Japanese Girls Wearing Miniskirts & Hot Pants In Winter


From Sina:

In comparison with other famous Ice and Snow Festivals, Japan’s Hokkaido Sapporo Ice and Snow Festival in recent years have made various country’s tourists tremble with its “scenery”, that would be the crazy beauty-loving Hokkaido hot girls in the midst of the magnificent ice sculptures. They not only seek the height of fashion trends, they also want to make everyone dumbstruck with their super ability to resist cold.

In Hokkaido’s blizzard, in freezing temperatures over ten degrees below zero, hot girls walk the streets still wearing revealing short skirts and hot pants, without even stockings. One tourist from a Nordic country who participated in Sapporo’s Ice and Snow Festival later wrote online: “As a Nordic person, icy and snowy days are no big deal, but the young Japanese girls here have really shocked me, they are too crazy! In temperatures over 10 degrees below zero, wearing miniskirts or hot pants exposing their legs, their two legs having frozen bright pink, indeed apparently without a concern”.






Comments from Sina:


It is said that this kind of freezing education is incorporated into the school’s character education courses from when the Japanese are small. There are also schools that hold a ceremony every winter where the boys are topless! If there is someone who is familiar with Japan’s education, you can share more information with us. I think there are many things China can learn from them…


No wonder Japanese girls have such thick legs, all toughened and trained like this.


It is said that Japanese people are trained like this from their childhood. Especially with girls, training their bodies like this, so they have a lot of offer for countless AV [adult video] titles.


Hehe. My understand of Japanese women was that they do not wear clothes, because I only see them in AV. So they also wear clothes after all. Secretly laugh.


I think young Japanese girls are educated with a certain way of thinking from when they are young, like they are born to serve men.


I was laughed at for only wearing two pairs of pants when I was in the Northeast during winter…


I suddenly feel that it is truly nice to be a man.


The way Chinese girls dress is still relatively normal, at least we are both warm and beautiful~ Japanese girls~~are not the usual kind of lei~~ (I was thinking of saying perverted/abnormal/deviant) Heh heh.


I am learning, so this is what Japanese girls are like. I have heard that the way Japanese educate their children is worth learning from, although maybe it may not be completely suitable if applied in China.


Shanghai women are also becoming more and more daring, wearing skirts everywhere during winter, although most generally all wear some stockings, etc.


To defeat the enemy, one must learn from the enemy. Little Japan has some things that are truly worth learning for us, especially psychologically/mentally/thinking (sex culture excepted).


I really want to know if Japanese women have very severe arthritis when they become old.


It looks like it is a matter of ethnicity. [That way of dressing] is more convenient [to have sex], so perverted!


In winter, Japanese hot girls wear very little to go out. They need two types of courage, one to deal with the cold weather, another to deal with other people’s looks.
Actually, the first type maybe many people can bear, but the second type very few people can do.
At the same time, I have the feeling that Japanese women actually are very self-reliant, and do not really want to rely on men.


Japan is the same as America, only snowing and no wind, but Beijing both snows and has wind, making Beijing’s winters especially cold. Therefore, Beijing MMs definitely do not have the opportunity to be like Japan’s girls. Otherwise, do you think Beijing does not have people who dare to dress like that?


This is humanity’s adaptability, and it transfers from one generation to the next generation. If there were no clothes, at the extreme limits, I think humanity would once again grow hair.


Forget about these young girls. In France, almost all of the old ladies dress like this in winter…without exception all stockings…

What do you think about girls who dress like this during cold weather for fashion reason?

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  • Mau Mai

    Well, my japanese sisters look pretty free and courageous in winter! We, from chinese heritage, think differently. No question we have different cultural taste. A boy, friend of mine, says they look nice and quite attractive…like dolls. However, he told me, he hopes they´ll try to be mature women as well, not just “pretty faces”. I tend to agree with him.

