World Population Reaches 7 Billion, Chinese Netizen Reactions

A group of Chinese spell out the Chinese words for "7 billion people".

Apartment windows in China.

From NetEase:

Facing a 7 billion people world — Crowding unavoidable

September 4th morning, at a residential apartment on the East Second Ring in Changsha city of Hunan province, every window is the same like copies produced on an assembly line. 2011 October 31, according to United Nations statistics, the world’s population reached 7 billion on this day. This world that bears all our souls, emotions, and bodies now already has 7 billion people, yet 50 years ago, this planet’s population was less than half of what it is today. When did our planet become this crowded? [click images to enlarge]

A group of Chinese spell out the Chinese words for "7 billion people".

2011 July 11, on the streets of Hetan district in Zhuzhou city of Hunan province, a group of special “knights” formed the words “7 billion people” to welcome the 22nd annual “World Population Day”, hoping to attract people’s attention to the population problem.

A footprint of a newborn baby on its birth record in China.

October 28th, Changsha city’s Anzhen Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, the doctor completes a birth record for a newborn baby. This little footprint is the first testimony of this baby’s arrival into this world.

Chinese shoppers crowd around a newly opening Zara store in China.

2011 April 28th 9:50am, Changsha’s La Nova opens and the doors to Zara are already crowded with shoppers waiting to enter the store.

A Chinese public bus ticket seller squeezes in another rider onto an already overcrowded public bus.

July 21st 6:18pm, on the 51 bus, the ticket seller uses all of her strength to squeeze more passengers onto an already overcrowded public bus.

Chinese participants squeeze into a car at a contest in Changsha Helong Stadium.

September 12th, Changsha’s Helong Stadium, a competition for squeezing people into a car is being held. Participating teams compete to see who can fill their cars with the most people.

Crowds of job applicants at a job fair in China.

A job fair in Changsha, where there are so many applicants that not even a drop of water can slip through.

Chinese people lining up for passes to see the doctor at a hospital in China.

September 6th 5:09am, at the Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital in Hunan province, the city residents in line have been squeezed into a ball, with many people even falling asleep while standing. Every day there are innumerable scenes of queues just like this, lining up all through the night until morning, without sleeping, just to get a pass to meet with a doctor.

Traffic along a Shaoshan road in Changsha, China.

October 21st 6:37pm, Changsha Shaoshan Road, public buses and private cars in traffic. This year, the number of private automobiles in Changsha have surpassed a million, and as of the end of June, the total number of motor vehicles throughout the country reached 217 million.

Chinese garbage scavengers sift through a landfill on the outskirts of Changsha, China for anything of use and value.

A landfill on the outskirts of Changsha, garbage scavengers sift through the piles of garbage for anything useful. As population increases, the per capita share of resources decreases. A population of 7 billion consumes a huge amount of the planet’s natural resources every day, so the recycling and reuse of resources have become a problem that needs to be solved.

Smokestacks and chimneys dot the landscape of a town in Hunan.

Hunan Lengshuijiang, smokestacks dominate a small county town. This city that has relied on natural resources to develop now faces serious resource depletion. Next, the question of how to transform [the city’s economy] has become the primary issue.

Red polluted water flows into the Xiang River in China from a nearby sewage outlet.

September 17th afternoon, a sewage outlet near the Xiangtan Zhubugang Chemical district where red polluted water like fresh blood flows directly into the Xiang River. Xiangtan has become scarred from its growth and development as a coastal city.

Tw little girls in the mountainside picking wild vegetables for food.

Even after Hongban Primary School students and sisters Wang Qin and Wang Fei get out of school, they still need to go into the mountains to dig up wild vegetables for their meals. The inequality of education and the gap between the rich and poor are directly reflected upon the children.

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A little Chinese boy with grains of rice on the corners of his mouth.

May 4th, Hunan province Loudi city Xinhua county Fengjia town Henglaping village Happy Primary School, public charity volunteers prepared dinner for the children. 8-year-old Feng Xian eats happily, with grains of rice stuck to the corners of his mouth. October 26th, Premier Wen Jiabao opened the State Council executive meeting, implementing a rural student nutrition improvement program: The central government will annually allocate over 16 billion yuan, an amount equal to 3 yuan for each student each day.

Couples crowd a marriage registry in China to get married on September 9th, an auspicious date.

September 9th morning, Changsha city Yuhua district Civil Affairs Bureau Marriage Registry. Because it is a good date, couples waiting to get married have overcrowded the registry’s waiting room. In the near future, they too will add new life to this planet.

A Chinese family living in a 16 square meter apartment in Changsha, China.

Changsha city East Second Ring, Changsha Heavy Machinery Factory dormitory, 65-year-old Huang Ronghua’s family lives in this 16 square meter small home. In years past, he’s been named a model worker 5 times, and his family has already grown to number 8 people. With housing prices being too high, many young people cannot afford to buy their own homes and squeeze in to live with their parents, becoming a characteristic of these times.

Two Chinese centenarians celebrating a birthday.

Changsha city’s first social welfare home Shouxing Apartments, everyone celebrates the birthday of centenarian Xie Shunhua (left). Her husband Luo (right) is also a centenarian.

The worn and aged hands of a Chinese shadow puppeteer.

Zhuzhou county Taihu town, the aged hands of shadow puppet puppeteer Tang Shengxi. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences report show that in the 30 years after 2011, the aging of the China’s population will accelerate until 2030 where China’s population of those aged 65 and over will surpass Japan, becoming the the nation with the most aged population in the world.

Comments from NetEase:

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仙芙 [网易四川省成都市网友]:

It must be said, NetEase writers are “American running dogs”! All of them are “dark/negative” pictures, even writing “Even after Hongban Primary School students and sisters Wang Qin and Wang Fei get out of school, they still need to go into the mountains to dig up wild vegetables for their meals. The inequality of education and the gap between the rich and poor are directly reflected upon the children.” I bet [the writer of this post] is going to be cursed to death by certain people!

涛涛村村长 [网易广西贵港市网友]:

America, how about giving me a ticket to Mars?

