Little Girls in Bikinis at Chinese Car Show Controversy

Little girls wearing bikinis participating in a modeling competition at a Wuhan auto show in November 2012.

Little girls wearing bikinis participating in a modeling competition at a Wuhan auto show in November 2012.

From Sina:

Little Girls in Bikinis Posing as Car Models at the Wuhan Automobile Exhibition Cause Controversy

As reported by Wuhan’s Evening Newspaper, at the “2012 Chutian Automobile Festival” held on November 16th at the Wuhan International Conference & Exhibition Center, several little girls in bikinis posing like car models, attracting crowds of onlookers.

Photos of these little girls in bikinis were posted on Weibo, inciting strong reactions, with comments nearly “all one-sided” against the organizer of the auto show, the automobile manufacturers, and the parents of these little girls. One visitor to the car exhibition who saw the “show” commented that having little children wearing bikinis as car models is businesses harming “the buds of our motherland” and that the parents were being absolutely irresponsible.

Little girls wearing bikinis participating in a modeling competition at a Wuhan auto show in November 2012.

“They should get their minds out of the gutter?” said the mother of one of the little girls, feeling very misunderstood and wronged. She said that she had encouraged her daughter to compete in several children’s model contests, believing that the catwalk would keep her child physically fit and help to build a more confident and open personality. “And it’s not like its illegal for kids to wear bikinis.”

The show was co-hosted by Qisefeng Modeling Agency, whose director Zhang Ping said that they held a Parent-Child Contest at the car show, hoping to find potential future super models. There were only two events in the children modeling contest held on November 16th—a talent show and car model posing, and wearing a bikini was not required. Zhang Ping says these girls were just contestants, not car models, and there was no business relationship between the parents, the Challenge Contest and the organizer of the event.

A little Chinese girl and her mother participating in a modeling competition at a car show in Wuhan, China.

However, Feng Jialin, a research associate of Hubei Academy of Social Sciences, indicated that wearing bikinis for show would have negative effects on girls of such a young age.

Firstly, it is probable that young girls that start modeling at a young age might easily think that it’s easy money; hence they lack the motivation to study hard at school. Secondly, overly-revealing clothing could have unfavorable influences on children’s psychological health, especially on their sexual development. Wearing bikinis at such a young age is beyond what people could accept psychologically, and is rather inappropriate.

From the perspective of child psychology, parents should try their best to keep children from forms of art or behavior that are not well-accepted among the public, especially little girls; and revealing clothing should not be worn by them.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


The organizers have absolutely no bottom limit [to what they’re willing to do] whatsoever. And neither do the parents.


In the future, don’t just emphasize school education, pay more attention to home education. Some parents have lost their heads to greed!!! Could children grow up healthy [with such parents]?


This is as disgusting as singing Peking Opera in bikinis!


I’ve never understood why car shows have people wearing bikinis. It’s not like they’re selling yachts! Who TM would wear a bikini to go out and drive around? Nor do I know what moron first started such a crooked practice! Children wearing bikinis is not what goes too far, what goes too far is their suggestive poses! Are these still [being treated as] children?


Pole dancing and the likes is nothing compared to this. This is truly going too far.


When being naked becomes a tool for making money, the concept of honor and shame has already died.


This is worse than begging [referring to the use of children as beggars]!


I don’t see what’s wrong with it. It looks fine to me. Dirty people see dirtiness in everything.


I can picture their parents showing these photos and bragging about it to every one!


The Hubei Body Exhibition.


That’s the dwarf/midget group, okay? They’re already 20-something-years=old already. Don’t make a fuss about things that you don’t fully understand.


What’s the problem with this? I’m perfectly okay with my under 10-year-old daughter wearing bikinis and being a child model. Althought we shouldn’t be too open-minded [liberal], we shouldn’t be too conservative [prudish] either… I just think the car here [that the children are modeling with] is wrong. It should be an SUV or other large recreational vehicle, where the whole family is going to the beach, where wearing this kind of clothes would make sense.

