Media Attention on Pretty Interpreter at National People’s Congress

A pretty Chinese female interpreter, translator at the NPC Press Center.

A pretty Chinese female interpreter, translator at the NPC Press Center.

From QQ:

Beautiful Interpreter at National People’s Congress Press Center Attracts Attention

On March 11th, the Press Center for the First Session of the 12th National People’s Congress held a press conference in the multipurpose room of the Media Center regarding the “content and consideration related to the ‘State Council Reform and Transformation Plan'”. In the conference, this cool and pretty interpreter/translator attracted the attention of reporters. Her expression of concentration without a smile is said to resemble Zhao Wei. Hence the cameras of many media photographers were pointed at her. From: New Express.

A pretty Chinese female interpreter, translator at the NPC Press Center.

Comments from QQ:


She’s much prettier than Zhao Wei. Now this is a true beauty!


The editor has a problem, right? What the fuck does a pretty interpreter have to do with you? Always writing such useless stuff.


Can you guys look at something that matters? Appearances are important, but actual content is the key.


Beauty and intelligence are characteristics of a modern woman.


Reporters, do you guys really have nothing better to do?


Human talent [or “attractive women”] are the foundation of a strong country. There must be great talents under a prospering world, and great talents will create a prospering world. Under the guidance of the Party Central Committee Party led by President Xi, there will be more and more great talents, creating the magnificent chapter of a prospering China.

口 吕 品:

This is Chinese not doing serious/meaningful things and doing shit no one cares abut. China has how many corrupt officials?”


It’d be the best for her to be wearing a bikini, and even better if she doesn’t, as it can improve the success rate of signing agreements.


Nothing better to do, eh? It’s exactly because we have garbage reporters like you that China is miserable. Never reporting the truth, until you’re arrested, and then each and everyone of you write with clarity and logic, but when not in trouble, all you know is gossip.

百灵鸟: (In response to above)

Well criticized! Chinese nowadays lack spirit!

How about paying more attention to income distribution?

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The “Two Meetings” is such a serious stately event, would not hyping [making a big fuss about] a female reporter kill you? Retarded reporters and editors!

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