Rich Chinese Kid’s Life Of Luxury In Dubai


From Mop:

My luxurious life as a descendant of a Chinese businessman in Dubai

I emigrated to Dubai with my parents when I was small. I know everyone will call me a rich kid, dandy, or other titles people envy. Everyone can think whatever they want, it does not matter. Since I have nothing to do everyday, today I wanted to post some photos of life in Dubai or write some true stories or amorous adventures in Dubai.

My Chinese level is not high, so if I do not write well, everyone please do not make fun of me. Thanks.

Let me introduce myself a bit. Age: 20. Body: Average.

I like being in the local Arab social circles and extremely love race cars. Cars’ engines make my blood boil. Ever since the day I lost my love, only speed lets me feel like I am still alive. Right now I am studying at Sharjah Skyland [Skyline?] University.

First, let me show everyone my car:



This is my favorite car.


My dream car. I reckon only when I finish school in 2010 will Dad give me one.


The car my house’s Filipino servants use. It’s true.


Close-up photo of me while at home. Not handsome, but, it always seems that girls favor guys that look like me. Don’t worry, there will be pictures of my girlfriend and friends in a moment.


My good Dubai friend. His father is in the oil business, and his family is exceedingly wealthy.


With a friend in a bar.


Get-together with friends. The most wonderful part is after the get-together. However, afraid of being harmonized so I won’t post them now.

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What do you think? The pretty girls aren’t bad, right? Moreover, they are as open as you can imagine. This is for a story to come, first see if you have seen this before. The best is to come.



My girlfriend…everyone take a look. Tell me what you think.


Now look at me. Do we match?



Comments from Mop:


Rich kid? Forget about it, I bet you feel guilty saying this kind of thing too.

You dare claim those cars are your’s? Haha! My stomach hurts!

Giveaway 1: You are so uneasy standing next to those cars.

Giveaway 2: You say that 鬼佬 [“gui lao”, foreigner] is so rich then why doesn’t he drive his own car instead of riding in your car? It is obvious that car is his! So that picture has already been exposed. Letting you sit in the driver’s seat to take a picture probably satisfied you a little!

Advice: not only car, even girls are not your’s, you are just fooling yourself!

People like you who are always trying to be in the spotlight, 80% are caused by an inferiority complex.

With your body and looks combined with your heart/attitude/behavior, it reveals that you are just an assimilated GAY!


I like your style of living, but there are some things you do not have abroad! Also, are Chinese people discriminated there?


…this is a truly rich person, I am a little envious.


Give me your girlfriend’s contact information.


You look like a dog, are you a valet? No matter how I look at you, you do not look like a rich person. You seem to have a beggar’s disposition!


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I truly feel sorry for your parents,~ such an impressive couple only to have a 2B child like you, I bet it is their life’s biggest failure~!


Why does the lou zhu‘s face make me feel so disgusted…

It is definitely not because he is a rich kid as I am not against wealthy circumstances.

Lou zhu, why don’t you take a bath and go to bed? Looking at this face of yours is making me impotent.


Everyday you probably think life is boring…living that kind of life everyday probably has no meaning. Do some good. Remember that you are still Chinese.


The only thing I admire the lou zhu for is finding a foreign girlfriend, bringing glory to our country/people…


Had your parents at that time spent their ten minutes going out for a stroll, they would not have such an idiot like you today disgusting people here.


Rich people should be a little more low-key, really.

However, your two cars are both cars I like the most. I think I can live 10 lives and still not afford one.

Hehe, this is just the only thing I envy.


It looks like lou zhu is not your average rich person. How about going out two times less or buy one less car and take even 1% of the money you saved to help some of those children in the country who cannot afford to go to school?


People, there will always be differences between people.

However, lou zhu, what you have written has still allowed us to understand what life in a capitalist country is like…

I am right now still considering whether or not to have a child with my wife. Is allowing my child to be born in China the biggest punishment to them??


