Sanya Beach Covered with Garbage Embarrasses Chinese Netizens

From QQ:

Sanya Tourists Left 50 Tons of Garbage at 3-Kilometer-Long Beach

Two people are walking at the beach, looking at the garbage.

October 1 morning, the day after the Mid-Autumn Festival, the 3-kilometer-long beach at the Dadonghai Scenic Area in Sanya city of Hainan island was covered with 50 tons of household garbage. This garbage was left there by city residents and tourists who were appreciating the moon [the night before], seriously polluting the marine environment.

Sanitation people are cleaning the garbage.

Sanya Hedong Sanitation Bureau, Dadonghai Management Company, and some other departments dispatched over 600 people to clean up the beach. And it took them more than 2 hours to finish the cleaning.

Sanitation people are cleaning the garbage.

The garbage left on the beach.

The garbage left on the beach.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯河南省网友 袜子小席:

Our people’s characters [civic mindedness] is fully revealed here! Very incisively!

腾讯网友 OKBARI:

It’s not just a problem of the character of our countrymen, are there trashcans for 50 tons of garbage around the beach? It’s not just the tourists’ problem but also the problem of the relevant departments who are in charge of facilities and management.

腾讯网友 闫博: (responding to above)

It’s a matter of habit. Even if there wasn’t a trashcan that big, couldn’t you just take the garbage away with you? Don’t always JJYY [blah blah blah] looking for excuses, first introspect yourself.

腾讯杭州市网友 门徒: (responding to above)

Indeed it’s a character/cultivation problem. At the entrance of our company’s showroom, everyday there are people waiting for the bus, and they just toss their breakfast garbage on the ground. So our company put a trashcan there. It’s clearly right there beside them, but they still just drop their garbage on the ground by their feet. Of those who come in to use the restroom, many of them will even fucking leave without flushing the toilet. And then there are those who when buying breakfast will even cut in line!! Seeing them makes me feel the garbage is even more pleasing to the eye!! I’ll stop here, and just be sure to do my own part!

腾讯网友 某得昵称:

With character/cultivation like this and we want to boycott Japanese products and defeat Japan? Keep dreaming, and let’s see if it’ll happen maybe in 100 years.

腾讯北京市网友 ____假装: (responding to above)

Grass mud horse, fucking bastard, why don’t you go live in Japan then!!! Stupid cunt!!!

腾讯安徽省网友 漫步云端: (responding to above)

Unable to listen to dissenting opinions? Can able to kick up a fuss like a swarm of bees [in a group/crowd]? Is the first comment [by 某得昵称] wrong? Is this kind of character/cultivation not allowed to be criticized? Look at yourself, with a mouthful of dirty language, touched a sore spot, eh?

腾讯哈尔滨市网友 蝴蝶:

Chinese people’s character is just like this, the level of civilization in Chinese society is just like this! And still [Chinese people] complain all day long, but what grumbling about what? Everyday just looking for other people’s faults! Everybody would be better off reflecting on yourselves!

腾讯网友 低调男人:

No wonder laowai often look down upon us.

腾讯宜春市网友 大 雪 无 痕:

Seems what Noda [Prime Minister of Japan] said is right: Chinese people’s character should be questioned!!!

腾讯苏州市网友 倥苩旳兲:

The character of the Heavenly Kingdom’s people are really fucking lousy. Just look at their fucking ugly selves, with not the least bit of cultivation/character at all. If you guys were at home, would you still create so much garbage???

腾讯杭州市网友 醉清风。。。:

What was supposed to be a holiday celebrated by the country has become a holiday for the creation of garbage… Our compatriots’ characters/cultivation…

腾讯网友 漩涡鸣人:

This is a famous tourist area, so the people who come here should be relatively well-off, but their civic-mindedness hasn’t caught up with the level of their wealth, satisfying their selfish desires by sacrificing the environment and sanitation. Shameful, detestable, and pitiful. And those who provide food and drink at the beach, they too need to improve their professional ethics. You can prefer not to make change, but you still shouldn’t sacrifice the environment as the cost. The relevant government supervisory departments also didn’t do their jobs.

腾讯通化市网友 彡毝:

It won’t be the Japanese who will destroy us, but our own people!!!

腾讯临汾市网友 黑人才出众:

I suggest we leave it there and not “clean” it, to use the scene as a lesson for raising the civilization of us Chinese people. Better yet, let “friends” from around the world come see which country in the world this scene of garbage belongs to. Advertise it on CCTV, and let us Chinese people be sober-minded about our 5,000-years of civilization.

腾讯朔州市网友 四处流落的风:

Only one thing to say: Ugly Chinese. I hope everybody can set themselves as examples to others. This generation of ours is ruined, but we should be a good example for the next generation.

What do you think? How long did it take other countries to improve the social problem of littering? What methods did they use to improve the civic-mindedness of their citizens that China can learn from?

Sanitation people are cleaning the garbage.

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Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.


    I always thought Sanya was a shitty place of a shitty country

  • Some people are pigs by nature, China, USA, same behavior, pigs raised by pigs and they go on to have baby pigs.

    • efe_the_foreigner

      hey now, most yanks are good about their disposal of trash. never find anything like this back home. those photos look like a stupid bomb went off, or perhaps a barrage of idiot-illery…..

      • Brett Hunan

        It isn’t nature. Sure, people are raised to see this as acceptable behaviour, but its not a “dirty gene” that the Chinese carry. If anyone would notice, the beach is clean and sparkly before the sun sets. There is no garbage lying around the next morning. Same as any busy street in almost any city in China.

        Doesn’t anyone else realize that littering is so accepted in China because it means other people can be hired to clean it and keep the employment rate up? Am I the only one who gets this?

        • BigJ

          I agree with you Brett, that it isn’t nature, it’s what you are taught as acceptable behavior. I don’t think these people are littering because it “keeps the employment rates up”.It’s because they are pricks and have no respect for anything. It is habit forming though. If you start acting like a retarded savage all day, after a while you will start acting Chinese.Which is the next step up from being a retarded savage.

          • linette

            I want to know BigJ, does China gov’t post signs everywhere like no littering ,no peeing ..etc for the public citizens to see?

          • BigJ

            I don’t see anything like that. Maybe there are…but I can’t read chinese. In Canada they are everywhere. The fine around $1000 for littering. I all depends what you do. The lowest fine is $250. The 250 one is for even tossing a soda can on the ground on something small like that. That’s around 1500 yuan.

            Actually I do see signs on Chinese highways. I also see lines on the road and stop signs too, but no seems to pay attention to them. So im sure a littering fine will go unnoticed for sure. :)

          • moop

            no linette, but in beijing for example there are banners on overpasses that tell chinese citizens to be more civilized, i imagine not leaving a trail of trash behind them is a part of that

          • linette

            China gov’t needs to promote that. Put it on TV adverstisement like a commercial for no littering keeping china clean. No peeing or shxting. Do a jingle so all kids can sing and remember. like “do you want to be a pig? use the toilet and not the public…lalalal….” that kind of shxt. Good practice start young. Provide enough public clean bathroom. Install more trash bins and sanitation men taking them away.
            Most of all, tell the gov’t officials to stop stealing money so them have the money to run this.

          • Tony

            When I was growing up here in the US, public service messages were often played on TV about littering. I’m sure lots of people remember the Native American with the tear running down his face as he looked at garbage on a beautiful landscape. That was a powerful message. I’m sure China could come up with something as powerful and relevant to Chinese culture.

          • Boris

            A common sign in men’s toilets is ‘One step closer to civilisation’. I’ll leave you to guess what this is asking people to do.

          • vince

            @ Linette yeah they should do that, they should have PSA’s like they show regularly on HK TV channels instead of those retarded ads for baiju and what not. Singapore, now that’s a really clean place cause they’ll fine anyone littering, smoking and so on. They should start doing that here, I imagine pamper sales would go up as well.

        • Cynic

          No you’re not brett. But I think over complicating the Chinese psyche is folly. The majority of the people that litter don’t feel as though they are creating jobs. That would require a level of introspection as to the morality of littering. I’m sure most westerners go through this process when contemplating ‘monkey see monkey do’. I know I did.

          • bert

            Good grief! Yeah, you’re the “only one who gets this.” So cool.

            Employment or not people don’t need to be so careless about what they do with their trash.

            You think it is nice to see so much trash in one area created in such a relatively short amount of time? People need to change this behavior. But most Chinese have no mirror to self-reflect upon.

            Yep, I remember the Indian. I am that old.

          • Brett Hunan

            Of course people dont need to be so careless. But how can you blame anyone when 1. there are absolutely zero consequences and 2. no one has ever been taught about why pollution is bad?

        • We all know very well that the average person littering there isn’t thinking “it is my duty to throw my garbage on the ground so to give others a job”. No, the littering is a result of indifference, ignorance, and uncaring attitudes. Ends don’t justify the means.

          • Brett Hunan

            No no no, you all have me wrong. I mean that one reason the government hasn’t hit hard against littering is because cleanup employs a shit-ton of people. Not that people consider the employment rate while littering.

          • Cynic

            100% agree

          • Dingles

            Having people properly dispose of trash allows the growth of other industries, which is what most countries should promote if they want to progress in a modern world.

          • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

            Whiskers, you saved me writing a comment.

        • Hoppy1

          I agree Brett. But a major flaw in the belief that it’s o.k. to litter because a street cleaner will soon be along to pick up the mess is the fact that they can’t get anywhere near all of it.I’m sure you know, drive through some rural areas here in China (not even that far from a city) and it can appear as though you are driving through a plastic bag bearing orchard, the trees ripe with fruit. Or catch a ferry from somewhere like Yantai to Dalian and you’ll see that this learned ‘acceptable behaviour’ has some pretty nasty by products and side effects…no street cleaners out there to pick up after you…
          I can understand the government not wanting to change the status quo too much, but in order to effect serious change it will need to eventually. Implemented properly with effective strategies, these kinds of accepted behaviours can be reversed in 1 or 2 generations, really not that long.

          • UsefulForeignDreg

            It seems obvious to me if the government were to impose strict fines for not just littering but also driving like an idiot, they would make a lot of money and people would be quick to change. No?

          • anon

            They can indeed. A lot of our own behaviors and norms back home were shaped by public awareness programs over the course of 1 or 2 generations.

            Alas, a lot of people complaining about this right now don’t have that much patience or perspective.

        • Teacher in China

          I don’t think it’s so much that people realize they’re creating jobs; I doubt most people think carefully when they chuck something on the ground. It’s that their whole life, over and over again, they have witnessed street cleaners picking up garbage everywhere and so have learned that garbage will be picked up, and pretty quickly, by someone. It’s a learned behaviour. It’s something that’s going to have to be unlearned pretty damn quickly though. If the reports about Chinese population dips are to be believed, I think less people are going to want to want work the shitty jobs; I’d imagine the professional street cleaner will be one of the first to get downsized if not disappear altogether.

          Jeez, you should see the open garbage bins where I live up in Dongbei. In Canada, we have BFI bins – they’re usually (almost always) in a back lane (or completely enclosed within a high wooden fence), and they have lids and are emptied every few days, or maybe even every day. Here, these type bins are on the sidewalk beside the street out in the open, with no lids, always overflowing with garbage and grease and stinking to high heaven. Occasionally, there will be a two foot high stone wall around them, serving god knows what purpose. Yes, the attitude towards garbage is really going to have to change….

      • Chris

        You are right…Thats why they are called “White Trash” :)

      • Snicker

        Did you guys ever watch Mad Men? One of the things the show demonstrated, from time to time, was the attitude people had in the 50s towards environment and safety.

        Seatbelts? nope
        Drinkin’ and drivin’? Yup!
        Littering after picnic? yup!
        Chucking stuff out the car window? yup!

        I know this is not a historically accurate show, but I think the authors are trying to show some of the attitudes from the past, and how things have changed…

        I would also note that a good number of dumbass north american teenaged boys do a lot of spitting in public even to this day…

        • rollin wit 9’s

          Good show. Only finished season 1 and dont recall any of the stuff you mentioned but nevertheless, times were different. The west has progressed a great deal they too are not quite there yet. I dont know who is. There should be a rating. for this and see who scores highest in terms of cleanliness, civility, global awareness, attitudes etc..
          e.g singapore or JPN might score very high on cleanliness but attitudes may not be as far ahead as some western countries, sweden, states etc.

        • anon

          Very good pop culture example. Though I think they sometimes go out of their way to emphasize certain things, all of that was absolutely true, as is spitting in public is still, among certain demographics.

    • Taebaek

      American beaches are clean as fuck home boy, get a grip.

  • xiaopengyou

    China needs an Iron Eyes Cody.
    People start pollution. People can stop it.


      China needs a thousand year of Japanese colonization

      • Yellow Loogee

        Went to Japan for the “not so golden” week to avoid the Locusts…


    What to expect from someone whose concept of home is represented by a pig under a roof

    • vince

      Alright man you’ve made your point, why don’t you settle down now.

      • rollin wit 9’s

        Had to think for a minute but i got it. sh!t it hit hard and i aint even Chinese.

