hu Jintao].
    It seems HuJintao is also popular.

    • goodjob

      Should be called Provincial Governor Ma.
      I understand what he wants to say.(﹁ ﹁)

  • Xiongmao

    In communist China the people fear the government. In republican Taiwan the government fears the people. That’s all there is to it. I don’t pretend to buy that the president wrote this himself (they have people for this kind of stuff) but when there’s freedom of the press and scheduled elections, politicians can’t afford to be seen as arrogant pencil pushers with no attachment to the voters. I’m probably not alive in 50 years which is the time frame needed for re-unification but it’d be very interesting to see under what form of government it will be if it happens.

    • Kaun

      Have you tried reading the article instead of just the headline?
      Let me quote that for you:

      ‘Progress in your studies,
      Happiness in health

      The President’s Office’

      • Xiongmao

        Not sure I get your point. Are you getting mine?

        • Kaun

          It seemed like you were implying that the president wrote it himself and that your not buying it.
          I don’t pretend to buy that the president wrote this himself
          Was just pointing that out for ya’

    • goodjob

      Are you a chinese? I find you usually complain about the chinese govements.
      (﹁ ﹁)

    • Zappa Frank

      “In communist China the people fear the government. In republican Taiwan the government fears the people”

      yes yes V for Vendetta, i saw the movie, i red the comic… sorry to tell you, but democracy is just an illusion. democracy is just can vote A or B where there’s no difference

      • Dat Ankle

        Yore wrong, the difference is you can choose, the result is whats the same. Picking the lesser of two evils is enough for most people.

  • White Thrash

    Gotta catch’em all !

    • DeVitaVackra

      I don’t like you racist name, think it can hurt people ok?

      • Zappa Frank

        i think is obviously ironic, he’s white.

      • Chinggis was here

        I don’t like all the Ds and Vs in your name. I think it could hurt people’s cerebral cortexes, ok?

  • DeVitaVackra

    Kind of nice picture, but what’s the problem, surely Hu would sign a photo too?

    After WW2 my grandmother wrote to the president and asked for a couple of shoes and she got them.

    • Stu

      Give it a try, by all means.

  • Kim Jung iLL

    Well done President Ma.

    • Liang

      Hope Ma can beat the crap out of the Hu b*tch in martial arts.

  • Peye

    And millions of sisters and brothers still have to get up in the morning to go to work to earn money or find some way in order to put some food on the table for their families and themselves. This picture thing is all about nothing.

  • typingfromwork

    That’s some good PR.

  • XiaoHei

    Another beautiful day…and more whining in the heavenly kingdom….

  • Jess

    Thats sad, so he might be executed when he returns to China?

  • brisket

    Oh sure, who wouldn’t want a framed picture of a goofy chinaman in the living room…LOL!

  • Chinggis was here

    Dear Generalissimo Hu Jintao,

    I am a laowai from Foreignerland currently living in the harmonious, Middle Kingdom. I’ve met some other laowai who really adore you. They wear Ming style clothing, speak fluent Putonghua, and say how benevolent China is. If I mention China may have some problems, I’m reminded of slavery, accused of hating China and told to leave.

    Anyhow, if I could get a signed autograph of you it would prove to these foreigners that I’m not a bad three-anti foreigner, or whatever the current pogrom is, and, if I may paraphrase Kent Brockman, I really do welcome the world’s future overlords.

    Thank you,
    Glorious leader Hu.

    Just a harmless laowai who doesn’t touch your women (much).

  • El Puma R.

    Mainland people are funny (in a bad way). They charge against their own just because they’ve showed some real will power, original ideas, hope for the best for everybody and, best of all… balls !

    Nice mainland student guy shows he got an autographed picture of Taiwan’s President as if he’s been considered as an individual on the Government’s behalf, and his countrymen start to attack him: “Brother, How could you betray our national pride! Don’t think you know too much, I hope they put you on blacklist so you can’t come back”.

    It simply shows how selfishly stupid people is in the mainland. I, as a foreigner who lives here, I get it too just by stating where I’ll go in my next holiday: “Why do you go to Japan? They are bad people, they killed many chinese, and they have earthquakes. Maybe you die in Japan.. just stay in China” which to I reply and pisses them off even worse (for my own amusement) “I’m not chinese so it’s not my problem, you see, Japan is a very attractive place for me and Japanese people seem to be very nice, quiet, ordered, clean and polite, besides having a language that sounds way more comforting for my ears, plus, I have more chances of dying from pollution or food poisoning over here than dying from an earthquake over there” . Sumima-se, I’d love to go to Japan !

    I just hope the best for Chinese people, you know… I can’t blame people who is uneducated and ignorant, they didn’t choose to be that way…however in China they’ve been taught to be proud of it so I can’t help being constantly annoyed by all this shit.

    December 2012 I’ll get my HSK 5 and get the fuck outta here, for good.

  • Cleo

    Children or Childish people writing friendship letters to celebrity strangers is so 1950s. Students did it practice their letter writing skills. Anyway, it’s a waste of money to hire a lowly clerk to deal with Santa Claus correspondence. Chinese people traditionally raise their kids to not be silly or frivolous, right? As in NO Hello Kitty collections! Boycott Japanese goods. They are sending 10 “warships” to the South China Sea for a nonJapanese related matter. They planned this convoy WEEKS before the Chinese Filipino conflict.

    Boycott ALL Japanese goods even if from Australian based businesses. STARVE them like they starved us.

    • mr. wiener

      Say no to manga style comics and Japanese porn!!!…….Might take a while to wipe that out, better to stick with a 100 day crackdown on foreigners instead.

  • ROC (Taiwan) > PRC… in so many ways!

  • 平凡人

    Well, at least he replied or his office replied.

  • David

    To all of you who thinks that Mr. Ma wrote this himself:

    It is signed 总统府第二局 (in Simplified Chinese), meaning the President’s Office – not Ma Yingjiu.

    I’d think this means that he has staff that writes and sends out correspondence in his name.

    I’d like a signed photo from Mr. Ma and Mr. Hu shaking hands :-)

  • whatson

    Mainland china is illegally occupied by Communist.i do hope Taiwan will retake the sovereignty of china and unify our brothers.

    • Liang

      This Chinese-American supports you!

  • James

    i want to get the photo too!