Media Attention on Pretty Interpreter at National People’s Congress

A pretty Chinese female interpreter, translator at the NPC Press Center.

From QQ:

Beautiful Interpreter at National People’s Congress Press Center Attracts Attention

On March 11th, the Press Center for the First Session of the 12th National People’s Congress held a press conference in the multipurpose room of the Media Center regarding the “content and consideration related to the ‘State Council Reform and Transformation Plan'”. In the conference, this cool and pretty interpreter/translator attracted the attention of reporters. Her expression of concentration without a smile is said to resemble Zhao Wei. Hence the cameras of many media photographers were pointed at her. From: New Express.

A pretty Chinese female interpreter, translator at the NPC Press Center.

Comments from QQ:


She’s much prettier than Zhao Wei. Now this is a true beauty!


The editor has a problem, right? What the fuck does a pretty interpreter have to do with you? Always writing such useless stuff.


Can you guys look at something that matters? Appearances are important, but actual content is the key.


Beauty and intelligence are characteristics of a modern woman.


Reporters, do you guys really have nothing better to do?


Human talent [or “attractive women”] are the foundation of a strong country. There must be great talents under a prospering world, and great talents will create a prospering world. Under the guidance of the Party Central Committee Party led by President Xi, there will be more and more great talents, creating the magnificent chapter of a prospering China.

口 吕 品:

This is Chinese not doing serious/meaningful things and doing shit no one cares abut. China has how many corrupt officials?”


It’d be the best for her to be wearing a bikini, and even better if she doesn’t, as it can improve the success rate of signing agreements.


Nothing better to do, eh? It’s exactly because we have garbage reporters like you that China is miserable. Never reporting the truth, until you’re arrested, and then each and everyone of you write with clarity and logic, but when not in trouble, all you know is gossip.

百灵鸟: (In response to above)

Well criticized! Chinese nowadays lack spirit!

How about paying more attention to income distribution?

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The “Two Meetings” is such a serious stately event, would not hyping [making a big fuss about] a female reporter kill you? Retarded reporters and editors!

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  • [email protected]

    Good grief, she isn’t all that pretty. But anything that takes the attention off of the fact that no one knows how to make the problems go away is better than nothing I suppose.

    • La Mano Gaucha


  • Jay K.

    she and i will be the first to bump boots in this sofa!

    • [email protected]

      Forgot to say sorry for having that bump with young ice missy on our sofa first. You can have some frosty seconds though :D

  • furby

    A slow salacious news day, eh?

  • What a freakin’ joke it is to be a journalist in China.

    • Kristy

      Um have you heard of Katherin Webb? Read up on how that phenomenon came to be.

      On a side note, the dumbest girls in my college majored in journalism.

      • I have no idea how she is related to what I said, but it looks like her story is centered around how good looking she is, and I would never give that girl a second look on the street. Ugh.

    • Ding. At the last party congress, there was a big to-do about a female foreign reporter named Andrea Yu who impressed all of the Chinese media with her “impressive” Chinese skills; she was allowed to ask more than one question – four, in fact.

      But she’s not a reporter – she works for a BJ based media company called CAMG. Andrea Yu’s not even her name. She’s a plant that was used to pitch easy questions to politicians.

      And yet, she was a huge story back then. Just like this one now.

    • Dr Sun

      Sean, it’s odd I admit. I send story after meaty story on mostly meaningful issues that have been both published in China and with the netizens blog reactions to Cs weekly. So far only 1 has been run.

  • La Mano Gaucha

    Hmmm… she’s not all that. Kind of average, even. Can we have better stories? Pretty please?

    • donscarletti

      As far as random strangers on the internet highlighted for their looks, she is average.

      Though I’m pretty sure if any of you guys saw her in a restaurant or something you’d be dumbstruck.

  • Unfortunately she looks about as frigid as an icebox…..

  • xiaohouzi

    All those old men were so bored sitting around looking at each other for days on end that even the street peddler from Guangzhou would have been the subject of many erotic day dreams.

  • CoolHanc

    Please, she is frigid at bed at best.

    • How do you know if she is just being professional as it should be. If the press caught her with some other weird expression it would probably be a whole other take. Pretty or not she ain’t a sight for sore eyes.

    • mr.wiener

      You can tell this from 2 photos?

