Taiwan Holds Gay Pride Parade, Chinese Netizen Reactions

From NetEase:

Taiwan Holds Largest Homosexual Parade

October 31, enjoying great interest, the seventh Taiwan Gay Parade was boisterously held on Kaigedalan Boulevard. With an estimated 20,000 people participating, it can be said to be Taiwan's largest ever gay carnival event.

October 31, Taiwan's gay parade, picture of half-naked homosexuals parading on the street.
October 31, Taiwan's gay parade, picture of half-naked homosexuals parading on the street.

Picture of a homosexual couple holding up a sign: "We want to marry."
Picture of a homosexual couple holding up a sign: "We want to marry."

Two homosexual parade participants taking photographs for posterity.
Two homosexual parade participants taking photographs for posterity.

Half-naked homosexuals crossing the street. This parade is said to be Taiwan's largest ever organized homosexual carnival event.
Half-naked homosexuals crossing the street. This parade is said to be Taiwan's largest ever organized homosexual carnival event.

Comments from NetEase:


This bunch of deviant/abnormal things!


No big deal. As long as one is happy, then it is fine. At least, they can be themselves. Nor are they obstructing/disturbing other people.


Those people criticizing homosexuality, are you guys noble? Don’t tell me that you guys finding prostitutes and playing women is complying with nature’s law! Homosexuality is common amongst gorillas and other animals [evolutionarily] close to humans, a kind of common natural phenomenon! Foolish ignorant people, you do not have to accept it, but can you guys please not hurl abuse! Everyone has the right to choose their own lifestyle, and if one day homosexuality becomes mainstream, won’t your heterosexuality and playing women also be labeled as foreign species, garbage, scum, etc.??? Those who are criticizing/condemning are pitiful! And sad!!!


Boli [玻璃, literally “glass” but here means “gays/homosexuality”] is not illegal, but I definitely despise boli.


Men and women coming together to create the next generation is of course not the only goal, but what we can be certain of is, God create people so that only men with women can reproduce the next generation, and not men with men and women with women. If the latter were possible, wouldn’t it have been easier for God to just have created one sex? So, do not violate God’s will, it will bring down Heaven’s wrath, Heaven would not approve!


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Every person has a way of facing life and living life, and no one has the right to meddle with it. Even if you want to meddle in it, you wouldn’t be able to, so please respect the lifestyle of all the people around you! Hurling abuse at and belittling others shows that you are uncivilized and lack proper upbringing!!! No one can guarantee whether or not their descendants will be homosexuals. If your children were homosexuals, what will you do? Have you already criticized/condemned your children here??? Do not use your own ignorance to harm other people!!!


From the moment I have become aware of things, I only know that only men and women can XXOO [have sex].
Women with women, that is called deviant/abnormal.
Men with men, that is called disgusting/gross + deviant/abnormal.


Seeing the majority of people’s situation as reasonable, but seeing the minority of people’s actions as unreasonable. Seeing heterosexuality as natural law, but discriminating against homosexuality is yet another example of this tendency/trend.


Homosexuality is simply against the natural law, a bunch of sick people, a perverted/deviant group of people!


Homosexuals should indeed be sent into a concentration camp to be humanely destroyed, otherwise [they will] infect AIDS and whatever everywhere…


Having a disease/problem [referring to homosexuality] is not your fault, but coming out to disgust people is not right!


May those homosexuals quickly contract AIDS, so this world can once again return to normal, thank you.


There have always been a lot of people who are puzzled about this special group, so if you’re going to have a parade, have a parade, but when each of you make it like SM [sadomasochism], do you think this is going to help people accept you guys, sympathize with you guys???


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Love does not discriminate over sex, as long as two people who love each other are together, why must it be heterosexual? Sometimes, only when both are the same sex can there be even better communication and understanding. There is nothing right or wrong about homosexuals, only mutual love, so why can’t they be together? What is the reason for it being wrong?
To like a person is to like that person, and not their sex….


Those homosexuals are truly TM disgusting. Especially the fake men [female cross-dressers?], just seeing them makes me want to beat them up, the pussy/cunt on your body is completely a waste of resources!


Homosexuals, as long as they do not affect other people, why is it necessary to look down upon them?


How do you feel about homosexuality?

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Kai

    Oh schnap, anyone willing to wager this going on to rival the Lou Jing racism post?