    • Taebaek


  • elizabeth

    If it is a popular tourist spot, the administration could designate it as a special zone where visitors pay a fee to use it at certain times (peak hours/holidays etc), free otherwise. The money collected could be used to pay cleaners or upgrade the area with more facilities or buy trash bins :P

    • donnachadh

      People would have to use the trash bins for them to make any difference.

      • elizabeth

        True but it’s a matter of educating the public. Then, they will know what they are responsible for and is expected of them.

        Give the Chinese more time. After all, they have only just been liberated from the backwaters not long ago compared to some of us. How long did it take for us to become civilized? While we (or our ancestors) were at it, did we (they) realize how filthy our (their) habits were? They could have been acceptable social norms until the government did something to educate the public.

        In more developed cities like Shanghai and even Ningbo, I do not see rampant littering behavior and there are trash bins dotted along the sidewalks. In the Shanghai subway, for instance, there are signs that urge the public to wait for passengers to get out before getting on the train and people queue to get in. The Chinese do respond to education and want to be civic-minded.

        What we see in these pictures is an extreme, an aftermath of an occasional event which happens even in more developed countries. They are not representative of what I have seen even in 2-tier less developed cities. They aren’t spotlessly clean of course and I think the local governments need to play a bigger role and put in more effort in sprucing up their cities by putting the ‘infrastructure’ in place and educating the people.

        For one, the sanitary system in most cities, even the top tier ones, should be improved. I dread having to use the public washrooms in every Chinese city because most are not well-maintained. Workers are not doing their job because no one bothers to check on them. They lock up the cubicles that have pedestal toilets leaving only the squatting ones some of which are stuffed with tissue, unsightly deposits, etc.

        The worst ones are those without toilets, only common drains segmented by cubicles. I am beginning to wonder if that is the reason why people do not bother to look for washrooms…because the washrooms are simply too puke-inducing.

        • Jennster

          JUst don’t go to the toilets in outs kirt areas. They are absolutely disgusting. :)

          • elizabeth

            Oh, tell me all about it. I had to resort to making multiple trips from my hotel where I find relief and drink less when I am out in some cities.

          • Jennster

            1. They lock up sitting toilets lol. Some people using the squatting ones have their doors open O_o
            2. DOn’t forget the bins with their menstruation blood in it O_o
            3. The smell

          • elizabeth

            Some do not even have doors. I think those are found in local schools. So, maybe the kids are conditioned to think there is practically no difference between taking a dump on a quiet street or a toilet. Privacy is not in their dictionary.

        • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

          Did you just use ‘civilised’ in the same sentence as ‘Ningbo’? I stopped reading there.

          Do you believe in god?

          • elizabeth

            You must be seeing things.

  • BigJ

    As Woodsy Owl always says “Give a hoot….don’t pollute.”

    It just looks like a regular scene from any spot in china. Chinese are dirty fuckers. This is no surprise to me at all. When it comes to being civilized chinese have about as much civility as a pack of rabid dogs. Why would any normal person do that to a pubic beach? It’s not just China, Chinese tourist do the same shit in Canada. It’s awful. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not captain planet or anything…..but shit…come on…that’s fucked up.

    • Cynic

      Good thing Chinese don’t generally camp in Canada. Smokey the bear would die in a fucking forest fire.

      • BigJ

        Smokey the bears say” Only “Yu” can prevent forest fires……Hu?…..Yu!!…..Hu??? fucking Yu!!!

        And Mr.Yu and Mr. Hu cut off smokey paws and eat them.

        • Cynic

          Lost my pants on that one big J.

          But they only do that After they put a stent through his stomach to extract aphrodisiacal stomach bile to sell.

          • BigJ

            lol. Yeah smokey is fucked either way :) Smokey knows better then to come in China. lol

          • BigJ

            “to China”

        • Linette

          BigJ ha.ha…I m gonna kill yu…lol

        • lonetrey

          ahahahaha Laughed pretty hard at that, thanks BigJ!

      • Snicker

        I don’t believe this to be generalizable. I myself have been camping with many a Chinese person in Canada. Also to be noted: all cleaned up just fine.

        There is something to be said for the difference for new immigrants, naturalized citizens and 2nd and beyond generation Chinese in Canada.

        • BigJ

          Your right. The people who live their are great. The Chinese who are born there and or who have been there for awhile most of the time are great. I’m talking about tourist though. People who go for a week or so end up doing the same thing you see on this beach.

          • BigJ

            “you’re right”

    • fightclub

      I was up in Kokanee Provincial Park in Nelson BC with my oldest boy’s school trip a few weeks back to watch the Kokanee salmon spawn. The park has built an artificial stream complete with pebbles and landscaping for the salmon to spawn, for public education. Some retarded Guangzhou family (I can tell from the accent), actually put their hands in the stream and tried to grab a couple salmon, wtf. I told them to stop it and they looked at me like I as the idiot or something. I started yelling at them in English, the other tourists there (mostly Canadians and some Americans) came to see what the fuss is, and finally the warden in charge of my kid’s class came and I told them what happened. She tried to talk to them, and they’re like genuinely baffled that they cannot just reach in and grab the salmon. Fucking mainlanders, they can pull off such embarassing shit and not even have a clue. Makes me ashamed I’m the same skin and hair color. 5000 years of bullshit. Next time, I’ll just kick them into the stream, bunch of retards.

      • Tom Swift

        My sister-in-law is from Taiwan and she is disgusted by the mainlanders she meets in Vancouver. Her neighbour a few years ago used to exercise in his underwear in the front yard of his house and she once caught him taking a piss out there. This is in a Vancouver suburb. No class at all.

      • Jennster

        since that family is from guangzhou, they are probably the same ethnic as you, a cantonese in Canada. you are more closer than them than in bloodline than other mainlander Chinese. LOL

        • fightclub

          Where did you learn your grammar? And were you dropped on your head one time too many as a kid? Or are you 14 years old? Just wondering, cause you’re exhibiting the intellectual capacity of one of those annoying little fucking dogs you see everywhere in China, you know, the ones you just want to kick in the face when they come up barking at you and nipping at your heels for no apparent reason whatsoever?

    • rollin wit 9’s

      Oh shit you just reminded me of that cartoon. That’s what the fck Chinese kids need to be watching before, during and after school. That guy was awesome haha. And he was doing all kinds of stuff, saving wildlife, stopping disasters, not just picking up trash.
      (read the plot section)
      Cool to see how the young kids were doing their part FIRST and when they couldnt succeed they called on Captain Planet. But of course Chinese would lose face with a cartoon like this. There is probably a saying for it.

      Another reason i think Chinese can’t progress; they live their lives by fckn sayings. Think about it. How many of you out there have a chinese friend and every time you turn your head he/she is like: ‘there’s a chinese saying that goes…’ Ive heard so many i cant even remember one. Im convinced though that there is a saying for everything. Im starting to rant so im out!

      • BigJ

        If Captain Planet came to China that would be it for him….Pollution kills him and pure shit makes him strong. He would last 5 minutes in China. :) And his 5 friends with the rings would be thrown in jail right away. :)

      • anon

        I haven’t seen or heard of any cartoons like Captain Planet in China but I’ve seen PSAs (often featuring cartoon characters) during visits on television, at bus stops, on the subway, in taxi cabs covering littering, queuing, road rules (using crosswalks, not stopping or making u-turns in the middle of the road, etc.). In my experience, there are more now than there were before, so I think the public awareness and education campaigns are ramping up. However, it isn’t the same everywhere. You tend to see these in the big cities rather than the rural areas, which is natural. It’s going to take a generation for those in the cities, and longer for those who aren’t.

  • Cynic

    Look at the wealth of recyclables just left there for anyone to take and no one has!!! Chinese have become wealthy and fat just like their western counterparts!

    • linette

      what’s wrong with china gov’t to install more public trash cans and public bathroom? The china gov’t can’t do that? During public holidays in other countries you will see tons of sanitation guys with big trucks collecting tons of garbages around the clock. What’s wrong with China gov’t organizing that? Sick fxck pigs china gov’t officials stealing money and not taking care of China.

      The china citizens should know better not to throw trash all over the public area or on the streets.

      • k

        I dont know maybe it is an asian country thing…… Korea, there are next to no public street trash cans, the streets are generally littered and disgusting and would be a million times worse if they didnt have the little ajummas collecting trash to recycle…..i found seoul to be a very dirty city but from what i have read, they are no match for the chinese who out dirt the koreans….however my friend.said that when she was in japan, it was very clean and tidy….

        • linette

          I was surprised Seoul is not big on public trash cans. I don’t understand why? It’s a big city. The city people just throw their candy wraps and cigarrette butts everywhere. It’s unbelievable.
          In Tokyo and hong kong is not like that. If you throw garbage you can be fined money. God forbid if you eat and drop crumbs on the subway, they will take you off the train and ticket you. So it’s not an asian culture. It’s how their gov’t runs their city or country.

          • Cynic

            And people wonder why Foxconn fines its employees. AND all the other chinese factories do it as well.

            Imagine getting a cookie, fish eyeball or sunflower seed with your iPhone.

          • asdf

            People littering? looks like we need to overthrow CCP.

          • linette

            Yes asdf, let’s overthrow the china gov’t and put you as China president. I will be your advisor and provide you the info of HK gov’t system and how they ususally do things. So you can copy it and run china like a normal country for normal people to live.

      • Cynic

        I agree linette. I think maybe because it cost a lot of money to install the amount of toilets and garbage cans able to support the droves of people during holiday time. Normally there is no requirement for so many and it’s cheaper to higher lowly street garbage cleaners. But yes need more toilets mostly. Then more garbages. Even normal garbage cans are too small. China developing too quickly? Maybe government can’t keep up with or guide proper infrastructure growth?

      • kilroy238

        More cans would be the smart thing but how about common decency and respect from the tourist and natives alike.

        All people talk about how much they love China. I don’t think so but if so it’s really simple, if you bring it in you can bring it out.

        Problem solved.

      • BigJ

        You could have a thousand trash cans on that beach. It would be the same scene. It’s like “why find a bathroom? I will shit or piss wherever i’m at.”
        I was reading this article somewhere and this Chinese family were at Hot pot and their son had to piss… they stand him up on the table and make him piss in a paper cup…..right in front off all the other customers. I know damn well there was a bathroom at least 20 feet away.And not just a toddler… This kid looked like he was 10 years old too. Truly sad….

      • Unbeliever

        Linette, you miss the point, I think. What has happened is quite simple, but I am pleased to see that things are changing with young Chinese people. Socialism negates personal responsibility and everyone can turn and look to the government for action. The leaving of rubbish is not a government thing; it’s a personal behaviour thing. We must learn to be responsible for our own actions and the effects they have on other people. Everyday someone says to me ‘China is a beautiful country’. A bit obvious really when considering the whole world is beautiful, in many different ways. My response: ‘So why do you throw rubbish all over it?’ I noticed the same thing in Libya when I lived there; they saw the government s being in charge and responsible for everything. My students – no, I’m not an old has-been teacher, I’m a proper qualified teacher who wasn’t allowed to come to China 30 years ago – are much more aware of their actions and how they react on other people than many middle-aged Chinese people I meet. There’s a strange curve, perhaps worth looking into. I find the very old in China really polite and decent and the young Chinese very thoughtful, but the middle-aged, my age, tend to be the most thoughtless. Is this because they were caught within the change of China, the de-humanization of Maoism combined with the red in tooth and claw capitalism?

        • Linette

          I agree everyone need to be accountable for their own action. It’s also the responsiblity of each individual to help keep the earth clean and safe. But the gov’t should also help create an environment that promote that. A public education that preaches that. You can’t throw your garbage into public bin if there aren’t any. You can’t use the public bathroom if not enough around. A child is not born with the knowledge and understanding that public littering and peeing/shxting is not acceptable. The school and parents need to teach them that. So it’s both gov’t and people fault that they are such a pig.

        • Snicker

          This is a good comment, one that I agree with – the elderly are generally well-behaved, youths have a somewhat modern outlook (although I can’t say they are necessarily well-behaved) and many youths are disgusted and annoyed by this kind of littering, pissing in the street, etc. behavior. But middle-aged people just have a problem in respecting the commons. I also think it is because of something to do with the cultural revolution, but don’t know enough about the history and the psychology of the times to make a good guess…

    • efe_the_foreigner

      i hope the chinese will also adopt their western counterparts ability to wait in lines….