What do you think? Is this fundamentally inappropriate, or is it all in the mind of the viewer?

  • The One


    • mr.wiener


  • I guess it would be totally no problem in Japan. You can buy some borderline-CP there.

    I also think it is kinda disgusting. I mean, the children would not know why, but putting the little children in bikinis in a context that is kinda sexual (or why else would beautiful ladies always promote cars at such exhibitions) is too much. At least for me.

    • nintendo-nerd

      Child Porn laws are very relaxed in Japan. I went to Tokyo for a few weeks one summer, and I couldn’t believe the stuff they were selling in anime stores.
      In anime shops in Tokyo, they sell cartoons, adult videos, and right next to the AV section is a bunch of DVDs of little children as young as 3 in bikinis.

      This article of little kids at a car show in China is nothing compared to the stuff you’ll see in Japan.

      • Bugs Bunny

        and they like to make av with lolita,also mixed pretty girls…sigh!
        several famous av girls are mixed,and they prefer girls more look like white.
        a lot of porn anime also.i watched some already.
        they even make porn of Ultraman…if superman is from japan, they would do the same too.
        jap are sicko, with typical island value and spirit.
        to be frank,in most of our chinese mind,jap girls begin to sell early in school…really!

        • Bugs Bunny

          but jap av is lame…those girls too much silly, and you can see they fake ogsm easily.guys too ugly…
          hk porn is so great.but no real sex inside, just full of beauty inside.
          Tinto brass is the empire of porn.mixed sex and art and beauty well…

          • Kate

            Bugs Bunny sure does know a lot about Japanese porn….

          • vincent

            Yeah but it seems her expertise doesn’t stop at Japanese Porn :O

          • Germandude

            Everybody starts his/her movie career somewhere…

          • Kate

            I remember my first japanese porn, it was a lovely tentacle rape movie.

          • Germandude

            I kid you not when saying that I don’t know what a “tentacle rape movie” is. I am however curious because I know what a tentacle is, but wouldn’t connect that with porn.

          • Kate

            Yeah it starts like this.


            Tentacle porn. It does exist.

          • starsky


            so does human cruelty to tentacle beasties. payback is a bitch

          • linette lee

            That is freakish. I don’t think I am brave enough to eat food that fight with me at the table. This is in Korea? That guy is speaking chinese.

          • Germandude

            Awesome. I never finish learning. Tentacle porn…and here I was, thinking that I know it all, until Kate comes up with….tentacle porn. LOL, wtf?

          • mattman_183
          • Germandude

            Hey thanks for the link!. Super interesting!

          • linette lee

            It’s only I didn’t know what it was neither until I read this one Chinasmack article few months ago. The japanese are nut.

          • mr.wiener

            Apparently it started back in times when painters where churning out “pillow books”.At one time you weren’t allow to draw wangs [I hope miss Wang noticed I said that] so they used a phallic substitute: women being molested by octopi instead.
            It sparked a whole little sub-group of tentacle fetishism. And made about as much sense a banning women from acting in Kabuki theatre for fear immorality after the show. Instead young boys acted the part of women in the shows so they had gay underage sex happening after the show instead.
            Theatre in England had the same problem.

          • Bugs Bunny

            haha,i just watched Jan Dara2,the film is lame, just because i like Mario,he is so lovely, good example of mixed kid.that kinda of boy you wanna push down,haha!
            seems many mixed super good-looking boys in Thai films or soaps.yummy!

          • linette lee

            You are right. The thai celebrities a lot of them are mixed. They are mixed of white, spanish, chinese, thai and they are very looking.

          • Bugs Bunny

            maybe because many mixed in thailand, so the rate to have pretty ones is higher.
            i do not see that kinda pretty mixed actors in china or japan or korea…merely to see. they have that super neat face, so yummy!