    That first picture is pretty awesome. The man’s got flair.

    • lostinsz

      Inspiration: The Village People. Now if they want an anthem, try Love to Love You, Baby…Donna Summer…the seventeen minute version by Georgio Moroder.

    • 250

      Where’s your alter ego Moo Goo Kai Pan when we need him?
      Having a few gay friends in China, I know the scene is pretty big in China. I’ve found most people condemn in public but are actually quite tolerant in private (as with a lot of things).
      Maybe the funniest thing is that Chinese people don’t realise how many gay people there actually are in China. When i introduced my colleague’s gay partner to my girlfriend she immediately whispered ‘But he’s so handsome!’
      The saddest is perhaps many gay people marry regardless due to pressure from family. Sad but true.

      • Kai

        LoL, how is he my alter ego, other than the name of course? I’m not sure if the bastardized spelling of the Cantonese dish that is his handle is intentional or not.

        Anyway, I agree, there are a lot of gay people in China. Of course, probably not any more than anywhere else per capita but more overall just because there’s so much more people in China period. Like most places, though, it’s still pretty taboo, with the cities being the most accepting, even supportive.

        • 250

          I know he’s not really you, but it always brings a smile to my face when i see his posts and imagine it’s you in drag sitting at your computer. That’s what i do, I encourage others to do the same.
          BTW it looks like you were wrong about the nature of the comments on this posts. So far 100% positive. That will change of course once the trolls find it. Until then…

          • Kai

            LoL, you jackass.

            Yeah, well, the post has only been up for like an hour or so, right? We’ll see if we get some people tunnel-visioning onto the negative translated comments and then propagating this post out onto the intarwebs as an example of Chinese intolerance for homosexuality, thereby causing a flood of ignorant people posting subsequently racist comments.

            There’s a reasonable chance, however, that this might not resonate as much as the Lou Jing post, though. Like it or not, while racism easily fuels more racism, there are still a lot of people who aren’t too tolerant of homosexuality and might not find the above intolerance surprising or disagreeable. We’ll see. Cheers.

      • Koji Kabuto

        it’s interesting how people condemn other people only because they love another person who happened to be of the same sex.
        I mean, I am not talking about what they do in bed, that’s their thing, but they get condemned only because they love somebody.
        what’s wrong about loving a person? it’s not that they go around killing or preaching hate and stuff….
        (this also counts for so-called gay tolerant countries in the so-called developed West)

    • FYIADragoon

      Wager against, because I don’t think there are enough gays to debate with the negative comments that are going to appear. Will die off at under 120 comments, if even that many.

  • Alex

    This is really only a small parade, the gay pride parade on October 1st in Beijing was much more flashy~

    • Ander Greywyrd

      And, remember, statistically over 10% of the the soldiers, the adience and the leadership are gay. Would´ve made a beautiful announcement: “Dajia hao, over 10% of everyone here is a homo”. Seriously, wonder how safely gays could parade in BJ..

  • lostinsz

    Good one, Fauna. Looks like it gives Sydney’s annual gay festival a run for its money. NOW THIS IS A CHALLENGE TO THE CONFUCIAN FAMILY ORDER….my son better bloody get married and have a boy to carry on the family tree. And they are probably better at practising safe sex than the punters in KTVs. While homosexuality is not illegal in the PRC, this Taiwanese outing is really subversive within the framework of overall Chinese culture. While these hunky guys dont do much for me, they would be fighting off the Valentines in Sydney I’m sure.

  • capt. LING DAN WANG BA

    I support homosexuality. Who am I to discriminate?

  • C.Bratton

    Taiwan and China need Hard Gay man. Too bad he retired a few years ago.

    • Kai

      LOL! Hard Gay was THE MAN!

    • mechanized


      lol he was awesome.

      Gays, i don’t see why people have anything against them, especially if you’re hetero.

      Gay men = less competition

      lesbians = competition, but you know you want to watch it


      Bisexuals = greedy!

      In the states gays have the best parties and the best drugs. They are plugged in. No Homo. Pause. LOL!

    • Jay K

      hard gay! hahaha

  • lostinsz

    Finally, if the CCP could recruit some of these guys, they would acquire some legitimacy among one half of the population at least ….but they are so handsome to use 250s words. Better than the fat slugs/power freaks puffing on cigaretters who presently join up.

  • 社會是和諧的

    Where’s the chengguan when you need them?