      • Scott

        The mobbing at counters a decade or so ago is mostly past in China. Most places (banks, police stations) have a number system for service, and even the subway ticket counters have instilled some sense of order; most vendors now respond to some order and not to the loudest voice. At the Expo in Shanghai Chinese would wait in line up to seven hours to visit popular pavilions, lines three hours long formed to buy popular moon cakes in Shanghai this past Mid-Autumn festival as reported in the local news and, again, reported lines three hours long the day before yesterday at Hua Shan Hospital here in Shanghai for the skin clinic which is well regarded. Yes, Chinese do wait in line for hours compared to the minutes their Western counterparts tolerate (especially those Westerners not in the VIP lines at conventions, airports and the like). Yes, given the opportunity some Chinese will try to bump the line, the same as people anywhere else, but back down when others complain, the same as people anywhere else. In Taiwan in the early 70’s people would fight – gouging, elbowing and trampling one another – to get onto the 大有 no. 9 bus at the beginning of 中山北路, a scene that is hard to imagine in Taipei now. People can change and do change; mainland Chinese are no different. Their lack of civic responsibility will be remedied, the same as it was in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, when the general public understands the situation is intolerable and authorities reflect that attitude by imposing fines and punishments that discourage bad public behavior. Americans gave up spitting, littering, public drunkenness and smoking in confined, public spaces only after a consensus of opprobrium was reached (knife fights were once especially common in the deep South); they were not born as enlightened souls nor did the example of previous generations always serve their best interests.

        All of which means nothing if most posting here – especially those loudly crowing how they finally left but turn here to bitch – remain intent on finding fault with the Chinese.

        • Jennster

          damn you know a lot. hua shan hospital is awesome.

        • Cynic

          And I suppose after they have mastered the concept of lines they will grow to understand the concept of person space and kindly remove their cocks from each others asses. And mine for that matter.

          I don’t disagree at all with you Scott. You add a refreshing perspective that makes sense. I just wanted to joke.

          • Scott

            Cynic, I too need that personal space I grew up with, that buffer between me and everyone else, and trespassing into that personal space is seen as a challenge. But you well know the Chinese are very sociable people who like the comfort of others. My wife’s friend picked us up the other day in her car outside Shanghai: It was her, her daughter, her dog, my wife and myself in her small auto, all on the way to pick up her daughter’s girlfriend. So, five adults in one car that could comfortably seat four, everyone talking at the same time, the radio on, the dog worrying himself (the only other male) trying to find a comfortable position, and me making general entertainment in Mandarin (“你怎麼不會講上海話呢?) as we drove two more hours to meet even more girlfriends and one bedraggled foreign husband.

            Still, my most unwanted intimacy was on SQ when the pretty stewardess asked what I wanted to eat. Not only could I see down into her loose bra, I smelt her breakfast, and this before eight in the morning.

          • Cynic

            Scott, your right. its like being seated beside another party in an empty restaurant.

            Id still take breast/breathfast, but only if she was pretty as you state.

            I’m curious as to your perspective on breaching personal space by staring at someone from a distance. Is this a concept the majority of Chinese would not understand? When I feel it happening to me I stare back until they look away or until I realize they will never look away and I give up. The ones that look away must have some understanding of personal space; i still find them peeking when they think i wont notice. The others must not. How does this dichotomy exist?

          • Scott

            Cynic, she was pretty as most SQ “air hostesses” (is that the correct euphemism for stewardess?) and I’m no prude (rather randy as a rule) but her breakfast was definitely southern Chinese “juk”.

            I don’t think the Chinese regard staring as an invasion of personal space (they don’t quite understand personal space and I’ve never found the word for “privacy” in any classical texts; the modern compound 隱私 is closer to “furtive” than “privacy”, and 自己的 doesn’t cut it either) and surely anything in their estimation worth looking at is rewarded by stares which includes us foreigners. Staring, like some other habits, is not peculiar to mainland Chinese; Indians stare and shamelessly so. Peeking is not a courtesy, just used to avoid your probable reaction or conceal their interest in you. I see no dichotomy, staring is just more direct than peeking.

            I, too, learned that staring was a gross discourtesy, and still can’t bring myself to look at something that occupies my Chinese wife’s fullest attention even as she walks down the street. Several times she’s tripped.

        • Fuck off, Scott and fuck you and your condescending tone. You’re not more evolved than the rest of us. I’ve seen people wait for literally days to get concert tickets and the new Star Wars releases. Enough of your shit that westerners can’t wait more than a few minutes or they start to get snippy. How many security guards were needed to make those Chinese behave at Shanghai Expo?

          “The mobbing at counters a decade or so ago is mostly past in China.”

          haha, you’re talking about the China in Bizarro World. Not the place I’m living in.

          • Scott

            Little Wolf, you are among the most egregious in a group of idling malcontents loitering here to trashtalk and pose tough. That’s long been defined by the hundreds of posts you’ve made just within the last few weeks, thousands over the course of a few months.

            Still, I’ll answer your question. I visited Expo no less than 4 times, my journalist friend more than 20 times, and we agreed the patience of the Chinese crowded in line was beyond us Americans as did all I know and spoke to about this. No security guards to control crowds, no mounted horsemen, no lines of cops with shield, face plates and batons, nothing that would fever your imagination.

            You, Little Wolf, have a bad case of the ass about China, and like most boys with a bad case of the ass just need time out in the principal’s office, a call to the parents and three days suspension from school. I hope the moderator of this forum kicks your ass out because you’ve obviously devolved into a crabbed son-of-a-bitch. Are we clear now?

          • Getrealson

            Scott, you are among the most egregious in a group of idling self loathing ex-pats who have come to china and immersed yourself in chinese culture to a degree that even you are self decieving about your surroundings and environment. All your posts are indeed condescending as little wolf suggest which is common amonst long term, (Self proclaimed China expert)ex-pats. Did you get that from talking down to your beloved chinese subjects? What do you do when they don’t revere you?

            As self deluded as you are, do you think an anti foreigner mob will stop short at beating you because you defend the chinese honour on Chinasmack? You have obviously invested alot of time in China, the language and culture so it’s only natural you dont want to accept that this time was wasted on a nation that will never truly accept you.

          • Well, if you said it…it must be true then.

            “That’s long been defined by the hundreds of posts you’ve made just within the last few weeks, thousands over the course of a few months.”

            See…now I know you’re full of shit and certainly over-embellish way too much if you think I’ve made thousands of posts in a few months.

            Anyway, how is my “trash talk” any different from yours? I think there is nothing more obnoxious than some uppity, self-loathing American douchebag wannabe know-it-all that’s he’s superior to the guys here that have a pulse and a point of view that isn’t buttercups and rainbows.

            Now you stoop to dry-snitching to call out the mods for me to be banned. Now go back and count every post I’ve made in the history of this site and report to me tomorrow.

          • Scott

            Yet another troglodyte to the surface with the latest post by Getrealson. But to the points:

            No, I never proclaimed myself a China expert, but I do put the meat of experience and knowledge in my posts sadly lacking in your screeds against China and Chinese.

            No, I don’t think myself Chinese (even a casual reading of my posts shows I am American), nor do I pander to them, surely not to the perverse degree that you and others here militate against them.

            No, I’m not tied to China, come and go as I choose, and choose to spend some months of the year in Shanghai rather than elsewhere.

            No, I didn’t come to mainland China with high expectations unlike many of you like boys going on their first date, hoping to unhook a brassiere. I’d been in Asia well before your generation.

            No, I’m not “defending Chinese honor”; I counter your prejudices with examples to show that yes, you are prejudiced to an extreme and have lost any sense of objectivity or fairness to the very people you seemingly live among by choice.

            Now, is that hard to grasp?

            Yes, you can’t see into the mirror placed in front of your face.

          • Scott

            To Little Wolf, Posing as One of the Guys Here That Have a Pulse and a Point of View That Isn’t Buttercups and Rainbows;

            Yours is not a point of view, it is a confirmed belief in the twisted nature of Chinese that warps you. Leave. Leave now. I mean that, your time is long overdue and you are simply becoming worse for your stay in China. You’ve become the very caricature of the disgruntled living in China. I don’t know what possesses you to continue. And I’m not the first to tell you that.

          • Getrealson

            There you have it Scott! Another condescending post full of the assumptions you accuse everyone else of making. What do you know about anyone on here’s situation? Just because they have a different point of view/perspective they are troglodytes? Look up the word ‘objectivity’, re-read all your posts and then tell me you have the right to tell others to be objective you creten!

          • I’ll leave when I’m good and ready, fuckwad. You don’t know shit.

          • Snicker

            Ugh…the only foreigners who waited in line at the Shanghai Expo were wieners and old laides. God, you guys living here, you don’t know anybody to get you in? Lineups are for those who don’t have anything better to do with their time. I saw 15 pavilions in one day…you saw two lineups in one day. Congratulations.

            Ugh…Shanghai Expo sucked. In spite of all the line jumping, it was still the biggest waste of a day in my life. Good thing somebody paid my plane ticket to go… Seriously, what was the point of SH Expo other than to funnel money into corrupt construction companies and official pockets? What a weird event…

          • Scott

            “I’ll leave when I’m good and ready, fuckwad. You don’t know shit.”

            I decline your invitation to go swimming in the hog-waste lagoon, Little Wolf, but your time here is long overdue. Long overdue.

          • donscarletti

            Come for the racism, stay for the ad hominem.

          • linette

            Getrealson and little wolf,
            I find it to be mostly true. Asian people when they are taught properly they are more patient then westerners in general. I am not saying 100%. But I do see a fair amount of Asians waiting in lines like 2 hours without causing riot. Americans tend to be less patient after 1 hour waiting.

        • efe_the_foreigner

          scott, you obviously dont live in sichuan. but thanks for a lecturing me

      • BigJ

        The whole line thing……well im sure China has gotten better at the whole line thing. But they are not great at it.I lived in Canada most of my life and never had anyone butt infront of me or push me out of the way to get somewhere first.Well maybe in the 3rd grade or some shit. Since i’ve been in china I can’t even count on my hands and toes how many times this has happened to me. I’m always the last out of elevators, even when im right at the door. I can give you a great example of this kind of shit that happend to me a week ago.

        I’m at the Guangzhou airport. It’s around 10pm, not so busy. The ticket counter for my flight just opened so I go to the line and wait to get my ticket. There are like 2 people infront of me. Everything is going great and then I’m next in line to get my ticket. And out of no where this bitch and her 2 kids come up and pretty much push the guy out of the way who is getting his ticket. The airport guy who is checking luggage and printing out tickets told her to wait. She then get behind the guy she pushed out of the way, which is right infront of me. Then she looks at me with this stupid look like she did nothing wrong.And there is no one behind me….She could have just went to the back of the line.And she had this luggage to check in, I had nothing. I jsut needed my ticket. And this skank and her chinklet kids took like 10 minutes to get all their luggage checked and ticket printed off. I don’t understand what is going on in this bitched head. That’s just fucking rude to do shit like that. And this bitch was not in hurry, we were on the same flight. which left 2 hours from that point……In China it’s just a free-for-all. No one give 2 flying fucks about anyone else. If this was the first time something like this happened to me, well i could maybe brush it off. This happens here ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Being orderly here is like a pack of starving animals at feeding time…there is no order.

        • Getrealson

          Big J, Apparently, according to these China experts, these things we see and the observations we make are simply not true. According to them it is just as bad in our home countries and even suggesting these things are true, (even though even the chinese are sick of it) will draw the ire of these china experts. China is an example to the rest of the world as to how a country should be. So stop China bashing ok son?

          • Scott

            Get real Getrealson. You can give a library of complaint about China without stretching the truth but, again, 1) why are you here? and 2) most of the complaints you make can hold against most people and countries now and surely all countries and people in the past. Here we have an article about the beach littered by tons of waste, prefaced by Chinese commentators without exception embarrassed by such condition, and you deny their attitude, even to the shameless extent of bullying any examples that contradict your own.

            So, stop bullying, okay son?

          • BigJ

            I understand that most people on here say the negative things they see in their day to day in China.Including myself.Like they say” Good news is bad news”. It’s always the negative shit that sticks out in our minds. As much as I love Canada, I still say the fucked up things about it. So hey i’m going to make a short list of the things I like about China and Chinese people.:)

            1.Every new person I meet “mostly guys” will always offer me a smoke.
            2. Chinese when they invite you to their house are great host. Peanuts and tea for the win. :)
            3.I feel the police are very relaxed here compaired to Canada.
            4.The food is cheap and good most of the time.
            5.Chinese are a fun bunch to get drunk with.:)
            6.I can get all the bootlegged and copies of everything I can dream of here.
            7.Maids are cheap. “although they think just warm water can clean things’:)
            8.You can smoke anywhere:) that includes the doctors office.:)
            9.I get special treatment”good and bad” because im white.
            10.When I tell people im from Canada they like me even more.
            11.I like the tables and the restaurants, The “lazy susan” type tables. And that you can pick and share all the food.
            12.Tailor made clothes are cheap here.
            13.You can pay your way out of anything and everything. :)

            I’m going to stop there. There are more things but I don’t have time. Just because people talk shit don’t mean they hate China. I’m also not saying China is the best place in teh world….i’m sure Iraq and North Korea are worse then China.:)

        • Scott

          So I’m at Chicago O’Hare Airport, it’s an afternoon, about two o’clock or so, not busy and I’m checking baggage with my daughter beside me. She’s 17 at the time. And suddenly the guy two counters away in a loud voice begins swearing a blue streak about something. I say “Do not use foul language in front of my daughter”. He gets it, but tries to excuse himself by saying words to the effect that it’s really bad what he’s going through. And I say again, “Do not use foul language in front of my daughter”. So he shuts up, and I get a silent look of appreciation from the staff at every counter within hearing distance. Why would a grown man act that way? Why swear in front of a grown man with his daughter? Why swear at the counter staff who can’t just reach over, slap your face and order you to behave?