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I do not feel like you have money. These pictures are very easy to take outside of the country. How do you prove that these are your cars. Where is your family’s helicopter, luxury residence??

Vain people.


As a Chinese person, you should earn foreigners’ money and then come back to China to spend it. Only this way would you have done right by the motherland, and moreover be a model for Chinese people.

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  • bendan

    His afro hair is weirdly funny.

  • PEYE

    It takes all kinds of people to make a world. Who is he trying to impress? I hear the air in Dubai does something strange to a person.

    • Checkthisout

      stop speculating if you dont have anything to say….be quiet.

  • My only thought…”Who cares!”

    • Checkthisout

      exactly only the people who wish to grandstand and make noise would only care.

  • y

    Yeah, those last 2 comments just about sum it up. A dude trying to flash with expensive cars in Dubai? What else is new? Waste of time.

    • Checkthisout

      waste of your time as you just read the article and the comments leading up to your set of requirements. you played yourself.

  • The John

    I hope guys realize that saying things like, “I am exceedingly wealthy” and posting up pictures is really dangerous. I don’t have to worry about finding details, Anyone could just kidnap him and hold him for ransom at anytime. I know where he lives, what he drives and who his friends are… Most wealthy people generally stay low key…

  • fake spotter

    Nice try faking your own car.

    the Mercedes SLR engine in SLK is a famous MOD done by a race car driver.

    have fun faking up stories.

    • Sunil

      Wow….you exposed him truly….Good Work. I think he is a waiter in Dubai from the background of his pic and his dress.

    • Haha. That’s true. Thanks for that.

      And even if everything was true that lifestyle wouldn’t be so special in Europe or America. Only difference is that very few people would feel the urge to show off like that. China is different after all.

    • Checkthisout

      but unfortunately for your as your not a motor head is that you can easily aquire the same body kit and make the same modifications the real trick would be to validate the license plate to verify who the car is registered to. that would be the real researching not just pulling a blog entry from another site… you played yourself….

    • madmax

      Dude, he needs to pimp his cyber penis… That’s why he’s making up stories. :)

      Nice job on the research!

  • Dubai population: 70% Male; 30% Female

    The sausage fest of countries

    • Really? FKN hell, I’m never going there then!

    • Checkthisout

      its about getting money if you want to get laid you dont wanna a be there. you want 90K + or more jobs you go to Dubai….anyone with a degree or not. but has the will to work hard and do well…will do well…. its a frontier state where money is to be made……

  • 888Ch

    he is just a valet

  • donsushi8

    i don’t know what he is bragging about. dubai is going downhill, everybody knows that. it’s kinda lame showing off your lifestyle in a lost country.

    • Kerry

      Lol my sentiments exactly. If he wants to brag, at least choose a more developed/prosperous country. There’s tons in Asia, like HK, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul. Actually I think even Beijing is better than Dubai :X Who knows what he was thinking?!

  • shamWow

    As karma has it, Dubai was built entirely on slave labor and is already over the hill. Unfinished skyscrapers are rusting away and there’s shit floating in the sea. But I do hope the poster is wealthy because with a fugly face like that the only pleasure in life he could get would be from his own hands.

  • DLP

    “Lou zhu, why don’t you take a bath and go to bed? Looking at this face of yours is making me impotent”


  • Josh

    Even if he is an arrogant ass who’s faking it, the responses seem to be disgustingly Sinocentric.

    “As a Chinese person, you should earn foreigners’ money and then come back to China to spend it. Only this way would you have done right by the motherland, and moreover be a model for Chinese people.”

    Not saying much for the integrity of Chinese people here.

    • Checkthisout

      Agreed. And that comment is perpetrated by an ignorant person with no value beyond their own pettiness and shortsightedness.

      It shows you for everyone educated and commonsense man/woman there is 10 ignorant non educated and non commonsense men/women…

      ignorant people play themselves everyday and they dont even know it.

  • mingster

    Useless Chinese boy…as usual….posing with nice cars, and had some pics with some Arabs, then claims everything is his! Just too retarded

    ps; I started to analyse photos as a profession even before you were born.