    • I’m going to Hell for this, but


      I’m not homophobic, but I just got a great visual image, and then an even better one of a Tai Bei Stonewall.

  • galaga

    China has 1.3 billion population. Assume 5% of them are gay (which very conservative estimate), that’s 65 million… bigger than some countries entire population.

    China could easily be largest gay capital on the planet.. its just that they are not OUT yet.

    • Kai


      Your comment reminded me of something my college human sexuality professor once claimed: that of the world’s societies, homosexuals have never amounted to more than ~2% of the total population.

      I’ve always wondered how true this statement was and whether or not there are any actual studies supporting such a broad sociological claim. I imagine the primary confounding factor in such studies would be whether or not people openly admitted to it or not, even if their privacy were ensured.

      That said, I’m also wondering if there are any societies that have no taboos against homosexuality at all. It’d be interesting to see what the percentage of homosexuality is in that sort of society.

      • mechanized

        maybe thailand? they seem pretty tolerant of other sexual orientations.

      • FangYao

        In the ancient Rome, homosexuality wasnt been taboos at all, it is very popular for same sexuality sex….
        the percentage is not important, more is people who can understand and accept the freedom of the life….

        • Abe

          Yes it was. You are listening to BS urban myths. It was tolerated, but was not seen as good by any means. Romans especially looked down on “passive ” gays.

        • Ancient Greece was more tolerant than Rome towards homosexuality amoungst, but that was mainly because access to women was greatly restricted. Actually, globally right now it is the most conservative countries which have the most wide-spread practice of homosexuality (once again, amoungst men), since a society like Saudi Arabia, where women cannot even been seen in public without wearing a shawl, greatly restricts access to women outside of marriage.

      • Kenneth

        LGBT’s together account for 3-10% of the human race.

      • MLSH

        It depends on how you define homosexuality… there are instances where male-on-male or female-on-female sexual acts have happened freely and without taboo, but they are more like rituals than homosexual acts. Then there are those who have the emotional aspect, but no sex…

        • Moo Goo Kai Pan

          Then you have the people who insist that they’re straight, but like to cruise for tricks.

    • Lan

      Numbers are probably far more since so many Chinese men can’t get women at all

    • jb

      Given the gender imbalance in China (120+ men for every 100 women), in a few years, China could be the most FAB-ulous country in the world.

  • whichone

    Where are the chubby gay people at?

    • gth793y

      The same reason why chubby hetero don’t show off their lack of pecks with revealing clothing.

      They are self conscious about their body enough to not parade around.

    • Moo Goo Kai Pan

      We’re busy working, honey. Who do you think gets pro-gay curricula into the public school systems? Who do you think is litigating all those cases through the state courts to get gay marriage recognized? It ain’t those pretty boys in the parades.

      • whichone

        heh, I pictured them all as Will Truman look-a-likes.

        • Moo Goo Kai Pan

          Oh, yummy! Will Truman was a delicious twink!

  • I’ll actually admit this is something the Chinese do better than Koreans. They’ve had these parades in Seoul for the last ten years, most of our gays are really boring, they don’t even bother dressing up, right now I’m wearing a flashy silk shirt that would put most of those fags to shame.

    • ImmortalTechnique

      Nice of you to admit that. I’m wearing a pink hoodie. In China, it’s not so odd. Back home, I’d hear a few call me a homo.

      Pink looks good with a dark complexion, I’ll take fashion tips from a gay dude over most dress-like-slobs-expats here anyday.

    • The Dude

      You don’t have to try and convince us. We knew all along that you are a homo.

      • Homo


        That’s insulting to all homos.

    • Magnator

      lol, I thought you were a Korean playa.

  • pug_ster

    This gay pride parade doesn’t look so bad. I’ve seen a video of San Fran gay pride parade from a few years back and it is considered as x-rated.

  • ChinaJim

    GDAMN FAGS. I blame this on toxins in the enviornment.
    I imagine these people could be born with a different sex brain than they were supposed to have.The brain and body are developing at different stages in the womb and can be affected by toxins. If you belive in science at all you would know this is not natural. Gays would be completley breed out of the gene pool. Personally, I wouldn’t tell others how to live,but go back in the closet at least. We don’t need to see this digusted twisted crap in the public streets.

    • Alan

      CJ said : “If you belive in science at all you would know this is not natural.”