  • The Enlightened One

    LOL… It’s like these Chinese have ADD or something. The journalists divert their attention from national agendas to start checking out and filming the interpreter. Why you ask?

    No reason really. Some journalists were horny and forgot to take their Ritalin.

    • abdul m.

      What the fuck are you even trying to say

      • mr.wiener

        No idea, he is enlightened after all.

      • The Enlightened One

        I am trying to say that these Chinese journalists are boring, horny, got ADD and forgot to take their medication hence this stupid article! DAMN IT! Was I not clear?

  • BiggJ

    That bitch looks cold as ice… wait…. dry ice…..wait, what’s colder then dry ice???
    This Bitch.

  • SuperHappyCow

    This is dumb, she is dumb, everyone is dumb.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Seriously?! She’s below average at best.

  • Terrik

    Come on guys…

    • The Acidic Hasidic

      agreed, elbows way too pointy.

    • slob

      Reminds me of the Amber Lamps phase.

  • Apothis

    How about some real journalism finding out why 6000 pigs came floating in to Shanghai. Talk about an International embarrassment. It seems as though sometimes China just can’t quite make the jump from 3rd world country…

    • La Mano Gaucha

      Which reminds me… What was the *true* story behind the human bodies that spilled all over the freeway in Sichuan last year? The “authorities” said that these corpses — well over ten, if I remember correctly — were intended to be delivered to some medical college somewhere not far away, supposedly to be used by the students and/or for research. The strange thing is that the still-clothed bodies fell off from a non-descript, pickup truck with bald tires that had no freezing or even refrigeration equipment. This was in summer (or near summer) and the temperature was quite high on that day — the corpses were already half rotten before they even got to the medical school (if they were even truly intended to go there). This happened in plain sight and there was no proper securing of the site (which in a normal world would be considered a potential major crime scene), no proper forensics analysis, no real investigation, and no real answers. WTF?!

      • La Mano Gaucha
        • La Mano Gaucha

          The following was [email protected]’s brilliant response at the time CS published the story:

          A Policeman stops a man who appears to have just flipped over a small pickup truck carrying more than one dozen decomposing human corpses.
          The corpses are now strewn all over the highway and it appears the bodies are unwashed, wearing filthy clothing and in terrible condition.
          The Policeman immediately detains the driver and contains the crime scene to prevent the evidence being contaminated and the human remains from being disturbed or from spectators endangering themselves on the busy motorway.
          Calling for backup, the Policeman also knows to inform the Homicide unit, Medivac unit, and his superior officers, because he knows that this case is of extreme significance.
          Sixteen human person’s remains being discovered within one unknown individual’s vehicle could quite possibly become major national news and the Policeman knows that to blunder this case could possibly mean his career and worse, maybe even also that the people responsible might not be brought to justice.
          The Policeman first places the man under arrest due to what can only be classed as improper storage and transportation of human remains.
          It has yet to be properly determined who this driver is and for the present time the Policeman trusts only his instincts. The driver appears edgy, and is talking quickly, trying to call someone on his cell-phone. The vehicle is clearly not the appropriate form of refrigerated storage truck that a medical facility might use to transport cadavers, and the bodies themselves are in advanced stages of decomposition, exuding a terrible smell, swollen and discolored, appearing too to be unwashed and filthy, of a disheveled and unkempt cast.
          The Policeman does his best to cordon off the scene. The bodies are not moved and the suspect is prevented from leaving. His mobile phone is confiscated and his Identification Card collected. His Vehicles’ VIN is run through the Policeman’s Radio-Car terminal and both the suspect and the suspect vehicle are run through the Chinese Law Enforcement Database.
          Within moments, the first other Radio-Cars and MediVac officers arrive to assist. Detectives from Homicide arrive and soon the scene is under extreme scrutiny with the evidence being recorded, removed and the bodies collected and transported to the Forensic Examiner’s Office, the Suspect is being read his rights and is now being driven to The Criminal Investigation Department’s Homicide Offices to be formally questioned.
          Journalists have now arrived on the scene and passersby are being kept behind barriers to prevent disturbing the crime scene.
          The Policeman knows that his efforts are going to pay off. ‘Sixteen dead bodies found in a pickup truck’ will become major national news and perhaps, hopefully, arrests will be made, and this officer knows he has done his duty to the very best of his abilities.
          Well… if this had happened somewhere else in the world, maybe my account would be what actually happened. Sadly, the story took place here in China, and the police officer was Chinese, and the suspect was Chinese, and the dead were all just Chinese, and nothing happened and no one really cared.