失去理智了 [网易山东省网友]:

I’ve always believed that one of [Communist] Party’s policies is good, that being family planning/birth control.

More and more of the problems in today’s society all trace back to overpopulation.

Corrupt government officials are indeed detestable, but those who keep having children, society’s hypocrites and those who help them, are even worse.

Don’t tell me how the rural countryside is this or that, come and take a look at the rural countryside where I am and look at how many people insist on having a boy saying it is so they can be taken care of in their old age.

Hope family planning can be intensified. Don’t let everywhere be crammed full of people.

林无敌0 [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

Those who were worms in their past lives have now all become humans, so how can there not be a lot of people?

网易广东省深圳市网友 [zhangyb117]:

Let 2012 come, humankind doesn’t know to cherish you [the planet]!

网易江苏省徐州市网友 [死心塌地跟党走]:

Look at photo number 8, the pickpocket wearing yellow can be seen in the act of stealing!

网易广西河池市网友 [qq3000qq]:

If 6 billion people of low/poor character died throughout the entire world then everything would be good. The would would be peaceful, clean, environmentally friendly. Children these days don’t know how beautiful our environment was back in our day, how good the air was. When my old man went out on his rounds back in the day, the trees beside the roads all had a lot of monkeys, but now they’ve all died and disappeared. Streams, rivers, and lakes have all become black and smelly, the fish, shrimp, and shellfish all having died and disappeared as well. I pray 6 billion of the world’s people can die, and I won’t even begrudge myself being included amongst them.

我的跟帖正在审核中 [网易广西南宁市网友]:

If China only had 500 million people, I wonder how various aspects of life would be improved? Environment, prices, the legal system, people’s characters, traffic, per capita resources…

真理会会长兼行政总监 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

I’ve gone to the world’s largest American Disney [Disney World], and experienced everything over two days. I go to a China amusement park and it is 1/10th of what America’s Disney is. An entire day and in the end I discover that all I am experiencing are lines, fucking waiting in line. Lots of people means wasting time, and time is not just money but also life. SHIT!

西门大罐人 [网易北京市网友]:

High population is just one aspect, but the more important aspect is overconcentration/overcrowding of population. As such, even if China only had 100 million people and they were all packed into those few major cities, it would still be unbearable. The key is still to reduce the gap in development between various places, and not blindly concentrating investment in big cities.

可喝的洗洁精 [网易广东省网友]:

The current situation everyone sees. The larger the city, the richer the city, the more the country/state invests in it!! The poorer and more backward an area and industry, the more it is forgotten and neglected. People are scrambling towards the cities, preferring to scavenge garbage in the cities than live the life of a “low-class person” in the rural countryside! This is a culture-orientation problem, a police guidance problem…

What do you think? About the increasing population? About the problems of an increasing population? Of possible solutions?

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Gay Azn Boi

    If the world had more gay people then we wouldn’t have to worry about over population. Simple as that.

    So stop hating on us gay guys (or queers or faggots or whatever you like to call us). We’re doing the world a favor ;)

    • Brett Hunan

      Lol, yup.

      Is it just me or has the gay community in China grown tremendously over the past 6 or 7 years? I remember my favorite clubs in Changsha were filled with hot chicks every night. I went back 2 years ago and 2 nights of the week its unofficial “gay night”.

      Attn: Stay away from the clubs on Tuesdays and Thursdays! Gay Chinese men treat foreigners like many foreigners treat Chinese women. “Just another piece of meat to fuck”

      • Just John

        I doubt it. They are just able to “come out of the closet”, so you actually know the ones who are gay. Now you are just aware of who is gay, because they aren’t hiding as much anymore.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        I wouldn’t know cus I live in Toronto.

    • coala banana

      Sounds logic ! I also support: “stop hating on gays”.

      There is no reason to hate you, Just John, Tengu and Hooots, just cause you guys are gay. You are all entitled to your opinions and freedom to chose your sexual orientation in this world.

      • Just John


      • Brett Hunan

        LOLZ, You don’t really think such petty name-calling will bait them, do you?

        I am half certain that we are all finished with you and will from this time forward only acknowledge your trolling amongst ourselves and never reply directly on another post that you type.- for all you desire is a little attention- negative attention is food enough because anything is better than being ignored, right CB?

        Regardless, I wash my hands from this. Just hope that JJ, Teng, and Hooter focus their time on someone worthwhile.

        Ron Paul 2012 durrrrrrrrr

      • hooots

        haha it must be true! I haven’t been called a homo since I was 13. Tengu was right. You pretend to be some sort of smart player but in reality you’re just a 13 year old troll. You are hilarious.

        As long as you keep your comments sweet and short keep the idiot train choo-chooin along you sad idiot fuck.

        I didn’t even want to say anything but the fact that you called us homos might be the funniest thing you’ve ever said.

        Wanna fuck?

    • Irvin

      Here’s a thought: have an ad that says “7 billion people and growing, stop the spawning, support gays”

      • Anon

        Actually spawning at the rate of 2.1 children per couple will maintain the population. If spawning at the rate of 1 child per couple, the population would drop. The problem is that Capitalism and ALL industries are wholly dependent on population growth for profit and viability. The Capitalist paradigm was valid until the population limit of the Earth was reached (some say 5 billion considering Humanity alone, 500 million for ALL SPECIES)

        So who among Humans are ‘useless eaters’ or corrupt and collusive, nepotistic and abusive via hagelian eclectic political party based systems?

        Only Socialism and non-invasive forms of Communism (which means redistribution of all the sequestered wealth of anyone worth more than perhaps 5 million?!?) is now needed as the entire Commercial basis of existence is no longer viable for Humanity’s future – Capitalism died they day the Earth’s population limit was reached.

        Quality of life via low density populations and utopianism in a mainly a maintenance culture rather than a mass production and mass consumption culture will be mankind’ future.

        • whichone

          However most post-industrial economies experience lower than replacement rates of population growth, and areas that have the highest growth rate are the poorest regions on the planet. Those poorest nations are not always capitalist economies, in fact the only factor that seems to determine population growth is the education of women, with higher education leading to less child births.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        Isn’t it funny how many people look down on gays even though we are one of the solutions to over-population?