      This article would prove the opposite of what you have just written:


      Despite what fundamentalist christians would have us believe, it is something hard wired into our biology, as opposed to a lifestyle choice.

      • dave

        Despite what liberals would have us believe science is P.C driven today so forget anything actually being unbiased, as opposed to making a judgement (theory…whatever) that might be unpopular.

        • whichone

          Despite what the neocons would have us believe science is not PC propaganda. There actually is such a thing as evolution, the threat posed by global warming hasn’t been exaggerated, the universe really did start with a big bang. These are real sciences, as opposed to a liberal conspiracy cooked up to win popular support.

          • dave

            Don’t proselytize.

            Forget about fundies and Neocons the point is ‘Science’ is too PC driven today. It is the new religion. Disagree and you are commiting blasphemy! ‘Science’ is where the money is at. Science and theories are nothing but ways for men and women to keep a job. Anything that smacks of traditionalism is not even considered or most likely ridiculed. Traditionalism (religious based morality balanced with love and not having to bend to the popular opinions) has its place in society and as much as people want respect in their lifestyles they have to give it too. Which means accepting and going on about your own business, even if your business is proselytizing. I can’t ‘save’ anyone and neither can you.

          • whichone

            I will admit that some social sciences may be influenced by political correctness but quantitative, ‘hard’ sciences are not. Regardless, science will at least pay lip service to the idea they can be wrong but religion holds itself as unchallengeable truths. Truths based on understanding of the world at the time they were written, thus they are hammered by science at every corner and each moment less relevant than the one before.

            Science is where the money is because it really works, either that or your God is playing a cruel trick on you.

            The problem I have with the “religion teaches morality” argument is there are lots of immoral things in the holy books too, but we can differentiate and choose only certain parts as moral exemplars because our sense of right and wrong come from elsewhere.

            You can’t save anyone because you don’t realize metaphysical salvation doesn’t exist, we can’t save anyone because we do.

        • Despite what dark-age-living religious fundamentalists would have you believe, science actually produces useful results (fire, the wheel etc.) and therefore is worth listening to.

          • dave

            Yeah. Way to be extreme and a simpleton in the same sentence.

          • Moo Goo Kai Pan

            “fire, the wheel etc.”


          • capt. LING DAN WANG BA

            Science should be about understand the how and what of the world. It is the best current explanation of the world around us, with the most up-to-date observations and evidence to support it. If some new knowledge comes along we must adjust accordingly. This is what science should be about. However, not really a “real scientist” but that is how I understand science to be.

            As for the gay thing, even though I have not really researched the scientific theories behind it, my personally belief (not based on any ‘science’) is that it is what it is (natural?). I give you that in the future if it is so “unnutral” as you guys claim then it should be “breed out” of the population through natural selection. Ha, I know nothing about science. Peace. (I barely got any sleep last night.)

      • ChinaJim

        Stupid article. That is paid for PC science. Sometimes animials mount each other as a form of dominance, most likley what is going on in the article you pasted. There is no actual penetration going on, sorry to disappoint you.
        Nature is a cruel thing, any biological system that is not mating to reproduce will disappear in the gene pool. Might not happen in one generation but they will generation after generation reproduce in smaller numbers until they disappear.

        • Somethin Somethin

          You remind me of a comment I once heard of a guy trying to disprove gravity. We’ve got around 6,000 years of written evidence, 100,000 years of anthropological evidence and even some half-cooked DNA/genetic stuff a brewing proving this action has been pretty popular. Its survived the holocaust, the inquisition, and a ton of events in between trying to “cull” it from the “herd”. If your scientific idea is that we’re getting rid of this, then it must be using the “cooling” of the Earth as a model.

          • ChinaJim

            Gravity is a physical law of nature which can be proven with hard science. As far as your evidence goes…100,000 years of anthropological evidence? Riiighhhttt…so where is that? Considering Humans are only 80k years old and could not write anything past 6 k years old I would like to see your evidence.

    • yomismo

      asshole, it’s Taiwan

    • whichone

      As far as I know, the same gene that seems maladaptive in guys makes the gals want to have more kids, so it’s more like a “I like men” gene, than a homosexual gene. That’s how they stay in the population.
      Lesbianism is an erotic mystery of the universe.

    • LMAO, science fail. Take a basic genetics class and try again, buddy.