          • slob

            That last paragraph nearly had me in tears.

          • La Mano Gaucha

            I hope that it wasn’t tears of laughter. That last paragraph is naked truth. Sad, sad, sad…

      • BiggJ

        Yeah I remember that, god only knows about that. lol. One thing for sure it was not for educational purposes.

      • BiggJ

        Another good story would be the “cancer villages” around china. They made a map to show all the places with really high cancer rates.

      • filabusta

        There’s never a follow up. The public’s attention span is about one news cycle long.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      It’s talk about: WELCOME to the modern world!!

      This pollution kills wildlife,people,pigs and chicken and destroys the harmony between heaven and earth!!
      not counting that those horrible factories of doom also breaks the feng shui perfect-ness we always strive to, when building anything. from a humble well and a small farm house to a lavish siheyuan for an officer!!



  • Guest

    i just want to fuck her

    • Pickle

      Yeah me too. But those comments about her being an ice box might be true. She might need to display such a demeanor to command some respect.
      But to be fair, “news” like this needs to be highlighted in the lighthearted part of media not the serious part. Going by the Chinese commenters, it seems it wasn’t. Even if it was, the reactions just show the anger against the crooks in charge of the place.

  • SaveChina

    Frankly she might has some resemblance of ZhaoWei but another possible plastic dolls playmates which (not who? Ok maybe ernai or xiaosan to breed more so call elite high ministers’ babies or $$$ laundering sex-comrades in disguise) ALL eyes on her “wetting pants”…waiting to see who get to pay/be highest bidder to get her roll/orgy with high officers sharing sex playmates…EVERY LIVING SOULS in CHINA knows that Corrupted Leaders with their comrades”XXXzhong”car-pool virgins weekend shopping at universities…paying and making future for today Chinese Elite call-girls just like Japanese and Californians sex plastic-dolls playmates…from face to breast to even their “p” are silicones injections…good to look at…fun to play…”Dont take home”, at 16-18 y.o they are booked as leaders’ playmates, at 19-20, they are only good enough for so call Elite businessmen’s Ernai/Xiaosan…by 21 well worn and worldly smart “Shengnui”…sad stories if these ladies are looking to start a family,.Good chinese men wouldn’t touch them, poor handsome gigolo don’t mind as they are like “cookies & tarts”perfect match as couples to make babies which growup as “Fuerdai Idiots” either run amoks killing their parents or go overseas to become “speed soul-collectors driver”, jump-bail with USD2 millions corruptions Public $$$ setting example for more future extortion in GreatChina, making it unbearable living hellhole for other souls…or turn into a Sissy fuerdai with flying jets, luxuries cars and plastic-playmates.

    • cc

      Go back to your shopping trolley you fucking LaLa.

  • get lost we are full

    • SaveChina

      Full of shits Good stayon and roll in it

  • SaveChina

    Looks like…some senseless laowai who can offers “Green card” can share and help to corrupt our broken society by coming to China to eat…shit…play our leftovers sex playmates then criticize without conscience…setting a good example “Pot calling kettle black”

    • filabusta

      Looks like some useless wumao wondered away from sina.

    • Alice S

      Not all foreigners. LOL :)

  • Ruaraidh

    Those Chinese really do have heavy tastes.

    • filabusta

      My guess is they’re judging her by the bridge of her nose. They are overly obsessed with noses and height.

  • SuperHappyCow

    Srsly, she’s an ice queen? If she is an icecream, than I’m pretty sure almost every Asian woman I’ve seen in Asia is an ice queen.

    • Pickle

      You said she was an ice cream! People lick those you know.

      • mr.wiener

        I’m sure she is a cunning linguist.

        • Pickle

          Zing! Good one, Mr. Kosher!

        • jeffli

          and has a cunning stunt?

      • SuperHappyCow

        Damn, I was betting no one would notice. That was the entire point of my post, btw. D:

  • DavidisDawei

    There are so many Beautiful (“Chinese”) Women. If you dolled up the translator, maybe she would look like this?
    Attached Below (Liv Lo)

    • MrT

      Looks American, all teeth.