        • hooots

          It’s hilarious that banana uses the term gay as an insult. I thought we got over that in 1997. What an ignorant douche. I love ya’ll. Half the time, it’s me, my girl, and my gay friends up in the club and we have more fun than anyone. The fact that anyone still uses that as an insult only speaks to their small-mindedness. Love loud live loud brother!

          • coala banana

            never used “gay” as an insult. Don’t know where you got that from ?

            I just said that your sexual orientation is your private thing. I have nothing against gays and its cool that you have gay friends. And you shouldn’t hide the fact that you favor men over women. Its ok, its human too !

        • hooots

          He tells us to respect women then calls a rape victim a “whore”. Then, he uses the term “gay” as an attempt at an insult. He doesn’t even need to be called out. He does it himself everytime he shits out his mouth.

          • Tengu

            He’s like the proverbial Aztec serpent devouring his own tail.

    • Tengu

      @Gay Azn Boi:

      And the world would be in better shape and dressed better, well the guys anyway.

      Average American woman is now 167lbs and looks like a 65 year old Polish man ho cuts his own hair…the butch dyke look has gone mainstream for the girls.

      Pursuant to Brett’s comment below your original, why is it that a club is either totally gay or it’s “Tuesdays?”

      There’s a local bar/restaurant here (Boston, Gays can marry), great food, great crowd, Tuesday nights is “Show Tunes Tuesdays”, everyone goes (lot of drag) it’s great, but why Tuesdays…what are you people up to?

      I know you’re up to something…I just haven’t figured it out yet.

      In the U.S. when a lesbian flips a straight girl the newbie gets a free toaster, same rules in Toronto?


      You also help to solve the world’s population crisis by spreading AIDS, two birds with one stone!

  • Magda Carter

    Oh, look, Chinasmack tells me 0 comments! Maybe I’ll get a stab at the sofa?

    • Magda Carter

      A lie once again. Ah well. Time to comment on the article.


  • Just John

    Actually, I find the Chinese that are complaining about the population are truly ironic. After all, we look at the national populations, and China is still #1.

    Even with the “single child policy”, they are still the most populous.

    I think though, overall, the problem of overpopulation will right itself.
    Look at major cities, less and less families having kids, and when they do, less kids.

    Developed countries are having a population implosion, where the number of deaths exceeds the number of births.

    As more and more countries move from developing nations to developed nations, there will be more population implosions.

    The question now is, will we run out of resources before these scenarios have time to manifest?

    • Brett Hunan

      It took me too long to write what I wrote and post, but I have essentially the same views .

      Couldn’t find what I wanted to on relationship between lower class and birth rate, but found this on education and birth rate.

      “For women with less education the total expected number of children are: 3.2 children for those with 0-8 years of education; 2.3 children for those with 9-11 years of education and 2.7 for high school graduates.”


      Scroll down to “Female Education and Demand for Children”, all sorts of interesting research right there.

    • coala banana

      when will guys like you, Tengu and Hooots stop looking down on chinese people ? Whats so cool about coming to this forum and spreading your stereotypical nonsense, racism, hate for women ? Since you guys seem to be from english speaking countries, I found it shameful and embarrassing to other reasonable english speaking people here. You guys should think about your arrogant uncivil and childish behavior and feel shame to make fun of people which live in 2nd and 3rd world countries, minorities, and other races in general.

      Every forum has its trolls like “just john’s”, “tengu’s and “hooot’s”, having fun by spreading hate and intolerance.

      Please chinese people, understand that not ALL foreigners are like this guys. The vast majority of us, like this country, invested in this country and its future and treat you as equals. Forget about this few haters which don’t have a real life, hiding themselves behind computer screens and synonyms. Even they sound like 14 year olds, most of them are probably already 40 and still live with their mom and have nothing else to do then to virtually live on the internet. It doesn’t make much sense to tell losers to get a life, cause its very unlikely that they will understand it.

      However: GET A LIFE !

      • Well said. From a simple thought developed in their chicken brains to the posted comment is a very short way. They usually grin while they’re typing and they imagine all kinds of funny scenarios the comment might cause – in that moment they are highly aroused. Once posted, they hide behind their virtual bushes and peek if someone like you will get upset. You are part of their game: You are their virtual scalp. Or scallop. Whatever you write, you can’t win. Even your recommendation of getting a life missed the point. They already have a life, a sad life that is. Imagine the psychological traumas they suffer, when nobody gets upset about the jokes they deem funny? It must be unbearable.

        • Just John

          Either you fail to read, or else you are coala posting as a different user.

          I recommend you go back to the raped girl story, two stories before this, read through the back and forth, and then come say that again.

          Or you could just note in this story how the community views him, and understand that every word he is saying is chalked full of bullshit.

          Anyways, until you actually have enough knowledge to form an educated opinion about anyone’s comments here, I will assume you are coala, who has been inconsistent, stupid, and downright insane, and will not post in reply to you again, considering I am one of the people here who actually go up against those trying to pigeonhole and stereotype Chinese.

          On a side note, people posting in internet forums to say that people posting in internet forums needs a life, is, well, umm…. care to actually try to defend that before I just put your dunce cap on your “special” head?

        • Just John

          You know, after re-reading your post, I have discovered I also get to wear a dunce cap. That does not mean you do not, just that both of us do.

          You were not agreeing with the whole “get a life” thing, so I incorrectly read that. However, given that you are defending someone called a Chinese rape victim a “whore”, means you still get to put on the “special” cap.

          So, as noted above, feel free to go to the raped girl story and read his comments, and you will find that it is not “hooots, Tengu, and Just John” who is stereotyping and being racist, but coala who is stereotyping and being sexist.

          O, and my wife is Taiwanese, and is from Tainan. Given that your blog is about that, I assume you live here in Taiwan too. Me, I live in Taipei, Donghu to be exact.