      • dave

        He might be wrong but you didn’t say anything to add to it now did you?

        Could it be considered a disease?!!!!!!!!!!! A gentic disease! Heavens forbid!

        Why not? Everything else is today :P

        • Moo Goo Kai Pan

          Honey, you need to get laid.

          • dave

            I agree.

            He who is without theory cast the first stone.

          • whichone

            now now Dave you should know better than to use sarcasm, remember what Jesus said?

            Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one. – Matthew 5:37

        • Nonsense! I offered helpful advice (“take a basic genetics class”), positive encouragement (“try again”), and even a bit of friendly banter (“buddy”)!

          • dave

            By saying LMAO “Laugh My Ass Off”

            Yeah, you’re so humble buddy.

          • not a big fan of sarcasm, are we dave?

          • Moo Goo Kai Pan

            ChinaGeeks, dave doesn’t seem to be much a fan of people right now. Dave, you should at least get a massage, even the non-sexual kind. A little human touch is good for everybody …

          • dave

            Geeks and Moo Goo are in cahoots!!!!

            jocularity! jocularity!

    • Evilysm

      mind your words. what will you do if its happen to your child?

  • The girl on the left is hot.

  • dave

    Whatever….but frankly if people want to be taken seriously as a social or political group or something like that then just don’t act like idiots in public. They say it isn’t about sex but about love but then they walk around in underwear!?? I would say that is being sexual and making people associate homosexuality with nothing but a type of sexuality. At least act like the two girls who are dressed normal and holding a sign. At least they have self respect. But no that won’t get enough attention. Many of these people in the parade are attention whores. Most ‘supporters’ who come out to watch these parades are just enjoying the freak show (and that is what 90% of these things are) and not really supporting anyone or anything. Do what you want but don’t make me a bad guy if I don’t want to cheer for you.

    • FangYao

      do nothing also is a crime,
      many racial and hatred problems in this world can be taken so far, because many of them just like your attitude : no of my business, please stay away, i don’t want to hear anything.
      many people died because they are gay, they are Jewish, they are black….
      bad things happen because too many of the carelessness…

      • dave

        Bad things happen PERIOD

      • Akbar Lo

        what the fuck are you talking about?

        why am i forced to give a fuck about what other peopel do ?

        i thought communism was bad.

    • The John

      I have to agree with dave on this point. I think it is strange that people think wearing pink, smelling good and paying attention to details are gay traits. It’s very sad. Actually, just because someone is attracted to other males doesn’t mean they need to talk with lisp, wear tight clothes or be feminine at all. It is all attention whoring. I had a roomate that was gay and we got along well. He always acted normally. By that, I mean he didn’t reinforce gay stereotypes through his actions.

      Wearing underwear outside, dry humping, with bondage leather, and so is uncalled for and the reason why I don’t support such things.

      It’s ok. Im making the heterosexual parade. Tons of half naked dudes and chicks having fun and looking like freaks in order to make a point about sex… I mean love.. heh..

  • 水溶C100

    Homosexuals should be allowed to get married not only because it’s within their rights but also because it helps control the birth rate.. and China baby, you NEED help!!


  • FYIADragoon

    I’m not a big fan of gay pride parades when they turn out like this, since I personally feel that it gives a bad impression of the gay community (if we did straight pride parades like this the cops would come), but I support their right to sexual freedom.

  • FYIADragoon

    Also Fauna could you make the poll choices more black and white? Can’t I have a “Not for me, but I don’t mind others.”?

  • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

    Enter the TROLL!!! (the latest bruce Wang movie). Actually you are all going to be shocked by this especially Kai.. I don’t hate homos!!!! Even though I am a card carrying anglo/asian redneck Christian!! woohoo!!

    Do I agree with the lifestyle? NO. Do I think you should be afforded the same rights as a societally deemed normal married couple? NO. Do I think you should be discriminated against? NO. Do I think that homosexuality is a gener? NO

    The only people who should be discriminated against are Chi Mates, and we all know that has nothing to do with sexuality more to do with education and peasantliness…

    Love the sinner hate the sin… in the words of Eddie Murphy “Well Ill see you later, you go suck that dick, Imma have myself a beer”

    • 250

      Enter the Troll? Is that the movie about me fucking your mom?

      • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

        Dude my mom weighs about the same that number you have for a name….

        You really think you will catch me that one. Try again monkatron!

        • 250

          Monkatron? I have no idea what it means but it’s the best word i’ve heard all year!!! Fuck 250, i’m changing my name to monkatron – the cyborg monk.
          Monkatron out.

  • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

    BTW, even Taiwanese rectal rangers are cooler than mainland Chi Mates… Snoogans

    • rectal rangers! LMAO priceless

    • Jean

      Can you, please, not flood Chinasmack with your crap post?

  • Jay K

    let them get their shine on, if they want bum sex let them have bum sex. personally as a heterosexual i see nothing wrong with 2 guys crossing swords, just not with me; not my preference. and if two girl want to scissors, well let them scissors each other and make sure it is recorded for our viewing pleasure…butch girls need not apply

  • Binoche

    I’m SHOCKED by comments like : ‘homosexual are devient and gross’, ‘they should all contract AIDS soon so we’ll get rid of them’ or ‘they should be sent to concentration camps’…. these ‘things’ commenting have no idea what being discriminated against mean, it’s a daily pain and a shame and plague on humanity!

    As some people said here, no one should be condemned for loving another human being, whoever that may be!

    I’m really sorry that in the 21st century, some people still agree with racist concepts!

    • capt. LING DAN WANG BA

      yeah exactly. This is how it is around the world for some though. That’s how some people see homosexuality.

    • akbar lo

      Since when is gay a race?

  • Tony

    More homos, less competition for hetro men.

    Fags rule!

    • anne

      more homos= more lesbians…it’s a win/lose situation.

  • Jason


    • Jadad

      FTW? … For The Wrist???

  • Jason


  • zammo

    I dont like gay parades – all that demonstrative silly dancing and whistle blowing. It fair scunners me.

    But then, i dont like gays either.

  • VeerLeft

    Is the walking in the underpants really an integral part of homosexual love? Or is it a grandiose manner of flaunting ones sexual practices in the open even though it may offend? Yet we cannot protest… lest we be labeled homophobic.

    I’d like to have a Sino-Laowai Love Parade in Shangbang and see how many people come to see us in our underpants…cavorting with Chinese girls in their underwear…

    • 250

      That’s not a bad idea, but there would be so many fat old men in underwear, the streets would be caked in vomit.
      Look, it’s one day a year, it’s all done in good fun, and you don’t have to watch them. What’s the problem?
      If the skinheads can march, why not gay people?

    • Moo Goo Kai Pan

      Your “Sino-Laowai Love Parade” very nearly describes spring break in Florida. So, basically, you don’t mind seeing the human body as long as it’s what you want to see?

      As disgusted as you obviously seem to feel having to look at a gay pride parade, how do you think gays feel about having to watch straight people make out in 99.9% of TV and films?

      And no, walking in underpants is not an integral part of any kind of love. But it sure is a lot of fun.

      • dave

        You need to get laid, sweety

        • FangYao

          en maybe you can help on….

    • pug_ster

      I don’t think underpants is so bad compared to gay parades here in the US. I’ve seen a video of a gay parade in San Fran and some guys don’t wear anything, and you can see their pierced penises. That really grossed me out.

  • yangrouchuan(r)

    I’m actually surprised there are mainland chinese people out there that support this. I assumed it’d just give them more reason to wanna nuke the rebel island province.

    • Dude, I haven’t seen you in ages, not since your website got offed by blogspot (although the name was stupid and you got what you deserved). What’ve you been up to?

  • Glorious China

    What?1?!?!?!?! Sick after seeing this. Have no problem with gay men, less competition so I get more bitches but all need to be killed because not natural. Brothers or maybe just animals i will give you knife to help you dissappear. Lesbians really wrong. Just waste of resources, why have hole and do nothing with. Stupid bitches.

  • chengdude

    Dont want to be alone for next year’s parade? Try the chinaSMACK Personals!

  • brzr

    looking at those pics, one thing is clear: Taiwan needs more gyms

  • The gay scene is alive and kicking here in Taipei. But beware, don’t go into California Gym with high expectations because there exist some crazy, steroid shooting, super gay guys who straight up do crazy ghey shit in the gym. In some clubs here, gay guys approach straight dudes in packs and are downright scary. My advice: don’t hesitate to hit a rectal ranger so hard you knock the jizz out of his mouth.

    nig out

  • Zuo Ai

    Even straight Chinese guys seem pretty gay to me(in general), so I dunno why some of em are so butthurt over this

  • José

    Spain is freedom country. Gays are freedom and hapy. And In Spain no problem. Everybody hapy.