    • Rick in China

      Yawn. Having spent time in Tokyo, and my mom accepts a lot of foreign students from Japan to spend time in her house – and having lived in China for years and meeting many, many women – I can tell you that most women I’ve met in China are FAR from mature, experienced, worldly, thoughtful, or interesting in relation to their Japanese female counterparts.

      I’ve all but given up on finding another *significant* other in this country, and take it for what it is – a playground for mistresses with young and curious women who have yet to discover the fact that materialism isn’t the only solution to a happy life, and the rest of the world has much to offer so _go experience it_. Oh, also the key point of *independence breeds attraction*, only old men who spent most of their life being laughed at or small balls with short-man syndrome like “I wanna be a housewife” style which is oh-so-common in this great nation of submissives.

      • Name

        Most Mainland Chinese people are used to marrying for just a better life. They’ve been doing this for centuries. With women making getting better jobs more and more are looking for real relationships but for most people a house, car, and stable job are still the only important things.

        I’ve also heard many parents say I won’t allow my kid to marry that person because his/her family doesn’t have money

      • Mau Mai

        Are you saying that chinese women are submissive in general or just on your experience? I come from a traditional family with some strong values based on hard work and responsabilities we all share. We do look for progress but we don.t think that woman’s future is in material or money success. Like me, I have many friends with same thoughts. Maybe because we come from countryside… We feel sorry for people who only think of money or fashon all the time.

      • Rick isnt in China

        Hey Rick…you couldnt be more wrong about “mature, experienced, worldly, thoughtful, or interesting in relation to their Japanese female counterparts.”

        Ask any Chinese girl what country Gengkis Khan is from or if Tiawan is a country. Ask her what started the Korea War and what she really thinks about Japan.

        Seriously dude I doubt you have even been to China if you think they are more mature and worldly and so on.

        • vince

          sigh, read his comment properly, you’ve got the exact opposite of the message he was trying to convey. lol.

  • Mau Mai

    @ Fauna
    I forgot to ask… What is your personal opinion on this winter fashon? Maybe good for us in China?

  • Haha,

    Hokkaido has also strong wind sometime. My hometown in Hokkaido

    Many young ladies (even middle school student) prefer to wear mini-skirt, and their parent’s are not happy about that.

  • Lang Lang

    This is scandalous? I wear shorts all the time in winter. If you keep your upper body warm it’s no big deal. Yet there’s always some jackass on the bus that has to crack the window open all the way. Or my neighbors that had me over for CNY dinner and I can see my breath while having dinner and the giant heater in the corner is covered in plastic. How about a liitle heat,ya fuckin tightwad.

  • Name

    Happens in the US too. Also know some guys that wear only Tshirts and gym shorts in winter. They say they like the attention

    • Phillip


      Where in the US are we talking about? I’ve lived up and down the east coast from Boston to DC and although I’ve seen plenty of young girls with tight khakis on I rarely see many girls with just stockings/short shorts in freezing temperatures…

      • Name

        Stockings aren’t popular with American girls. I’ve actually always wondered why ankle high stockings are so popular with Chinese girls and cotton socks are so unpopular

        I see this on all college campuses. Its mostly guys but girls do it too

        • Soulhacker

          Because the young people here think wearing in that way is sexy…

        • Stockings are actually becoming a lot more popular here quite rapidly, now.

  • Peteryang

    for the record, these are just skirts, not miniskirts.

    now this is what I call mini:

    and there is also “microskirt”, something not too longer than a belt.

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  • skydiggity

    wow lang lang, maybe you should think about putting some pants on, it might cool you down a bit.

    you know, extreme cold creates extreme hot.

  • bob


  • ST

    Look around any college campus in the U.S. and you will frequently see students walking around in the snow and cold wearing shorts, flip-flops, pajamas, no jacket, etc. I, as someone who is viewing it from the faculty side of things, can’t decide if they look ridiculous or just stupid. I guess it’s their choice but damn they make me laugh.

