Sino-Japanese War TV Show Rips Off Assassin’s Creed Video Game


From QQ:

Sino-Japanese War drama Hunter Blade revealed, the actors’ style looked familiar


Hunter Blade tells of the story of hunters living in the Stonegate Cave at Qingtian County during the Second Sino-Japanese War, along with local militias in their united struggle against the Japanese invaders.


The actor Ma Jingjing was “human flesh searched” by netizens for his “hand ripping Japanese soldier” scene, and was hence referred to as the “hand-ripping brother”. The show he starred in Anti-Japanese Legends was also derided by netizens, where many considered this type of Japanese resistance shows to be out of touch with reality, with ridiculous plots, being excessively sensationalist, and having little respect for history. This time, he played the role of the hunter Big Bull in Hunter Blade, who uses primitive weapons and his intelligence to deal with the enemy, it tells the story of how average people resisted against the Japanese in the light of unlikely odds.


Some netizens felt that the striking costumes in the Japanese resistance TV show looked familiar. The photo shows the poster for the foreign video game Assassin’s Creed, many netizen’s felt they looked similar.


Poster for the TV Show Hunter Blade.


The 30 episode drama Hunter Blade retold the story of villagers, hunters, and local militias living in Lishui, in their united struggle against the Japanese invaders.


Photo taken of the actor in the TV show Hunter Blade.

Comments on QQ:


Before you go off to fight the Japanese devils, first take a shower, wash your face with face wash, blow-dry your hair, put on some gel to style your hair! Then go out to fight the devils.


A Japanese person came to China to travel and his first stop was Zhejiang. He found a local guide and gave him 3000 kuai and told him that his ancestor died in China and wanted the guide to take him to the battlefield with most Japanese casualties to pay his respect. After the guide took the money, the Japanese person paid 300 kuai for a car and after an hour he arrived. The Japanese person got off the car and saw: Hengdian Movieland.


Anyways, I never watch this kind of boring shows, but rarely I watch it as a joke to distract myself.


The Second Sino-Japanese War was not an invasion, it was Chinese people luring the Japanese to come to China to be humiliated.


Have you seen the New Fourth Route Army soldier using AK-47 to shoots the devils?


Where is the SARFT, why are they not banning this???!!! Not banning this is the act of a hanjian.


I want to smash my TV after watching this.


If Ubisoft releases Assassin’s Creed 6: Anti-Japanese War, I would definitely buy a genuine copy and not go on 3DM to download a pirated version.


Anti-Japanese every day, so fucking retarded, they talking about the future, we talk about the past. Most importantly, the anti-Japanese shows are ridiculously fake! SB Chinese directors, I suspect foreigners are laughing their asses off. Can Chinese TV shows even surpass America in 1000 years? Can someone tell me?


What is the difference between this and Assassin’s Creed?


It got the same guy ripping devils in Anti-Japanese Legends.


When will Assassin’s Creed come out with a Anti-Japanese DLC.


Irresponsible toward [lack of respect for] history.

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Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

  • mr.wiener

    Universally panned if the netizins coments are anything to go by.

    • Joe

      it would be a lot more interesting if it was about Chinese Jack Sparrow

      • Irvin

        There really can’t be anything interesting, because real history is about japanese invading china and the chinese got raped both literally and metaphorically. There is only so much spin you can put to that story.

        • Alex Dương

          There can’t be anything interesting from the Chinese POV for the First Sino-Japanese War since it was a total curbstomp that ended in eight months. Second one lasted eight years, so there are plenty of interesting stories to tell.

          But in the end, eight years is still a finite period, so there are only so many things you can do before it gets repetitive and then absurd.

          • Joe

            Yeah, there were plenty of epic battles fought during the war, the problem is that almost all were fought by the KMT, which doesn’t fit the CCP narrative on the war, so such films/shows never get made.

          • Zappa Frank

            maybe I’m wrong, but I remember I’ve read that were all lost (with one or two exceptions)

          • mr.wiener

            But as with the American war of independence it was all about getting your arse kicked then living to fight another day [or raising a new army].

          • Zappa Frank

            but battles were you simply survive to fight another day would be good materials for movies? I mean unless you try to make a critic movie about the war like some western movies.

