Brother Sharp: Beggar Hailed Most Handsome, Fashionable

Brother Sharp, hailed by Chinese netizens as the most handsome beggar

From QQ:

Fashionable beggar becomes famous online, encounters human flesh search

“Those sad eyes/that sad expression, the sad mustache, the miraculous godly hair, and that messy hair, all of it has deeply captivated me.” …Recently, a very hot/popular beggar post has become famous on the internet, the post narrating what netizens have hailed as “The Ultimate Gorgeous #1 Passerby Handsome Guy” beggar. Owing to his unconventional, nondescript appearance as well as his original “mashup”, netizens have begun following him, even “human flesh searching” him.

Brother Sharp, a beggar in Ningbo that has become famous on the Chinese language internet for his fashionable trendy look

Tianya calls him “犀利哥”, xīlì gē, “Brother Sharp” or “Sharp Brother”.

It can also translate to “Brother Penetrating” or “Penetrating Brother” … but…

Comments from Tianya:


Ding…one handsome guy…
Look at him wrinkle his brow…nothing needs to be said…sexy…


Wow, he is really handsome~~how did he sink to living on the streets??
Call for a human flesh search!


I heard that many beggars are guilty of a major crime running from the law, becoming beggars to conceal their identity. If this guy is unfortunately one of them, and his photograph is posted on the internet, will he be in danger?


Brother Sharp
go pursue a career in Japan.

Let those
girly men
a melancholy man.


China truly has innumerable handsome guys, Brother Sharp, you are truly too handsome.


So handsome, except he seems to be a little short,
as expected no one is perfect.
Cups fluttering by…


He doesn’t really look like a beggar, more like a vagabond. The quality of this person’s tops are all not bad, a down jacket, cotton jacket, even a leather jacket inside, and though they’re a bit dirty, they’re all in good condition, not the kind that beggars find from the trash.

That photo of him walking is indeed very handsome, very Japanese or Korean [style]. And some are like a Hong Kong actor.


So “man” [manly], so cool…
Except…except I still have a little psychological reservation against dirty men…so…please be sure to…wash yourself clean and make yourself presentable before going out!!!


That frowning look…
Ai yo! My little heart!
Really so handsome!


Beg a talent scout to go find him [to become an actor]…for the benefit of the masses.

One netizen created a photoshop and others have posted other pictures of “fashionable” beggars:

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Photoshop of Brother Sharp on a fake fashion magazine coverFashionable Chinese beggars

Trendy beggars. chinaSMACK personals.

From Tianyi123:

Ningbo’s Handsome Guy Beggar is just a poor/pitiful guy

Many netizens have sent me messages asking me to verify whether that latest famous handsome guy begger is really a beggar. Here I will testify that it can be said that he is.

Long ago in 2008 I encountered him. Most people who see him will avoid him, treating him as a beggar and the link, but actually this is not accurate. 乞丐 [qǐgài “beggar”] in our country’s ancient words first appeared as a monosyllabic word. The meaning of 乞 [qǐ] in the golden texts was “to beg”. But he does not beg, nor does he know how to beg, because he has psychological problems (in Ningbo they call it “great fog sickness”). They do not have an identity, they do not have family, they’ve even forgotten who they are. They are a group of people abandoned by society, and their final outcome is to die without anyone inquiring about them. They wander in the space between humans and animals. Help them a bit and they become humans, ignore them and they are animals.

He once said this to me: “Find a girl to love me.”

Chinese beggar wearing woman's dress smoking sitting at side of the road

When I first met him, he was picking up discarded cigarettes to smoke again. I asked him: Hungry? He said: Hungry. I again asked: Here’s 10 yuan, do you know how to go buy something to eat by yourself? (I wanted to test his ability to take care of himself) He said: Okay. With the 10 yuan, he then purchased a pack of cigarettes at a small shop nearby.

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Chinese beggar wearing woman's dress smoking sitting at side of the road

I asked: Isn’t your stomach was hungry? Why didn’t you buy something to eat? He pointed at a trash can, then pointed at his stomach. At the time, I did not understand, thinking he was able to pick trash to exchange for food [sort trash for recyclable items to exchange for money]. However later, I saw a scene that broke my heart.

Chinese beggar wearing woman's dress smoking sitting at side of the road

Chinese beggar wearing woman's dress carrying bag walking down Ningbo street

Only when spending time with him in later days did I understand why he likes to wear women’s clothes. Maybe you will say: Male deviant, simply perverted, simply likes women’s clothes. You will only be partially right, as the real reason is his heart yearns for a home, a woman to take care of him, love him. Sometimes he is himself, and sometimes he pretends to be the woman that loves him.