    • Name

      I’m guessing you’ve also seen girls wear camis with tiny shorts/skirts and UGG winter boots in August even though its 90-100 degree F right?

  • Kai

    Anyone think this post will surpass the Jewish Girls with Guns post?

    I’m betting not. Whoa, just noticed that post fell off the Most Commented list…damn bronze rat/rabbit heads.

  • Lang Lang

    skydiggity : haha I’m not angry(if that’s what you mean by hot) I just find it odd that Chinese can be so critical of these girls yet their own homes are like a friggin meat locker. I live in Zhejiang and people often never use the heater. I’ve heard it is different in the northern provinces.

    • matt

      heat is expensive lang lang

  • Lang Lang

    Well….my neighbor has a big house and a fancy car and a huge heater that never gets used. And don’t try to say he acquired these things from all the cash he saved on heating. I know how much heating costs. It’s not that much. Anyway…my point was merely the double standard. In other words “People that live in igloos shouldn’t throw snowballs.”

    • Phillip

      It’s ignorant to assume a few translated comments from anonymous users mean these people are just like your neighbor or that they just criticize the Japanese.

      • Lang Lang

        Uh…….Duh? But thanks for the lecture.

  • What??

    God bless these Japanese chicks!!

    • Mau Mai

      They seem to attract a lot of consensus…I wonder if more japanese natives can comment on this issue. The only one ,apparently, was Kyoko. The good thing is, no one is “throwing stones” at them and they are perfectly safe in Japan! Isn´t that comforting?

  • fireworks

    some people do not have any sense but weird fashion sense. who’s going to look at those legs. they look really porky man…

  • Papito

    Fauna – More photos!!!!

  • Lang Lang

    Porky? ……NAH

    Agree with Papito….more photos

  • Shanghai Steve

    the quality of news articles on this site has rapidly deteriorated since Chinese New Year. Chinasmack states it’s goals as: “I just want to show a piece of the real China, real Chinese life, and real Chinese people.” and “I decided to make this website and share a “slice of Chinese life””. That’s what makes this site interesting, so stick to it.

    BTW. I generally agree with Rick. His comment about the maturity of Chinese women would actually make for an interesting article. Interview expats in China about their opinions of Chinese women. I find Chinese women incredibly beautiful, but often shallow and boring. I don’t find hobbies such as “shopping” or “sleeping” all that interesting.

    Chinasmack now focuses more on comments instead of news articles. So why not seed the site with obviously incendiary stories. This will result in more page views and more revenue in ad sales.

    In a country of 1.3 billion, I suspect that you can find more interesting articles…please try.

    • Kai

      Steve, chinaSMACK has always had these kind of posts (not sure if they qualify as “news articles”).

      I don’t see how they’re not “sticking” to their goals with this kind of article. It ostensibly features something Chinese netizens are talking about and includes translations of Chinese netizen comments/thoughts…which, uh, shows “a piece of the real China, real Chinese life, and real Chinese people.” In fact, I’m actually surprised more than a few Chinese netizens confided that they think there are a lot of things Chinese people should learn from the Japanese, given how easy it is to run into anti-Japanese sentiment (both joking and serious) from Chinese netizens.

      It wouldn’t really be a slice of Chinese (people’s) life if they interviewed EXPATS about their opinion of Chinese women. You can go find that with Chinabounder or the forums of ShanghaiExpat.com. Part of the whole appeal and success of chinaSMACK that has set itself apart from so many other English China blogs has been precisely to feature what the Chinese people think, not what foreigners or expats think.

      The one consistent thing about chinaSMACK has been the translated comments. Most of the time, translations of “news articles” are usually given only to provide context to what the comments are responding to. Most of the time, they’re not even news articles; they’re translations of the original post written by joe schmoe Chinese netizen that kicks off a popular forum thread.

      Now, I’ve been watching chinaSMACK since the very early days so maybe I have a different perspective than you do on what it has professed to offer. To me, I don’t see any “deterioration.” I just see some posts that resonate more with viewers than others. I don’t see how the vast majority of their content both before and now fails to live up to their goals.