    • Checkthisout

      The serious question and really this insnt very serious is. Has anyone stopped to think that maybe this is all a joke and he has played each one of you by including a comment so the joke would be on all of you because all of you got played…..

  • lostinsz

    As already suggested, he is probably a dishwasher and toyboy for that Arab fella in the passenger seat. Dubai….a large sandpit minus girls and alcohol…..lots of boy to boy hide the salami. Goats and sheep keep a wary eye over their shoulders.

  • yostallion

    dude, the guy looks like such a skinny little homo. even i kinda just wanna bend him over and fukk him just for fun bc he looks like such a sweet little femmy bitch.

    i know that middle eastern places like dubai are full of rapist homos. but if it’s filled with guys that look like him now I know why.

  • tangguli

    i cant believe it…i just think that the man is very ugly!!O(∩_∩)O




  • PL

    this story is nothing but cock and bulls. the white SLK belongs to a famous rally driver in dubai that has fitted a SLR engine in there. just seeing that photo alone makes me not wanna read the rest of this thread anymore because it’s fake.

    i did however look at the photos and laughed since most of them looked like they were taken in the US or an international school prom here in china.

    as for the girlfriend photo, props if it’s really his girlfriend, but shouldn’t he have a photo of her together with him in a single photo? therefore i call BS.

  • i dont think so.O(∩_∩)O

  • Maxim

    It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor as long as you have your honesty and dignity. By posting this, you lost both.

  • Ted

    “I have nothing to do everyday” – that sums up his life.

  • This kid is my new hero.

  • Kathy

    that so called ‘home’ is a boat you bastard.
    not even a very good one either.
    there seems to be a public toilet right behind you…

  • bs dog

    This guy should just go to Second Life. His Saturday Night Fever outfit would make a better impression there.

  • This guy should be careful! Cos I’m going to kidnap him. Ha, ha … :)

  • jean

    a truly rich guy doesn’t show off.

  • Shanghairocks

    He looks like a construction crane operator in Dubai …lolzzzz

  • Miako Tamatsue

    I am not sure why so many people are hang up on this guy and his family’s money. They earned it and they can do whatever they want with it. Just because you don’t have it, you’re going to kidnap him? Money isn’t going to buy you happiness.

    When I am in Tokyo, Japan, I see so many rich people, yet so many miserable and unhappy people. People work from 9 am to 9 pm day in and day out. But when I am in Vietnam, I see so many poor people, but happy (content with their life) people.

    • The John


      I agree with you. I think people should do what they want with their money. However, showing off is dangerous for one’s family. It’s the envious people to watch out for, it’s the people that see potential in hurting others. For that reason, most rich people keep their money to themselves. They don’t want others to know what they do, where they go and who they know. That can be dangerous…

      • Checkthisout

        I think you are right in some regards but on the whole very short sighted in your observation.

  • rjv

    the first car is a famous car in dubai… belongs to a rally champ mohammed bin sulayem…its an slk fitted with an slr engine ,i guess…heard it takes out the enzo!!!

  • mike

    let me introduce myself: age: 20 body: average

    …?! skinny and brainless..

  • RichWhiteMale

    haha only a Chinese peasant would be fooled by these photos.

    • Checkthisout

      and only rich white males would be reading about chinese news your a short sighted foreigner giving caucasion people a bad rap about your shortcomings

  • Checkthisout

    So: the definition of rich means that you have to look a certain way, act a certain way, walk a certain way, talk a certain way.

    The fact whether this person is a rich kid or not is not the issue. Being rich doesnt mean you have to look good to be rich.

    I’ve seen many average people who you would never think be rich be very rich or wealthy but they are.

    Whether you work hard on your own accord or through your parents its up to you. But why read this in the first place, mine is curiousity, not to judge or pass judgement as all of you have done. Whether this person lied or not is not the issue he did what he did to seek attention or be noticed.