          • Rick in China

            Correct – ‘scorched earth’ strategies, they called it buying time with space or something.. burn yer bridges, destroy your infrastructure, retreat and ambush – just stall til external forces help out.

          • Alex Dương

            No. China’s a big country, but you’d think that if they were all lost, with one or two exceptions, the war wouldn’t have lasted for eight years. Changsha alone was successfully defended three times.

          • vincent_t

            Maybe you were reading the CCP version, all battles lost due to KMT, that’s why glorious CCP needs to step up and take over the country. LOL

          • Joe

            the Spartans lost in 300 but its immortalized today, I don’t see why a Pyrrhic defeat is not something that can’t be glorified. The battle of Hengyang had 8000 Chinese soldiers against about 30k Japanese troops, the Chinese actually fought to the end. The battle of Shanghai too was a major defeat but it costed Japan dearly as well.

          • Zappa Frank

            well, but in shanghai casualties were 3.6:1, in Wuhan still about 2.2:1 always in favor of Japanese. I wouldn’t say that are exactly like 300 Spartans against hundreds thousands of soldiers… Of course, anyone can glorify anything, in Italy we makes movies of defats as well since victories are almost none..

          • Joe

            they only had 2 german trained divisions in Shanghai at the time less than 25k (88th and 36th) of the 800k troops, the bulk of which were ill equipped.

            What I’m saying is that the battles fought in China are just as epic as the battles fought in the Eastern front in terms of men and material committed (along with losses) but it is part of history that is never talked about.

            Regarding Italy, again most of the post-war narrative look poorly upon their performance, but the truth was that the Italians fought very well given their logistical/industrial limitations and often times with distinction, especially on the Eastern front when many Italian units stood their ground against the Soviets.

          • Zhegezhege

            “repetitive and absurd”
            good description for the rule of the Chinese Communist Party in 2014.

          • Irvin

            I beg to differ, if you look at CCP’s from it’s beginning to now, you’ll see that it went through more changes than women’s mind.

      • JayJay

        You mean Chow-yun-fat’s character in POTC3?

      • Dax

        Chinese Jack Sparrow was a woman and she was AWESOME.
        Someone needs to make a feature length movie about her life. China probably won’t, though, because God forbid they show a Chinese person do anything illegal, even if they’re doing it awesomely.

        • Gordon Gogodancer

          Wow! She’s cool!

        • Joe

          she made a cameo in POTC3

        • SzMach5

          America is making a TV series about her.

          Her story seems amazing.

          • Jahar

            North America or South America? And how does a continent make a movie?

          • SzMach5

            Meant the U.S.
            I normally just refer it as America though. Anyways I edited my original comment. Btw, it’s a TV series, not a movie.

  • Irvin

    Another story about the lack of originality of mainland chinese in this era.

    • KSC

      Indeed. Hollywood outshines in originality surely like in Red Dawn

      • David

        Except Red Dawn is meant to be fiction, about the future. Better to compare to the propaganda movie Hollywood made during the war and in the 50’s against communism.

  • JayJay

    Can they make anything that is not to do with ‘fighting the Japs’ or Qin Dynasty, Palace dramas? Even copying foreign format, this Assassin’s Creed ‘adaptation’ is effing terrible!!

    They should do a Breaking Bad copy with the Guangdong Meth-cooking Village…


    • Ken Morgan

      It’s low hanging fruit. UK comedies used to use very low hanging fruit. Post war the UK used WWII Germany. Around the 60s and 70s they were anti gay and racist (see upstairs down stairs). Until people stop watching them it won’t change.

      • JayJay

        I don’t think a lot of Chinese people either are watching or want to watch these shows. They’ve got no choice. Anything pragmatic or fresh are shot down by the censors.

        • Kai

          It depends on demographic. Netizens, especially those predisposed to actually commenting, are a bit more sophisticated than the average Chinese television viewer, so we do tend to see more netizens complaining about these serials. However, there’s still enough market for them, from less educated or more easily entertained types, of which they are plenty in China.

          There’s plenty of pragmatic and fresh content. Maybe not as much as we’d like, but there are, and things are getting better over time.

          • JayJay

            lol adds to the definition of ‘脑残剧’ are really for the brain dead…

    • Xia

      The Chinese TV producers do that because that’s some of the only few things that makes money in the television business that is also “politically safe”.