          • Kate

            I met a famous Thai actor in Hongdae, Korea last year. He was in Korea filming a new movie or show or something and by chance I ran into him and his film crew hanging out on the playground. He was reallllllllllllllllly sweet and shy and like 17. Kao Jirayo and me. (it was like 4 am and I wasn’t exactly anywhere near sober in this picture) Do you recognize him?

          • Bugs Bunny

            sorry, i do not know him, i know mario…he even went to our most famous entertainment show,all we love him.hahaha!also pae arak…

            this is pae…

            wow,your so beautiful like a star…and this guy looks very good too.

          • linette lee

            Mario maurer is a cutie. He started modeling at a very young age. Now he is 24. He is part Chinese, italian, thai. What a cutie. He reminds me of taiwanese cutie Lee hom wang.

            Mario maurer


            Lee hom wang

          • Bugs Bunny

            i know a lot of films,not only av…
            i wrote films views for pocket money.
            also comments on newspaper.

          • linette lee

            Hk does make a lot of those fake porns. So pervy. Many are no name actresses also. I wonder how much these no name actresses got paid for doing fake porn. They were probably tricked into doing it promising bigger role and will become a big star. So sad.

          • linette lee

            That reminds me of one summer. I went back to Hk few years ago to stay for the summer. I was walking in the dragon centre mall and this guy kept looking at me. He then came up to me and gave me his business card telling me he is a modeling agency. He asked me if I am interested and can we go back to his studio to take some photos. He sounded eager and convincing, he must be on commission. I told him no and he kept asking me for my phone number. I didn’t give it to him.

            The thing is, in hk you do have these so called star search agents on the street and 99% of them are fake. They look for women on the street and trick them into taking photos or promise them big movie role. Those photos are for casting agent so better to show your “potential” to impress the director. None of it’s true. They end up in some cheap soft porn adult magazine and all you will get is a few hundred bucks. You think everybody can be tang wei or cecilia cheung?

        • El Puma R.

          Lol imagine all the cash they could make if China would open up to produce porn… it would get even worse than Japanese. Oh, and porn is one of the few things China has yet to copy.

          We are all sinners as far as I know.

  • mr.wiener

    *Sigh* It ain’t just the Chinese. This shit is f*cked up by anyone’ s definition.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    More sickening are the parents who would allow their toddlers to do this and thinking its good for them.

  • carmouflagger

    That’s one sexy looking G37 (3rd pic) Has some serious brakes too and those Vossen wheels, yummy! :)

  • Bugs Bunny

    fat baby girls,cute!

    • YourSupremeCommander

      And then send her to work at auto shows.

      • Bugs Bunny

        i am happy she will have a good daddy can offer her something better.
        she can dance in park or just for us.

    • Germandude

      I am pretty sure that you will share all your life’s experience with your daughter on how to smarten up and getting the right guy around. kudos to you!

  • nintendo-nerd

    Looks like China is starting to copy Japan.

    • donscarletti

      In Japan they have the sailor suit, in China, the track suit. Still a long way to go.

  • Kate

    I read this story a few weeks ago and the story I read said that the car show organizers had invited parents of some beauty competition to let their little ones model. The organizers did NOT tell them they had to wear bikinis. Some parents brought their kids in bikinis, most did not. Its the parents fault for sexualizing their kids to get attention.

    • maybeabanana

      This kind of parenting will go a long way.

    • It’s not sexualizing to Chinese. The link I posted earlier explains it.

      So, if it isn’t sexualizing to Chinese, it’s cute. Notice all the photographers and audience – they get it. We, on the other end of the internet, don’t see it that way.

      • The disgust expressed by the Chinese comments above indicate that it is sexualizing to the Chinese, and it is not cute.

  • What, no thongs? LMAO

  • yurah

    Isnt this article kinda old

    • Sinopathic scooped cS, wow. The following was written on Nov 30th of last year… and it was already ages late.

      As I’m always trying to explain the impossible, here’s the thesis from it:

      “Sexiness as a concept does not exist in China. Therefore, if adults can not be sexy, then neither can children.”