    Where as you poke out his giveaways his flaws in indication of all of your shortcomings…. reason why blogging is an over hyped medium is because people use blogging to “Grandstand” or “spew forth hate” and “degrade” people because they “you” lack the self esteem to move up and beyond the nonsense.

    So the issue is to be rich or not to be

    to be good looking or not good looking

    to be good looking and rich or not good looking and not rich

    or to be not good looking and be rich

    Its really up to perception…..Because you dont need to be good looking to be rich.

    you can be a ugly mo and be stinking rich or be drop dead gorgeous and be dirt poor.

    So to the haters out there step off! but if thats all you do is hate thats you and your karma. And you wonder why your life sucks…..

    Be be on to you….

  • Checkthisout

    He’s played all of you guys….hes faking it because he knows you guys would say something you fell for his jokes. you all got played…..

  • Capt. Absurdity is now FenQing

    As someone who grew up without basic cable… hey let’s them ball. Stop hating.

  • another spoiled rich kid – –

  • just

    If you have a bit of cash and want to buy some cars and have fun, good luck to you. It’s your own business and I’d never begrudge a man the chance of driving a supercar responsibly.

    However with all that money, I can’t help buy wonder if a stylist might be worthwhile.

    I am more concerned with the “body: average” statement than anything else..

  • daesong

    “As a Chinese person, you should earn foreigners’ money and then come back to China to spend it. Only this way would you have done right by the motherland, and moreover be a model for Chinese people.”

    why so protectionist?

    • Sounds like what soviet athletes were told during the height of the cold war, and look what happened to the soviet empire/project?!

  • xiaming

    What brother is driving is not sportscar, but loneliness.


    this foo be a mad poser.

  • RoleModel

    I am from the upper-class family too. My family’s net asset is USD$10 million, not as rich as the poster boy but nevertheless I don’t flaunt my wealth. When I make friends, they don’t know my family’s background. They befriended me for who I am. That boy is a victim of soulless materialism. Guess what happens if his family’s business goes bust, all his fake friends will leave him. He ought to have a balanced perception of the limitation of money and look for happiness in the right direction. As far as I am concerned, my life has been meaningful and on the right track.

  • usctrojan

    I’ve heard (from rich people) that the people most dissatisfied and struggling in life (in terms of self-satisfaction and happiness) are the children of the rich. They feel that working hard at a job is pointless because they’re already taken cared for and they feel immense pressure to try and perform as well or better than their parents, which is pretty impossible considering how hard it is to climb the social ladder. Their lives almost seem pointless from the start, and it’s a dangerous trap to fall into. I feel bad for them since no one sympathizes with them because of their wealth. It’s my goal not to let my kids turn out like that.

  • Sad

    give me ur girls no or call chinees girls no

  • lawl

    ey u daaa supaaa rich kidd omgahhh i wana be like u.
    give me 1 million dolla plz kthxbai

  • link

    I had picture taken next to a cockpit of a light aircraft and in a spanky sporty nice looking helicopter whilst in the air too. But it does not mean I own it. Just pay US$100 for a 10minutes ride!

    Taking picture next to a Farari or Lotus or the like is NOT a big deal! This is nothing more than a show off and stunt and may be to impress pretty Chinese girls

  • American

    No one likes a show-off…

  • C

    Unnecessary, but this guy is an arrogant asshole. That’s all. Oh and I wouldn’t want to be the girlfriend the jerk is “showing off” as a whore.

  • HEY

    I think CHECKTHISOUT is the muthaf*** who posted these pics!
    If your’e not the prick in these pics then you need a damn life and stop being a mother goose. Certain key words like “rich” and “luxury” are gonna catch people’s attention, Checkthisout (probably the poop butt posing in the pics)

    ps., You are not fooling anyone; those aren’t your cars; thats not your girl.

  • Sal

    these cars are hot.

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  • yoyo

    trolls trolling trolls in a trolls trolling troll thread, ya’ll postin in a troll thread

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