Chinese beggar carrying a woman's bag and umbrella on the streets of Ningbo, China

Every time I find him, I will always give him 10 yuan. And he always goes to buy a pack of cigarettes. He has many sets of women’s clothes, all picked out from piles of trash.

Ningbo, China - A Chinese beggar carrying a woman's bag and umbrella on the streets of Ningbo, China walks down the wet street

A Chinese beggar with messy hair, a woman's shoulder bag, and an umbrella in Ningbo, China

People will ask: Aside from smoking, how does he solve his food problem if he also does not know to beg? The below pictures are of him finding things to eat. I hope your ability to stomach things is stronger than my old cat.

A beggar in Ningbo, China squats down to pick at discarded tea leaves on the sidewalk

In front of the door to a flower shop, the ground has discarded food discarded by the florist (I despise this flower shop’s disgusting behavior of  discarding refuse in front of its door, ruining the public sanitation, and on rainy days the oil makes it easy for pedestrians to slip and fall). Seeing that there is still a small piece of meat on the ground, he squats down to pick it up to eat.

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A beggar in Ningbo, China looks at what he has found from a pile of discarded tea leaves

At this moment, my heart cried. These people who truly need our attention have instead been ruined by a bunch of beggars and cheats/con-artists. Since they already are unable to tell the difference between what is real and what is fake, they might as well close the door on love. Today, the reason I spent half a year’s time to investigate and experience their lives is to wake up everyone’s caring hearts, so that we will go help them, so they can become a meaningful person.

Discarded garbage on the ground

Turning around again to look at the stuff on the ground, this is stuff even a dog would not eat (these days there are people who treat dogs better than people), and I don’t know why I thought of something that was once written: Behind red doors food go to waste, while frozen bones lie on the streets.

A melancholy looking beggar on the streets in Ningbo, China

His road may be very long or it may be very short. What his future will be like I do not know.

2010 March 2 UPDATE: Here are two videos spreading on Kaixin001 about Brother Sharp.

Because he had become popular on the internet, many people went to go find him, asking him where he is from, offering to help him go back home (to his hometown or family), or help him find work. However, this frightened him and he would only cry without speaking.

Someone to love you. chinaSMACK personals.

Thank you for using our translations, Clifford Coonan in Beijing.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • beni

    I am shocked! I dont understand how he chose cigarette over food. Maybe food is easier to find than cigarette. He is not smart that is for sure.

    Dont know what else to say

    • Gohome

      Somebody Pls. give hime a big and kind hand…

      • Backhome

        Ugihur mobs beat innocent Han Chinese passersby who might be beaten to death. location:Jinyin Avenue,urumqi,xinjiang,china.

        • Mid finger

          When was that happened dude?

    • wow food is actually easier to find than ciggies if ur a dustbin-diver

    • LongTian

      probably because cigarettes curb one’s appetite.

    • Aaron

      because, for a smoker, a cigarette is a true pleasure… smoking someone elses old cigarette is not very nice. Food is only for fuel, you can find it any place (for free), cigarettes cost money, and provide pleasure that food doesn’t.

  • HaamSapTjai

    Reminds me of Stephen Chow from Kung fu Soccer
    “That’s not how to kick a ball!”

    +1 for being a fashionable beggar.

  • If you give homeless men food they always seem really disappointed, if I ever saw a smelly old man with a “please give me alcohol” sign I’d definitely reward him for his honestly and buy him a bottle of soju or two.

  • krdr

    Yeah, I must agree with PP. Lot of beggars had developed some addictions, usually alcohol, cigarettes. Food they can find literally everywhere (in litter), but for alcohol and smoke they need money.

    This story stands out in bunch of “A beautiful spotted on some place” stories. Poster goes much dipper in getting know the guy and his life, not letting the human flesh search to distort facts.


    He is smoking hot

  • BloodDeathandGlory

    Only in China, well probably not still this is really disturbing in any country that people are willing to exploit his image and not repay him with cash, cigs, alcohol, food, etc.

    • ytht

      Do all the newspapers pay money to Obama when using his photos?

  • Jay K

    don’t pay attention to brother, brother is only a legend

  • Schwing!

    The guy needs to be on some sort of medication.

  • DWR

    Since Fauna has been getting a lot of nonsense from some of the (ir)regulars on this board, I just wanted to say thanks for a really interesting post.

    When I lived in rural Zhejiang, there was an old man (who really looked like a proper wizard) who would occasionally wander through the village. He wasn’t really a beggar, but a sort of wanderer. People would help him out, but he never asked for anything.