      • jonny

        Arousal is in the conditioned perception of the corrupted eyes of the beholder. You say sexiness, as a concept, does not exist in China. But you’re wrong.

        The conditioning has begun. In the image below, a Time Magazine centrefold showing Chinese being conditioned with the Western corruption of sentiment and emotional insanity that infects everything. The movie? James Cameron’s “Titanic in 3D”.

        Their hearts will go on.

        But their brains are being switched off / shut down.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Yeah! I knew I’ve seen this outrageous topic before! I couldn’t remember where, I think someone mentioned it back in fall of last year on a different website, and I found out by Googling it.

      A little surprised on the lateness on this article, Chinasmack. :/

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Okay I can understand trying to get an early start in your career, but isn’t this a tad too early?

    • Dr Sun


    • jonny

      Nonsense. When conditioning child slaves for exploitation, the earlier the better.

      Boys in blue to fight wars. Girls in pink to breed boys to fight wars and girls to breed boys to fight wars and girls to breed boys to fight wars and girls to breed boys to fight wars and….[insert 5000 years of this here].

      Well you want your child to be “normal”, don’t you?

  • B*tches, Leave

    that’s not healthy … for the tiger parents, kids who promise to grow up without a character (like many kids here do) and the inner monster that guys try to tame inside them … I’d love to see some granny bikini car shows! That would be hilarious!

  • mike

    pedophiles need cars too.

    • Joe Awesomesauce

      If anything, they would probably need white vans.

      • Nooo, with the sports cars they try to impress the parents….mothers as well as fathers… “Whoever has such a respectable car has to be respectable too…” Well, dream on, sheeple!

    • jonny

      When I read the comment “Dirty minds see dirtiness in everything”, I nearly choked on my crack pipe.

  • vincent

    China’s answer to honey boo boo…

    • Alexander

      Honey Boo Boo wears dresses, not bikinis…..

      • Barack Obama


  • YourSupremeCommander

    In this country we have Toddlers and Tiaras, same difference.

    • PandaPanda

      Sure, but they’re being ridiculed and condemned from every angle as well.

    • Yes, and T&T is just as disgusting.

  • MonkeyMouth

    aaahhh….. so THAT’S why i saw Gary Glitter at the airport earlier…….

  • maybeabanana

    Extreme? Maybe not, but it sure is an example of peoples outlook on sex, youth, money and culture. Entirely dysfunctional is as nice as I can get.


    its not Good idea ,,they very young, for bikinis.. DAMP

    • Germandude

      Dude, the problem is not that young girls wear bikinis… You know, go to a swimming pool or the Ocean anywhere in the world and you will see very young girls (in the same age and younger) wearing bikinis. It’s just like that.

      What is wrong in this, is that these girls are doing modelling in it. As you might know, cars are usually advertised with sexy women because men will look at the car and the women and think: “Wow the girl is sexy. Wow, the car is great. If I buy one of those cars, I get a sexy woman or become attractive to sexy women”.
      It’s marketing 101. Now you can imagine that little girls wearing bikinis advertising cars in bikinis is borderline insanity.

  • Failures everywhere m8

    Amazing how this is so full of bullshit.
    These “3” toddlers are actually little people/dwarf/midget W/E you like calling them
    who are already in their 20s i’m amazed who actually believed it but meh what ever an article says must be TRUE

    • Kate

      Do you have proof of that?

      • Failures everywhere m8

        i saw a Chinese Tv Show that was about people with handicaps and these 3 girls were in it and for some reason i’m not able to find it as my Chinese is pretty crap.
        So i don’t know the name of the TV show and nope atm i don’t have any proof but imma try and find it as i need proof cuz i claimed it all BS

    • YourSupremeCommander

      They look pretty normal to me, midgets & dwarfs have very obvious looks, such as big heads or big limbs that just look squished.

      • Failures everywhere m8

        That’s true when i saw them on TV i didn’t really understand what their handicap was but after like doing their introduction and stuff they said they were in their 20s so yeah, well i’m trying to find that Tv show

  • Red Scarf

    Bad taste….
    China is becoming more and more like the USA everyday…..

