Japanese Girls Wearing Miniskirts & Hot Pants In Winter


From Sina:

In comparison with other famous Ice and Snow Festivals, Japan’s Hokkaido Sapporo Ice and Snow Festival in recent years have made various country’s tourists tremble with its “scenery”, that would be the crazy beauty-loving Hokkaido hot girls in the midst of the magnificent ice sculptures. They not only seek the height of fashion trends, they also want to make everyone dumbstruck with their super ability to resist cold.

In Hokkaido’s blizzard, in freezing temperatures over ten degrees below zero, hot girls walk the streets still wearing revealing short skirts and hot pants, without even stockings. One tourist from a Nordic country who participated in Sapporo’s Ice and Snow Festival later wrote online: “As a Nordic person, icy and snowy days are no big deal, but the young Japanese girls here have really shocked me, they are too crazy! In temperatures over 10 degrees below zero, wearing miniskirts or hot pants exposing their legs, their two legs having frozen bright pink, indeed apparently without a concern”.






Comments from Sina:


It is said that this kind of freezing education is incorporated into the school’s character education courses from when the Japanese are small. There are also schools that hold a ceremony every winter where the boys are topless! If there is someone who is familiar with Japan’s education, you can share more information with us. I think there are many things China can learn from them…


No wonder Japanese girls have such thick legs, all toughened and trained like this.


It is said that Japanese people are trained like this from their childhood. Especially with girls, training their bodies like this, so they have a lot of offer for countless AV [adult video] titles.


Hehe. My understand of Japanese women was that they do not wear clothes, because I only see them in AV. So they also wear clothes after all. Secretly laugh.


I think young Japanese girls are educated with a certain way of thinking from when they are young, like they are born to serve men.


I was laughed at for only wearing two pairs of pants when I was in the Northeast during winter…


I suddenly feel that it is truly nice to be a man.


The way Chinese girls dress is still relatively normal, at least we are both warm and beautiful~ Japanese girls~~are not the usual kind of lei~~ (I was thinking of saying perverted/abnormal/deviant) Heh heh.


I am learning, so this is what Japanese girls are like. I have heard that the way Japanese educate their children is worth learning from, although maybe it may not be completely suitable if applied in China.


Shanghai women are also becoming more and more daring, wearing skirts everywhere during winter, although most generally all wear some stockings, etc.


To defeat the enemy, one must learn from the enemy. Little Japan has some things that are truly worth learning for us, especially psychologically/mentally/thinking (sex culture excepted).


I really want to know if Japanese women have very severe arthritis when they become old.


It looks like it is a matter of ethnicity. [That way of dressing] is more convenient [to have sex], so perverted!


In winter, Japanese hot girls wear very little to go out. They need two types of courage, one to deal with the cold weather, another to deal with other people’s looks.
Actually, the first type maybe many people can bear, but the second type very few people can do.
At the same time, I have the feeling that Japanese women actually are very self-reliant, and do not really want to rely on men.


Japan is the same as America, only snowing and no wind, but Beijing both snows and has wind, making Beijing’s winters especially cold. Therefore, Beijing MMs definitely do not have the opportunity to be like Japan’s girls. Otherwise, do you think Beijing does not have people who dare to dress like that?


This is humanity’s adaptability, and it transfers from one generation to the next generation. If there were no clothes, at the extreme limits, I think humanity would once again grow hair.


Forget about these young girls. In France, almost all of the old ladies dress like this in winter…without exception all stockings…

What do you think about girls who dress like this during cold weather for fashion reason?


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