  • Amused

    So they lack any creativity of their own and they steal the intellectual property of others. That’s news? I thought that was like, how 90% of these fuckers in the “creative sphere” of jobs here got thru their day-to-day.

    • zhouchaou

      Its not easy for them to be creative when they have the censorship behind them. They are not free to do whatever they want, unfortunately.

  • Zebadee

    “I suspect foreigners are laughing their ass off. Can Chinese TV shows even surpass America in 1000 years? Can someone tell me?”
    … Yes !! We are ! So don’t ever stop making this shit !

  • zhouchaou

    lol Funny! i did the Assassin’s Creed: China Fanfilm last year. and i got so much hate that a guy was treating me to come in Beijing and kill me (true story). my fan film got so much hate in China. but when they knew its a foreigner who made it… they just change and say its good… 中国人。。

    Making a anti-jap stuff was part of my bucket list of movie style i wanted to shoot, no hate on anybody at all.

    • Rosemon Calvin Pilot

      Looks good…but why’d they hate on you about it? It doesn’t look like you were mocking their culture…they do a good job of that themselves. But treating you to Beijing and kill you!?…More details please LoL

      • zhouchaou

        hahaha, it starts when i put the poster on weibo to announce that we did a new short film and that day i was going to hk on my birthday, when i arrive i saw a lot of notifications from weibi like almost 2000 “@”. I was, first, happy, then i read and it was all hate. They thought it was a feature for cinema in China without the permission of ubisoft, others was about China doesn’t have assassins, etc. But after, when the movie came out…ho gosh, it was all about no respect of history, etc. All comment didnt make any sense at all! The funny one was the guy from dongbei who treat me to dead. But my friend this is chinese netizens always like that. Funny when on youtube i got nice feedback from the rest of the world and in China just a lot of hate.

        • I wonder what would happen if you made a Japanese version and posted it on Japan’s version of weibo. Would the mentality be the same as China’s or different?

          • mr.wiener

            With some people I’m sure it would be the same…itching for a re-match, but only if they get to win.

          • zhouchaou

            I think it will be different…very very different.

  • I’m actually a pirate in the massive Assassins Creed painting which they exhibited in France.

    • This is the painting. :P

      • Joe

        was this part of a promo for Black Flag?

        • JayJay

          You mean Black Sails

      • jin

        Are you the guy wearing grey?

      • biggj

        I found Waldo.

  • sk8erry

    Chinese movie makers are capable of making good stuff, but 广电总局 won’t let em. Nobody wants to invest money to a movie that can be taken down by censorship any time. The problem of Chinese entertainment industry is not lack of creativity or lack of marketing, it’s 广电总局’s censorship.

  • sk8erry

    If you can read Chinese and want to understand modern Chinese movie industry’s dilemma, you can check out this: very insightful article by someone in the industry, talking about censorship’s impact on movie industry.

  • x1sfg

    What would be funny if most of the game developers and creative consultants and designers for the games turned out to be ABC’s or Chinese expats

  • Eric Hill

    bahahahaha! Dudes, I’m pretty sure China won both wars against the Japanese – singlehandedly and with kung fu swords… I read it on a cigarette lighter from Suguo.

    • Alex Dương

      None of the allies in WWII won singlehandedly. To say that the U.S. did so would ignore the substantial, significant contribution from the U.S.S.R. and vice versa. The only thing China could do was create a quagmire for Japan, and that is exactly what it did. No more, no less.

      • ClausRasmussen

        Actually, CCTV should make a movie about WWII in China for Westerners. The Chinese contribution to the war effort is hugely underreported in the West

        • Alex Dương

          Good idea for CCTV9.

      • moop

        He didn’t say the US did. infact he wasn’t even just referring to ww2, ye was referring to first and second sino-japanese wars. you’re normally not so sloppy in showing your bias

        • Alex Dương

          The only “bias” I’m showing is an expectation that you don’t hold others to higher standards than you hold yourself: if it isn’t a problem that the U.S. didn’t win singlehandedly, why is it something to fun make of that China also didn’t win singlehandedly? And let’s get a few things straight:

          1. Nobody in China thinks China won the First Sino-Japanese War.

          2. The Second Sino-Japanese War was part of WWII.

          3. If the official narrative in China were that it won the Second Sino-Japanese War singlehandedly, then it would be a puzzle that there are museums in China about the Flying Tigers, no?