  • Honey boo boos of China?

    • Alexander

      No, she doesn’t do bikini modeling.

      • Barack Obama

        are you her producer?


          So Mr. Obama how many women and children did you kill today?

          • moody

            Says the Japanese who’s ancestors probably burried Nanjing Ppl up to their necks and then drove his tank on top of them.
            Nice going there.

          • jonny

            Yes, let’s fight!

            FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

            You know nothing but what you’re told and what you’re told is as close to fiction as fantasy. History isn’t written by winners. It’s written by linguists. They lie to their respectful vassals fluently.

    • “Sketti” with Chinese characteristics ensures that Chinese Honey Boo-Boo (蜂蜜布布) eats marginally better.

  • Roihu


    I thought cS already covered this.

    In any case, why cover this just now?

    • Germandude

      You see? It’s the Chinese way of doing something for the environment. Recycling of bytes and pieces.

  • Too Old Do not Want

    • Are you talking about the age of the article or the child models?

      Does the porno you enjoy involve ultrasound videos?

      • jonny

        This is the point of comedic satire yes. Don’t get the satirist confused with the targets of the sardonic commentary. But in the confused race towards ever younger targets between predators supplying the demand for ever younger prey; the source of their corrupted confusion will never be discussed. Paedophiles are literally aroused by innocence and purity.

        And no one will connect the dots to honest girls getting acid thrown in their faces by the Yahweh religions for – shock! horror! – liking boys outside of marriage. It’s wrong. IT JUST IS, OKAY!? The Bible, Qu’ran and Torah all make it very clear that being female is wrong without ever making a logical case for why religion smears everything pure and natural with its insane brush of immorality.

        Girls biologically coded to enjoy / desire sex ~10 times the limited capacity of men are filthy. Religion says so. Naturally filthy. They must learn to control their natural shame. And gays who have fun without hurting anyone are filthy. Religion says so. Because it’s unnatural and shameful, that’s why!

        The only acceptable way to behave if one wishes to please Yahweh is too generate suffering and pain. Then the blasphemous Middle men of an omnipotent God (who needs them, in his all-powerful needy) move in to manage the pain ‘relief’. God is good?

        No. He’s Great at what He does. Insanity. Misery. Confusion. Rape. Exploitation. Conflict. War. Death. He’s Yahweh Shibboleth (translated, “He who musters armies”).

        Everything is connected. All misery comes from confusion generated by the needy insanity that created the construct used for cannibalistic leeching. God is good. Because he kills everyone! Say He’s Good or he’ll kill your grandchildren! God is great.

        He’s the GOD of WAR.

  • TrickyNishidake

    I was pretty sure Asian men are totally into this kind of thing, you know, since the majority of them are pedophiles.


      How’d you know I was a pedo? I like boys, preferably 1 year old and younger. But shhhhh, don’t tell anyone, it’s my dirty little secret.

      • mr.wiener

        *Kamakazipilot and Wiener sitting in a jail.*
        Wiener:”What are you in for?”
        KKP: :”Having sex with a twentytwo year old.”

        KKP:” Sorry, I meant having sex with twenty two year olds”.


          Good one, LOL. If I was really like that I’d deserve and probably receive a shiv to the neck. Now the bigger question is whether Tricky is dumb, dumber, or dumbest.

        • Gay Azn Boi

          I’m sure you love to put your wiener in two year olds’ buns.


            Or maybe you’d like Wiener to put his wiener in your buns. Be honest now, it’s only the internet, no place for shame.

          • mr.wiener

            Kam, If we were sitting in jail together we’d be living large pimping GAB for cigarettes and blow


            Yup, and the thing is GAB will be having the most fun out of the 3 of us.

          • mr.wiener

            Meat between 2 year old buns? Nah, that’s Mcdonalds you’re thinking of.

      • TrickyNishidake

        I only made broad generalizations until one of you fell into it!