    • [email protected]

      And the Pope dont like it!

    • bleah

      Yeah that’s because spain is not a severe catholic country… wait, what?

  • BihnTang

    I’ve nothing against homos. That’s their life, none of my fuckin business. But I live in a medium-sized (mainland) Chinese city where homosexuality is too rampant. It makes me angry everywhere I go to be accosted in the street by Chinese boys wanting me to go with them to a hotel, for a drink, to the city park (notorious for being a late-night hang-out for fags meeting/doing business.) The local police do their best to ‘clean’ the park area, but that only means the fags cruise around the streets on their electric scooters looking for cock.

    I have no idea how what the local fag population numbers, but I can only assume it must be phenomenal for the city’s website to actually boast more fag bars than Shanghai (… before the local government ‘harmonized’ it.)

    Again, I don’t care what they do, but I and the local people are getting sick of them pestering us all the fucking time. Leave us alone! Move to Taipei!

    • FangYao

      hahaha a lot of people think the sunshine come out their ass… many gay guys are chasing them all over the world…
      come on please, looking into the mirror how good looking you are….dirty old man!!!!!!

    • pug_ster

      Maybe you have an “I’m Gay” sign on your back.

      • Moo Goo Kai Pan

        His condition is common, some people call it “gay bait”. Either he’s a nice guy who is unaware that he’s sending all the wrong signals when he is being friendly, or other people are seeing something in him that he’s not willing to admit to himself.

        But from his post, he doesn’t sound like a nice guy.

    • John

      don’t fight the force..slowly let it ease into you. you’ll love it bigboy haha

  • Akbar Lo

    No problem with people being gay,
    but if they want respect, they can start by not wearing fag clothes and run around town half nude.

  • John

    seriously…u like it don’t you~ lol

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  • young tongue

    these young/old men and women are doing nothing to hurt other beings – so why not give them the same opportunity the rest of us have and give them a chance to LIVE! life should be about happiness – not about hate, envy, and ridiculous remarks/comments!
    PRO-LIFE = happiness!!

  • dim mak

    Strange.. historically China was far, far more accepting of homosexuality than any other country. Up until the Qing dynasty homosexuality was not a big deal provided one condition: that you produce children with a woman even if you actually love a man.

    • Teacher in China

      Seriously? More than any other country? That sounds a little exaggerated to me, but then again I’m not really an expert on the history of homosexuality. Can you provide some sort of evidence of this – and NOT Wikipedia!! Thanks.

      • dim mak

        I certainly can:

        Just a quick look at google books:

        “…show an unselfconscious acceptance of same-sex relations, an acceptance that was to persist in China for twenty-four centuries.”

        Crompton, Louis. Homosexuality & Civilization. p. 215
        Harvard University Press, 2006

        You may also type in China and homosexuality for many hits on Google books. I believe all will tell you that in the past, China has been comparatively accepting of homosexuality than most anywhere.

        • dim mak

          Oh, but I should also add that Japan was nearly just as tolerant of homosexuality.

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  • AppleSauce

    YEAH someone is speaking out for their feelings and who they are. Cheers. No i am not gay nor do i have gay friends.

  • I find it amazing – is this progress for China?

  • sunyata

    that’ sofa king GAY!!!

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  • flo

    So, what else is new? Homosexuality has been around since the dawn of mankind… either join em or leave em be -I always say.

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  • abc

    Chinese ppl in general are so ignorant. And the sad thing is they will not develop the prerequisite self-awareness to correct their ignorance for another century because that’s how long it will take for a nation this big to catch up to the developed world. At present Chinese mentality is truly disgusting and ugly. It’s a society with no integrity, no moral, no diversity, no acceptance and no sense of shame and self-reflection. Everything is about wealth, status, power, showing off, saving face and instant-gratification. There is no substance in anything they do.

    It’s hard to respect Chinese people when they see nothing wrong discriminating against people by race (people with dark skin), discriminating by sexuality (gay/lesbian), discriminating against the poor (forced demolitions), torture, kill and eat all kinds of animal, spitting in public, letting their children shit/piss on the street, barking at each other and consider that “chatting”, showing off their wealth, abusing their power at every level and bullying the poor.