Sanya Beach Covered with Garbage Embarrasses Chinese Netizens

From QQ:

Sanya Tourists Left 50 Tons of Garbage at 3-Kilometer-Long Beach

Two people are walking at the beach, looking at the garbage.

October 1 morning, the day after the Mid-Autumn Festival, the 3-kilometer-long beach at the Dadonghai Scenic Area in Sanya city of Hainan island was covered with 50 tons of household garbage. This garbage was left there by city residents and tourists who were appreciating the moon [the night before], seriously polluting the marine environment.

Sanitation people are cleaning the garbage.

Sanya Hedong Sanitation Bureau, Dadonghai Management Company, and some other departments dispatched over 600 people to clean up the beach. And it took them more than 2 hours to finish the cleaning.

Sanitation people are cleaning the garbage.

The garbage left on the beach.

The garbage left on the beach.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯河南省网友 袜子小席:

Our people’s characters [civic mindedness] is fully revealed here! Very incisively!

腾讯网友 OKBARI:

It’s not just a problem of the character of our countrymen, are there trashcans for 50 tons of garbage around the beach? It’s not just the tourists’ problem but also the problem of the relevant departments who are in charge of facilities and management.

腾讯网友 闫博: (responding to above)

It’s a matter of habit. Even if there wasn’t a trashcan that big, couldn’t you just take the garbage away with you? Don’t always JJYY [blah blah blah] looking for excuses, first introspect yourself.

腾讯杭州市网友 门徒: (responding to above)

Indeed it’s a character/cultivation problem. At the entrance of our company’s showroom, everyday there are people waiting for the bus, and they just toss their breakfast garbage on the ground. So our company put a trashcan there. It’s clearly right there beside them, but they still just drop their garbage on the ground by their feet. Of those who come in to use the restroom, many of them will even fucking leave without flushing the toilet. And then there are those who when buying breakfast will even cut in line!! Seeing them makes me feel the garbage is even more pleasing to the eye!! I’ll stop here, and just be sure to do my own part!

腾讯网友 某得昵称:

With character/cultivation like this and we want to boycott Japanese products and defeat Japan? Keep dreaming, and let’s see if it’ll happen maybe in 100 years.

腾讯北京市网友 ____假装: (responding to above)

Grass mud horse, fucking bastard, why don’t you go live in Japan then!!! Stupid cunt!!!

腾讯安徽省网友 漫步云端: (responding to above)

Unable to listen to dissenting opinions? Can able to kick up a fuss like a swarm of bees [in a group/crowd]? Is the first comment [by 某得昵称] wrong? Is this kind of character/cultivation not allowed to be criticized? Look at yourself, with a mouthful of dirty language, touched a sore spot, eh?

腾讯哈尔滨市网友 蝴蝶:

Chinese people’s character is just like this, the level of civilization in Chinese society is just like this! And still [Chinese people] complain all day long, but what grumbling about what? Everyday just looking for other people’s faults! Everybody would be better off reflecting on yourselves!

腾讯网友 低调男人:

No wonder laowai often look down upon us.

腾讯宜春市网友 大 雪 无 痕:

Seems what Noda [Prime Minister of Japan] said is right: Chinese people’s character should be questioned!!!

腾讯苏州市网友 倥苩旳兲:

The character of the Heavenly Kingdom’s people are really fucking lousy. Just look at their fucking ugly selves, with not the least bit of cultivation/character at all. If you guys were at home, would you still create so much garbage???

腾讯杭州市网友 醉清风。。。:

What was supposed to be a holiday celebrated by the country has become a holiday for the creation of garbage… Our compatriots’ characters/cultivation…

腾讯网友 漩涡鸣人:

This is a famous tourist area, so the people who come here should be relatively well-off, but their civic-mindedness hasn’t caught up with the level of their wealth, satisfying their selfish desires by sacrificing the environment and sanitation. Shameful, detestable, and pitiful. And those who provide food and drink at the beach, they too need to improve their professional ethics. You can prefer not to make change, but you still shouldn’t sacrifice the environment as the cost. The relevant government supervisory departments also didn’t do their jobs.

腾讯通化市网友 彡毝:

It won’t be the Japanese who will destroy us, but our own people!!!

腾讯临汾市网友 黑人才出众:

I suggest we leave it there and not “clean” it, to use the scene as a lesson for raising the civilization of us Chinese people. Better yet, let “friends” from around the world come see which country in the world this scene of garbage belongs to. Advertise it on CCTV, and let us Chinese people be sober-minded about our 5,000-years of civilization.

腾讯朔州市网友 四处流落的风:

Only one thing to say: Ugly Chinese. I hope everybody can set themselves as examples to others. This generation of ours is ruined, but we should be a good example for the next generation.

What do you think? How long did it take other countries to improve the social problem of littering? What methods did they use to improve the civic-mindedness of their citizens that China can learn from?

Sanitation people are cleaning the garbage.


Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.


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