          Ohhhhhh, I fell into your trap. I guess that proves you’re really an expert on pedophilia.

          • TrickyNishidake

            Well, most Asian men are pedophiles. It’s a pretty big trap.

            And if you’re Asian and male. If it walks like a duck…


            I have a bridge I’m trying to sell in Emporia, Kansas, USA. It’s for a cheap price, in a high traffic area so lots of revenue potential. Guaranteed money maker. If you want to buy it let me know.

          • TrickyNishidake

            Well, your ability to sell a bridge is about equivalent to your ability to convince me you’re not a pedophile, or Asian.

            You can keep your bridge and your two year old boys. Try not to get caught. They’re rooting for you in prison.


            My ability to sell you a bridge=your ability to convince me you have a brain (or use the one that you have). BTW I never tried to convince you I’m not asian, in fact I’m a 6 foot tall black post-op transvestite.

            Your prison reference has me shaking in my boots, I nearly wet my pants. If not a bridge, would you be interested in buying a snow machine in Hokkaido?

          • mr.wiener

            For your edification I’ll supply you the links of the worthy Dr. Tobias Hübinette. Who postulates that White guys with “yellow fever” are closet pedos.

            Personally I feel the fact that he is a Korean adopted by Norwegians probably gives him an chip on his shoulder of epic proportions as we just know he was getting absolutely no action throughout the entirety of his school years by big blond scandinavian chicks who were probably taller than him. However like all good BS it probably conceals a grain of truth.


            I’ve actually heard that theory before, maybe from him. I’ll read that later at my leisure. With a name like Tobias Hubinette, living in Sweeden. and his face, it’s perfectly logical for him to feel insecure. I’ll say there is a great deal of fetishism and exoticism regarding “yellow fever” but I wouldn’t go as far as pedophilia. Now you got me thinking of Scandinavian blonde chicks, in real life are they really as hot as what I see on TV and pictures?

          • TrickyNishidake

            The good thing is I was never trying to convince you of anything. Whew….I feel so relived.

            What am I going to do with the snow machine I already have?


            So replying to me isn’t trying to convince me? You’re relieved? More like you relieved yourself in your pants due to your insecurities. Were you molested by an asian male in your youth? Your logic=your life=fail.

            Maybe jump inside and launch yourself out like a cannonball? If you’re lucky you’ll take out an asian male when you land.

          • Trickynishidake

            Not at all, I’m more than secure about my American Wasp spot on the human pecking order.

            If anything, you’re the one who seems upset because I’ve labelled “the help” of the world as pedophiles.


            I’ve also labeled anyone named “Tricky” as someone who’s been sexually molested as a child by an asian male and is still coming to terms with it. Your denial of it will only exacerbate your problem. I’m jovial as always, I just find you hilarious. You mad bro?

          • mr.wiener

            Spot is a dog.
            Dogs are animals.
            Whiskers is an animal.
            Therefore whiskers is a dog.
            Use logic much?

    • mr.wiener

      Generalize much?

      • TrickyNishidake

        All the time because all of human civilization can be divided into easily categorized groups.

        • mr.wiener

          “……because all of human civilization can be divided into easily categorized groups.”
          I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

          • Joe Awesomesauce

            I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure you’re being trolled.

          • mr.wiener

            Tru dat.

  • doublesheep

    Reminds me of the scene in Bruno when Bruno pretends to work for a talent agency or something and tell parents that their kids need to lose a lot of weight in short amount of little time, or need plastic surgery or will be featured in some provocative shoot, and all the parents are cool with it, with no opposition whatsoever.