          • moop

            1)So? what’s your point? again he isn’t referring to ww2, he’s referring to first and second sino-japanese war, i know 2nd sino-japanese war and ww2 eventually run together, but the commenter’s post makes no mention of ww2 and its obvious he is talking about sino-japanese wars.

            2) hurrrrrrrr

            3) irrelevant, the commenter is referring to the ridiculousness of the plots of these 抗日剧. If you watch a 抗日剧 especially one like if being shown in this article, you would think that “China won both wars against the Japanese – singlehandedly and with kung fu swords” This has nothing to do this “standards”, he’s commenting on the ridiculousness of these shows.

            again, your bias is showing

          • Alex Dương

            1. So he’s attacking a straw man. Don’t talk to me about bias if you can’t even see this.

            2. You obviously know this, so why you tried to draw such a strong distinction between the Second Sino-Japanese War and WWII – as if they were unrelated – is beyond me.

            3. So he’s once again attacking a straw man. Look at the translated netizen comments: they are universally critical of these (and other) miniseries. Again, don’t talk to me about bias if you won’t acknowledge that pretty much every time cS translates an article about absurd anti-Japanese dramas, the most upvoted comments are unequivocally critical.

          • moop

            1. he’s making fun of 抗日剧. he is not making a claim that the chinese (or chinese netizens) actually believe they defeated the japanese in first and second sino-japanese wars. is he buidling straw men to support an argument that he isn’t even making?

            2. because the first sino-jap war is distinctly separate from ww1. you’re the one jumping to conclusions here. no where does he make a claim that chinese people think they single-handedly defeated the japanese in either of the sino-japanese wars, but as i said before, if one watches a 抗日剧 then one would be left with the impression that they did. he’s making fun of a tv show genre not chinese people, nowhere and to infer that he did show your own insecurities

            3. at no time does eric say anything about or related to chinese netizens, what the hell are you talking about?

          • Alex Dương

            1. He isn’t? Hmm, what did he say, exactly?

            bahahahaha! Dudes, I’m pretty sure China won both wars against the Japanese – singlehandedly and with kung fu swords… I read it on a cigarette lighter from Suguo.

            Doesn’t seem like he’s limiting his remarks to anti-Japanese TV dramas. Seems like he’s making a claim that Chinese people actually think they won the First Sino-Japanese War. Which is not true. Hence, he is attacking a straw man.

            2. I never said the First Sino-Japanese War was contemporaneous with WWI. Now you are straw manning me, all the while proclaiming that I am biased. Please, discuss in good faith.

            3. Exactly. He doesn’t mention the netizens’ comments because if he did, he’d know that they don’t support these TV dramas. He can only make that comment by ignoring their views and acting as if they support them.

            Hence, he is attacking a straw man.

          • moop

            1. i’ve read his statement and it still lends nothing to your argument. who are you assuming “dudes” is? it could be commenters here on CS, it could be chinese netizens. he’s making fun of 抗日剧. it’s obvious to everyone but you. you are making greater leaps than anyone else in your assumptions, and have distorted what was an innocent joke making fun of a tv genre into an attack on chinese.

            2. not straw manning you, just pointing out that you are cherry-picking eric’s comments and wholly ignoring his mentioning of the first sino-japanese war.

            3. he doesn’t mention the netizens comments because they are irrelevant to his point, he is SIMPLY making fun of 抗日剧

            and unless eric comes out and clarifies his remarks, you assuming his comment has malicious intent is unbecoming a mod on an internet forum.

          • Alex Dương

            1. You keep saying that he’s only talking about anti-Japanese TV dramas. What does a cigarette lighter from a convenience store have to do with anti-Japanese TV dramas?

            2. I didn’t ignore it; to the contrary, I said that he is definitely attacking a straw man because no one in China thinks that it won the First Sino-Japanese War singlehandedly. Are there even TV dramas in China about that war? You can’t even use that as an excuse here.

            3. Answer the question: what does a cigarette lighter from a convenience store have to do with anti-Japanese TV dramas?

          • moop

            i dont know, maybe he saw commemorative lighters like these matches

          • Alex Dương

            The picture won’t load for me, so I can’t comment on it. But even if he did see such a “commemorative lighter,” you are now acknowledging that he did not restrict his comments to anti-Japanese TV dramas.