    There were also one young man and a boy with mental problems, and I was surprised at how well they were treated.

    Anyway, this post doesn’t really add anything… I just got over a brutal migraine.

    Have a good weekend everyone.


  • georges

    no spanking it with a thumb up the ass today…

    • hero

      Hey! I’m spanking it with a thumb up my ass right now!

  • FYIADragoon

    If I lived in Ningbo I’d go find him and feed him something decent.

  • bluah

    It took me some time to get the part of the story with the flower shop, because I thought the fact that it was a florist who threw the food on the street was somewhat relevant.

  • Also from Ningbo? Chiang Kai-shek. Maybe a coincidence, but maybe not.

  • Alikese

    “I understand why he likes to wear women’s clothes… You will only be partially right, as the real reason is his heart yearns for a home, a woman to take care of him, love him.”

    Nope, he’s a cross dresser, which makes this comment even more rich:

    go pursue a career in Japan.

    Let those
    girly men
    a melancholy man.”

  • whichone

    This man is a member or possible even an elder of the beggar’s gang, in the lower right hand corner of the third image you can also see the treasure of gang: dog-beating stick.

    The reason the reporters did not find out about his true identity is because the first rule of beggar’s gang is you do not talk about the gang. Many people believe they are mentally unstable, but this is only a cover. Their anonymity is their best defense from their mortal enemy-the corrupt Chengguans.

    • whichone

      oops I mean netizens, not reporters. My admiration for the unsung heroes of the beggar’s gang caused my confusion.

      • he’s not part of a beggars gang. i recognise this guy, at least i think (but they all look the same). he wears normal clothes that he can get, either he wears women clothes when he has nothing else or he was put up to it by the photographer.

        id bought one of those nasty-azz fake beers, kinda like a nasty pine wine soju cider thing. 2.8rmb, cudn’t drink it and i gave it to him, he seemed pretty unable to understand mandarin if anything at all. diddnt seem to understand the giving thing , either that or he wudnt drink the crap either.

  • Yin

    Indeed he must be the 57th generation descendant of Hong Qigong, and possesses the secret technique of Eighteen Dragon-Subduing Palms.

  • Yin

    But it seems that he might have been corrupted by the Sun Moon Holy Sect, and learned the dark art of the Sunflower Manual, which requires one’s manhood in exchange for great kungfu power.

    • too yellow

      such unholy alliance is indeed a worrisome development.

    • whichone

      oh no! like too yellow said the combined influence of beggar’s gang and the Sun Moon Holy Sect is indeed a scary thought.
      What’s more, after he learns the Sunflower Manual his dragon will be subdued all the time, and will no longer be able to use the eighteen palms.

    • yuan

      Dude, you made a Jin Yong reference. I love you.

    • “Shaolin Shadow-boxing, and the Wu-Tang Sword style . . . . if what you say is true, the Shao-lin and the Wu-tang could be dangerous”

      “Do you think your Wu-Tang sword can defeat me? En garde, I’ll let you try my Wu-Tang style”

  • bs called

    How does he get his hair like that – I could never get that look.

  • too yellow

    The 55th generation leader of the beggar sect.

    • ee

      indeed…good call

  • beowulf

    A couples sex tape, a cheating and regretfull wife, new breasts because of an ex boyfriend, a pretty unreachable girl and her stalker and now a handsome beggar – is Fauna trying to tell us something?

    It´s not Chinasmack, but loneliness :-)

  • thers a guy in haikou or thereabouts. and im no screamer mind, but hes probably the best looking geez ive ever seen. never thought id say that about a geez in china but honestly, hangs around near the carrefour but can also be seen out in the countryside.

    y r not all these chinese whore/sluts not getting in contact.

    u wud almost think all chinese women r gold-digging slut-whores wudnt u?

  • down in haikou man, tho some of them can be kinda native. like rasta types or sth. plus i saw this ones guy walking around the bus station market but-naked and he was packing.

    never thought id say that about a chink, but fuk me he was almost half my size…….
    looked like a polynesian tho.

    id go nuts-out if iwas packing meat like that anyhow. money cant buy u love…..

  • hero

    Bah, I’d rather feed a homeless dog than give this freak anything. He just wastes it on cigarettes anyway.

    The photos of him in a dress made me laugh really hard.

    China has too many people anyway, just euthanize this waste of space.

    • You are a sick hero, i compare you to the great Chairman,

      and Hitler

      你是不是 cap. cock?

  • dim mak



  • anne

    ” Brother Sharp
    go pursue a career in Japan.