  • this is so wrong…

  • stevelaudig

    ““They should get their minds out of the gutter?” said the mother of one of the little girls, feeling very misunderstood and wronged. She said that she had encouraged her daughter to compete in several children’s model contests, believing that the catwalk would keep her child physically fit and help to build a more confident and open personality. “And it’s not like its illegal for kids to wear bikinis.”
    “physically fit… confident… open personality” all available via other routes that do not sexualize children [ballet, other dance, gymnastics]. Am I pointing out the obvious by saying that this ‘mother of one of the little girls’ is acknowledging the sexualization by this comment? There is a role for censorship of ‘expression’ when it comes to certain things. not yelling ‘fire’ in a theatre, no child porn, not sexualizing children and how they are viewed; telling lies that harm or endanger others. Is it a stretch to say the moms are pimping their daughters [there are no sons in g strings, or thongs, sticking their butt out. Don’t they need to be physically fit, confident with ‘open’ personalities] to peddlers of cars? No good comes of this.

    • xiaohouzi

      It wouldn’t surprise me if some of these moms were or are prostitutes or strippers. Those people have children too and they probably see nothing wrong with pimping them out. Car shows are just the beginning for these girls.

    • jonny

      You heard the lady. It’s not illegal.

      Laws were invented not to deter undesirable and inhumane conduct but to legalise it. Humans aren’t taught to think and act in their own best interests; they’re taught to follow the rules. What the referee doesn’t catch is legal. What the rules don’t prohibit is legal. It’s remarkable really, how little the referees catch in this era of technology where literally every paedophile has already been identified and is on various surveillance lists.

      The state is not interested in whether or not they continue to molest children, but it would be preferred by the state if they did. They’ll be allowed to continue to generate what can be used to leverage them down the line. 99.9% will never be important enough to bother with, but when that pesky opponent of yours is the 0.1%, ding ding.

      If you’re struggling with the logic, stay away from games of power. You’ll get eaten alive. All modern law is based on the first laws, the Ten Commandments from God. They didn’t criminal a thing because penalties for breaches of the commandments arrived later; but what the Ten Commandments did achieve – quite literally – was the legalisation of Rape. Thou Shalt Not Rape? God ran out of space to care; he was too busy ordering you NOT to be insane. You’re not allowed to FEEL that way.

      The law will come in to protect these little girls from being exploited. Watch! It will be naughty then. Uh oh. Like sex outside marriage, raping a 10 year old girls is naughty. Wrong. Immoral. JUST DON’T DO IT, OKAY?!

  • Gay Azn Boi

    Are we ever going to see hot male models at car shows?


      Hell no. Male models are just plain gross.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        I bet you’ve never seen Francisco Lachowski


          Of course I haven’t and that pic is the most I ever want to see of him. Besides I’m better looking than him, no joke. Although I know you won’t think so as I know you like white meat.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Hmm. That’s a pretty bold statement.
            I guess there’s only one way to find out. Show us your face pic :p


            Not bold at all as I find that guy just ordinary. Really I’d post my pic but for security reasons I don’t want everyone seeing me. I guess I’ll just have to let your imagination leave you salivating.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Lol you didn’t think I’d actually expect you to post your pic did you?

            But seriously, you saying Francisco is “just ordinary” is blasphemy. He is a GOD.


            I don’t know what to think with you already. You asked, I responded. Besides, it’s not like it’s unprecedented for people to post their pics online. Looks like we’re living in different worlds GAB. Maybe it’s a good thing.

      • mattman_183

        or Zoolander

    • Brett

      Make a gay car show. Who knows, you might be on to something

      • But in a gay car show, every car would be a convertible with the top down and a huge tail pipe.

        Hmm, he may be onto to something.

    • mr.wiener

      I have no problem with male models in gold lame bikini briefs draped over a car, two incomes ,no baby expenses and all that.
      Just so long as they are not little boys….

  • What a very disgusting marketing strategy.. wow. what consumer data in china shows that immature minors in a skimpy bathing-suits increases auto purchases..

  • A Lu

    I’m sure something else did happen in China recently? Why cover a months old story? Hello?!?

  • Madesu

    Excellent marketing strategy especially targeting for pedophiles.

  • LOLOLO2012

    Little girls wearing bikinis and posing sexualy suggesting on a car show very wrong, what’s wrong with their parents??