      Moreover, I also don’t think Fauna or the contributors of this website exist to cater solely to your interests and whims. In a country of 1.3 billion, I suspect you can find more articles that interest you and start your own website if you’re so unhappy. I hear that’s how Fool’s Mountain started and they’ve been legitimately successful in doing so.

  • Dave

    Same thing happens in Seoul, where I am. Eye-candy year round, who can complain?

  • Cesar Torres

    Nice to look at these pictures. They remind me of all the good times I had in Japan!!!!!
    OH Well, I wish i could see more girls like that in shanghai. classy and mature.

  • GuateChapin

    i love japan !!!!!!

  • Kage Musha

    ohhh more photo’s? But they also all have quite thick legs. Guess they’ve adapted to it or is it their sitting position?

    @Steve, RIck: Could care less about expats, it’s about China. Not those couple of expats and what they think.
    Expats tend to think they’re important?

  • assos

    It’s not just japanese girls who dress like this in freezing cold conditions. It also happens a lot in other countries like the UK for example. Especially at the weekends.

    Who’s complaining?

    • FatRonaldo

      I for one complain strongly when I see girls in the UK dressing like this, regardless of the weather conditions. Not for moral reasons, just because most of them are far too, em, ‘stout’ to be dressing like that and it offends my eyes.

      In general, the Japanese can pull it off much more easily

  • All I can say is, it’s non other than GLOBAL WARMING!
    It’s winter but still it’s warm enough that these girls can walk wearing such clothes.
    So start saving our planet Earth!

  • too yellow

    nice to nice uggs and mini skirts fashion style sweeping the world. You guys should check out northeastern campus for this amazing sight in the US of A. (Although it is far more common in the temperate california)

  • austingirl

    I think the girls look lovely. Old people would kill\maim\pay to look that good.

    Alas youth and beauty are wasted on the young.

    • Mau Mai

      @ austingirl
      I am so happy that no outrage is resulting from this japanese fashion. They are indeed good looking. Do you know that in other countries, with rigid ideologies, their safety would even be at risk?

    • abolfazl

      hi my name is abolfazl .i’mcome from in iran .

  • Taojas

    Well yeah…Life is short and beauty is fleeting so why not spice it up a bit. Uggs with skirts is definitely a great fashion trend for girls, a lot better that wearing an ankle length buttoned-up PLA greatcoat all winter.

  • Chinese girls may have the same impulse, just less guts…I live in Harbin, and a number of girls here (natives, all) have expressed their desire to wear skirts in the winter. Very few of them will actually do it, though, and those that do tend to have on some thick stockings.

    On the other hand, -10 (I assume we’re talking Celsius here) would be a pretty warm day in Harbin in January…

  • and @ Langlang….Yeah, I live in the northeast and was just traveling around more southerly spots, and (indoors) it was often colder there. Up here people take heat seriously, there are always two-layer windows to help insulate, etc. etc. etc.

    • dace

      Yeah, it feels colder in the south because there is no heating, no insulation, and 90% humidity — I know plenty of north Chinese (and several Canadians) who can’t stand Hangzhou’s winter because its so damn humid and doesnt matter how many layers you’re wearing the cold seeps in pretty quick.

  • krdr

    You should visit London. I saw almost naked girls on zero. In Belgrade, you can see girls with open bellies, short skirts and high heels.

  • ChinoCabron

    oh go Fauna deleted my comment, Did offend anyone?

    • Why did you reply and praise yourself with different names?

      • Mau Mai

        @Fauna…do you wear mini skirts often, sometimes, never? Just to know your taste, if you wish to answer. Thanks

  • VeerLeft

    This is bloody boring. Really SMACK….WTF?

  • Mau Mai

    @ everybody *(Fauna included)
    We went a long way, didn’t we? Do you remember when lots of women, in China, used standard uniform that looked all the same…almost like men? That’s the image the world had of woman China. Of course we need to show our feminine style. I am all in favor of that. Still, I don ‘t believe to go to the extreem and become sexual objects. Many women fall pray to their own vanity and men’s lustful behavior.

    A man that really loves you is going to show respect in the first place. If not, he is like a wolf disguised es lamb. The japanese “brave” winter girls (see above) are looking good but maybe they are “borderline” between freedom of expression and showing off… To me human person is always important and never should be used or considered an object.

  • raab

    I’ve always associated girls with miniskirts in winter with Koreans. In Wangjing and Wudaokou in Beijing the Korean girls in miniskirts can always be seen through the winter, all the time. In Seoul as well of course.

    • Mau Mai

      Is it because Korea and Japan share much of same culture and fashion? Or is it because of similar western trend and because they are very developed societies with strong modern economy?

  • victoria

    There are many girls in Russia wearing skirts and short pants in winter. They usually have warm mini-shorts under the skirts. So the japanese girls do. Maybe no stockings is too extreme, but wearing 3 to 5 pairs of pants in winter like chinese ladies too is crazy. It’s not that cold.

    • VeerLeft

      It is that cold if you have no heat indoors. Chinese housing is pretty subpar in the insulation and climate control department.

  • I lived in Korea for five years in the late 1990s and for a significant portion of the female population, the rule seemed to be that the colder it got the more leg would be shown.

    Cheers, Boyce

  • Mini skirts are worn because extreme cold forces the blood vessels in the legs to constrict. As a result the upper body gets warmer quicker giving the girls a sense of vigor due to increased circulation in the upper body. If both parts of the body are warmed then circulation is slowed and you loose energy and liquid due to sweating then fatigue sets in.

  • I wear mini skirts in the winter because it’s the opposite of nature and fashion that makes the look more intense.

    And, in the winter ~ we don’t get tanned like in summer.


    • Mau Mai

      @Keiko…Thank you for posting your comment. I think you made a very good point regarding this issue. It´s true that the contrast makes the look more intense! As simple as that. I would also add that it is elegant and sexy look. You seem to be the first japanese girl writing on this blog… What city are you from? All the best to you.

      • Rick in China

        Japanese girls -> Rick in China in Chengdu, just ask around, COME FIND ME! *rar* :P

        • Mau Mai

          What does it mean this message? Do you mean some web site or known place…? Not clear statement.

          • Rick in China

            I was somewhat jokingly implying that I have met and liked quite a few japanese females in my time, and welcoming ‘them’ to come to Chengdu to find me, ie go to some bars and be like “yo do you know Rick in China I’m an attractive young japanese female”. Chengdu is a relatively small community, anyone who been here a good length of time ‘knows’ other people who been here a good length of time, that kinda ish. (at least, the business community..lots of teachers/students may be ‘separated’ into their own groups)

    • Mau Mai

      @ Keiko
      Is this fashion-trend original of Japan? It seems to me something which started in your country some years ago and, therefore, it is something original. I hear that in Europe and America girls almost always wear Jeans/ pants because they are more practical.

      I find skirts are definitely more feminine. By the way, do you have any problem with arrassment or anoying guys in Japan, because of mini skirts? If there is no problem…that is a plus for japanese good behavior!!
      Mau Mai

    • To be in opposition to nature is to be stupid in nature. I disagree with the intensity.

      • Mau Mai

        @ tony
        And why not some creativity and freedom of expression? I believe there is room for it as long as you don’t put your health in danger. The only limit for me is good taste and self respect.

    • zianchi

      your right..
      besides wearing mini skirt in the winter looks more sexy
      so…whatever! :)

      • zianchi

        how many 8 in 0-100??
        can anyone answer?

    • Duchemin

      Don’t you like getting sun-tanned?

  • ChinoCabron

    sorry fauna, didn’t mean to

    • Mau Mai

      Two questions:
      1)why you call yourself “Chinocabron”? Tht is very strange name.
      2)Sorry for what?