          • moop

            the picture is genuine. maybe the lighter reminded him of 抗日剧 in general or he mistook it for a certain drama’s memorabilia, who knows. anyways, we wont really know until he himself speaks up.

          • Alex Dương

            I reloaded the link, and the picture showed up; also, I never said it wasn’t genuine. Again, please don’t straw man me.

            Now that I’ve seen it, if this is your conjecture, once again, you’ve admitted that he didn’t restrict his comment to anti-Japanese TV dramas. Those matchboxes are drawn in the style of “socialist realism”; it doesn’t seem like anti-Japanese TV dramas should be the first thing to think of when you see that art style. Hell, the PRC didn’t even exist during the Second Sino-Japanese War, so such a claim is really tenuous.

            And please don’t reply with another “so what?” Your whole point was that he was only talking about anti-Japanese TV dramas, so if you say “so what?” then you’ve admitted that your whole point is moop–I mean moot.

          • moop

            the douche is strong with you.

            i was simply assuring you i wasn’t giving you a fake link you asshat

            the matches are possibly a reason as to why he might have made the statement about sugou. who gives a shit about socialist realism, as if a normal guy would know the difference between that and his own asshole. the claim is only tenuous if you assume eric is fairly knowledgeable on china. i’m not making that assumption.

            and until eric himself says otherwise i will contend that he was talking about only anti-jap dramas and made the comment about sugou a random part of his joke or the other possibilities i mentioned.

            why you would choose to attack someone for such an unclear statement is beyond me.

          • Alex Dương

            he’s making fun of 抗日剧. it’s obvious to everyone but you.

            why you would choose to attack someone for such an unclear statement is beyond me.

            Since you’re now contradicting yourself with respect to comments you made just one hour ago, I don’t think you have anything left to say other than to show that you’re a passive aggressive asshole.

          • moop

            your pettiness is limitless. a perfect quality for a “mod”, wouldnt you agree?

          • Alex Dương

            For future reference, don’t expect us to treat you better than you treat us.

          • Kai

            This is going to be long but maybe it’ll get everyone on the same page and extending a bit more fairness to each other.

            Alex has historically taken issue with people who suggest the Chinese didn’t put up one hell of a fight in the Second Sino-Japanese War/WW2. Knowing this, it does seem like Alex interpreted Eric as suggesting something similar.

            His line of thinking seems to rest on equating Eric’s “China won both wars” with the fact that China was indeed a victor in WW2. Reinforcing that is Eric’s sarcasm about China doing so “singlehandedly”.

            His response to Eric seizes upon that “singlehandedly” and argues that no one won WW2 singlehandedly. He uses the US only being part of the Allied effort in Europe to articulate how credit is shared with the Russians.

            The thing is, his phrase “to say that the US did so” makes it seem like Eric said that, when he didn’t. However, Alex wasn’t actually trying to say Eric said that. He’s only using a turn of phrase to articulate an example, but it is reasonably a poor turn of phrase because it is easily misinterpreted, as you reasonably did

            Pointing out to Alex that Eric’s “both wars” refers to the First and Second Sino-Japanese War and not just WW2 was called for. The niggling problem here for Alex is Eric’s “singlehandedly”.

            Since no one remotely suggests China won the First Sino-Japanese War, much less singlehandedly, there’s no justification for mocking anyone for it. Was it wrong of Alex to therefore conclude Eric’s “singlehandedly” remark was referring specifically to the Second Sino-Japanese War/WW2?

            I don’t think so. It shows a degree of giving Eric the benefit of the doubt, because the easier critical response would be to ask why Eric thinks anyone thinks China won the First Sino-Japanese War, and singlehandedly at that when there were only two belligerents in that war anyway.

            Alex’s mistake here is in not considering that Eric is simply mocking 抗日剧, those Chinese TV serials about the resistance against the Japanese invasion in the Second Sino-Japanese War, too often featuring unrealistic to downright absurd portrayals of Chinese fighters “singlehandedly” fighting off hordes of Japanese soldiers, often armed with only “kung fu swords” but still prevailing against said hordes equipped with guns.

            You are–I think–completely correct in correcting Alex on this.