          Want to exchange numbers so we can meet up and you can verify that I do not in fact hide behind my “virtual bush”? Doesn’t matter to me much, I take the MRT daily from Donghu to Beitou, go to work with all my colleagues (which are all Taiwanese). email is [email protected]. Feel free to email it. Of course, since it is my spam email (The email I enter to sites that I am sure will spam me, so if other users here want to spam me, feel free, since I mostly ignore the email account), I do not check it often, but I will be sure to look for your email for the next day or two.

          Or if you want, my next pop over to Hangzhou or Suzhou, we can meet up and have a couple beers while I tell you all the amusing stories of the amazing “coala banana”.

          Sad part is, I am probably the only one who actually read all of coala’s posts, and responded to them, either positively or negatively, depending on if I agreed with him or not. His childish behavior has only dropped the readership from 1 to 0.

          Of course, if you fail to actually accept my challenge and prove to me your views are justified, and then either come apologize for mislabeling me based on false information that could have easily been verified by a search to see what manner of poster I am, or prove to me how he was right, I will continue to assume you are coala, give you this resounding /facepalm, and let you dur dur on your merry way.

        • Tengu

          @Tajpejčan – Vitajte, I’ve never seen you post out here recently, so I will eschew drawing any conclusions about you.

          I would simply suggest you go back a few weeks back and review some of the enormous posts by coala banana before you make any assumptions about other posters.

          This may explain why he is alone in his views and polarizing.


        • coala banana

          tako je zemljak ! budale i smradovi !

      • Tengu

        I would enjoy seeing one post where you can find any of the posters you mention:
        ” looking down on chinese people.”

        “make fun of people which live in 2nd and 3rd world countries, minorities, and other races in general.”

        “spreading your stereotypical nonsense, racism, hate for women”

        You are the single most annoying, misogynistic (women hating, objectification), aggravating , self-aggrandizing, abusive and off content poster I have ever seen.

        Your total output of nonsensical ramblings are simply proof you have a hell of a lot more time than anyone else out here, you post in a 24 hour cycle.

        Is it the fact that you now find a number of people willing and able to call you on your posts that bothers you?


        Is it the fact you have simply become irrelevant, by virtue of the fact that fewer and fewer posters even respond to you.

        Is this your last attempt at relevance?

        • coala banana

          you guys do it all the time with your tasteless and primitive comments. Like a bunch of imperialists. Its your western arrogance which is disgusting. You don’t do decent and educated westerners a favor and you don’t make the life of the rest of us easier, when you make fun of chinese people and people in 3rd world countries. You should feel shame for your arrogance and ignorance of other peoples culture. You guys turn most of the posts on this forum into some senseless rambling, poking fun about minorities, races, cultures and sub cultures, making a big deal about where you are coming from. You guys have formed some small clique with chosen “members” which consists of exclusively arrogant americans, brits and aussie’s, poking fun and insulting everyone else who is not part of your “club” and who doesn’t agree with your stereotype racist opinions about other countries, its people and its culture. Please keep your wikepedia knowledge to yourselves. I for one, am not impressed at all by a bunch of bullies which pretend that they are some form of intellectuals, trying real hard to sound reasonable within their own small ignorant view of others.

          Its nice that you guys found each others on this virtual playground, since this might be the ONLY playground you guys are tolerated, BUT you should not try to expand the word tolerance from your angle of view only. While most of us tolerate your intolerance, you guys pay that back with even more racism, hate for women, and intolerance. Shame on you !

          We all share the same planet and can have different opinions, but this form of imperialistic behavior one can see from you so called “western foreigners” makes the rest of us westerners look bad in front of people in asia and china in particular.

          Stop the hate, the arrogance, the racism, and the intolerance towards others, and posters which don’t agree with you. Most members here don’t post cause of you couple of bullies which poke fun and show your western arrogance on everything and everyone else !

          • Any further harassment from anyone involved will result in moderation. Please ready our comment policy:

            5. Trolling: Repeatedly and consistently harassing other people.

            6. Long Arguments: Arguments and disagreements are okay, but if we feel an argument is repeating itself and has gone on for too long, we may moderate the participants.

    • Brett Hunan

      Don’t fall for it, CB cant even read English and understand that you didn’t bash the Chinese. Let him fap off and tell more stories, but don’t feed his need for attention.

      • Just John

        No worries. I won’t.
        He has fallen to a state of delusion, insanity, and outright stupidity.

        I have been reduced to a state of /facepalm because his inane chatter should commit him to a long white jacket. Nothing more you can say after that tipping point.

        • hooots

          It is quite funny. There are so many things in that last post that are so ridiculous that I actually laughed out loud.

          I think he actually might be wearing a long white jacket with his hands chained to a keyboard with direct orders from some crazy militant idiot cult.


          • Tengu

            Why is this person screaming?

            I can barely hear my gay self thinking of stereotypical nonsense, misogynistic musings, hateful humor, racist rants and anti-Chinese bon mots to post?

          • Just John

            Tengu, don’t bother replying. My hypothesis is that these are all coala trying to get reactions as he realizes he is getting Tue silent treatment.

            I do find it funny though that Tajpejcan left his blog link after attacking someone without brushing up on the facts.

            Given I have a home server running 24/7, and he doesn’t know me from Adam, how does he know I am not some member of Anon, or lulzsec?

            Hope his blog doesn’t go down from hacking or a ddns attack or something.

          • Tengu

            I have three running 24/7…hmmm…

          • Just John

            lol, found the IP address for


            I pinged it a few times to see what we had going on.

            I am wondering if he will take me up on my challenge or not.
            I will give him a while before I decide my next step=P

          • coala banana

            1. “My hypothesis is that these are all coala trying to get reactions”

            2. “Hope his blog doesn’t go down from hacking or a ddns attack or something”

            3. “lol, found the IP address for ip:″

            4. “I pinged it a few times to see what we had going on.”

            5. “I am wondering if he will take me up on my challenge or not.”