          • Wow…what a guy.

          • moop

            you sound like a real champ. hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

            your daughter was 17 at the time, old enough to get into an R-rated movie, what could he possibly have said that was so offensive that you would be just as protective as a normal person would a small child?

            you sound like an over-sensitive pussy “scott”

          • Scott

            And now the third mope chimes in, the one who styled himself as a shark-among-goldfish-kind-of-guy, the one who admits is married to a Chinese woman but… she must be embarrassed to know what you think of her people, her kind. Does she know? Are you man enough to tell her? Yes? No? The in-laws must get some inkling of what she married, yes?

          • moop

            “the one who admits is married to a Chinese woman but… she must be embarrassed to know what you think of her people, her kind.”
            she knows my feelings on chinese society and she shares a lot of them, just the other day she said “chinese people are stupid”, something even i would be slow to say.

            “Does she know? Are you man enough to tell her?” yes she does. the inlaws just know i dislike the government, and i’d say they think rather highly of me since i a) love and appreciate her daughter, b) pay for her mother’s hospital bills, c) always play with my nieces and nephews, and d) make dinner and have it on the table pretty much every night of the week, hell, i even rub her feet while i watch football.

          • Northerner

            ‘Do not use foul language in front of my daughter’

            That’s up there with:

            ‘I’ll be back’
            ‘Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry’
            ‘Go on punk, make my day’

            And it was so good you said it twice. I bet the other guy turned to jelly.

            I’m surprised you didn’t get a standing ovation from everyone within earshot and were not allowed to pilot the plane to your destination.

            You can address me as Fourth Mope if it pleases you.

          • Jennster

            Scott, moop’s wife is probably a self-hater ugly asian chick (you know those you often find in USA), hence this anti-china moop bitch would be into her. similar people flock together. LOL

          • moop

            “Scott, moop’s wife is probably a self-hater ugly asian chick (you know those you often find in USA), hence this anti-china moop bitch would be into her. similar people flock together. LOL”

            my wife is 175cm tall, thin, and pretty. little wolf has seen her before. she’s also well-educated and is a senior copy-writer for an american advertising firm. she’s not a self-hater at all, but unlike most of the mouth-breathers like you, she can handle and reflect on criticism. you really are pathetic

          • Jennster

            ew so you are into the wide face mongoloid-faced stock (sorry for the racism)…

            also are you a shorty low testosterone looking dude?

          • moop

            nope, 184cm tall, any more brainbusters?

          • Kukuku

            Too bad no one told your daughter to tits or gtfo as well. You could have turned into a cyborg (or a unicorn) and blasted everyone in the airport.

          • BigJ

            Scott, you should have jap slapped him and said”WELCOME TO THE THUNDER DOME BITCH!!!!!!!!” works for me every time. :)

          • efe_the_foreigner

            i slap the rude ones with my mushroom tip yo

        • AngryCanadien

          the easiest way to piss me off whenever I visit China would be people jumping in queues. I was in beijing this one time when I came down with a fever. I wanted to take the bullet train from beijing back to tianjin where I was staying. I was at the train station and I was lining behind some guy to buy my ticket. As I moved forward to buy my ticket, some random dude jumped in front of me to buy his ticket. I was so pissed, but I didn’t want to cause any fuss and b/c i was sick, so I didn’t say anything. but as soon as that dude finished buying his ticket, a woman jumped in. I just couldn’t take it anymore so I got to the ticket counter and stared at the woman and said do you know how to fucking line up? she didn’t say anything and just stared. A couple of times people jumped queues while I was waiting at McD to buy breakfast.

          it’s not all bad though. a lot of people do line up at ticket booth, though a bit of a messy queue. I was at the shanghai hongqiao train station to buy a ticket back to beijing. this guy asked politely if he can jump in front of me b/c he was afraid that the tickets he wanted to buy would be sold out. I didn’t mind so I let him in front of me.

          • Jennster

            AngryCanadien, you should have pulled those queue jumpers’ clothes and throw them out of the line, then slap these animals senseless. O_o

          • AngryCanadien

            lol, i probably would do that. If I get queue jumped next time in china, I’ll definitely won’t keep quiet. I’ll go up pull the guy aside and buy my ticket. If he screams at me, i’ll tell him to learn to line up. If he lays a hand on, well, won’t be a good day for him then cause I practice MMA. and if the cops come, i’ll just act dumb say “bu hui shuo zhong wen” LOL

          • moop

            just say something like “别插队“ and then just tell him to “文明一点儿” or something, followed by ”真没素质“ muttered under your breath. loss of face for ignorant asshole cutting in line accomplished

        • Ruffled Feathers

          I gave up on civility a long time ago. The best solution is the old adage: if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Besides, Chinese often use the mantra of ‘when in Rome…’ anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Often I’ll purposely get in their way just to be annoying. It’s retarded I know, but what else can you do to vent your frustrations and save your dignity? The simple truth is, you cannot expect professionalism or civilized behavior here, so there’s no pint in offering it in return. I’ve been in business meetings and conferences in this country with senior execs and company mangers who you’d think would want to extend you some courtesy or manners, and they just chuckle and shout laowai laowai at you, right in the middle of the meeting. I mean, what the fuck is that shit? In any case, you have to abandon all hope of being treated fairly or respectfully here. It’s just the nature of the beast. No ewducation, no decencey, and no remorse.

  • The ONE

    this does not come as a surprise, welcome to china

  • k

    Ewwww why didnt their mothers teach them to clean after themselves? Would they do that to their own home? And did anyone else click on the “chinese man in thong” article…..0_o sexy and he knows it ^_^

    • k

      Also even tho what the chinese did to that beach is just wrong on every level, at least the netizens recognize this and feel genuinely ashamed of their countrymen and women…….at least they understand that is deplorable human behavior and they need to do better…..

      • BigJ

        Talk is cheap.

        • Cynic

          I agree with K and big j on both comments

          • efe_the_foreigner

            come together, right now, over me

          • BigJ


            “come together, right now, over me”
            …. That sound like you want be on the recieving end of a bukaki.:) Just joking buddy.:)

            I saw Paul Mcartney in Halifax, Nova scotia a few years back…Such a great concert.

          • efe_the_foreigner

            well, i was high. and i was moved by the friendship that occured above in your posts, especially after reading what seemed like miles of hate posts…..

            wanna know a secret? i had to google bukaki …… wow, life changed.

          • moop

            ” i had to google bukaki ” that couldnt have been fun

          • Northerner

            Lads…don’t use words like ‘Bukake’.

            There’s a new sherif in town.

          • efe_the_foreigner

            depends on what floats your boat, know what i’m sayin……

          • Northerner

            ‘boat’ as in ‘boat race’?

          • BigJ

            “Lads…don’t use words like ‘Bukake’.

            There’s a new sherif in town.”

            Sheriff John Brown always hated me,
            For what, I don’t know:
            Every time I plant a seed,
            He said kill it before it grow –
            He said kill them before they grow.
            And so:

            (I shot the sheriff.) Oh, Lord!
            (But I swear it was in self-defence.:)

          • efe_the_foreigner

            dear big j,

            i think we should smoke a joint together sometime.


          • BigJ

            Dear efe,

            My door’s always open. :) But just one joint? You know they say “You can’t fly on 1 wing” ;)

      • Kukuku

        Disapproving online gives them a good face. I bet money they would throw their garbage on the beach as well.

    • china needs an export trash policy just like USA and AUstralia dump dead batteries on the beaches of Bangladesh. CHina needs to bulldozer collect this trash and dump it on the shores of Guatemala or New Guniea

      • jeffli

        so now we blame Australia and US?
        cmon, don’t make excuses like that! even the netizens realise the problem they talk about car batteries in guatamala and such nonsense.
        why do you always have to bend it in order to blame another country?
        put your trash in a bin.
        Its just that simple!

        Aborigines for 40,000 years started this system. They had something called “middens” look it up! So 40,000 years ago Aborigines (indigenous peoples) of Australia kept their living areas clean.

        So I think China could If it wanted to at least keep its valued tourist spots clean regardless of trash trade with Guatamala, Bangladesh, or what ever you fancy.

        Wake up and “put it in a bin!” Starting!, pass the message on to your friends and family. This is a start.

        • the reason Japan is so clean as one of them use as an example is they pay for their garbage to be dumped in Burma and Sri lanka

          • jeffli

            but what you see at the beach above is not about Japan, Guatamala or any other country! Its how Chinese people treat their own country’s land.
            Some Australian may travel 100s of kms from the city to go to the beach, there are no bins no facilities but they collect all their garbage and take it with them to leave the spot clean.
            but I have a question…. through out the night these people in Sanya eating and drinking had to have made no.1s and no.2s

            now….. no.1s can be done discretely in waist high water,
            but lets say 20000 people on the beach all night and 3000 did no.2s in the water? @ two cigars per person….. ummm….
            thats a lot of untreated “Hainan cigars”(turds) floating in the water ;-) (approximately 6000 thousand turds possibly floating in the water – I bet the fish and the sea monkeys were thinking yum yum!)
            Hmmmm not a pretty thought is it? Oh yes I wanna swim at China’s ‘Hawaii’………not!

          • Cynic

            I’m curious. What garbage does Japan export to Sri Lanka?

      • moop

        what an insecure dirtbag, let me guess, you spent the weekend in sanya?

        • jeffli

          No, but you obviously did. leave your used needles and condoms in the sand?
          whats up your butt? – leftovers from the party I guess you precocious Drecksau!

          • moop

            jeffli? you think i am replying to you?

          • It’s poop made from delicious, healthy food he had yesterday in a clean environment.

          • BigJ

            whoa Jeffi :) He never relied to you:) It was that Commie bastard “starting”. :)

          • jeffli

            are you?

          • moop

            nope, i figured that would have been obvious. you said something reasonable

          • jeffli

            then I’ll switch off the drecksau, pull the party out and clean up the beach and cancel the defcon levels.
            weapons retracted,

            as for “starting”…….
            he doesn’t know what a bin is except for it being the raw material for his sisters house!

          • 404namenotfound

            wahahahah tsk tsk tsk!! :D

  • Terrik

    It’s sad and it’s embarrassing but I don’t see any Chinese in the comments there defending it. I just do my own part and never throw anything on the ground personally.

  • Alex

    ‘Vermin’ – plural of ver·min (Noun).
    Untrained wild mammals that are harmful to crops, carry disease, and devastate land and industry e.g., rodents, parasitic worms and the Chinese.
    pest, scum.
    See also:

    • jeffli

      Oh Alex go to your room and play with your can of Zyklon B

    • Getrealson

      haha good one!

    • Kukuku

      Round these parts we don’t take kindly to your part. For your information, Chinese prefer it when you refer to them as locust.

    • AngryCanadien

      0_0 WOW, the most racist comment on chinasmack i’ve ever read…

      sure I understand a lot of you (i.e. little wolf, moop, getrealson, kukuku etc) have a beef with China in general. it’s fine. A lot of things in china are really shitty and you can very well express your frustrations. but to refer the Chinese as “vermins” or “locusts”, to me that’s just intolerable. the fact that all of you are fine with it is despicable (e.g. hahaha, good one!). you’re no better than some of those uncivilized chinese people who cut queues or leave garbage behind. in fact you’re worse. you hold yourself to such high esteem, but when it is time to show some civility, you act as retarded as the people you whine about. The fact that you don’t even see that calling someone a vermin or locust is hurtful, especially to fauna who’s chinese and posts the blog articles for all your haters to read, makes you an asshole.

      honestly, if you guys really hate living in china so much, why not leave already? doesn’t make much sense to torture yourselves everyday and being only able to vent racist craps on chinasmack.

      • efe_the_foreigner

        there was a sociologist named george h. mead. he had this theory that everyone has an “i” and a “me”. the “me” is the social aspect of ourselves, the part we use to interact with the world. the “i” is the voice in our head, and the person we are when alone.

        thanks to the interweb, i am pretty sure most of us also have a “cyber me”. my personal “cyber me” is quite different than my real world “me”. as i am sure most of these folks, while vile and crass at times, are actually decent people away from their keyboard.

        never understood all the personal attacks on chinasmack, but i have often enjoyed reading them.

      • Kukuku

        Here Canadian, a song to soothe your pain.

  • jeffli

    When I first came to Shanghai 7 years ago, it was not uncommon to see empty plastic bags flying in the air above he traffic and the vortex it creates.
    sometimes these plastic bags would fly into the faces of bikers or windscreens of vehicles causing accidents.

    so when they start charging 1 mao or two 2 mao for them I didn’t see the above described sight any more.
    Singapore has had on the spot fines for littering and after repeat fines you work for as a rubbish collector as punishment.