  • mi

    Chinese women are less worldly than the Japanese because their country is still developing, besides I believe some Chinese women who approach expats are golddiggers who rely on their looks not intelligence.

    • Mau Mai

      @ mi…you realli think like mi!
      There is a difference also because of lifestyle in developping countries is different from more developped ones. Unfortunately, situations of poverty turns people into “wealth seekers” even beyond reasonable limits… probably to compensate their previous lack of resources.
      A modern fashion trend is good but with good taste. I see two different trends for girls: mini skirts are preferred in Japan (They have a tradition for feminine beauty and style); jeans/pants, on the other hand are more common in most other countries because it’s more practical and casual. Mau Mai

      • mi

        Mau Mai, the so called ‘wealth seekers’ exist even in developed countries. There are some Japanese women who dates men for money (charge them hourly I guess) even though they already have day jobs. Some young women won’t mind to prostitute themselves for an LV bags..but obviously this type of situation is more prevalent in developing countries.

        • Mau Mai

          @ mi
          Wao…that is very shocking! To prostitute for a fashionable LV bag make me feel sick. How is it possible to give up your dignity for such a humiliating exchange? It also depend on values and the way one was brought up, I suppose. I just wish that a young lady would make herself respected because human person is never to be treated like commodity trade. This I think.

          • mi

            Well, it’s not only in Japan but in other countries as well.

  • R. Richardson

    This is a sign of immaturity. Those Japanese girls need to grow up and start wearing clothes more suitable for Hokkaido in winter.

    Look at the picture, http://www.chinasmack.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/japanese-girls-wearing-shorts-in-winter-showing-off-legs-02.jpeg

    I prefer this smart girl in the warm pink clothes over the stupid girls in the school uniforms designed for a warm weather, because wearing the light clothes in a cold weather is a sign of ugly rebellion and disrespect toward the cold nature. Henceforth, they will not make good wives because marriage requires sharing, modesty, and respecting. They should pay more attention at their bodies and selves, instead of following some crazy female entertainers who only make brief appearances. They should know that everything is always changing every day. They need to learn how to enjoy the changes of clothes which would be reflected by the changes of seasons.

    If a female human and the Mother Nature are to be in harmony, then she and her boyfriend or husband can also be in harmony. She has to choose rebellion or harmony for the rest of her life. She has to be more focused in her self, rather than making an effort to alter her appearance specially to gain the temporary attentions. Being too rebellious can easily split her family apart. Eventually, she should not sacrifice her family and relationship for trend clothing.

    • krdr

      You are such a expert in Japan and Japanese women, aren’t you?

      It is a fashion in Japan. Japanese girls finds school uniforms cute. It is influence from British school system, as wearing short skirts was mandatory.

      In all part of the world, you’ll find women wearing thing that men considers stupid.

    • omg

      “If a female human and the Mother Nature are to be in harmony, then she and her boyfriend or husband can also be in harmony. She has to choose rebellion or harmony for the rest of her life. She has to be more focused in her self, rather than making an effort to alter her appearance specially to gain the temporary attentions. Being too rebellious can easily split her family apart. Eventually, she should not sacrifice her family and relationship for trend clothing.”

      Well SHITs, if you’re telling them what and how they should think and behave how can you possibly be wrong?

  • SirBi

    I agree! Wholesome harmonic/demonic reproductive factories for plantation planet earth!

    Too sexy.

  • boots and miniskirt is sooooo 90’s


    • Mau Mai

      @ Shopgirl Shanghai
      I assume you are from Shanghai…what is your personal preference on fashion? Do you think of the japanese style is outdated? Is it too provocative or just out of contest in China´s cities?