            6. “I will give him a while before I decide my next step=P”

            all this coming from the same person, sounds very much like someone who misses quite a lot in life. Obviously its sad life ! It shows how sick and pathetic some of you are. Are you guys some sort of stalkers. Obviously you are sociopaths, but don’t you guys feel at least a bit shame ? Stalking other members to “find out more” can be considered a sign that you take your virtual lives more important then the real lives. Its just sad. Looking down on other nations and its people, spreading lies and hate, trolling, intolerance behavior, bullying, fascist tendencies and now even stalking ? The sky is the limit, huh ?! First i thought you guys are just childish and a bunch of foreign english internet trolls, but it becomes evident that you really have some serious issues and tend to paranoid sociopathic thinking an acting.

          • Tengu

            Word Count – 1,362
            Characters – 7,567.

            I’m on a call to Beijing, I had the time….

          • Just John

            Too bad he also does not know shit about the internet, because I have to find it funny how much he seems to freak out about a DDNS attack, and yet fails to realize I am not that petty, and that the IP address in question is pointless to do anything to because Blogger is a Google owned company, and you would have to DDNS Google to take it down. Guess he isn’t a nerd. O well, I am and proudly admit it.

            I do however have a few contacts in Google, one of which was my old boss and still a good friend, as well as a few others.

            He also fails to realize that Slander and Libel is an actual legal issue with defamation, and I can show the cases where people such as him has found themselves with no internet connection and legal damage restitution fees. The sad part is, he has passed into that realm, and I have already contacted Fauna about this issue.

            My next step is to contact her via my corporate account, and then talk to our corporate lawyers to have them send a cease and desist letter, because it is no longer trolling, it has now hit the point where he is outright lying in the attempt to slander.

            Slander is a civil wrong (tort) and can be the basis for a lawsuit. Damages (payoff for worth) for slander may be limited to actual (special) damages unless there is malicious intent, since such damages are usually difficult to specify and harder to prove.

            Could care less about money, I just hate seeing others so blatantly dishonest. Once the C&D is issued to Fauna, then it enters the realm of law, and actions can be taken to remove the DNS domain name. Doesn’t matter what country it is from, DNS is ran in the US, and if you watch case law, they have no problems with taking down DNS, especially in foreign countries.

            So my bet is, Fauna will indeed hand over his IP address if this cannot be resolved, in which case I can then take it up with his ISP. Given I work with companies like QQ, 百度, 人人網, 支付寶, 同花順, 開心網, 大麥票務, 淘寶網, it is not that difficult to get them to respond appropriately if he is indeed in China.

            Basically, my whole goal is to get him to stop outright lying, and then I could care less. He can call me whatever names he wants, he can try to refute anything I say with proven information.

            He can sit there and hound me calling me a “homo” or whatever other names he chooses, but when he decides to attempt to paint me in a bad light by outright lying and making BS claims, then he has crossed a line that is no longer simply annoying and trollish, but is outright illegal.

            Yet, I am the one with the “sad life”? At least I do not lie about others in an attempt to get revenge because you bruised my ego.

          • Constant harassment is against our comment policy. Since we often face DDoS attacks, we also do not like people threatening others in this manner.

            Just John, your corporate lawyers will not be successful in obtaining an IP address or any private information about coala banana from us. You also do not have any legal case against him because you cannot prove damages against an anonymous individual on internet discussion. It is also not wise to threaten to use personal guanxi in Google to disable another person’s Blogger website. You will cause trouble for your good friend if what you say is true. Finally, you will not be successful in convincing American internet authorities to censor chinaSMACK by removal of our domain name just because another anonymous individual has said lies that you do not like on it.

            I was busy preparing the latest post and planned to respond to your email to review your complaint about coala banana together. However, your public threats against our website is not very kindly received. We work very hard to provide an interesting website for many visitors and readers.

          • Just John

            Fauna, While I have no desire to carry out anything, nor to do anything to anyone, I am quite frankly tired of being harassed and slandered.

            I was not stating anything about DDoSing your site, and nor would I do so to any site, regardless of how annoying they are.
            Revealing information about them was a method I was attempting to use since reasoning with coala has failed, as well as all other methods.

            I do not take kindly to people outright falsely lying about me. They can call me whatever names they want, but when they lie about me, then it goes beyond simple trolling.

            As for such case law, I can indeed provide the records, but that is not my attempt. My attempt is merely to get him to stop his asinine antics.

            You are right though, no matter if I have the ability to carry out what I stated or not, you are in not responsible, and I owe you an apology for anything I may have said, hinted at, or otherwise against you and your website.

            I understand what it is you do here, greatly appreciate your efforts, and will move on.

        • Tengu

          Did you hear something? I guess it was nothing….

      • Tengu

        Poor guy his irrelevancy has caused him to scatter his defenses and now he is attempting to regroup and go on the offense.

        “If your enemy is of a choleric temper, anger him.” – Sun Tzu


        On a positive note his posts are shorter!

    • Tengu

      I agree in one sense it is a bit ironic, but the imbalance in the male/female gender ratio caused by the “one child policy” should be of more concern. Currently, 20,000,000 mainland men have NO chance of finding a mainland wife.

      In the past Foreign Aid policy to many third world countries for birth control, pharmaceuticals, HIV drugs was predicated on the countries agreeing with conservative US policy.

      Financial Aid is Financial Aid, it should not hinge on a total agreement to push aside one’s beliefs and make concessions based on the demands of the wealthier country.

      It’s patronizing, sort sighted and destructive to future relationships.

      I also hate to bring this up, Christianity with Catholicism being the worst, have been pushing an abstinence agenda on poorer countries for years.

      When you have little or nothing, sex may be the only thing two people can enjoy.

      Financial Aid is pushing birth control, sex education, women’s issues , condom supply and the issue of female genital mutilation as secondary to their own religious views.

      The US conservatives pushed an Abstinence Agenda and what were the results?

      Vaginal sex among the group studied fell and the girls were “technically” virgins.
      An*l S*x and Or*l S*x skyrocketed.

      So the little apple cheeked daughters of conservatives were saying to their boyfriends:
      “I’m saving myself for marriage, but I’ll bl*w you, then you can f**k me in the a**.”

      Considering the average age and life expectancy in many third world countries is lower, you’re bumping up against puberty. The age of the onset of puberty is going down every year…anyone who’s ever had a teenager knows how that works.