    Australia has “Tidy town awards”/ “KEEP AUSTRALIA BEAUTIFUL” Advertising campaigns even one day a year people go out in their neighbour hood to clean some unsightly areas.
    Its not perfect, Bondi Beach is still a mess on new years day. but it helps
    I expect the critics to start slagging off Australia now but hey the system works! Why not try it here. In fact In Dalian they did something similar and look! Its not so bad.
    just have a national “Keep China Beautiful” campaign. Its doable if the govt. wants to.

    • I can remember Texas highways being filthy with litter when I was a kid. Then the police forces started getting serious with fining people for littering. A small wrapper or cigarette butt (unlit) would get you at least a $500 fine. That shit cleaned up really fast.

      • Harland

        The “Don’t Mess With Texas” anti-litter campaign was one of the most successful advertising campaigns ever. It really worked. So much so that a lot of non-Texans don’t even know it’s an anti-litter slogan.

    • Snicker

      I think there are lots of signs around in Beijing referring to cleanliness and litter prevention. Things about throwing stuff in the bins is everyone’s responsibility, I’ve seen ads on bus stands about keeping our home clean, etc. etc. (referring to the space between the apartment buildings). I think generally the areas near peoples’ homes are clean (with a lot of help from picker-uppers), but as soon as you get into the common spaces, or the places with lots of outsiders, there is no more sense of cleanliness. Once there are hawkers and malatang people around…ugh…and don’t get me started on the gutter oil around ghost street… As long as there’s money to be made in littering…wow…good luck getting people to clean up.

      I’m always surprised there are not so many rats in Beijing…why is that?

    • Jennster

      Dude I’ve been to Australia. The bogans there leave trash everywhere on the street after getting drunk the night before or bashing each other up, as well as on the beaches.
      What the fuck is wrong with ur people…

      • donscarletti


  • donscarletti

    Ah, the Chinese seaside.

    I was in Beidaihe for a weekend a while back. Dirty beach, overtanned Russian tourists and girls swimming wearing more than they do at work. I’ve been told Sanya’s like that x10.


  • Shanghairen

    Honestly, I think at this point the government is not going to even try to get people to put trash in bins. They would have to put a ton of bins out there and constantly remind people about it. They just figured they’d hire people to clean it up the next day, which is easier. It keeps people employed anyway. It will take a very long time before China becomes Japan, if ever.

  • BigJ

    “Grass mud horse, fucking bastard, why don’t you go live in Japan then!!! Stupid cunt!!!”

    How the fuck does “grass mud horse” translate to “fuck your mother”? That’s has to be one of the most retarded things I ever seen. Does it sound like it in Chinese? Someone explain to me.

    • moop

      cao ni ma=肏你妈= fuck you mother

      cao ni ma=草泥马= like an alpaca or llama

      • jeffli

        大羊駝 = llama
        羊駝 = alpaca
        In my dictionary

        ans far as the naughty words are concerned, I think it sounds better in cantonese (a little more polite lol)
        “dieu lei low mow!” =”F your ‘venerable’ mother”

        • Cynic

          LO mo is the most denegrating or maybe the most informal way to refer to your mom. I would know my wife is HK

          • linette

            No one beats the cantonese when it comes to profanity. Our cantonese can dil(fxck) your mother to high heaven. Just listen to steven chow in the movie.

            One way we use often to tell you to f off….
            仆街 pok gai (fall down on street)
            屌你老母dil nei low mo (fxck your mother)

            Eattot’s got nothing on me..

          • donscarletti

            My favourite is how HK people write 屄 as 閪, because it makes me think of like 西門慶 from 水浒传. Very classical.

      • efe_the_foreigner

        beijing filters all the interweb servers for all of china by keywords, profanity included. so llama is actually a clever way around being tagged in a beijing data cluster ……

    • Cynic

      Yes. Grass mud of yours horse sounds like fuck your mom. I mean the latter sounds like the former. But doesn’t make sense. Where did u read this? Big j don’t you speak Chinese? Being sarcastic?

      • BigJ

        On the Chinese comments.草尼马

        No, I don’t speak chinese. I pay people to do that for me :) I can speak enough to get around and buy some shit but that’s it. I make no effort to learn it. I lived in Cancun mexico for 8 months and I learned a shit ton of spanish. I can speak French fluent but in an english accent. Spanish was easy because it’s sort of like french…not like exactly like french but I could grasp it better. Chinese is just too fucked up and I cant relate it. And After I go back to canada, I wont ever use it again. So it would be a waste to learn it.

        Ignorance is bliss….especially in China. :)

        • Cynic

          I see where your coming from. Only assumed someone with your level of passion for china has been Here soo long that they have learned the language.

          I’m packing up my balls and moving back to Canada soon. Hopefully within a year. I will definitely use my Chinese in canada to let the Chinese immigrants know that ‘this level of volume or that littering or jumping cues is not tolerated in the great motherland of Canada’.

        • fightclub

          Moving back to Canada from China is the best decision I’ve made this year. I might have to deal with money stress and first world problems, but then again we’re living in the Kootenays now, which is like the best place of the best place on earth. And no mainlanders. After China for 10 years, I realized that you either have to be fucked up and greedy(business people), or fucked up and insane(alcoholics and white trash who like to get away with everything because of “cultural differences” or fucked up and lonely(you know who you are) to want to continue living in China. FYI, we had a sweet place in Dali for the past 10 years, but putting up with mainlanders is a swift kick in the head every time. Yeah, there are a few good people around, but doesn’t offset the idiocy, childishness and rudeness of people in general on the mainland.

          • Cynic

            I loved Dali people. Are you referring to the tourists? Or maybe I loved Dali people cause I was on vacation and relaxed but I found them really genuine and nice and open and accepting.

          • fightclub

            Dali people usually laid back, but then again most people there nowadays are not local, kinda like Lijiang. Bai people are still my favorite people in China

          • Greg (the smart one)

            I’m bordering on fucked up and insane (drink like a fish to get through the boredom and frustration) after 7 years here.

            I need to get out of here soon.

            Example: of all the girls I dated (approx. 25) I found only one to have a sweet, balanced temperament. The others – wawaweewa, issues of all kinds. And a coldness lurking beneath the surface.

            I’ve more or less given up on them, and am biding my time till CNY. Then I am out of here!

  • Appalling lack of care for the environment. Then there’s the whole “let’s leave all these glass bottles lying about on the beach where people like to walk around barefoot” idea.

    • Nick in Beijing

      I wonder how many of those bottles were used as makeshift toilets also.

  • Alex L

    The Chinese government need to implement fines for littering to get the general populous out of this littering mindset and not caring for their own environment. Once people start realizing its hurting their hip pocket to leave rubbish lying around then they’ll learn pretty fast to either throw it in the trash bins or take it home with them until they find a bin. We have fines for littering in Australia, it works, and the general mindset of the people is to keep Australia beautiful.

    • Cynic

      Agreed. Need to keep it low though so ppl don’t complain too much and revolt. 10 rmb maybe. 5 to the cop so he does his job and 5 to the person who litters so they learn their lessons.

    • Getrealson

      Let the police keep any money they get for fining people for littering. China is disgustingly corrupt, always has been and will be. So why not have a clean corrupt china. Street vendor leaking oil and not cleaning up surrounding area after days trade – fine. Cigarette butts flicked on the ground – fine. little kid shits on footpath – fine the parents.

      Chinese would be falling over themselves to get this job, also parents will tell their kids not to litter as it will cost them money.

      • Cynic

        That’s right. Use either their penchant for saving or their own greed against them.

        I wonder if that’s in the art of war?

      • Nick in Beijing

        Very pragmatic view and solution.

      • mr. wiener

        I remember once spending an afternoon picking up litter on one of China’s sacred mountains. I knew there was a bin down the bottom at the entrance. I can triumphantly down the path , arms loaded with bags of rubbish. The park ranger came out: “Xiexie! Xiexie!” took the rubbish of me …and chucked them in the river!

        • Cynic

          That sounds incredibly hard to believe. But somehow I do.

          • Snicker

            Well, where does the river go? Away from here!

            Where does the garbage go if not in the river? Around the corner for rats and cockroaches to deal with. If you were the warden, what would you do?

    • Snicker

      There are many cases in China where fines are used to control social behaviour. Truckers, for example, are subject to all sorts of fines for over-loading trucks, exceeding speed limits, failing to maintain their vehicles properly, etc.etc.

      Police are liberal in their application of these fines in China. In fact, if you’re a trucker here, you can pretty much guarantee that on every trip, you’ll pay some fine. And that’s regardless of whether you actually did something wrong or not. See, the thing with salaries being based on fines is that if there is nothing wrong, then police salaries go down. Not wanting to lose money, police will continue to find things wrong, “unless you want to face some serious trouble”.

      As a result, truckers still over-load their trucks, exceed speed limits, drive the wrong way on roads, fail to maintain their vehicles, fail to sleep the regulated amounts of hours while driving — because no matter what, they will pay a fine.

      It can be concluded that the system of fining simply increased corruption without any resulting social benefit. Oops.

      Fining for beach littering in this case would also be extremely difficult to enforce.
      Cop: “You were littering! 5 kuai fine!”
      Me: “I wasn’t littering, that’s not mine!”
      Cop: “Pay up, or else!!!”
      Me: “I forgot my ID, and anyway, this isn’t mine!”
      Cop: “I don’t care about your ID, just give me the money!”
      Me: “I didn’t bring my wallet, no money, buddy!”

      The amount of time wasted on this conversation already exceeded the 5-10 kuai income from the fine, and furthermore allowed everyone else to run away. Result: some pissed-off cops, some pissed-off vacationers, and a littered beach. Oops.

  • BigJ

    Do Chinese have Kids tv shows that have lessons in them? And by “lessons” im not talking about “how to be a good commie” or shit like that. I mean like “sharing” and “being polite” “being kind” and “not polluting”. When I was kid we had this cartoon called “Captain Planet”. And this mother fucker stopped bad guys from polluting. These 5 kids had these special rings and when shit went sour, they would put the rings together and captain planet would come and kick ass. Shows like that are good for kids. I learned alot from that shit. :) The theme song goes like this…

    “earth!” “fire!” “wind!” “water!” “heart!”
    “go planet!”

    “by your powers combined, i am captain planet!”

    captain planet, he’s a hero
    gonna take pollution down to zero
    he’s our powers magnified
    and he’s fighting on the planets side

    captain planet, he’s a hero
    gonna take pollution down to zero
    gonna help him put asunder
    bad guys who like to loot and plunder

    “you’ll pay for this captain planet!”

    “we’re the planeteers, you can be one too!”
    “cuz saving our planet is the thing to do!”
    “looting and polluting is not the way!”
    “hear what captain planet has to say!”

    “the power is yours!”

    • Cynic

      Hell yes china has shows like that; and signage. There is great hope for the little kids here. Thing that is fucked up though is that their kindergarten teachers steal their birthday cakes and their fucked up grand parents teach them ass backward behaviors. It’s about the balance between the levels of exposure. Great things will happen for/with china. Just will take an unpredictable amount of time.

      • Cynic

        I think they also have Astar the robot style ‘I can put my arm back on, you cant’ shows/adverts. Although same what I wrote above applies. Granny try’s to stupidly cross the road with 4 year old kid and kid says danger and granny pulls him along anyways. Monkey see monkey do.

        • jeffli

          The kids here do have an autistic “little lamb” cartoon – its about as interesting as having your fingers jammed in a car door, and about as funny as an enema.

        • BigJ

          Cynic… just brought back some bad childhood memories :) The one with Astar from planet Danger.:( Fuck, that use to scare the shit out of me. It still does:) It must be over 20 years old. It wasn’t a cartoon, I don’t know how they made it. I think they filmed it on planet Danger. :) When i get home I will post a link for youtube. You guys have to see this.

          Maybe this
          I can’t tell, don’t have my vpn right now.

          • Cynic

            Yup. That’s it. Trippy shit.

            Que up the next show and one may hear ‘sit boo boo sit’

    • jeffli

      Ahhhhhh. Big J…… Captain Planet? you mean the grown up version of “Prince Planet” the hero with earth wind and fire up his ass?
      errrrr sounds a bit gay to me.

      How about Humphrey B. Bear and Wilbur Worm clean up their back yard. We should start this education early in child hood.

      Or a Chinese Dr. Seuss – “Horton sees a twat littering on the beach”

      • Getrealson

        HAHA Humphrey! I had a blue cattle dog that watched Humphrey. He barked at the TV. funny shit!

    • UsefulForeignDreg

      I saw one cartoon ad recently where kids were picking up trash, giving up their seats to the elderly on buses and handing a lost purse to the police. At the end of the ad the kids were so happy because they were given a ‘communist star’ badge.

      I do have hope for the future in China. Shanghai and Hong Kong are promising examples of what the rest of the mainland could follow.
      A Chinese friend of mine once said, ‘for a great change and a better future, a generation has to die.’