    Let those
    girly men
    a melancholy man.”
    Lol I know a Japanese guy who spends big bucks at the hair salon trying to achieve he exact same hair as brother sharp. And to think all this guy had to do was not wash his hair and allow natural hair grease to accumulate.

    • alex

      Guess that the Japanese have been saying?

      名無しさん@十周年:2010/02/26(金) 03:57:33 ID:ridyDbvU0
      The hairstyle of Chinese beggar is surprisingly the same as the hairstyles Japanese teenagers spend lots of times on

      名無しさん@十周年:2010/02/26(金) 04:26:01 ID:KztQ6suP0
      Even though the layered clothes are quite cheap, they feel pretty nice
        名無しさん@十周年:2010/02/26(金) 04:25:48 ID:Oi0ORemB0

      Hmm. Although the clothes are really shaggy, they look good on him. How scary.

      名無しさん@十周年:2010/02/26(金) 04:27:00 ID:cm4HU8x2P
        Where is the so-called beggar?

        名無しさん@十周年:2010/02/26(金) 04:33:21 ID:n3GIMEAQ0
        Looks a bit like Watanabe Ken when he was young

        名無しさん@十周年:2010/02/26(金) 12:56:47 ID:egwRHaCI0
      I finally understood what the phrase “If it’s a hottie, anything will look good on him” meant today
      Thinking about it, it’s all innate; some people have it and some don’t. Such a cruel thing ne

        名無しさん@十周年:2010/02/26(金) 12:24:48 ID:N5yJPAmu0
      A bit like Nagase Tomoya. A hottie indeed.

      名無しさん@十周年:2010/02/26(金) 12:47:03 ID:NHRPeGv20
      Making beggar suit a topic → waiting to be discovered → discovered → makes a debut in movies

      really interesting

      291 :名無しさん@十周年:2010/02/26(金) 06:22:05 ID:wv1wNJPN0
      I’m going to study his “robe belt” style this year.

      名無しさん@十周年:2010/02/26(金) 03:52:00 IDGTsGPYt0
        Japanese girls are going to build a fanbase for him.

      名無しさん@十周年:2010/02/26(金) 04:06:54 ID:BYPmi94J0
        Looks so much like Changmin (from DBSK)

      Posted by     2010年02月26日 07:58
      Please marry our daughter!
      It doesn’t matter what you do for a living
      if our son-in-law comes we’ll prepare a new home
      We’re not against international marriages
      Our daughter isn’t pretty in face, but she’s beautiful at heart

      名無しさん@十周年:2010/02/26(金) 04:08:18 ID:aomrdXhM0
      Like a man out of drawings, like an actor. It won’t be an overstatement at all to say that he might be someone from the movies.

      If you guys (other netizens) really are as hot as him I won’t overlook you at all when you go begging on the streets

      :名無しさん@十周年:2010/02/26(金) 10:01:03 ID:b7GeOBwk0

      I’ll give him a nice bath and food
      Come and be my pet.

      Posted by   2010年02月25日 22:45
      Such high standards make me want to adopt him too
      He seems tall too

        Posted by   2010年02月25日 22:57
      Of course, clothes no longer matter as long as they’re worn on stylish people
      Even the dirty ones look handsome on him
        Posted by Posted by   2010年02月25日 23:08
      This is the only time I’ve seen for the years in my life; definitely the No.1 in “hot and wild” style!

         Posted by   2010年02月26日 04:57
      Although I’m a man, I fell in love with him at first sight…

      :名無しさん@十周年:2010/02/26(金) 11:44:07 ID:vG671eFT0

      I‘ll give you money, switch faces with me
       841 :名無しさん@十周年:2010/02/26(金) 12:24:48 ID:N5yJPAmu0
      Looks so much like Nagase
      Really hot

      Posted by    2010年02月26日 06:00
      Judging only by this photo, he’s so much hotter than Japanese idols like SMAP

       Posted by      2010年02月26日 08:01
      Even I as a man want to marry him.

      544 :名無しさん@十周年:2010/02/26(金) 09:31:42 ID:pTO/Nxwa0
      hmm, I found a goal. Even though we’re not in the same country, I have decided that I shall become a hot and manly Japanese beggar!

      :名無しさん@十周年:2010/02/26(金) 04:08:28 ID:yiomabMc0

      Just like someone who has lost their memory in (Pianist and Collaboration? A movie). There should be a movie made!

  • Evalin

    He have plenty of smokes! He be the sexiest bum alive!!

  • These beggars are so good looking. I just didn’t like the eating the discarded food off the ground. Other than that, these beggars are stunning.