  • Stephan Larose

    Wow, I love all the insane generalizations going on here. “All Chinese girls are submissive” “All Japanese girls are perverted” “These girls are immature… I prefer…” It’s just clothes, who cares! Some people like it some people don’t. Personally, I’d much rather see a girls legs, I would not put pants to cover up a flower, I wouldn’t do it for a woman either, it’s not perverted, I like personality even more than looks, but beauty was made by nature to be attractive and there’s nothing wrong with appreciating it. Besides, people are only physically beautiful for a short time, but people of all ages love it, so it’s actually pretty kind of them to share. Others may disagree with that, and that’s fine, no one has to have the same opinion. Except, I must object to the term “porky” to describe any of those girls, they are thin by any standard, calling them porky is an inducement to girls to be too thin, and very unhealthy. Those are some strong, shapely thighs, they seem to indicate that the girls are athletic and healthy, which to me, is always more attractive.

    • Mau Mai

      @ stephan Larose
      That´s good observation and sounds balanced and sensible to me. Beauty and style are to be admired, like you admire flowers, landscape and beautiful art. It agrees also with Keiko´s comment. Rushing to judgment on the person´s maturity maybe is not fair.

  • chinocabron

    At Mau Mai
    1. Chinocabron it is just some random user name
    2. it is not of your business

    At Shopgirl shanghai

    Remember when it comes to fashion Japan is way ahead of China. It seems to me you spend most of your time buying some cheap crap at cheapu lu!

    • Mau Mai

      You mean you chose by chance? I heard from friends it´s kind of spanish wird word…maybe mexican…but can´t remember what?

      • Rick in China

        Chino is Chinese, and Cabron is equiv to calling someone a prick or a motherfucker.

        ChinoCabron is basically “Chinese Prick”

  • Mau Mai

    This sems peculiar of Japan. So…it´s local trend probably, since you don´t see anything similar in other country: be it summer or winter. At least I am not aware of same trend fashion.
    If it is mature or not mature to fallow that fashion, I still wonder. In west, I read, the mini skirt was popular in 60s or 70s. But now they all prefer to wear Jeans-pants, even too tight in my opinion. What do you think? I always value style, taste and some balance. I wonder if Keiko is still on line or some other chinese girl to give opinion. Thanks

    • Rick in China

      Short skirts are still popular, Mau Mai, sexy doesn’t really change that much over time. Short skirts will *always* be sexy.

  • chinocabron

    At MAU MAI

    I think it is a pretty cool, not WEIRD!!!!!! at all( like you spell it wird hahaha). Have you ever been to Japan or Europe? I guess you haven’t. Fashion trends keep changing over the years but short skirts will always be part of it.

    At Rick
    Thanks for the explanation, but Cabron also can mean badass depending on the situation.
    About the Mini skirts will always be sexy. I completely agree on that.

    I thank you Fauna for posting these pictures
    they bring some good memories.

    C u all!

    • Kai

      LoL, yes, cabron is basically the Spanish equivalent to “niu bi,” with both positive and negative connotations. I love it when different languages and socieities have such similarities.

    • Mau Mai

      Yes…it´s weird! I accept correction. But how come that in many countries girls are just using pants and shy away from skirts? Outdated or not practical enough?There are two different ways of looking at style or taste, I suppose. I do prefer skirts, but in japan they seem to go 80% (or more) for mini skirts. It is a very definite statement and cultural choice…or not? They look nice, I agree with it, even in cold weather.

      • Rick in China

        It’s an age thing, Mau Mai, for example – 2 weekends ago I hit up HK to hang with some friends from Sydney who were visiting, both beautiful girls, and both aging (just like me :(). One is ~30 now, and I commented on her granny style clothes / love for beige. When we hit up dragonI you can see the women dress *in age* – early 20s has their thang, close to 30s have theirs, over 30 have theirs..it’s like a female cycle, not limited to a single country. When you mention girls using pants and shying away from skirts – yer not talking about young 20s at clubs in LA, are you? http://www.laclubarea.com/_Global/img/la-club-area-1.jpg Random google image from “hot club in LA” on first page, 3 second result, certainly not the finest women but their one pieces are definitely above the knees.