            Eric is mocking such serials for their absurdity, that he wouldn’t even be surprised if they ended up making it seem as if China not only handily whupped Japan’s ass in the Second Sino-Japanese War but whupped Japan in the first as well.

            That’s how I read the comment at least. It’s an exaggeration about the exaggerations in those serials.

            That said, I’m not sure how fair it was for you to accuse Alex of “bias”. What “bias” is he showing? Towards whom? Against whom?

            The worst Alex is guilty of here is a preoccupation with anything that sounds like it doesn’t give enough credit to the fight China put up in the Second Sino-Japanese War. We can say it’s a touchy subject for him, a sticking point, a pet peeve. Given that many people do dismiss China in WW2 as having had its ass whupped by the Japanese and therefore arguably are belittling China’s frankly valiant efforts, losses, and sacrifices, I don’t think Alex’s preoccupation is unfounded. But that preoccupation is a “preoccupation” because it caused him to misinterpret Eric.

            Apart from Alex using a bad turn of phrase that makes it seem as if he’s putting words in Eric’s mouth (“to say…”), I don’t think Alex’s initial response to Eric was an “attack”. Though he misinterpreted Eric, his comment sticks to articulating objective points and doesn’t make any personal attacks.

            It is your response accusing Alex of being “sloppy in showing [his] bias” that escalated to personal attacks. If Alex’s response to Eric showed a preoccupation with how people represent China’s efforts in WW2, your response to Alex showed a preoccupation with Alex. Somewhere along the line, you developed an impression of Alex as being “biased” and you’ve interpreted his misinterpretation of Eric as further evidence of said “bias”.

            If anyone was attacking anyone, it began with you. I hope you can be fair in recognizing this.

            Despite this attack by you, I also think Alex tried to be civil much more than you did. Your next reply to Alex involved mocking him with “hurrrrr” before again accusing him of a “bias” you still haven’t articulated.

            I can empathize with your mounting frustration as the conversation went on. You couldn’t understand why Alex couldn’t see that Eric was referring to the TV serials and not whatever he was arguing. You tried correcting him, multiple times, and I think they were reasonable attempts. Unfortuantely, your personal attack and petty retort didn’t help and contributed to antagonizing Alex. I think that made it harder for you to get through to him with your explanations of what Eric was saying.

            Eventually you did try to see how Alex was reading Eric’s comment but you still didn’t see how Alex was misinterpreting. I think this is crucial, because if you did, I think it might’ve been easy to put this entire argument to rest. I hope my explanations above about Alex’s line of thinking help in this regard becaus once you understand how Alex misinterpreted, everything he subsequently said is logical. The problem for him is that while his subsequent remarks are logical, his initial position was based on a misunderstanding. That makes his subsequent remarks ultimately irrelevant.

            To wrap it up, Alex misinterpreted Eric. His misinterpretation was an honest one. He failed to see Eric’s context and misunderstood the inflection and particulars of Eric’s comment. He didn’t set out to misrepresent Eric because of some “bias”. You tried to correct him, and went about it in a very personally antagonistic way that didn’t help.

          • Max K

            Kai…Long time reader of CS, first time commenting….

            I’ve always enjoyed/valued your input in the comments section…Yet…

            Holy crap Kai! I’m trying to think of the correct word…Though I’m too tired…Verbose, fudging obnoxiously verbose!? That’s the best I can muster up. Well, I just feel that you *possibly* could’ve summed things up with juuuuuust a few less words..:))) Furthermore(only to add insult to injury), this is coming from a serial ranter.. :p Your comment was thoughtful at least, though…..I did read it all..Haha…You’re still cool in my book(hope my opinion brightens your day/boosts your self esteem….lol) -_-

          • Kai

            Hah, yeah, totally guilty as charged, I often write a whole damn lot (lol, see how I inadvertently added extra emphasis words there?). In my defense, I’m genuinely trying to accurately and fully convey my thoughts and point (dammit). Often this means using a lot of qualifiers for precision and examples for illustration (argh!).

            moop and Alex’s argument was quite long and I could empathize with their frustrations with each other, so I wanted to do them both justice while offering my outside perspective. Cheers.

      • biggj

        I think he was just joking with what he said.

      • David

        I believe he was being sarcastic to make fun of the t.v. show. What he said is what the Chinese controlled media keeps displaying. I am sure he was not commenting on actual history.