      Help them first, worry about their religion last.

      Koyaanisqatsi – (Hopi Indian) – “Life out of balance”.

  • hooots

    There is no hope for the planet. Earth is DOOMED! Let’s party like it’s 2012!

    • Just John

      Two thousand one two, parties over, we’re out of time,
      So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s two thousand eleven.

      Just doesn’t ring the same….

  • Brett Hunan

    Shit 7 billion is a lot of people. It seems like the 1 child policy, all the fucking wars with thousands dying, countries filled with disease and famine- those deaths, or lack of births, aren’t even putting a dent in the population problem. As a matter of fact, those places are more likely to see population growth because of a lack of education of sex, how to prepare for your future, saving money, living with economic and social responsibility.

    I’m not gonna google it, but I read some stats a short time back and the relative numbers of children born to poor families is like 3 or more times higher than middle and upper class average.

    At least the wealthy in Korea are doing their part. Korea’s population is expected to start shrinking in the next 5-10 years because the wealthy and middle class want to live extravagant lifestyles.

    I guess the problem is that people are programmed to fuck like jackrabbits. Religion tells us “multiply and be plentiful” or whatever.

    Gay Azn Boi didn’t mention it, but if you ever look at gay people’s houses, they are usually decked out. I had a gay couple living next to me back in Jersey, and on their humble salaries lived like ballers. No or few kids= more $$$/¥¥¥

    Do the world a favor and if you must have kids keep it at 1 or 2 then get your nuts snipped or tubes tied. You’ll be content with more money and free time, probably be happier and healthier too.

    • Just John

      Well, we can always try Tengu’s suggestion:
      Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at 9:41 pm
      Swallow the Future. Personals @ chinaSMACK

      I once mentioned we should enact a “right to breed” law, so we do not get the mixtures that are best avoided, hippo-coala offspring comes to mind, but Tengu shot that idea down by asking others to raise their hand if they were willing to give up sex.

      We even see the stories of white guys breeding like bunnies with Chinese women, and it seems there is no end in sight, at least not until the US implodes, so white value is equated to cheap, imported manual labor.

      Either way, I think the idea will fail Brett. Lets face it, as long as women continue to have nice, wet vagina’s, and men continue to think with the smaller head, we will continue to be like rabbits.

      Maybe we just need to finish the restaurant….

    • Kong

      The poor and the rural tend to have more children because they simply feel like they need to. The urbanized and the wealthy do not due to the constraints of their environment. The so-called “one-child policy” has done a lot to curb China’s potential population, but increased urbanization and per-capita income has done bounds more. The lower classes and the marginalized groups will reproduce more, because they feel that they need to; this has always been true.

      I all likelihood, the aging populations of “developed” nations will continue to import the growing populations of “less developed” nations, as in Korea, Japan, England, France, etc. There will be ethnic conflict. There will be confrontations along class lines.

      There are two issues at work here, however: 1) population increase and 2) increase in over-consumption. The 7 billion number really wouldn’t mean much if over-consumption weren’t already an issue. despite having 1/4 the population of China, the USA’s ecological footprint is 11 times greater. That’s just a two-country-comparison.

      I know this is all pretty obvious, but my point in writing this is that focusing on “population” has often been code for blaming the poor and undeveloped nations, when the reality is that despite their large populations, these regions do much less to harm the environment than consumption demands of “developed” countries.

      • Brett Hunan

        I’m not sure of your meaning when you say “the poor feel they need to have more children”.

        If you mean they feel social pressure then I would like to know why.

        If you mean that they are poor so feel that they have to make sure their family name survives, I don’t agree. That is a terribly old thought and I would say that family planning just isn’t a concern amongst the poor, although it should be.

        If you have another meaning, please explain further. I have a flight in 4 hours, so make it snappy.

        I understand your point about over-consumption and developed nations and harm done to the environment so no need to retouch on those topics, just the “need to have babies” thought.

        • Kong

          No, nothing to do with social pressure or ideological considerations. It’s rarely a conscious “choice” as much as it is the result of circumstance.

          The more children one has, the more help one has later down the line. In countries like England and the USA, there are social welfare programs that make this easier. It changes by generation, but the wealthier and more urbanized a family becomes, the fewer children they tend to have. The poor* also experience a lack of access to contraception and sexual education do to their circumstances.

          *Just want to briefly clarify that “poverty” is a subjective term generally chosen by an elite to influence the power relationship they have with others. I am using it here for the sake of eschewing obfuscation. :D

        • Anon

          ” ‘I have a flight in 4 hours, so make it snappy. ” Snappy?!? It’s 4 hours ‘dude’. WTF? Freudian slip ! What kind though, I leave to the readers to judge.

          • Brett Hunan

            I’m sorry, I feel like I remember you from somewhere, but I don’t give enough of a shit to remember.

            Still haven’t bought those designer sunglasses I see….

        • Tengu

          I liked “make it snappy”.

          I’m hoping you snapped your fingers a few times while typing that…three times would be my guess!

      • Tengu

        I’m not quite sure the subset you refer to as the “lower classes and the marginalized groups” have a higher ratio of births due to their “feeling the need to”, but you may be spot on.

        Do you think it could also be true that the lack of contraceptives, proper sex education and adequate medical care could also be a factor in play here as well?

        “…despite their large populations, these regions do much less to harm the environment”.

        Sections of the Yellow River and the Yangtze River are functionally dead in some spots i.e. unfit for even “industrial use” and beyond any chance of reclamation.

        Mongolia, Bostswana, Pakistan, Senegal and Saudi Arabia are the top 5 polluted countries (descending) in the world as of 2011.

        4 out of the 5 would be third world countries.

        The plain fact is developing countries do not have the luxury of “going green” when it comes to basic infrastructure and needs.

        It’s hard to tell a developing country to not burn coal when that’s the first chance they’ve had at generating the massive electrical needs of their growing population.

        Easy for the west to say developing countries should be greener.

        But when we fail miserably at the same thing, it’s hypocritical and when we have millions of giant cars, how can we have the temerity to force a green policy on emerging nations.