    • NICE!

      this will be song of the article

  • john lee

    as a fellow chinese however from Hong Kong, I really have to say that so many chinese tourist do this when they are on boracay, phuket, samui and many times i have confronted them only to have them scream back at me that it is not my business or my beach and that there is no law regarding this…etc.. why does one behave like this? it is so uncivilized, why do they behave like animals? do they do this on their own bed or home? people from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore are Chinese too and they don’t do this… some say it is because they are poor,,, CHina is NOT poor, the Philippines are poor and people do not behave like this on their beaches, when will the mainland Chinese act civilized? Is this the result of the cultural revolution? I really want some answers. Do they not feel any shame even when confronted and in front of their families.. what is going to happen with the next generation?

    • linette

      no, they do not feel ashamed. They will just call you arrogant and you are a traitor and a british dog for telling them to stop eating at no eating area or shxting. That you think you are white and you are nothing but a pirate.

    • linette

      john lee
      Go to the chinese internet and post what you post here in chinese. Let the mainlanders answer your question. Ask them are hkers still considered dogs and traitors when we tell them no littering and shxting and smuggling in Hong kong.

    • Cynic

      Simple answer John Lee.

      Learn from your parents. Who’s the bigger parent? The government. They cheat their people (children) in too many ways to list. They stomp any collective opposition; a voice against being cheated.

      So basically they have no respect for others just as their parents have had no respect for them.

      Yours is a difficult situation because you share a racial identity. Makes it harder than just say a white foreigner to understand. My grandfather was chinese. But such a minority percentage of my racial identity that i can easily ignore.

      Oh and yes, because of the cultural revolution.

  • Cynic

    is there a limit on how many posts can one can make now? i’m getting weird behaviour, albeit from an iphone.

    • Cynic

      ignore..guess it was mobile device problem

  • Ian G

    I went to Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan a few months ago, it was spotless. It is administered by Tibetans, and the park staff are all obviously very proud of their park. I saw them going to great effort to recover the tiniest scrap of rubbish, and they had a constant eye on the visitors, no one was allowed to even light up a cigarette! Any infraction was immediately and forcefully corrected. The Chinese visitors actually seemed fearful of the park rangers, who all wore neat, clean uniforms. The rubbish bins were numerous, and designed to be unobtrusive. Even the bin liner bags were neatly and carefully folded into the bins.. That is some pride in their environment. This is the ONLY place so far in China that I been that ?I would consider “clean”.

    Give all of China to the Tibetans, let them run the place and clean it up. Or give it to the Japanese, they would soon do the same.

    • Terrik

      Oh hell yes. I was just in Jiuzhaigou a month ago. Beautiful place.


      I was staying at a hotel about 5 minutes from the Jiuzhaigou entrance that has a river running behind it. At night, I’d eat dinner by the riverside and every minute or two, I’d see a bottle floating down the river. I wanted to through those jackasses into the river.

    • Scott

      And I was at a resort in Shangri La in Yunnan some years ago. The resort was immaculate as expected by the prices charged. The surrounding countryside – and note the locals are Tibetan tribes – was littered with household debris of broken melamine dishes, plastic bags, discarded odds and ends but especially worn-out canvas and recently plastic shoes. It was common to see locals use a tissue, a paper, a bit of something then throw it down on the ground, often right outside where they lived. In Malaysia the locals even in urban areas revert to the kampong style and burn kitchen middens that can be smelt a mile or more away.

  • Sharillon

    Here in Germany, if you even dare to spit on the street and some police officer sees it, you need to pay a fine.

    When I was in Beijing though, there were like trashcans every 10m. A lot of Chinese still ate their tanghulu and when finished, threw the trash on the street. I really do not understand why they do it. I mean, just walk like 5m to the next trashcan. Is it that hard?

    It really disgusted me that they treat their own streets like some kind of big trashcan, just because in the morning the cleaningladies will clean it all up…

    • well Flushing NY……where the US open is located.
      the solution to this problem might not only be govt based only as i thought above. CHina should make all people like the above emigRAte to Flushing NY or Berlin Germany. IF those countries try to expel them again CHina can refuse to take them back

      • Getrealson

        You have the worst inferiority complex of any Chinese! Every time you bring up the USA in comparison to China. Give it up! You’ll never convince anyone that China is even close to the USA and the rest of world knows it.

        You love posting youtube links so do this. Type in Chinese car and see what you get. An ugly copy of a better countries car that fails every safety test.

        Type in Chinese singer – you’ll see some talentless dickhead karaoke style singer or a man in heavy make-up screeching like a strangled cat.

        Chinese talk show hosts with the lense-less glasses and ridiculous haircuts. NOTHING ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY IS COOL!!!! Anything close is from HK and usually moves to the US anyway.

        USA – Muscle cars, Jazz/Blues, R&B, Hollywood, diversity the list goes on and on. Stop trying to trivialise your country’s problems by deflecting. Wu mao Cunt!

        No one does or ever will think China is anything compared to the USA and if they do they are probably Chinese.

  • Cleo

    So would beach trash cans be stolen if they were provided? They would need tracking devices on them then.

  • Chris

    5000 years of history. What do you have ?

    • david


  • donnachadh

    Chinese people generally don’t do things that benefit particular others, or the public generally (including themselves), even if it would take them very little (or no) effort to do so. And it is not because of laziness. It is because they cling to the hope of being able to milk any such act (for monetary or some other type of reward) and not clinging to this hope marks you out as a sucker, as someone who can be easily taken advantage of.

    I recently asked a Chinese friend why another Chinese person was not doing something that would cost him nothing but that would be of significant benefit to others. He responded that there was nothing in it for him. When I said that there was also no cost in it for him, and furthermore that it was the right thing to do, he looked at me like I had two heads.

  • Tom Swift

    I teach at a Chinese school and it has been a battle to stop the kids from simply tossing their garbage anywhere they want. When I ask them why they do this, it is because they know that there will be a little old lady coming soon who will pick it up.

  • Tom Swift

    Just thinking about this mentality.

    They opened a brand new Tesco in my small town. When I get to the checkout, I put my blue shopping basket under the counter, like you do in Canada. I watch a local simply toss his basket onto the aisle and walk away, not even bothering to bend down and stick it where it belongs. In Canada, people around would be all over this guy in seconds. Here? Nothing. I asked my students why nobody says anything and they told me that he might have a knife and it isn’t worth getting in an argument over it. No safety in numbers in this country either, as we all have seen with the slack-jawed crowds that form when there is any public confrontations.

  • Jess

    Sounds quick, only 2 hours to clean 3km of beach.

    I wonder how many valuables they found, I guess it would be finders keepers over there. On the beaches here there are always have people with metal detectors scourring the beach for valuables like cash or jewlery.

  • Dat Ankle

    Man, they really need to start making ads on tv and signs on what not to do. Not just “Please be civil.” stuff, a giant ass checklist of what to do and what not to do because it really needs to be said. Of course more importantly, the parents really have to stop doing it too when their kids see them or theyll just end up mimicking the action and attitude to the whole thing.

  • Getrealson

    I just looked out my window and what did I see? A man blow his nose onto the road then used his hand to wipe it. He then produced a tissue and wiped his hand, then he tossed the tissue on the ground. He was metres from a bin! Then under my window is the neighbour letting her son shit on the walkway 2 feet from the nature strip. wiped his ass then threw the tissue next to the shit and walked inside whilst cleering her throat to spit.

    No amount of signs or bins can change this behaviour, PIGS! just pigs!

  • Cleo

    The Nazis intentionally designed too few latrines in the concentration camps to dishearten the Jews and to have the excuse to claim that Jews were naturally untidy – because the Jews make hygiene a part of their RELIGION – it’s WRITTEN in their law books.

    Tsk, tsk.

    • Cleo

      You’re just not as good a Jews. You know it. Everything you did was because you went apeshit that they were so much better than you in every way.

      You could have just been inspired by them as role models. But you’re trash so you didn’t do that. You chose to attempt total eradication of a popular Alpha tribe. There would be no Silk Road without them, no Age of Enlightenment, no Renaissance. The intellectual gifts from China would never have reached Europe adding to the bounty already given by the Greeks and the Jews.

      You should be sorry but you’re not. At best, you’re worried and afraid. How could you not be.

      Passover’s Coming.

      And you are even more helpless to escape it than your Jewish victims were.

    • Cleo

      You’re just not as good a Jews. You know it. Everything you did was because you went apeshit that they were so much better than you in every way.

      You could have just been inspired by them as role models. But you’re trash so you didn’t do that. You chose to attempt total eradication of a popular Alpha tribe. There would be no Silk Road without them, no Age of Enlightenment, no Renaissance. The intellectual gifts from China would never have reached Europe adding to the bounty already given by the Greeks and the Jews.

      You should be sorry but you’re not. At best, you’re worried and afraid. How could you not be.

      Passover’s Coming.

      And you are even more helpless to escape it than your Jewish victims were able to escape your raping murdering anger and jealousy.

      Sucks when that boomerangs, huh?

    • efe_the_foreigner

      i am very confused as to whom this is directed?

      • Yesway

        It seems not just to be aimed at a different article, but at an entirely different website.

        Care to enlighten?

  • Li RuiKe

    Communist-Ruled State = Irresponsible Citizens. When government takes away the rights and voices of the people, the people have no sense of civic responsibility. They just act like animals. Time for democracy, China.

    • Li RuiKe
      • david

        who cares? France sucks anyway.

        there wouldn’t be a france if it were not for the usa.

        • donscarletti

          There wouldn’t be a USA if it wasn’t for France. Besides the Marquis de La Fayette and Comte de Rochambeau and their armies, French arms throughout the war and naval support at the closing stages provided the key to American victory.

          They even list “la Bataille de Yorktown” as one of their victories in their gay little museum at Versailles. And frankly, Yorktown was a French victory. Rochambeau’s troops were actually properly trained and armed and it was the French Victory at the Battle of the Chesapeake that allowed the previously unthinkable situation of having naval superiority (and thus heavy cannon) during the siege.

          Thanks to France, Canada’s size was drastically reduced and there are now 314 million people without free healthcare. Not to mention the deep wounds still present in America due to the extra 60 years of legal slavery (all but 1 score of those 4 score and 7 years).

          Is it any wonder why people hate France so much? Nothing but a façade of intellectualism hiding a nation that nukes the south pacific, fishes in other nations’ sovereign waters and trades dangerous technology to middle eastern dictatorships. This is not the first French slight towards Chinese and it shan’t be the last. At least after suppressing the Boxer rebellion, French troops were known for releasing their victims after raping them once (termed “gallantry” by the French general staff) unlike Germans and Russians, though they were also known for the sheer amount they used to do it. But in recent memory there still is the torch incident etc, So if you want to trash a Carrefour to celebrate the end of national week, just pick a reason and go with it.

          • Jennster

            The Chinese have been investing in Canada and pulling out of Australia recently to teach the Australians a lesson, if you have been reading the news recently. You can’t have the cake and eat it.

            Oh, and France sucks. It’s just Americans look down on them. Chinese ignore them.

          • mr. wiener

            Umm…”Teach Australians a lesson”…? Most Chinese don’t know where Oz is, couldn’t care less if they did and certainly have no grudge for real or imagined slights.
            The only Chinese person with a grudge against Ozzies is you hon.

          • Jennster

            My bad. I meant the government. Australians are trying to make money off the Chinese while @ the same time contain China. I don’t understand why a country that relies on its boss would do that?

          • El Puma R.

            People that speaks of countries as if they were close relatives truly annoy me. Jennster, I appreciate the fact that you have a voice and you want to use it, butwho named you voice of the people?
            it’s like bitch, please, speak for yourself only.

            Chinese teaching lessons? Hm, let me think… teach me to memorize? Other countries needing china? We’ll see about that.. think we can’t manufacture electronics, maybe? Speaking for some of my people and beyond, they are all tired of having to buy a new DVD or TV every two years or so… say Chinese products are rubbish. We’ll give them back to you so you can dump them in Sanya.

            Ok enough trolling against Jennster for today.

          • Jennster

            Their exports take up a large section of their economy, unlike other western countries. However, the female dumb bitch prime minister stuff things up. <3 it .


          • donscarletti

            Australia seems to be avoiding foreign investment in the mining sector. Companies like BHP, Rio Tinto, Fortescue, Illuka, etc have plenty of money to expand and operate already, their capacity is based on what the government is willing to let them dig up.

          • Jennster

            Nah dude, your people just have a sense of inferiority complex.

            A sense of inferiority complex changes to a sense of superiority complex for defensive behaviour yet your people look/act the WORST out of all western based developed countries (in my honest opinion).

            The problem is deep in your people’s genetics. :)

          • donscarletti

            Are you in Shanghai now? I’m 70% positive if we were to meet up, I would find some lost little boy with a moderately strong Australian accent, marginal spoken Chinese (household terms in Wu/Shanghainese dialect, little Mandarin), poor written Chinese and no technical vocabulary. And most of all, no idea whatsoever how to justify or commend yourself in the competitive modern Shanghainese society beside your passport and your foreign education.