        • Alex Dương

          His last remark – the joke about the cigarette lighter in a convenience store – makes me feel that he’s not limiting his comment to just this type of TV drama; rather, he’s making a more general point.

          • David

            I made the mistake that many do, I read one comment from each of you and responded. Not realizing there were 50 more comments (that is what I get for having no internet for a week). lol As this was several days ago hopefully you both understand what the other was trying to say now (not that you agree just that you at least disagree about the same thing).

      • KenjiAd

        A lot of people (except in China, Taiwan, that is) don’t really realize that China was indeed a quagmire for Imperial Japan. Japan had somewhere around a half million KIA in China, or 25-40% of total Japanese KIA during WWII.

        • Alex Dương

          I agree. It’s old history now, but not realizing this in the 1950s had pretty serious consequences then because the West basically thought the Chinese didn’t do anything but “be saved” in WWII. Hence, in Korea, the U.N. forces didn’t think they’d be pushed back.

  • biggj

    If this wasn’t Chinese and they were not fighting against Japan and it was actually about assassins creed…..i’d watch it.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Hell, I’d settle for the Chinese sect of Assassin’s Creed shown near the end of Ezio’s story.

      • Rosemon Calvin Pilot

        Sniffle sniffle…please don’t remind me of that….cause Ezio DIIIEEED!!!! But the Chinese girl was funny “I need to re-establish my order”

      • Bluex

        CCP as an offshoot the Templars !

  • Lei Feng’s Hat

    Chinese Cosplay has come a long way.

  • Does anyone know where I can watch this subtitled? I’m kind of curious to watch the show and see it ripping-off AC in action.

    Every time I type the name in I only get search results for a crappy online rpg game.

    • biggj

      I’m sure it has absolutely nothing to do with AC…not even a hint. The only thing would be the costumes they used.And I’m sure the whole show is just some cool ass chinese pirate with 2 single shot black powder hand cannonsn and a sword a pretty much defeating the whole Japanese army who are armed with automatic rifles…..sounds kind of cool if you put it that way. lol

  • biggj

    I wonder if the guy in the chinese knock off show has this?I’m wearing mine right now. I use this at least 3 times a day…just joking… but if I had one…..I’d use it.. haha

  • Marcus Black

    Cheeeessssyyyyy!!! Cheeeessseeee!!!! It would be so awkward watching this show. Especially if you’re a fan of assassins creed. Chinese “creativity” and “originality” at it’s best. China went from inventing the compass, gunpowder, paper e.t.c to making cheap ass copies of pretty much every damn thing that comes out of the west. Not impressed……China!

    • Mihel

      China went from inventing the compass, gunpowder, paper e.t.c to making cheap ass copies of pretty much every damn thing that comes out of the west.

      Yeah that’s actually the part I like less about China in general.
      Not the fact that they copy stuff, but the fact that they copy stuff when they previously used to be pretty awesome in the past.

      • Zhegezhege


        We know that back when Europe was a medieval shit hole getting owned by things like the Black Death and the Hundred Years War, the Tang Dynasty was very old news to the typical Chinese peasant.

        But, as a former colleague of mine used to say, (back when I worked in China): “they’ve killed all the smart people too many times”.

        • mr.wiener

          The black death was instrumental in the decline of the Feudal system and the rise of cities and by extension, technology.

      • vincent_t

        They weren’t that awesome, but yes they did have some glorious eras like warring states period with lots of philosophers, and some other dynasty where some official tried to change the culture or system, but all died off eventually.

  • Bluex

    Travelld to China, switch on tv at night and tada, bout 50% channels filled with anti-Japanese dramas or movies, and it gets worse at later night.

  • Guest


  • Mihel

    Are those costumes even plausible for people who lived in China in the ’40s?

  • Zhegezhege



  • Dear China: Your inferiority complex is showing LEL. ヾ(≧∇≦)〃

  • FYIADragoon

    The ultimate irony being that Assassin’s Creed is the result of a bunch of people with a fancy for ninjas and conspiracy theories sitting around saying “What if ninjas weren’t originated by the Japanese?”

  • biggj

    There was a little mini series thing on assassins creed….I watch it but it was not good in my eyes… It was just ok…..but it stayed with the story though. And there is also an animated 8 minute show too.