        A high percentage of politicians in the US think evolution is reality and global warming is fiction.

        Unless we ALL do something relatively fast…we’re ALL doomed!

      • dim mak

        Except we live in a competitive world where everyone wants the best for themselves. “The poor” of today would readily accept the same opulent standards of living as a American if they ever got the chance. It’s just human nature. We’re never gonna have a scenario where the world evenly distributes resources, so the line has to be drawn somewhere.

  • Song of the Article

    The Spaceman Came Traveling
    -Chris de Burgh


    now and always!

    • Tranxenne

      What about:

      Ten in 2010
      – Bad Religion

      Oh… Wait…

    • Awesome selection comrade.

      Possibly de Burgh’s best song ever.

      Join the discussion at:

      10 CENTS!!!

  • eattot

    I pray 6 billion of the world’s people can die, and I won’t even begrudge myself being included amongst them.
    6 billion is too much, maybe 4.5 billion, if i died, i’d not regret.
    especially low IQ, low morality, super ugly… stupid people who making many kids should die first.

    • Mr.T

      Don,t worry the US government as a long term plan where every one ends up nuking each other and the 1% survive.
      Your 99% so good as dead now.

      • Tengu

        Since you have a Jolly Roger I’m going to address this to you.

        I find it funny the phrase “the one percenters” has gone mainstream.

        That’s a phrase the “Hells Angels” has used to refer to themselves for years, I hope they don’t get pissed.

    • hooots

      I almost agree. Humans have gotten too smart for natural selection. We might should start selecting. Just think long term……….

      • hooots

        A Veteran Dies By Suicide Every 80 Seconds.

        If you sign up to die what do you expect. These days you are not a hero. Don’t be stupid. Most of the time ya’ll are only making the world more dangerous.

        • Tengu

          Line up those with low IQ, low morality, the super ugly people still having kids and hang them, shoot them, drown them and gas them after.

          What do we do with all their kids though, they became wards of the state so it would seem we’ll need to kill them as well?

          How many generations do we need to go back?

          “We’re going to gas you so bad your grandkids will stink!”

      • Tengu

        Thinning the herd?

    • Andao

      Super ugly, yeah i’m down with them dying too

    • max

      especially low IQ, low morality, super ugly… stupid people who making many kids should die first.

      eattot, you hit the trifecta! now, follow your lead and kill yourself LOL

    • coala banana

      if you have such a hate for people and life and don’t consider life worth living then why not just kill yourself ?

      you sound like one of this racists/fascist nazi type haters on this forum when you say that people with low IQs and super ugly one should preferably die in your opinion. What have this kind of people done wrong to you that you must hate them so much. Just cause they have low IQs and just cause some are ugly is reason enough to let them die ?

      I doubt that all people which make many kids can be considered stupid and should die first ?! what you will do with their kids after you killed their parents ? who will care about this kids ? should they die too ? don’t you think your ideas (which i am sure many of our western imperialist radical friends will agree with) are a bit too radical.

      Sometimes i am glad that some people (like you) must live under totalitarian regimes. Its better that way. To give people like you freedom and democracy and the right to vote would end up in another mass murder and total mess. People which gorily mass murders and sympathize with radical ideas of people like Mao, Stalin or Hitler and have such a feelingless antipathy towards life and other people, should indeed be limited to senseless rhetoric hate posts on the internet.

      You should apply to join the “just john, tengy and tooots” club, I am sure they would let you joins within a blink of an eye. But when i think over they might not let you join their “club” cause you are JUST a chinese. The funny thing about you life haters and racists is that life hating is not an international organized thing, you guys even separate among each others, therefor its very unlikely that they will let a chinese in, since in their primitive opinion chinese are lower class people .

      • mankouzanghua

        just curious, did you work on the thesis about the chinaSMACK comments section? what is it?

    • Li RuiKe

      By stupid, you mean people who can’t do math, right?
      Start with the population density of Macau, the world’s most densely populated country (you have to “leave” China to visit it). Multiply by 7 billion. How much land is required to contain every person on earth as if they all lived in Macau? Japan is big enough.
      Stupid is anyone who has ever flown from one city to another and not bothered to look out of a window at the empty land below.
      Now that the global warming scam is exposed, I hope the over-population scam will also disappear so that we can start living right.
      Distribution is the problem. The lack of love, kindness, giving, and contentment cause the improper distribution.
      If you really believe in over-population, do the right thing and reduce it by one. Otherwise, believe in loving your neighbor.

  • Gay Azn Boi

    I believe there is a direct correlation between how developed a country is and its overall birth rate. Many people in developed countries are materialistic and choose to have fewer babies. They are more concerned about when the next iPhone is gonna come out than about having kids and raising a family. You can only have so much disposable income, and when you spend the majority of it on consumer products and are constantly in debt then you are not gonna have any left over for your kids (if you have any).

    On the other hand, people in developing countries – and due to factors like poverty, famine, etc. – often need to have a large number of kids to ensure that at least SOME of them will survive their childhood. They are also needed to help around the farms or whatever.

    • Tengu

      Sort of like the birds who have two eggs, but will only raise one chick.

      Both hatch, one kills the other, tosses him out of the nest and is nurtured by the parents.

    • coala banana

      i wouldn’t second that. Let’s take the US by example, a country i have visited many times. My impression (especially when i was in europe before that) , apart from how ignorant most of the people are, was always how underdeveloped everything looked like. Many parts of the US look like a 3rd world country, while other parts, especially downtowns look clean and modern.

      When you compare the education level amongst the 34 developed countries, results show that when it comes to knowledge skills, american students are in the lower range of the scale, which means:

      14th in reading skills
      17 for science
      and JUST 25th when it comes to mathematic.

      i don’t think that this problem has anything to do with materialism or when the next iPhone will come out and cause of that it results in people having less children. When you are poor and have nothing to do the whole day, then the last thing you are thinking about is condoms. You must also take into account that most of the underdeveloped countries are also most of the time religious or believe in all other kinds of nonsense, and i have to include again the US in this category, cause its still (compared to other western countries) a rather primitive country where most of the people 90% believe in god(s) and half of them think that jesus will come back to earth to save them. They also think that THEY have some kind of special relation with “god”. That puts them very much in the category of primitivism and ignorance. This countries “wealth” is built on nothing else then dept and money they borrow from other countries. The grotesque thing is that this very same people which look down on china, seem to ignore the fact that they rely on china more then anyone else. China, Japan, the EU, Saudi Arabia keeps the US alive and no other country is more in depth the the US, so I wouldn’t go so far to call that developed, educated and modern. Its materialistic you are right, but thats not the reason they have fewer babies.