      • mattsm84

        Looks Chinese, all cheeks.

    • Pickle

      The translator looks better in my opinion. I prefer non glammed up looks. Natural beauty is the best.

    • Bugs Bunny

      how many normal women do this to flatter men’s lust?
      come on!
      she is good looking as a decent career woman…take a look around in street in asia, then you will many people nose is not nose, eye is not eye.she is above average already in asia.

  • If she is indeed pretty – probably these are not her most successful pics.

    • mattsm84

      You know what, she’s news media pretty. Not everyday pretty, like a cute waitress or coworker, and not TV pretty, like a celebrity, but pretty enough to be considered pretty when put in a room with a bunch of balding middle aged bureaucrats.

    • Alice S

      Ahh, a nice reply, for once. Phew. LOL :)

  • MrT

    She got that just woke up look going on.
    Not come the come to bed look.

  • cc

    Pretty bloody ugly

  • tonkotsu

    wtf she isn’t even good looking

  • Kate

    Well thank God her appearance is being picked apart on the internet, gotta keep the objectification of women based on their looks alive now dont we? She is a normal women trying to do her job, the media is ridiculous. I hope i never end up all over csmack with some dorks talking about whether im pretty or uglg. Poor lady.

    • Pickle

      As long as women are obsessed with their own appearance so too will men.
      Besides someone here has already said you are pretty. Me. Now we just need to wait for someone to say the opposite so you will be corect. I have a feeling you’ll be waiting awhile.

      • Zhegezhege

        That’s not very understanding, Pickle! Surely it’s the other way round?

        As long as men are obsessed with womens’ appearances, women have to be too.

        There are lots of guys out there who are consistently nice to everyone they meet and never deliberately harm other people, but when it comes down to it, they wouldn’t boff a fatty.

        • Pickle

          No. Men are naturally interested in the appearance of women. But women do it to levels that no longer appeal to men but to impress the taste in style to other women. It’s not just about pleasing the opposite sex but just having fun with fashion. There are shallow men that like women to wear make up all the time but not me.
          And I would have no problem and gladly sleep with a chubby woman to a degree. If she is too fat, sex is no longer enjoyable and becomes a cumbersome endeavor. Chubby is fine. Being a blob isn’t.

        • SuperHappyCow

          Mmm, I would totally boff a fatty! Never have. : (

          All skinny girls. /_

    • La Mano Gaucha

      This asinine “story” was posted by a woman working for ChinaSmack, not by us male “dorks”. Clearly, the “story” was intended to provoke tongue-in-cheek misogynist comments. Chill, Kate… BTW, your avatar suggests that you’re waaaay nicer looking than this translator.

    • vincent

      If it did come down to that you’d probably end up on Koreabang, not Chinasmack =)

      • Kate

        This is true. I probably will, at some point, end up on kbang. I’m moving go korea in 9 days Vincent 0_0

        • vincent

          How do you feel about that? Looking forward to it? Or do you have a sense of trepidation? Make sure you leave satisfied from where it is you are now so you don’t feel homesick and such, anyway if you feel down you can always hop on to CS or KB for a good laugh.
          I’ll be heading back to Dubai myself by the first week of May, while my family stays back in China for a while, so it’s going to be boring as balls so I’ll be counting on you guys to keep me company. =) Be sure to post updates.

          • Kate

            I am excited, sad, nervous, and worried. My parents are very upset that I’m leaving with their only grandchild and I feel very guilty actually but at the same time, my husbands parents haven’t seen us or our baby and they deserve to spend time with her and us too. Issues that international marriages have ya know? Lots of pros to be married internationally/interracially but there are cons too! Like trying to decide which country to settle in. Though I just got my F6 green card visa approved to Korea and our daughter will be a duel citizen. I just can’t believe I have 1 week left in my country. Its going to take 2 days travelling to get to Korea and with a 12 month old, we will need prayers ^_^ and id love to see Dubai! I’ve never met an arab person before actually.