  • Maxim

    It’s a shame people only paid attention to him because he had a presentable face. I suppose it’s because they think “with a little cleaning up, he’ll become just like a normal person”. But he’s just one of millions. The bigger picture is that beggars, middle class, rich people, we’re all the same, we’re all equal. No one’s better, no one’s worse, we’re all people who live in different conditions. It’s up to us to make conditions better for everyone.

  • afropryde

    He looks like Johnny Depp on a good day.

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  • naome

    why that chinese old woman have to shout at him?
    i myself scared too.

  • It’s so amazing that you guys posted it weeks ago.

    As a post 80s, I think the following is what made me so impressed:

    1. he think cigar is much important than food.
    2. he is really sharp, whether the clothes and eyesights.
    3. he recalled the memories of the movie “A Chinese Odyssey”: 大话西游。
    anyone remembered this?


    I think he is much suitable than Stephen Chow.

    Anyway, I still would like to call him Sharp man:

  • and, please don’t call him beggar: he never begs.

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  • mao


  • Trung Huynh

    Please don’t comment about how he live and how he survive! Do respect him who has a mental problem can survive in the world that he is not aware of. If you can help him, just help him and don’t question him. God bless u

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  • Ronny

    Grunge is back?

  • BrotherObtuse

    It is said that his wife was killed last year in a suspicious car accident, maybe by some underworld thieves whom he has offended. Then this guy went quirky and so idiosyncratic.

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  • mike

    fiona, he actually found his family, but i dont really know what happened please translate,

  • Nial

    Here’s the translation of the video:

    Man on the left: I’m telling you, His condition is really unstable right now. If you guys do this, it will be really bad for his mind and spirit. Maybe if after a little while — he’s been doing this for probably 7 years now here — if his environment change so suddenly all at once, I’m afraid he won’t be able to take it.

    Dude on the right: You were just saying, his situation is really bad. If we introduce him to the outer world, woulnd’t you say that’s good for his situation?

    Man on the left: Yeah but if you his living environment so suddenly, do you think that’s good for him? Look. What’s his condition like right now? When no one looked after him before, he thought he was happy. He just told me moments ago that he was very afraid.

    Dude on the right: With his situation like this, he needs to be saved; he needs sympathy. His current living situation is extremely poor!

    Brother Sharp: CHyyUUUuuuuHHH!

    Dude on the right: Then when —

  • Nial

    Then the woman at the end of the video:

    Woman to Brother Sharp: You must not be afraid! Don’t be afraid, okay? Listen to me… no one will hit you or scold you. We’re all communists, here to save you. Don’t cry, don’t cry! I know him. Don’t cry. Listen to me, don’t cry. What are you afraid of? I’m with you every day right here, don’t you know that? These are reporters, concerned for you, wanting to take good care of you. Okay? Don’t cry. Don’t cry, we won’t hurt you or scold you.

    Then when she’s interviewed:

    Woman: We don’t know where he’s from. yes he talks. Most of the time he doesn’t talk… you just give him something to eat and he says “Thank you”, just that. I don’t know where he’s from. No, I never asked. No, he doesn’t have a single friend. He lives day in and day out in the subway tunnel. Yeah he lives under the escalator. I asked and the other beggars cannot live under there, just him. No, he never speaks. We don’t at all. I just give him some things and he takes them and goes.

  • Shawn

    I never cease to be surprised at what pencils ( China men) think is handsome?

    • anne

      Only men insecure about their own “pencils” make fun of others.

  • DiXX

    He is handsome in the 1st pic :)
    I feel really sad for him and his condition, even after becoming famous on the net he still would not be able to provide or make something of himself with his new found fame.

  • M

    His family has been found. He has 2 children and a wife. Check the Hong Kong newspapers and youtube!

  • 他终于遇家人团聚了,祝他幸福快乐!

  • Arnold

    I really do not know what to say, I am a Chinese person, but for this incident I feel very sad with the Chinese government’s media, how ironic things. Do you know the outcome is? The Government wanna terminated this matter fastly which find the two actors, may not be the real mother and little brother with the sharp brother, and they are not do the DNA which them lead him away, and there is no video when they first meet.however, Media claimed that they are sharp brother’s brother and mother was ture!, What is it? Human rights? Government may really dnded this quickly , but they destroyed not only a sharp-tongued brother who destroyed the two families! ! Where human rights? God! ! !

    • BingBean

      dont blame about things that u havent fully understand the whole details. Ppl on the internet r not idiots. we all know how to get the truth and we can differentiate if the gov has made the fake news.Sitting in front of the computer and comlaining wont help