  • GodsHammer

    What’s with all this “STop War!” and ‘STOP VIOLENCE’… and ABOLISH FIREARMS lobbying around the world.

    The solution to our world population problem is the 4 pounds in your cabinet.

  • Andao

    I don’t really believe in the whole overcrowding thing. 7 billion is just a number and people will find more ways to adapt if the population keeps growing. Places like US, Canada, Russia, Australia, etc have tons of land and tons of resources remaining. If there is a critical point where the earth gets stretched too thin, I don’t think we’re anywhere near it yet.

    The only reason China is so crowded is because everyone rushes to the coast. Move em all to Xinjiang and life will be good for everyone.

    • Tengu

      I most countries people migrate towards the coastlines, survival is easier, transportation more plentiful and resources are more accessible.

      I have no idea if it’s a genetic thing i.e. detritus from the hunter gatherer days.

      Many of the inland areas in China, Russia, US, Australia are pretty inhospitable, resources, yes, but as far shifting the population to those less populous areas, not going to happen in our lifetime.

      • nereis

        The question isn’t whether or not there is enough space to support the population. The question is about whether there is enough food, water and adequate infrastructure to support the world’s population to the same standard of living we in the first world have.

        • Tengu

          I agree. Sorry, I went off message when I was thinking of “resources.”

          Food – No.
          Infrastructure – No
          Water – No. This will be the oil of the future.

          You can live 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water.

          I don’t think it’s possible in our lifetime.

    • guizi

      This planet is not human’s, but other species also live on this planet and they have their rights to live too. We already extinguished lots of them worldwide. And even when our population was much smaller than now, lots of animals disappeared.

      With this 7 billion people and more, lots more of them will disappear and eventually only live in zoos, botanical gardens and memories.

      > US, Canada, Russia, Australia, etc have tons of land

      The people there use more resource of the planet than other people. So, more population in such countries means more destruction of the planet.

  • queenkat

    I have one child. Every time I talk to women (friends,aquintances,just plain people on the street) one of the first questions are: When are you going to have another one?
    Not even,do you want one just plain when.
    I always answer them: When you will support them financially, I will have it.
    I find it wrong, how do you ask a woman a question like that?I would never,how is that their business?

  • Amazed

    I used to like these posts but lately it’s been just shit! Nothing, funny, useful, or innovating. We have a population problem! We are people who love to make babies. I think if we work together as one people, against governments, multinationals, WTO, international monetary fund, free trade, brainwashing education, NATO, UN, we may be able to save the world that our grand kids will inherit. If not we are not good global citizens. (PS…can’t wait to be called a fag, dreamer, idiot, Chinese hater, woman abuser, foreign devil, etc…)

    • Just John

      You woman abusing, foreign devil, Chinese hating, idiotic etc fag, you are dreaming!

      Your wish has been granted =(^.^)=

  • mankouzanghua

    身不由挤, clever title

  • rollin wit 9’s

    with regard to this article’s photos, the ones that show crowded buses around 6:30 in the evening are of course going to be overcrowded. Public transportation is the major form of transportation for over half the people in any given city I would imagine. If they really want to point out how over crowding is an issue, then show those same buses at 9:30 at night when you still cant get a fckin seat. That’s when you know there’s a problem.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Chinese people (and Indians from my knowledge) just need to stop fcking! Period!

  • Foreign Devil

    that’s the strange thing about our species. . the more you treat us like shit. . abuse us, starve us, poison us, murder us, the more we reproduce like cockroaches. But give us luxury, entertainment, wealth, abundance . .(and birth control) and we stop have babies.

    Also I hope the overpopulation stays concentrated in a few miserable countries. . Don’t come spreading overpopulation to sparsely populated countries like Canada. If you want to come to Canada we should send you to the arctic circle for 5 years. If you survive then you get a PR card!

  • Tengu

    We have, in this little microcosm, proven for a fact that the world is doomed.

    if we can’t get along in this tiny sub-culture that is ChinaSmack related to a country which we all have a connection with, then how can we hope anything will get any better after this 7,000,000,000 milestone has been reached.

    Fauna has graciously given us all a forum to post, agree, disagree, discourse and occasionally vent about certain topics.

    The topics range from humorous to horrific.

    Let’s all step back , take a breath and think about how, what and why we have all been posting.

    Maybe we all need to do a little soul searching to determine if we’ve violated Fauna’s trust…most of us have.

    • Just John

      Yeah, I admitted to Fauna I got…. overzealous….
      What can I say, sometimes I get impassioned about stuff I should brush off, sometimes I don’t get impassioned about stuff I should.

      Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.

      I have already given my formal, public apology, plus an email apology.

      As for the world getting along, that would be boring if everyone just smiled and agreed. A little conflict is good.
      Now if only we could stop the conflict before it starts becoming physical, whether fighting, abuse, or war.

      • Tengu

        Hey we all do, saw it and liked it. Takes more balls to apologize than to turn a blind eye…it got me thinking, hence my post.

        Nah, we’ll never all get along, a “beige” world, how boring would that be…it would be a planet populated entirely by Mitt Romney’s!

        ”Matters of’ great concern should be treated lightly.”
        “Matters of small concern should be treated seriously.” “Among one’s affairs there should not be more than two or three matters of what one could call great concern.” – Hagakure

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  • Dan

    Yeah I love how “how American running dogs must have made this article”, LMFAO!!! This narrow brain washed thinking is what will ruin China. It’s amazing to see the comments put up by Chinese who believe everything their state media tells them, lol.

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