Chinese Lingerie Model Inspired By Paraguay “Breast Goddess”

Larissa Riquelme, the "Breast Goddess"

A cursory glance at news and stories on the Chinese interwebs will inform you that China is obsessed with breasts, particularly breasts of large size.  To cite a few examples, a “Most Beautiful Breasts” contest was held recently in Hunan province that was well attended despite a downpour that did little to deter spectators.  Chinese netizens dared to cross the Great Firewall of China in order to gain access to generously-gifted Japanese AV star Sola Aoi’s Twitter feed.  As well, Chinese girls have stated often that their boyfriends complain their breasts are too small.

Out of this fascination comes a recent trend of imitation.  Surplus-enhanced Paraguayan model Larissa Riquelme’s efforts to bolster her country’s morale at the FIFA World Cup (seen to the right) have gone on to inspire Chinese women in different ways.

A girl at the recent 2010 ChinaJoy video game expo stores her cellphone in her cleavage in a way similar to Larissa Riquelme's actions at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
ChinaJoy "Breast Phone" Girl

At the ChinaJoy video game convention this summer a photograph of a  young woman was taken who used her cleavage to store a cell phone (seen to the left) in a way similar to how Ms Riquelme’s  safeguarded her cell phone at the World Cup.   Recently Beijing Film Academy student Han Yifei honored an oath to pose nude should the Chinese Men’s national basketball team make it past the first round in the 2010 FIBA World Championship, which is again similar to the oath made by Ms. Riquelme should the Paraguayan football team win the World Cup.

The photos of Ms. Riquelme uninhibitedly cheering on her home team with a cell phone in her bosom appear to have been more influential than a mere fashion statement, possibly becoming a new standard of beauty as witnessed by a contestant’s motivation at a lingerie model competition (as explained below).  Are other contestants and women around China to follow her example?

Is the ability to wedge a cell phone into one’s cleavage the new way to pass a beauty test?

From Mop:

Guangzhou lingerie model wedges a cellphone into her cleavage, becomes China’s “Breast Goddess”

On September 11th at the Heavenly Amusement Milky Way Shopping Plaza in Guangzhou, the Guangdong regional placements for the Chinese National Lingerie Model Competition took place. Here at this competition, a lingerie model wedged a cellphone into her cleavage to show off her proud figure. Is she imitating the Paraguayan “Breast Goddess”?

Chinese lingerie model imitates Paraguayan Larissa Riquelme.

Guangdong lingerie model imitates Paraguayan Larissa Riquelme.

Cantonese lingerie model imitates Paraguayan Larissa Riquelme.

Chinese lingerie model copies Paraguayan Larissa Riquelme.

Lingerie model in China imitates Larissa Riquelme of Paraguay..

Comments from Mop:


Big-breasted sister.


If only what was wedged into that cleavage wasn’t a cellphone…but a JJ.




Imitation also requires capital [implying she had to have money to get her breast implants].


Right now in this society it is those whomever that dares take off [their clothes], dares speak [controversially], or dares losing face that can become famous.


The breasts are okay, but that terrible ass really doesn’t measure up.


Isn’t that just a little too big? Even two hands isn’t enough [to fondle those breasts].


[My] desire knows no bounds.


Looks like it is really bursting at the seams.


Insert, fiercely thrust.


I wipe away tears, have been shamefully erect countless times.


That’s big enough.


Those are 100% lethal weapons.


This girl is very busty, and moreover her whole body has curves.


That’s a Nokia dildo [referred to as a “hand J8“].


A goddess indeed.


Strictly speaking, this is still prostitution.


I have been waiting for this photograph for many years now; I knew this would happen sooner or later.


Personal opinion: Fake.


I can not bear this anymore, must execute the prisoner on the spot.  [likely referring to masturbation]


Cheap slut.


Let me die in that mountain stream [her cleavage]


Even this is shanzhai [since it is a Chinese copy].


Really KB.


This… must hurt the way they’re squeezed together, right???


I don’t want to live anymore; I want a divorce…


If [the cell phone] were squeezed between the buttocks, would that person then be called an “ass goddess”?


The bottom [of the bra] must have a lot of stuffing [to have propped up the breasts like that].


One little prick from a pin and those will explode.




There’s some flab on her waist.


Not bad, your future is bright.


Aren’t there a lot of girls who can [keep a phone squeezed between their breasts]??


Right now Chinese people more and more international-oriented.


If this isn’t selling [advertising for] lingerie, then it is selling cell phones; looks like it should be for Nokia!


Could she be a spokesperson for Mongolian Cow [a brand of milk]?


She ought to stick a cucumber there.


[Chinese] are always following the examples from laowai [foreigners]… if sticking a dick in there isn’t good enough, you can come up with something new at least.

Find your personal mountain stream. chinaSMACK personals.


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