  • Alex Dương

    ? Where’s the irony? In both that article and this one, the overwhelming majority of Chinese netizens are expressing their disdain for these series.

    • guest

      My bad kinda got disjointed while writing.

      Isn’t hunter blade also the name of a one of the most popular mmorpgs in China or made by a Chinese company.

      So we have a character dressed with a video game and a name that also a popular video game in China.

    • David

      But Alex, they still keep making these shows. As Kai pointed out in an earlier post, the majority of Chinese netizens obviously understand they are overdone propaganda from the government controlled media and are turning to much better shows elsewhere (I am taking his word for it as I do not watch Chinese T.V., haven’t had my t.v. on in almost two years), so it can be assumed that more educated views are more discerning. However, I believe he said that they are still very popular in some social/economic/educational circles. Because of this they really are not HARMLESS (not saying you said they are, just saying why so many people are commenting about this). Even as some Chinese commenters said, these dramas are used to try and keep a general level of hate towards the Japanese going.(by the uneducated and poor if nobody else) and we all know why this is, to deflect from criticism about the current government, which I think is the reason most westerners are even commenting here..

      • Alex Dương

        From the netizen comments, it doesn’t seem like they keep making them because people like them. These are the most upvoted comments, and they are unanimously negative.

      • KenjiAd

        However, I believe he said that they are still very popular in some
        social/economic/educational circles. Because of this they really are
        not HARMLESS…

        As I (a Japanese national) understand it, those anti-Japan TV dramas are not aiming to be anti-Japan. Those are just action dramas.

        They could have used any heroes fighting any devils or monsters from the outer-space.

        But here in China, the plots utilizing anti-Japan war theme are the most economical and commercially safest ones, so the producers use them.

        I’m not sure that they are harmful. One could argue that these dramas sent a negative message about Japanese people at least at the subliminal level. Maybe so.

        But as far as I (a Japanese national living in China) am concerned, far more damaging pieces are actually official news programs which almost never show anything positive about Japan or its people. Many of them are not even true. Now, _that_ is damaging.

        To be fair, though, I feel the same way about many of the Japanese news about China. Those too are quite damaging.

      • Kai

        A small but important disagreement:

        These shows are NOT “used to try and keep a general level of hate towards the Japanese going”.

        While the Chinese government does exploit nationalism, the government is not creating or asking anyone to produce these absurd WW2 serials.

        Instead, they’re produced by businesses who want to make a quick buck by pandering to the lowest common denominator, knowing that such material will easy pass government censors who generally only care about things that make the current government look bad and don’t care about ahistorical revenge fantasies.

        The Imperial Japanese are to the Chinese as the Nazis are to most Westerners, a universally accepted boogeyman. The prevalence of these serials may have the effect of keeping a generalized level of resentment against the Japanese among the unwashed masses, but it’s important to recognize that they are not being made for that purpose.

        It’s the difference between telling a racist joke to get some laughs and telling a racist joke to put that race down. One is insensitive, the other is intentionally malicious. These shows pander to their audiences’ biases, but they aren’t generally made by businesses or the government to foster or maintain those biases. No, they’re made to simply make money.

        • Ken Morgan

          I disagree, since the CCP have fingers in the pies of such studios they actively encourage it. I know people in Hong Kong who watch these things boomers mostly but it keeps them frothing at the mouth and the hate nice and fresh.

          There was a survey a few months back about China and Japan heading to war in the next 10 years. Gotta keep the hate fresh for that.

          • Kai

            There is no indication to me of an organized, coordinated government policy to actively encourage the production of such absurd television serials. If you have any credible sources for your position, I’m willing to look into them.

  • DC

    why reinvent a perfectly good wheel.

  • MeCampbell30

    Meh. Hollywood reuses costumes all the time. Fight on, Chinese heroes, fight on.

  • Zen my Ass

    A stupid idea per se, and stolen from a videogame on the top of that! What’s next? A gigantic mutant lizard destroying the Jap army during WW2 to re-establish justice and peace in China?

  • Crimsonarmor

    LOL for starters he’s too short to be an assassin

  • Dennis Robinson

    Google Chuck Barris, he was a very short man TV host and Producer and a CIA assassin. You might even want to read the book about him.