          • Jennster

            Ha, believe what you want. All the Chinese who went back to their country says Australia is bad. Btw I wasn’t even born in your shit country. LOL

          • Getrealson

            Jennster, that is because if they are not waste deep in rubbish, stepping on shit/piss/spit, yelling on their phone or cheating one another the chinese won’t be happy anywhere. Of course they will not like Australia, it’s the opposite of everything in china.

            Face it! You are an animal from a dirty country that thinks it is better than india, but in reality you are scum that has contempt for anything beautiful, that’s why you make your beaches dirty.

            The only difference between you and pigs is that pigs know they are dirty!

          • Jennster

            lol then explain why a lot like canada. look @ the number of chinese they have (although i am deeply sorry to canadians with regards to my fellow race causing such uncivilised animal behaviour in your country).

          • Getrealson

            you idiot! they are fleeing your filth! Tell me you look out your window and see an oasis. That’s what I don’t understand about chinese like you, what do you see out your window? or should I say what do you choose not to see? what am I talking about? how could you see something you’ve chosen not to see? Don’t worry jennster, now I see!

  • Misiooo

    Without millions of street sweepers one cannot tell the difference between Shanghai and Calcutta after one day. Think about what happens after one week…

  • Zebadee

    Sanya Beach, Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace, or the Forbidden City … they all get treated the same. Is this news?

    And a French designer doesn’t want Chinese tourists to stay at his ‘exclusive hotel?’ Ever wondered why? Here’s your answer …

  • david

    I haven’t been to many countries around the world and do not have much to compare but back in the USA we were educated a very very long time ago NOT to litter.

    I spent more than 30 years and various beaches in parts of the USA and mexico and canada and I never saw that type of mistreatment of the natural environment.

    It doesn’t shock me to see this today online. I’ve watched it for 10 years as I lived in China for a decade. Why folks? Can’t you carry your trash with you and remove it safely?

    Are you really that ignorant? I would hate to place an entire nation of people on trial for lack of cleanliness but I am starting to think that I must.

    I do not like bashing a nation but I really must say that this is pathetic and just plain stupid. Things already look bad for Chinese people in so many ways and you do not require more to help you look bad. But this is really dumb folks.

    I mean really dumb.

    I hope that people are FINED for leaving garbage.

    Seriously, let me ask you something.

    I am walking to work or to the store and I see people standing 1 meter away from a garbage can and they toss their little on the ground. Is it me or are you fucking blind?

    I often go to an area in Northern Beijing which has a nice body of water. I go there so I can catch some fresh air(another problem) and when i can I will pick up trash which is along the shorelines and throw it away myself.

    A nation of so many years of history and you haven’t learned yet how to respect the earth?

    You should see some of the streams nearby my home as i bike ride north.
    I MUST wear a mask as I pass that because if i do not, i will vomit. and that is not a lie. if ya’ll don’t believe me, then I will be happy to supply you with a daily dose of pictures.

    anyway, be it far from me to pass judgements but as one said the human equation will never cease to amaze me with their ignorance.

    personally I believe we cannot just point our fingers at those litter-bugs. But must put the true blame on the government and education programs for failing to ensure mother nature’s longevity.

    When i was teaching full time here in Beijing, I would give a 1 minute .ppt to students about the importance of placing litter where it belongs and also recycling.

    Sure, many people in the world like to shit on China with many things. And many people come here to setup companies whom probably also pollute the fuck out of everything but, I am sick of watching it.

    I can leave, sure no problem, however I have a family here and a great career. I am not about to just give it up because assholes do not know how to use a trash can.

    To me, an outsider, this is VERY EMBARRASSING to all Chinese people.

    I won’t condemn an entire nation but i will say this,

    China has an extremely long way to go before she is even close to western worlds on matters of environmental control, educations, healthcare and i must say

    sorry guys but you couldn’t drive a car if it saved your life! I never saw a more backassed group of drivers who seems oblivious to the rules of the road.

    now that i had my daily rant.

    who is going to win the NBA title this year.

    I doubt it will be Miami because it is too difficult to repeat championships.
    I think the lakers will contend and hope that boston comes out of the east.

    I hate ray allen for leaving but KG is the man




    • Scott

      I suggest you restrain your indignation by noting the Cuyahoga River fires, that Lake Erie like the lower Thames and Kallang River in Singapore were once dead of all life, that bulldozers were needed to bury the mass fish kills common along the downtown beaches of Chicago, and comfort yourself by the knowledge that, yes, people East and West can and do change for the better.

      • david

        suggestion noted however NOBODY in my life time were this stupid

        • Scott

          Then you’re lucky, and if you do not meet such stupidity again in your lifetime you’ll be luckier still. I grew up in a time when highways in the American West were fenced by miles of billboards (Lady Bird Johnson initiated the moves to prohibit this); when the stink of manufacturing gagged residents in places like Gary, Indiana, Clinton, Iowa, and Youngstown, Pennsylvania; when the matrons of Savannah, Georgia were outraged that their 200-year old flower market was razed for a multi-story car park (to this day underused and a standing abomination) and so began the preservation movement (but not before G. Washington’s New York residence was bulldozed for freeway construction, and the best works of Louis B. Sullivan felled in Chicago); when neighbors would dump trash loads in the countryside, in gullies, in streams, but not in their backyards.

          • Kukuku

            “Then you’re lucky, and if you do not meet such stupidity again in your lifetime you’ll be luckier still. ”

            He lives in China so though luck!

      • moonmickey

        That’s no defense, you can’t blame other countries for China’s filthy beaches, chinese people did it.

        • Scott

          Moonmickey, you talkin’ to me? If not just ignore this, otherwise:

          Of course Chinese people dirtied their own beaches; who implied otherwise? But did you not read the subject title? Did you not read the prefacing comments by Chinese posters? Do you have so little knowledge of your own people and culture (I assume you’re not Chinese) to not acknowledge that this conduct is not exclusive to mainland Chinese, that the West is but one or two generations removed from the same conduct, the same irresponsibility, the same lack of concern for the environment? You’ve never heard of the tragedy of the commons? Look at ranching on public lands in the American West and tell me whose shit doesn’t stink.

  • david

    even if there are not garbage cans they can carry it to one!
    When I go out, i make sure even my cigarette butts are not tossed on the ground. I carry my trash out when I go hiking and when I am out far in the countryside(bike riding) I keep all my trash with me until I find the proper place.

    blame the education and family lack of concern. you want your kids to do this?

    A prime example of how NOT TO DO something.

  • robin yates

    shamefull!If this is an average Chinese beach I will never visit China, disgusting

  • heminator

    Fucking hideous!

  • moonmickey

    China needs more time, they are still evolving.

    • El Puma R.

      of course China needs more time, though I’m worried because they might finally learn their lesson once they’ve wasted the whole world.

  • quasar

    insert racist comment about Chinese people here….

    • Scott

      Insert the names of the racists East and West, the idle posters with too little of consequence in their own lives and too much time on their hands, the disturbed and frustrated who need ChinaSmack to vent about life in China, those with no sense of introspection and no knowledge of historical perspective to dampen self-righteous indignation here:

      • Jennster

        you are cool Scott, welcome to Shanghai :)

        • Scott

          Living in Shanghai (mostly) more than a decade and arrived long ago educated in Mandarin but… thanks.

      • Scott

        Aw shucks, let me begin.

        Little Wolf

    • donnachadh

      Is it still racist if it’s true?

  • Wayne

    The dude hit the nail on the head when he said it’s also a problem of adequate trash management. If you want people to throw trash in trash bins you have to provide them.

    • Kukuku

      Like at McDonalds and KFC right?

    • vince

      Nah ur wrong about that, for example there’s a small park near our house and like 6-7 trash cans placed in an area no bigger than a yard, and wouldn’t you know it some people still tend to just leave their crap all over the place. Look at that friggin beach, would it be so hard to just take your trash with you and find a bin or something?

      • MrT

        trash bins here are KFC and McDonalds for the homeless.

  • El Puma R.

    I could say this, or that, but a few of the netizen comments above said it all for me.

    “It won’t be the Japanese who will destroy us, but our own people!!!”

    “No wonder laowai often look down upon us.”

    I respect people who call for introspection, however the rest are depending in other people or the government to clean up their shit. God damn retards.

  • Last year, a well-known British movie producer came to our company looking to invest millions. As we drove toward Hengdian Studios in my boss’s Hummer he rolled down his window and dumped all the trash and bottles from our snacks we had bought from the at the rest stop along the highway. I looked at the producer and knew right then and there that there wasn’t a chance in hell he was going to go into business with such a fucking bonehead. I tried to explain to my boss later but he just doesn’t get it and I’m doubtful that he ever will. I guess that makes me a fucking racist.

    • Jennster

      heard of the dumping rubbish from apartment floors onto people? lol

      • blah

        yeah I’ve seen it and recently they put signs in my apartment warning people about the power of single egg thrown from your window.

    • blah

      not a racist, but a realist. It’s not race but society and education…all the smart and experienced people understand this

    • AngryCanadien

      i don’t find this post to be racist at all. it is a realistic depiction of many of the problems in china. I can only imagine how frustrated you must feel living and working in china and experiencing all the lack of civility around you. Personally I’m quite angry and disheartened about it too. your frustration boils over easily after living there for so long, but it’s just sometimes some of your comments can be quite insulting. Anyway, that’s just my 2 cents. Not trying to pick a fight with you or anything.

  • blah

    Someone needs to raise the bar in China….get me James Cameron!

    • starting

      A French fashion designer has apologised for saying that Chinese holidaymakers will not be welcome at a luxury hotel he plans to open in Paris.

      Thierry Gillier, founder of label Zadig and Voltaire, told the magazine Women’s Wear Daily that his hotel “won’t be open to Chinese tourists”.

      The statement caused outrage in China where his comments went viral on social networking sites.

      Mr Gillier has said his comments were taken out of context.

      “My remarks were doubtless clumsy… I understand they might have hurt my friends from China, France or elsewhere, and I am deeply sorry for that,” he said in a statement on Thursday.

      • Jennster

        Chinese tourists in France buy up all their Chanel, LV etc without a blink of an eye, and compare it to how Europe is faring right now.

        Anyways, plenty of French in China, it’s easy to ban some of these smelly animals :D

        • BigJ

          We can’t stay at any hotel we want in china. Only some can have foreigners. The ones that don’t take foreigners though I would not let my dog stay in the room. I been to some of them. And it’s not good. Then again what can you expect for 20 yuan a night.

          I can see this hotel owners point. A person can have a billion dollars, but acts like a fucking monkey on crack flinging shit everywhere. If I had a high end hotel I would not want most Chinese people there either,bad for buisness.Money can’t buy you civility or common sense.

          Rich Chinese are like the beverly hill billys. Only worse. If you can belive that.

          • Jennster

            Chinese are not the worst tourists in the world (15%), Americans are (20%), then the French themselves. Sorry that didn’t make sense.

          • BigJ

            Yeah, they say Frenchmen are bad tourist. I think just more rude then anything.

          • efe_the_foreigner

            why are americans the worst?

          • Jennster

            1. U.S.-20 percent

            2. China-15 percent

            3. France- 14 percent

            4. Japan- 12 percent

            5. Russia- 11 percent

            6. Korea- 9 percent

            7. India- 9 percent

            8. Germany- 8 percent

            9. Spain- 7 percent

            10. Britain- 5 percent

            Read more:

          • moop

            4000 of the 5600 respondents were americans themselves and the respondents only came from 5 different countries:US, Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom… not exactly a world-view

          • efe_the_foreigner

            ditto what moop said.

            in my multiple meetings with turks, jordanians, russians, koreans, and brits, most people agreed that russians are the worst tourists, chinese usually come in second.

            surprisingly enough, the turks and jordanians said americans were their favorites.

            so there is probably no global truth as to “the worst tourist”, perhaps just pragmatic truths depending when and where you are.

            also, don’t read fox news. its a fairly unreliable source for credible global news.

    • That’s just it, blah. My boss fancies himself as “The Chinese James Cameron”. I spend a large portion of my time rolling my eyes and shaking my head. But I think I’ll start scolding him with phrases like “James Cameron wouldn’t blow a snot rocket onto the street from a 8th-story window” or “James Cameron wouldn’t waste 2,000 kuai on gas and highway tolls for a 3 hour drive to go to a meeting in Shanghai when you can take the bullet train in 70 minutes for 67 kuai.” (But then nobody would be able to see how bitchin he looks driving that Hummer) Etc…..

      • Alex

        Haha, you’re into film business? Who’s your boss? I also know some people in the business.

      • Scott

        Well, gee, Little Wolf, Beethoven (ya’ heard of him? German composer? You know, Da-da-da-DA!) had bad breath, a fouler disposition than yourself even, and farted uncontrollably; yes, that’s all true. Ya’ think those conditions deny his genius? Yeah? So your boss has bad habits? Does that moot his talents? Yeah? Why do you work for him? He needs you around for lessons in fine grooming and gentility?