    Now the “expert” that is quoted at the enf of the article says “overly-revealing clothing could have unfavorable influences on
    children’s psychological health, especially on their sexual development.
    Wearing bikinis at such a young age is beyond what people could accept
    psychologically, and is rather inappropriate”, which is a bunch of BS. My 3 year old daughter wears a bikini when we go to the beach and I don’t see that affecting her in any way, much less being inappropiate.

  • RightousFury

    Sickening. Bunch of pedofiles.

  • linette lee

    what a sad sad pathetic people. How do the parents allowed their kids to participate in this kind of event? Don’t they find out what kind of modeling job their kids are doing?
    This is crazy.

  • the woman in pink have really healthy thigh for childbearing purposes…. thats good…. thats really good.

  • Brett

    Edit:I clearly didn’t read the story before posting this. Disregard.


    Is this really that different than the beauty pagents in America for 5 year olds? Both are sexualizing kids. Both are a little creepy. That first pic with the girl sticking out her ass just isn’t right. Just hope the girls can grow up to be mentally healthy adults.

  • Miki


    It’s true there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with little girls wearing bikinis at the beach or something, but putting them in the same positions as showgirls, a professions whose entire existence is founded on sexualization of women, makes the parallels are undeniable AND SO CREEPY AUGH.

    Revolting, revolting, revolting!

  • Jeffli

    a little sick really.
    obviously China missed the feminist movements from the west.

  • The lack of foresight and common sense with some of these Chinese businesses…

  • Jing Li

    I find it horribly amusing that a country that says “porn is illegal” allows this. I wonder how many people that couldn’t get off to porn…. I’m not going to finish that sentence

  • filabusta

    Classy. I see this kind of thing all the time though. Every time my school has a big event they cover the kindergarteners in make up (even the boys) and dress them up in pop idol outfits to dance on stage.

  • anon101

    I didnt want to open this, just the thought of it….. I am a father and couldnt imagine every allowing my daughter to do this

  • My Name Is Lee

    Some Chinese have really fucked up minds!!! I am chinese myself, but this is really really fucked up tasteless shit! If they were wearing normal clothes, acceptable. But in bikini mimicking carshow girls… common parents, … sigh….


      “Some Chinese have really fucked up minds!!!”
      You can replace Chinese with any other nationality and it’ll be all so true.

  • the truth

    I see the true nature of china men is shown through the use of such young girls.

  • dconn

    wow. Way to teach morals

  • Slob

    China trying to be Japan.

  • adsfasf4

    boggles my mind how a mother would want to put their child in a spotlight for pedophiles to watch them. sounds more like they do it for the money than for any actual ‘character’ building. children do not need to be sexualized so early in development. they can build character/”personality” without being subjected to oogling old men.

  • And they say the Chinese have better values?

  • Way to be a good role model and make Asian people look good in the
    world, scro. And though you’re probably mothers entering your daughters in something like this, you’re catering to sick perversion, so I’m going to keep calling you “scro.” I’ve heard all kinds of creepy stereotypes about Asians and their porn / lolita love. It’s no more true than that Asian people are all good at math or the guys all have small penises, but I shudder to think what news stories like THIS one are going to make people say. I don’t want to start hearing pedophile jokes.

    I’m absolutely certain that this was generated and broached to these mothers as a publicity stunt… or I am trying to hold down my dinner while convincing myself that it is. Stop thinking about what’s going to get your name out there, what’s going to generate publicity. What, is this a case of no publicity is bad publicity? How about you start considering the impact you have on others instead of making a statement? What are you going to say ten, twenty, thirty years down the line when some young Asian is trying to succeed and gets shot down because people perpetuate their stereotyped beliefs about Asian girls being exotic, fetishistic, and Asian guys as creepers who have an obsession with overly young girls?

    You are putting your daughters out in the public; you owe it to your own reputation and that of Asian people in general to make sure that your girls are GOOD public figures. Be a role model, not a pedophile enabler. Here’s some tips on that: