List of Funny and Unusual Chinese Names, Netizen Reactions

From Sina:

Such ridiculous names, have you seen them?


元芳 – Fang Yuan (Online meme based on the ancient detective drama Di Renjie)


财付通 – Cai Futong (Chinese name for Tenpay, Tencent’s online payment system similar to Paypal)


高富帅 – Gao Fushuai (“Tall, rich, handsome”)


黑木耳 – Hei Muer (Black fungus, derogatory term for women’s vagina)


毛泽西 – Mao Zexi (Play on the name Mao Zedong, dong meaning East and Xi meaning West)


包爽 – Bao Shuang (“Guaranteed satisfaction”, usually in the context of sex)


曹尼玛 – Cao Nima (Homonym for fuck your mother, or motherfucker)


贺赫赫 – He Hehe


范统 – Fan Tong (Homonym of 饭桶 meaning idiot)


胡锦涛 – Hu Jintao (Former Chinese president)


祖国 – Zhu Guo (Meaning motherland or homeland)


戴乃照 – Dai Naizhao (Homonym for wearing a bra)


支付宝 – Zhi Fubao (Alipay, Alibaba’s online payment system founded by Jack Ma)


闪电球 – San Dianqiu (Lightning ball)


赵C – Zhao C


操小马 – Cao Xiaoma (Fuck little horse)


何三奶 – He Sannai (He “third mistress”)

刘性福 – Liu Xingfu (Liu “sexually happy/blessed”)

王星期二 – Wang Xingqier (Wang “Tuesday”)

武六七 – Wu Liuqi (Five, six, seven)

金高潮 – Jin Gaochao (Jin “climax/orgasm”)

叶佛祖 – Ye Fozhu (Ye “Buddha”)

毛太美 – Mao Taimei (Hair too beautiful)

范咪咪 – Fan Mimi (Mimi is another word for boobs)

范建 – Fan Jian (犯贱 or act like a bitch)


来高潮 – Lai Gaochao (Come orgasm/climax)


徐狗男 – Xu Gounan (Xu “dog man” or bastard)


史大佗 – Shi Datuo (Big pile of shit)

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常高潮 – Chang Gaochao (Often orgasm/climax)


胡锦涛 – Hu Jintao (Former Chinese president)


江泽民 – Jiang Zemin (Former Chinese president)


关云常 – Guan Yunchang (Historical figure Guan Yu made famous in Romance of the Three Kingdoms)


好牛逼 – Hao Niubi (Very niubi)

Comments on Sina:


I really admire these people’s fathers.


Many people were born in the 90s, from the look of it their parents are pretty young, why did they give them such absurd names?


Blame the parents for being uncultured, gave really unprofessional names.


I know two brothers named Xian Youqian (have money first) and Xian Youquan (have power first).


Why are all the boarding passes from Chongqing Jiangbei Airport?


Using the last name to comment “very niubi”.


Haha! Really deserve to be beaten. Alipay, so avant garde, hurry up and sue them. Come orgasm/climax, he must’ve gone crazy wanting to orgasm.


Some are real, some are photoshopped.


Haha, so funny.


This really opened my eyes, the world is so big, anything is imaginable!


Fuck, it is clearly photoshopped looking at the pictures.


So funny, their parents’ are so irresponsible.


Don’t look at just a person’s name, stop getting a laugh out of other people’s names, if it was you, how would you think, mister.


My friend’s name is Zhang Gaochao (Zhang orgasm/climax).

Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

  • mr.wiener

    Some of these are pretty good, has anyone else here read
    “Outrageous Chinese”?

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Yeah I read it, the funniest part is when Baymax farted on Mario’s face.

  • Ken Morgan

    It’s only bad if the person is born now and is named those things. 20-30 years ago those memes probably meant something else entirely.

  • Xia

    How can ID be posted on the Internet? Privacy rights, anyone?

    • lacompacida

      Are you talking about human rights in China ?

    • A Touch of Sin

      chirp……. chirp………..

  • With a couple Billion Chinese in the world, you will even find a Larry, Curly and Moe and maybe a Shemp and Little Joe too

  • Paulos

    Okay, I admit it, the Datuo Shi one really got me.

    • Zhegezhege

      Chang Gaochao was my favourite… with the photo of that goon looking proud behind his name.

  • NeverMind
  • AbC

    Most, if not all the boarding passes seem fake. Someone working at the airport counter got really bored… That or all the fockers from Chingqing are wacked in the head when naming their kids.
    (All originated from same airport).

  • Brian227

    A man in the UK got involved in a dispute with his bank and wound up changing his legal name to “Yorkshire Bank PLC are Fascist Bastards.” They had to print this on his cheque book and all correspondence.

    Which was nice.

  • Guest

    Seriously, who would name their kid vagina?

    • Dolph Grunt

      Was not trying to spam. Computer problems. I feel like I’m writing lines in primary school.

      • Surfeit

        That’s what you get for showing off.

  • Guest

    Seriously, who would name their kid Vagina?

    • Dolph Grunt

      Was not trying to spam. Computer problems…

  • Guest

    Seriously! Who would name their kid Vagina?

  • Dolph Grunt

    Seriously, who would name their kid Vagina?

    • Dolph Grunt

      Was not trying to spam. Computer problems.

      • jin

        You do know that this is a comedy MOVIE right?

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Make room for:

  • carmouflagger

    “He Hehe”

  • vecuccio

    This isn’t funny in the slightest ! Now, if they were called ‘Me So Horny’ etc etc