Shanghai Traffic Police Officer Dragged to Death


From NetEase:

Driver Who Dragged Traffic Police Officer to Death Made Microblog Posts Abusing Police: You Servant, Pull Me Over If You Dare


Xinhua Daily online report — “If it were possible, I would’ve preferred not having left home at all today. I had no intention of hurting him.” At 3am on the 12th, Sun X, the man who dragged a Shanghai Traffic Police officer nearly 10 meters to his death sat in the interrogation room of the Minhang district Hongqiao police station, with a face of regret and helplessness. On the evening of March 11th, Sun X and another 32-year-old man’s fate intersected at the Shanghai city Minghang district Wuzhong Road and Hongxu Road intersection. One was an on-duty traffic police officer, one an offending driver, and the result was one of them leaving this world, and the other “entering prison in shackles”. Apart from being shocking and saddening, what netizens really want to know is, just what kind of person is this Sun X, who holds such a grudge against traffic officers and believes traffic officers are always picking on him? As a result, a microblog post he posted in 2012 was dug up:

“I was driving the other day and merging into the inside turn lane when a faraway traffic police vehicle kept honking its horn, and immediately my temper rose! MLGB, you servant, you drive a car purchased by your master, and you still act so arrogantly??? So I first didn’t move, waited until that servant came a bit closer, and then suddenly merged into the lane (have to praise BMW’s handling here)!! That servant had to slam on the brakes!! So satisfying!! I just TM love messing with our servants!! I changed lanes on a dotted lane, didn’t speed, first turned on my turn signals, so if you have the balls, let’s see you pull me over!!”

This microblog post was posted 2012 March 5, under the username of @猫先生孙凯特. From the words, it isn’t hard to see that he treats traffic police as a public servant of the people (original text: servant, driving a car purchased by your master), and believe police cannot be arrogant towards him. Then he believes he was “messing with his servants” within the scope allowed by the law (just love messing with our servants). With such a clear-cut attitude, it’s hard to believe this is actually the very same Sun X filled with regret currently in that detention center.


Quite a few netizens have already dug up offender Sun X’s Weibo username being “@猫先生孙凯特”, and that the two are the same. too has conducted an inquiry into this. On @猫先生孙凯特’s account, his blog’s web address is, and upon searching this blog’s domain name, one can find that the registrant’s name is Sun X. From media reports, it can be learned that Sun X was born 1983 February, and it isn’t hard to find out that @猫先生孙凯特’s birthday is also February. Browsing through his microblog posts, one often sees him posting about driving.

Comments from NetEase:

广厦万间 [网易江苏省南京市手机网友]:

It seems our Anshan traffic police have better attitudes! I drove on the wrong side of the road against traffic for a short distance and was pulled over! That brother [traffic officer] gave me a salute, looked at my documents, and immediately said: I’ll give you five minutes to call and find someone [use a connection to get out of trouble]!

被遗忘的使命 [网易山东省网友]:

A public servant of the people… is that not right…?

cchhh [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

The offender will definitely be punished by the law — but some law enforcement personnel’s law enforcement and attitudes really can’t be complimented! The safety awareness of the traffic officer involved was also a bit lacking.

石头8OB3 [网易上海市手机网友]: (responding to above)

As someone responsible for strictly maintaining and enforcing traffic order, the way the traffic officer involved handled the matter cannot be faulted. He was someone who took his job seriously.

盘太螂 [脑洞全开]:

I really can’t read any further, just what is wrong with people these days? What is the reason and justification for sympathizing with someone who disregarded the law and committed murder? He killed a traffic officer, an ordinary person who had a family. Yes, a traffic officer is a public servant of the people, but can you deprive him of his life just for carrying out his public duty and handling violations of the law? What more, what this bastard said was “servant”, which is to say if it was an ordinary pedestrian, he might simply consider you a “stray dog”. Just think, what if it was your family member who was dragged to death like this? Would you want that? Bashers, please be conscientious in your speech! If you don’t agree, I’m willing to keep debating with you!

网易江西省南昌市手机网友 ip:182.105.*.*

Let’s analyze this rationally:
1. His car was already in the left turn lane, so it wasn’t terribly wrong for him to make a left turn. The traffic officer was being too rigid; 2. After the car turned left, the driver’s position was already past the traffic officer. Upon noticing, the traffic officer runs a few steps closely to the vehicle, reaches out and instinctively grabs the car, but by then, the car was already speeding up, completely unaware of the seriousness of what was to happen, while the driver was inside the car also unable to immediately sense what was happening outside, thinking the traffic officer would let go as he sped up, but tragedy occurred.
I personally think, when a driver breaks the law, the traffic police can punish as they please but they can’t pit their body up against a moving vehicle. Law enforcement cannot use violence against violence, and should first protect themselves before enforcing the law [not recklessly/needlessly risk their own safety]. So the traffic officer must also bear secondary responsibility… This driver will probably be sentenced to three years.

网易安徽省合肥市手机网友 ip:223.104.*.*

Said quite sensibly.

zzjj621 [网易湖南省手机网友]:

Actually, there are quite a lot of human scum like this.

magisu [脑洞大开]:

This kind of person really deserves it, and really ought not be given a light sentence.

jinxing8184 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Judge by the facts, not the people. Judging by how it unfolded, the police officer and driver are both victims. Naturally nothing needs to be said about the police officer, as he lost is life. But the driver? He’ll definitely not escape prison time, and looking at the media, there seems to be an attitude of pushing for the death penalty. Conscientiously, for the driver, just how big of a deal was this originally? At most a fine of 200 yuan and being docked two points, how big of a deal is that? But because of the traffic officer’s senseless action, the nature of the matter became a criminal case, so you tell me whether or not the driver is also a victim here. Why do I say the traffic officer’s action was senseless? This matter was nothing more than a very trivial traffic violation, so why did you have to go do such a dangerous thing? Everyone knows a car in motion is an extremely dangerous thing, and cars turning are especially even more dangerous! Any sensible person would avoid it, but you go up to it even as you knew it was turning. To be harsh, wasn’t this action you knowingly courting death? What is even more incomprehensible is that you then actually went and grabbed onto the moving car. Do you really think you have the strength to stop the car like that? Is this not you putting yourself in danger? It isn’t as if he is going to commit murder; it was just a trivial traffic violation; was it really necessary for you to do this> If you want to punish him, there are many ways, and it isn’t as if he could escape such punishment. Intersections all have surveillance/traffic cameras that you can use to find and penalize him, or if that won’t do and you want to punish him quicker, you can also take out your two-way radio and tell your colleague ahead to pull him over. Did you really need to grab onto his car? You chasing after him was all danger and no benefit! Just because of chasing him, you could scare him into stepping on the wrong pedal and causing an accident! Which is to say your action would cause a trivial traffic violation to become a serious traffic accident, so you tell me whether or not you have fault? And now, a serious accident really has happened… I’m purely judging by the facts, not the people. Saying this will offend the deceased, but not saying it would make me feel I am not being fair to the driver… Quite a troublesome matter… I suggest the media not publish those biased reports with ulterior motives. Can you be more objective and neutral, please?????

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