          • vincent

            All normal emotional responses to a situation like this ^^ I suppose it is time that your in law’s see your baby as well, I too am well aware of the issues of international marriages but what to do eh, the heart wants what the heart wants :P As to where you want to settle, give it some time first and see how things work out, keeping an eye on current events in both countries should help make a decision, I think Brett is in the same position as you right? He should be able to provide some valuable insight that could help with your decision as well, so many factors to consider, education, healthcare and so on.
            Lord have mercy a 2 day trip with a 1 year old, I’ll pray that the trip goes smooth , since you still have a week left I think you should take that time to soak in all the things that you’re going to miss while you’re in Korea.

            If your family wishes to make a trip to Dubai in the future you can always let me know, will show you guys around, bring plenty of sun-block though haha, have a safe trip Kate and family and looking forward to hearing how things go for you in Korea, take care :D

    • A guy

      Well said, but I think that Women do it as well to other women and to a lesser degree men. Men will always be overly obsessed with how women look, it is unavoidable, the key is to teach men that a pretty woman doing a “masculine” or “respectable” job is not cause for gawking. In everyday life most men have learned not to do that “at least where I am from” but this is the internet where everyone takes a mental shit so you are bound to see the worst of it. The problem is not talking about weather you find women attractive the problem is when that conversation drowns out or is used to cheapen any real talents or achievements attributable to her.

      So the internet is abuzz with men talking about her looks, don’t fool yourself as a woman that most of your male acquaintances aren’t talking about you that way outside of professional settings. It won’t stop because it is a fascination men all have, the only success that can be garnered is that those men go “this reporter is talented, thorough, adaptable, tough, diligent, intelligent etc…. and now that we are outside of the workplace god I would hit that sooo hard.

      PS: Women are learning where I am from to be more obsessed with the appearance of men as well, I have overheard conversations about me and my fellow male co-workers as well and it runs the same way. The future isn’t not caring about the looks of women it is caring about the looks of everyone after assessing them professionally because your appearance is part of your value as a human being. It should be valued less, but it does have value and will be discussed.

    • sendtodave

      “Yes, even in that setting, when judging a female for a position on the highest court in the land, our instinct is still to judge her suitability as a sex partner. It’s the first thing we notice. And you could just write that off as a bunch of douches being shallow, but then you have to realize how all of society has conformed to this. Forget about objectification in the media or fashion industry — go to a diner, they’ve got the pretty girl waiting tables. Go to a department store, they’ll have a pretty girl selling you pants.”

    • donscarletti

      Anything that has a tangible shape, weight and volume is an object.

    • alien

      fucking eh. talking about losers complaining and judging. ya know, who cares if she is good looking or not. did she do her job? that’s important

      all you guys who judge a book by its cover will not know the meaning of a serious relationship or know what it means to have a deep meaningful conversation with someone because you are too worried about looks.

      shameful, sad and pathetic.

      as kate said objectification must be alive?

      sorry and sad group of men who can’t see women as their equals.

      are you that afraid ?

  • haterade

    Well, its that time of the day again….:



  • WastheManagerFrench

    She looks like any common Korean girl in Seoul actually, and the first pic makes her look downright psychotic! That being said, the Chinese seem to like either the cosplay dolls (tiny colored haired skeletons), or the hairy underarmed, jungled hairpied sweaty reeking cellulite+stretch marks types. I seriously think if she smelled the more of piss and shit, Chinese guys would gladly “eat da poo poo”! As close to a barnyard romp as humanly possible without the inclusion of farmlife I guess, power to the dictatorship of the peasants! :D

    • mr.wiener

      I used to hate armpit hair…..then it grew on me.

      • WastheManagerFrench

        So you like hairy types…So 70s :)

      • Kai

        LoL, I see what you did there.

  • vincent

    Poor girl she was just minding her own business and now she’s become fap material, reporter has low standards.

    • pimpinbear

      its a great opportunity for her…i am sure that some pervert official or local rich fuck will spend a good bunch of money to screw her…she should take the chance !

  • XiaoHei

    If she is beautiful, then I am hot too LOL

  • Gontraf

    Look at the shiny shiny !

  • hardyandtiny

    what’s so great about her? She’s an average girl.

  • Dk

    To think I used to tell my friends chinasmack reported real new. Wtf happened to this site??

  • V

    maybe she is really cute and talented. What’s the fuss about?

    • Alice S

      LOL ChiSmack just needs a lot of new posts like every millisecond for ppl to read LOL. :)

  • Alice S

    Lucky girl! LOL :)

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