Rich Chinese Kid’s Life Of Luxury In Dubai


From Mop:

My luxurious life as a descendant of a Chinese businessman in Dubai

I emigrated to Dubai with my parents when I was small. I know everyone will call me a rich kid, dandy, or other titles people envy. Everyone can think whatever they want, it does not matter. Since I have nothing to do everyday, today I wanted to post some photos of life in Dubai or write some true stories or amorous adventures in Dubai.

My Chinese level is not high, so if I do not write well, everyone please do not make fun of me. Thanks.

Let me introduce myself a bit. Age: 20. Body: Average.

I like being in the local Arab social circles and extremely love race cars. Cars’ engines make my blood boil. Ever since the day I lost my love, only speed lets me feel like I am still alive. Right now I am studying at Sharjah Skyland [Skyline?] University.

First, let me show everyone my car:



This is my favorite car.


My dream car. I reckon only when I finish school in 2010 will Dad give me one.


The car my house’s Filipino servants use. It’s true.


Close-up photo of me while at home. Not handsome, but, it always seems that girls favor guys that look like me. Don’t worry, there will be pictures of my girlfriend and friends in a moment.


My good Dubai friend. His father is in the oil business, and his family is exceedingly wealthy.


With a friend in a bar.


Get-together with friends. The most wonderful part is after the get-together. However, afraid of being harmonized so I won’t post them now.


What do you think? The pretty girls aren’t bad, right? Moreover, they are as open as you can imagine. This is for a story to come, first see if you have seen this before. The best is to come.



My girlfriend…everyone take a look. Tell me what you think.


Now look at me. Do we match?



Comments from Mop:


Rich kid? Forget about it, I bet you feel guilty saying this kind of thing too.

You dare claim those cars are your’s? Haha! My stomach hurts!

Giveaway 1: You are so uneasy standing next to those cars.

Giveaway 2: You say that 鬼佬 [“gui lao”, foreigner] is so rich then why doesn’t he drive his own car instead of riding in your car? It is obvious that car is his! So that picture has already been exposed. Letting you sit in the driver’s seat to take a picture probably satisfied you a little!

Advice: not only car, even girls are not your’s, you are just fooling yourself!

People like you who are always trying to be in the spotlight, 80% are caused by an inferiority complex.

With your body and looks combined with your heart/attitude/behavior, it reveals that you are just an assimilated GAY!


I like your style of living, but there are some things you do not have abroad! Also, are Chinese people discriminated there?


…this is a truly rich person, I am a little envious.


Give me your girlfriend’s contact information.


You look like a dog, are you a valet? No matter how I look at you, you do not look like a rich person. You seem to have a beggar’s disposition!


I truly feel sorry for your parents,~ such an impressive couple only to have a 2B child like you, I bet it is their life’s biggest failure~!


Why does the lou zhu‘s face make me feel so disgusted…

It is definitely not because he is a rich kid as I am not against wealthy circumstances.

Lou zhu, why don’t you take a bath and go to bed? Looking at this face of yours is making me impotent.


Everyday you probably think life is boring…living that kind of life everyday probably has no meaning. Do some good. Remember that you are still Chinese.


The only thing I admire the lou zhu for is finding a foreign girlfriend, bringing glory to our country/people…


Had your parents at that time spent their ten minutes going out for a stroll, they would not have such an idiot like you today disgusting people here.


Rich people should be a little more low-key, really.

However, your two cars are both cars I like the most. I think I can live 10 lives and still not afford one.

Hehe, this is just the only thing I envy.


It looks like lou zhu is not your average rich person. How about going out two times less or buy one less car and take even 1% of the money you saved to help some of those children in the country who cannot afford to go to school?


People, there will always be differences between people.

However, lou zhu, what you have written has still allowed us to understand what life in a capitalist country is like…

I am right now still considering whether or not to have a child with my wife. Is allowing my child to be born in China the biggest punishment to them??


I do not feel like you have money. These pictures are very easy to take outside of the country. How do you prove that these are your cars. Where is your family’s helicopter, luxury residence??

Vain people.


As a Chinese person, you should earn foreigners’ money and then come back to China to spend it. Only this way would you have done right by the motherland, and moreover be a model for Chinese people.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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