        • Mau Mai

          Thank you for your explanation which broadens the issue even more. I was mostly thinking of pictures I have seen of Europe (Italy, for example) and North America, Particularly in Mexico, where wearing jeans (casual everyday wearing) is the norm. They almost did away with skirts…unfortunately!

          • Rick in China

            It really depends what age of people you’re looking at, where, and what the weather is like. I was rollin around amsterdam near the victoria hotel @ central station late january, and saw zero miniskirts. Why? It was fuckin frosty cold and misty, the misty rain makes skin freeze. That’s near bar district..also.

            Yet in peru and ecuador, same time of year (was just passin thru), it’s warm. I saw lots of mini skirts, actually, and lots of shorts..just around the malls in guayaquil and lima, and the touristy areas near mira flores beach…tons of bikinis, short skirts, unf..quite nice. :D Trust me, probably moreso than anything else, I pay attention to these things……

            Thailand. Phuket on new years (normal new years, not cny) had lots of skirts, not just on the thai whores, but tourists were rockin short skirts over their bikinis or swimsuits too…no pants. Pants? Kidding right. Sure, it’s not snowy, but skirts were -the norm-.

            If you walk around manhattan mid-day week-day you’re likely to see pants all over the place. If you walk around sunset blvd any time of year on a mid-day weekend, you’ll see miniskirts, trust me.

            It’s silly to think that looking at some photos of some cities online determines the fashion popular in that city, people don’t wear the same things every day – do you? same clothes style every day? I certainly don’t.

            *glances around* In my section of the office right now, there are 3 skirts. (Chengdu)

          • Rick in China

            Oh wait, you mentioned mexico, perhaps miniskirts aren’t so visible in mexico because they were banned…haha, check this out:


            Banned miniskirts for ‘provoking rape’. That reminds me of an old george carlin skit, where he says:
            “Those guys say that she was coming on to him by wearing a short skirt. That’s not a defense. You can’t roll into court and say, “I’m innocent! I had to rape her, she was wearin a short skirt!”” or something to that effect, he’s hilarious – look him up on youtube :)

  • Mau Mai

    From kimono to mini skirt…what a big change! Still, I recall how Japan always valued a connection between elegance in human person and beauty of nature. Perhaps, this is its main originality, almost a mystique and a spirituality that today may be overshadowed. I just thought there may be some connection – however thin – between the japanese people/girl of ancient and modern Japan. Cultures always maintain some footprints from the past. Is´n it possible? It is just a thought.

  • zoobie

    i think we can just sum up that all Asians (koreans, japs, chinks) are fuking retards. i live in NYC now and the only retard hopeless dressers and socially awkward losers you see here are asian. then, again, in manhattan these days it seems about 1/2 of all people you see are asian…so that’s a lot of ‘tards. there, argument finished. u can stop commenting now.

    • Mau Mai

      On the contrary, I think you don’t see the class, style, and intelligent creativity in these pictures. I wonder if you would look nearly as elegant if you dressed like them!? We like this article and the contrast: brave and daring look of these japanese dolls!

  • Mau Mai

    @ Zoobie
    I never thought offensive language makes for a good opinion. Points of view are legittimate, always, even if different from mine. Preference in fashion is personal, cultural and subjective, but NEVER “retarded”. You hide behind the name “zoobie”…now try to tell yourself (meaning your race) “retarded” and see if it sounds right in your head? I just say try to feel it…I don´t mean to say that to you nor to anyone. OK?

  • Mau Mai

    @ Ric in China
    @ Kai
    Came on Rick, give me a break! What is this “Zoobie” trying to convey, insulting people? Is he just a trolly amateur or just a bitter and angry fellow?

    • Rick in China

      You really don’t have to reply or acknowledge dudes like that.

      • Mau Mai

        That’s exactly right. No need to add more words. But I wanted to turn back the words upon himself a little bit, instead of just saying: “shut up, please”!

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