        • “moot his talents”

          WOW! I’m really fucking impressed. I’m going to go antidisestablishmentarianism now. I have my reasons for working with him and you would be amazed how much fun I have.

          Time to pull that durian out of yer ass, Mr. Pompous know-it-all.

          • Scott

            I cannot apologize for simple words that impress.

            You, Little Wolf, are shameless, dropping phrases like “millionaire producer”, talking about Hollywood, movies, producers, Humvees and intimating you are familiar to all this. In your posts I do see a small man puffing himself up by falsely associating with person and things much bigger than himself. In this instance you, Little Wolf, are a pathetic “wannabe”. And you live in China? Why oh why does that Chinese boss you despise, publicly ridicule and resent tolerate you? What advantage can he get from you? Curious minds want to know.

          • Why would I tell you? You’ve already shown us that you’re a snitch, a bullshit exaggerator, a wannabe tough guy that gave a man “a look” and scolded him for cursing in front of your 17 year-old daughter (17 and you need to defend her honor? Let’s alert the church elders!) and basically a pathetic bitch. I may or may not be overdue to move on (which I’ll do when I’ve finish what I started) but it’s not for you to decide. The people that know me offline know who I am and what I do and I will sleep tonight without giving a single fuck that you are in a petulant frenzy because I don’t buy into your China-hand shit.

        • donscarletti

          I’m guessing here that Little Wolf’s boss is some guy who made a bit of money in the real-estate boom but now thinks he would be an awesome movie director.

          In China, there isn’t the same investment structures, so one tends to work with a lot of these guys. Own set of challenges I guess.

          • YES!!!! I don’t want to add to any more of my puffery except to say nothing happens for him without the Little Wolf’s Rolodex of Hollywood movers and shakers from his previous life. Other than that, you nailed,don.

          • Oh, and don….if only I had documented this whole thing from day 1 on video, you know, “The Making Of……”. Now there’s a movie! A BLOCKBUSTER! A friggin tragicomedy of epic proportions. No one could ever have made a script of all this weirdness. Certainly would be a better movie than what I’m doing.

            I would bet we have mutual friends. Do you know anybody at Hammerhead?

  • MrT

    Time the government woke up and start a national campaign to educate the gypsies in China on how to behave. This country is a sht tip.
    They should start sending people to HK to educate them.

    • Jennster

      Hong Kong doesn’t allow migration movements because it’s under a different government system. But I agree with you :D

      • MrT

        you mean its like it One Country two systems?
        Like Gypsies people and stk up cnts?

  • Charles

    When I see posts like this I start feeling slightly hopeful for the future of China… and then I walk outside and lose all hope once more.

    This country is a complete mess from Heilong Jiang to Guangdong!!! Every place where there are humans in China is an environmental nightmare. I often travel in the countryside and it just kills me to see the natural beauty of this country so completely destroyed by this “cultured” civilization.

    What a shame it is to be Chinese. Such a great, sophisticated history and culture and it has all just led to this… Dam this is depressing.

    • My old apartment was on a road that was blocked off every night for a night market that was(is?) very popular in that area of the city and every night after closing it looked like the Tunguska Explosion had blown through and I would say there were at least 30-40 workers working til about 5 AM cleaning the street.

      Somehow, I always manage to find a garbage bin to dump my trash. I might have to carry it a block or so. I don’t think I have ever coughed up those yellow phlegm oysters I have to sidestep except when I was 10 and I caught pneumonia but I think I could find some bushes or suitable place to expunge it. It’s really hard being such a super-swell guy like me, but you know…”With great power comes great responsibility”

    • here it is

      My chinese fiance lives in the countryside, in Zhejiang,… near Taizhou, and the mountains…..yes I would still call it countryside!…. and its beautiful (when you can see it). BUT ANYWHERE that civilization has touched that land, its beauty is gone. I’ve lived in and out of Shanghai for 4 years and I won’t even talk about that, but its truly sad to see people care so little for the environment. I’m sure there are Chinese people out there who care, millions of them, but there’s a billion who don’t. I hope they can get it figured out, but when kids see mommy, daddy, grandpa, granny, auntie, etc throwing there trash anywhere they please, what do you think they will grow up doing?

  • Nowen

    I think it might be worth considering that littering is a symptom present in most developing societies, and really shouldn’t be taken as being directly related to GDP or income levels. While the volumes of trash left on a Sanya beach or an average Chinese street are appalling one might also consider that even as late as the 1970s littering was also a major problem in the United States.

    Does anyone remember what’s been dubbed as the “Crying Indian” commercial in which a native American dressed in traditional garb canoes down a river as the camera pans out to reveal a polluted city? Many Americans who are in their 40s still recall how severe littering was at one time in the U.S. As someone who was raised during the 90s it’s difficult to imagine that a country now perceived as clean could have ever been filthy, but that seems to have once been the case. Many Taiwanese have also mentioned that as late as 15 years ago littering was also an issue in Taiwan. So the problem is treatable. One thing to note is that both the U.S. and Taiwan improved their littering problems following government regulation and childhood education programs that raised awareness among emerging generations.

    The main variable for concern in the case of China should be that the sheer volume of people littering kind of increases the significance of the issue. But that’s true of all social problems in China.

    Seems to me just to be one stage of societal development which could be eradicated in twenty years, given proper measures.

    • Yes…I can remember and on it’s worst day it was as “severe” as China can only dream to be.

    • El Puma R.

      it is indeed a treatable problem, however it’s not a part of the CCP’s agenda. They have already put the 做文明人走文明路 signs in the road, job’s done.

      Plus.. 20 years starting from now, when the problems is actually solved, there will be no environment left to save. Not in China. IT is sad indeed, like Charles said.. you get a mirage of hope when you see on the internet how people care about these things… but when you go out, it’s an environmental nightmare. and it’s sad, truly sad. Back home I see people going fishing and they will keep even the smallest catch, just for fun. And I tell them about it, however I don’t see them turning each and every beautiful spot into a dumpster.

      My student said to me the other day “Teacher I apologize for all Chinese people because we gave you the wrong impression…” .. a mirage of hope… She’s my friend now.

    • Charles

      @Nowen Things were bad in the 1970s but even now litter is still a problem in the US (just not when compared with China’s problem).

      Some of my friends from the UK say that the problem has basically been solved there. I wonder how they did it. But have never been and can’t confirm or deny their optimism.

  • vince

    Well at least quite a lot of the netizens are self-depreciating therefore they recognize that this behavior shows a lack of class, it’s a baby step towards building a society they can be proud of.
    I wish however the local government would try and make it easier for people to get rid of their garbage or at least institute fines to discourage such behavior. It isn’t a Promethean task to take your trash with you and dispose of it properly.
    I don’t know how many of you have experienced this but I got stabbed by one of those wooden skewers they use to BBQ stuff while taking a walk so sometimes the trash left on the streets can be hazardous.

    • El Puma R.

      compare the number of netizens being so decent with their comments with the number of people who don’t give a crap about all this and you got yourself a real problem. It’s so alarming….

      • vince

        Ah that is true, I’m glad I live in a relatively clean place such as Zhuhai, can’t imagine how bad it could get as you go further towards the North.

        • El Puma R.

          Well.. over here in the cities of the northeast there isn’t much to say.. except that there’s no place for walking, all the trees are gone and you’re constantly breathing dust and smoke from the trucks.. oh , and those bulldozers and taxis never ever ever stop. And they like to argue and complain in the early morning… the food is good though…

    • Hana

      I agree with your point that your attitude is rational and your
      suggestion has good practicability. Most chinese netizens could not
      keep head clam when they faced this situation. Self-deprecating behavior
      is orignate from our culture. Our society is a lack of a sober mind.
      Your comment give me a big inspiration and a new view to treat the
      subject fairly. Hope I can see your more comments here.

  • Beijinger in Beijing

    This is kinda sad, because I’ve been to other developing countries like Brazil, and their beaches were extremely clean.

    • Scott

      Yep, beaches in Brazil like Ipanema and Copacabana are extremely clean, and well-patrolled by armed police to protect people from gang depredations. A few years ago gangs from the favelas swarmed the Ipanema robbing people en masse. As a friend of mine years ago once said, “The Chinese will rip you off but won’t hit ya’ over the head.”

    • Jennster

      Brazil is richer than China on average.

      • El Puma R.

        What is that supposed to mean?
        True wealth is within the mind and the soul, you dumb fuck. The biggest chinese misconception, being rich is glorious… yeah right… go take a swim in sanya…

        I went to beidaihe (hebei province) beautiful place, nice weather, beautiful beach…. and a sudden tide of oil , grease, dirt and plastic bags and bottles came to the beach and everyone (Chinese) didn’t care about it… “yeah baby go to swim, enjoy”… and there was me, all the russians and any other foreigner standing in the sand looking at the water with horror and sadness.

        Brazil might be richer than china in terms of common sense, civilization, etc. But not in terms of money.. and China is spending it all in destroying as much as they can….

        • Jennster

          brazil is higher in gdp per capita than china. ofc their beaches (where it is known to world tourists) will be cleaner than a 3rd tier sanya beach…

    • El Puma R.

      it is just a matter of common sense… we have a beautiful place, we take care of it, right?

      oh sweet sweet Rio grande do sul how much I miss it, just 6 hour drive from my hometown…

      • Beijinger in Beijing

        lol you are Brazilian? why are you even in China? it makes even less sense than Americans or Europeans being in China.

        Brazilian women pwn the f*ck out of Chinese women though, that’s for fucking sure.

        • El Puma R.

          I’m from northeast Argentina, and in the whole region including southern Brazil Uruguay and Paraguay there are 65 women per each 100 people.

          I came to China to sneak under the capitalism’s nose to find true chinese people with true chinese culture… of course, those who really love it, not the ones who are forced to learn it. What you say is true, I could never stop loving my home, you know, I think I gave up a lot of good stuff just to answer the same questions every day and being able to get drunk for free anytime I want in northeast China.

  • El Puma R.
    • Charles

      Puma – I have to disagree with you here. Wine consumption in China is increasing, why shouldn’t Chinese people own vineyards in Europe? This might bring a better quality of wine to the Chinese market, which is currently dominated by thin vinegary and disgustingly sweet wines, IMO.

      I would love to see a better quality wine here at a lower price. There may be some negative aspects to this kind of sale, but why shouldn’t Chinese people who love wine, or just want to be in the wine business have access to these locations and vines?

      Would you sell it to a German? How about and American? Or what about an Israeli or an India? How is this attitude not simply racist?

      • El Puma R.

        It’s not even racist, things like this one go against communities who are trying to preserve their heritage. I think my issue with this is shared with the locals of that french region. Everything you say is true, however the privatization of local industries in most cases leads to nothing good.

        you live in china so I think you know by now that here’s no industry or land available for foreigners to buy. And if there is, it ALWAYS has to go through a chinese partner, by law. Talking about protecting yourself… look at the other guy in France who had to apologize for being “racist” just because he doesn’t allow Chinese in his new hotel. Well… I agree with him too, the last two years I’ve been in china I’ve wasted my holidays looking for a hotel.. (on the phone, even the internet sometimes) “Do you allow foreigners to stay?” -“Oh yes we do, come see our hotel, we are sure you will like it” . Once I arrived they say “oh, sorry, no foreigners”…

        How come China can apply all these truly racist policies and then curse us when we do the same in our homelands?
        Is it wrong to use your admittance rights in your favor?
        Should a nice hotel have chinese people screaming when talking on the phone all the time?

        I am from Argentina and we have the best beef in the world (been to NZ, ours is better) so I want my gaucho to take care of our cattle and his Patron managing it, they love it and they know how to make it good, I don’t want no Chinese casino hotshot monkey clown guy telling my people to use more meat tenderizer and feed the cows with soy-based food just so he can cut down the budget. if he’s not chinese, let’s say… canadian, I don’t want him either… though they can buy some land and do it themselves.. good luck with that. You see, Chinese people abroad disrespect the same things we foreigners have to abide here in China.

        Let’s fuck up everything in the name of profit.

        • jin

          i dont get the problem??? the FRENCH owner sold it to the chinese because they offer more. so whats the problem? its not like they stole the land or something.

          • Thor

            The locals feel deprived : it’s a piece of their own land that is lost for ever. It’s quite different from seling wine overseas. When a wine makers does so, the product is sent away but the money is flown to the land where the wine comes. Not likely in this case.

            Traditionally, these wineyards are transmitted from father to son, or else sold to another local who quite know the job, what it means, what it represents. Any stranger buying THIS very specific type of land would be looked down upon. It’s a bit as if the French sold the Versailles Château to the Americans, or, as El Puma said, the Chinese selling their Great Wall bit by bit to foreign investors. Yes, we’re fed not solely with food, but with symbols too.
            So we can blame the seller, indeed : he is the root of the problem, more than the buyer if you ask me.

          • Thor

            In a way, it works just as if the wineyard was removed from its original country and entirely sent to China. The result wouldn’t be very different. Afterwards, it’s just a matter of sun exposure and landscape one can watch from a car or a train window. It looks still being in France but it’s no longer in fact.